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Mr.Chairman,  Ladies and gentlemen,  董事长先生:  女士们、先生们:   Happy New Year to you all!  各位新年快乐!  On behalf of all the members of my group, I'd like to thank you, Mr. Chairman, for your gracious invitation for us to attend such an enjoyable New Year party in such a magnificently decorated hall.  我谨代表我们一行的全体成员,感谢董事长的盛情邀请,使我们来到装饰得如此华丽的大厅,参加如此快乐的新年晚会。  The New Year's Day is a very happy and joyous occasion. It is really a wonderful time of the year. There is something in this holiday which appeals to everyone. That is, warmth, love, care, union, harmony and dedication of mankind. This is the spirit of the New Year holiday.  元旦是一个十分欢愉的节日,这的确是一年中的良辰佳时。元旦对我们所有人都有其引人之处,那就是人间的温暖、爱恋、关怀、团聚、融洽和奉献。这就是元旦的精神所在。  Of course, we really enjoy the delicious wine and excellent food served here. Yes, the roast turkey is simply delicious. Also, the music is superb. If I were a better dancer, I could have enjoyed the party more. I like everything here, but more important, I enjoyed meeting and talking to you, getting to know you, and sharing the memorable time together.  当然,我们很喜欢这里的美酒佳肴。是的,烤火鸡的味道好极了。音乐也非常优美。要是我会跳舞的话,想必会过得更加快乐。我喜欢这里的一切,而更为重要的是,我喜欢同你们聚会,同你们交谈,增进了解,共度难忘的时光。  I am deeply grateful for this nice arrangement. The party was perfectly organized and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm sure I will remember this great occation for many years to come.  对于这次美好的安排,我感激不尽。晚会组织得完美无缺,令人尽兴尽致。我日后一定还会记得这次美好的聚会。  It has been a great year for all of us in terms of our harmonious business relationship. Our joint venture has had a remarkable sales growth. I hope we will be able to maintain this practical cooperative relationship and make the coming new year a more fruitful year.  就我们融洽的商务关系而言,今年对我们所有人来说都是一个好年度。我们合资企业的销售额显著增长。我希望我们能保持这种务实的合作关系,使明年的业绩更加辉煌。  I would like to toast with you to this happy occation at the end of the year.  让我们在这年终岁末之际,共同举杯,祝贺这喜庆佳节。  Thank you very much again for this wonderful party. We had a great evening.  我为有幸参加这次精的聚会,再次向您深表谢意。我们度过了一个美好的夜晚。  Happy New Year once again to all of you!   我再一次祝各位新年快乐! /200803/28899

Dating, as most humans who engage in it have no doubt observed, can be a major source of stress -- especially first dates. You can waste a shocking amount of time worrying about your outfit, where you#39;ll meet up, when you#39;ll meet up and whether or not the date will go well. Here are eight reasons not to stress about the first date:大多数约过会的人想必已经留意到,约会也是压力的一大来源,尤其是第一次约会。你会浪费大量的时间在担心你的穿着、见面地点、见面时间,以及约会是否顺利。这是关于初次约会不必紧张的8个理由。1. You get to judge, too.1. 你也会评价对方。It#39;s very easy to waste a whole lot of time worrying about whether the person you#39;re going on a date with will like you. But your precious hours are probably better spent thinking about whether you like your date. As Tom Hanks#39; character tells his fictional son in ;Sleepless In Seattle;, ;This is what single people do. They try other people on and see how they fit.; Spend your first date evaluating whether the person sitting across from you seems like a well-tailored suit or more like a ill-fitting item that#39;s better left on the rack.你会很容易把时间浪费在担忧“与你约会的人会不会喜欢你”这个问题上。但约会前的几小时可以更为有用,比如想想你会不会喜欢上你的约会对象。就像汤姆-汉克斯在电影《西雅图夜未眠》中饰演的角色对儿子说,“这就是单身人士做的事。他们约会对方,看看对方适不适合自己。” 初次约会时评价一下坐在你对面的那个人,看他是品行端庄的人还是邋遢不堪的人。2. There#39;s no need to be elaborate.2. 没有必要精心安排。The focus of your first meet-up is getting a feel for the other person. That means that lighthearted conversation is paramount -- not a super creative plan that involves multiple stops, top-tier restaurants and hipster underground bars. Just pick a coffee shop/bar/restaurant where you feel comfortable ... or make it really easy on yourself and make your date choose.第一次见面的重点是试试对对方有没有感觉。这意味着轻松愉悦的谈话是最重要的,而不是一个富有创意的安排,比如去好几个地方、去顶级餐厅和地下酒吧等等。只要选一家你感觉舒的咖啡店或酒吧或餐厅就可以,或者由你的约会对象和你自己随意做决定。3. People are open to a lot of different date venues.3. 人们对约会场所表示很随意。Judging from a new infographic from dating site HowAboutWe.com, Americans are open to a wide variety of dating activities. If you feel like eating frozen yogurt, seeing an art exhibit, going bowling or drinking a glass of wine, chances are that your date will be into it too.据来自交友网站HowAboutWe.com的信息图表分析,美国人对各式约会活动很随意。如果你喜欢喝冻酸奶、看展出、打保龄球、还是喝杯酒,你的约会对象说不定也很喜欢这些。4. You don#39;t have much to lose.4. 你没什么好损失的。You don#39;t know the person well yet, so you probably aren#39;t all that invested in them romantically. No matter how badly it goes, you#39;ll get over it fairly quickly. That#39;s the true beauty of a first date.你还不是很了解这个人,所以你可能不会全身心地去营造浪漫情调。无论进展有多坏,你都可以很快平复过来。这是初次约会的真正魅力所在。5. You can keep it short.5. 要精简。If you plan something casual, it#39;ll be over in approximately the same amount of time it takes you to watch two episodes of ;Girls.;如果你有临时安排,请控制一下时间,比如差不多看两集HBO喜剧《衰们》的时间—差不多是1个小时吧。6. If it goes really badly, it#39;ll be a good story.6. 如果约会进展不顺,那这段经历将是一个好故事。Some of the most entertaining conversations you can have with friends revolve around dating horror stories. Whether you#39;re recounting the story of the dude who casually mentioned that there was a rapist who hadn#39;t been caught in his neighborhood, or the tale of the girl who wouldn#39;t stop talking about her 10 cats, those hours of awkwardness are sure to elicit laughs for years to come. If your first date goes completely awry, at least you have fresh material for your next friend dinner.你和朋友间一些有趣的谈话可以围绕着你的恐怖约会故事展开了。不管你是在叙述一个家伙随口就说起了在他的小区里有个没有被抓走的强奸犯的故事,还是描述一个一刻不停地谈论她的10只小猫的女孩,这些故事绝对可以成为好几年的笑料。如果你的初次约会真心不顺利,至少在下次和朋友吃饭时,你有了新鲜谈资。7. It#39;s nearly impossible to run out of things to talk about.7. 不可能没话可说。The first date covers all of your basics, which means that there are a lot of things to discuss: jobs, families, hometowns, hobbies, living situations ... the list goes on.初次约会可以谈及你们所有的基本信息,也就是说可以讨论很多话题:家庭、家乡、爱好、生活状况等等。8. It#39;s (mostly) out of your hands, so why bother worrying?8. 成事在天,为何要担忧?At the end of the day, all you can really control is how you behave. Maybe you#39;ll meet the love of your life and maybe you won#39;t. Whether or not the two of you click is largely a matter of luck, so just be genuine, try to have fun and then move on afterward. Breathe and remember -- it#39;s only one date.在一天的结束,所有你能控制的就是你的举止。也许你将遇见你生命中的挚爱,也许你没遇见。不管有没有,在很大程度说相遇是一种缘分,因而要真心实意,玩得开心,继续寻找。深呼吸一次,记住:这只是一次约会。 /201302/224062



  A patient with abdominal pain dies from a ruptured appendix after a doctor fails to do a complete physical exam. A biopsy comes back positive for prostate cancer, but no one follows up when the lab result gets misplaced. A child#39;s fever and rash are diagnosed as a viral illness, but they turn out to be a much more serious case of bacterial meningitis. 如果医生没能做好全面身体检查,腹痛病人可能会死于阑尾破裂。前列腺癌活体组织检查结果呈阳性,但却没人跟进,因为实验室结果被弄混了。小孩发烧和出疹被诊断为病毒性疾病,但最后却发现是严重得多的细菌性脑膜炎。 Such devastating errors lead to permanent damage or death for as many as 160,000 patients each year, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Not only are diagnostic problems more common than other medical mistakes -- and more likely to harm patients -- but they#39;re also the leading cause of malpractice claims, accounting for 35% of nearly billion in payouts in the U.S. from 1986 to 2010, measured in 2011 dollars, according to Johns Hopkins. 约翰霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)研究人员表示,每年有多达16万名病人因此类致命失误而出现永久损伤或死亡。研究人员称,诊断问题比其他医疗失误更为普遍,而且更容易伤害到病人,同时它们也是医疗过失诉讼的主因,按照2011年美元价值计算,它们在1986年至2010年间共计近390亿美元的赔偿额中占35%。 The good news is that diagnostic errors are more likely to be preventable than other medical mistakes. And now health-care providers are turning to a number of innovative strategies to fix the complex web of errors, biases and oversights that stymie the quest for the right diagnosis. 好消息是,误诊比其他医疗失误更容易预防。现在医疗机构开始采用一系列创新措施来纠正失误、偏误和疏忽等妨碍医生做出正确诊断的问题。 Part of the solution is automation -- using computers to sift through medical records to look for potential bad calls, or to prompt doctors to follow up on red-flag test results. Another component is devices and tests that help doctors identify diseases and conditions more accurately, and online services that give doctors suggestions when they aren#39;t sure what they#39;re dealing with. 其中一个解决办法是自动化──用电脑筛查医疗记录从而找出可能的误诊,或提醒医生跟进标有红色警示的检查结果。另一方面是帮助医生更准确诊断疾病和病情的设备和测试,还有在医生对病人病情不确定时给他们建议的网上务。 Finally, there#39;s a push to change the very culture of medicine. Doctors are being trained not to latch onto one diagnosis and stick with it no matter what. Instead, they#39;re being taught to keep an open mind when confronted with conflicting evidence and opinion. 最后还有推动医疗文化的改革。医生受到的教导是不能抓住一种诊断不放,而是应该在面对相互冲突的据和观点时保持开放的思想。 #39;Diagnostic error is probably the biggest patient-safety issue we face in health care, and it is finally getting on the radar of the patient quality and safety movement,#39; says Mark Graber, a longtime Veterans Administration physician and a fellow at the nonprofit research group RTI International. 美国退伍军人事务部(Veterans Administration)资深医师、非营利研究机构RTI International研究员马克#12539;格雷伯(Mark Graber)说:“误诊可能是我们在医疗行业面临的最大的病人安全问题,现在终于纳入到了病人诊治质量和管理运动中。” The effort will get a big boost under the new health-care law, which requires multiple providers to coordinate care -- and help prevent key information like test results from slipping through the cracks and make sure that patients follow through with referrals to specialists. 这些举措在最新的医疗法律下将会得到大大的推进。法规要求多家医疗机构协调护理治疗,并帮助预防检查结果等关键信息被遗漏,确保病人按照医生的推荐去找专家。 There are other large-scale efforts in the works. The Institute of Medicine, a federal advisory body, has agreed to undertake a million study of the impact of diagnostic errors on health care in the U.S. 另外还有一些大规模的举措正在进行中。为美国联邦政府提供咨询的医学研究所(Institute of Medicine)已经同意承担一项100万美元的有关误诊对美国医疗影响的研究。 In addition, the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, which Dr. Graber founded two years ago, is working with health-care accreditation groups and safety organizations to develop methods to identify and measure diagnostic errors, which often aren#39;t revealed unless there is a lawsuit. In addition, it#39;s developing a medical-school curriculum to help trainees improve diagnostic skills and assess their competency. 此外,格雷伯士两年前创立的改善医疗诊断协会(Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine)正在与医疗认机构及安全组织合作,研究确定和衡量诊断失误的方法,通常情况下除非有人起诉,否则误诊是不会公之于众的。另外,协会还在设计一个医学院课程表,帮助学员提高诊断技能并对他们的能力进行评估。 Robert Wachter, associate chairman of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, says defining and measuring diagnostic errors is an important step. #39;Right now, none of the incentives for improvement in health care are based on whether the doctor made the correct diagnosis,#39; Dr. Wachter says. But equally important, he adds, #39;we need to nurture bottom-up innovation.#39; 加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)医药部副主任罗伯特#12539;瓦赫特(Robert Wachter)说,对诊断失误进行确定和衡量是重要的一个步骤。他说:“目前医疗改善的激励措施没有一项是基于医生是否做出了正确诊断的。”不过他又说,同样重要的是,“我们需要鼓励从下至上的创新”。 That#39;s aly happening. Large health-care systems are mining their electronic records for missed signals. At the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, part of managed-care giant Kaiser Permanente, a #39;Safety Net#39; program periodically surveys its database of 3.6 million members to catch lab results and other data that might fall through the cracks. 创新已经开始。大型医疗系统正在筛查他们的电子记录以查找误诊的迹象。在管理式医疗行业巨头凯泽永久医疗集团(Kaiser Permanente)旗下的南加州永久医疗机构(Southern California Permanente Medical Group),其“安全网”(Safety Net)项目会定期对其数据库中360万名会员进行问卷调查,从而捕捉到有可能被遗漏的实验室结果及其他数据。 In one of the first uses of the system, a case manager reviewed 8,076 patients with abnormal PSA test results for prostate cancer, and more than 2,200 patients had follow-up biopsies. From 2006 to 2009, 745 cancers were diagnosed among those patients -- and Kaiser had no malpractice claims related to missed PSA tests. 在首次使用该系统的过程中,一位病例管理员查到8,076名病人的前列腺癌PSA检查结果不正常,2,200多名病人随后有做活体组织检查。2006至2009年,这些病人中有745人被诊断患有癌症,而凯泽并未接到有关遗漏的PSA检查的过失起诉。 The program is also being used to find patients with undiagnosed kidney disease, which is often found via an abnormal test result for creatinine, which should be repeated within 90 days. From 2007 to 2012, the system found 7,218 lab orders placed for patients with an abnormal test that had not been repeated. Of those, 3,465 were repeated within 90 days of a notice to patients that they needed a repeat test, and 1,768 showed abnormal results. The majority, 1,624, turned out to be new cases of the disease. 该项目还被用于查找患有未被诊断的肾脏疾病的病人。肾脏疾病通常是通过异常肌酸酐检查结果发现的,并且应在90天内进行复查。2007年至2012年,系统发现有7,218张做异常检查的实验室检查单未进行复查。其中3,465单在通知病人90天内需要复查后进行了复查,1,768人呈现异常结果。最后大多数人,也就是1,624人被诊断为患有肾脏疾病。 Michael Kanter, regional medical director of quality and clinical analysis, says the system enables clinicians to go back #39;as far as is feasible to find all of the errors that we can and fix them.#39; 负责质量和临床分析的区域医学主任迈克尔#12539;坎特(Michael Kanter)说,该系统使得临床医师能够“尽最大可能回去查找并弥补所有的失误”。 Because the disease is slow moving, Dr. Kanter says, people with a five-year-old undiagnosed case may not have been harmed. Likewise, with many early prostate cancers, #39;in many of these cases it doesn#39;t mean harm would have reached the patient,#39; he says. #39;But we don#39;t want patients not to have the information they should have had through some kind of lapse in the system.#39; 坎特士说,由于这种病是慢性病,所以五年没有被诊断出来的人可能并不会有大碍。同样的,他说,对于早期前列腺癌来说,“在很多案例中并不意味着病患已经危及到了病人,但我们不想因为系统里的某种过失导致病人对本应知道的信息不知情”。 Electronic records aren#39;t a panacea, of course, and can even lead to information overload. In a survey of Veterans Administration primary-care practitioners reported last March in JAMA Internal Medicine, more than two-thirds reported receiving more patient-care-related alerts than they could effectively manage -- making it possible for them to miss abnormal test results. 当然,电子纪录并非万应良药,而且还有可能导致信息过载。去年3月,在《美国医学会杂志#12539;内科学》(JAMA Internal Medicine)上发表的对美国退伍军人事务部初诊医师所做的一项调查显示,超过三分之二的医师收到的有关看病的通报数量超过了自己所能有效管理的范围──这就有可能导致他们遗漏异常的检查结果。 Some researchers suggest the best solution isn#39;t to flood doctors with information but to provide a second set of eyes to find things they may have missed. 有研究人员表示,最佳的解决办法并不是把海量的信息塞给医生,而是为他们提供第二双眼睛查找他们有可能遗漏的东西。 The focus now is preventing dangerous delays in follow-ups of abnormal test results. In a pilot program, researchers at the Houston VA developed #39;trigger#39; queries -- a set of rules -- to electronically identify medical records of patients with potential delays in prostate and colorectal cancer evaluation and diagnosis. Records included charts that had no documented follow-up for abnormal findings suspicious for cancer after a certain period, according to the research team#39;s leader, Hardeep Singh, chief of health policy and quality at Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston and an assistant professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. 目前的重点在于防止在异常检查结果的跟进过程中出现危险性延误。在一个试点项目中,退伍军人事务部休斯顿分部的研究人员设计出了“触发”查询,这是一套规则,通过计算机确认在前列腺和结肠直肠癌评估和诊断中可能有延误的病人的病历记录。研究小组负责人哈迪普#12539;辛格(Hardeep Singh)表示,记录包括特定时期后对表明有疑似癌症的异常检查结果无正式跟进记载的图表。辛格是休斯顿Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical医学中心医疗政策及质量主任,以及贝乐医学院(Baylor College of Medicine)医药学助理教授。 The queries were run on nearly 600,000 records of patients seen at one VA facility in 2009 and 2010. Dr. Singh says the use of triggers, which helped find abnormal PSA tests and positive fecal occult blood tests, could detect an estimated 1,048 instances of delayed or missed follow-up of abnormal findings annually and 47 high-grade cancers. 2009年和2010年,在退伍军人事务部下属一家医院就诊过病人的近60万份记录得到了这样的查询。辛格士说,使用“触发”查询帮助找到了异常PSA检查和阳性大便潜血检查,每年可以查到约1,048例异常检查结果的后续跟进被延误或遗漏,以及47例重度癌症。 The VA has funded a randomized trial to test whether an automated surveillance system of triggers can improve timely diagnosis and follow-up for five common cancers. 退伍军人事务部资助了一个随机试验,测试“触发”自动化监测系统是否能改善五种常见癌症的及时诊断和跟进。 #39;This program is like finding needles in a haystack, and we use information technology to make the haystack smaller and smaller so it#39;s easier to find the needles,#39; Dr. Singh says. 辛格士说:“这个项目就像是在干草堆中找针,我们利用信息技术让干草堆变得越来越小,这样就更容易找到针。” More health-care systems are also turning to electronic decision-support programs that help doctors rank possible diagnoses by likelihood based on symptoms and notes in the medical record. In a study of one such system, called Isabel, researchers led by Dr. Graber found that it provided the correct diagnosis 96% of the time when key clinical features from 50 challenging cases reported in the New England Journal of Medicine were entered into the system. The American Board of Internal Medicine is studying how Isabel could be linked to assessments of physician skill and knowledge. 越来越多的医疗系统也开始采用电子决策持程序来帮助医生根据症状和病历笔记为诊断结果的可能性进行排序。在一个名为“伊莎贝尔”(Isabel)的程序的研究中,由格雷伯士带领的研究小组发现,刊登在《新英格兰医学杂志》(New England Journal of Medicine)上的50个疑难案例中的关键临床特征输入系统时,系统96%的情况下都给出了正确的诊断。美国内科学委员会(The American Board of Internal Medicine)正在研究如何将“伊莎贝尔”与医师技能和知识的评估联系起来。 Another system, DXplain, developed at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, was shown in a study last year to significantly improve diagnostic accuracy among first-year medical residents. 另外一个名叫DXplain的系统是由波士顿麻省总医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)开发的。去年的一项研究显示,该系统能显著增强第一年住院医师诊断的准确性。 Edward Hoffer, associate clinical professor at Harvard and senior computer scientist at Mass General who leads the DXplain program, says the aim now is to have DXplain #39;push#39; diagnostic suggestions to physicians through an electronic-medical-records system rather than requiring doctors to initiate a query, which some are still reluctant to do. #39;We have to focus our attention on dealing with situations where doctors think they know what the diagnosis is, but they don#39;t,#39; Dr. Hoffer says. 负责DXplain项目的是哈佛大学(Harvard)临床副教授、麻省总医院高级计算机科学家爱德华#12539;霍弗(Edward Hoffer),他说,当前的目标是让DXplain通过电子病例记录系统向医生“推送”诊断建议,而不是要求医生发起查询,有些医生仍然不愿意主动查询。霍弗士说:“我们要把重点放在处理医生自以为知道诊断结果、但事实上不知道的情况。” New devices also hold promise for confirming a diagnosis and avoiding unnecessary tests. A number of companies are rushing to provide aids such as portable diagnostic equipment and lab tests that can analyze tiny samples of blood and other bodily fluids quickly to detect disease. 新设备也有望对确认诊断和避免不必要的检查提供帮助。多家公司正加速提供便携式诊断设备和实验室结果等援助,可以帮助分析微小的血样及其他体液,从而迅速发现疾病。 Consider MelaFind, which came to market in the U.S. in 2011. The device allows dermatologists to noninvasively examine moles as deep as 2.5 millimeters beneath the surface to gauge the level of #39;disorganization,#39; an indicator of irregular growth patterns that are a sign of melanoma, among the deadliest cancers. 以2011年进入美国市场的MelaFind为例。皮肤科医生可使用该设备无创检查在皮下深达2.5毫米处的痣,从而检测“组织破坏”的水平。“组织破坏”的水平可反应不规则生长模式,不规则生长模式是黑色素瘤等最致命癌症的迹象。 New York dermatologist Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas says she uses MelaFind to confirm that a mole is to be removed and prioritize the level of disorganization in multiple abnormal moles. In some cases, when another doctor or the patient has been concerned about a mole, MelaFind supported #39;clinical diagnosis of a benign mole, thereby sparing them a biopsy,#39; she says. 纽约皮肤专家麦克兰纳#12539;亚历克西亚德斯-阿门内卡斯(Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas)说,她用MelaFind实某颗痣是否需要去除,以及对多颗异常痣的“组织破坏”水平进行排序。她说,有时候,当其他医生或病人对某颗痣表示担心时,MelaFind会持“良性痣的临床诊断,从而让他们省去了活体组织检验的程序”。 But such devices will never replace a thorough physical exam with a trained eye and careful follow-up, says Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas: #39;These diagnostic tools are aids to increase our accuracy and adjuncts to good physical diagnosis, not a substitute.#39; 亚历克西亚德斯-阿门内卡斯士说,不过这样的设备永远替代不了全面的体检以及训练有素的眼睛和仔细的后续跟进。她说:“这些诊断工具是提高准确性和好的检体诊断的辅助手段,而不是替代手段。” Some efforts to cut down on errors take a different route altogether -- and try to improve diagnoses by improving communication. 有些尝试减少失误的措施则走的是完全不同的路线──尝试通过改善沟通来改善诊断质量。 For instance, there#39;s a push to get patients more engaged in the diagnostic process, by encouraging them to speak up about their symptoms and ask the doctor, #39;What else could this be?#39; At Kaiser Permanente, a pilot program provides patients with a pamphlet that encourages them to think about and write down their symptoms and what concerns or fears they have, encouraging them to ask specific questions to be sure they understand their diagnosis and the next steps they must take. 例如,有的机构在促使病人在诊断过程中更积极主动,鼓励病人说出自己的症状并且询问医生:“这还会是什么病?”凯泽永久的一个试点项目为病人提供小册子,鼓励他们思考并写下自己的症状以及他们的担忧或恐惧,鼓励他们提出具体的问题,从而确保他们理解自己的诊断结果以及下一步需要采取的步骤。 Medical schools, meanwhile, are teaching doctors to be more receptive to patient input and avoid #39;anchoring,#39; the habit of focusing on one diagnosis and excluding other possible scenarios, and #39;premature closure,#39; not even considering the correct diagnosis as a possibility. 与此同时,医学院也在教导医生们更加虚心听取病人的意见并避免“锚定”,即习惯集中在一种诊断上,不考虑其他可能的情形,还要避免“过早下结论”,即根本不把正确诊断作为一种可能性进行考虑。 The Critical Thinking program at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, established last year, aims to help trainees step back and examine how biases may affect their thinking. Developed by Pat Croskerry, a physician known for his research on the role of cognitive error in diagnosis, it uses a list of 50 different types of bias that may lead to diagnostic error. 加拿大新斯科舍省哈利法克斯(Halifax)的达尔豪斯大学(Dalhousie University)去年创立了批判性思考项目。该项目旨在帮助学员退一步思考,审视偏误会对自己的思维有何影响。该项目由帕特#12539;克罗斯克里(Pat Croskerry)开发,他是一名以研究诊断过程中认知错误的影响而闻名的医师。项目列出了50种不同种类可能导致诊断失误的偏误。 The program is being integrated throughout four years of the medical school. Students study cases such as a psychiatric patient with shortness of breath who was assumed to be merely having an anxiety attack; doctors overlooked that she was a smoker on birth-control pills, a risk for the blood clot that later traveled to her lung and killed her. 该项目被整合到了达尔豪斯大学医学院的四年制教学中。学生们会学习很多案例,比如呼吸短促的精神病人被认为只是焦虑发作,医生没注意到她是用避药的吸烟者,这导致她体内产生血块,随后血块到了肺里,最终令她丧命。 #39;If we can teach physicians how to think more critically,#39; Dr. Croskerry says, #39;they would be more effective in delivering good care and arriving at the right diagnosis.#39; 克罗斯克里士说:“如果我们教会医生们如何以更批判性的思维思考,他们就会更有效地给病人看病并做出正确诊断。” /201312/268156

  China#39;s richest man has a strong statement for those looking to invest: #39;The capital markets suck in China.#39;对那些希望投资中国股市的人,中国首富宗庆后言辞激烈:中国资本市场糟透了。Zong Qinghou climbed his way to the top of the list of China#39;s wealthiest by amassing a fortune of .6 billion through his privately listed beverage empire Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co. On Tuesday, he made clear he didn#39;t gain his wealth through the country#39;s stock market.通过其私人控制的饮料帝国杭州娃哈哈集团有限公司(Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co.),宗庆后积聚了126亿美元的财富,他也因此成为了中国首富。周二,宗庆后明确指出,他不是靠中国股市发家致富的。#39;When the ordinary people invest in it, the market should reward them with some benefits. But it does not,#39; Mr. Zong said on the sidelines of China#39;s annual parliamentary session, taking aim at speculators he says ruin the stock market for others. #39;The speculation has totally cheated ordinary investors of any benefits.#39;宗庆后在参加全国人大会议间隙对记者说,老百姓投资股市,市场应该给他们一些回报,但实际情况不是这样。宗庆后此言直指股市投机者。在他看来,这些人毁了股市,让其他股民赚不到钱。他说,投机令普通投资者没有赚到任何收益。The sentiment of the billionaire, who is also an NPC representative, speaks volumes about the state of the country#39;s capital markets, highlighting the monumental obstacles investors face in China as they look for places to park their money in hopes of a return.身为全国人大代表,宗庆后这位亿万富豪的情绪化言论道出了中国资本市场的现状,凸显了投资者在中国面临的巨大障碍。眼下,投资者正在为自己的资金寻找投资渠道,希望获得投资收益。In recent years, China#39;s stock markets have lagged and generally been sluggish, plagued by too many offerings and a slowing Chinese economy. China#39;s stock bubble burst at the end of 2007 after the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index rose to almost 6,000 points from about 1,000 two years earlier. But the market has never recovered from its collapse, loitering around 2,000 points ever since.近年来,中国股市发展滞后,整体而言缺乏活力,主要受新股发行数量过多以及中国经济增速放缓拖累。中国股市泡沫在2007年末破灭。泡沫破灭前基准指数上综指从05年的大约1,000点涨至近6,000点。但中国股市却从未从这次崩盘中恢复过来,自那以后大盘始终在2,000点左右徘徊。The retail investors that fueled the bubble in the first place remain scarred by the experience, and have mostly stayed away. A common complaint is that the only investors who make money from China#39;s stock markets are those with inside information.在一开始帮助吹大泡沫的散户投资者仍然对此心有余悸,大多数人已经退出股市。一种常见的抱怨是,在中国股市,只有掌握内幕消息的人才能赚钱。The Chinese government has made efforts to restore confidence, in part by trying to crack down on insider trading. And China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing has floated the idea of bringing China#39;s model closer to that of the West, reducing the role the government plays in approving initial public offerings and shifting more power to auditors and investment banks, to foster a more transparent market where the various players take greater responsibility for their actions.中国政府已付出多种努力以恢复市场信心,其中之一就是试图打击内幕交易。中国监会主席郭树清已经提出一种理念,即让中国股市的发展模式向西方靠拢,降低政府在审批首次公开募股中发挥的作用,把更多权力转移给审计师和投资,以促进更加透明的市场的形成。在这样的市场中,参与各方都要为自己的行为承担更大的责任。Still, Mr. Guo first raised those ideas over a year ago and little change in that direction has happened since.尽管如此,郭树清第一次提出这些想法还是在一年多以前,但是此后,在这方面几乎没有出现任何改变。Mr. Zong, a classic rags-to-riches story, is considered one of China#39;s savviest entrepreneurs, having built Wahaha from the ground up after taking over a grocery store in 1987.白手起家的宗庆后被认为是中国最精明的企业家之一。1987年,他在接管了一家杂货店之后创办了哇哈哈集团。Wahaha saw a 6% profit margin on sales of its bottled water, teas and outfits from its clothing line reach 68 billion yuan (.8 billion) in 2011, up 24% from a year earlier, according to the most recent figures available from a spokesman. In the past year, the 69-year-old chain smoker has expanded his empire by opening a luxury shopping mall in Hangzhou, a Chinese city south of Shanghai.根据一名发言人提供的最新数据,2011年,哇哈哈集团的瓶装水、茶饮料以及装业务的利润率为6%,销售额为人民币680亿元(合108亿美元),同比增长了24%。过去的一年,这位烟不离手的69岁老人在上海南边的杭州市开设了一家豪华购物中心,扩大了他的帝国。Mr. Zong has stated time and again that he#39;s hunting for deals overseas but that the outlook in North America and Europe remains gloomy. The tycoon says he#39;d rather attract partners to China at this point, where consumers seem poised to spend more and therefore boost demand.宗庆后多次表示,他正在寻找海外交易,但是北美和欧洲的前景仍然不容乐观。这位大亨说,目前他宁可把合作伙伴吸引到中国,因为中国的消费者似乎准备花更多钱,从而提振了需求。So rather than investing in the stock market, Mr. Zong is now looking to park money in high-tech projects. #39;We are looking for opportunities and will invest in anywhere that needs us in fields including bioengineering and energy-saving electrical appliance etc.,#39; said Zong.因此,宗庆后现在寻求投资高科技项目,而不是股市。宗庆后说,我们现在正在寻找机会,我们将在任何需要我们的地方进行投资,包括生物工程和节能家电等领域。Mr. Zong also waded into the country#39;s frothy debate over urbanization, urging the government to curb the expansion of large cities. #39;Some social problems are caused by excessive development of large cities, including healthcare issues,#39; said Mr. Zong. #39; So it is better for urbanization to focus on developing small-and-median-size cities.#39;宗庆后还参与了中国对城镇化的泛泛讨论,要求政府限制大城市的扩张。宗庆后说,一些社会问题就是大城市的过度发展造成的,包括医保问题。因此,城镇化最好关注中小型城市的发展。The drinks magnate is one an increasing number of wealthy entrepreneurs who#39;ve found themselves on the list of NPC delegates in recent years a phenomenon he thinks is only natural. #39;China#39;s economy is developing so rapidly, so there will be more rich people,#39; said Mr. Zong. #39; As we are people#39;s representatives, of course we can represent the people well.#39;这位饮料业巨头是最近几年成为人大代表的富有企业家之一,最近几年,这样的人大代表数量逐渐增多,宗庆后认为这很正常。宗庆后说,中国经济正在迅速发展,富人会越来越多。既然我们是人民的代表,我们当然可以很好地代表人民。 /201303/230132

  WHEN I WAS 16, I went to Berlin─West Berlin, since at that time a wall still divided the city─to live for three months with a family on an exchange program. They were a nice bunch, the mother a teacher, the father an engineer, a pretty and exuberant daughter who#39;d recently stayed with my family in Toronto and their son, who was a year or two older than I was. All the family members were also, as it turned out, very active members of a group called the Freik?rperkultur, or FKK, which translates as #39;Free Body Culture.#39; In other words, a nudist club.我16岁时参加了一个交流项目,在柏林──西柏林,因为当时仍有一道 将这座城市分隔开──的一个家庭中住了三个月。他们一家人都很好,母亲是老师,父亲是工程师,漂亮而活力四射的女儿(最近她和我们全家一起待在多伦多),他们的儿子比我大一、两岁。后来我发现,他们家所有人都是一个叫Freik?rperkultur(FKK,翻译过来就是“自由身体文化”)的团体的活跃成员。这个团体说白了就是一个天体俱乐部。I hadn#39;t expected this when I signed up for a German cultural exchange through my high school; somehow I hadn#39;t been aware I might have to get naked in public. In fact I knew shamefully little about my host country. Yet nudism, as far as I know, is fairly mainstream in Germany to this day (and not, as it is here, the province of hippies and public radio humorists).当我在高中报名参加一个德国文化交流活动时,可没有料到这些,至少没有意识到我不得不在公共场合赤身裸体。事实上,我对东道国的了解少得可怜。然而就我所知,迄今为止,天体主义在德国都是相当主流的文化(和我们这个盛产嬉皮士和电台笑星的国家不同)。The nudist outings were going to be pretty much mandatory, my hosts explained to me─much like speaking the language or eating the food. The family felt strongly that, to properly explore their native ways, I needed to join in the nudist activities. If I closed my mind to nudism, I#39;d prove myself closed to the wonder of life itself. While there would be no punishment if I refused to participate, they implied that such a lapse of courage on my part would signal a deep moral failure─possibly a spiritual one.主人家向我解释说,裸体郊游是非常有必要的──就像说话和吃东西一样。这家人强烈地感到,为了正确了解本地人的生活方式,我需要加入天体活动。如果我拒绝接受天体主义,就等于拒绝接受生活本身的美妙。尽管我拒绝参与的话不会受到什么惩罚,但他们暗示,我缺乏勇气的表现意味着深层的道德缺陷──可能是心灵缺陷。At 16, I was more resilient and easygoing than I am now. After a few hours of confusion and mild alarm, I shrugged my shoulders, suppressed my panic and acquiesced.16岁的时候,我比现在更有弹性、更随和。几个小时的困惑和轻微的担心后,我耸耸肩,压抑住自己的恐慌,默许了。The good news was that the nudity was mostly a weekend gig. We drove to the #39;Free Body Culture#39; property, which involved a body of fresh water, expanses of bedraggled grass richly festooned with goose and duck droppings and a few stunted trees. We passed through the change rooms, where we divested ourselves of our clothes and left them in unlocked lockers. And then among the shrubs, hundreds of free bodies sp out, picnicking and sunning. I came to understand that a German nudist, in 1984, loved little more than to work on his or her tan.好消息是,这次天体活动基本上就是一次周末小聚。我们驾车前往“自由身体文化”的活动场地,那里有一片淡水湖,广阔的草地上满是鹅和鸭的粪便,还有几棵矮小的树木。我们经过更衣室,在那里脱下衣,将它们放在未上锁的储物柜里。然后,数百个一丝不挂的人在灌木丛中伸展四肢,享用野餐、晒日光浴。就在1984年,我开始理解,对于一个德国天体主义者来说,没有比晒太阳更令他们喜欢的事了。There was a code of eye contact: You didn#39;t ogle people below the neck when you talked to them. You kept your eyes fixed firmly on their faces. But of course you looked later, when you thought no one was paying attention. I remember noticing old and middle-aged bodies and feeling sorry for their owners: how tragic to be so saggy, bulgy and wrinkly. How strange to be apparently proud of the condition, rather than mortified by it.这里有一条目光接触守则:当你和别人聊天时,不应注视对方脖子以下的部位。你应将目光牢牢固定在他们脸上。当然,当你认为没人注意时,会趁机偷看。我记得我注意到中老年人的身体很难看:如此皮肤松弛、身材臃肿、皱纹遍布是多么可悲。为此感到骄傲而不是窘迫可真奇怪。It was a little odd to be naked in the company of the teenage son, whom I#39;d only met days before. But he was so casual and good-natured that I almost forgot how freakish it would have been to blithely disrobe among the boys I knew back home.和主人家十几岁的儿子一起裸露着身体有点奇怪,我可是几天前才认识他的。但是他状态很放松,脾气很好,我几乎忘掉了在我认识的这些男孩中轻率地脱掉衣有多奇怪。My main complaint about the sunbathing afternoons proved not to be self-consciousness. It was simple boredom. I wondered what these people were doing, sitting around naked, chitchatting now and then. Were they waiting for something to happen?事实明,对于在下午晒日光浴,我主要的不满不是难为情,而是觉得这样做很无聊。我奇怪这些人赤身裸体地坐着闲聊要干什么。他们是等待着什么事情发生吗?I was definitely waiting for something, especially when I felt a chill breeze sweep up from the water. I was waiting to be allowed to put my clothes back on. The tan-giving sun was all very well; actual comfort was far better. #39;I#39;m cold,#39; I plaintively expressed, more than once, but each time my obvious constitutional weakness was met with strict disapproval.我绝对是在等待着什么,尤其是当我感到一阵寒冷的微风从水面上吹来时。我等待着可以穿上衣的那一刻。能晒黑皮肤的阳光很好,不过实实在在的舒适感更好。“我冷”,我不止一次哀怨地表示,但弱不禁风的我每次都遭到了严辞拒绝。It wasn#39;t all sunbathing and small talk. We also swam naked─I remember an actual swim meet─and played basketball. The basketball was the worst.那天也不全是日光浴和闲聊。我们还裸泳──我记得有一次真正的游泳比赛──并打了篮球。打篮球的经历是最糟糕的。We wore nothing but sneakers. No brassieres, no jockstraps. There was flopping, and there was pain. There was the sight of nude people, bouncing and swinging above bulky white athletic shoes. Could this be the wonder my German family had talked about, the beauty of the unclad human form? Was this jiggling, dangling dance with a large, orange ball indeed our highest, purest identity?我们除了运动鞋什么都没穿。没戴胸罩,也没穿弹力护身。我们笨重地摔倒,痛苦不已。你所看到的就是的人们穿着笨重的白色运动鞋跳来转去。这就是我的德国交换家庭所说的人类形态的美妙之处吗?这种拍着一个橙色大球、摇摇晃晃的舞蹈真的是我们至高至纯的特性吗?I tried to open my mind as I jumped and flopped. I#39;d jam it open if I could. Open, O Mind! Open right now! I#39;ll prise you open with a clawhammer!我一边蹦蹦跳跳,一边试图敞开心扉。如果我可以,我会尽全力打开它的。快打开!我的心灵!现在就打开!我会用木工锤把你撬开的!And yet, in the end, the Germans were absolutely right. The Free Body Culture gave me a gift I might never have received had I refused to play along. It left me with an acute sense of the absurd─one I still cherish─to be there among my fellow apes, awkward and less than half-willing, aiming and missing, leaping, landing and wincing.结果明,这些德国人是绝对正确的。“自由身体文化”给了我一份如果我拒绝参与就可能永远得不到的礼物。它让我有一种强烈的荒诞感──与猿类同伴共处的荒诞感──至今我仍珍视这种感觉,这种尴尬而不情愿、瞄准又错过、跳起、着地和闪避的感觉。 /201303/230108

  A jealous British husband who accused his wife of having an affair with a workmate took the ultimate online revenge -- by placing her for sale on eBay.BEIJING, May 16 (Xinhuanet) -- A jealous British husband who accused his wife of having an affair with a workmate took the ultimate online revenge -- by placing her for sale on eBay.Paul Osborn, 44, evicted his wife of 24 years, Sharon, from their marital home, then advertised her on the internet site for sale, The Sun reported Thursday."I started checking her emails and I realized the rumors were true," he said. "They had been discussing their sex life together and making plans for the future. I was absolutely destroyed. I gathered all her stuff in bags and dumped it in the drive."Osborn told The Sun he initially agreed to take his wife back but decided more drastic measures were needed after he again became suspicious. He created an eBay auction offering his "cheating, lying, adulterous slag of a wife" to the highest bidder. Bids reached more than 1 million U.S. dollars.Sharon Osborn denies cheating on her husband and has filed a police complaint against him for harassment, the newspaper report said.Three weeks ago, Sharon pleaded for Paul to take her back. She moved back in, but two weeks later, Paul was again convinced she was cheating.Paul said: "In a fit of rage I put the advert on eBay. I later took it off because I realised it wasn't the right thing to do. I was just so angry."But Sharon had aly made a complaint to police who today confirmed they were investigating, saying: "Statements have been taken from two people." 北京,5月16(新华网)--一个妒火焚心的英国丈夫曾起诉他的妻子跟一个同事有染,他采取了终极的网上报复--将妻子发到易趣网上出售。保罗奥斯伯恩,44岁, 将他24岁的妻子莎朗逐出他们的婚姻生活,然后在网站上登出广告出售她,太阳报于周二报道。“我开始查看她的电子邮件并且意识到留言是真的,”他说,“他们一直一起讨论他们的性生活并且为将来做打算。这彻底毁了我,我把她所有的东西都装到袋子里然后倾倒在街上。”奥斯伯恩告诉太阳报,他起先同意接纳他的妻子,但是在他再次起疑心时,决定采取更加极端的措施。他在易趣上发起竞拍,将他的“爱欺骗撒谎,不贞的妻子”卖给出价最高的人。出价达到了一百多万美元。莎朗奥斯伯恩否认欺骗了他的丈夫,并且向警方提起指控,控告他的骚扰行为,本报报道说。三周千,莎朗恳求保罗再次接纳她。她搬回去住了,但是两周之后,保罗再次信她在欺骗他。保罗说:“在一阵愤怒之后,我在易趣上留言了。之后我将它取消了因为我意识到这样做不对。我只是非常生气。”但是莎朗已经向警方提起控诉,确信今天他们正在调查,她说:“已经从两个人处取得了陈述”。 /200805/39779

  President Barack Obama took a break from sorting out the shutdown of the federal government on Monday to make sandwiches for low-income and homeless families.美国总统奥巴马在应付联邦政府关门之际忙里偷闲,本周一亲临一家慈善机构,为低收入群体和无房家庭制作三明治。President Obama visited Martha’s Table in Washington D.C. Monday. The food bank helps low-income families. Dozens of photos were taken showing Obama smearing peanut butter and #39;sticky#39; jelly on what appears to be processed, white b. Menu option number two appeared to be stacks of processed meat, also on white b.奥巴马总统在周一光顾了华盛顿特区的一家非盈利机构“玛莎的餐桌”,这是一家旨在帮助低收入家庭的食品。奥巴马将花生奶油酱和“黏黏的”果酱涂在加工过的白面包上。另一种三明治是将加工熟肉放在白面包上。人们纷纷拍照记录下这一景象。“Can I just say just in the few moments I’ve been here I’m feeling a little sticky. I think I got some PBJ on my fingers,” Obama said.“我想说,我才刚做了一会儿,已经感觉手指有些黏黏的了。我想我的手指粘了些果酱。”This doesn#39;t exactly jibe with Michelle Obama#39;s primary initiative as first lady: healthy eating.这与米歇尔·奥巴马成为第一夫人后的第一项倡议:“健康饮食”似乎有些不符。Mrs. Obama started the #39;Let#39;s Move#39; movement, a program billed as #39;America#39;s move to raise a healthier generation of kids.奥巴马夫人发起了名为“行动起来”的倡议,这各项目旨在“培养更健康的下一代”。#39;In total, we are now eating 31 percent more calories than we were forty years ago–including 56 percent more fats and oils and 14 percent more sugars and sweeteners. The average American now eats fifteen more pounds of sugar a year than in 1970,#39; Mrs. Obama#39;s organization explains on its website.据奥巴马夫人这一项目的官方网站上称“总体上说,我们饮食中的热量比40年前多了30%——其中脂肪热量增长了56%,糖类和糖类添加剂热量增长了14%。现在美国人均每年比上世纪70年代多摄入15磅的糖分。”Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have roughly 350 calories per sandwich, depending on the amount of peanut butter and jelly added to the sandwich, according to an online calorie counter.根据一个在线热量测评网站,每份花生酱奶油三明治的热量大约为350卡路里,依据三明治中花生酱和果酱分量多少而上下变动。To promote her initiative, Mrs. Obama even has written a book about the White House garden entitled #39;American Grown.#39;为了推广她的倡议,奥巴马夫人甚至写了一本关于白宫蔬菜种植园的书,题为“美国种植”。The situation might get even stickier when the president gets home and has to tell his wife that he#39;s been wrist-deep in peanut butter and jelly all day.试想总统回到家里,告诉夫人他一整天都在涂花生奶油和果酱,他可能会遇到比果酱更难对付的状况吧。 /201310/260835。

  Half of men would forgive their female partner#39;s infidelity, as long as it was with another woman, according to a new study on cheating。一项关于出轨的新研究显示,半数男人能原谅女友的不忠,只要外遇对象是个女人。Women, however, were less likely to forgive and forget if their boyfriend had been with another man, the University of Texas at Austin study showed。但是,女性则不太可能原谅并忘记男友“跟男人交往过”的事实。该研究是由德州大学奥斯汀分校进行的。Researchers asked 718 college students to imagine being in a long-term relationship and what their reactions would be to several different cheating scenarios。研究人员先让718位大学生假想他们现在处于一段长期的感情关系中,然后让他们设想一下他们对几种不同的出轨场景的反应。They found that overall, 50 percent of men would likely continue a relationship with a woman who had a dalliance with another woman, while 22 percent said they could forgive betrayal with another man。研究人员发现,总体来说,在发现女友和另外一个女人有段风流事之后,半数的男性还是愿意继续跟女友处下去;但是只有22%的男性说他们能原谅女友背着自己跟另外一个男人交往。For women, the results were reversed. If their boyfriend cheated with another woman, 28 percent said they#39;d keep him around, but only 21 percent said they would if he cheated with another man。然而,对于女性来说,情况恰恰相反。如果男友背着自己跟另外一个女人交往,28%的女人还是会继续将这个男人留在身边;但是如果男友背着自己跟一个男人交往,那么只有21%的女性愿意继续跟男友处下去。Published this month in the journal ;Personality and Individual Differences,; the study concluded the participant#39;s reactions were based on basic jealousy instincts。这项发表在本月的《个性和个体差异》杂志上的研究得出结论:受访者的反应是出于嫉妒本能的反应。;A robust jealousy mechanism is activated in men and women by different types of cues -- those that threaten paternity in men and those that threaten abandonment in women,; said Jaime Confer, the study#39;s lead author and a PhD candidate in evolutionary psychology。该研究的主要作者、进化心理学士生杰米·康弗说:“激发男性和女性体内的强劲嫉妒机制的诱因不同,对于男性来说,诱因是那些可以威胁他们父亲身份的因素;而对于女性来说,诱因则是那些可以导致她们被抛弃的因素。”Men, they said, felt more threatened by a rival male because of paternity uncertainty, whereas they saw a female partner#39;s homosexual affair as ;an opportunity to mate with more than one woman simultaneously, satisfying men#39;s greater desire for more partners.;研究人员说,男性会感到来自男性对手的威胁是因为这给他的父亲身份增加了不确定性,而对于女友的同性恋外遇,他们会把这当成是“同时和一个以上女人发生关系、满足他们想拥有更多伴侣的强烈欲望的机会”。Mark Cloud, one of the study co-authors, stressed in an interview that the homosexual infidelity scenario they asked participants to imagine was very rare in reality。该研究的合著者之一,马克·克劳德在一次采访中强调他们让受访者设想的同性恋出轨场景在现实生活中极为罕见。So, the researchers asked participants about their real experiences with cheating. There again, men showed less tolerance of cheating than women。因此,研究人员询问了受访者的真实的“被背叛经历”。结果再次显示,男性比女性更难容忍背叛。;Men were significantly more likely than women to have ended their actual relationships following a partner#39;s affair,; according to the study。该研究显示,“发现恋人有出轨行为后,男性决定分手的可能性比女性大很多。” /201302/227536



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