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深圳盐田区人民医院脱毛手术多少钱香港大学深圳医院激光去痣多少钱突破口语之独白(14):The best kind of education最好的教育“There is much debate as to the best kind of education for students today. Some think private schools are tops. A lot of money goes into these schools and the programs are usually of a high quality, yet the tuition fees are often more than the average person can afford. Others think that given a good administration and teachers who care, public schools can offer good educations as well. One problem is that classes in public schools tend to have many more students than private schools, and therefore individual attention can sometimes suffer. Generally, however, quality is based on the individual schools and student interests rather than whether the schools are publicly or privately funded.”当今,关于什么才是给予学生的最好的教育这个问题是有很大争议的。有些人认为私立学校是首选。这些学校聚集了大批资金,因而通常有着较高的教学质量。然而学费却不是一般人能够付得起的。另有些人则认为如果学校管理较好,老师也负责任的话,公立学校同样也能够提供良好的教育环境。问题之一是公立学校的班级人数往往比私立学校的多,因而,个人受注意的程度便会降低。然而,一般说来,质量跟各所学校各自的情况及学生的兴趣有关,而不是看学校到底是政府出资还是个人集资。注解 : 1) debate n. 争论, 辩论2) tuition n. 学费3) administration n. 管理, 经营, 行政部门 /200708/16471深圳市北大医院做隆鼻手术多少钱 So this is my niece. Her name is Yahli. She is nine months old.这是我的侄女。她叫Yahli。她只有九个月大。Her mum is a doctor, and her dad is a lawyer.她妈妈是一名医生,爸爸是一名律师。By the time Yahli goes to college,等到Yahli上大学的时候,the jobs her parents do are going to look dramatically different.像她父母这样的工作将面目全非。In 2013, researchers at Oxford University did a study on the future of work.2013年,牛津大学的研究人员做了一项关于未来就业的研究。They concluded that almost one in every two jobs have a high risk of being automated by machines.他们得出结论:差不多将近一半的工作都有被机器自动化取代的危险。Machine learning is the technology thats responsible for most of this disruption.而机器学习应对这种颠覆负主要责任。Its the most powerful branch of artificial intelligence.它是人工智能最强大的分。It allows machines to learn from data and mimic some of the things that humans can do.允许机器从现有数据中学习并模仿人类的所作所为。My company, Kaggle, operates on the cutting edge of machine learning.我的公司Kaggle专注于尖端的机器学习。We bring together hundreds of thousands of experts to solve important problems for industry and academia.我们召集了成千上万的专家,正为工业和学术界寻找重要问题的。This gives us a unique perspective on what machines can do,因此,我们可以从独特的视角来观察,what they cant do and what jobs they might automate or threaten.机器可以做什么,不可以做什么,哪些工作可以被自动化或受到威胁。Machine learning started making its way into industry in the early 90s.机器学习是在90年代初进入人们的视野。It started with relatively simple tasks.一开始,它只是执行一些相对简单的任务。It started with things like assessing credit risk from loan applications,像评估贷款申请的信用风险,sorting the mail by ing handwritten characters from zip codes.通过识别手写的邮政编码来检索邮件。Over the past few years, we have made dramatic breakthroughs.在过去几年里,我们取得了突破性进展。Machine learning is now capable of far, far more complex tasks.现在,机器学习可以完成非常复杂的任务。201612/482107But that narrative is being challenged now然而,这个故事现在遇到了挑战because the continent has not been doing well in the last two years.因为非洲大陆在过去两年内一直表现不佳。It had been growing at five percent per annum for the last one and a half decades,虽然在过去的十五年里,它都是以每年5%的速度在增长,but this years forecast was three percent. Why?但今年的预估则只有3%。为什么?In an uncertain global environment, commodity prices have fallen.在一个不稳定的全球环境下,商品价格下跌。Many of the economies are still commodity driven, and therefore their performance has slipped.许多经济体仍然依靠商品驱动,因此他们的表现有所下滑。And now the issue of Brexit doesnt make it any easier.而现在“英国退欧”一点儿都没有让这个问题变得更加轻松。I never knew that the Brexit could happen我从没想过“英国退欧”的事情会发生and that it could be one of the things that would cause global uncertainty such as we have.而这也可能成为造成全球动荡的其中一个原因,正如我们所面临的。So now weve got this situation, and I think its time to take stock所以现在,我们走到了这个情况,我认为这也正是时候去全面审视一番and to say what were the things that the African countries did right? What did they do wrong?并且来思考非洲国家做过的哪些事情是正确的?哪些事情是错误的?How do we build on all of this and learn lessons so that we can keep Africa rising?我们如何在这一切的基础上吸取教训,从而保非洲持续崛起?So let me talk about six things that I think we did right.那么让我来谈谈我认为我们做得对的六件事。The first is managing our economies better.第一件事,是把我们的经济管理得更好。The 80s and 90s were the lost decades, when Africa was not doing well,80年代和90年代是迷失的二十年,当时非洲的状况不是很好,and some of you will remember an ;Economist; cover that said, ;The Lost Continent.;你们或许能想起一期《经济学人》的封面,上面写着“失落的大陆”。But in the 2000s, policymakers learned that they needed to manage the macroeconomic environment better,但是在21世纪,决策者明白到,他们需要去更好得调控宏观经济环境,to ensure stability, keep inflation low in single digits, keep their fiscal deficits low, below three percent of GDP,来确保经济稳定,抑制通货膨胀率于单位数,确保财政赤字较低低于GDP(国内生产总值)的百分之三,give investors, both domestic and foreign, some stability so theyll have confidence to invest in these economies.给予不论国内外的投资者稳定性保,这样他们才会对投资这些经济体有信心。So that was number one.以上是第一件事。201701/487670深圳整形美容医院激光祛痣多少钱

深圳做双眼皮那个地方I want to join Boris in paying tribute to the Prime Minister. He has led this country with courage, dignity and grace. He and the Chancellor rebuilt our economy. He has made opportunity more equal in our society. He has exemplified the very best in public service. He deserves to be remembered as a great Prime Minister. He called this referendum, so the British people could decide one big question: should we leave the political structures of the European Union. The British people have given us all a very clear instruction, and I know that we in politics will work calmly, cooperatively and consensually to implement that instruction from the people. The British peoples vote to leave is the start of a process, and while that process is ongoing, our existing trading relationships with the European Union and the rest of the world will continue as before. In the coming days, government ministers and officials can meet to decide the next steps; officials and diplomats can start scoping out the broad parameters for full-scale talks with our European friends and with the institutions in Brussels. Our shared mission is clear: securing the best possible terms for Britain, and of course informal discussions should precede our formal negotiations. Overall, the changes that we will see will be a process of gradual divergence and its important that representatives from every part of the ed Kingdom, every community and different political traditions are involved in shaping our future and we should draw on wisdom from great minds outside politics. As we move forward, we should be in no doubt that Britain is embarking on a new chapter, but one that is in line with our best traditions. We have always been an open, inclusive, tolerant, creative and generous nation – open for business, open to trade, open to other cultures, open to the world. Now, we have a new chance to extend that openness even further. We can build a new, stronger and more positive relationship with our European neighbours based on free trade and friendly cooperation. We can have democratic consent for an immigration policy that is fairer and more humane. We can demonstrate that our progressive, liberal and democratic traditions are being renewed and (that) we stand with all our allies as resolute as ever against intolerance and oppression. We can take our place as a self-governing democracy alongside other great nations working for greater global development, security and prosperity. And we can now, calmly and united, take our country forward in the spirit of the warm, humane and generous values that are the best of Britain. Thank you.201607/455957深圳痘坑如何治疗 第41课How much do you want for that? 多少钱肯卖? 41.讨价还价 讨价还价bargaining (feather duster 鸡毛掸子)146. How much do you want for that? 多少钱肯卖? 147. That much? 太贵了吧?(表示惊讶) 148. I''ll tell you what, I''ll give you... 那我告诉你吧,我只能出... (钱)。 (I''ll tell you what,I''ll give you 75 kuai.我只能出75块钱) 149. Take it or leave it. 如果不行,我就走了。(这是我最后的出价了,下最后通牒) 150. That''s my final offer. 这是我最后的叫价了。 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2948深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院切眼袋手术多少钱

深圳罗湖医院美容整形科Weekly Address: Protecting the Progress Weve Made with Wall Street Reform奥巴马每周电视演讲:维护华尔街改革成果The White House July 23, 20162016 年 7 月 23日白宫Hi, everybody. Im here with Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of our strongest advocates for families and consumers like you.嗨,大家好。我请来的嘉宾是参议员伊丽莎白·沃伦,一位家庭与消费者的得力捍卫者。Today, we want to talk about some of the actions weve taken to protect everything youve worked so hard to build.今天要谈的是,我们为保护你们一切努力成果所采取的一些措施。Eight years ago, after some big banks made irresponsible and risky bets with your money, we almost slipped into another Great Depression.八年前,一些大用你们的钱不负责任地进行高风险豪赌,我们几乎陷入另一场大萧条。While the recklessness started on Wall Street, it didnt take long before it led to real pain for folks on Main Street.从华尔街鲁莽行事开始,没多久就给大街上人们带来切肤之痛。It would cost millions of our fellow Americans their jobs, homes, and savings.导致数百万美国同胞失业、家庭破裂、储蓄缩水。The financial crisis wasnt an unstoppable act of nature.金融危机并不是一个不可阻挡的自然行为。The whole thing could have been avoided, but we didnt have the rules in place to stop Wall Street from taking enormous risks that threatened the whole economy.这场危机本来是可以避免的,但我们没有这方面的规则让华尔街远离危害国民经济的巨大风险。We didnt have strong protections to keep consumers from being cheated by tricks and traps on financial contracts.我们没有强有力的保护措施, 消费者落入了金融合同欺骗的陷阱。So when I took office in the darkest days of the crisis, I promised you we wouldnt just recover from crisis所以在金融危机最黑暗的日子,我一上任,就向你们承诺,不仅要从危机中复苏,wed rebuild our economy on a new foundation to make sure a crisis like that never happens again.我们将在一个新的基础上重建我们的经济,以确保不会再次发生这样的危机。And President Obama delivered.奥巴马总统履行了承诺。He signed into law the toughest Wall Street reforms and strongest consumer protections in generations.Now, trust me - Im a pretty tough grader.他签署了最严厉的华尔街改革法和最强力的消费者保护法。相信我,我是相当棒的评判师。These new rules are making our financial system more transparent, getting rid of a lot of fine print,这些新规则使我们的金融体系变得更加透明,摆脱了大量的繁文缛节,and making sure that if a bank screws up, you have someone to call so you dont get stuck with the bill.即使个别出问题,会有电话提醒你,确保资金流不会受阻。These reforms have aly made our financial system safer and more resilient.这些改革已经使我们的金融系统更安全、更具弹性。And part of passing those strong consumer protections meant establishing the first-ever Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,通过的消费者保护法部分成果就是首次建立了消费者金融保护局,based on an idea that Senator Warren came up with before the crisis even began.这是参议员沃伦在危机开始之前提议的。Every day, the good people at that independent agency crack down on dishonest and deceptive practices like the ones that helped cause the crash.每天独立机构人员严格取缔不守诚信的欺诈行为, 如一些曾经导致客户倾家荡产的行为。The proof is in the more than 27 million consumers who in just five years have gotten refunds and other relief from credit card companies,pay day lenders,据是 2700多万消费者近五年里获得退款和其他债务救济, 而信用卡公司、发薪日高利贷、debt collectors, and others that tried to rip them off.收债人等试图以此渔利。Before the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you didnt have a strong ally to turn to if your bank took advantage of you,在消费者金融保护局设立前,消费者没有强大机构阻止下套、or you were being harassed or charged inappropriate fees. Now you do.骚扰或收取不适当的费用。现在就不用担心了。The Bureau is also there to help you make better-informed decisions.消费者金融保护局还帮你做出这方面更明智抉择。Before you take out a mortgage, or a loan for college or a new car, check out the agencys website - CFPB.gov.申请质押、贷款上学或贷款购新车时,请进该局网站:CFPB.gov。It can help you sift through the confusing but very important details.它可以帮你审核清楚不放过非常重要的细节。Republicans and big banks who opposed these commonsense rules claimed theyd hurt the economy.共和党和大反对这些常识性的规则,声称他们会伤害经济。But weve seen what happened to the economy when we didnt have these rules in place.但我们已看到没有这些规则时,经济会是什么样。And despite their claims, our economy is stronger today than it was before the crisis.他们不承认我们的经济今天强于危机之前。Since we dug out from the worst of it, our businesses have added almost 15 million new jobs.自从我们从低谷中走出来, 美国企业新增近 1500万个就业机会。Corporate profits are up, lending to businesses is up, and the stock market has hit an all-time high.企业利润上升,企业贷款增加,股市创历史新高。So the idea this was bad for business just doesnt hold water.因此,经济形势糟糕的看法完全站不住脚。Now our task should be making sure we build on those gains, and make sure theyre felt by everybody.现在的任务应该确保我们立足于这些成果之上,并确保每个人都感受到。But every year, like clockwork, big banks and their Republican allies in Congress try to roll back these protections and try to undermine the consumer watchdog,但每年像闹钟响了一样, 大与国会共和党议员试图推翻这些保护措施,并削弱消费者的守护神,whose only job is to look out for you.他们唯一的工作是寻找你。Their nominee for President promises to dismantle all of it.他们提名的总统候选人承诺将废除所有这一切。Now look,they may have forgotten about the crisis, but working families sure havent.现在,看吧,他们可能已忘记了危机,但工薪家庭实在忘不了。And we havent either. And thats why were not going to let them give Wall Street the ability to threaten our economy all over again.我们也忘不了。为此,我们不会让华尔街有能力再次威胁美国经济。Whether youre a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent, if youre a hardworking American who plays by the rules,无论你是民主党人、共和党人、或独立人士,只要你是勤劳守法的美国人,you should expect Wall Street to play by the rules, too. Thats what were fighting for.你应该期望华尔街按规则运行。这就是我们要争取的。Its about basic fairness for everyone.它是人人公平的基础。And its about responsibility from everyone.它是每个人的责任。Thanks to leaders like Senator Warren, our country, our economy, and our families are better off.由于有参议员沃伦这样的领袖,我们的国家、我们的经济、我们的家庭才更美好。Lets keep it that way. And thanks for being here, Elizabeth.让我们保持这种状态。感谢伊丽莎白来到这里。Thanks for having me, Mr. President.谢谢你的邀请,总统先生。Have a great weekend, everybody.大家周末愉快!201607/457253 英语日常口语 49:The quarter-finals本单元是关于季决赛的对话Tim: England are out! We lost on penalties again! Alice: I'm gutted! I blame Rooney. Tim: He didn't do nuffink!Alice: How can you say that? We all saw what he did. The ref had to send him off. Tim: I still say we was robbed. The ref was far too free and easy with that card.Alice: You're just looking for a scapegoat. Tim: No I'm not.Alice: What about the manager, the skipper, the strikers? Don't you blame them? Tim: Don't be so rational Alice. We're going back empty-handed and I can't stand it! Alice: Oh cheer up Tim. We'll be home soon and you and Michal can commiserate with each other - England and Poland out of the World Cup again ... until next time!Vocabulary:(字汇)I'm gutted (informal):(非常失望,非正式)I'm very disappointeda scapegoat:(替罪羔羊)a person who is wrongly blamed when something goes wrong empty-handed:(空手而归)(often used when talking about competitions) not winning any prizes. commiserate with someone:(表达同情)show pity for someone's misfortune or bad luck本单元语言点是关于足球词汇的,请看下面与足球有关的一些字汇Football vocabularyHere is some vocabulary about playing and scoring football. 本节介绍一些与足球有关的一些字汇。 Basics(基本)a match two teams playing against each other in a 90-minute game of footballa pitch the area where footballers play a matcha referee the person who makes sure that the players follow the rules. Normally wears a black shirt and shorts, and has a whistlea linesman (referee's assistant) the person whose main duty it is to indicate with a flag when the ball has gone out of play, when a player is offside or when a player should take a cornera goalkeeper the player in goal who has to stop the ball from crossing the goal-line. The only player who is allowed to handle the ball during open play an attacker also called a striker or a forward; a player whose duty it is to score goals, e.g. Samuel Eto'o is an attacker and plays in attack for Barcelona and Cameroonthe skipper the player who leads a team, also called the captaina substitute a player who sits on the bench y to replace another team-mate on the pitcha manager the person in charge of a team and responsible for training, new players and transfers. For example, Alex Ferguson is the manager of Manchester ed /200707/16053深圳龙岗人民妇幼保健医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱深圳伊斯佑医院玻尿酸



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