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深圳市妇幼保健院双眼皮多少钱深圳医院祛痘哪家医院好深圳市南山医院光子脱毛手术多少钱 A: I need a little help about where to dump my trash bags.B: Put them in the parking lot dumpster near the parking spaces.A: When is trash day?B: Trash day is Wednesday.A: Do they sort our recyclables, or do we do it?B: They expect us to take out our recyclables.A: Do we put our recyclables in a separate bin?B: Just take all of your recyclables to the blue bin downstairs.A: Is there a special bin yard waste?B: All material to be composted goes into the bin with the green lid. 763.Good afternoon,sir. Welcome to our restaurant. Do you have a reservation?下午好先生,欢迎光临我们餐厅,请问您有预订吗?33.How many people are there in your party?你们一共几个人?.Would you please come with me?请您跟我来,好吗?35.Please step this way. 这边请36.Will this table be all right?这张桌子可以吗?37.Would you like to sit near the windows?您是否喜欢靠窗坐?38.Where would you like to sit?您希望坐在哪?39.You can sit where you like. 您可以随便坐0.I’m sorry,that table is aly reserved.对不起,那张桌子已经预订出去了1.Your table is y now,sir. Thank you waiting.先生,您的桌子已准备好了,谢谢您久等了.We can seat your party now,sorry to have kept you waiting. 我们现在可以安排你们就座了,对不起让你们久等了3.Here’s the . 这是菜单.I’m sorry,the restaurant is full now. We can seat you in minutes. 对不起,现在餐厅已做满,分钟候我们可以安排您入座5.You can wait in the bar if you like and we’ll call you when we have a table.如果您愿意,可以在酒吧等一等,我们有了桌子会去请你的6.I’m sorry,there isn’t a table right now. there will be a wait of about minutes. May I have your name,please?对不起,现在没有空桌了,恐怕要请您等分钟,请问您姓名?7.Would you like to have a drink in the lounge while you wait?we’ll accommodate your party as soon as possible.您是否愿意边等边在休息处喝喝饮料?我们会尽快安排你们入座8.Please wait a moment,I’ll arrange it you. 请稍等,我马上给您安排9.Please wait a moment,your table will be y right away. 请稍等,您的桌子马上就会准备好50.Excuse me,would you share the table with that lady?对不起,您与那位合用一张台好吗?51.Would you like to try today’s specials?请尝尝今天的特色菜好吗?5.Please wait a minute,I’ll arrange it you. 请稍等,我马上为您安排53.Please look at the first. Would you like try today’s special?请先看看菜单,您想尝尝今天的特色菜吗?5.Excuse me,may I take your order now?对不起,现在可以点菜了吗?55.Would you like some dessert?您喜欢吃点甜点吗?56.Sorry,it takes some time this dish,could you wait a bit longer?真对不起,这道菜需要一些时间,您能多等一会吗?57.I’m sorry,there aren’t any more tables. I can seat you if you don’t mind sharing a table with that lady.真抱歉,现在已没有多的桌子了,如果您不介意,我可以安排您与那位女士公用一张桌子 1963深圳自体脂肪丰太阳穴

深圳坂田医院去疤多少钱Edie Simms is a 1-year-old woman with an unusual item on her to-do list. And, thanks to some officers in St. Louis, she was able to cross that off.艾迪·西姆斯是一位1岁的老奶奶,她的心愿单上有一个特别的愿望最终多亏了圣路易斯的警官,她的这个愿望得以实现Edie wanted to be arrested -- handcuffed, placed in the back of a police cruiser.艾迪的愿望就是:希望能拷上手铐被逮捕,坐在警车的后座上;She was so excited that she can ride in a police car and she said, Do you think you could put those handcuffs on me?; Michael Howard of the Five Star Senior Center told CNN affiliate KPLR.五星级敬老院中心的迈克尔·霍华德在接受CNN下属的KPLR的采访时表示:“她坐在一辆警车上是如此兴奋不已,并且说道:你可以把我的手拷上吗?”Edie has produced over 00 handmade items -- scarves, eye glass cases, pot holders -- the seniors at the center.这位名叫艾迪的老奶奶曾经做了00多件手工物品,送给了这所敬老院的老人们--其中包括围巾,眼镜盒和锅垫Last Friday, she made her usual delivery, but this time she was ferried to the center in the back of a St. Louis PD car.上周五她还是跟往常一样去了养老院,不过这一次她可是坐在警车的后座上来的;Were more than happy to do these type of things, ;said Sgt. John McLaughlin. ;We get more out of it than the seniors do.;“我们很乐意做这些事情,”约翰·麦克劳克林警官说道”我们收获到的比老人们还多”Edie couldnt be happier. ;It`s a great world if you just open your eyes and look at it, ;she said.艾迪实在是太开心了她说道:“只要你睁开眼睛看世界,世界的美好无处不在” 76深圳市中心医院口腔科 深圳垫鼻梁哪家好

深圳南山共振吸脂价格 Belgians are crazy about beer. Young Belgians are weaned on beer with soda, and old Belgians drink it with breakfast. Even the monks in Belgium make beer. The country has been in the brewing tradition since the 10s—bee it even was a country—and time has only served to open the doors more and better ways to make the inebriating honey of the gods. We visited a few places in Belgium where beer is nigh religion and tasted ourselves the holy fervor that has stood to make this country a bastion of alcoholic enlightenment. In the process, weve come to an inescapable conclusion: These guys are crazy about beer, and we love it.比利时人民疯狂地爱着啤酒在比利时,孩子们从小就习惯上喝掺了苏打的啤酒,而大人们更是连早饭也要就着啤酒来吃连比利时的僧侣们也会酿造啤酒比利时的啤酒酿造传统可以追溯到公元世纪—— 当然这是早于比利时王国成立的 —— 而历史的作用也仅仅只是让比利时向全世界敞开了酿酒的大门以及让人们能更多地喝到这醉人的神露我们造访了一些在比利时具有特殊意义的地方,因为在这些地方啤酒已经近乎一种宗教圣物了;同时我们也感受到了比利时人对酒的狂热,正是这样的狂热才让比利时得享;酒乡;的美誉造访过程中,我们无可避免地要得出这样的结论:这群人疯狂地爱着啤酒,但我们也爱着他们的疯狂.Beers Per Capita.种类繁多的啤酒Belgium has more individual styles of beer per capita than any other country in the world. With a population barely scraping past million, they produced a whopping 1, distinct types of beer in . Fast-ward to and that number is a mind-blowing 3,3 beers that were brewed among all provinces of Belgium. The Flemish Brabant, a province in the north of Belgium, makes 57 beers on its own.比利时所拥有的啤酒品类多于世界上任何一个国家虽然整个国家总人口还不到区区1千1百万,但他们却在年酿造出总数多达1种不同种类的啤酒到了年这个数字爆炸性地增加到33种,这是整个比利时个省区的酿造总数而其中位于比利时北部的佛兰德布拉班特省酿造出了其中的57种The region interest in beer began when the Catholic Church sanctioned the use of abbeys to brew and distribute beer to raise money upkeep near the end of the th century. Over the years, the nuns in the abbeys began pioneering new ways to brew, strengthening the diversity that was available to the locals in brewing villages. At the turn of the th century, there were over 3,000 breweries in Belgium, but the two World Wars had a devastating effect on the Belgian economy that reached deep into the brewing industry. Now, there are only about 180 breweries in Belgium.比利时地区对啤酒的热爱起源于纪末左右,天主教会占领该地区的修道院开始酿造并销售啤酒使寺院能够自负盈亏时光飞逝,寺院的修女们开始研发新的酿造手段,此举的目的是为了让当地的酒坊也能够酿造出更多种类的啤酒到了世纪初,比利时已经有超过3000家啤酒厂,但随后的两次世界大战对比利时的经济造成了毁灭性影响,酿酒行业也没能幸免于难如今,比利时仅仅只有180家啤酒厂9.Spontaneous Fermentation9.自然发酵的美味Known in Belgium as lambic, spontaneously fermented beers have been brewed since the th century. The process isnt at all unique to Belgium, but theyre certainly pioneering the modern m of spontaneous fermentation. Normal beer is made with three ingredients—malt, hops, and yeast. The malt makes it sweet, the hops add the bitter taste, and the yeast ferments the whole thing into alcohol.朗贝克啤酒在比利时享誉盛名,这是一种早在世纪就发明出来的自然发酵的啤酒虽然酿造过程在比利时属于非常常见的,但他们确实发明了现在所称的自然发酵的形式Typically, the yeast is added from a package or a live culture. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a common brewing yeast, although there are others. But in spontaneous fermentation, the malt and hops are left to cool in the open air. This introduces wild yeast into the mixture, giving the brew a quality that is unique to the region where it was brewed, since it depends on the natural yeasts in the air to start the fermentation. Lambic is made exclusively in Belgium Zenne valley, where the wild yeasts Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Brettanomyces lambicus thrive. Lambic by itself is acidic and flat, but if there one thing you can say about Belgian brewers, it that they never give up on a beer. To fix it, they brew a batch of lambic and then age it six months. Then, they brew a fresh batch and mix the two together. Finally, while it still fermenting, they bottle it, trapping the carbon dioxide and keeping it nice and bubbly. When you throw all those steps together, the result is an even more unique beer type known as Geuze (pronounced like a heavily accented ;goose;). Now that dedication.啤酒通常由三种原料制成:麦芽、啤酒花和酵母麦芽能使啤酒香甜可口,啤酒花能带来啤酒特有的苦涩味,而酵母能让这些原料发酵变成酒精通常情况,酵母会以酵素包或者活酵母培养基的形式加入啤酒酵母菌就是一种常见的酿酒酵母,尽管还有其他的酵母菌但在自然发酵工艺中,麦芽和啤酒花都会混合起来晾晒在空气中使之自然冷却这时会在这种混合物加入天然酵母菌,这个步骤会使每样成品都有一种特殊的性质,因为这取决于混合物内部的天然酵母自然发酵的时间郎贝克啤酒只在比利时的珊妮谷才有生产,这里是布鲁塞尔属和朗贝克属这些天然酒香酵母的盛产地朗贝克啤酒本身味道平平并且很酸涩,不过还是要赞美一下比利时的酿酒艺人们,就是他们绝对不会放弃任何一种似乎要失败的酿造为解决这个问题,他们会首先酿造第一批朗贝克啤酒,然后将它们陈放六个月六个月后他们会酿造第二批朗贝克,然后将新旧两批混合在一起最后,虽然两批都还在发酵过程,但匠人们依旧直接装瓶,将二氧化碳密封起来,将还在冒着泡沫的啤酒存放好当他们将所有的步骤完成后,酿造的结果是另一种更加独特的啤酒——古斯(Geuze:发音类似于单词;goose;发重音)啤酒这就是全部工艺了!8.Beer Cocktails8.啤酒式鸡尾酒Jurgen Bollion and his brother Steven are the joint owners of the Taste M, a little bar bolted to the front of a small art museum in Leuven. Jurgen, a jovial man with a linebacker build and perpetually flushed cheeks, visits each table in person with a tray full of ;fixings; his signature drinks: beer cocktails.尤尔根·利昂和他的弟弟史蒂芬·利昂是Taste M店的合伙经营人Taste M是位于比利时勒芬市一个美术馆门口的一家小酒吧掌柜尤尔根是个有着和橄榄球后卫球员一样壮硕身材,但整天都乐呵呵的男人,他会照顾到酒吧里每一桌上的每一位客人,当然还会给他们倒上他的招牌酒品:啤酒鸡尾酒The only way to describe a beer cocktail is ;whatever Jurgen wants to put in it.; But youre in good hands. As he works, he explains what each ingredient does the drink: Sweetwood (part of the licorice family) a tart flavor, tonic a bitter middle taste, several shots of gin strength, a bottle of Caulier tripel the beer, and ice to give the flavor more variety. He explains that, as the ice melts and the sweetwood seeps into the drink, the flavor changes, making each sip a little different. Then he makes a round of the table to tip more gin into each glass with a gruff ;drink more.; And that just one cocktail. Jurgen has created hundreds of recipes unique beer cocktails, each one meant to emphasize a different taste profile. One of his goals is to get past the perception that beer is a ;man; drink. In his words, everybody likes beer, you just have to find the right one—;They say to me, ‘I dont like beer. And I say, ‘No, you dont like the beers that you have tried up to this point. ; He wants to find everybody perfect beer. That a man with an admirable mission.我想只能用一句话来形容什么叫啤酒鸡尾酒:随便尤尔根往里面放什么都成但他肯定会把你照顾周到因为在尤尔根调配鸡尾酒的时候,他会告诉你酒里的每种成分月桂(甘草纲目中的一种)能带来酸酸的味道,奎宁水的苦味能够中和酸味,随后加入的杜松子酒能够强化味觉上的刺激,再在啤酒里斟上一瓶Caulier triple苹果酒混合,最后冰块的加入能够使这杯鸡尾酒的味道更加多元化他如此解释道,因为味道会随着冰块的逐渐融化以及月桂的不断渗入而不断变化,这就使得你每酌一口都会有不同体验最后他还会在酒吧里转一圈给每位客人再添上一些杜松子酒,每次都会粗声粗气地说着:;要多喝点哦!; 这还只是尤尔根调配的其中一种尤尔根了发明了好几百种独特的啤酒鸡尾酒配方,而每一种配方都有一种最强烈的味道其实尤尔根这样做有一个目的——让人们都认同啤酒就是;男人们的饮料;用他自己的话来说,就是每个人都是喜欢啤酒的,而你只需要找到最适合你的口味,;他们对我说,‘我不喜欢啤酒,但是我对他们说,‘不是这样的,你只是不喜欢你现在喝的这种口味;他甚至想给全世界每个人都找出一种最适合他们的啤酒他的这种持之以恒的态度确实令我们感到敬佩7.;The Longest Bar In The World;7.世界上最长的酒吧街This is a local colloquialism a square officially known as the Oude Market, located in Leuven. The market is basically a long, open courtyard with a line of businesses running along one side. So why is it called the longest bar in Europe? Well, over 0 of those businesses just happen to be bars. Since each bar has an outdoor patio, the experience is one of an unbroken outdoor terrace that runs nearly half a kilometer (0.3 mi).这其实是一个位于比利时勒芬市被当地人称作老市场的广场而已广场其实是一条长长的半边商业步行街式的庭院那为什么要称其为欧洲最长的酒吧街呢?其实是因为这条步行街上有超过0家酒吧基于这里的每家酒吧都设置了室外的露天区,置身其中你就能感受到一个完整的露天平台区都长达(0.3英里)半公里Of course, despite its name, it not actually the longest bar in the world, or even Europe. There are several contenders to the title, most of them named by generations of locals who grew up with the phrase and simply want to keep it alive in their home town. Nevertheless, the Oude Market is a unique place to visit, and one of the bars, Domus, is even supplied by a direct pipeline to its nearby brewery.And the other side of the square? That a university. In many parts of Belgium, especially Leuven, college students get beers 1 euro as a thanks from the brewers to their best customers.当然可别被这个牛气冲天的称号给迷惑了,实际上这个广场并不是世界上最长的酒吧街,甚至在欧洲也不算最长的其实关于该广场的命名尚有好几个,而其中大多数名字都是当地土生土长的人们一代一代口口相传的,并且他们希望这些名字永远不会被家乡人忘记不过,老市场依然是个独特的旅游好去处,尤其是其中一家叫做Domus的酒吧,该酒吧甚至通过一条管道来获取它旁边一家啤酒厂的直接供应那广场的另一边是什么呢?好吧,是一所大学在比利时很多地方,尤其是勒芬市,大学生们能够以1欧元的超值价购买啤酒,这都是出于当地的啤酒厂商们对他们最忠实的顾客的感谢之情6.The Bruges Beer Pipeline6.布鲁日啤酒管道When the De Halve Maan brewery opened up a new bottling plant at the outskirts of Bruges, they hit a snag: As the last brewery in downtown Bruges, their facility has become something of a cultural icon. Bruges was once the proud home of dozens of breweries both large and small, but one by one they each closed their doors the last time. De Halve Maan has been standing since the th century, and over 0,000 tourists flock to Bruges to view their brewery and beer museum every year.当半月啤酒厂要在布鲁日的市郊新开一家装瓶厂时,他们遇到了意外的麻烦作为布鲁日市中心的最后一家啤酒厂,半月啤酒厂的酿酒设施已经成为一种文化符号布鲁日市曾引以为豪的是当地所拥有的众多大大小小的酿酒厂,但这些酒厂却在最后一个接一个关门倒闭唯有半月酒厂从世纪至今依旧屹立不倒,每年来布鲁日造访他们唯一的酒厂以及啤酒物馆的游客超过了万人So moving the brewery closer to the bottling plant is definitely not an option, but as it stands now, a fleet of 500 trucks is required to transport the beer from barrel to bottle, a fleet that s 85 percent of Bruges current commercial traffic. The streets are literally clogged with beer.That all going to change with an underground beer pipeline. It wont be the first in the world—Germany has a beer pipeline running under the Veltins-Arena football stadium, and the Great Lakes brewery in Cleveland has a small underground system. But while Great Lakes only pipes their beer across the street, De Halve Maan is building a monstrosity that runs 3 kilometers (1.8 mi) under the city. Itll pump 0 liters (6 gal) of freshly brewed beer every minute.要将这家酿酒厂搬到装瓶厂附近肯定不是明智之举,但如今最大的问题是,需要一500卡车的车队来转运桶装啤酒去装瓶,而这车队占了如今布鲁日市商业交通运输总量的百分之八十五如果是这样的话,街道都会被啤酒桶塞满的知道地下输送管道的出现才使得事情有了转机这种运输方式在世界上也并非绝无仅有——比如德国就有穿过维尔廷足球场地下的啤酒运输管道,以及美国五大湖区的克利夫兰市也有小型的地下运输系统但五大湖区最多也只能在街区之间进行地下啤酒运输,半月酒厂却在建造长达3公里(1.8英里)的巨型城市地下管道如果建造成功,那么将能够每分钟泵送0升(6加仑)新鲜啤酒翻译:杨学进 前十网深圳市龙岗中心医院去胎记多少钱深圳瘦脸针多少钱



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