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宝安区背部脱毛深圳宝安人民妇幼保健医院做隆鼻手术多少钱深圳坪山去脂融脂蝴蝶袖蝴蝶臂哪家便宜价格 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday after meeting in Rome with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, ;I think its an important step here to normalize relations.;以色列总理内塔尼亚胡星期日在罗马会见美国国务卿克里后表示,他认为这是朝着邦交正常化迈出的重要一步。Ties between the two countries broke down in 2010 over Israels interception of a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza which was under a blockade because of the Hamas militant groups leadership there.2010年,以色块拦截一艘运载救援物资驶往加沙地带的土耳其货船,导致两国关系破裂。当时加沙地带由于在哈马斯控制下而遭到封锁。A senior Israeli official said that as part of the restoration of normalized ties, Israel has apologized for its lethal raid on the ship and agreed to pay million to the bereaved and injured. Also under the deal, the two countries will restore their ambassadors.一名以色列高层官员说,作为恢复正常邦交努力的一部分,以色列已为袭击土耳其货船道歉,并同意为死伤者赔000万美元。按照协议,以土两国将彼此重开大使馆。A senior Turkish official said the agreement also provides for Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid and other non-military products to Gaza and engage in infrastructure projects, including the construction of residential buildings and the completion of a hospital.一名土耳其高层官员说,协议还规定土耳其可以向加沙地带运送人道救援和其他非军事物资,并参与当地的基础建设项目,包括建造居民楼和一家医院。来 /201606/451419深圳市人民妇幼保健医院激光祛痣多少钱

广东深圳光子嫩肤价格The Russian government is to give the public the chance to sample a range of delicacies previously reserved for senior officials.俄罗斯政府将让公众有机会品尝到原先只有高官才能吃到的美味。Presidential press secretary Elena Krylova says an online shop selling dairy products under the brand name ;Kremlin Quality; will open in the new year. 据俄罗斯总统新闻秘书叶莲克里洛娃称,一家名为克里姆林优选的奶制品网店即将在新年上线。She tells Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper that ;milk, buttermilk, yoghurt and possibly cheese; made specially for the presidential administration, 她向《共青团真理报》透露:该店将出售本为总统当局、议会成员和其他官员特制的鲜奶、酪乳、酸奶甚至是奶酪。MPs and their staff will be ;on offer to everyone, not just to officials;.这些特供食品将不再由官员独享,而会向大众供应。Senior Russian civil servants still enjoy access to food produced exclusively for them in what amounts to a hangover from Soviet times, when special farms allowed the Communist leaders to avoid the generally poor-quality food on offer to the public.俄罗斯高级公务员拥有食物专享权是苏联时期遗留下来的传统,尽管当时的苏联民众们吃得不好,但仍有专门的农场为苏联共产党领导提供高质量的食品。Ms Krylova tells Govorit Moskva radio that the prices will be ;no higher than in the supermarkets;, as the authorities want to make sure the goods are ;within the reach of all sections of the public;.克里洛娃对俄罗斯Govorit Moskva广播电台说,商店里的食品价格将不高于超市价格,以保各阶层人士都能负担得起。A representative of the Kremlin Quality website told Vedomosti business daily that officials will still have some advantages, as they can pick up their online orders from their places of work, whereas everyone else must rely on home deliveries.克里姆林优选网站的某代表告诉《俄罗斯商业日报》,政府官员仍然享有部分特殊待遇,比如可以在办公地点收取网购的包裹,而其他人只能在家收货。The paper notes that the presidential administration considered entering the food trade back in 2012 with its ;Kremlin Squirrel; chocolates, 该报指出,早012年总统当局就以克里姆林松鼠巧克力品牌尝试进军食品行业。and that dairy goods have appeared in some shops recently in order to test the market.为了测试市场的反应,官方的奶制品近日已经出现在某些商店的货架上。Online reaction has been largely humorous. 对此,俄罗斯网民们的反应大多比较幽默。One person says they wouldnt mind an entire dinner service complete with the state double-headed eagle crest, 有人说,他们完全不介意享用一整套带有双头鹰徽章(俄罗斯国徽)的用餐务。although others are annoyed to discover that their leaders still have exclusive access to high-quality food.但也有人表示愤慨:原来直到如今,自己的领导人们仍拥有高品质食物的专享权。Several ask whether vodka will be on offer, fondly remembering the spirits produced for Soviet leaders at the Moscow Cristall Distillery. 一想起当年莫斯科水晶蒸馏厂为苏联领导人特制的好酒,就有人天真地发问:是否也会出售伏特加呢?But Ms Krylova anticipated that particular question, telling Komsomolskaya Pravda: ;I think theres aly enough alcohol out there.;而克里洛娃早就料到了这个问题,她的回答是:我觉得市场上卖的酒已经够多了。来 /201612/483378深圳厚唇手术哪家好 深圳剖腹产疤痕修复医院

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