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George Gobel thinks that he might have helped dump his own sister’s body. George told police that recently his brother-in-law Russell had asked him to help move a big metal barrel out of his house. “I’ll buy you a case of Bud,” Russell promised. The barrel was in the master bedroom. George remembers that when he was looking at the barrel, he happened to ask Russell, “Where’s Staci?” Russell told him that she was out shopping.Oddly, the barrel was warm to the touch. “What’s in here?” George asked. Russell said it was just some old rags and engine parts. He wanted to get rid of them because he had heard that spontaneous combustion could occur. George said that he thought it might be occurring at that very moment.The barrel was very heavy. He asked Russell if the whole engine was inside the barrel. Russell just grunted. Once they got it outside, they rolled it to the back of Russell’s pickup truck. George helped Russell position a metal motorcycle ramp behind the truck, and they pushed the barrel slowly up into the bed of the pickup. When they finished, George told Russell that this was a “two case” move, meaning two cases of Budweiser. Russell told him no problem. Article/201105/136266One wonderful day, a very important lady came to the hospital to visit him. I met the lady, and took her to his room. Then I opened the door, and smiled at him.#39;Good morning, Joseph, #39;I said. #39;There is a new visitor to see you today. A very famous lady. #39;一天,天气非常宜人,一位很有身份的女士来到医院拜访他。我遇到这位女士,把她带到他的房间。我打开门,冲他笑着说:;约瑟夫,早上好!今天有一位新客人来拜访你,是一位名人!;Merrick stood up beside his table. He did not smile, because his face could not smile, but his eyes looked happy.麦里克从桌子旁站了起来。他没有笑,因为他的脸不会笑,但从他的眼睛里能看出他很高兴。#39;That#39;s good, #39;he said. #39;Who is it?#39;他说:;太好了,是谁?;I moved away from the door, and the visitor walked in. #39;Your Majesty, this is Joseph Merrick, #39;I said. #39;Joseph, this is Her Majesty, Queen Alexandra, the Queen of England. #39;我将来访者引进来给他们介绍说:;陛下,这是约瑟夫;麦里克。约瑟夫,这是陛下,亚历山德拉王后,当今英国女王。;Queen Alexandra smiled at him. #39;How do you do, Mr Merrick, #39;She said. #39;I#39;m very pleased to meet you. #39;Then she shook his hand.亚历山德拉王后与他握着手,朝他笑着说:;麦里克先生,你好。见到你非常高兴。;Merrick did not move. For nearly half a minute he stood and looked at her with his mouth open. Then he spoke, in his strange, slow voice.#39;How; how do you do, Your Majesty, #39;he said. But I don#39;t think the Queen understood him, because he tried to get down on his knees at the same time. It was very difficult for him, because of his enormous legs.麦里克没有移动,站在那里张着嘴朝她看了约半分钟之久,然后用一种奇怪的声音缓缓说道:;噢;;陛下,您好!;也不知王后是否听清了他的话,因为与此同时他想要跪下,给王后请安,但由于他那两条腿太粗了,他很难跪下。#39;No, please, Mr Merrick, do get up, #39;said the Queen. #39;I would like to talk to you. Can we sit at your table?#39;王后说:;麦里克先生,请不必这样,起来吧。我想与你说说话,我们可以在你的桌旁坐坐吗?;#39;Yes;yes, of course, #39;he said. They sat at the table. She took his left hand, the good hand, in hers. She looked at the hand carefully, and then smiled at Merrick again.他回答着:;好的,当然可以。;他们都在桌子旁坐下,她拉着他的左手;;那只好手放在她的手里。#39;I often about you in the newspapers, #39;she said. #39;You are a very interesting man, Mr Merrick. You have a very difficult life, but people say you#39;re happy. Is it true? Are you happy now?#39;#39;Oh, yes, Your Majesty, yes! #39;said Merrick. #39;I#39;m a very happy man! I have a home here now, and friends, and my books. I#39;m happy every hour of the day! #39;她仔细看了看他的手后又朝麦里克笑笑说:;我常在报纸上看到有关你的情况,你是一个很有趣的人,你生活虽难以自理,但人们说你很幸福,是真的吗?你现在很幸福吗?;麦里克回答说:;嗯,陛下,是的,我是一个很幸福的人,现在我有一个家,有许多朋友,还有许多书。我每时每刻都很愉快。;#39;What a wonderful story! #39;she said. #39;I#39;m very pleased to hear it Now, tell me about your ing. I see you have a lot of books here. #39;她说:;多么精的故事,我非常想听,请把你读到的讲给我听,我发现你这儿有许多书。;#39;Oh, yes, Your Majesty. I love my books, #39;said Merrick. And for nearly half an hour they sat and talked about books. The Queen gave him a little book, and some red flowers, before she left.他说:;哦,陛下,是的,我喜欢这些书。;他们在那儿就书上的事谈了近半个小时。王后离开时送给了他一本小书和一些红花。After her visit, Merrick began to sing. He could not sing easily, of course, because of his mouth, but all that day there was a strange, happy noise in his room. He looked at the flowers carefully, and put them on his table.在她来访以后,麦里克开始唱歌。尽管他的嘴不能自如地歌唱,但那些日子里他的房间里总是回荡着一种奇怪、幸福的歌声。他仔细看了看这些花,将它们摆在桌子上。He had many visits from the Queen, and at Christmas she sent him a Christmas card.王后多次拜访他,圣诞节那天她送给他一张圣诞卡片:Windsor Castle于温莎城堡20th December 18881888年12月 20日Dear Joseph,亲爱的约瑟夫:Here is a small Christmas present for you. I think it looks like me, doesn#39;t it?I do like visiting you very much, and I am going to come to the hospital again in the New Year.给你一个小小的圣诞礼物,我想你见到这就如同见到我一样,是吗?我很喜欢拜访你,我将在新年那天去医院看你。Happy Christmas!祝圣诞快乐!Your friend Alexandra你的朋友 亚历山德拉The present was a picture of Queen Alexandra, with her name on it. Merrick cried over it, and put it carefully by the bed in his room. Then he sat down and wrote a letter to the Queen. It was the first letter of his life.这份礼物是亚历山德拉王后的一张照片,上面有她的名字。麦里克喜不自禁,把它放在房间里他的床边,然后坐下来给王后写信。这是他有生以来写的第一封信:The London Hospital于伦敦医院23rd December 18881888年12月 23日My dear Queen,亲爱的王后:Thank you very, very, much for your wonderful card and the beautiful picture. It is the best thing in my room, the very best, the most beautiful thing I have. This is the first Christmas in my life, and my first Christmas present. Perhaps I had a Christmas with my mother once, but I do not remember it. I have my mother#39;s picture too, and she is beautiful, like you. But now I know many famous ladies and kind people like Dr Treves, and I am a very happy man. I am happy too because I am going to see you in the New Year.非常感谢您给我精美的卡片和漂亮的照片,这是我房间里最好的东西,也是我所拥有的最好最漂亮的东西。我有生以来过第一个圣诞节,这是我的第一个圣诞节礼物。也许我曾与母亲一起度过一个圣诞节,但我已记不住了。我也有一张母亲的照片,她很漂亮,像你一样。现在我认识许多有名望的女士和好心肠的人们,他们都像特里维斯士一样,我是一个很幸福的人。我很高兴将在新年里再次见到你。Happy Christmas to you, my dear friend,祝我亲爱的朋友圣诞节愉快!With all my love,献上我诚挚的敬意,Joseph Merrick你的朋友 约瑟夫;麦里克 Article/201203/174996Louis Khan Helped Define Modern ArchitectureWritten by Dana Demange VOICE ONE:I’m Steve Ember. VOICE TWO:And I’m Barbara Klein with the VOA Special English program, People in America. Today, we tell about Louis Kahn. He is considered one of the most important American building designers of the twentieth century. (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Louis Kahn helped define modern architecture. Architecture is the art and science of designing and building structures such as houses, museums, and office buildings. Kahn’s architecture has several defining qualities. For example, Kahn was very interested in the look and feel of the materials he used. He used brick and concrete in new and special ways. Kahn also paid careful attention to the use of sunlight. He liked natural light to enter his buildings through interesting kinds of windows and openings. Kahn’s work can also be identified by his creative use of geometric shapes. Many of his buildings use squares, circles and three sided shapes called triangles. VOICE TWO:Louis Kahn was born in Estonia in nineteen-oh-one. When he was five years old his family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even as a child, Louis Kahn showed excellence as an artist. When he was in school his pictures won several competitions organized by the city. In high school, Kahn studied architecture briefly. He later went to the University of Pennsylvania and studied architecture full time. He graduated in nineteen twenty-four. Louis Kahn’s buildings have many influences. Some experts say his trip to Rome, Italy in nineteen fifty-one influenced him the most. Kahn spent a few months as an architect with the American Academy in Rome. He also traveled through other parts of Italy, Greece and Egypt. There, he saw the ancient Greek and Roman ruins that also would influence his works. He was very affected by the size and design of these ruins. They helped influence him to develop an architecture that combines both modern and ancient designs.Other experts believe Kahn was also influenced by the part of Philadelphia where he grew up. There were many factory buildings with large windows. These brick structures were very solid. This industrial design is apparent in several of Kahn’s early works. VOICE ONE:Kahn’s first projects involved building housing in Philadelphia. He later received government jobs to design housing during World War Two. In nineteen forty-two, he became a head architect of the Public Building Administration. Kahn’s first important project was the Yale Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut in the early nineteen fifties. The outside of the building is very simple. The surface is made of brick and limestone.The inside of the gallery shows Kahn’s great artistic sense. For example, he created a triangle-shaped walkway of steps that sits inside a rounded concrete shell. This building was very popular. Its completion represented an important step in Kahn’s professional life. He was now a famous architect. (MUSIC)VOICE TWO: The Salk Institute in La Jolla, California One of Kahn’s other important buildings is the Salk Institute, a research center in La Jolla, California. It was built in the nineteen sixties. This structure further shows how Kahn was able to unite form and function. This means his buildings were beautiful and also useful. The Salk Institute has two structures that surround a marble garden area or courtyard. This outdoor marble area is almost completely bare. The only detail is a small stream of water running through the middle of the square towards the Pacific Ocean. This simple design is very striking. Inside the building are many rooms for laboratories. Kahn was very careful to make sure they all received natural light and a view of the ocean. He linked the indoor and outdoor spaces in a very beautiful way. VOICE ONE: Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas is another famous building by Louis Kahn. Some say it is his best. Kahn built this museum in the early nineteen seventies. This large museum has long rooms with curved or vaulted ceilings. Inside, all of the walls can be moved to best fit the art collection. Kahn was able to make the concrete material of the building look both solid and airy. He used sunlight and bodies of water to create a truly special building. Kahn once said this about the Kimbell Art Museum: “The building feels…that I had nothing to do with it…that some other hand did it.” The architect seems to say that he was helped by some higher influence. Many people feel that his architecture has a very spiritual and timeless quality. Article/200803/29376

There is no way that famine should be a problem in today’s world. We are so rich. Companies have billions of dollars. Countries have trillions. It’s a real shame that people do not give enough to help famine victims. It’s a sin. There is more than enough food in this world to feed everyone. Government leaders need to tell the world why they let people die of hunger. Even the ed Nations can’t persuade governments to give enough money to help the starving. Of course, there are good governments and bad ones. The bad ones often let their own people starve. The leaders steal the country’s money. Some countries have a famine but their state TV tells people there are bumper crops. That’s shocking. Article/201104/132590

Hagrid grinned at Harry.海格冲着哈利露齿一笑。;Told yeh, didn#39;t I? Told yeh you was famous. Even Professor Quirrell was tremblin#39; ter meet yeh ; mind you, he#39;s usually tremblin#39;.;;我没告诉你吗?你很有名气的,就连屈拉教授见到你都会发抖,尽管他是经常发抖。;;Is he always that nervous?;;他总是那么紧张吗?;;Oh, yeah. Poor bloke. Brilliant mind. He was fine while he was studyin#39; outta books but then he took a year off ter get some firsthand experience; They say he met vampires in the Black Forest, and there was a nasty bit o#39; trouble with a hag ; never been the same since. Scared of the students, scared of his own subject ; now, where#39;s me umbrella?;;哦,是的,可怜的家伙,他很聪明,当他在学校里学习魔法的时候是非常优秀的,然后他花了一年时间出去积累亲身经验,他们说他在黑森林里遇见了吸血鬼们和一个非常危险难缠的老巫婆;;从此以后一切就变样了;;他开始害怕学生们,对自己的课题也感到惊恐;;我的伞在哪?;Vampires? Hags? Harry#39;s head was swimming. Hagrid, meanwhile, was counting bricks in the wall above the trash can.;吸血鬼?老巫婆?;哈利的脑海中浮现出这些情景,而海格却坐在垃圾堆上数着墙上的结块。;Three up; two across; ; he muttered. ;Right, stand back, Harry.;;向上三块;;横移三块;;;他小声咕哝着,;对了,向后站,哈利。;He tapped the wall three times with the point of his umbrella.他用伞尖对着墙壁敲了三次。The brick he had touched quivered ; it wriggled ; in the middle, a small hole appeared ; it grew wider and wider ; a second later they were facing an archway large enough even for Hagrid, an archway onto a cobbled street that twisted and turned out of sight.他触到的那块砖开始振动;;中间部分在剧烈的蠕动着,一个小洞出现了;;越变越大;;一秒钟之后一个大到足以让海格穿过的拱门就摆在了他们面前。这座拱门通向一条由鹅卵石铺成的街道,这条街道弯弯曲曲地向前延伸直到看不见为止。;Welcome,; said Hagrid, ;to Diagon Alley.;;欢迎来到对角巷。;海格说。He grinned at Harry#39;s amazement. They stepped through the archway. Harry looked quickly over his shoulder and saw the archway shrink instantly back into solid wall.哈利见此情景已经惊讶到说不出话,海格冲他露齿一笑,两人便一起跨入拱门,哈利迅速扭过头,看见身后的那座拱门已经又变成一面坚实的墙。The sun shone brightly on a stack of cauldrons outside the nearest shop. Cauldrons ; All Sizes ; Copper, Brass, Pewter, Silver ; SelfStirring ; Collapsible, said a sign hanging over them.阳光明亮地照在最近的一家店外的成堆的坩埚上。上面挂着一幅招牌,写道:坩埚;;各种尺寸的;;铜的、黄铜的、白蜡的。银的;;自动;;折叠式。;Yeah, you#39;ll be needin#39; one,; said Hagrid, ;but we gotta get yer money first.;;啊哈,你得买一个坩埚,但我们首先得拿到你的钱。;

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