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Londons mayor Boris Johnson says, after the elapsing of the past fewdays, he doubts if therere anyBritainswho want to ditch the Queen and turn the country into a republic. I spoke toMayor Boris Johnson during the celebrations at Trafalgar Square. Well, we obviously alsohave to turn our attention to the London Olympics.伦敦市市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊怀疑,经过这几天,不会有任何英国人会舍弃女王,只要共和。本人与市长先生在特拉法加广场举行庆祝仪式期间进行了交谈。很明显,我们也得将注意力放在伦敦奥林匹克运动上。Mr. Mayor, thank you for this,市长先生,感谢您为此做出的一切。Well, my pleasure, but were all reallytoenails next to Her Majesty the Queen. This event is a massive opportunity Ithink for people of London to say thank you to her for 60 years of incredibleservice to this country. And I think its been quite remarkable how united thecountry has been in getting that over to her这是我的荣幸,不过我们每个英国人确实与女王密切相关。我认为,伦敦市民们可值此盛会之机向我们的女王60年来为国家所做的一切表示感谢。What has been so interesting is the way inwhich the four days have all been very different and sent very differentmessages right the way through to this morning at St. Pauls Cathedral. 非常有意思的是,这四天里,直至今天早晨的圣#8226;保罗大教堂,每天的庆祝仪式全然不同,风格迥异。Yes, it was a great service this morning atSt. Pauls, Ithink the concert last night was fantastic, for the real stunt thing that Ithink for me was that incredible flotilla, that sort of jolly version of ? thatwe put on, a real, a real...是的,今天早晨在圣#8226;保罗大教堂举办的仪式非常盛大。我认为昨天的音乐会精至极,对我来说,我认为那是货真价实的绝技表演,那舰队简直不可思议,那是一种滑稽版的表演吗?我们的确被吸收住了,的确…I stood there for 4 hours我站在那里,看了整整4个小时。Actually balmy British event, but I thinkit was successful and never mind the rain, I mean it was a great, greatsuccess.实际上,这次温和的,让人心旷神怡的英国式盛会,我认为非常成功,人们一点也不介意下雨,我的意思是,这是一次举办非常成功,非常成功之盛会。And as for the Queen, here she is, her homeis in London, London is where its based, also the countryand The Commonwealth, and the city has come together spectacularly.并且对于女王来说,她的家就在伦敦,伦敦是她的家,也是整个国家,整个英联邦的基地所在,此时此刻,人们在这座城市极其壮观地聚集在了一起。Yes, I mean if the Queen is the star, London is the, you know,the No.2 player in this sort of thing. Londonhas put on, I think, a fantastic performance, everything has worked well. Thetransport system performed very well, and thats a good omen for me, youknow-not counting my chick, thats a good omen for me in the run-up to theOlympic Games.是的,我的意思是,如果女王是名星,那么,你知道,伦敦就是位居第二的玩家。我认为,伦敦展示了超乎想象的精表演,每一件事都做得非常之好。交通系统非常通畅,这对我来说是个好兆头,这可不是杞人忧天,对将要进行的奥林匹克盛会来说,这真是一个好消息。Lets talk about the Olympics briefly,because this is the run-up also important, now youve really ...让我们简短地谈下奥林匹克吧,因为这次助跑也很重要,目前,你们的确…Some people would say this is important.有些人会说这非常重要。Alright, but now were going fullhelter-skelter to the Olympics, are we y?当然,但是我们即将仓促举办奥林区克盛会,我们准备好了吗?We are, and as people may know around theworld, we put a huge amount of investment into Londons transport networks,upgraded the tube, built new lines, the Stratford site can be fantastic, thepeople will find wonderful bike-hire scheme and they get new buses on thestreets, so我们准备好了,正如全世界的人们所知,我们在伦敦的交通网络上投资了巨资,升级了管道系统,建设了新路线,并且斯特拉特福德网站非常棒,人们将在那儿发现自行车租赁务,并且他们也可以直接在大街上乘坐崭新的公交车。Any idea to get out of the airpot? 有什么针对机场的好办法吗?And as you know those are commitments tomaking sure that nobody waits more than 45 minutes, getting through, over anaverage rate of 25 minutes to get from the plane through to the other side, sowere working very hard to make the peoples arrival as comfortable as you.正如你所知,我们做出了承诺,不会让任何人的等待时间超过45分钟,并且通过机场的手续时间,即从走下飞机一直到离开机场,平均为25分钟,我们正致力于让人们的抵达尽可能地舒适、方便。201209/201190。

Vincent is almost as famous for writing these letters as he is for painting the sun flowers.梵高因为这些信件的出名程度几乎等同于他画向日葵的出名程度。There is so much insight here into his creative thinking, but the very first letter was just a brief note about the weather scribbled to Theo from the Haig in Sep 1872.我们可以洞察到梵高许多的创新思想。但就是在1872年9月,在海格的梵高给提奥写了第一封信,不过这封信简短而潦草,只是讨论了一下天气而已。Theo was a couple of years younger than Vincent, but he also decided to become an art dealer while Vincent was here.提奥比梵高小几岁,当梵高还在海格的时候他也想成为一名艺术品商人。They hoped one day they might work together.他们想也许某天可以一起工作。On the 17th March 1873 a rather glum Vincent wrote to Theo that he was going to be moved.然而在1873年3月17日,梵高难过的写了一封信给提奥,内容是自己将要被调走。It was another promotion, he had done so well in The Hague that he was being sent to London,he was 20.这是又一次晋升,由于梵高在海格的工作做得很好,公司将要把他调到伦敦。而那一年,梵高年仅20岁。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/188166。

On two fronts and two continents,在两条战线上和两个大洲中,the proof of Einsteins theory now hangs in the balance.爱因斯坦的理论明现在依然悬而未决。Its February 1919, at top Mountain Hamilton in California,1919年2月,在加州汉密尔顿的山顶,William Wallace Campbell is examining and re-examining photographic plates which appear to indicate that Einsteins General Theory of Relativity,威廉·华莱士·坎贝尔一遍又一遍的检查并重新审视感光板,而结果似乎表明爱因斯坦的广义相对论。his theory of gravity, is wrong.他的引力理论,是错误的。But Campbell has competition from British astronomer Arthur Eddington,但坎贝尔与来自英国天文学家阿瑟·爱丁顿之间也在进行着竞争,who was on his way to photograph an eclipse in Africa.爱丁顿正在去非洲拍摄日食的路上。Eddington leaves Britain and heads south.爱丁顿离开英国并且向南方进发。He is in his late 30s, traveling in those days was not comfortable.他是在20世纪30年代末,在那些日子里,旅行可不舒。This is the tropics, the height of summer.这是热带地区,而且夏天太阳难耐。It must have been a very unpleasant place to be.要去的一定是一个很不舒的地方。In May of 1919, after 10 weeks at sea,在1919年5月, 在海上的10周后,Eddington and his assistant arrive on the shores of Principe,爱丁顿和他的助手到达圣多美普林西比海岸,a small island off the coast of West Africa.这是西非海岸的一个小岛。注:听力文本来源于普特 201205/183246。

This is Fry Louis de Leon, one of the great intellectuals in the university’s history.这就是弗雷·路易斯·德·莱昂, 在该大学的历史中一位伟大的知识分子之一。He was a revered theologian, whose progressive scholarship and religious poetry were part of the mystical tradition of El Greco and Saint Teresa.他是一位受人尊敬的神学家,他对学术的进取及宗教诗歌部分成为了神秘传统的埃尔·格列柯和圣特蕾莎修女的一部分。And this is his lecture theater, just as it was when he taught here in the mid 1500.而这是他的阶梯教室,就像在1500年代中期他在这里教书时候一样。This is where he expounded his own unique vision of faith, intense, questioning, a deep personal engagement with the bible.这就是他对《圣经》阐述了自己的独特视觉信仰,强烈质疑,一种深深的个人参与的地方。It was while he was lecturing in this very room that Fry Louis came to the attention of the Spanish inquisition.当他在这间屋子里讲课, 弗雷·路易斯引起了西班牙宗教法庭的注意。His crime had been to produce his own translation of one of the most erotic passages in the whole bible, the Song of Songs.他的罪行源于自己翻译的整部《圣经》中最情色的段落。Now this dangerous text was being sold and circulated in the street just outside this building.现在这一危险的文本正在这个建筑街外出售及流通。That had to be stopped and it had to be stopped immediately.这必须停止,必须立即停止。So on the 27th of March, 1572, the officers of the inquisition stormed into this room, Fry Louis was lecturing up there.所以在1572年3月27日,审讯警察冲进这个房间时弗雷·路易斯正在上面讲课。They arrested him. The dragged him away and then prisoned him for five years.他们逮捕了他。把他拖走了,然后关了他五年。 注:听力文本来源于普特 201301/222936。

The word “bacteria” likely conjures up nasty images in your mind of E. coli, several strains of which are a common cause of food poisoning. Youre reminded of the Black Death, a series of bacteria-inspired plagues that swept through 14th century Europe. Where To Find Bacteria? But bacteria are not so isolated from us physically. To be found only in some contaminated foods stuff, like some bad E. coli.一听到“细菌”这个词,便会让人们联想到恶心的大肠杆菌的画面,其中有几种大肠杆菌常常引起食物中毒。你还会想起14世纪席卷欧洲大陆的黑死病,这也是由于细菌引发的瘟疫。细菌存在于哪里?细菌并不能离开宿主独立存在。例如一些糟糕的大肠杆菌会寄生在被污染的食物内。In fact, they can be found almost everywhere on and in the human body—on our skin, in our mouths, guts, kidneys—just to name a few, and they are present in almost unbelievable numbers. On average, a human body has about ten times more bacteria cells living in and on it, than it has human cells.实际上,在人体表面或者体内都能发现细菌——皮肤上,口腔内,内脏和肾脏内都能找到,数不胜数,而且细菌的数量庞大得令人难以置信。平均来说,寄生在每个人体内的细菌细胞数量比人体细胞多十倍。So in a very real sense, youre more bacteria than human. Additionally not all bacteria are such bad guys, in fact quite the opposite is true. Your skin, for example, hosts a zoo of friendly bacteria that fight off real micro bad guys, giving you a sort of “invisible armor” against harmful intruders.因此从本质上讲,你比人类更细菌。此外,并不是所有的细菌都有害,事实上却完全相反。例如你的皮肤上就寄生了各种友好的细菌,它们抵抗真正有害的微生物,为你提供一种“无形的护甲”以抵挡有害入侵。And you have trillions more bacteria in your intestines helping you digest your food, and keeping your immune system running strong. And further studies have found that some bacteria in the human gut may help adults ward off kidney stones and prevent children from developing asthma.而且你的肠道内也寄生着上万亿的细菌,帮助你消化食物,维护你的免疫系统正常运行。进一步的研究发现内脏里的一些细菌有助于成年人预防肾结石,防止小孩患上哮喘。So the next time you hear the word “bacteria”, dont let the few rotten apples spoil your opinion of the whole bunch, for many more of them are your friends than are your enemies.因此,下次你再听到“细菌”这个词时,不要再让烂苹果坏了你对细菌的印象,因为友好细菌还是远多于有害细菌的。原文译文属!201212/213272。

Business.商业。African entrepreneurs.非洲企业家。Parallel players.同舞者。Why many of Africas budding businessfolk are jacks-of-all-trades.为何许多非洲的新兴企业家杂而不精。ONE of the many terms Silicon Valley has bequeathed to the business world is ;serial entrepreneur;, a label for those restless souls who start one business after another. Perhaps Africa can now contribute another expression: the ;parallel entrepreneur;. More than in any other part of the developing world, the continents budding business folk create networks of several firms across a number of different sectors of the economy, according to research by IMANI, a think-tank based in Ghana. The 189 successful entrepreneurs it surveyed in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya own, on average, six businesses each. One boasted more than 60. What explains this entrepreneurial hyperactivity?硅谷留给商界的众多术语之一是;连续企业家;,指的是那些接连创业的不安分的人。也许非洲正在提供另一种表述;并行企业家;。根据加纳智库IMANI的研究,与世界任何发展中的地区相比,更多非洲大陆的新兴企业家创造了横跨不同经济领域的系列公司网络。在参与调查的加纳,尼日尔和肯尼亚的189个成功企业家中,他们人均拥有6家企业,其中一位拥有超过60家企业。如何解释这种企业家的极度活跃现象?One reason for it is simply the wealth of opportunity, says Cyril Allen II, a well-connected businessman in Liberias capital, Monrovia. He and his family farm cocoa and coffee, run a cleaning business, lease out property and manage logistics for international companies. ;The civil war here ended less than a decade ago.;利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚一家实力雄厚的家族式企业家,Cyril Allen 二世表示,大量的机会是造成这种现象的原因之一。他和他的家族种植可可树和咖啡树,经营一家清洁公司,财产租赁以及为跨国公司提供物流管理务。他还表示;内战已经结束将近十年了;。Once a firm has established a degree of trust among its customers, that can in turn spawn new businesses, particularly when many other firms are unreliable. ;We work based on relationships, so if I have a good relationship with a client, they might ask for another service,; explains Njeri Rionge, an entrepreneur in Kenya whose interests extend from an internet provider to a management consultancy.公司一旦在客户群中建立了一定的信用度,这就可以育出新的公司,尤其是在其他企业没有信用的情况下。肯尼亚企业家Njeri Rionge的业务涉及网络接入到管理咨询务等领域,他解释说:;我们的工作基于关系网,这样如果我与客户维系一个良好的关系,客户就有可能会要求提供其他务;。Necessity can also give rise to the creation of more than one company. UT Holdings, in Ghana, started out in 1997 granting loans. But Prince Kofi Amoabeng, its founder, soon discovered that he needed to provide additional services to make the loans business work. He first added a debt-collection company, then security firms. ;We found existing companies wanting,; says Mr Amoabeng. He keeps expanding his business portfolio, which now includes a life-insurance firm.需求会导致更多公司的创建。位于加纳的UT Holdings创建于1997年,提供贷款务。但创建者Kofi Amoabeng王子很快发现他需要提供额外的务来维持贷款业务的运行。他首先创立一家债务收缴公司,然后是劵公司。他说:;我们发现已有公司的需求;。他不断的扩展公司的业务组合,目前还包括了一家人寿保险公司。Certain characteristics of African economies also make it more profitable to keep starting new firms rather than build a single big one. Key resources are scarce. Mid-level managers are in sufficient supply, but few are capable of running large businesses, which is why they often apply their talents in several firms simultaneously. Financing is hard to come by (in many countries loans are granted for as little as 20 months); entrepreneurs find it easier to get several small loans for each business rather than a large chunk of money.非洲经济的特性同样使得创建新企业比建立一个大型企业更加有利可图。关键资源非常稀少,中型企业的管理者可以获得充足的供应,但很少人有能力运行一家大型企业,这也是他们使人才同时从事不同企业的原因。融资非常困难(在很多国家需要20个月才能拿到贷款),而企业家发现为几个企业单独申请小额贷款比一宗大笔贷款更加容易。But the most crucial factor may be bureaucracy. Its unpredictability deters businessmen from putting all their resources into one basket-out of fear that the market could be the target of onerous regulation. Separate companies are often used to lower tax payments, says Bright Simons, an entrepreneur in Accra, Ghanas capital, who also works as a business analyst. A second firm might be formed to supply materials to the first, he explains, allowing the owner to adjust the prices and profits. And once an entrepreneur has learned how to navigate the red tape, why not apply this valuable skill to other undertakings?但是最关键的因素应该是政府。它们不可预知的阻碍商人将所有资源集中到一起——由于担心市场会被麻烦的监管条例所限制。Bright Simons是加纳首都阿克拉的企业家,同时也是一名商业分析师。他解释说,单独的公司通常缴纳较低的税金,而第二个公司为第一个提供原材料,这使得企业家可以调整产品的价格和利润。如果一个企业家学会了如何驾驭这些政府的繁杂手续,为何不将这种有价值的技术应用于其他的企业中呢?Critics of Africas parallel entrepreneurs worry that jacks-of-all-trades cannot become masters of any. And some investors are wary of putting money into African firms because of their often labyrinthine ownership structures. But multitasking has its good sides, argues Ms Rionge, who in one of her parallel activities mentors young entrepreneurs. ;It makes African business leaders agile and adaptable—both good skills that are absent in many developed economies.;针对非洲;并行企业家;的批评家担心,这种杂而不精的方式会使企业变得没有专长。一些投资者由于非洲企业错综复杂的所有权结构而采取非常谨慎的投资行为。但在自己的并行企业中培训青年企业家的Rionge女士认为,这种多企业的并行方式有着自身的优点,它培养了非洲企业领导人的灵活性和适应性,而这两种优秀技巧正是许多发达经济体中所欠缺的。 /201209/200062。