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大鹏新区去粉刺多少钱深圳市人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱Mindfulness is more effective than simply trying to eat healthy, a study claims.一项研究表明,正念要比单纯的健康饮食更有效。Eighty people joined a study by North Carolina State University, with half designing their own diet, and half engaging in daily meditation.共有80人参加乐了由北卡罗来纳州立大学发起的一项研究,其中一半参与者坚持一份设计好的饮食,而另一半人则每日进行冥想。The results revealed the mindfulness group lost an average of 4.2lbs - seven times the other group#39;s average weight loss of 0.6lbs.结果显示,冥想组的人体重平均瘦了4.2磅,这一数字是另一组人(0.6磅)的7倍。It is a staggering testament to the power of meditation, researchers say, as the nation fights an obesity crisis.研究人员表示,这项研究明了冥想的惊人力量--尤其是在目前美国肥胖人群数量高居不下的情况下。Overweight and obesity increase the risk of chronic diseases including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.超重和肥胖增加了包括高血压、2型糖尿病以及心血管疾病等慢性疾病的风险。In recent years, mindful eating - focusing on what you see and feel in the moment to increasing one#39;s awareness - has been introduced as a possible strategy for weight management.近些年来,“正念饮食”已被引入作为一种可能的体重管理策略,该方法强调专注于眼前看到和感觉到的东西,从而提高自己的意识。The main purpose of the study was to examine the effectiveness of a program called Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less (ESMMWL) to increase awareness of eating habits.这项研究是主要目的是检测一个被称之为“精食、多动、减重”项目的有效性,该项目力图提高人们对饮食习惯的意识。It hinges on the idea of creating a structure that will help participants change behaviors that have caused them to gain weight, or prevent weight loss.该项目提出了一个理念,即创建一个结构,帮助参与者改变导致自己肥胖、或者不利减肥的习惯。Participants take the class from a live instructor at the same time each week on a computer or mobile device.每周同一时间,参与者都会通过电脑或者手机接受一位教师的指导。To measure their level of mindfulness, researchers got each of the participants to fill out the Mindful Eating Questionnaire, a 28-point survey that assesses five domains of mindful eating.为了测量他们的心态水平,研究人员让每个参与者都填写了“心态饮食问卷”,该问卷用28个问题从5个领域对参与者的心态饮食进行了评估。Mindful eating includes paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, planning meals and snacks, eating as a singular activity as opposed to eating while doing other activities, and paying special attention to how food tastes.正念饮食包括注意饥饿和饱足感的原因、规划饮食和零食、将饮食作为一项专注性活动而不同时做其他事情、以及特别留心食物的味道等。#39;Results suggest that there is a beneficial association between mindful eating and weight loss,#39; the authors wrote in the study.作者们在研究中写道:“结果明,正念饮食和减肥之间存在着一种有益的联系。” /201705/511728宝安区自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好 The ;creepy clown; craze that began in the US has gone global, with incidents reported in the UK, Australia and Canada.美国兴起的“恐怖小丑”狂潮已蔓延至全球,英国、澳大利亚、加拿大均有报告相关事件。The craze began in the US in August with reports of people dressed as clowns trying to lure children into the woods in South Carolina.今年8月,这股狂潮在美兴起,据报道,在南卡罗来纳州,有人扮成小丑,试图引诱孩子进入树林。A number of people have also reported being terrified by clowns holding weapons in public.许多人还报告称受到在公共场合持武器的小丑的惊吓。An eight-month pregnant woman in the UK was forced into premature labor after a person dressed as a clown scared her.英国一名怀胎8月的女子受到扮成小丑的人的惊吓后被迫早产。Police in the UK are warning against participating in the hoax.英国警方对参与恶作剧的行为发出警告。To ease public hysteria and for the safety of Ronald himself, McDonald#39;s is limiting the appearances of its iconic Ronald McDonald clown mascot across the US.为了缓和公众的过绪以及小丑罗纳德自身的安全,麦当劳正在全美限制其标志性吉祥物罗纳德·麦当劳小丑的露面。Professional clowns have condemned the craze.专业小丑对这一热潮发起了谴责。;This is nothing to do with clowning, it#39;s to do with people hijacking a costume and for some sinister reason trying to scare people,; Rob Bowker, a spokesman for the U.K.-based Clowns International, a clown organization founded in 1947, told the Guardian.英国“国际小丑”的发言人罗勃·鲍克在接受《卫报》采访时表示:“这一热潮和小丑本身无关。这是与那些抢了装、并试图用一些恶毒的理由去吓唬别人的人有关。” /201610/473056A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai... for ,000.在迪拜的一个慈善拍卖会上,一个美味多汁的汉堡竟然被拍到了...1万美元。Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid.迪拜生活休闲杂志Villa 88的创始人阿斯玛·阿尔·法希姆通过电话赢下了此次拍卖。The giant burger contained seven beef patties -- one for each of the emirates in the ed Arab Emirates -- aged cheddar cheese and veal bacon strips in a saffron brioche bun.这款巨型汉堡包包含7层牛肉饼--分别代表7个酋长国,此外熟切达干酪和牛肉培根则包在藏红花奶油蛋卷里。It was prepared by Russell, culinary director at Le Gourmet in Dubai#39;s Galeries Lafayette, and a member of Qatar#39;s royal family, Mohammed Al Thani.该汉堡是由迪拜Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet烹饪总监拉塞尔·和卡塔尔皇家厨师默罕默德·阿尔·萨尼共同完成的。;Two years ago we broke the world record by selling one burger for ,000, and this year we wanted to top that,; Al Thani said in a statement. ;All proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and free detection at an earlier stage.;阿尔·萨尼在一份声明中说道:“两年前,我们以7000美元的价格卖出了一个汉堡,打破了世界纪录,今年我们想拍出更高价!拍到的所有金额都将用于早期乳腺癌意识宣传及免费检测务当中。”The auction was run by Pink Caravan, which campaigns to raise awareness of breast cancer.这次拍卖会由Pink Caravan主办的,旨在提高人们对乳腺癌的认识。Al Fahim said she wanted to support a good cause and honor former Pink Caravan director Ameera Karam, who died in a house fire last year.阿尔·法希姆表示,她一直想找一个好的理由来纪念去年在一次房屋失火中丧生的Pink Caravan前总监阿梅拉·卡拉姆。 /201703/500422盐田区人民医院口腔美容中心

深圳港大治疗痘痘多少钱Schools across China will soon not only shoulder the responsibility of educating children, but will also take on the task of educating children#39;s parents, according to a five-year plan for family education.根据《家庭教育的五年计划》,中国各地的学校不久不仅将承担教育儿童的责任,而且还将承担教育儿童父母的任务。The new program will be instituted by 2020, and the coverage rate of these classes in urban areas will be at least 90 percent. In rural areas, the rate will not fall below 80 percent.新计划将于2020年开始实施,这些课程在城市地区的覆盖率至少将达到90%。在农村地区,这一比率不会低于80%。Parenting education will also become a focus of work at public service centers, which will be required to organize no less than two parenting courses and two additional practical activities every year.家长教育也将成为公共务中心工作的重点,每年将会要求组织不少于两次家庭教育指导和两次额外的实践活动。Primary and high schools will organize at least one parenting course every year, along with one family practice session; for kindergarten, two parent-child activities should be organized, in addition to parenting courses.中小学家长学校每年至少组织一次家庭教育指导和一次家庭教育实践活动;幼儿园家长学校除了组织家庭教育指导外,还应至少组织两次亲子实践活动。Vocational schools have also been instructed to hold at least one parenting course.职业学校按指示应至少组织一次家庭教育指导。The five-year plan for family education was jointly issued by the Ministries of Education, Civil Affairs and Culture, along with other government bodies such as the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the China Association for Science and Technology.《家庭教育的五年计划》是由教育部、民政部、文化部以及国家卫生和计划生育委员会、中国科学技术协会等国家机构联合发布的。 /201611/480732宝安区中心人民医院去眼袋多少钱 Magic, it turns out, is a highly addictive thing - and when it comes to the intricate fictional world of JK Rowling, fans can rarely get enough.事实上,魔法这东西很容易上瘾,而提起JK.罗琳笔下错综复杂的魔幻世界更是让人欲罢不能。To celebrate the release of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, a number of books on the making of the film have consequently been published, including Ian Nathan#39;s behind-the-scenes guide Inside the Magic, and The Case of Beasts, which explores the wizarding world shown in the film.为庆祝电影《神奇动物在哪里》上映,一系列描写该片制作过程的书籍已经上架,其中包括伊恩.纳森的电影幕后指南《魔法探秘》,以及揭开片中呈现的魔法世界的《神奇动物居住的手提箱》。We had a look through, to see what we could glean about Fantastic Beats, its cast, and Rowling#39;s script.为了搜集关于电影、演员以及剧本的信息,我们已经阅读了这些书。Here are some of the things we learnt:以下是我们的收获:1.Eddie Redmayne wound up ;sobbing; after ing the script for the first time1.埃迪.雷德梅尼第一次看完剧本后难过得哭了In Yates-ian style, the director held a ;slightly clandestine meeting; with Redmayne near Christmas in the basement of ;a hidden little club in Soho;, next to a roaring fire. He later went to safari parks to meet real zoologists and meet experts in animal breeding to learn about these people cared for exotic creatures.圣诞节临近时,导演叶茨在Soho区一家隐秘俱乐部的地下室里与雷德梅尼在熊熊燃烧的火堆旁“秘密小聚了一次”。这是他一贯的作风。随后,他到野生动物园拜访了真正的动物学家以及动物育种专家,了解这些照料外来生物的人们。2.JK Rowling wrote the script in two-day chunks2.JK.罗琳两天重写一遍剧本Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Rowling#39;s debut screenplay, and she said that, in comparison to writing a novel, she really, really, really enjoyed it.《神奇动物在哪里》是罗琳的电影剧本处女作。比起写小说,她认为自己真的、真的很喜欢写剧本。Rowling was in constant communication with Yates and serial Potter-producers Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram. She would then: ;depart for her hotel and spent two nights at her keyboard, returning having not slept but rewritten huge portions of the script, sometimes producing an entirely new draft.;罗琳与叶茨、哈利.波特系列电影制作人史蒂夫.克劳夫和莱昂纳尔.威格拉姆不断沟通后,便“赶回酒店,花上两晚不眠不休地码字,又将剧本的大部分重写,有时还会创作出全新的剧本初稿。”3. Redmayne made sure that Newt#39;s wand was animal-free3.雷德梅尼坚信纽特的魔杖没有动物元素Prop modeller Pierre Bohanna wanted Newt#39;s wand to include an ;animal component;, such as Fawkes#39;s phoenix features that can be found in both Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort#39;s wand, but Redmayne refused: he was ;insistent there would be no leather or horn involved. Newt wouldn#39;t stand for that. ;道具师皮埃尔.哈纳希望在纽特的魔杖中加入“动物元素”,就好比哈利.波特和伏地魔的魔杖中有凤凰福克斯的尾羽。但雷德梅尼拒绝了该想法。他“坚持认为魔杖不应该包含任何皮革或者动物犄角成分。纽特不会持这种做法。”4.The crew built 1920s New York on set at Leavesdon Studios4.工作人员在利维斯登制片厂搭建出上世纪20年代的纽约城It took just 16 weeks to create Manhattan#39;s Lower East Side, TriBeCa and the Diamond District in 1926 in a studio an hour north of London. The set needed constant re-dressing by an army different teams of designers and dressers during the five months it was used for filming.距伦敦以北一小时车程有一间制片厂,工作人员仅用了16周就在那里搭建起1926年时的曼哈顿下东区、特里贝克地区以及钻石区。在用于电影拍摄的5个月间,这处电影布景需要一大批设计和化妆团队不断对其重新修饰。The same attention to detail was given to the office space of the MACUSA, where Tina and Queenie Goldstein work - 80 bespoke desks were designed and built and chairs were imported from the US for the set.工作人员对美国魔法国会布景的细节处理同样一丝不苟,他们为蒂娜和奎妮的办公室设计制作了80台定制桌子,而椅子是从美国进口的。5. Queenie is the most attractive female character Rowling has ever created5.奎妮是罗琳笔下最有魅力的女性She wrote as much in the script: ;The most beautiful girl ever to don witch#39;s robes;.罗琳在剧本中这样写道:“她是有史以来最美的女巫”。6.The extras really earned their money6.群众演员真的很辛苦To recreate the chaos of 1920s Manhattan, there needed to be a lot of extras and a lot of costumes. The problem was that Fantastic Beasts was set in December, so the cast were dressed up in overcoats, scarves and gloves - and the crowd scenes were shot in August 2015. Everyone was sweltering, remembers crowd costumer Gary Hyams, and ;tended to undo their coats or take their scarves off and tuck them into their pockets.;为了重现上世纪20年代曼哈顿地区的混乱场景,需要大批穿着戏的群演。问题是电影的时间设定是12月,演员们都穿着大衣、戴着围巾和手套,然而群演画面的拍摄时间是2015年8月。一位扮演顾客的群演盖瑞.海厄姆回忆道,所有人都很热,“他们都想解开大衣、取下围巾塞进口袋”。7.There are a lot of deliberate similarities between Harry Potter and Credence Barebone7.哈利.波特和克雷登斯.拜尔本有很多刻意为之的相似之处Both are orphans, adopted into loveless families and thrown into the paths of a struggle between good and dark magic.他们都是孤儿,都被冷漠的家庭收养,都被卷入正义和黑暗魔法之间的较量。;It#39;s rare that fantasy can touch on something this painful and delicate,; said actor Ezra Miller, who plays Credence.饰演克雷登斯的埃兹拉.米勒表示,“魔幻故事很少能触及如此痛苦而细腻的情感。”Producer David Heyman indicated that Credence#39;s character and the struggles we see him go through in the film are a metaphor for the dangers of repression.制片人大卫.海曼表示,克雷登斯这个角色以及片中他的遭遇都象征着压抑情感的危害。8.Tina#39;s trousers were designed to show that she was a modern, forward-thinking type of woman8.蒂娜穿裤子的设定是为了表现她是一个前卫而有远见的女人Costume designer Colleen Atwood made the decision to put Katherine Waterston#39;s character in trousers (something that was not all that common for women in the 1920s) as a way of demonstrating Tina#39;s independent side.装设计师柯琳.阿特伍德决定让凯瑟琳.沃特斯顿饰演的角色穿着裤子(女人穿裤子在上世纪20年代并不常见),通过这种方式展示了蒂娜独立的一面。9.The Demiguise was #39;babysitting#39; the young Occamy9.隐形兽是小鸟蛇的“保姆”Ever wonder why, in Fantastic Beasts, Dougal the Demiguise escaped?想知道电影中的隐形兽为什么逃跑吗?We always assumed that the mysterious ape-like creature with a talent for invisibility just saw his chance and decided to make a run for it. But the truth, it turns out, is a lot more aww-inducing.我们一直认为,这种会隐身的神秘猿类生物是看准了机会决定逃跑的。但事实上,真相比这有爱。According to Redmayne, in the script Dougal ventures out solely in order to protect the lost young Occamy.根据雷德梅尼的说法,在剧本中,隐形兽只身冒险是为了保护走失的小鸟蛇。JK Rowling apparently came up with the idea that the Demiguise should show a caring instinct while the creature was still in the design stage.显然,罗琳在构思阶段就想到要让隐形兽表现出充满爱心的本能。10.The chilling MACUSA execution pool was inspired by a Saatchi Gallery installation10.美国魔法国会令人胆寒的死刑执行池灵感来自萨奇画廊的一件装置艺术品According to the film#39;s VFX supervisor Christian Manz, the disturbing, memory-absorbing pool seen in the film was designed to resemble a Saatchi Gallery artwork ;where there was oil with a perfect reflection on the surface;.据电影特效总监克里斯汀.曼茨称,记忆吸收池的设计模仿了萨奇画廊的一件艺术品,它利用油映射出完美的镜像。Although the installation in question isn#39;t named, it sounds as if Manz is referring to artist Richard Wilson#39;s 20:50, a permanent piece in which an entire room at the gallery is filled with smooth black engine oil.虽然曼茨没有提及这件装置作品的名字,但是他所指的似乎是理查德.威尔逊的《20:50》。这件永久作品将画廊中的一整间房间注满黑色机油。 /201612/481637深圳市第六人民医院纹眉多少钱

深圳伊斯佑整形医院激光除皱手术多少钱On Friday, WonderWoman turns 75, and she is getting a bang-up party. It will take place at theed Nations in the Economic and Social Council chamber, and special guests willinclude Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment (the company that owns DCComics, which invented Wonder Woman); Lynda Carter, who embodied Wonder Womanin the 1970s television series; Gal Gadot, who has taken on the role in theforthcoming Wonder Woman film; and the ed Nations secretary general, BanKi-moon.星期五,神奇女侠(Wonder Woman)就满75岁了,她得到了一个绝好的生日派对,将在联合国经济及社会理事会的大厅举行,特别嘉宾包括DC公司(DC Entertainment,创作了神奇女侠的DC漫画公司即属于该公司)总裁黛安·纳尔逊(Diane Nelson);1970年代在电视连续剧中饰演了神奇女侠的琳达·卡特(Lynda Carter);在即将上映的神奇女侠电影中饰演这一角色的盖尔·加朵(Gal Gadot);以及联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)。Mr Ban, as itturns out, also has a present of sorts for the character: She is beingnamed an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls and forgender equality, a.k.a. Goal 5 of the ed Nations’ Sustainable DevelopmentGoals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World. 结果,潘基文也有一件算得上礼物的东西要送给这个角色:她被授予联合国女性和女孩赋权与性别平等荣誉大使称号,她的相关任务是《联合国可持续发展目标:17个改变我们世界的目标》( ed Nations’ Sustainable DevelopmentGoals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World)中的目标5。She will appear ina social media campaign and other initiatives.她将出现在一项社交网络宣传活动以及其他倡议计划中。On one level, thismakes sense. 在一个层面上,这是有道理的。Wonder Woman isthe epitome of the woman who needs a man the way a fish needs a bicycle. 神奇女侠象征了那种女人不需要男人就像鱼不需要自行车精神(70年代女权主义口号,由下文《Ms.》杂志的主编Gloria Steinem提出——译注),(She appearedtwice on the cover of Ms magazine.)她曾经两次出现在《Ms.》杂志的封面上。She isself-sufficient and strong and fights for equality and justice. 她自立、强悍,为平等和公正而斗争。She is notderivative of a male character the way Supergirl or Batgirl is, and she doesnot disguise herself as Catwoman does. 她不像女超人(Supergirl)和蝙蝠少女(Batgirl)那样,是男性角色的衍生品,她也不像猫女(Catwoman)那样对自己遮遮掩掩。In the new WonderWoman movie, due for release next summer, she says to her male co-star, What Ido is not up to you.在明年夏天上映的新版《神奇女侠》电影中,她对联袂出演的男星说:我做什么不由你说了算。And certainly, shebrings the organization’s cause to a whole new audience, said Maher Nasser, theOutreach Division director for the ed Nations Department of PublicInformation.当然,联合国新闻部外联司司长马希尔·纳赛尔(Maher Nasser)说,她能把联合国的事业向全新的人群传播。(The organizationrealized the advantages of teaming up with the comic book world this year whenRed from Angry Birds became its honorary ambassador for the International Dayof Happiness; all honorary ambassadors are fictional characters, as opposed to,say, messengers of peace, a category that includes celebrities like LeonardoDiCaprio, Charlize Theron and Jane Goodall, or good-will ambassadors, whoinclude Anne Hathaway, David Beckham and Shakira.)(今年,该组织意识到与漫画世界结盟的好处,愤怒的小鸟中的红鸟[Red from AngryBirds]成了联合国国际幸福日[International Dayof Happiness]的荣誉大使;所有荣誉大使都是虚构人物,与和平使者[messengers ofpeace]或亲善大使[good-willambassador]之类由名人担任的头衔相对,前者包括莱奥纳多·迪卡普里奥[Leonardo DiCaprio]、查理兹·塞隆[Charlize Theron]、珍·古道尔[Jane Goodall]等,后者包括安妮·海瑟薇[Anne Hathaway]、大卫·贝克汉姆[David Beckham]和夏奇拉[Shakira]等。It makes even moresense when you realize that in 1943, Wonder Woman ran for president. 如果你知道1943年,神奇女侠还竞选过总统,那就会觉得更有意义了。(It was 1,000years in the future, the ’40s comic book said, but, still.) And she wasrenominated by Ms magazine in 1972. (那是发生1000年后的未来,这本40年代的漫画中这样写道,不过还是挺了不起的。)1972年,她再次获得《Ms.》杂志的提名。Bringing her backto speak for what she believes in, in a year when a real-live woman may beelected to the Oval Office, seems more relevant than ever.在这样一个现实生活中的女性很可能通过竞选入主椭圆形办公室的年份里,把她带回人们的视线,说出其信仰,似乎比以往任何时候都有意义。Except for onething.只有一点例外。As Mr Nasser putit, somewhat delicately, the outfit issue.正如纳赛尔多少有点小心翼翼地指出的,存在装问题。Specifically, whathe said was, We are not unaware of the outfit issue, the issue being thatWonder Woman does most of her power work, as we all know, in a star-spangledstrapless bathing suit and knee-high boots, with a healthy amount of cleavageand leg on display. 他的原话是:我们不是没有注意到装问题,这个问题在于,我们都知道,神奇女侠在从事她的超能力工作时,都是穿着星条旗无肩带泳衣和及膝长靴,并适当地露出乳沟和大腿。Her clothes havenot, to put it mildly, caught up with her politics — or many other people’s,for that matter. 温和地说吧,她的衣给她的政治观点(或者就这件事而言,是很多其他人的政治观点)拖了后腿。(In the new film,she appears to wear a sort of loincloth-like skirt, too.)(在新版电影中,她也是穿着腰布式的短裙。In the end, theed Nations determined that, You have to look beyond the superficial to heractions, Mr Nasser said. 最后,联合国认为,你必须透过表面看她的行动,纳赛尔说。And Ms Carternoted that the character is so much bigger than what she wears.卡特也指出,这个角色内涵要比她的衣重要得多。But in the era ofDonald J. Trump, when theissue of objectifying women because of how they look is foremost in everyconversation, the outfit issue — and the related body image issue — cannot beso easily dismissed.但是在唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump)的时代,基于相貌而物化女性这个问题在每次谈话中都是头等重要的大事,装问题——以及相关的身体形象问题——是不能被轻易忽视的。Indeed, WonderWoman’s workwear is a look straight from the Miss Universe stage — as it usedto be when Mr Trump owned the pageant. 其实,神奇女侠的工作看上去简直是直接从环球(Miss Universe)舞台上拿来的——特朗普还是这个选美活动的老板时就是这样的。(He sold it lastyear to WME-IMG, the entertainment and sports giant.) After all, even Miss TeenUSA ended its swimsuit competition this year, transforming it into a gymwearsegment, the better to celebrate strength as opposed to va-va-voom. (去年他把这项活动卖给了与体育巨擘WME-IMG公司。)毕竟,就连美国妙龄(Miss Teen USA)今年都停止了泳装竞赛单元,改为运动环节,这才是更好的赞美力量,抵制对女人以貌取人的方式。Paula Shugart, thepresident of the Miss Universe Organization, wrote in a letter to statedirectors that was later ed in The New York Times, This decision reflectsan important cultural shift we’re all celebrating.环球组织的总裁宝拉·舒加特(Paula Shugart)一封写给各州选美指导们的信后来被《纽约时报》引用,这个决定反映了我们都为之欢欣鼓舞的文化变迁。Except WonderWoman is not.只有神奇女侠不高兴。This mattersbecause, like most superheroes, she is inseparable from her clothing: It is herimmediate signifier, the representation of all about her that is special andunique (and kick-butt). 这是因为,和大多数超级女英雄一样,她和自己的衣是密不可分的:这是她的符号,象征着她一切的特别与独到(还有霸气)之处。And that clothingunavoidably indicates to everyone that part of the source of her power is herbabeliciousness, as defined in a particularly retrograde way.那身衣不可避免地向所有人表明,她的力量有部分源自于她的秀色可餐,一种特别落伍的观念正是这么定义女性力量的。The reason SteveTrevor, her original love interest, falls for her is not just that she candefend herself and him, gallop into battle and choose not to kill her enemies. 她最初的暧昧对象史蒂夫·特雷弗(Steve Trevor)喜欢她,不是因为她能保护自己,也能保护他,能奔赴战场,还选择不杀死自己的敌人。It’s because,let’s be honest, of her looks — when she takes off her glasses, stops beingthat dowdy Diana Prince in a buttoned-up shirt and blossoms into her barelyclad self.诚实地说,是因为她的长相——那一刻她摘掉眼镜,不再做那个衣着过时、总是系着衬衫领扣的戴安娜·普林斯(Diana Prince),而是绽放出一个衣不蔽体的自我。She may not beusing her sexuality as a weapon (she has bracelets and a gold lasso for that),but it’s nonetheless making a statement.她或许并没有使用自己的性感作为武器(她的武器是手镯和金色的套索),但她的性感无疑是一种声明。Which raises thequestion, even accepting that she is an exaggerated character in an exaggeratedworld: Is that really the message we want to send about female empowerment toour daughters in an era when there are a number of fully clothed, notablypowerful female role models?就算只是把她当做一个夸张世界里的夸张角色,人们仍然会问:在这个时代,世界上有那么多着装整齐,异常强大的女性榜样角色,神奇女侠真的能代表我们希望告诉给女儿们的女性赋权信息吗?On the one hand,allowing girls to revel in their physicality and femininity is a good thing. 另一方面,让女孩们享受自己的身体与女性气质是件好事。I am not sayingthey should dress like nuns or adopt a pantsuits r us mentality. 我不是说她们都应该穿得像修女,或者从心态上成为只穿长裤套装的人。They should owntheir womanhood and all that is special and different about it. 她们应该掌控自己的女性身份,拥抱这种身份的特殊性和与众不同之处。You can argue thatrefusing to apologize for or hide your body under a sackcloth is a feministact.你可以辩称,拒绝为自己的身体而道歉,或者不愿把自己的身体隐藏在粗布衣之下可以是女权主义的行为。But most women, Iwould guess, would not choose to display their allure while wearing astar-spangled maillot and cape, which is to say an outfit that no one couldactually wear to work, unless she were working as the impersonator of a comicbook character.但是我猜大多数女人不会选择身穿星条旗图案的紧身泳衣和短斗篷来展示自己的魅力,也就是说,这是一套除了扮演漫画角色的模仿秀演员之外,没有人会穿着去工作的衣。Ms Carter isunapologetic about the look (I never felt objectified as Wonder Woman, though Ihave as Lynda Carter, she said in a recent phone call), but she acknowledgesthat, though she owns two classic costumes, she has not put one on since shehung up her cape in 1979.卡特不认为这个造型有什么不对(我饰演神奇女侠的时候从来不觉得自己被物化了,尽管身为琳达·卡特的时候我的确有这样的经历,前不久她在接受电话采访时说),但是她承认,尽管自己拥有两套经典戏装,自从她在1979年停止扮演这个角色之后就再也没穿过它们了。Pointedly, whenshe appears as the president on Supergirl this season (she will make her debutnext week), Ms Carter wears a long baby-blue jacket, skinny black trousers andpumps. 当她饰演总统,在本季的《女超人》中亮相时(下周她的角色就要初次登场了),卡特穿了一件粉蓝色长西装外套,黑色瘦腿裤和高跟鞋。Smart, strong,easy, comfortable, she said of the look, adding that she based it on HillaryClinton and the House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi.聪明、强悍、轻松,自如,她这样形容这个造型,并说这是按照希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和众议院少数党领袖南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)的样子来设计的。 /201610/473176 If one perceive the universe as a matrix, there are lines everywhere and therefore a tennis ball can never NOT be on the line, as there will always be a line where it may be.如果一个人认为宇宙是一个矩阵,而矩阵里面到处都是线,因此,网球永远都不会不在线上,所以只要球能到哪,那里总是会有一条线。A ball will always be #39;in#39;, whereas #39;out#39;, relatively speaking,所以球总是会在“线内”、而在“线外”是相对而言的,Einstein talks his way to victory at a Grand Slam Final爱因斯坦在大满贯决赛时谈他获胜的方式 /201701/488286深圳市人民医院治疗青春痘多少钱南山区去蝴蝶斑多少钱




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