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深圳港大医院做去眼袋手术多少钱盐田区中心人民医院打瘦脸针多少钱石岩人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱 SEOUL, South Korea — Samsung Electronics is killing its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, a humbling about-face for the South Korean giant and its global brand. 韩国首尔——三星电子(Samsung Electronics)正在放弃自己麻烦不断的盖乐世Note 7(Galaxy Note 7)智能手机,对这家韩国巨头和它的全球品牌来说,这是一个名声扫地的大反转。In an unprecedented move, the company will no longer produce or market the smartphones.公司采取了前所未有的举措,将不再生产或推广这款智能手机。The demise of the Galaxy Note 7 is a major setback for Samsung, the world’s largest maker of smartphones. 盖乐世Note 7的终结,对作为全球最大智能手机生产商的三星来说是一个重大挫折。The premium device was the company’s most ambitious effort yet to take on Apple for the high-end market.这款顶级设备是该公司为在高端市场上与苹果(Apple)较量推出的最具雄心的产品。But Samsung has struggled to address reports that the Galaxy Note 7 could overheat and catch fire because of a manufacturing flaw. 但是在解决盖乐世Note 7因制造缺陷而可能过热并起火的问题上,三星遭遇了困难。Last month, the company said it would recall 2.5 million phones to fix the problem. 上个月,它表示将通过召回250万部手机来解决这个问题。But in recent days, Galaxy Note 7 users emerged with reports that some devices that had supposedly been repaired were overheating, smoking and even bursting into flames. 但是近些天,盖乐世Note 7的用户报告称,有些被认为已修好的手机依然出现过热、冒烟、甚至起火的情况。And on Monday, Samsung asked Note 7 customers to power off the phones while it worked on the problem.周一,三星告知Note 7用户,在它努力解决这个问题期间先关闭手机。In a statement filed with the South Korean stock exchange late Tuesday, Samsung said it had made a final decision to stop production. 周二晚些时候,三星在向韩国券交易所提交的一项声明中称,它最终决定停止生产。The company will no longer make or market the phones, said a person familiar with the decision, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Samsung did not publicly disclose details.一位了解这一决定的人士称,该公司将不再生产或推广这款手机,由于三星没有公开相关细节,此人要求匿名。It was unclear where the Galaxy Note 7’s problem began. 尚不清楚盖乐世Note 7的问题根源是什么。But Samsung’s fight to catch up with Apple by cramming increasingly sophisticated features into the device may have been the phone’s undoing. 不过,三星为了赶超苹果而在手机中加入越来越复杂的功能,可能是这款手机走向毁灭的根源。Industry experts are scrutinizing Samsung’s supply chain to see whether the rush to market caused technical problems or led to corners being cut.行业专家们在仔细研究三星的供应链,以确定匆忙上市是否导致了技术问题或偷工减料。With the Note 7, Samsung strengthened its power as a speedy competitor, said Lee Seung-woo, an analyst with IBK Investment amp; Securities. But one wonders whether it hasn’t raced ahead alone, without helping its component suppliers to catch up.三星凭借Note 7加强了自己作为一个反应迅速的竞争者的力量,IBK投资与券公司(IBK Investment amp; Securities)的分析师李胜宇(Lee Seung-woo,音)称,但是人们会猜想,它是否独自冒进,没有帮助自己的零件供应商齐头并进。 The company is facing an immediate, and substantial, financial blow. 该公司立刻遭受沉重的财务打击。On Tuesday, even before Samsung had announced it was killing the Galaxy Note 7, its South Korea-traded shares fell more than 8 percent, knocking billion off the company’s market value.周二,甚至在三星公布放弃盖乐世Note 7的决定之前,它的韩国股价已下跌逾8%,公司市值减少了170亿美元。 /201610/471072深圳光明新人民妇幼保健医院割双眼皮多少钱

深圳妇女儿童医院治疗狐臭多少钱China is set to deepen its investment in global sports and entertainment with the acquisition of a majority stake in MP amp; Silva in a deal valuing the Italian-owned media rights agency at just over bn.随着收购意大利人所有的媒体转播权代理机构MP amp; Silva的多数股份,中国将扩大对全球体育和业的投资。这宗交易对MP amp; Silva的估值略高于10亿美元。China Everbright, a financial services company, and Beijing Baofeng Technology, a listed online group, will acquire a stake of more than 60 per cent in MP amp; Silva, according to two people involved in the process. A deal is expected to be announced within in the next 48 hours, although the timing could slip.据两名参与相关流程的人士称,金融务性企业中国光大(China Everbright)和上市在线视频集团北京暴风科技(Beijing Baofeng Technology)将收购MP amp; Silva逾60%的股份。这宗交易预计会在48小时内公布,尽管具体的公布时间可能会有出入。China Everbright is a large state conglomerate that, like many of its peers, is seeking to diversity abroad as its domestic banking arm contends with ever slower economic growth at home.光大是一家大型国有集团。与许多同类企业类似,在光大的国内部门艰难应对国内经济增长放缓之际,该集团也在寻求到海外实现多元化发展。Baofeng was one of China’s hottest stocks before the country’s markets crashed last year, with its share price rising 3,300 per cent in the three months to June 2015.在中国股市去年崩盘之前,暴风科技曾是中国最热门的股票之一,其股价在截至2015年6月的三个月中上涨了33倍。MP amp; Silva was established about a decade ago and makes 80 per cent of its money from selling football rights, but also sells the French Open in Europe and Formula One in the Middle East.MP amp; Silva成立于大约十年前,该公司赚的钱有80%来自于出售足球比赛的转播权,不过该公司还在欧洲出售法国网球公开赛(French Open)的转播权,在中东出售一级方程式赛车(Formula One)的转播权。The company had revenues of around 0m in 2014-15, and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of just under m.2014-15财年,该公司营收约6亿美元,息税折旧及摊销前利润(Ebitda)略低于6000万美元。MP amp; Silva declined to comment. Everbright and Baofeng could not immediately be reached for comment.MP amp; Silva拒绝置评。记者未能立即联系上光大和暴风科技请其置评。 /201605/446082深圳激光祛胎记多少钱 Apple plans to open its first research and development centre in China later this year, the latest in a series of steps to bolster its presence in a vital region amid a slowdown in sales.苹果(Apple)计划今年晚些时候在中国设立其首家亚太研发中心。在销售放缓的背景下,苹果采取了一系列措施来撑它在这个关键地区的业务,设立研发中心之举是其中的最新举措。Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, revealed the plans to increase its investment in local Ramp;D during a meeting with China’s executive vice-premier, Zhang Gaoli, this week. The move comes after Apple reported revenues fell by a third in the last quarter in Greater China, where Apple faces growing competition from local smartphone makers such as Huawei and Oppo, as well as tougher economic conditions.本周在与中国国务院负责常务工作的副总理张高丽会晤时,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)披露了在华增加研发投资的计划。苹果财报显示,上季度该公司在大中华区的营收减少了三分之一。在大中华区,苹果面临华为(Huawei)和Oppo等本土智能手机生产商构成的日益激烈的竞争,当地的经济形势也更加严峻。The new Ramp;D centre will be made up of both new and existing staff. Apple aly has around 9,000 staff in China, around half of which work in its 42 retail stores there. In the last four years, Apple has doubled the number of corporate offices in China to 45, reports Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco.这家新研发中心所需的人手将来自新招募的员工和现有员工。目前,苹果在华已拥有约9000名员工,其中约一半在苹果的42家零售店工作。过去四年里,苹果中国办事处的数量将近翻了一番,达到45个。“We look forward to expanding our operations in China with a new research and development center as we continue to grow our talented team here,” an Apple spokesman said, without specifying the scale of its staffing or financial investment in the effort.“我们期待通过一家新的研发中心扩大在华业务,我们会继续发展我们在中国的人才队伍,”苹果一名发言人表示。该发言人未说明这项努力所牵扯到的人员和资金投入的规模。“The centre will open later this year, bringing together our engineering and operations teams in China as we develop advanced technologies and services for our products, both for our customers in China and around the world,” Apple added.“这家中心将在今年晚些时候设立,把我们在中国的工程团队和运营团队汇聚到一起,我们在为我们的产品开发先进的技术与务——既是为了中国客户,也是为了全球客户,”苹果补充道。Even as revenues slide, Apple is hiking its investment in future products and international expansion. Last month, Apple revealed a 26 per cent increase in its quarterly Ramp;D spend to .6bn, a record 6 per cent of revenues. Its annual Ramp;D spending is now approaching bn.尽管营收呈现下滑,苹果仍在增加对未来产品和国际扩张的投资。上月,苹果披露称,其季度研发出增加了26%,达到26亿美元,相当于营收的6%——这一水平创下了纪录。目前,苹果的年研发出接近100亿美元。In May, Apple made a bn investment in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese driver-hailing service – an unusual move for a company that has typically favoured much smaller deals. As well as providing a strategic partnership as a secretive Apple team works on developing its own car, the deal was widely seen as an attempt to build goodwill with the Chinese government after a series of setbacks in the region.今年5月,苹果对中国的一款叫车务“滴滴出行”(Didi Chuxing)投资了10亿美元——对于一家通常喜欢规模小得多的交易的公司而言,这是一次非同寻常的举动。人们普遍认为,此举除了是为了在一个秘密的苹果团队努力研发苹果汽车之际打造一种战略合作关系,还是为了在苹果于该地区遭遇一系列挫折之后与中国政府建立友好关系。Earlier this year, Apple’s iTunes movies and iBooks services were blocked in China as part of a wider crackdown on foreign content. Apple also lost a patent case in Beijing that threatened to block sales of the iPhone 6.今年早些时候,随着中国对外国出版物展开大范围的打压,苹果的iTunes影片和iBooks务在中国遭到屏蔽。苹果还在北京输掉了一场专利官司,可能会导致iPhone6在北京市场被禁售。“The new center is also aimed at strengthening relationships with local partners and universities as we work to support talent development across the country,” Apple said.“新的研发中心也是为了在我们努力持中国各地人才发展的同时,巩固我们与中国当地合作伙伴以及大学之间的关系,”苹果表示。In last month’s earnings call, Mr Cook stressed the “long-term opportunity” in China, where sales grew 55 per cent to bn during the first three quarters of Apple’s fiscal year.在上月的财报电话会议中,库克强调了中国的“长期机遇”。在本财政年度的头三个季度,苹果在大中华区的销售额增长了55%,达到400亿美元。Revenues from its books and movies stores in China were “less than m” before they were blocked, he added.库克补充道,苹果的图书和影片遭屏蔽前,这两项内容在中国的营收“不足100万美元”。 /201608/461329深圳盐田区人民医院韩式三点多少钱

石岩人民医院去除狐臭多少钱Can computer scientists — the people who think about the foundations of computing and programming — help us to solve human problems such as having too many things to do, and not enough time in which to do them?计算机科学家们——那些研究计算机和编程的原理的人,能否帮助我们解决人类的问题,例如,要做的事太多,可用的时间却不够?That’s the premise of Algorithms to Live By, a book by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths.这是布赖恩#8226;克里斯蒂安(Brian Christian)和汤姆#8226;格里菲思(Tom Griffiths)合著的新书《赖以生存的算法》(Algorithms to Live By)中提出的主张。It’s an appealing idea to any economist.这是对任何经济学家都有吸引力的想法。We tend to think of everyday decisions as a branch of applied mathematics, which is what computer science is.我们倾向于认为日常决策是应用数学的一个分,而计算机科学亦是如此。To be clear, using computer science is not the same as using computers.准确来说,利用计算机科学和使用计算机不是一回事。Computer scientists have devoted decades to problems such as sorting information, setting priorities and networking.计算科学家倾注了数十年时间来解决各种问题,如整理信息、排定优先顺序和联网。Many of the algorithms they have developed for computers can also work for human beings.他们为计算机开发的许多算法也适用于人类。An algorithm, after all, is not a computer program. It’s a structured procedure, a kind of recipe.毕竟,算法并非计算机程序,而是一种结构化的步骤方法,类似于菜谱。(Algorithms are named after a 9th-century Persian mathematician, Al-Khwārizmī, but they predate his work by thousands of years.)(算法一词因9世纪波斯数学家花拉子密(Al-Khwārizmī)而得名,但在其研究工作的数千年前就已存在。)So, what is the optimal recipe for working through the to-do list? Perhaps it is simpler than you think: do all the jobs on the list in any order, as it will take the same amount of time in the end.那么,什么是完成待办事项列表的最佳配方呢?也许比你以为的更简单:以任意顺序来做列表上的事,因为最后耗费的总时长一样。There is a touch of brilliance in this advice but it also seems to show that computer science will never shed light on the stress and wheel-spinning that we feel when we have too much to do.这是个带有一点儿天才的建议,但似乎表明,当我们有太多事情要做而感到压力和手忙脚乱时,计算机科学永远不能给我们带来启示。Or so I thought.或者说我以前是这么认为的。Then I a 1970 paper by the computer scientist Peter Denning, which describes a problem that computers can have when multitasking.接着我读到计算机科学家彼得#8226;丹宁(Peter Denning)在1970年发表的一篇论文,文中描述了计算机在多线程工作时可能遇到的一个问题。Most computers do not literally multitask; instead, like humans, they switch rapidly between one thing and another.大多数计算机实际上无法真的多线程工作;而是像人类一样,会迅速从一件事切换到另一件事。A computer will flit between updating your screen with a Pokémon, downloading more s from the internet, and checking to see if you have clicked the keyboard or moved the mouse, among many other processes.计算机会在以下任务中快速切换:在你的屏幕上更新口袋妖怪(Pokémon)游戏、从网络下载更多视频、检查你是否敲击了键盘或挪动了鼠标,以及其它许多进程。But even a computer cannot do an unlimited number of tasks and, at a certain point, disaster can strike.但即使是计算机,也不能同时做无限量的工作,一旦达到某一限度,灾难就会发生。The problem stems from the use of ily accessible caches to store data.这一问题源于使用易存取的高速缓存(caches)来储存数据。To understand caches, imagine a pianist playing from two or three sheets of music in front of her.可以这么理解高速缓存:想象有一名钢琴家在演奏她面前的两三页乐谱。Those sheets are in the fastest cache.这些乐谱都是储存在最高速的缓存中。There are other sheets behind them, accessible in a few moments.乐谱背后还有其他乐谱,一会儿就能读取。Then there are larger but slower caches: music in the piano stool; more up in the attic, and yet more in a music shop.此外还有容量更大但速度更慢些的缓存:放在琴凳里的乐谱;阁楼上还有更多乐谱,再有更多是存放在音乐商店里。There is a trade-off between the volume of information and the speed with which it can be accessed.在信息储存量和读取速度之间存在一种取舍。This set-up is no problem if the pianist only plays one complete piece at a time.如果钢琴家一次只演奏一首完整的乐曲,那么这样的设置是没有问题的。But if she is asked to switch every minute or so, then some of her time will be taken retrieving a piece of music from the piano stool.但是,如果要求她每隔1分钟左右换一首曲子,那么她就要花一些时间来取出琴凳里乐谱。If she must change every few seconds, then she will be unable to play a note; all her time will be taken switching sheet music between the stand and the piano stool.如果她必须每隔几秒就换一首曲子,那她就没法演奏了;她所有的时间都会被用来调换谱架上和琴凳里的乐谱。It is the same with a computer cache: there will be a hierarchy — from super-fast memory in the microprocessor itself all the way down to a hard drive (slow) and offsite back-up (very slow).这跟计算机的高速缓存一样:存在一个等级制度——从微处理器自身的超高速内存,向下一直到硬盘(慢速)和异地备份(非常慢)。To speed things up, the computer will copy the data it needs for the current task into a fast cache.要想提高速度,计算机必须把当前任务所需的数据复制到快速缓存。If the tasks need to be switched too often, the machine will spend all its time copying data for one task into the cache, only to switch tasks, wipe the cache and fill it with something new.如果任务切换太频繁,机器会把所有时间用来将一个任务的数据复制到缓存,然后切换任务、清除缓存并存入新的内容。At the limit, nothing will ever be achieved.在极限状态下,什么事都完成不了。Denning described this regrettable state of affairs as thrashing.丹宁将这种令人遗憾的状态形容为系统崩溃(thrashing)。We’ve all had days filled with nothing but thrashing, constantly switching focus from one task to another but never actually doing anything.我们都有过除了崩溃以外一事无成的日子,不断从一项任务切换到另一项,实际上却什么都做不了。Can we borrow a solution from the computers? The most straightforward solution is to get a bigger cache; that is easier for a computer than for a human, alas.我们能否从计算机借鉴解决方案?最直截了当的方法是换个更大的缓存;可惜,这对计算机来说比人类更容易。The obvious alternative is to switch tasks less often.显而易见的替代方法是减少任务切换。Computers practice interrupt coalescing, or lumping little tasks together.计算机采用中断合并(interrupt coalescing)技术,即把多个小任务合并到一起处理。A shopping list helps prevent unnecessary return trips to the shop.一份购物清单有助于避免多次往返商店的不必要旅程。You can put your bills in a pile and deal with them once a month.你还可以把账单放在一块儿,每月一并处理。But we often find it difficult not to flit from one task to another.但我们往往发现很难不从一个任务切换到另一个。Computer science says there’s a reason for the pain: there is a trade-off between being swiftly responsive and marking out chunks of time to be productive.计算机科学认为这种痛苦有一个原因:即在迅速响应和划出大块时间以提高生产率之间存在取舍。If you want to respond to your boss’s emails within five minutes, you must check email at least once every five minutes.如果你想在5分钟之内回复你老板的邮件,你必须至少每5分钟查一次邮件。If you want to go off-grid for a week to work on your novel, your response time must slow to a week.如果你想戒网一周来写小说,那么你的响应时间就必须放慢至一周。Any solution should acknowledge that trade-off.任何解决方案都应该承认这种取舍。Decide on an acceptable response time and interrupt yourself accordingly.确定一个可接受的响应时间,然后据此打断自己的工作。If you think it’s perfectly fine to answer emails within four hours — fine by most standards — then you only need to check your email once every four hours, not once every four minutes.如果你认为在4小时之内回复邮件完全没有问题(按多数标准都没问题),那么你只需要每4个小时查一次邮件,而不是每4分钟查一次。As Christian and Griffiths advise, decide how responsive you want to be.正如克里斯蒂安和格里菲思建议的那样,决定自己想要如何响应。If you want to get things done, be no more responsive than that.如果你想好好做点事情,就别超过那个响应标准。 /201609/463853 深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院曼托假体手术怎么样龙华区哪家隆鼻医院比较好




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