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China#39;s first domestically produced single-aisle passenger jet, the C919, is expected to take to the sky for its maiden flight on Friday, as the country endeavors to meet soaring domestic travel demand and break the global market duopoly of Boeing Co and Airbus Group SE.在国内旅游需求不断上升急需满足,以及波音公司和空中客车集团垄断全球航空市场的环境下,中国首架自主生产的单通道喷气式飞机C919预计在本周五进行首飞。The debut flight is set to take place at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, subject to weather conditions, the C919#39;s Shanghai-based manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, said on Wednesday.中国商飞公司(C919飞机制造商,总部位于上海)周三称,飞机首飞地点定于上海浦东国际机场,但不排除受天气条件影响顺延。Soon after it was established in 2008, COMAC began the research to develop the twin-engine C919, which would be used for medium-haul flights with 158 to 174 seats. It is expected to compete with the updated Airbus A320 and the new-generation Boeing B737.中国商飞公司于2008年成立,之后不久,就开始着手研发双引擎C919飞机,以期为备有158-174个座位的中程航班务。研发人员希望C919能够与空中客车集团新型A320飞机和波音公司新一代B737飞机形成竞争。China has its own military and regional aircraft manufacturers, and the development of the airplane serves as a key index to assess the country#39;s industrial and technical manufacturing capacity.中国已经拥有了自己的军用飞机和线飞机制造商,此架飞机的研发成为衡量中国产业和技术制造水平的一个重要指标。;The first flight of the C919 signals that China will be able to make a significant breakthrough for the country#39;s civil aircraft manufacturing industry, and it could have the opportunity to break the monopolies of Boeing and Airbus,; said Lin Zhijie, an aviation industry analyst and columnist at Carnoc.com, a large Chinese civil aviation website.航空业分析家、民航资源网(国内大型民航类网站)专栏作家林智杰说:“C919飞机的首飞是一个信号,这意味着中国将在国产民用飞机制造业实现重要突破,中国将有机会打破波音公司和空中客车集团的垄断。”Despite the promising future, Lin said the C919#39;s entry to the market won#39;t occur soon. The date it goes into operation is expected to be between 2020 and 2022.尽管前景广阔,但林智杰认为C919不会很快进入市场,预计投入运营的时间应该在2020年到2022年之间。So far, COMAC has received 570 orders for the C919 from 23 clients, including domestic airlines such as the State-owned Air China, China Southern and China Eastern; and private airlines Hainan Airlines and Sichuan Airlines. China Eastern will be the first to take delivery.截至目前,中国商飞C919已经接到了来自23家客户的共570架订单,其中包括一些国内航空公司,比如中航、南航以及东航等国企,以及海航、川航等私企。商飞公司将首先向中国东航交付飞机。Overseas orders account for about 10 percent of the total, including airlines from Germany and Thailand and others from the Asia Pacific region and Africa.海外订单大约占据了总订单的10%,其中有来自德国、泰国、亚太地区和非洲的航空公司。Boeing earlier predicts that China will need 5,110 new single-aisle airplanes through 2035, accounting for 75 percent of the total delivery for China from global aircraft manufacturers.波音早先预计,中国到2035年将新需5110架单通道飞机,占中国对国际飞机制造商总需求的75%。;While the program has faced its share of challenges-like any development program of this size-the results speak for themselves,; said Steven Lien, president of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific, one of the C919#39;s suppliers.霍尼韦尔航空航天集团亚太区总裁史蒂文?利恩说,“就像其他同规模的研发项目一样,C919也面临着自己的挑战,但是结果会说明一切。”该集团是C919供应商之一。;The C919 is a sleek, modern and efficient airplane. It is y to compete on a global scale, heralding China#39;s ambitious plans to grow and develop its domestic air transportation industry with the help of international partners.;“C919飞机造型优美时尚,乘客搭载量高,完全有实力在世界范围与对手竞争。这表明了中国计划在国际合作伙伴的帮助下培养发展国产航空运输产业的雄心。”COMAC said last week it has started the research to develop a widebody commercial jet with Russia for delivery within 10 years.中国商飞公司在上周称,他们已经在和俄罗斯合作,共同研发宽体商业飞机,预计10年内投产。 /201705/507691。

  • For weeks, Facebook has been questioned about its role in sping fake news. 几个星期以来,Facebook一直因其在假新闻传播过程中扮演的角色而遭到质疑。Now the company has mounted its most concerted effort to combat the problem.目前,该公司正采取步调最为一致的行动来解决这一问题。Facebook said Thursday it had begun a series of experiments to limit misinformation on its site. Facebook周四表示,公司已经着手推进一系列试验性举措,旨在遏制其网站上虚假信息的传播。The tests include making it easier for its 1.8 billion members to report fake news, and creating partnerships with outside fact-checking organizations to help it indicate when articles are false. 这些试验包括:让其18亿名用户可以更加容易地举报假新闻,并与外部事实核查机构建立合作关系,以便及时就内容虚假的文章做出提示。The company is also changing some advertising practices to stop purveyors of fake news from profiting from it.此外,该公司正在改变某些广告业务惯例,为的是防止假新闻供应者从中获利。Facebook is in a tricky position with these tests. 开展这些试验的Facebook处境颇为尴尬。It has regarded itself as a neutral place where people can freely post, and view content. 它一直将其网站视作一个中立的地方,人们可以在上面自由地发布、阅读和观看内容。But as its reach and influence have grown, it has had to confront questions about its moral obligations and ethical standards regarding what appears on the network.但随着它的传播范围和影响力与日俱增,它不得不面对与出现在其网站的信息有关的道德义务和伦理标准问题。Its experiments on curtailing fake news show that Facebook recognizes it has a deepening responsibility for what is on its site. Facebook开展的这些旨在遏制假新闻传播的试验表明,它意识到自己对出现在自家网站上的内容负有深切的责任。But Facebook is wary of exposing itself to claims of censorship.但Facebook颇为谨慎地避免宣称这是在进行审查。We really value giving people a voice, but we also believe we need to take responsibility for the sp of fake news on our platform, said Adam Mosseri, 我们非常珍视的是,给人以发声渠道,但我们也认为,我们需要对假新闻在自家平台上的传播负起责任,Facebook负责信息流业务的副总裁亚当#8226;莫塞里(Adam Mosseri)表示。a Facebook vice president who is in charge of its News Feed, the company’s method of distributing information to its global audience.该公司通过这项业务向全球受众推送信息。Fake news is not confined to Facebook, 假新闻不只存在于Facebook上。with a vast ecosystem of false news creators who thrive on online advertising and who can use other social media and search engines to propagate their work. 假新闻制造者已经形成了一个巨大的生态系统,他们靠在线广告发展壮大,可以利用其它社交媒体和搜索引擎推广他们的作品。Google, Twitter and message boards like 4chan and Reddit have all been criticized for being part of that chain.谷歌(Google)、Twitter以及4chan、Reddit等论坛都是这个链条上的一员,也都因此受到了批评。Still, Facebook has taken the most heat over fake news. 不过,Facebook承受了假新闻问题所引发的大部分愤怒。The company has been under that spotlight since Donald Trump was elected president. 自从唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)当选总统以来,该公司一直处于聚光灯下。Trump’s victory led people to focus on whether Facebook had influenced the electorate, especially with the rise of hyperpartisan sites on the network and many examples of misinformation.特朗普的胜利导致人们聚焦于Facebook 是否曾影响选民,尤其是利用其网站上出现的一批党派色极强的专页以及许多虚假信息来施加影响。Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, has said he did not believe the social network had influenced the election result.Facebook的首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)表示,他并不认为Facebook影响了大选结果。 /201612/484256。
  • When I finished journalism school, more than a few years ago, I was given a certificate entitled “Training for Truth”. There has long been a strongly held — but, to many, overblown — belief that the media is the fourth estate. Its purpose is to speak truth to power.多年前从新闻学院毕业时,我获得了一份标题为“为真理而学”的书。长期以来,有一种根深蒂固(但对于很多人而言有些夸张)的观点:媒体是第四权(fourth estate)。其宗旨是不畏权势讲真话。We could endlessly debate how well the media has performed that function. It might take us even longer to agree a satisfactory definition of truth. But for most of the postwar era, the mainstream media in the Anglo-American world has helped shape the political debate by creating a common national narrative.对于媒体在履行这项职能方面表现如何,我们可以无休止地一直辩论下去。要给真理下一个令人满意的定义可能需要更长时间。但对于战后多数时期而言,英美主流媒体通过创建一种共同的国家叙事帮助塑造了政治辩论。Now, we are told, the atomisation of traditional media and the sp of social networks has meant we all live in our own “filter bubbles”. Technology has eaten the truth. We live in a post-truth world in which we can ignore the facts we do not like and tap into any personalised narrative that we desire.如今,我们被告知,传统媒体原子化以及社交网络的蔓延意味着,我们都生活在我们自己的“过滤泡沫”中。科技吃掉了真理。我们生活在一个后真理世界,在这个世界里,我们可以忽视自己不喜欢的事实,转向我们喜欢的个性化叙事。Yet if there is no agreed basis of truth then it is hard to arrive at democratically settled conclusions. As we have seen during the debate on Brexit and in the US presidential campaign, much political argument consists of simply talking past your opponent to appeal to your own data-determined electoral demographic. Experts are dismissed as frauds. Demonstrable lies have no impact or consequence.然而,如果没有约定的真理基础,就很难通过民主过程得出结论。正如我们在英国退欧辩论以及美国总统竞选中看到的那样,很多政治争论在本质上只是不理会对手的主张,迎合你自己的、由数据决定的选民群体。专家被斥为骗子。可明的谎言没有任何后果。Yet the strange paradox of our times is that the truth — however defined — has never been easier to unearth or disseminate. Data are ubiquitous. Life is on the record. Claims and counterclaims can instantly be checked. Technology should at least hold part of the solution.然而,我们这个时代的奇怪矛盾是,发现和传播真理(不管多么定义)从来没有像现在这样容易。数据无处不在。生活得到全程记录。声称和反声称可以在瞬间得到检查。科技应至少在一定程度上提供解决方案。Exhibit A supporting the hope that technology can help societies recreate an accepted truth is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Its mission is to give everyone on the planet free access to the sum of human knowledge in their own language.人们希望科技能帮助社会重建受到公认的真理,撑这种希望的一号据便是在线百科全书维基百科(Wikipedia)。其使命是让地球上的所有人自由获取以本国文字编写的人类知识。Wikipedia has become such a routine part of our online lives that it is hard to believe it was founded only 15 years ago. Its growth has been remarkable. The non-profit-making collective of tens of thousands of active Wikipedians has created more than 40m articles in 250 languages. With 500m unique users a month, it is one of the top five most visited websites in the world.维基百科已成为我们在线生活中习以为常的部分,以至于我们很难相信它是在短短15年前创建的。它发展迅猛。这个由几万活跃的维基百科编辑组成的非盈利组织创造了250种文字的4000万篇条目。每月独立用户为5亿,它是全球访问人数最多的5大网站之一。Its volunteer contributors stick to a neutral point of view and agree among themselves what constitute reliable sources. Academic studies have found that Wikipedia is generally as accurate as professionally edited encyclopedias and has massively more articles.维基百科的志愿贡献者严守中立观点,并约定什么是可靠来源。学术研究发现,维基百科与专业编辑的百科全书一样准确,而条目多得多。Check out the entries on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and you will find them to be studiously neutral with more than 1,200 footnoted references between them.看一看与唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)和希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)有关的条目吧,你会发现其内容被严格保持中立,总计有超过1200个参考文献注脚。Wikipedia does, though, possess some glaring flaws. Its contributor base is 85 per cent male, leading to some skewed subject selection and other biases. Entries on male authors tend to be longer than those on female authors, for example.然而,维基百科确实具有一些明显的缺点。其贡献者85%为男性,这导致出现了一些不公平的主题选择和其他偏见。例如,有关男性作家的条目篇幅往往长于女性作家。Those devious enough to do so can game the system by poisoning the sources on which Wikipedia relies. The constant re-editing of some entries also means that they can forever remain a work in progress: US President George W Bush’s entry has been edited more than 45,000 times. Truth on Wikipedia is always a malleable commodity.那些足够狡猾的人可以通过毒化维基百科所依赖的来源来操纵这个系统。一些条目的重新编辑也意味着,它们可能永远是一项进行中的工作:美国前总统乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W Bush)的条目被编辑了逾4.5万次。维基百科上的事实永远是一种可塑的商品。At a recent FT125 Forum event, Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, said that one of the “super fascinating” aspects of the community was how it tended to bring people together when there were serious disagreements rather than forcing them apart.在最近的英国《金融时报》125(FT 125 Forum)论坛上,维基百科创始人吉米.威尔士(Jimmy Wales)表示,维基社区“超有趣”的一面是当出现严重分歧时,它往往会把人们聚在一起,而不是迫使他们分开。For instance, Ukrainian and Russian Wikipedians, who have written radically different interpretations of the conflict between their two nations, recently met in Kiev to understand their respective views. “It will take some time before they come to a consensus view but we are trying,” he said.例如,乌克兰和俄罗斯的维基百科编辑(他们对于两国之间冲突的解读截然不同)最近在基辅会面,以交换观点。他表示:“他们要达成共识需要一段时间,但我们正在努力。”Mr Wales said the site was relatively impartial because it had shunned advertising. Wikipedians wrote entries according to the subject’s interest rather than from any impulse to chase clicks. “We all know that the DNA of any organisation tends to follow the money.”威尔士表示,这个网站之所以相对不偏不倚,是因为它没有广告。维基百科编辑根据主题的兴趣(而不是追求点击量的驱使)去编写条目。“我们都知道所有组织骨子里都倾向于向钱看。”Wikipedia’s model has enabled it to create a “temple of the mind”, says its founder but it has resulted in a “terrible, terrible business”, dependent on voluntary contributions. Can others invent more robust platforms?维基百科创始人表示,它的模式令其能够创建一个“思想殿堂”,但结果是一家“很糟糕的企业”,依赖自愿捐赠。其他人能发明出更稳健的平台吗?It is said that there are only two forms of innovation: unbundling an industry and rebundling it. The mainstream media has been unbundled but Wikipedia has shown a different way to rebundle our collective intelligence.据说,只有两种创新形式:拆散一个行业和对其再捆绑。主流媒体已被拆散,但维基百科展示出了一种不同的重新打包人类集体智慧的方式。The truth is out there. The bigger question is: do we want to hear it?真理就在那里。更重要的问题是:我们想听吗? /201610/472894。
  • A U.S. man who found 300 letters to God floating in the Atlantic Ocean said on Friday he will donate them to a church instead of selling them on eBay following protests from religious people.The letters, sent to a deceased(1) Baptist(2) clergyman(3), mysteriously wound up(4) in a sealed plastic shopping bag near a beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Bill Lacovara, an insurance adjuster from Ventnor, New Jersey, said he waded out(5) to get the bag while on a fishing trip last week.The letters were addressed to the Rev.(6) Grady Cooper of Jersey City, New Jersey, who died in 2004. Someone cleaning his house may have discarded(7) the bag, which Lacovara found about 100 miles (160 km) from Cooper's residence.They include one from a teen-age girl asking God to forgive her for having an abortion(8), one from a prisoner who said he was innocent and wanted to be at home with his family, and one from a man who wanted God's help winning the lottery, according to media reports.Lacovara said he could have auctioned them off on eBay for up to ,000 (7,889 pounds) and would have given the money to charity. But he has withdrawn them from the online auction service because he said the move offended some religious people."There were a lot of religious fanatics(9) that were very insulted," he told Reuters. "They said they were disappointed in me, and I didn't want to do something that's going to create bad vibes(10)."Some urged him to burn the letters, throw them back in the ocean or give them to a church, Lacovara said.Lacovara said about a dozen clergymen have offered to take the letters, and he is evaluating the requests to make sure the letters don't fall into the wrong hands. 一位美国男子在大西洋中捡到300封给上帝的信。本计划在易趣上拍卖这些信件,但由于受到宗教人士的抗议,上周五他宣布会将信捐赠给教堂。这些信被放在购物袋中,是寄给一个已故浸信会牧师的,竟神奇地出现在新泽西亚特兰大附近的海滩上。新泽西文特诺保险理算员比尔·拉克维拉说他上周去钓鱼的时候发现了这个袋子。收信人是新泽西的格莱迪·库珀,已于2004年逝世。可能有人在清理他的房间的时候丢掉了这包信,拉克维拉捡到信的地方距库珀的居住地仅为100英里(160公里)。据报道称,其中一封信来自一位十几岁的小姑娘,祈求上帝原谅她做了堕胎手术; 一封来自一名囚犯,他说自己是无辜的,希望能和家人在一起;还有一封信请求上帝帮助他赢票。拉克维拉说他本能在易趣上以1万5千美元高价拍卖,然后将所得款捐赠给福利机构。但是他取消了在线拍卖,因为他说这个行为使一些宗教人士十分不满。他对路透社说:“很多狂热宗教徒感觉受到侮辱。他们说对我感到失望,我不希望这件事情使我们之间产生隔阂。”拉克维拉说有些人让他烧掉信件,重新扔回大海或者捐赠给教堂。拉克维拉说大约有十几个牧师请求带走信件,他依然在研究这些请求,以免信件落入“坏人”之手。 /200805/39780。
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