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深圳治疗毛孔粗大多少钱龙岗区腿部脱毛价格UN, NATO Personnel Injured in Clashes With Serb Protesters in Kosovo科索沃冲突中联合国北约人员受伤Officials say three U.N. police officers and two NATO soldiers were wounded in an explosion in Kosovo as they stormed a courthouse occupied by Serb protesters who oppose the region's breakaway from Serbia. At least 20 demonstrators were also injured. The clashes in Kosovo's ethnically divided town of Mitrovica are the worst since Kosovo's declaration of independence last month. 官员们说,在科索沃发生的爆炸事件中,有3名联合国警官和两名北约的军人受伤,爆炸是在他们的部队突袭一个被塞族示威者占领的法庭时发生的,这些示威者反对科索沃脱离塞尔维亚独立。至少有20名示威者受伤。自科索沃上个月宣布独立以来,科索沃的米特罗维察城发生的冲突最激烈。在这个城市阿族和塞族混居,矛盾重重。Local police said ed Nations and NATO personnel were injured in an explosion when they recaptured the U.N. court building in the northern town of Mitrovica. It was occupied Friday by Serb protesters opposing Kosovo's independence. The blast was apparently caused by a hand grenade activated during the takeover at the courthouse yard. 当地警察说,在联合国和北约部队夺回联合国的法庭时,他们的人员在一次爆炸中受伤,这家法庭位于北部城镇米特罗维察。星期五,反对科索沃独立的塞族示威者占领了这家法庭。爆炸显然是在国际部队接管这家法庭时一枚手榴弹在院子里被引爆所引起的。Attempts to recapture the premises began with NATO-led peacekeepers surrounding the building in armored vehicles. Witnesses said U.N. police backed by NATO troops then stormed the court, evicting Serb demonstrators. 为了夺回这座法庭建筑,北约领导的维和部队首先用装甲车包围了这座建筑。目击者说,接着,受到北约部队持的联合国警察冲进了这家法庭,驱逐了塞族示威者。About 500 mainly Ukrainian U.N. police were involved in the dawn raid, backed by hundreds of French troops. Thousands of stone-hurling Serbs were seen near the courthouse clashing with riot police backed up by NATO soldiers, who used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. 主要由乌克兰人组成的大约500人的联合国警察部队在几百名法国军人的援下参与了黎明时分的这次突袭行动。人们看见,成千上万名扔石块的塞族人在这家法庭附近与受到北约部队增援的防暴警察发生冲突,北约部队用催泪瓦斯和眩晕手榴弹驱散了人群。Witnesses said rioters attacked several U.N. vehicles, breaking doors and freeing at least 10 of dozens of detainees from the raid. Smoke was seen billowing from at least two transport vehicles of the 16,000-member NATO peace force in Kosovo, KFOR. Medical officials claimed more than 100 people were treated for the effects of tear gas. 目击者说,闹事者向联合国的几辆车发动袭击,他们破门而入,至少放走了在国际部队突袭这座建筑时关押的几十人中的10人。人们看见,科索沃1万6千名北约维和部队的至少两辆运输车里浓烟滚滚。医疗部门的官员声称,有100多人因催泪瓦斯造成的伤害而接受治疗。The clashes were the worst in Kosovo since its ethnic-Albanian dominated government declared independence from Serbia last month.  自科索沃阿尔巴尼亚族人占主导地位的政府上月宣布从塞尔维亚独立以来,这些冲突是最激烈的。Former European Balkan envoy and current Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt warns that Mitrovica has become a flashpoint because it is an ethnically divided town separating Albanian and Serb communities. 前欧盟巴尔干特使和现任瑞典外相比尔特警告说,因为米特罗维察是拥有阿族和塞族社区的民族分裂的城镇,所以米特罗维察已经成为一个冲突爆发点。"I was there in the bridge of Mitrovica. It is a bridge between two societies that have very few in common. To overcome that division of Kosovo. This will take a long time, we will need a lot of patience," he said. 比尔特说:“我当时就在米特罗维察桥上。这是一座位于两个没有什么共同点的社区之间的桥梁。要想消除科索沃的这种分歧需要很长的时间,我们需要很大的耐心。”Kosovo has been under U.N. control since 1999, when NATO bombings forced Serb forces to end their crackdown on the independence seeking, ethnic-Albanian majority. 自1999年以来,科索沃就由联合国控制,当时,北约的轰炸迫使塞族部队停止了他们对在科索沃占大多数的阿尔巴尼亚族人寻求独立的镇压。Belgrade considers the territory as the cradle of Serbian religion and history. Serbia says Kosovo's declaration of independence was illegal under international law. 贝尔格莱德认为,科索沃是塞族人宗教和历史的摇篮。塞尔维亚说,按照国际法,科索沃宣布独立是非法的。But most European Union nations and the ed States have recognized Kosovo as an independent state.  但是大多数欧盟国家以及美国已经承认科索沃是一个独立的国家。200803/31234深圳福田人民妇幼保健医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 Margaret Thatcher, Ted Heath, John Major, not only grammar school-educated themselves, but staunch supporters of academic selection.At the last election, Michael Howard promised they'd thrive. But today the Conservatives, led by Esion-educated David Cameron, turned its back on grammar schools, claiming that selecting children at eleven is unfair to poorer families. Their education spokesman David Willetts said existing grammar schools would not close. But the party will promote more academy schools as a better way of promoting gifted poorer pupils, but as James Blake reports, the policy changes upset some of the party's traditional supporters.For years, for generations even, grammar schools have been the central plank in Conservative education policy.Wherever parents want to have grammar schools, doctrinaire labour councils, will not be able to stand in the way.The basic philosophy here, selection raises standards.But I, we believe in choice and I exercise that choice on behalf of my children. This freedom to choose grammar schools came up again in the latest leadership contest.But allows people to choose the sort of education they want.But nowall that has been abandoned, according to new conservative ideology, grammar schools deepen the divisions between rich and poor, but David Cameron risks alienating his core support here. In recent survey of grassroots Conservatives, 73% said they back selection."If we believe in choice and localism, why don't we say that, if a group of social entrepreneur has it in the city,a group of parents won't set up a grammar school to lift the education standard in the city, why can't they? Why weare rude at saying that we have the party diversity in localism and choices? And ruling out new grammar schools is inconsistent with our principles.Instead the Conservative front bench has surprised many of its own Mps, by supporting Labour's city academy scheme. It's proved controversial, because private companies, organizations, and religious groups can gain some control of schools, with a 2-million-pound investment. When I look at the evidence about where children from poor backgrounds get the best education opportunities, it's clear to me that it's our city technology colleges and Tony Blair's academies funding all of them, which do far better providing a high-quality education for children from poor backgrounds, regardless of income of your parents. That's what we got to extend.In fact, the Conservatives seem more enthusiastic about Labour's policy than the government itself. The Education Secretary Alan Johnson says he now wants to limit the number of city academies.Despite the private investment, each city academy cost the government about 25 million pounds. And yet the Conservatives now claim they'll open more academies than Labour under Gordon Brown, James Blake's reporting on.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.staunch:adj. loyal, steadfast; strong, solid, sturdy; steadfast, unwavering (also stanch) 2.plank:n. political platform 政纲条款200805/39704深圳市伊斯佑医院祛疤手术多少钱

深圳祛斑袪皱多少钱Matt Lauer: Well! He played the struggling actor on the hit show Friends, but actor Matt Leblanc isn't struggling at all. He's played Joey Tribbiani for more than a decade now. And now he's saying how are you doing to another season of the spinoff "Joey". On Tonight's episode: Joey is on the set of his new movie alongside John Larry Kat.--Joey Tribbiani, Benjaman Awkwood.--Wow! I know you. I saw you do Shakespeare on Broadway when I was a kid.--Oh, 'Twelfth Night'?--Well, I don't remember the date, no.Matt Lauer: Matt Leblanc, good morning. Good to see you.Matt Leblanc: You too, how are you?Matt Lauer: So, so you got a movie!Matt Leblanc: Joey gets his big break this year, yeah~~.Matt Lauer: This is huge.Tell me about your thoughts, I mean, you know, not Joey's thoughts, but your thoughts. Going into the season Number 2 and how that compares to when this was all starting a year ago.Matt Leblanc: Uh, Well, you know, it's like, it's like any new show. And it's a, it's a little bit weird, because a lot of people feel like, well, it's, in some way, it's a continuation of Friends, but it's not really. It's really a brand new show. We just have a leg up, where we have a character that people aly know and seem to care about. And going into the second season, I think it's a little less pressure than it was last year. But still there's, you know, always that pressure to perform. So it's kind of ...It's kind of a grey area where we're just kind of feeling my way through it.Matt Lauer: So much has been made, change has been made on the show in between seasons, there are some new writers. That's one of the major areas. So how is that affecting the script you seeing for season two?Matt Leblanc: Uh, I think the stories are bigger. The models-sort of bigger, faster, funnier. We've got the character, like a buddy for Joey to have. So you can get out of the house more, open up the show and that enables us to have L.A., be more of a center, set piece in the show. (It's a backdrop.)Matt Lauer: Instead of your shows it's a backdrop.Matt Leblanc: Instead of just being in the apartment all the time. And this year he will be getting out, and the biggest thing probably is that he's getting his big break and star's rising.Matt Lauer: You mentioned adding a friend , Zac is the character's name. And in the press, they started right, Ok, he's trying to create another Chandler. And you've been quick to say no. We're not trying to clone Chandler. Matt Leblanc: No, no, no. It's uh,...I think that would be...that would be a mistake to try to do that. That was a such a great dynamic, the Joey-Chandler thing. This is...It's a new relationship. He's a guy…He's completely different than what Chandler was. Zac is sort of a schemer, scammer, and always has an angle, always has something going on, always has his eye on the back door or to something. And Joey, who is an innocent, gets sort of dragged into these plots that Zac comes up with and his honesty and his charm gets the both of them out of trouble that Zac gets him into.Matt Lauer: When Friends was started more than a decade ago, you were kind of unknown, it was a big break in your career.These days, your life is different. You're married. You have a daughter. I'm assuming you're not hurt from money. So how does that affect your attitude in terms of this whole career picture now?Matt Leblanc: Well, I do my best to try to...to try to keep them separate, you know. It's just as important to me now as it was then, I mean, I wanna do good work. I push the writers to make it as good and as rich and colorful as it can be...Matt Lauer: But you don't depend on them to put food on the table any more?Matt Leblanc: No, that I don't. I mean, that pressure's off. Now it's just sort of, it's ...but the different thing now as before when I was just starting now, if it didn't go so good, no one would really... I wouldn't catch the heat for it, but now sort of as, you know, as an experienced veteran, I guess you can call me, it's, ok,better be good now, it's gonna land in your laps. So it's kinda like you trade one side of promise for another. But it's all good promise to have, no complaints.Matt Lauer: Wow, we're thrilled you're back on N, so it's good to have you here in New York. Come on back and see us.Matt Leblanc: Good to see you, absolutely good to see you, absolutely.Matt Lauer: Now come on, and by the way, you can catch Joey tonight at 8/7 central time right here at N.200807/44529罗湖区中心人民医院整形 Boned US Beef Makes First Arrival in South Korea Since 2003韩国五年来首次进口美国带骨牛肉  The first cuts of US beef with bones have arrived in South Korea since they were banned nearly five years ago. Massive street protests over US beef have calmed, but anger over an import resumption deal remains. 自从韩国大约在5年前禁止美国牛肉进口以来,首批美国带骨牛肉运抵韩国。虽然大规模街头抗议进口美国牛肉的示威已经平息,但是针对恢复美国牛肉进口协议的愤怒情绪仍然存在。South Korean quarantine inspectors began the process Tuesday of admitting beef ribs from the ed States for sale in the country's markets. The beef arrived earlier by airplane, ending a total absence of bone-in US beef in South Korea that lasted nearly five years. 韩国检疫人员星期二开始检疫程序,以批准美国带骨牛排在韩国市场销售。早些时候空运抵达韩国的这批牛肉,结束了近5年来在韩国根本无法买到美国带骨牛肉的局面。South Korea used to be the world's third leading importer of US beef. However, it banned US beef altogether in late 2003, after a single US animal was discovered to have "mad cow disease," a fatal condition which decays the brain. Doctors say it is possible, but unlikely, to contract a human form of the disease by eating meat from infected animals. 韩国曾经是美国牛肉第三大进口国,但2003年末,在发现一头美国牛感染上疯牛病之后,韩国全面禁止美国牛肉进口。医生们说,人类有可能通过食用病牛肉而感染上导致脑部病变的致命疯牛病,但是可能性并不大。US authorities have always maintained US beef is safe. There has never been a proven case of US beef infecting consumers with brain disease. South Korea agreed to a limited resumption of boneless beef last year, then re-imposed the ban after some shipments were found to contain bone fragments. 美国有关当局一直坚持说,美国牛肉是安全的,从来没有一个明消费者因为食用美国牛肉而感染疯牛病的病例。韩国去年同意有限度地恢复进口不带骨美国牛肉,但是在一些交货牛肉上发现带有骨头碎片之后,韩国重新禁止进口美国牛肉。A public uproar followed South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's April deal with President Bush to resume nearly all beef imports. Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets for weeks of nightly demonstrations that occasionally turned into violent clashes. Protesters accused Mr. Lee of treating public health too casually, but the beef issue served as a hub for a host of other political complaints against his administration. 韩国总统李明和美国总统布什4月签署协议,同意几乎全面恢复美国牛肉的进口,这导致韩国爆发骚乱。成千上万的示威者好几个星期每天晚上走上街头举行抗议,抗议活动有时演变成暴力冲突。示威者指责李明罔顾公共健康。不过牛肉问题仅仅是示威者提出的一个中心议题,他们还抨击李明政府的其他各种政策。The protests have ebbed due to a firmer approach by police, and moves by South Korea and the ed States to amend the deal. Tuesday's beef shipment was plastered with stickers certifying the meat was derived from cattle younger than two and a half years old-- widely seen as having a lower risk of mad cow disease. 在韩国警方采取更为强硬的手段,以及韩国和美国修改了有关牛肉进口协议之后,街头示威逐渐平息。星期二运抵韩国的美国带骨牛肉带有标签,明这些都是来自年龄不到2岁半的牛的牛肉。人们普遍认为,小牛感染疯牛病的风险较低。Park Chang-kyu runs a beef store here in Seoul, and started selling warehoused U.S. beef last month. He says sales figures belie many of the protesters' complaints. He says around July first, South Koreans nationwide started buying about 400 kilograms of beef a day. Now, they are up to buying three ton a day. He says he has been getting up to forty telephone calls a day requesting so-called "LA Kalbi," or U.S. beef with bones. 朴钟圭(音) 在首尔开了一家牛肉铺子,从上个月开始卖仓库存有的牛肉。他说,销售量跟很多示威者所抱怨的情况并不相符。他说,大约在7月1日,韩国各地消费者开始一天购买大约4百公斤的牛肉,现在全国各地的销售量达到3吨。他一天要接多达40个电话,问他是否卖美国带骨牛肉。Park says at first, he got lots of protest calls - including threats to blow up his store. Nowadays, those have eased off. 朴钟圭说,开始时他接到很多抗议电话,包括威胁要炸毁他的店铺的电话,不过现在这类电话已经不多了。A portion of Tuesday's US beef shipment may be y for store shelves in as few as three days. Inspectors say they may spend up to 18 days examining certain cuts about which consumers have expressed the most concern. 星期二抵达韩国的美国带骨牛肉的一部分有可能仅三天之内就会在商店上架出售。不过检疫人员说,他们也许会花多达18天的时间检查某些部位的牛肉,消费者对这些部位的牛肉表达了最多的担心。200807/45130广东省深圳激光祛痘多少钱

深圳那里有洗纹身的地方Bush: US Has Taken 'Extraordinary' Measures to Stabilize Markets布什:将继续行动稳定金融市场  U.S. President George Bush says Washington will continue to act to stabilize financial markets shaken by fears of a global financial meltdown. The world's major central banks are joining forces in hopes of restoring investor confidence. 美国总统布什说,华盛顿将继续采取行动,稳定因担心全球财经体系崩溃而动荡的金融市场。世界各主要中央正在联合起来,希望恢复投资人的信心。President Bush canceled travel to political fundraisers to stay at the White House and consult with economic advisors. 布什总统取消了参加政治募款会议的旅程,留在白宫与经济顾问进行商榷。"The American people are concerned about the situation in our financial markets and our economy, and I share their concerns," the president said. 布什总统说:“美国人民在为我们金融市场和我国经济的形势担心,我和他们有同感。”The U.S. government has taken charge of the nation's largest home finance agencies. It also moved to rescue the insurance firm American International Group, the failure of which Mr. Bush says could have caused a severe disruption in financial markets and threatened other sectors of the economy. 美国政府已经接管了最大的住房贷款机构。美国政府还采取行动挽救保险公司美国国际集团,即AIG。布什总统说这家公司的失败可能严重扰乱金融市场并危及其它经济领域。The speed of government action during the past week has largely left lawmakers behind. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson informed Congress of the billion loan for AIG only after the deal was done. 政府的迅速行动使得立法人员基本上落后于形势发展。财政部长保尔森在与AIG达成协议、向他们提供八百五十亿美元的贷款之后,才通知国会有关事宜。Using taxpayer money to save faltering firms is the most direct, but not the only way the executive branch intervenes in economic crises. President Bush earlier this year got Congress to agree on an economic stimulus plan of tax rebates for consumers and tax incentives for businesses to spend money on new equipment. 利用纳税人的金钱去挽救摇摇欲坠的公司是财政部门抵挡经济危机的最直接、但并非唯一的手段。布什总统今年早些时候促使国会同意了一项经济刺激方案,退税给消费者并向企业提供购买新设备的税务优惠,来刺激经济增长。Presidents affect markets through regulatory policy and in the way they spend public funds as the amount of assistance budgeted for corporate research and development, for example, either encourages or discourages businesses from making similar investments. 总统是通过管制方针来影响市场的,也通过他们在预算中使用公共资金帮助公司开展研发的方式来影响市场,例如,他们可以鼓励公司作类似的投资,或者不鼓励它们这样作。Presidents also affect economies with public policy. President Bush says Congress can help the economy by passing free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea to help American businesses sell more goods overseas. He also wants to expand offshore oil drilling which he says will ultimately reduce energy costs. 总统也应用公共政策来影响经济。布什总统说,国会通过批准与哥伦比亚、巴拿马和韩国的自由贸易协议,促使美国企业向国外销售更多商品,来帮助美国经济的发展。他也希望发展近海石油开采,他说,这最终会降低美国能源价格。Presidents do not directly affect monetary policy because the U.S. Federal Reserve is an independent entity. The Fed has joined other nations' central banks to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into global financial markets in hopes of restoring investor confidence and encouraging banks to lend each other money. 总统并不直接影响货币政策,因为美国联邦储备系统是独立的机构。美联储现在已经与其它国家的中央一起向全球金融市场注入几千亿美元的资金,希望恢复投资人的信心,并鼓励相互借贷。President Bush says it is a substantial step to provide additional liquidity to the U.S. financial system. 布什总统说,向美国金融体系提供更多流通资金是切实可行的步骤。"These actions are necessary and they are important and the markets are adjusting to them,"he said. "Our financial markets continue to deal with serious challenges. As our recent actions demonstrate, my administration is focused on meeting these challenges. The American people can be sure we will continue to act to strengthen and stabilize our financial markets and improve investor confidence." 他说:“这些行动是必需的、也是重要的,而市场正在进行调整以适应这些变动。我们的金融市场在继续处理严重问题。正如我们近年来的行动所显示的那样,我国政府正集中精力应对这些考验。美国人民可以确信我们将继续采取行动加强并稳定我们的金融市场,并且增强投资者的信心。”The U.S. economy has been hurt by falling home values and high energy and food costs. A public opinion poll by CBS News and the New York Times this week said the economy and jobs are the biggest issues on the minds of nearly half the American voters before November elections. 美国经济受到房价下跌、能源及食品价格飞涨的影响。哥伦比亚广播公司与纽约时报本周进行的民意调查显示,在十一月大选前,在近一半美国选民心头上的大事就是美国经济和就业机会。200809/49276 UN Warns Rising Fuel Costs, Inequalities Raise Risk of Social Crisis联合国称油价上涨加剧经济不平等   A senior ed Nations official warns that economic inequalities in the Asia-Pacific region could worsen as energy costs rise. Energy security and poverty reduction are key themes at this week's meeting of the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 联合国高级官员警告说,随着能源价格上涨,亚太地区的经济不平等可能会加剧。在本星期召开的联合国亚洲及太平洋经济社会委员会会议上,能源安全和扶贫是会议的主题。To the strains of Verdi's "Va Pensiero", the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific opened its annual conference Monday. The delegates in Bangkok will focus on the need to secure affordable energy to fuel the region's development. 在意大利著名作曲家威尔第的音乐声中,联合国亚太经济社会委员会年会星期一在曼谷召开。与会代表将重点讨论如何在亚太地区迅速发展的过程中确保价格合理的能源供应。UNESCAP Executive Secretary Noeleen Heyzer said in her opening address that rising social inequalities, exacerbated by record high oil prices, could trigger an "imminent crisis" if lower-income groups begin to lose ground. 亚太经社会执行秘书长诺琳.海泽在开幕式上致词。她说,油价上涨加剧了该地区的社会不平等。如果低收入人群的状况持续恶化的话,危机将迫在眉睫。"Income inequalities have led, among others, to serious social and environmental imbalances. An increasing part of the region house the world's poor and live in areas where the environment is under stress," she said. "The poorest people may use less energy but actually pay proportionately more than the rich for energy services. These high levels of inequality erode social cohesion in the region." 海泽说:“收入差距导致严重的社会和环境失衡以及其他问题。亚太贫困地区的范围扩大,这些地方的环境也受到威胁。最贫困人口可能消耗较少的能源,但是他们为能源付的代价按照比例来说却更高。这些严重的不平等侵蚀了该地区的社会凝聚力。”The Asia-Pacific region is home to 641 million of the world's poor. Many development experts fear that number will increase because of rising food prices and rocketing oil costs. 世界贫困人口当中,有大约6亿4千1百万人生活在亚太地区。由于粮食和石油涨价,很多发展领域的专家担心亚太地区贫困人口的数量会进一步增加。Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej urged the delegates to push for reforms that ensure environmentally sustainable energy supplies. 泰国总理沙玛敦促与会代表推动改革,确保有利于环境的可持续能源供应。"Our region urgently and seriously needs to consider energy management reform, promotion of cooperation in the energy sector, efficient energy usage, clean energy promotion, and development of alternative and renewable energy," said Samak. 他说:“亚太地区需要迫切地、认真地考虑能源管理的改革,促进能源领域的合作,提高能源的利用率,推广清洁能源,开发可再生和替代能源。”A new UNESCAP report calls energy security the key challenge to the region's development.  亚太经社会公布的新报告说,能源安全是该地区发展面临的关键挑战。The report says energy consumption in the region has doubled since 1980 because of high economic growth and growing populations. Over the next 22 years, it says, the region will need up to nine trillion dollars in new infrastructure to meet its energy needs. 这份报告说,由于经济高速增长和人口膨胀,亚太地区能源消耗自从1980年以来已经翻了一番。报告说,在未来22年里,亚太地区需要花费9万亿美元用于改善基础设施,以满足能源需求。UNESCAP chief Heyzer says governments can not do the job alone.  亚太经社会执行秘书长诺琳.海泽女士说,仅凭政府的努力很难实现这个目标。"It's time to hold the private sector accountable and obviously they are a player and they have to be accountable to progress and also the way they use scare resources," she said. "At the same time, governments have got to have the right policies."  她说:“私营企业必须为其行为负责。很明显,这些企业也是发展的参与者。所以企业必须为经济发展以及稀缺能源的使用方式负责。同时,政府需要制定正确的政策。”The U.N. report urges governments to work with businesses to find renewable energy sources for the region. 这份联合国报告敦促政府和企业合作,共同开发可再生能源。200804/36936深圳坪山衡力瘦脸针果酸换肤果酸去痘坑多少钱香港大学深圳医院激光去痘手术多少钱



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