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1.They#39;re self-absorbed.1.他们自以为是Most cheaters tend to be narcissists or at least share many similar qualities.大多数出轨者往往是自恋狂或者至少有很多类似的品质。If your other half is self-absorbed and lacks empathy, then he or she is more likely to cheat as the attention and admiration they will get from a new love interest will be more important than your feelings and needs.如果你的另一半既自私又缺乏同情心,那么他或她很可能就会出轨,因为他们从新恋情中得到的关注和赞美比你的感受和需求更为重要。2.They#39;re insecure.2.他们没有安全感Insecurity is also a common trait of cheaters. Unfortunately their need to feel loved and have their other half#39;s constant attention can be what leads them to cheat.缺乏安全感也是出轨者的一个共同点。不幸的是,他们需要感受被爱,需要另一半给予持续的关心,这也将导致他们的出轨行为。They are scared that they are not good enough or that they will end up alone, which is why they will try and have a back-up plan.他们害怕自己不够好或者孤独终老,这也是他们尝试并计划一个备胎的原因。3.They are greedy.3.他们是贪婪的People who are more likely to cheat always seem to think that the grass is greener on the other side, which is why they might end up exploring other options in their attempt to #39;strike a better deal#39; for themselves.很可能去欺骗感情的人似乎总是这山望着那山高,这也是他们试图为自己找到一个更好恋情并可能最终试探其它可选对象的原因。4.They accuse you of cheating.4.他们总是指责你在出轨Because they have the urge to cheat, they will think you are the same and will get paranoid whenever you look at someone else or give someone a compliment.因为他们有出轨的冲动,他们认为你也一样并且无论何时你看别人或给别人赞美时总是会疑神疑鬼。What your man sees in you, can only be a reflection of his own thoughts, behaviours and actions. Honest, reliable men never doubt you, because they do not doubt themselves.你的他怎么看你,只能反映他自己的想法、行为和行动。老师说,可靠的男人从不怀疑你,因为他们不怀疑自己。5.They are flirts.5.他们爱调情Cheaters often flirt with everyone, even when you are together. This feeling desired can eventually lead them to cheat on you.甚至你们在一起时,出轨者也经常和别人调情。这种情感需求最终会导致他们对你不忠。6.They are deceptive.6.他们是虚伪的If you#39;ve caught them lying before, then you need to be careful as this indicates the extent of their moral code. Not all liars are cheaters but cheaters are always liars.如果你之前抓到过他们撒谎,那你现在就要小心了因为这表明了他们的道德准则的程度。不是所有说谎的人都是出轨者,但出轨者总是爱说谎。 /201703/495667Japanese anime film Your Name has aly been a huge success in its own country. And now it has become the country#39;s most successful film yet at the Chinese box office.日本动画电影《你的名字》早先就在日本就取得了十分可观的成绩。现在它成了中国票房史上最为成功的日本电影。Despite the lack of big-name Hollywood stars or expensive stunts, it has taken nearly million since its debut in early December.尽管没有大牌的好莱坞明星,也没有要价昂贵的特技演员,但是自12月初上映以来,这部电影就已经收获了近7800万美元的票房。So why is it doing so well? The B#39;s Ashleigh Nghiem takes a look.那么为何《你的名字》会取得这么好的成绩呢?英国广播公司的阿什莉·严对此进行了观察。It#39;s appealing to Chinese looking for escapism它吸引了逃避现实的中国人Written and directed by 43-year-old Makoto Shinkai, Your Name is a love story about two teenagers who swap bodies.由43岁的新海诚创作和导演的《你的名字》,讲述了两个互换身体的青少年之间的爱情故事。The dreamy drama involving young star-crossed lovers has captured the imagination of Chinese audiences.这部涉及了两个不幸年轻恋人的梦幻影片捕获了中国观众的想象力。For evidence, look no further than the reviews on the Chinese film rating site, maoyan.com - where reviews have averaged 9.3 out of 10.只需稍微看一下中国电影评级网站猫眼电影上的便可知晓——《你的名字》在满分为10分的评分中获得了9.3分。;The film was beautiful beyond words and every shot was like a painting,; one cinema goer Taylor wrote.“这步电影简直太唯美了,每一个镜头都像是一副画卷。”电影观众泰勒道。;Watching this film made me miss the springtime of my youth and that really touched me,; said one fan.“观看这部影片使我怀念自己的童年,真的太令我感动了。”一位粉丝说道。Timing is everything来得及时Film experts believe Your Name has struck a chord with young Chinese at just the right time.电影专家们认为,《你的名字》在正确的时候,拨动了中国年轻人的心弦。;It#39;s a love story targeted at the demographic with the most amount of disposable income, the so-called #39;Post 90s#39; generation which has been driving the box office boom,; said Jonathan Papish, film industry analyst for China Film Insider.“这部爱情故事的目标观众是持有最多可配收入的群体,也就是所谓的#39;90后#39;一代,他们使得这部电影的票房一路飙升。”《中国电影内幕》产业分析师乔纳森·帕比什说道。;It also fits well with the ACGN (Anime, Comic, Game, Novel) youth subculture that is growing in popularity in China,; Mr Papish added.帕比什补充说道:“《你的名字》也符合在中国越来越盛行的二次元(动漫、喜剧、游戏和小说)青年亚文化。” /201612/486058

Photoshopping wedding photos can lead to hilarious results, and this post is one of them. Someone uploaded a photo of a Beluga whale ;attending; a wedding ceremony and reddit#39;s troll army is at it again.用PS处理结婚照可能会变得十分滑稽,这个帖子就是一个例子。某人上传了一只白鲸“参加”婚礼的照片,而社交新闻网站Reddit上的“水军”又把目标对准了它。Apparently, newlywed couples nowadays quite frequently go to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut to get some photos in front of these huge creatures. However this particular one caught the internet#39;s attention because the whale looks really invested in the ceremony. From transforming the Beluga into the best man, to making the whale in charge of the ceremony - the trolls found quite a few reasons why he is attending.显然,新婚夫妇们如今经常会去康涅狄格州的神秘水族馆,在这些巨大生物前拍一些照片。然而,这张特别的照片吸引了网友们的注意,因为这只鲸看上去真的像在参加婚礼。从转变白鲸为伴郎,到由白鲸主持婚礼,这些恶搞的帖子找到了不少白鲸会参加婚礼的原因。 /201703/495373

A recent article titled ;Warning: blindness to breakout on a large scale within 3 to 5 years; stated that viewing high-frequency blue rays increases the risk of eye diseases.最近一篇名为《警惕:三五年后眼睛失明会大面积爆发!》的文章阐述了阅览高频蓝光内容会增加患眼疾的风险。However, experts have pointed out that only those exposed to the high frequency and energy for a long period of time will experience retina damage.不过,相关专家指出,只有那些长期暴露在高频和能量之下的人才会患上视网膜损伤。There is a major difference between the exposure reponsible for significant damage and that present in most people#39;s daily living environments.可以让人视网膜严重损伤的蓝光和目前大多数人日常生活环境中的蓝光有非常大的区别。Blue-ray is, to a certain extent, detrimental to people#39;s eyesight, but not all blue rays are harmful.从某种程度上来说,蓝光损害了人的视力,但是并不是说所有蓝光都是有害的。In daily life, blue rays are contained in, among other things, flat panel displays, fluorescent lights, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and phone screens.在日常生活中,包括平板显示器、荧光灯、液晶显示器和手机屏幕等都会产生蓝光。Liu Hongwei, associate research fellow at Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology, stressed that people have built-in protection mechanisms to defend against light damage. What#39;s more, the body#39;s antioxidant system can protect against damage from blue rays.北京市眼科研究所副研究员刘宏伟强调称,人身体内有固有的防御机制来抵御光损伤。此外,人体的抗氧化系统可以保护我们免受损伤。According to Liu, the key is simply to stay away from excessive and unnecessary exposure.据刘宏伟表示,最关键的就是要避免过度和不必要地暴露在蓝光下。Experts suggest that people pay special attention to light sources in their daily lives in order to limit exposure. Protective blue-ray glasses should be worn only under the guidance of a doctor.专家建议,人们在日常生活中要特别注意光源,减少暴露在光源之下。另一方面,人们需要在医生指导下佩戴合格的防蓝光眼镜。 /201612/4848441.Snapping # belfies(bottom selfies) on the weight room floor在健身房拍臀部自拍I’m sorry, I don’t care if you have the ass, you look ridiculous snapping pics of your own rear view in the weight room mirrors. No one actually stands or stretches like this -- belfie poses are absurd.抱歉,我不在乎你是否有翘臀,但是照着健身房的镜子拍自己的臀部照真的很可笑。没人真的像这样站立或伸展身体,臀部自拍真的很蠢。2.Grunting, howling, or roaring like an animal像动物一样发出喊声、咆哮或者吼叫There’s nothing wrong with emitting a few inadvertent grunts on the last couple reps of your bench press because you’re exerting yourself. But to the who grunt, howl, and roar before, during, and after throwing around a few questionably heavy dumbbells: you’re making a spectacle of yourselves in all the wrong ways.你在举重练习凳上举最后几下时无意中大喊几声无可厚非,因为你锻炼时要用力。但对于那些举起好像没那么重的哑铃之前、期间或之后大喊、咆哮或者吼叫的人来说,就是在用不恰当的行为使自己成为奇葩。3.Mansplaining男人式的说教And when you use your “knowledge” to get close to a woman, especially with that condescending tone? That’s skeevy.当你利用你的“知识”去接近一个女孩儿时,尤其是带着那种居高临下的口吻的话,真的很令人讨厌。4.Developing future douchebags培养未来的蠢材Dads, teaching your sons to properly lift weights is a valuable skill. Talk to a trainer about age-appropriate lifting methods before you take your Mini Me through your go-to gains program.爸爸们,教会你们的儿子正确的举重姿势是很实用的技巧。在你带小号的自己去锻炼之前跟教练商讨一下适合他们年龄的举重方法。5.Swinging weights举重时站不稳Don’t use your body’s momentum to lift the weight while performing traditional strength-training exercises. If you can’t use good form to complete a set, you have no business trying to lift the amount of weight you want everyone to notice you’re lifting.进行传统力量训练时不要利用身体的冲力举起杠铃。如果你不能姿势优美地举完一整套杠铃,那就没必要仅仅为了得大家的关注尝试举起过重的杠铃。6.Wearing a mansie着装不合适Weightlifting-style spandex onesies have no place in your wardrobe unless you are actually a competitive weightlifter. Also, wearing a cycling bib on an upright bike? Weird.除非你真是一个举重运动员,否则衣柜里不会有专业举重运动员穿的弹力纤维的连体衣。就像骑普通自行车时穿着一件骑行,看起来怪怪的。7.Leaving behind hairballs留下很多团头发Ladies, do what you want at home, but pick that shit up at the gym and walk the 2ft to the trashcan. It’s disgusting.美女们,在家怎么做在这儿就怎么做,在健身房里把头发都捡起来,走几步扔到垃圾桶里。弄得到处都是头发真的很恶心。8.Spraying deodorant like you#39;re trying to eradicate a mosquito population体香剂喷得太多好像你要消灭所有蚊子似的Surely as a grown man you can do better. This also applies to grown women.作为一个成年男人你能有更好的选择。这条也适用于成年女性。9.Drying anything other than hands with the hand dryer烘手机只用来烘手,还烘干别的东西Hair, feet -- that’s not what the HAND dryer is there for. Respect the fact that when you dry your nether regions under a shared locker-room hand dryer, everyone else is getting the worst kind of peep show.头发和脚不是烘手机的务对象。你要意识到一个事实,当你用公用更衣室里的烘手机烘干私处时,大家就好像在看你的下流表演。10.Loud talking大声说话No one else cares how your boyfriend’s mom disrespected you at last week’s family dinner. Seriously. By all means, talk, just take the volume down by a decibel or 10.没人在乎你男朋友的妈妈上周家庭聚餐时怎么不尊重你了,真的,你说话时一定要把音量降低1分贝或10分贝。11.Turning stretching into softcore porn伸展身体像色情表演Go ahead and get your stretch on in whatever weird, bendy poses your body needs, but don’t intentionally turn your cat-cow into an oversexualized softcore porn session as you make eyes at the hunk of muscle across the gym.你可以伸展身体,根据身体需要做出任何古怪、弯曲的姿势。但千万不要为了和健身房里的肌肉男眉目传情就把瑜伽动作做得过于让人浮想联翩。12.Leaving a trail of destruction behind you不要把健身房弄得像犯罪现场This is not your home, and your inability to pick up after yourself actually interferes with everyone else’s workouts.这里不是你自己家,你不讲卫生会给别人锻炼带来麻烦。13.Obsessing over intra-workout protein consumption过分注意锻炼时补充蛋白质Unless you’re engaging in extra-long, intense workouts, shaking up your protein powder after 15 minutes on the machines is completely unnecessary.除非你正在进行超长时间、高强度的锻炼,否则完全没必要在锻炼后15分钟就喝蛋白质粉。14.Locking a poo behind you大便之后厕所里臭气熏天Hey, sometimes shit happens. Do everyone a favor and leave the door open when you finish your business. Shutting the door prevents your stink from dissipating, and it’s the worst kind of surprise for the next person who opens that door.有时锻炼时会想大便。如厕之后就算是帮别人个忙,把门开着。关门的话臭味就散发不出去,对下一个开门的人来说这个味道绝对是个惊吓。15.Being the ;Ab Guy;自恋In every gym, there’s at least one Ab Guy or Gal making love to themselves in the mirrors. You may be beautiful on the outside, but you’re giving me serious doubts about your insides if you’re that obsessed with your own physique.每个健身房里至少有一个自恋的男孩或女孩,他们爱死了镜子里的自己。你可能外表很美,但如果你那么痴迷于自己的身材真的使我怀疑你心理不健康。16.Staying naked way longer than necessary裸体时间过长If you forget your towel in your locker and have to walk naked from one side of the locker room to the other before wrapping up, fine. But if you strip down as soon as you walk through those doors, and practice your physique poses in the mirrors, you need to take a serious look at your personal motives. Is the gym locker room really the place to do it? I think not.如果毛巾忘在储物柜里了,迫不得已光着身子穿过更衣室去裹浴巾,这无可厚非。但如果你一进门就脱光光,然后照着镜子练习各种健身姿势,你就要仔细考虑一下你的动机了。更衣室里适合做这些吗?我觉着不合适。17.Getting busy in the hot tub or pool在浴池或泳池里忙得不亦乐乎The gym’s wet areas are not your private foreplay spots. And just because the bubbles are on in the hot tub doesn’t mean you can get away with hand stuff. What is wrong with you?健身房里冲澡的区域不是你的私人暧昧场所。在浴池里身上有泡沫也不意味着你不会被发现。你是怎么了?18.Blasting your own music大声放自己的音乐Put on some headphones! I don’t know what world you live in that you think it’s acceptable to force everyone around you to listen to your playlist, but it’s not OK.找个耳机戴上吧!我不知道你生活在什么样的世界里,使你觉得迫使身边所有人听你喜欢的歌无所谓,但其实这并不合适。19.Hoarding and abandoning towels囤毛巾、随意丢弃毛巾If you’re lucky enough to work out at a facility that provides towel service, then 1) understand there’s an actual human being responsible for washing and folding all those towels, so don’t make their job harder by taking more towels than you actually need, and 2) don’t leave your towels behind you.如果你很幸运去了一家提供毛巾的健身房锻炼,那么第一你要明白每个人都有责任把毛巾洗干净叠好,不要多拿毛巾给务人员增加工作负担,其次不要随手乱扔毛巾。20.Using the sauna to ;warm up;把蒸桑拿当成“热身”Using it so you can get that “sweaty look” before your normal workout is just weird. Know what else will give you that “sweaty look”? Your actual workout. And you’re less likely to suffer dehydration.常规运动之前利用蒸桑拿达到“大汗淋漓”的目的是很怪异的行为。你知道有什么别的方法能使你看起来“大汗淋漓”吗?要真的去运动,这样做还能减小脱水的风险。21.Using the showers like they’re your own把淋浴当自家的用No mildly empathetic adult spends 30 minutes in the gym shower, especially when other people are waiting. If you can’t lather, rinse in less than 10 minutes (and I’m being generous here), then you probably shouldn’t be showering at the gym at all.没有一个设身处地为他人着想的人会在健身房里淋浴30分钟,尤其在还有其他人等候的情况下。如果你不能在10分钟内擦好香皂并冲洗干净的话(这个时间是很充裕的),那你就不该在健身房里洗澡了。 /201702/493739Any regrets?有追悔莫及的事吗?I could have been a lot more grumpy, negative, critical, hateful and cantankerous...我本可以脾气更坏,更消极,更挑剔,更可恶,更难相处的……Things you too seldom hear people say on their deathbed你很少能听到人们临终时说的事情 /201704/502828

China officially activated the world#39;s largest single-aperture telescope last Sunday.上周日,我国正式启用全球最大单口径射电望远镜。;It#39;s so huge in size and the technology we use in its driving device and reflecting surface have never been used before,; said Zhang Shuxin, deputy general manager of the Five-Hundred Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) project.500米口径球面射电望远镜(FAST)项目副总经理张蜀新表示:“该项目规模庞大,其驱动装置和反射面采用了此前未利用过的技术。”The telescope in Pingtang county, Guizhou, is 500 meters in diameter and equals the size of 30 soccer fields.位于贵州平塘县的FAST直径为500米,面积相当于30个足球场。;A paraboloid of 300 meters in diameter will be formed timely on the deflecting surface with the help of the driving device to receive signals,; Zhang said.张蜀新说:“借助驱动装置,反射面上将实时形成300米口径抛物面,以接收信号。”It will take three to five years to debug the facility and make sure it will work as designed, he added.他还补充说道,调试该设备将耗时3-5年,以确保其按设计初衷运作。Anthony Beasley, director of National Radio Astronomy Observatory of the ed States, said the FAST will bring Chinese astronomers to the fore.美国国家射电天文台主任安东尼·比斯利表示,FAST将使中国的天文学家们脱颖而出。Construction of the nearly 1.2 billion yuan (0 million) FAST project started in 2011, 17 years after it was proposed by Chinese astronomers.花费近12亿元(折合1亿8000万美元)建设的FAST项目,在中国天文学家提出17年之后,于2011年正式启动的。 /201609/469194

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