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Camping in cold weather doesnt have to mean being cold all day. Prepare the night before to get your body toasty fast in the morning.寒冷的天气在野外露营并不意味着一整天都非常寒冷。提前一晚做好准备,第二天早上让身体迅速温暖起来。Step 1 Set up early1.提前搭建Set up your sleeping area early so it can absorb heat during the day. You should bring a foam pad to sleep on, a sleeping bag designed for temperatures colder than you expect, and a tent that has proper ventilation to prevent condensation building up inside.提前搭建好睡觉的地方,这样你的帐篷可以在白天吸收一点热量。你应该携带一块泡沫垫,一个为低温天气设计的睡袋,通风效果良好的帐篷,防止帐篷内水汽凝结。Choose synthetic fibers for both your clothes and sleeping bag. Cotton traps moisture and is difficult to dry once it has gotten wet.衣和睡袋都选择合成纤维。棉质容易潮湿,一旦变湿很难干燥。Step 2 Eat and drink2.饮食和饮水Drink extra water and consume extra calories during winter backpacking. Food and water are necessary for your body to generate heat.冬季进行背包旅行时,多喝一点水,多吸收一点能量。水和食物对于身体产生热量是必须的。Step 3 Do pre-bed exercise3.睡前运动Do a few jumping jacks or run in place before getting into your sleeping bag. This will heat up your body, which in turn heats up the sleeping bag. Heat the bag; the bag heats you.进入睡袋之前跳跃几下或者原地跑动。这样可以让身体产生热量,从而让睡袋变暖。睡袋暖了,你的身体也暖了。Step 4 Sleep4.睡觉Put a warm, tightly sealed water bottle inside your sleeping bag at your feet to help hold in heat. Never sleep with your face inside the bag, as that will trap moisture. Instead, wear a hat and scarf to keep warm.在脚底放一个温暖的密封好的水瓶,锁住热量。脸部千万不要封在睡袋内,否则会锁住湿气。可以用帽子和围巾来保暖。Put tomorrows clothes in between your bag and your sleeping pad, and bring your boot insoles or socks into the sleeping bag,to warm them before morning.把第二天要穿的衣放在睡袋和泡沫垫之间,把鞋垫或袜子放在睡袋内,这样早上穿的时候就是暖的。Step 5 Layer up5.多层衣物Layer up your clothes in the morning. Your body temperature is at its lowest right when you wake up, so you will need these layers until you become more active.早上多穿几层衣。早上醒来的时候体温是最低的,所以你需要这些衣来保暖,直到身体活跃起来。Step 6 Eat6.吃早餐Eat a full but short meal in the morning. This could include oatmeal, hot chocolate, or anything that is warm. Eat quickly so you dont lose body heat sitting still.早餐要吃饱,但是时间要短。可以吃燕麦粥,热巧克力或者任何比较暖的食物。要吃快一点,这样就不会因为静坐而损失身体热量。Step 7 Get moving7.保持运动Get moving! The longer your body sits without activity, the longer it has to lose heat. So get out and get active.保持运动!身体静止不动的时间越长,损失的热量越多。所以外出活动一下。As of 2010, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the ed States was minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Prospect Creek,Alaska, on January 23, 1971.截止到2010年,美国记录到的最低温度是华氏零下80度,出现在1971年1月23日,阿拉斯加的景色谷。201301/223508深圳罗湖区人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱幸福可以被买到吗?作家本杰明·瓦伦斯以世界最贵的产品为例帮你找出。这些示例包括一瓶1947年白马庄园出产的葡萄酒,8盎司神户牛肉和传说中(臭名昭著的)印尼麝香貓咖啡。本杰明的评价将令你惊奇。 201212/212573盐田区点痣多少钱We look at our dogs and we see an intelligence,当我们观察 我们可以An ability to interact with us在他们身上发现所有其他的unlike any other domesticated animal.被驯化动物所不具备的智慧和能力But are dogs really that clever,那么是真的很聪明or are they just dumb animals taught还是只是一群只知道模仿人类行为to perform tricks that mimic human behaviour?的愚蠢动物呢I think shes very smart. She learns tricks fairly quickly.我认为她非常聪明 她学东西相当快If I am packing a suitcase, they will go and sit in如果我正在整理一只手提箱 他们会the suitcase because they走进这只箱子里趴着 因为他们know that suitcase is going to go somewhere.知道这只手提箱将要去某个地方When Im talking to him most of the time,大多数时候当我跟他说话时His little head usually jilts他的小脑袋总是若有所思的晃动着to the side as if he knows what Im saying.好像他了解我正在说的是什么I do talk to her and she picks up on what I say to her.于是我对她说话而她真的能听懂我说的内容I know it sounds stupid,我知道这听起来很蠢but I do have a conversation with my dog.但我真的会和我的交谈But how does the intelligence但比起动物王国的其他动物of a dog really compare in the animal kingdom?的真实智力又有多少呢New research is discovering新的研究发现that in certain ways, dogs may actually think在某些时候会真的思考more like us than any other animal,比起其他动物 包括黑猩猩including our nearest relative, the chimpanzee.的思考方式也是最接近人的201302/225073Don’t be blindsided! Know the most common signs that your lover is about to leave you.You Will NeedObservational skills Test question Step 1: Look for contempt(对方总是一副不耐烦的神情)Be on your guard if your lover suddenly seems annoyed by everything you say and do — especially if there’s nothing unusual going on in their life that would explain their irritability.Step 2: Ask them to make plans(当你提到规划你们的未来时,他总是敷衍了事)Try to make long-term plans with them. If they won’t commit to anything beyond the next few weeks, and their reasons for refusing to do so are vague, watch out.Step 3: Be wary of makeovers(对方开始非常关注自己的外在)Be wary if they take a renewed interest in their appearance. They may be primping for someone else — or simply sprucing themselves up in anticipation of putting themselves back on the market.Step 4: Size up the sex(在一起的时间变少)Size up the sex. A decrease in frequency and passion is normal for long-term couples, but if your partner is actively avoiding intimacy of any kind, they may be getting y to pull up stakes.Half-hearted hugs are a bad sign, especially if they involve back-patting; it may be their subconscious way of comforting you for the pain they’re about to inflict.Step 5: Track their comings and goings(对方突然变得很忙)Having trouble tracking their comings and goings? They’re no longer keeping you in the loop. Being unable to reach them for long periods of time, or their sudden “busyness” when you try to call or make plans, are other red flags.Step 6: The fighting stops(对方不在乎你的看法)Be suspicious if they’re no longer carping at you for things you do that used to drive them crazy. It could mean they just don’t care anymore, because you soon will no longer be their problem.In one survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would rather know the truth about the cause of their being dumped than be lied to.201004/101330深圳伊斯佑美容医院激光除皱多少钱

深圳第二人民医院做去疤手术多少钱深圳市北大做丰胸手术多少钱UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today ;Shoutout; goes out to Ms. Chapmans English class at Daniel J. Savage Middle School in Modesto, California.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了查普曼女士的英语课堂。Newtons first law, which says an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force, describes what concept?牛顿第一定律,说的是运动的物体在没有外力的作用下将会一直运动下去,描述的是什么概念?Is it inertia, gravity, acceleration or thermodynamics? Youve got three seconds, go!它是惯性,重力,加速度还是热力学?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Newtons first law of motion is sometimes known as a law of inertia. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;牛顿运动学第一定律有时被称为惯性定律。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: An everyday example of inertia: you are driving a car down the street, and another one stopped in front of you.日常生活中惯性的例子:你开车走下坡,另一个人站在你的面前。Your car will stay in motion unless an outside force stops it, so either a break or the other car.你的车将会一直运动直到外力让它静止,所以要么撞人要么撞车。Now, there is some new technology out that could help avoid the accident.现在,有一项新技术可以帮助避免事故。The National Transportation Safety Board says this new technology should be required on all vehicles.美国国家运输安全委员会说这项新技术将会要求被运用在所有汽车上。It could help prevent some accidents, it could also drive up the cost of a car.它可能会防止一些事故,它也可能会提高汽车的成本。 /201211/210285深圳市港大医院治疗腋臭多少钱c+L#_(,VZccAM;03];~^s]GHeYS CZcM*rVYLG29]Sr1D+Cs.1vZtDTLeMassage can be a wonderful way to relax and de-stress your muscles and joints. This provides some useful techniques for carrying out a lower leg and foot massage.、eisqrnMlV;k2%-3)]是放松和缓解你的肌肉和关节的一种奇妙的方式Mf^#w6a%g,P。这个视频将教给你一些有用进行小腿和足部的的技巧Ci1trEA^a,tuAQ#Ge9。wYet08W75[JrzcxwW[x[yJ+*n~dEDn;,-1B8I;I^kkFb3Anab3y1LDP*201205/183164深圳光明新区人民医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

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