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深圳市人民医院光子脱毛多少钱深圳伊斯佑整形医院治疗痘痘多少钱To see, or not to see? That is not the question, because Stratford-upon-Avon is a perennial must, whatever the weather.《镜报》2014年4月16号报道,看,还是不看?这不是个问题,因为埃文河畔斯特拉特福无论天气如何,一年四季都是旅游必须一去的胜地。And what more apt time to visit William Shakespeare’s home town than around the time of The Bard’s 450th birthday on April 23?还有什么时候比4月23号莎士比亚450岁诞辰这段期间参观他的故乡更合适的时间?This glover’s son transcends the centuries, with his great friend and fellow playwright Ben Jonson describing him as “not of an age, but for all time”.这位手套商的儿子超越了世纪,就像他的好朋友、戏剧家本·琼森说的,他“不是一个时代,而是永恒” 。But whether you know a lot or a little about the English language’s greatest writer, you soon discover a wealth of information here, beginning with Shakespeare’s Birthplace, on Henley Street.不过,不管你对这位英语语言巨匠了解多少,从莎士比亚的出生地亨利街开始,你很快就会发现大量有关信息。See in fascinating detail how Elizabethans lived, from his father’s workshop to the little beds they slept in. Why so small? Partly because the Elizabethans were shorter than us, but also, we’re told, because they feared if they lay flat, the Devil might think they were dead and take their souls, so they slept upright against bolsters.从他父亲的作坊到他们睡的小床,你会详细了解伊丽莎白时代的人生活的生动细节。为什么床这么小?一部分原因是伊丽莎白时代的人比我们要矮小,不过,我们听说,还因为他们害怕如果躺平了,恶魔会认为他们死了,带走他们的灵魂,所以他们靠着枕垫直着睡觉。Shakespeare’s christening would probably have been on April 26 – three days after his birth – and the font in which he was baptised is at Holy Trinity Church, a short walk from the town centre.莎士比亚可能是在出生3天后,即1564年4月26号在圣三一教堂接受洗礼,那儿离镇中心不远。The church, dating from 1210, is also where he is buried, in a 15th-century chancel. His grave carries a warning, that cursed be he who moves his bones.圣三一教堂可以追溯到1210年,莎士比亚就安葬于教堂内15世纪的圣坛上。他的墓碑上写有一行警告,谁移动他的尸骨,谁就将受到诅咒。Equally worth a visit, particularly for children, is Mary Arden’s Farm.同样值得参观的,尤其是对小孩来说,还有玛丽·阿登的农场。Shakespeare’s mother’s home, a short distance away by car and celebrating its 500th anniversary this year, is a working Tudor farm, where people “live” – and even speak – as they would have done in the 16th century.驾车不久即可到达莎翁母亲的故乡——玛丽·阿登的农场。今年农场迎来500周年庆,这一都铎时代的农场至今仍在运行,这里的人们依旧按照16世纪的生活方式“生活”、说话。From the farm – where Shakespeare is thought to have stayed from the age of nine, to avoid an outbreak of plague – we went to his future wife’s home, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, where, as a teenager, he would have courted her.据说为了躲避瘟疫,莎士比亚9岁时开始住在这个农场。我们从农场出发前往莎士比亚妻子故居——安妮·海瑟薇祖屋,年少的莎士比亚可能就是在这里追求的她。Again, there is much to enjoy at this beautiful thatched farmhouse in the nearby village of Shottery, with its ornate gardens.附近休特瑞村花团锦簇,村里美丽的茅草屋也很值得欣赏。Other attractions worth viewing include Nash’s House and the site of New Place – the home where Shakespeare died, but which was demolished in 1759 by Reverend Francis Gastrell after a dispute with locals.其它值得游览的景点包括纳什故居和新居,这是莎士比亚去世时住的房子,但是牧师弗兰西斯·加斯特里尔与当地人发生争执,于1759年拆毁了这所房子。The Bard’s town has a variety of hotels and guest houses and one of the most impressive is the Holiday Inn, with riverside grounds close to Clopton Bridge, over which Shakespeare would have ridden.诗圣的故乡有很多酒店和宾馆,最有名的是假日酒店,临江靠近古石桥,莎士比亚或许也在桥上走过。The stylish hotel, whose staff are the epitome of helpfulness, has recently had a £2million revamp, but its prices won’t leave you feeling Shylock has taken his pound of flesh.这家风格时尚现代的酒店里的员工十分友好、乐于助人,酒店近期投入了两百万英镑进行整修,不过价格不会让你觉得“被夏洛克割了一磅肉”。Alternatively, if you are aiming for more of a romantic stay and fancy playing Romeo (or being pampered as Juliet), you could try the Church Street Townhouse, directly opposite where Shakespeare went to school.或者,如果你想要一次浪漫之旅,想要扮演罗密欧(或者做众星捧月的朱丽叶),你可以去教堂街酒店,正位于莎士比亚求学学校的对面。It’s a charming, 12-room boutique hotel from which, indeed, parting is such sweet sorrow.这家酒店精致时尚,有12间房,在这里分别,真的是一种甜蜜的忧伤。If you don’t believe music is the sole food of love, there are plenty of -restaurants and watering holes.如果你认为音乐不是爱的唯一食粮,这里还有很多餐馆和酒吧。High among them – in elevation and quality – is the rooftop restaurant above the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. A great time to go is after the theatre crowd have taken their seats. You can enjoy the quiet, relaxed -atmosphere where the excellent Shawn Bennett and staff were as attentive as a lead character waiting for his cue.从高度和格调上,这些餐馆中最出类拔萃的是皇家莎士比亚剧院上的屋顶餐厅。去那里最好的时间是等观众都坐好之后。你可以享受这里安静放松的气氛,剧场里演技一流的肖恩·班尼特和其他演员都聚精会神地等着他们的出场提示,准备一展演技。The food is first-class and they supplied the freshest starter I’ve tasted, a wonderful goat’s cheese and pistachio roulade.这里的食物都是一流的,他们供应的开胃菜是我吃过最新鲜的,山羊奶酪和开心果肉卷都很美味。And, even if the view may make you giddy, the prices won’t.而且,即使景色会让你眼花缭乱,菜单上的价格还是很合理的。On a fine spring day, you can emulate The Merchant of Venice and take to the River Avon by gondola. Avon Boating provides the world’s oldest working gondola, a calming experience as you glide along the gentle waters.在明媚的春日,你可以效仿《商人》里的场景,坐贡多拉小船去埃文河。埃文船行提供世界上最古老的贡多拉,在平缓的河水上划行让人心旷神怡。Also on the waterfront is actors’ pub the Dirty Duck, where Sir John Gielgud and Richard Burton, among others, donated signed photos for the wall. If you fancy rubbing shoulders with stars of current productions – Henry IV Pt I and II – it’s the place to go after curtain down, around 10.30pm.在码头还有一家演员酒吧——脏鸭子酒吧,约翰·吉尔古德先生、理查德·伯顿和其他演员将签名照送给了酒吧,贴在墙上。如果你想看到最新版《亨利四世》第一、二部里的明星的话,夜幕降临后,10:30左右,可以到这里来。All in all, celebrate the Bard’s 450th and unwind, exactly As You like It.总而言之,到这里庆祝诗圣450周年诞辰,顺便放松一下心情,真是“皆大欢喜”。 /201405/294110深圳市北大打玻尿酸多少钱 Today, a successful single woman who falls for a man making less money than she does or not sharing her career ambition may face not-so-subtle disapproval from friends and family. One patient of mine reported being told, #39;I#39;m surprised you haven#39;t found someone who is more your equal.#39; Another felt insulted when a trusted friend asked, #39;Are you sure you wouldn#39;t be happier with a man who is making more money than you?#39;如今,成功单身女性爱上一位挣得比自己少或不能分担其事业进取心的男人可能会遭到来自亲朋好友的明确反对。我的一位患者据称就曾被这样告知:“你没能找到一位跟你更相配的人,我感到很惊讶。”另一位则在其可信赖的朋友这样发问时感到受了侮辱:“你确定跟挣得比你多的男人在一起不会更幸福吗?”These women were in love with solid, supportive guys who shared their values -- men who weren#39;t driven by money. They ded the concerned whispers from friends or family who persisted in believing that they were #39;marrying down.#39;这些女性都跟那些踏实可靠、能给予自己持并与自己持有相同价值观的男性相爱了――他们爱上她们,不是因为钱。这些女性害怕听到来自朋友或家人关切的窃窃私语,那些亲朋好友坚信她们是在“下嫁”。As a couples therapist, the notion of marrying down strikes me as impossibly antiquated. It#39;s right out of the #39;Downton Abbey#39; era, when suitable marriages were entirely a matter of matching people according to social class and fortune -- hence the panic when Lord Grantham#39;s youngest daughter marries the family#39;s Irish chauffeur.作为一名婚姻治疗师,有关下嫁的说法让我觉得难以置信地过时。那完全是《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)时代的产物。在那样的年代,合适的婚姻完全是根据双方的社会地位和身家财富而将人们凑配在一起――因此,格兰瑟姆勋爵(Lord Grantham)才会因为小女儿嫁给了家里的爱尔兰司机而痛苦不已。The notion that women should #39;marry up#39; endured well past the heyday of the English gentry, and the most successful bwinners were considered the most desirable mates. Well into the 20th century, relatively few high-paying jobs were available to women, so for the most part, women went to college to get their M.R.S., or maybe to land the kind of work that would put them near the right professional men.女性应该“高攀”的观念在经历了英国乡绅贵族的鼎盛时期后依然深入人心,最成功的养家者会被视为最令人满意的伴侣。在进入20世纪很久以后,提供给女性的高薪工作相对来说仍比较少,所以大多数情况下,女性读大学是为了在学校结识男性然后嫁为人妇,或者是为了在毕业后能找到一份可以使自己能接近合适职场男性的工作。Today, more women than men are graduating from college and graduate school. Pew Research, which has been compiling data on the topic over the past 50 years, reports that for the first time, #39;the share of couples in which the wife is the one #39;marrying down#39; educationally is higher than those in which the husband has more education.#39; In 2012, the report notes, 27% of newlywed women married a spouse with less education, while only 15% of newlywed men did the same.如今,从大学和研究生院校毕业的女性人数超过了男性。皮尤研究中心(Pew Research)在过去的50年间一直在搜集编汇与该主题相关的数据,其报告称,有史以来第一次出现“妻高夫低”的婚姻比例超过了“夫高妻低”的婚姻比例――前者指妻子学历更高而委身‘下嫁’的情况,后者则指丈夫学历更高。”2012年,该报告指出,27%的新婚女性都嫁给了学历比自己低的配偶,而只有15%的新婚男子娶了学历比自己低的伴侣。More education doesn#39;t necessarily lead to greater earning power, but in most U.S. cities, single, childless women under 30 now make more money than their male peers, according to analysis by Reach Advisors, a research firm. Across all social classes, women contribute 47% of household income, reports the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. And most strikingly, Pew has found that in 24% of marriages, women earn more than their husbands, up from 6.2% in 1960.受教育程度更高并不一定会造就更强的赚钱能力,但据研究公司Reach Advisors的分析表明,在美国的大多数城市,单身无子、年龄在30岁以下的女性比同龄男性挣得更多。新罕布什尔大学(University of New Hampshire) 卡西学院(Carsey Institute)的报告称,纵览所有的社会阶层,女性给家庭收入带来的贡献为47%。而皮尤研究发现,最令人震惊的是,在24%的婚姻中,女性都比她们的丈夫挣得更多,这一数据比例在1960年仅为6.2%。For most strong, successful women, the alpha male of old isn#39;t the best match. I have seen in my practice what happens when two dominant personalities engage in power struggles: The alpha male will assume that his priorities should dominate, while the alpha woman will assert hers. These are the most difficult duos to treat.对于大多数强势的成功女性而言,有点大男子主义的年长男性并不是最佳伴侣。在婚姻咨询业务活动中,我已目睹了当两位有着配性人格的男女卷入权力斗争时会发生什么:大男子主义的丈夫将认为他优先考虑的事应该占主导地位,而大女子主义的妻子则会坚持她自己的考量。这样的夫妻问题是最难解决的。Over the past 30 years, says Stephanie Coontz, director of public education at the Council on Contemporary Families at the University of Chicago, #39;egalitarian values have become increasingly important to relationship success.#39; Confident, dominant women need collaborative partners more than they need traditional bwinners. They need men who aren#39;t threatened by their strength and will support their goals.芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)现代家庭理事会(Council on Contemporary Families)公共教育主管斯泰芬尼#12539;库茨(Stephanie Coontz)说,在过去30年间,“对于一段恋情是否成功,平等的价值观已变得越来越重要。”自信、占主导地位的女性更需要的是能够配合她、与之分工合作的伴侣,而不是传统的养家者。她们需要的男性是这样的:不会被自己的强势所吓倒,而且会全力持她们的目标。These men are secure enough to follow as well as lead. They value partnership, parenting and pulling their own weight. They work but aren#39;t workaholics. The problem is family members and friends who sometimes devalue such men because they don#39;t adhere to traditional standards of masculinity -- standards that should no longer apply.这些男性有足够多的安全感,既能显身于人前又能委身于人后。他们珍视伴侣关系和养育子女的职责,并能尽到自己的责任。他们努力工作,却不是工作狂。但问题是,亲朋好友有时会低估这样的男人,因为他们无法达到传统的男子气概标准――这种标准不该再适用于今天。What high-achieving women need are men strong enough to support their achievements, contribute to the household in services and/or money, and be loving partners. A strong woman will reap the benefit of this kind of respectful, responsible beta man; he will be more flexible, more nurturing and more willing to share the responsibilities of family life.建树颇高的女性所需要的,是男性可以足够强大,强大到能持她们取得成就,在务与/或金钱方面,还能对整个家庭有所贡献,而且得是一位充满爱意的伴侣。女强人将从这种恭敬、负责的“小男人”身上获益。他会更灵活、更会悉心照料人而且更愿意承担家庭生活的责任。Attitudes are slowly changing. According to Pew, only 28% of respondents agreed that it is #39;generally better for a marriage if the husband earns more than the wife.#39; But we still have a long way to go: Economists at the University of Chicago School of Business found in 2013 that women are leery of making more than their husbands do and may even choose to stay out of the workplace if they think they#39;re in danger of earning more than their husbands.人们的态度正在慢慢发生改变。据皮尤研究中心称,只有28%的受访者认同这样的观点――“如果丈夫比妻子挣得更多,这对一段婚姻来说一般会更好。”但我们仍有很长一段路要走:芝加哥大学商学院(University of Chicago School of Business)经济学家在2013年发现,女性对于自己比丈夫挣得多的情况非常小心,在觉得这种状况做会让自己陷入困境时,她们甚至会远离职场。Today#39;s romances suggest that growing numbers of smart women and men are marrying neither up nor down -- they#39;re just marrying the right person.现今的爱情故事表明,越来越多的聪慧女性和睿智男性都不是“低就”,也不是“高攀”――他们只是选择了和一个对的人步入婚姻。 /201405/296905The entrepreneur talks to Amy Chozick about airplanes, spaceships, submarines and second chances.企业家同艾米·柯西克(Amy Chozick)畅谈飞机、太空飞船、潜水艇和第二次机会。A poll in Britain found that one in four respondents chose you as their “dream boss.” Is that what inspired you to write this book on management, “The Virgin Way”?问:一项英国的调查表明,1/4的应答者认为你是他们的“理想老板”。这是否启发你写下了这本关于管理的书《维珍之路》(The Virgin Way)?Well, polls are always flattering when they’re nice. I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly five decades, so I’ve learned quite a bit over those years. I think, by and large, people who work for Virgin are happy. They enjoy working for Virgin. They don’t like leaving Virgin.答:好吧,调查结果如果很好,总是让人高兴的。我当企业家已经有快50年了,所以也学到了不少东西。我觉得总体来说,在维珍工作的人都很快乐。他们喜欢为维珍工作,也不想离开维珍。When I fly, I often get the sense that people are unhappy working in the airline industry.问:坐飞机的时候,我总觉得航空业的人都不快乐。It’s not necessarily the staff’s fault they’re disgruntled. They’re not given the tools to do the job properly. For example, if somebody wants a kosher meal and it’s not on the plane, the crew member has to explain that to the passenger, and the passenger takes it out on the crew member. If that happens day after day, you soon turn a friendly person into someone defensive and unfriendly.答:有情绪不一定是机组人员的错。并没有可以让他们自动完成好工作的工具。比如说,如果有人想要犹太餐,飞机上没有,空人员就得向乘客解释,乘客就会拿这个空人员出气。如果这样的事经常发生,你很快就会从一个友善的人变成一个戒心强、不怎么友好的人。You’ve floated the idea of starting a “Kids’ Cabin.” When can we expect it?问:你想过设立“儿童舱”的主意,什么时候能实现呢?We’re still pushing regulators to allow us to do that. They’re nervous that if there’s an incident, you know, parents are going to be running in one direction and kids in another direction. We’ve been flying for 30 years without an incident. And in any event, we’ve got cabin crew to look after them. Have you got children?答:我们仍在致力于推动监管者,让我们能够实现这个想法。他们对此感到不安,因为如果发生事故,父母们会往一个方向跑,孩子们又往另一个方向跑。但我们飞行了30年都没有事故。如果真有什么事,机组人员会照顾他们的。你有孩子吗?I don’t. I’m one of those travelers who don’t want to sit next to little kids.问:没有。我是那种不希望和孩子坐在一起的乘客。O.K., perfect. We’ll put them in the back of the plane for you.答:太棒了。为了你这样的人,我们会把孩子放在飞机后部的。In the book, you tell a story about an employee at Virgin Records who stole from you. You didn’t fire him, and he went on to discover Boy George. Should managers follow your example?问:在这本书里,你讲了个故事:有个维珍唱片的雇员偷东西,你并没有解雇他,后来他发掘了乔治男孩(Boy George)。管理者们应该学习你的榜样吗?We hire a lot of ex-convicts, and not one of them has reoffended. They’re just human. I messed up with the tax man when I was a teenager, and I was given a second chance then. If I hadn’t had that second chance, there wouldn’t be 60,000 people working for Virgin today. We wouldn’t be going to space in a few months’ time. Second chances should be allowed. But, I mean, not always.答:我们雇过不少犯过罪的人,他们后来没有人再犯。他们只是普通人。我十几岁的时候曾经逃税,后来我得到了第二次机会。如果我没有得到这个机会,就不会有如今拥有6万名雇员的维珍公司,我们就不会在几个月之后登上太空。人们应该得到第二次机会。不过,这也不绝对。You asked Twitter to come up with potential titles for your book. I think my favorite was “I’m Considerably Richer Than You.”问:你在Twitter上向粉丝征集书名。我最喜欢的是《我可比你有钱多了》。Wealth is something that Americans dwell on. But most entrepreneurs don’t. They love to create things they’re proud of. And they hope that more money will come in than go out.答:财富是所有美国人都渴望的东西。但大多数企业家并不是这样。他们热衷于创造能让自己为之自豪的东西。他们只希望赚的钱比花的多。Was selling your record label to save the airline in 1992 a difficult decision?问:1992年你卖出唱片厂牌去拯救航空公司,这是一个艰难的选择吗?People thought we were absolutely mad taking our money out of a really successful industry and putting it into a very perilous industry. But it turned out to be the right decision.答:人们都觉得我们把资金从一个很成功的行业撤出来,投入一个非常危险的行业,这是发疯。但最后明这是一个正确的选择。Is Virgin Galactic’s maiden space voyage really going to happen soon?问:维珍公司的处女太空航行真的就快到来了吗?It has taken longer than we thought, but we have a date in mind.答:它花费的时间已经比我们预想的要长了。但我们心里有数。Do you worry that you’ve turned a trip to space, which costs 0,000, into just another luxury product?问:你推出的太空游开价25万美元,你会不会担心到头来它只会成为一件奢侈品?Not at all. If you go back to the 1920s, when aviation started, it cost the equivalent of about 0,000 to cross the Atlantic. Over the years, the price has come down. You’ve got to start somewhere.答:根本不会。回到20世纪20年代飞行事业刚刚开始的时候,飞跃大西洋需要花费相当于20万美元。这么多年来,价格下降了很多。总得有起步阶段。The British tabloids have been speculating about whether you would allow your pregnant daughter to travel to space or not. Would you?问:英国小报都在推测,你会不会让自己怀的女儿上太空,你会吗?My wife definitely would not allow my pregnant daughter to go to space. And in truth her father would not like to see his daughter in space right now. I think the pressure most likely wouldn’t be ideal for twins.答:我妻子肯定不会让我们怀的女儿上太空。说实话,她爸爸也不会让女儿现在就上太空的。我觉得太空的压力对双胞胎来说不是很理想。You’ve also looked into submarine tourism with Virgin Oceanic. Is that easier than going up into space?问:你还想过用“维珍海洋”开发潜水艇游?这是不是比太空游容易一点?It’s difficult. I mean, it’s easy to put — well, not easy — it’s easy-ish to put a lump of metal to the bottom of the ocean, hit the bottom, come back up again. But to get a submarine that you can see out of and can travel at the bottom, to build it strong enough to withstand 1,600 times the pressure of an airplane, that’s hard.答:这也很难,我是说,把一大堆金属弄到海下,触到海洋最底部,然后再回来,这很容易——好吧 ,也不容易,就是看上去容易一些。难的是怎样建一艘让人能看到外面的潜水艇,可以在海地旅行,让它结实到足以承受海底巨大的压力,这种压力相当于飞机所承受压力的1600倍。You could incorporate that into your Virgin cruise ships.问:你可以把它和你的维珍游轮结合起来。We may launch spaceships from our cruise ship. Who’s to know?答:我们也可以从游轮上发送太空船,谁知道呢! /201409/329420光明新区激光除斑多少钱

深圳市伊斯佑整形医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱深圳市中医院打玻尿酸多少钱 Searching for a new way to attack Ebola, companies and academic researchers are now racing to develop faster and easier tests for determining whether someone has the disease.为了寻找对抗埃拉的新方法,相关公司和学术研究人员正在竞相研发更快、更易判定是否感染埃拉的方法。Such tests might require only a few drops of blood rather than a test tube of it, and provide the answer on the spot, without having to send the sample to a laboratory.此类检测方法可能只需要几滴血,而不是整个试管,当场就可以知道结果,不必将样本送到实验室。The tests could be essential in West Africa, where it can take days for a sample to travel to one of the relatively few testing laboratories, leaving those suspected of having the disease in dangerous limbo.这种检测方法在西非可能是不可或缺的。西非的检测实验室相对较少,样本到达实验室需要几天的时间,致使那些可能感染疾病的人处于危险之中。Rapid tests might also be used to screen travelers at airports, providing a more definitive answer than taking their temperatures.快速检测的方法也可能用于机场对旅客的检测,结果会比体温检测更可靠。“There’s a great deal of interest in a technology that can screen large numbers of people from a finger prick in only a few minutes,” said Cary Gunn, chief executive of Genalyte, a company in San Diego that says its approach can do just that. “You can imagine testing an entire planeload of passengers and screening through them cost-effectively.”“大家对在几分钟时间内通过手指点刺对一大批人进行检测的技术有着浓厚的兴趣,”自称能够做到这一点的圣迭戈Genalyte公司首席执行官卡里·甘(Cary Gunn)说。“用低成本的方法对飞机上所有乘客进行检测是有可能的。”The World Health Organization is encouraging development of rapid tests, as is the federal government. The Food and Drug Administration is giving emergency authorization for use of qualified Ebola tests. On Oct. 25, it gave such a clearance for a one-hour test developed by BioFire Defense, although that test requires more than a few drops of blood and is typically sent to a laboratory. “It would have taken years to get this product approved through the traditional process,” said Kirk Ririe, chief executive of the company, which is based Salt Lake City and owned by the French diagnostics firm BioMérieux.像联邦政府一样,世界卫生组织(The World Health Organization)也在鼓励研发快速检测的方法。美国食品与药品(Food and Drug Administration,简称FDA)给予合格的检测方法紧急使用授权。10月25日,FDA给予BioFire Defense研发的耗时一小时的检测方法此类授权,尽管这种检测需要的不只是几滴血,而且通常需要将样本送往实验室。该公司首席行政官柯克·里利(Kirk Ririe)说,“传统的批准程序需要几年的时间。”这家位于盐湖城的公司归法国诊断公司生物梅里埃公司(Biomerieux)所有。Companies are hoping to get their tests into the field in Africa in the next few months, but it is not clear how many will be in time to make a difference in the outbreak. And some health specialists caution that while one company after another is announcing an Ebola test, there is little information about their accuracy.相关公司希望未来几个月在非洲使用他们的检测方法,但目前尚不清楚多大规模的检测才能及时阻止疫情的蔓延。一些卫生专家警告称,虽然一个又一个的公司公布了埃拉检测方法,但几乎有没有关于检测准确性的信息。Even in the ed States, delays can occur, with samples being sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta or some state public health laboratories.即便是在美国,也可能出现延迟,因为样本要被送到亚特兰大的疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC),或是其他州立公共卫生实验室。It took about two days for the confirmation that Thomas Eric Duncan was infected after his second visit to a Dallas hospital.达拉斯的一家医院在托马斯·埃里克·邓肯(Thomas Eric Duncan)第二次前往就医后,用了大约两天时间才确诊他被感染了。With flu season coming, hospitals might benefit from having a quick way to rule out Ebola for certain patients as their emergency rooms fill with people with fevers and other symptoms that overlap with those of Ebola.随着流感季节的临近,迅速排除某些病人感染了埃拉这个可能性的办法,可能会让医院受益。在流感季节,医院急诊室将挤满出现了发烧等和埃拉相同症状的病人。The standard testing technique for Ebola is known as reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, or RT-PCR. It amplifies the genetic material of the virus, allowing even tiny quantities to be detected. It is very accurate if done correctly.标准的埃拉检测技术被称作逆转录聚合酶链反应,简称RT-PCR。该技术会放大埃拉病毒的遗传物质,甚至还能探测到少量病毒。如果操作正确,这种技术非常准确。But PCR generally requires a tube of blood and is performed by trained personnel on a sophisticated machine. A test can take two to six hours or more and cost about 0.但聚合酶链反应通常要使用一管血液,并且要由训练有素的人员在精密仪器上操作。一次检测可能要花6个小时,甚至更久,花费大约是100美元(约合610元人民币)。BioFire’s FilmArray test, the one authorized for emergency use by the F.D.A., is a PCR test that can be done in one hour.BioFire公司的FilmArray检测也是一种聚合酶链反应,能在一个小时以内完成检测。该技术得到了FDA的应急授权。More than 300 hospitals aly have one of BioFire’s ,000 machines, which they have been using to test for other diseases. Now they can test for Ebola on site, though positive findings are supposed to be confirmed by the C.D.C.已有300多家医院配备了该公司价值3.9万美元的仪器,不过它们一直被用来检测其他疾病。现在,它们能现场检测埃拉,尽管呈阳性的检测结果需得到CDC的确认。A BioFire machine is in a special isolation ward used to treat Ebola patients at Emory University Hospital, and an instrument was delivered to Bellevue Hospital Center in New York after Dr. Craig Spencer was admitted for treatment.在艾默里大学医院(Emory University Hospital),BioFire公司的一台仪器被安放在一间用于治疗埃拉患者的特殊隔离病房里。在接治克雷格·斯潘瑟医生(Craig Spencer)后,贝尔维尤医院中心(Bellevue Hospital Center)也配备了一台这样的仪器。What would be most valuable in Africa, some health specialists say, is a test that takes a few minutes, as the person awaits results, and costs a few dollars at most.一些卫生专家称,在非洲,可以在被检测人在场情况下几分钟内得出结果,而且最多只花几美元的检测,才是最具价值的。Various companies and organizations are working to develop such tests, including France’s Atomic Energy Commission, the Institut Pasteur, the German company Senova and the American companies Corgenix, NanoBioSym, Nanomix and others.包括法国的原子能委员会(Atomic Energy Commission)和巴斯德研究所(Institut Pasteur),德国的Senova公司,以及美国的Corgenix、NanoBioSym和Nanomix等公司在内的多家公司和组织,均在努力开发这类检测。“We have been working since March, shoulders against the wheel, to be y to roll these out in quantities that would make a difference in the outbreak,” said Dr. Robert Garry, a professor of microbiology at the Tulane University School of Medicine.“从3月份以来,我们一直在坚持不懈地努力,以便准备批量推出这种检测,这样疫情可能会有所不同,”杜兰大学医学院(Tulane University School of Medicine)的微生物学教授罗伯特·加里士(Robert Garry)说。 /201411/340988宝安区人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

深圳第一人民医院整形美容中心 A Cornell-educated artist and sculptor has come up with a highly bizarre, but probably very effective, #39;personal space#39; creating dress.一位康奈尔大学的艺术家和雕刻家设计出了一个非常奇怪但或许又十分有效的能创造“私人空间”的连衣裙。Kathleen McDermott, who is currently based in Hong Kong, designed the motorized dress after experiencing repeated instances of men crowding her on public transportation networks.目前居住在香港的麦克德莫特,在多次经历公共交通网络的拥挤后设计出了这个伸缩自如的连衣裙。The ruffled pink and white creation doesn#39;t spring out suddenly in the fashion of an umbrella, as it looks like it might, but rather senses a looming presence, and slowly expands outwards.尽管长得挺像伞,但这个带褶皱的粉色加白色连衣裙并不会像伞一样突然撑开,而是在感受到周围的压力后缓慢向外展开。#39;So I began to look for ways women could take more ownership over their personal space in public.#39;“因此我开始寻求一些方法,可以让女性在公共场合保持一定的私人空间。”Ms McDermott built the dress herself and used #39;proximity sensors#39; to identify when a lurker gets too close for comfort, and plastic scaffolding within the garment to enable the hemline to expand.麦克德莫特女士亲手做出了这个连衣裙,她在裙子里用了“近距离传感器” 以防有不轨之徒过分靠近,并且在衣下安装了塑料架,确保裙边可以展开扩大。Most of us have experienced unwanted leering on the subway, but plenty have dealt with worse in busy, thriving cities around the world.大部分人在地铁里都有过被眼神挑逗的不愉快经历,但是在很多忙碌发达的城市里,很多人还遭遇过更糟糕的事。A survey two weeks ago conducted by the Los Angeles Metro system, which covers trains and buses, revealed that one in five riders say they#39;ve been sexually harassed in the past month.洛杉矶地铁系统在两周前进行的一个调查显示,在火车和公交上,每五个乘客中就有一个在上月受到过性骚扰。In Tokyo, the problem has become so alarming that their Metro system has introduced #39;women-only#39; cars on their trains during rush hour.在东京,这个问题已经严重到公交系统引进专为女性乘客在高峰期使用的公交。 /201406/304616深圳盐田区人民医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱宝安中心医院修眉手术多少钱



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