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深圳市龙岗中心医院冰点脱毛多少钱深圳胎记医院好吗Tokyo has triumphed over the Big Apple and the city of Gaudi as the best destination for travelers across the world in an online poll.在一次网上调查中,东京当选全球最佳旅行目的地,位列“大苹果”纽约和“高迪之城”巴塞罗那之上。According to a survey of over 54,000 travelers conducted by Internet travel site TripAdvisor, Tokyo beat out New York and Barcelona as the city with #39;the best overall experience.#39;旅游网站TripAdvisor对54,000名旅行者进行的调查显示,东京获选旅游体验最佳的城市,胜过纽约和巴塞罗那。Tokyo ranked among the top 10 in 13 out of the 16 sections in the survey, and topped five of them, including the categories #39;helpful locals,#39; #39;best taxi services,#39; and #39;cleanest streets.#39;在调查涉及16项内容中的13项,东京都排在前十名之内;其中五项东京排名第一,包括“乐于助人的当地人”、“最佳出租车务”和“最清洁的街道”。The news will serve as a welcome boost for the Japanese government as it looks to attract 20 million foreign visitors to the country per year by 2020 and 30 million by 2030. Japan managed to top 10 million foreign visitors for the first time in 2013.这一调查结果对日本政府来说是受欢迎的激励。政府寻求在2020年前每年吸引2,000万名外国人到日本旅行,到2030年外国游客增至每年3,000万人。2013年日本的外国游客数量首次超过1,000万人。Tokyo#39;s triumph also comes less than a month after Food and Wine magazine picked the city over Paris as a better city for U.S. tourists to visit. In the latest survey, Tokyo beat Paris in the #39;best for restaurants#39; category, coming third behind Cape Town and New York.不到一个月前,《Food and Wine》杂志给出的美国游客旅行目的地建议中,东京排在巴黎之前。在最近的调查中,在最佳餐厅分类中,东京打败巴黎,排在第三位,仅次于开普敦和纽约。TripAdvisor, which operates in 39 countries, picked 37 major cities and asked its users to evaluate them based on their travel experience on a scale of 0 to 10. Voters aren#39;t likely to have voted for cities in their home countries, a spokeswoman at TripAdvisor#39;s Tokyo branch said. The survey was sent out to users who posted a review on the site previously.TripAdvisor挑选了37个主要城市,请用户根据自己的亲身旅行经历,按0到10给这些城市打分。TripAdvisor东京分机构的发言人说,投票者不太可能把票投给了本国的城市。调查问卷发放对象是之前在其网站上发表过的用户。该公司在39个国家有业务。While scoring just over 9 for #39;best overall experience,#39; Tokyo#39;s lowest rating was 7.02 for #39;best value for money,#39; leaving it in 20th place in that category. The Big Mikan came 13th in the list for #39;best for attractions,#39; with a score of 8.76.东京在“最佳整体体验”一项中得分略高于9,最低得分出现在“最物有所值”一项,得分为7.02,在该项中排在第20位。素有“大蜜柑”(Big Mikan)之称的东京在“最佳旅游景点”一项中排在第13位,得分为8.76。Of the 37 cities surveyed, Mumbai ranked lowest in the best overall experience category with 7.13, trailing the Dominican Republic#39;s Punta Cana score of 7.32 and Moscow#39;s 7.55.在接受调查的37个城市中,孟买在“最佳整体体验”一项中排名最低,得分为7.13,排在多米尼加共和国的蓬塔卡纳 (7.32)和莫斯科(7.55)之后。IESE Business School at the University of Navarra last month also revealed that Tokyo is the #39;smartest#39; city in the world followed by London and New York, according to a study of 50 indicators including governance, technology, public management and urban planning.纳瓦拉大学(University of Navarra) IESE商学院上个月也公布说,根据对包括城市治理、科技、公共管理和城市规划等50个指标的研究,东京是全球最“聪明”的城市,排在其后的是伦敦和纽约。 /201405/300334深圳空气祛眼袋效果好不好 Today’s US-China joint announcement on climate change and energy is the most important advance on the climate change agenda in many years. While the full ramifications will only be known at the climate summit in Paris in December 2015, the two largest C02 emitters have finally spoken, and most importantly, they’ve spoken together. What they’ve said gives the world a fighting chance – and no doubt the last one – for climate safety.美国与中国周三就气候变化和能源问题发表联合声明,这是全球气候变化议程中多年来最重要的进展。虽然其全部意义要到2015年12月巴黎气候大会上才能充分浮现,但是世界最大的两个二氧化碳排放国终于作出了表态,最重要的是他们共同作出了表态。他们所发表的声明给全球带来了一次为实现气候安全而奋斗的机会——毫无疑问也是最后一次机会。The situation is stark. While the world’s governments agreed back in 2009 that we need to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius (relative to the pre-industrial era), in order to avoid massive damages from droughts, floods, extreme heat waves, and rising ocean levels, the brutal fact remains that the world is on course for a catastrophic rise of some 4 to 6 degrees by the end of the century. To avoid catastrophe, and stay below the 2 degree upper limit, CO2 emissions from energy use need to fall very sharply by mid century, and to reach net-zero emissions (“decarbonization”) by around 2070.形势是十分严峻的。早在2009年,世界各国政府就已达成共识,必须把全球气温上升幅度限制在2摄氏度以内(与工业化时代以前相比),才能避免干旱、洪灾、极端炎热天气及海平面上升导致的重大损失。尽管如此,一个依然存在的残酷现实是,全球仍处于灾难性的升温过程中,到本世纪末气温将升高大约4到6度。为避免灾难性后果并让温度的升高保持在2度的上限之内,必须在本世纪中叶以前大幅减少因消耗能源而排放的二氧化碳,并在2070年前后达到接近零排放(也就是“脱碳”)的水平。In short, the world will need to get almost entirely out of the fossil fuel business in the next half century or so, except for what can be continued safely with the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Such a deep transformation is feasible through a combination of three main steps: massive energy efficiency; a pervasive shift to low-carbon and zero-carbon electricity (notably wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, nuclear, and CCS); and the electrification of all vehicle transport and of heating and ventilation in residential and commercial buildings.简而言之,今后半个世纪左右全球必须接近完全摆脱化石燃料,只能继续使用那些能应用碳捕获与封存技术(CCS)的安全的化石燃料。这种深层次改革可以通过三个主要步骤来实现:大力提升能源使用效率;全面转向低碳和零碳电力技术(特别是风力、太阳能、地热、水力、核能以及碳捕获与封存技术);实现所有交通工具的电气化,以及住宅和商用建筑取暖和通风的电气化。Two kinds of breakthrough两大突破First, China, the world’s largest emitter by far in absolute terms (roughly 28 per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions in 2014) has agreed a clear target to reach a peak of CO2 emissions no later than 2030, with the intention of trying to peak earlier than 2030. The US’s failure to act decisively on its own emissions for two decades has long been defended by the Senate on the basis that the US should act only if China does as well. That bottleneck and excuse is ending.首先,中国同意设立明确目标,即二氧化碳排放量最晚在2030年达到峰值,并努力提前实现这一目标。中国是二氧化碳绝对排放量最大的国家,2014年中国约占全球二氧化碳排放量的28%。20年来美国未能在自身减排上采取果断措施,对此美国参议院的辩护理由一直是:只有中国采取了行动,美国才会采取相应措施。这一阻碍和借口已不复存在。Second, the US-China agreement has the necessary three components for deep transformation by mid-century. The agreement calls for:其次,美中协议包含本世纪中叶实现深层改革所需的三个必备组成部分。该协议规定了:1) short-term commitments by both countries to 20301) 两国到2030年的短期承诺2) deep decarbonization by mid-century, with the US re-stating the goal of an 80 per cent CO2 reduction by the US by 20502) 本世纪中叶实现深度脱碳,美国重申了2050年二氧化碳减排80%的目标3) a massive scale-up of research, development, demonstration, and diffusion (RDDamp;D) of low-carbon energy technologies. Specifically, China and the US committed to joint Ramp;D in building efficiency, clean vehicles CCS, smart cities, and other areas.3) 大举扩大对低碳能源技术的研究、开发、示范和推广(RDDamp;D)。具体来说,中国和美国承诺在建筑节能、清洁能源汽车碳捕捉及碳封存、智能城市等领域展开研发合作。What chance of success?成功的几率有多大?An announcement is just an announcement, of course. There are many crucial details and years of action that will make the difference between mere rhetoric and true climate safety. Both countries need to show how they intend to reach not only the short-term 2025-2030 goals, but also the mid-century deep decarbonization that is really the essence of the climate challenge. Short-term commitments are fine, but can easily be an illusion as well, with short-term steps of little long-term significance, unless the short-run measures are part of a long-term path out of carbon energy. The US and China have yet to put their cards on the table on how they intend to achieve deep decarbonization.当然,一个声明仅是声明而已。就许多关键细节和需要持续多年的行动而言,冠冕堂皇的言辞和真实的环境安全之间是存在区别的。两国都需要展示他们打算如何实现目标,不仅是到2025-2030年的短期目标,还有本世纪中叶的深层脱碳目标,后一个才是应对气候挑战的关键。短期承诺固然不错,但容易变成一种假象,只有短期措施而缺少长远意义,除非这些短期措施是一项摆脱碳能源的长期计划的组成部分。美国和中国尚未摊牌他们打算如何实现深度脱碳。Still, the G2 has now spoken, and together with the EU, which made its own bold announcements just recently, the world’s three biggest economies and largest emitters are now on course for a serious agreement in Paris. Others will join. The three-part structure of today’s announcement can serve as the right blueprint for a serious and historic global deal in Paris. And the arithmetic is clear: if we fail in Paris, we will fail to stay below 2 degrees. Paris is the last chance.不过,这两个大国终于作出了承诺,再加上近期才作出大胆声明的欧盟,全球三大经济体兼三大碳排放地区终于朝着在巴黎达成重要协议的方向迈进。其他国家也会加入进来。今日这份声明的三个部分可以作为未来巴黎那份重要的、历史性的全球协议的合适蓝图。而其中的得失也很清楚:如果我们不能达成巴黎协议,我们将无法把升温幅度控制在2摄氏度以下。巴黎是最后的机会。Not surprisingly, the incoming Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell piped up immediately that he and his colleagues would oppose the deal. No doubt they will try. Yet my guess is that Mr McConnell and his buddies are soon going to learn a lesson in real democracy.不出所料,即将上任的参议院多数派领袖、共和党人米奇#8226;麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)马上放话称,他和他的同僚将反对这一协议。他们当然会反对。但我的猜想是,麦康奈尔和他的伙计们将很快领会到什么是真正的民主。While the fossil fuel lobby may have helped finance the Republican victories last week, the US public cares about its own survival and the world that their children will soon inherit. The public has tasted reality with Superstorm Sandy, with California’s record-breaking droughts, unprecedented heat waves, and repeated flooding of the eastern seaboard. The Koch brothers may have bought some 44,000 paid ads this fall to help put favoured coal and oil candidates over the top, but they did not buy the souls of the American people, who by a large majority will be gratified today by the announcements from Beijing.尽管共和党上周在中期选举中的胜利一定程度上或许得益于化石燃料说客提供的资金,但美国民众在乎自己的生存,在乎他们的孩子将很快继承的这个世界。气候现实已经让公众体会切肤之痛——桑迪飓风(Superstorm Sandy)、加州一次次创纪录的大旱、一次次前所未有的热浪、以及东海岸地区反复发生的洪灾。科赫(Koch)兄弟或许买下了今秋的4.4万个付费广告,帮助他们青睐的、代表煤炭和石油业利益的候选人赢得了选举,但两兄弟没有买下美国人的良心,今天听到美中在北京发表的联合声明,大多数美国人会感到高兴。The climate is heating up but so too are the climate negotiations. Today’s announcement is a major step forward for the vast majority of humanity who are seeking a safer planet.全球气温在升高,气候谈判的热度同样也在升高。在绝大多数希望地球变得更安全的人眼中,昨日的声明是个巨大的进步。Jeffrey Sachs is the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York and author of ‘To Move the World: JFK’s Quest for Peace本文作者杰弗里#8226;萨克斯(Jeffrey Sachs)是位于纽约的美国哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)地球研究所(Earth Institute)所长,著有《推动世界:肯尼迪对和平的追求》(To Move the World: JFK’s Quest for Peace)一书 /201411/342288坪山区自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好

深圳罗湖开韩式双眼皮多少钱Here is a deal that is bound to shake up the global agricultural market.这是一起注定会震撼全球农产品市场的交易。Singapore trading house Noble has confirmed a long-awaited plan to sell 51 per cent of its agricultural unit to Cofco, the Chinese state-owned company.新加坡交易商来宝集团(Noble)已对一份人们期待已久的计划予以确认,该公司计划将其农产品部门51%的股份出售给中国国有企业中粮集团(Cofco)。The final price for the deal is not yet determined.交易的最终定价目前仍未确定。Cofco said it would make an initial payment of .5bn cash when the transaction completes. The price tag will then be adjusted at the end of Noble#39;s 2014 full year, with a valuation of 1.15 times book value.中粮集团表示,交易结束时该集团首期或将付15亿美元。这一价格是来宝农产品部门账面价值的1.15倍,该价格在来宝集团2014年财年结束时将予以调整。Noble said its agricultural unit currently has shareholders#39; equity of .8bn and net debt of .5bn.来宝集团表示目前其农产品部门的股东权益为28亿美元,净债务为25亿美元。China is one of the world#39;s biggest agricultural consumers, but until now had been content to buy from the global agribusiness giants.中国是全球最大的农产品消费国之一,不过到目前为止中国对于买入全球农产品企业巨头的股份始终乐此不疲。The deal with Noble could help the country secure cheaper access to agricultural resources, and places Cofco in direct competition with China#39;s global soft commodities suppliers, such as Cargill and Bunge.与来宝的交易可能有助于中国确保获得廉价的农产品资源,并将令中粮(Cofco)与嘉吉(Cargill)和邦吉集团(Bunge)这些全球软商品供应商正面竞争。A consortium of international investors including Hopu, a Chinese private equity fund led by former Goldman Sachs rainmaker Fang Fenglei, are joining Cofco in the deal.一个由国际投资者组成的财团也和中粮集团共同参与了这一交易。该财团包括由前高盛(Goldman Sachs)“造雨人(rainmaker)”方风雷领导的中国私募股权基金厚朴基金管理公司(Hopu Investment Management)。Richard Elman, the founder and chairman of Noble Group, will become deputy chairman of Noble Agri.来宝集团创始人兼董事长艾礼文(Richard Elman)将担任来宝农业(Noble Agri)的副董事长。Cofco chairman Frank Ning will lead the business.中粮集团董事长宁高宁将担任该企业董事长。The FT reported Tuesday that the deal was set to be announced.据英国《金融时报》周二报道,该交易不久将予以公布。 /201404/284296龙岗区第三人民医院去除狐臭多少钱 深圳市第一人民医院疤痕多少钱

深圳市第一人民医院打溶脂针多少钱Clampdowns on bank secrecy in Europe and a proliferation of billionaires in Asia helped Hong Kong and Singapore attract more overseas money over the past two years than rivals such as Switzerland, according to a report by Deloitte.咨询机构德勤(Deloitte)的一份报告称,欧洲对保密制度的打击以及亚洲亿万富翁数量的增多,促使香港和新加坡在过去两年吸引的海外资金规模超过瑞士等竞争对手。The consultancy’s annual ranking of wealth centres highlights how the Asian cities are seen by the world’s rich as the best places to park money amid global tighter regulation of private wealth managers in Switzerland and elsewhere.德勤的年度财富中心排行榜显示,亚洲城市正被全球富人视为最佳资金存放场所,此际,全球对瑞士和其他地区的私人财富管理机构加强了监管。Many of those wealthy people are from China, which helped propel the amount of money flowing into Hong Kong to rise 47 per cent to 0bn during 2012-2014. Singapore saw a 32 per cent increase in the value of funds entering the state to 0bn, according to the report.很多富人来自中国,促使2012年至2014年流入香港的资金规模扩大47%,至6400亿美元。根据这份报告,流入新加坡的资金规模增长了32%,至4700亿美元。Over the same period, Switzerland managed only a 2 per cent rise in the money it attracted from overseas, to tn. But it remains the largest wealth management centre — measured by assets coming from abroad — followed by the UK, the US, and Panama and the Caribbean.同期,瑞士吸引的海外资金规模仅增长2%,至2万亿美元。但根据来自海外的资产规模衡量,瑞士仍是全球最大财富管理中心,排在后面的分别是英国、美国、巴拿马和加勒比海地区。Deloitte did not rank centres by assets under management, which would include domestic wealth. But its ranking of locations by funds flowing from outside indicates where the wealthy perceive as being the best destination for their money.德勤没有按照管理资产规模对金融中心进行排名(这将包括国内财富),而是按照从外部流入的资金规模编制排行榜,这显示了富人对资金的最佳去向的地区偏好。The consultancy said its findings suggested that European centres such as Switzerland “suffered from the combined effect” of the eurozone crisis and regulations such as Fatca — the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act which is intended to detect and deter tax evasion by US citizens via overseas accounts.德勤表示,研究发现,瑞士等欧洲财富中心“受到”欧元区危机和美国《海外账户纳税法案》(Fatca)等监管规定的“双重影响”。《海外账户纳税法案》旨在发现并遏制美国公民通过海外账户避税。Singapore is growing fast as a money management centre because of a rising number of wealthy entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Its three local banks are providing stiff competition for longer-established groups such as JPMorgan, Citi and Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS.因东南亚(特别是印尼)富有企业家数量不断增多,新加坡正迅速成长为财富管理中心。新加坡国内3家正对根大通(JPMorgan)、花旗(Citi)以及瑞士瑞信(Credit Suisse)和瑞银(UBS)等更久负盛名的构成有力竞争。Singapore has for some years been projected to overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest wealth management centre. But Deloitte’s findings suggest that Hong Kong may have a better chance of taking the top slot.数年来,外界一直预测新加坡将取代瑞士,成为全球最大财富管理中心。但德勤的报告显示,香港更有可能拔得头筹。Mohit Mehrotra, global wealth management group leader at Deloitte, said Hong Kong overtook Singapore in 2012 in terms of attracting offshore wealth. “The trajectory of growth in Singapore from 2008 to 2014 has been fairly positive, but it’s just that growth in Hong Kong has accelerated a lot faster,” said Mr Mehrotra.德勤全球财富管理团队负责人莫希特#8226;梅赫罗特拉(Mohit Mehrotra)表示,在吸引海外财富方面,香港在2012年超过新加坡。他表示:“2008年至2014年,新加坡的增长轨迹相当乐观,但香港的增速要快的多。” /201502/359376 If anyone proves you should never judge a book by its cover, it#39;s Philani Dladla.永远不要以封皮外表评判一本书——如果有人向你明这一真理,那么这个人一定是流浪汉Philani Dladla。Spoting a flat-bill baseball hat, a colorful, striped dress shirt and beads dangling from his neck, Dladla may not look the part of a stereotypical bookworm -- especially as he lives on the streets.头戴鸭舌棒球帽、身穿色条纹衬衫、脖挂串珠,这就是Philani Dladla的形象——和人们印象中的书虫截然不同吧!尤其是他还是个流浪汉。Termed the ;pavement bookworm; by South African filmmaker Tebogo Malope, Dladla has attracted attention near and far because of his unconventional methods of making money while homeless. Instead of panhandling, Dladla reviews books and discusses authors with passers-by -- impromptu book club sessions, essentially -- to earn an income, according to SA People News.Dladla虽身为流浪汉,但却不以乞讨为生,南非电影摄影师Tebogo Malope把他的故事拍成了视频“路边书虫”,吸引了世界各地人们的目光。据媒体SA People News报道,Dladla不以乞讨为生,而是通过做书评并和路人谈论作家赚取生活来源,从本质上来讲他所做的是图书俱乐部中的即兴演讲。Malope discovered the homeless 24-year-old late last year in Johannesburg, when he posted a sidewalk interview with Dladla (seen above) chatting about books and the positive influence they have on ers. Ever since, the pavement bookworm has gained international popularity and attracted far more pedestrians interested in some literary chats.Malope去年年底在南非的约翰尼斯堡发现了24岁的流浪汉Dladla,当时他正在和Dladla做路边访谈(如上图所示),讨论图书及图书带给读者的正能量。自从那时起,“路边书虫”就在全世界越来越流行起来,吸引了越来越多的路人对图书话题的兴趣。While Dladla earns money from selling the books he has on hand to adults, he gives away books for free to kids.虽然Dladla通过把手头的书籍卖给成人赚取利润,但他会向孩子免费赠送图书。;They can still take this ing thing and turn it into their habit,; Dladla said in the interview. ;Their lifelong habit.;“他们还可以培养阅读习惯,并坚持下去,”Dladla在视频采访中说道,“让阅读成为他们一生的习惯。”To Dladla, his love of books goes far beyond enjoying a good -- diving into storytelling, he said, saved him from drug addiction. Now, he hopes his passion for books rubs off on the people he engages everyday.对于Dladla来说,他对图书的热爱已经远远超出了仅仅享受阅读的过程——他已深入到讲述图书故事的更深一层次。据他所说讲述图书故事帮他戒掉了毒瘾。现在,他希望自己对图书的能对人们的日常生活产生正能量。;Reading is not harmful. There’s no such thing as harmful knowledge,; Dladla said in the interview. ;[Reading] is only going to make you a better person.;“读书没有害处,开卷有益。”Dladla在视频采访中说道,“阅读只会让你成为更好的自己。”;You don#39;t have to be rich to change the world,; he wrote on Facebook. ;Start with the little that you have. If you inspire one person you#39;ve aly changed the world.;“你不必富到改变世界,”他在Facebook上写道,“从你已经拥有的开始吧。如果你可以鼓舞人心,那么你已经改变了世界。” /201406/308583深圳人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱深圳市中医医院激光去痣多少钱




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