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深圳市人民医院去除狐臭多少钱深圳胎记去除深圳市人民龙华分院激光去痘手术多少钱 048 education Words Nursery school kindergarten elementary school primary school middle school junior high school Senior high school college/university public private tuition semester trimester quarter class lesson Subject term graduate graduation diploma degree classroom extracurricular lecture grant Further education professor bachelor’s master’s doctorate Phrases Take an exam Pass/fail an exam Pursue further education Beginner A: could you tell me your education background? B: sure. Where shall I begin? A: where did you go to university? B: I went to the university of ohio, in America. A; what degree did you get? B: I got a bachelor’s degree. A: what was your major? B: I majored in English and minored in Chinese. A: what was you G.P.A? B: I graduated with honors; I had a 3.9. A: do you plan to pursue further education? B: yes. I’d like to obtain a master’s degree in international relations. A: when do you think you will do that? B: after I have 3-4 years of word experience. A: I see. Intermediate A: hi, Melissa! How are you doing? B; I’m so stressed! I don’t know where to go to school and what to major in! A: don’t worry. You have plenty of time to decide. B: actually, I don’t. if I want to get grants and scholarships to help me pay for tuition, then I need to apply by Monday. A: oh, I see. Well, let me see if I can help you. What’s your favorite subject? B: I like English, math, art, and music. A: ok. Which one do you like the most? B; I guess I’d have to say English . I usually do pretty well in English classed, too. A: which subject do you get your highest grades in? B: actually, that would have to be math. A: ok, well. What kind of job do you want to get when you graduate? B; I don’t know. All I know is that I want to make lots of money! A: alright. So, is it more important to you to make money or to enjoy your work? b; in a perfect world, I would enjoy my word, not have to do much, and make lots of money! A: ok. Stop dreaming. Since you sound a bit unsure, I’d suggest taking bout math and English classes your first semester to see which you enjoy more. You can always change your mind. B; that’s a good idea. But what about deciding on where to go to college? A: why don’t we go take a tour of some of the universities around here this weekend? B; that sounds like a great idea, but to be honest, I’ve aly decide that I don’t want to go to school near home. A: oh? Why not? B; I need to broaden my horizons. That’s what you always say, right? A: yes, maybe one time too many. /200705/13588深圳开内眼角的费用

深圳治疗痘痘哪里好中级英语口语闪电速成[13] /200702/10645中国医学科学院肿瘤医院深圳医院韩式三点多少钱 I have just chaired another meeting of COBR, where we again discussed the callous and cowardly terrorist attack in Manchester last night, and the operational response from the security service, the police and other emergency services. It remains the case that, other than the terrorist himself, 22 people were killed in the attack. Fifty-nine people remain injured, and many of them have life-threatening conditions. As Greater Manchester Police confirmed earlier today, the perpetrator was Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22-year-old who was born and brought up in Britain. And as the emergency services have confirmed throughout the day, his victims were innocent children, young people and their families. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. I want to reiterate what I said this morning about the professionalism of the emergency services and the bravery of the people of Manchester. Through their actions, they proved that cowardice will always be defeated by bravery, that evil can be overcome by good, and that our values – the liberal, pluralistic values of Britain – will always prevail over the hateful ideology of the terrorists. In my statement earlier today, I said that the police and security services needed to investigate whether or not Abedi was acting alone. Those investigations continue. But the work undertaken throughout the day has revealed that it is a possibility we cannot ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack. This morning, I said that the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) – the independent organisation responsible for setting the threat level on the basis of the intelligence available – was keeping the threat level under constant review. It has now concluded, on the basis of todays investigations, that the threat level should be increased, for the time being, from severe to critical. This means that their assessment is not only that an attack remains highly likely, but that a further attack may be imminent.201706/512299深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院手臂脱毛怎么样

深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院激光去烫伤的疤好吗VOA流行美语 139: Mental/ProLarry到李华住的地方,去看她新领养的猫咪小雪球。今天李华会学到两个常用语:mental和pro.LL: Snowball is adorable! She's so little and fluffy!LH: 就是啊,我的猫咪小雪球是很可爱,可它也够疯的。你看看它把我的家具抓成什么样了!LL: Oh, don't worry. Your cat isn't mental. All cats love to scratch furniture. You just need to give her a scratching post to scratch instead.LH: 你是说有办法让小雪球不再抓我的家具?噢!谢天谢地。我明天马上去买你说的那种专门让猫抓的柱子。不然,我的家具都要完蛋了。对了,你刚才说小雪球不是mental,那是什么意思啊?LL: To be "mental" means to be crazy.LH: Mental就是发疯,疯狂的意思。所以你觉得小雪球很正常,一点也不疯啊?LL: She's just being a kitten. You need to get her a scratching post. She also might be doing this because she's lonely when you're gone.LH: Larry, 看不出来你对猫还有一套呢!你说小雪球太孤单了,才会到处抓,你该不是要我再领养一只猫和它做伴吧?你要真是那么想,那你可真的是mental,疯了!LL: Well, maybe you could adopt an older cat that's a little calmer.LH: 再领养一只大猫?你出什么馊主意呀!我绝对应付不了两只猫。那样,我会被逼疯的,成了mental。LL: Okay, well then try getting her something to scratch. You should cut her claws, too.LH: 对呀!我前天是要给小雪球剪指甲,可它像疯子一样,一直叫,一直抓我,最后还躲到床底下。LL: Hmmm....maybe you need some professional help. When you take her to the vet to get her shots, then the vet can help you cut her claws.LH: 我也希望兽医能帮忙。我真不知道怎么帮猫剪指甲。不过我怕小雪球到时候发疯抓人,连兽医都会受不了。LL: Don't worry, I'm sure the vet sees mental cats all day long.******LH: 小雪球现在好多了。我带它看过兽医,也找了几本有关养猫的书。我现在比较懂得怎么照顾它了。LL: See, you're aly becoming a pro. Pretty soon, you'll be able to handle a whole house full of cats.LH: 哎哟!一只猫已经够我头疼的了,一屋子的猫?甭提了!你刚才说我可以变成pro, 那又是什么意思?LL: Pro is short for "professional." If you say someone is a pro, it means that she is really good at something.LH: 原来,pro就是专业的意思。嗯,我还不敢说自己在这方面很专业啦!LL: That's understandable. You can't become a pro overnight. It takes time and practice.LH: 当然喽!要当专业人员可不是一天一夜的事,需要花很多时间来实践,积累经验。LL: Hey, I'm sure that Yao Ming got frustrated once in a while when he was training to become a pro basketball player.LH: 姚明在训练过程中还会烦恼? 他根本不用练球,他是一个“天生的”篮球好手!LL: Hey, even naturally talented people have to work hard to become a pro.LH: 嗯,我从小就梦想成为职业排球运动员。能够在沙滩上打排球一定是件很过瘾的事!LL: I'm sure it's not as much fun as it seems. Pro sports players have to work hard and they travel a lot. There's a lot of pressure on them to perform well.LH: 是没有象我们想像的那样好玩。训练是很辛苦的,还要到处旅行,压力好大。可是,这些职业选手能赚大钱。那些美式足球和篮球明星,年薪都上百万呢!LL: Don't you wish you'd get that much money for being a pro at caring for Snowball?LH: 唉!专业管理宠物有什么好处?唯一的报酬就是有一只快乐健康的猫!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是mental,是指发疯,疯狂的意思。另一个常用语pro是指专业人员。 /200602/3359 Drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents, and deaths from opioid overdoses have nearly quadrupled since 1999.现在药滥用每年比交通事故,夺去了更多人的生命。阿片类药物过量导致的死亡数量,已经是1999年的四倍。Under Obamacare, health plans in the Marketplace have to include coverage for treatment, but theres more we need to do.在奥巴马医疗法案下,市场上的医疗方案必须包括对治疗方案的覆盖,但还有很多我们需要去做的事情。For nearly a year, Ive been calling for this investment so hundreds of thousands of Americans can get the treatment they need,在近一年里,我们一直呼吁这样的投资,因此数十万人们获取了他们需要的治疗。and Im glad Congress is finally getting it done.我很高兴国会最终做到了。The second thing the Cures Act does is make a significant investment in Joe Bidens Cancer Moonshot.治愈法案做的第二件事情,是在乔·拜登癌症的登月计划上做出了重大投资。In my State of the Union Address this year, I set a goal of making America the country that ends cancer once and for all在今年我的国情咨文中,我们设定了目标让美国成为一劳永逸终结癌症的国家and I put the Vice President in charge of Mission Control.我让副总统负责这一指挥中心。This bill will allow us to invest in promising new therapies, in new ways to detect and prevent cancer,这一法案将允许我们投资于新的治疗方法,投资于检测和预防癌症的新方式,and to develop more vaccines for cancer just as we have them for measles or mumps.开发更多的癌症疫苗,就像我们有麻疹和腮腺炎的疫苗一样。Joes done an incredible job -- this bill is a chance for Congress to do its part, too.乔已经完成了不可思议的工作--这一法案让国会也有机会做出他们的努力。Third, well be giving researchers the resources they need to help identify ways to treat, cure, and prevent all kinds of brain disorders.第三,我将让研究者有他们需要的资源,来确定治疗方法,治愈,阻止各种类型的脑障碍。Alzheimers. Epilepsy. Traumatic Brain Injury.阿尔茨海默氏症,癫痫,颅脑损伤。And it also supports the Precision Medicine Initiative,这也持着精准医疗计划。这是我们开始的一项计划,an effort we started to bring doctors and data together to develop treatments and health care that one day can be tailored specifically for you.让医生们利用数据开发治疗方案,并终有一天打造出为你专门定制的医保方案。That can lead to some big breakthroughs.这能引领一些重大突破。201612/484307深圳南山医院整形深圳罗湖人民妇幼保健医院激光去斑多少钱



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