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盐田区人民医院整形中心深圳哪个医院割眼袋好Ten years ago Bill was part of the team that identified10年前一个小组找到了对付端粒变短的物质a natural antidote to telomere shortening thats in our bodies.比尔也是那个研究小组的一员Its an enzyme called telomerase.它是一种酶 叫端粒酶It looked like hed found看起来他已经找到了the cause and a potential solution to ageing.衰老的原因以及可能的抵抗方法It had been believed for a long time我曾经深信不疑地认为that we aged because of telomere-shortening衰老是由于端粒变短造成的but there was no way to prove但除非我们能that unless we could stop the telomere-shortening,阻止端粒变短 不然就无法求and we did this by discovering the enzyme telomores发现端粒酶能阻止端粒变短 and putting it inside of cells and showing that in that把端粒酶放入细胞 在此情况下case the telomeres quit shortening and they stopped ageing.端粒停止变短 衰老也因此停止The cells that naturally produce产生端粒酶的细胞telomerase are our reproductive cells, and they never age.是我们的生殖细胞 它们从不变老But the body needs more of this enzyme.不过身体需要更多这种酶We want to find a drug that will get我们想要找到一种药inside of our cells and turn that telomores gene on能进入细胞内 开启制造端粒酶的基因so all the rest of our cells in our body dont age,让其余所有细胞都如生殖细胞一样just like our reproductive cells dont age.不会衰老201303/232457深圳北大医院去眼袋多少钱 America: Land of invention.美国,创新之地Hot dogs, jazz, the elevator, skyscrapers.热,爵士乐,电梯,天大楼俯拾皆是This is the story of the greatest innovation of all: the modern vertical city.本集讲述的是其中最伟大的创新:现代立体城市One world-famous icon has come to symbolize it.有个世界闻名的标志业已成为它的象征Amazingly, we very nearly didnt have it.令人惊讶的是,当初我们差点与它失之交臂Its 1885 and New York City has a big problem.1885年,纽约面临一个大问题A magnificent gift, but with some assembly required.收到一份豪礼但需自己组装Scattered across Bedloes Island这礼物散放在纽约港in New York Harbor in 214 crates.贝德罗岛的214个板条箱中They contain the largest statue in the Western world.箱中装的是西方世界有史以来最大的雕像Its been donated by the people of France to celebrate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence.这是法国人民捐赠给美国的礼物以此庆祝美国独立宣言发表100周年Built in Paris, broken down into 350 massive pieces for the journey to America.这座雕像建于巴黎,为了便于运送到美国,它被拆成了350个巨大的组件Thats the problem.这就是问题所在The cost of reassembling it would be astronomical-- money New York does not have.把它重新组装起来将耗资巨大,纽约承受不起At least six other US cities are jockeying to give it a home.至少有6个其他的美国城市则恨不得把它弄到手New York City is in danger of losing the Statue of Liberty.纽约很有可能失去自由女神像Not if this man can help it.但这个人不会坐视不管Joseph Pulitzer, tenacious newspaper magnate,immigrant, self-made man.约瑟夫·普利策,坚韧不拔的报业大亨,白手起家的移民He owns the biggest paper in the US, ;The New York World.;他拥有美国最大的报纸 《纽约世界报》And hes determined to keep Liberty in New York Harbor.他下定决心要把自由女神像留在纽约港Through his chain of newspapers, Pulitzer launches the biggest fund-raising campaign ever seen in North America.通过他的报业集团,普利策发起了北美有史以来最大的募捐活动It would be an irrevocable disgrace to New York City and the American republic to have France send us this splendid gift without our having provided even so much as a landing place for it.这对纽约市和美国公众都将是难以磨灭的耻辱,法国送给我们这样一份豪礼而我们却连区区容身之所都没法为它提供We must raise the money!我们必须筹钱More than a million people Pulitzers papers every day.每天有一百多万人阅读普利策的报纸;Enclosed, please find 25 cents, is my contribution to...;;It contains my little savings...;里面的25分钱是我给雕像的捐款 这些是我微薄的积蓄;... I resolved to send you the contents of the first jackpot.You will find enclosed .;我决定把我首次中的票钱捐出来,里面是4美元;The money we saved to go to the circus with.;这钱本来是我们存起来看马戏用的Donations flood in from all across the country, rich and poor, East and West.捐款从全国各地源源不断地涌来,捐款者不论贫富,不分地域Pennies and nickels, fives and tens,even thousands of dollars.捐款少则一美分,五美分多则五美元、十美元甚至几千美元In all, a staggering 121,000 donations...汇成了一个惊人的数字,十二万一千美元more than enough to keep this iconic statue in New York.把这座雕像留在纽约绰绰有余 /201212/211775家里有两个小宝贝还真是一件有乐趣的事儿呢!视频中的大宝宝被自己不小心抓伤了,看他怎么对自个儿发飙吧,表情是重点!What's the matter?怎么啦?Did she scratch you by mistake?她是不是不小心抓到你啦?no no no no...哦不不不不不不……Ok, she got it!好啦,她懂了!No scratch...不要抓你嘛……It's ok. Can I kiss it back?好了好了,让我亲亲吧?(指爸爸要亲亲小baby被抓到的地方)Can I kiss it...我能亲不?Nothing you can do to make this better.看起来是没辙了。Come here let me kiss it.过来,让我亲亲嘛。I'm gonna put the socks back on these little feet.让我把袜子套在这双小脚上。深圳港大医院冰点脱毛多少钱

深圳哪里有激光脱毛的Here just 20 years earlier, the Donner Party became trapped in the snow and ate each other.就在仅仅20年前,唐纳一行受困于暴风雪之中,最后只得食人Now Judahs railroad cuts right through the mountain,1649 feet of rock must be excavated,the longest tunnel on the route.由于犹大的铁路直接贯穿山脉,需要挖掘1649英尺深的石头才能成就这条线路上最长的隧道Chinese laborers dig day and night.中国工人夜以继日地开凿Its easier to ship workers from China than to get Americans across the continent.从中国运来劳工比在美国大陆招募工人容易得多The railroad magnets said,;The Chinese built a g great wall, didnt they?铁路大王说,中国人建造了长城,不是吗?Lets bring the Chinese in to do this work.;那我们就招募中国人来施工Over 10,000 Chinese laborers earn less and do the deadliest jobs.超过10000名中国工人在最凶险的环境中工作,工资反而更少The transcontinental railroad was built by Chinese workers brought over specifically to work on the railroad,这条横贯大陆的铁路是中国工人修建的,他们被专门引进来建这条铁路,and they were considered somewhere in between human and animal.他们的待遇,可以说是比牲口好不到哪去They were not expected to survive.没人指望他们能够生还They were expected to come here and work and die.他们的命运就是死在工地上7,000 miles from home,17-year-old Hung Leiwo swaps a life in poverty in Canton for a back-breaking work on the railroad gang.背井离乡7000英里对于17岁的洪雷沃来说,他在广东捉襟见肘的生活变成修建工地上每日筋疲力竭的工作Hung Leiwo must cut through granite so tough,a rock the size of a big toe will support 50 tons of locomotive.洪雷沃必须使出全力来开凿岩石才能使大脚趾般大的石头,足以承受重达50吨的火车头Progress slows to inches a day.工程的进展变得异常缓慢To breakthrough, they need nitroglycerin,but transporting it is banned when 15 men are blown to pieces.想要有所突破就得用炸药,但是运输炸药是违禁的 因为它的威力能把15个人炸得血肉横飞In a mobile lab,Scottish chemist James Houghton mixes it on the spot.在一个移动实验室中,苏格兰化学家詹姆斯·霍顿,现场配制炸药Nitroglycerin is 13 times more powerful than gun powder.炸药的威力是普通火药的13倍多So unstable. Any physical shock, and it will explode in his hand.但它非常不稳定,任何震动,都可能导致它当场爆炸Houghton gets hazard pay.霍顿的工作高风险高回报,000 a month in modern money.每月收入相当于现在的4000美元After three months in the mountains, he turns to drink,leaving the nitro to Chinese men like Hung Leiwo,在山里面待了三个月后他开始酗酒,把配制炸药的工作扔给洪雷沃这样的中国人Irish crews wont touch it.爱尔兰工人则避之不及Detonation creates temperatures of 9,000 degrees.Its hot as the surface of the sun.爆炸会使温度飙升至9000华氏度和太阳表面温度一样高 /201211/209402深圳伊斯佑美容医院瘦腿针多少钱 How To Become A ModelWhether it's strutting down a catwalk or glamming it up for a photo shoot, the world of modelling has an undeniable appeal. But do you have the physical requirements, as well as the perseverance, to become a model in the hugely competitive fashion industry? We spoke to a number of experts to find out more.Step 1: Getting spotted(被星探发现)The larger agencies have teams of spotters who look out for new faces. Good places to hang out if you want to be spotted include fashion shows or any sort of fashion-related event.Step 2: Getting an agent(联系中介)If you want to approach an agency directly, send them two photos of you, ideally one of your face, and one of your body in a bikini. These do not need to be professional photos. They an just be normal snapshots, ideally taken without makeup on. If the agency decide to take you on, they will create a professional portfolio for you. Agencies like models to start your - they would consider fifteen a good age to get into an agency.Step 3: Physical requirements(身体要求)Be realistic. Mainstream fashion models need to be tall and slim, at least 5'8 or 5'9. A size 8 figure is considered a good size for a model. Ideally you should also have good, clear skin.Step 4: The right attitude(端正态度)Modelling is very hard work. It involves lots of long days, early starts, and long periods of just waiting around. You also need lots of perseverance, as you will probably have to deal with many rejections.201105/138078光明新区激光点痣多少钱

深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院祛疤多少钱2Y,YpEFD+[L#F;_Nkyb_z0wWtgnIn a mountain in Henan, there is a cave that seems to defy the regular rhythms of the seasons. It is icy cold in the summer but warm in the winter. Experts believe there is a physical or chemical cooling mechanism under the ground. The wind brings up cold air, allowing ice to form. But there is no wind at all in winter. That is why the ice melts in winter.5mhx#h7aMo~J6.1FgX在河南,一个山洞似乎无视着自然规季节的法则;H@0X_sApEAovkNa+。它夏天冰冷,冬天温暖(2LLW1pMF+rc_iBv。专家认为在地上有一个物理或化学制冷机制YSq]R7T+Ni]i.N|。风带来了冷空气使冰形成G3%D49M.6S9WW%FQf。但是在冬天没有风lQW-c!kPU97fu~!)Yro。这就是为什么冰在冬天融化IX4@1*;LAyD~H!.op。1dQw)@7PH5EI词语解释:;ZYkku[vlRTYHAA1. rhythm n. 节奏;韵律2. physical a. 物理的EpYf58QV@6c.]rnd~Z~lhzVbM%s.g%#wFneYb87-b9JAQ201111/162318 来自韩国的亚洲小天王Rain的“个人演唱会”前晚在香港的亚洲览馆举行。舞台上运用了高科技光影技术,在两道缓缓打开的“时光之门”中,Rain伴随着闪耀的火花缓缓现身,台下歌迷尖叫声不绝于耳。 Korean heartthrob 'Rain' performed a solo concert called the "Legend of Rainism" at the Asia World Expo Arena on Saturday. Thousands of Rain's fans gathered to see their idol at the prime venue.During the concert, the singer performed "Billie Jean" as a tribute to the late 'King of Pop,' Michael Jackson.Rain's latest concert tour kicked off in Tokyo in August. He will perform in Seoul at the Gymnastics stadium at Olympic Park on the 9th and 10th of December.Rain plays the lead character in the film "Ninja Assassin", and he will be promoting the film on his world tour.The singer has released five albums included "Rainism" in 2008, "Rain's World" in 2006 and "It's Raining" in 2004. All sold successfully in Asia.After two nights in Hong Kong, Rain will perform in Jakarta, Shanghai, and Las Vegas.12/91032福田区隆胸医院哪家比较好宝安区做双眼皮埋线多少钱



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