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深圳治疗青春痘哪里好深圳割双眼皮推荐医院Samsung Electronics on Saturday urged consumers to stop using Galaxy Note 7 smartphones immediately and exchange them as soon as possible, as more reports of the phones catching fire emerged even after the company#39;s global recall.因全球召回之后手机着火的举报也只增不减,三星电子于上周六发布消息,敦促消费者立即停用并尽快更换Galaxy Note 7手机。The call from the South Korean company, the world#39;s largest smartphone maker, comes after US authorities urged consumers to switch the Galaxy Note 7 off and not to use or charge it during a flight. 这家韩国公司是全球最大的智能手机制造商。 在此消息发布之前,美国官方已强烈要求用户切断Galaxy Note 7手机电源,不要在飞机上使用或充电。Several airlines around the world asked travelers not switch on the jumbo smartphone or put it in checked baggage, with some carriers banning the phone on flights.世界各地的几家航空公司也要求乘客不要开机、不要将手机放于托运行李中。一些运输公司也禁止空运该手机。In a statement posted on its website, Samsung asked users around the world to ;immediately; return their existing Galaxy Note 7 and get a replacement. 三星集团在其官网发布声明,要求全球用户立即返回其现有的Galaxy Note 7手机,使用别的替代机型。;We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note 7s and exchange them as soon as possible,; Koh Dong-jin, Samsung#39;s mobile president, said in the statement. 我们正请求用户切断手机电源,尽快更换手机,三星移动业务总裁高东真在声明中说道。;We are expediting replacement devices so that they can be provided through the exchange program as conveniently as possible.;公司在加快提供替换手机,已使顾客能够尽可能方便地通过换机项目有机可用。Consumers can visit Samsung#39;s service centers to receive rental phones for temporary use. 消费者可以到三星务中心拿租赁手机做临时之用。Samsung plans to provide Galaxy Note 7 devices with new batteries in South Korea starting Sept. 19, but schedules for other countries vary.三星计划9月19号开始为韩国国内的Galaxy Note 7配备新电池,其它国家的日期不一。Earlier this month, Samsung announced an unprecedented recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s worldwide just two weeks after the phone was launched. 本月初时,三星发布了有史以来最大规模的手机召回声明,仅在手机发布两周后要召回全球250万台Galaxy Note 7。That move came after Samsung#39;s investigation into reports of fires found that rechargeable lithium batteries manufactured by one of its suppliers were at fault.事起于公司对起火的调查发现,其供应商之一生产的可充电锂电池存在问题。The US was among the first countries to take a step following the recall. 美国是首先响应召回的国家之一。Late Friday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission urged owners of the phone to turn them off and leave them off. 上周五,美国消费产品安全委员会催促该手机用户关机停用手机。It also said it was working with Samsung and hoped to have an official recall ;as soon as possible.;该委员会还表示其正在配合三星行动,希望三星尽快发布正式召回令。The recall by the safety commission will allow the US Federal Aviation Administration to ban passengers from carrying the phones on planes. 安全委员会发布的召回令将允许美国联邦航空委员会(FAA)禁止乘客携带该手机登机。The FAA aly warned airline passengers late Thursday not to turn on or charge the Galaxy Note 7 during flights and not to put the smartphone in their checked bags.FAA已于上周四向乘客发出警告,禁止在飞行途中开机或充电,勿将该手机放入托运箱中。Scandinavian Airlines said Saturday that it has prohibited passengers from using the Galaxy Note 7 on its flights because of concerns about fires. 北欧航空在周六表示由于着火隐患,已禁止乘客在其航班上使用Galaxy Note 7。Singapore Airlines has also banned the use or charging of the device during flights.新加坡航空公司也已禁止在飞机上使用手机或充电。Samsung said it had confirmed 35 cases of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire as of Sept. 1, most of them occurring while the battery was being charged.三星表示截至9月1号,已确认35起Galaxy Note 7着火事件,其中多数在充电时发生。There are at least two more cases that Samsung said it is aware of — one at a hotel in Perth, Australia, and another in St. 此外至少还有两起事件三星表示知晓——一起发生在澳大利亚珀斯,另一起在美国佛罗里达州彼得堡市。Petersburg, Florida, where a family reported that a Galaxy Note 7 left charging in their Jeep had caught fire, destroying the vehicle.彼得堡的一户家庭举报说,他们把Galaxy Note 7留在吉普车内充电,结果手机起火,车也烧了。Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 on Aug. 19 The Galaxy Note series is one of the most expensive lineups made by Samsung.三星于8月19号发布Galaxy Note 7,Galaxy Note系列是三星旗下最为昂贵的系列产品之一。 /201609/466830广东深圳保妥适多少钱 Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians As a child's IQ rises, his taste for meat in adulthood declines, a new study suggests.British researchers have found that children's IQ predicts their likelihood of becoming vegetarians(1) as young adults -- lowering their risk for cardiovascular(2) disease in the process. The finding could explain the link between smarts and better health, the investigators say."Brighter people tend to have healthier dietary(3) habits," concluded lead author Catharine Gale, a senior research fellow at the MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre.Recent studies suggest that vegetarianism may be associated with lower cholesterol(4), reduced risk of obesity and heart disease. This might explain why children with high IQs tend to have a lower risk of heart disease in later life."We know from other studies that brighter children tend to behave in a healthier fashion as adults -- they're less likely to smoke, less likely to be overweight, less likely to have high blood pressure and more likely to take strenuous(5) exercise," Gale said. "This study provides further evidence that people with a higher IQ tend to have a healthier lifestyle."In the study, Gale's team collected data on nearly 8,200 men and women aged 30, whose IQ had been tested when they were 10 years of age."Children who scored higher on IQ tests at age 10 were more likely than those who got lower scores to report that they were vegetarian at the age of 30," Gale said.The researchers found that 4.5 percent of participants were vegetarians. Of these, 2.5 percent were vegan(6), and 33.6 percent said they were vegetarian but also ate fish or chicken.There was no difference in IQ score between strict vegetarians and those who said they were vegetarian but who said they ate fish or chicken, the researchers add.Vegetarians were more likely to be female, of higher social class and better educated, but IQ was still a significant predictor of being vegetarian after adjustment for these factors, Gale said. 英国研究人员发现小孩智商可以预示成年后变成素食者的可能性,也就是降低心血管疾病的几率。研究人员说此项研究能够解释为什么聪明的人会更健康。流行病信息中心高级研究员、本研究主要作者Catharine Gale说:“聪明的人一般选择较健康的饮食习惯。”最近的研究显示素食有利于降低胆固醇吸收、减少肥胖和心脏病几率。这也是为什么高智商的孩子在晚年不容易患心脏病的原因。Gale说:“我们从其它研究中发现,聪明的孩子会和成年人一样跟随健康的流行趋势,他们更不容易吸烟、更不容易肥胖、更不容易血压高、却参与更多的锻炼。本研究将提供更多的据明智商高的人拥有更健康的生活方式。”Gale和同事们搜集了近8200个30岁男女的资料,其中包括他们10岁时的智商记录。Gale说:“十岁时候智商较高的小孩在三十的时候更容易成为素食主义者。”研究人员发现4.5%的受测者为素食者。其中2.5%为严格素食主义者,33.6%称自己是素食者,但是吃鱼和鸡。研究人员说这二者的智商并没有差距。Gale说,社会高层次受过良好教育的女性更容易成为素食者,但是智商也是重要因素之一。 /200805/38135港大深圳医院激光去胎记多少钱

深圳激光洗纹身价格Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was thrown into turmoil by the leak of emails documenting dirty tactics by the Democratic party leadership. Suggestion of attempts to rig the primary contest in her favour is not merely embarrassing; it is bound to anger supporters of her defeated rival, Bernie Sanders, and deepen the party’s divisions. But this should not be a source of satisfaction for Republicans. They should be equally alarmed by the possibility that the leak came from Moscow — marking a serious escalation in the long term trend of Russian aggression in cyber space.记录美国民主党领导层“肮脏勾当”的电子邮件的泄露,让希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的竞选陷入了混乱。试图操纵初选、使之有利于希拉里的迹象不仅令人难堪,还一定会惹怒已被希拉里击败的对手伯尼#8226;桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)的持者,进一步加剧民主党的分裂。但美国共和党不应因此而窃喜。后者同样应该对下面这种可能性感到警惕,即此次泄密有可能是莫斯科方面所为——标志着俄罗斯网络空间攻击行为的长期趋势出现重大升级。It is extremely difficult to pin down the source of a hacking attack — especially given the Kremlin’s tendency to outsource such work to criminal groups or pro-government organisations. However, cyber security firms have set out credible evidence to identify the groups responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee’s network — best known as APT 28 and APT 29. They say that the techniques these groups use, the timezone in which they operate and their previous targets — including the White House and US State Department, eastern European governments and Nato — suggest close links to the Kremlin or Russian security services.确定黑客攻击的来源极为困难——尤其是考虑到克里姆林宫倾向将此类工作外包给犯罪团伙或亲政府的组织。然而,网络安全公司已展示了可靠据,确认了侵入美国民主党全国委员会(DNC)计算机网络的组织——人们最熟悉的名字是APT 28和APT 29。网安公司表示,这些组织使用的技术、活动的时区以及先前的目标(包括白宫、美国国务院、东欧各国政府及北约(NATO))表明,它们与克里姆林宫或俄罗斯安全机构之间存在密切联系。It would hardly be a new development for Moscow to adopt such tactics. As far back as 2007, Estonia suffered crippling attacks on the websites of its banks, government and telecoms networks. Georgian state websites were targeted shortly before the outbreak of war in 2008. Of course, many other governments, the US foremost among them, employ similar methods to gather intelligence and counter security threats.莫斯科采用此类手段并不新鲜。早在2007年,爱沙尼亚国内的、政府及电信网络就遭受过致命攻击。2008年,俄格战争爆发前不久,格鲁吉亚政府网站也曾是攻击目标。当然,许多其他国家的政府(尤其是美国)也采用类似方法收集情报、应对安全威胁。What is worrying is that Russia is increasingly apt to use its intelligence findings to influence events on the ground. Cold war techniques of bugging and blackmail have new and dangerous possibilities in the era of social media and WikiLeaks. Moscow is combining old-fashioned tradecraft with a willingness to wage wars of disinformation, seeking to muddy the waters and undermine people’s faith in their own country’s institutions and authorities.令人担忧的是,俄罗斯越来越善于利用搜集到的情报对现实中的事件施加影响。在社交媒体和维基解密(WikiLeaks)的时代,冷战时期的窃听及敲诈技术有了新的、危险的可能性。莫斯科正在将老式的谍报技术与发动虚假情报战的意愿结合起来,试图把水搅浑,破坏人们对自己国家机构和当局的信任。This was true in Ukraine, where hackers attempted to corrupt the results of the 2014 elections. It was apparent in Syria, where Russia waged a systematic cyber campaign against opposition groups and NGOs, seeking to influence the flow of information and hide the extent of its military operations. If it is true that Moscow is behind the leak of the DNC’s emails, this represents a far more brazen and audacious attempt to strike at the heart of the US democratic process.乌克兰就领教过这种策略,当时黑客试图搞乱2014年大选的结果。这种策略在叙利亚也很明显,俄罗斯在该国针对反对派组织和非政府组织进行了系统性的网络攻击,试图左右信息传播、掩盖其军事行动的规模。如果莫斯科真是此次DNC电邮泄露事件的幕后主使,这代表了俄罗斯在打击美国民主进程核心方面更加厚颜无耻和大胆的尝试。This is an especially dangerous development at a time when there are so many cleavages in western society that can be exploited. Yet it is very hard to identify an effective response.在西方社会存在如此多可被利用的裂隙之际,此事件是一个尤其危险的苗头。然而,要找到有效的应对之策非常困难。The US government can hardly protest about a leak that demonstrates Democratic failings. More generally, it is very difficult to put up effective technical defences against such attacks. As for diplomacy, the US has had some success — it struck a deal with China to refrain from cyber espionage that has at least helped. However, this was possible because Beijing was unwilling to be shown up and anxious to preserve its commercial interests. The US has no such leverage over Vladimir Putin. Sanctions against Russia are aly in place. As for deterrence, there is only so far rhetoric can go.美国政府几乎不可能去抗议一起揭露民主党阴私的爆料。总体而言,很难针对此类攻击行为建立有效的技术防御。至于外交方面,美国取得了一些成功——与中国达成的不进行网络间谍活动的协议至少有所帮助。然而,中美之所以能达成协议,是因为北京方面不愿意被揭穿,而且急于要保护自己的商业利益。但美国对弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)没有这样的筹码。对俄罗斯的制裁早已就位。至于威慑,打打嘴仗的效果始终有限。The immediate effect of the leak may be to damage Mrs Clinton’s campaign. But this is no cause for Donald Trump to celebrate. It is rather a reminder that this is no time for the US to weaken its commitment to transatlantic security.此次电邮泄露的直接影响可能是破坏希拉里的竞选。但这不应成为唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)庆祝的理由。这一件事反倒提醒我们,眼下美国绝不能削弱对跨大西洋安全的承诺。 /201607/456962深圳最好的腋臭医院 Family 美国家庭 "Please pass the turkey and dressing." What does this simple request make you think about? If you are an American, you think about Thanksgiving. A turkey dinner symbolizes Thanksgiving for Americans. What does Thanksgiving remind Americans of? Their families. Thanksgiving is a family time. On this holiday, families gather to gobble up the gobbler and stuff themselves with stuffing. Family members enjoy watching parades and football games on TV and just being together. What does "family" mean to Americans? 「请将火鸡与配料递给我。」这个简单的请求令你想起什么?如果你是美国人,你会想到感恩节。对美国人而言,火鸡大餐象征感恩节。感恩节提醒了美国人哪些事情呢?--他们的家人。感恩节是家人聚集的时间,在这个节日,家人聚在一起对着火鸡以及鸡腹中的调味材料大快朵颐;家人享受一起看游行、看足球比赛的电视转播以及同聚的时光。到底家庭对于美国人的意义是什么? The traditional American family is a "nuclear family." A nuclear family refers to a husband and wife and their children. The average American family today has two or three children (and maybe a few pets). In some cultures, people live close to their extended family. Several generations may even live together. In America, only in a few cases does more than one household live under one roof. 传统的美国家庭被称为「核心家庭」。核心家庭包含了先生、太太和小孩子,今日美国的一般家庭有二个或三个小孩(或者再加上几只宠物)。在一些文化里,大家庭住在一起,甚至好几代的人同住。在美国,只有极少的情况下才会有超过一个家庭同住一个屋檐下。 American values receive a warm welcome in the home. Many homes are run like a democracy. Each family member can have a say. A sense of equality often exists in American homes. Instead of fearing Mom and Dad, children may think of them as good friends. Husbands and wives often share household chores. In many cases, a child can enjoy privacy in his or her own bedroom. From an early age, children gain responsibility in handling money. They may receive a weekly allowance or even work part-time jobs. Often parents give children freedom to make their own decisions. Preschoolers choose what clothes to wear or which toys to buy. Young adults generally make their own choices about what career to pursue and whom to marry. 美国人看重对家人回家时热诚的欢迎。许多家庭用民主政治般的方式来治理,家中每个人都有发言权利,公平观念广泛存在于美国的家庭当中;除了敬畏之情外,孩子们也将父母亲当成好朋友,夫妇经常彼此共同分担家务;许多家庭的孩子在自己的卧室内享有隐私权;孩子们在很小的时候便有理财的责任,他们可能每个礼拜会有零用钱或是出去打工;父母亲常会给孩子们自己做决定的自由,学龄前的孩子可以自己选择穿什衣或买什么玩具,青年人则可自由选择职业及结婚的对象。 Families in America, like those in every culture, face many problems. Social pressures are breaking apart more and more American homes. Over half of U.S. marriages now end in divorce. More than one in four American children are growing up in single-parent homes. As a result, many people believe the American family is in trouble. 正如许多其它文化一样,美国的家庭也面对许多问题。社会的压力正将愈来愈多的美国家庭解体。现在,超过半数以上的婚姻在美国是以离婚做结束;每四个小孩中就有超过一位是由单亲养育长大的,它的结果是造成了许多人相信美国家庭有麻烦了。 Even so, there is still reason for hope. Many organizations are working hard to strengthen families. Americans almost unanimously believe that the family is one of the most important parts of life. The vast majority also feel that the traditional two-parent family is best for children. They realize that problems in family life in recent years have brought about serious consequences. As a result, more and more people are making their family a priority. Many women are quitting their jobs to stay home with their children. Families are going on vacations and outings together. Husbands and wives are making a concentrated effort to keep their marriages solid. 即使如此,还是有盼望。许多机构正努力巩固家庭。几乎所有的美国人都相信家庭是生命中最重要的一部份。大多数人也认为传统双亲式的家庭对小孩子是最好的。他们明白近来家庭生活的问题,已带来了许多严重的结果。所以,愈来愈多的人将家庭视为第一优先。许多妇女辞去工作在家陪孩子。全家人一起渡假或出去玩,丈夫与妻子一起集中心力使婚姻稳固。 The ed Nations has declared 1994 the "International Year of the Family." Not just in America, but all over the world, people recognize the importance of strong families. How do you strengthen the family bond? Do special things for each other. Talk to each other. Play together. Spend time together. Oh, and one more thing: be thankful for each other. If you have a family, every day should be Thanksgiving. 联合国已宣布一九九四年为国际家庭年。不止是在美国,全世界的人都明白一个稳固的家庭的重要性。你如何坚固你的家庭呢?为彼此做些特别的事情,一起聊天,一起玩,花时间在一起。喔!还有一件事情:对彼此怀着感恩之心,如果你有家庭,每天都应是感恩节。 /200803/32925福田区做眼袋手术多少钱

深圳南山医院纹眉毛多少钱 Bill Gates has opened a personal account on the popular Chinese social media platform WeChat, greeting Chinese fans in clumsy Chinese in his first post dated.近日,比尔·盖茨开通了自己的微信账号,并在发布的第一份推文中用稍显生涩的中文向中国粉丝们问好。His first foray on the platform was a 30-second clip. After sending greetings in Chinese, Gates switched to English, saying said this account is his personal blog where he can share the stories of people he meets, the books he#39;s , and the lessons he#39;s learned.比尔·盖茨在微信上的第一条状态是一段30秒的视频。在用中文问候之后,盖茨转换成了英语,称该微信号是他的个人公众号,他会在上面分享他见过的人、读过的书和学到的功课。He will also post content ranging from global health issues to energetic innovation, and from educational reform to his ing notes.他还会发送包括全球健康、能源创新、教育改革和读书笔记等在内的其他内容。The Gates account is one of the many that Western celebrities are using to tap into the massive Chinese social media market to better engage with Chinese followers and potential customers.许多西方名人都在开发中国巨大的社交媒体市场,而盖茨也是其中之一,这样他们就可以更好地与中国粉丝和潜在的客户互动。Physicist Stephen Hawking and Apple CEO Tim Cook both have Sina Weibo accounts, with more than 4 million and 890,000 followers respectively. Gates also has a Weibo account that was registered in September 2010 which now has 3 million followers.物理学家史蒂芬·霍金和苹果CEO蒂姆·库克都有新浪微号,粉丝分别达到了40089万。盖茨也有一个新浪微号,于2010年9月份注册,现在拥有300万粉丝。Chinese Net users were surprised to see Gates unveiling a personal account. One, nicknamed ;maozhebuyongsheng; says he felt much closer to a millionaire now.中国网民们对盖茨注册一个个人账户感到很惊讶。网友“maozhebuyongsheng”表示,他感觉自己和一位百万富翁的距离更近了。Featured in many inspirational Chinese ;chicken soup; ings, Gates has been a source of motivation for many young generations in China. Net user ;youshixiyuan; posted he will only drink ;chicken soup; from Gates in the future.盖茨经常出现在中国的“鸡汤”文里,也一直是鼓励中国年轻一代不断进取的源动力。网友“youshixiyuan”发文称,他以后只喝盖茨的“鸡汤”。Others joked that perhaps Gates would take advantage of popular WeChat features used to borrow or lend money, or would even send Lucky Money packets to Chinese users.其他人则开玩笑说,盖茨也许会用到微信放贷借款的功能,甚至还会给中国网友们发红包。 /201702/493959深圳大学第一附属医院口腔美容中心北京大学深圳医院修眉手术多少钱



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