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Today in History: Sunday, October 14, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月14日On Oct. 14, 1947 Air Force test pilot Charles E. Yeager became the first person to break the sound barrier when he flew the experimental Bell X-1 rocket plane over Edwards Air Force Base in California.1947年10月14日,空军试飞员查尔斯·伊格尔驾驶试验机贝尔X-1 喷气式飞机飞过加利福尼亚州爱德华兹空军基地,成为第一个打破音障的飞行员。1066, Normans under William the Conqueror defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings.1066年,在黑斯廷斯之战中诺曼人在征者威廉下打败英国。1890 Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th president of the ed States, was born in Denison, Texas.1890年,美国第34任总统艾森豪威尔在得克萨斯州德尼逊出生。1910 Hall of Fame UCLA basketball coach John Wooden was born near Martinsville, Ind.1910年,名人堂加州大学洛杉矶分校篮球教练约翰木出生在印第安纳州马丁斯维尔附近。1933 Nazi Germany announced it was withdrawing from the League of Nations.1933年,纳粹德国宣布退出国际联盟。1944 German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel committed suicide rather than face execution for allegedly conspiring against Adolf Hitler.1944年,德国陆军元帅隆美尔自杀死亡,而不是因涉嫌密谋对付阿道夫·希特勒面临死刑。1960 Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy suggested formation of a Peace Corps during a talk at the University of Michigan.1960年,民主党总统候选人约翰·肯尼迪在密歇根大学谈话中建议成立一个和平队。1964 Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.1964年,民权领袖马丁·路德·金获诺贝尔和平奖。1968 The first live telecast from a manned U.S. spacecraft was transmitted from Apollo 7.1968年,美国载人航天器第一场电视直播在阿波罗7号直播。1977 Singer Bing Crosby died at age 73.1977年,歌手Bing Crosby去世,享年73岁。1979 Hockey Hall-of-Famer Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers scored the first of his record 894 goals in a home game against the Vancouver Cancucks.1979年,爱民顿油人队曲棍球名人堂成员韦恩·格雷茨基在对阵温哥华Cancucks打进了他894分记录中的第一球。1986 Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate Elie Wiesel was named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.1986年,大屠杀幸存者和人权倡导者Elie Wiesel获诺贝尔和平奖。1987 A 58-hour drama began in Midland, Texas, as 18-month-old Jessica McClure slid 22 feet down an abandoned well at a private day care center.1987年,在得克萨斯州米德兰开始的一个58小时戏剧中,18个月大的杰西卡·麦克卢尔在一个私人日托中心跌入22英尺的深井。1990 Composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein died at age 72.1990年,作曲家导体雷昂纳德·伯恩斯坦逝世,享年72岁。1991 Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.1991年,缅甸反对派领导人昂山素季获诺贝尔和平奖。2006 The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose punishing sanctions on North Korea for carrying out a nuclear test.2006年,联合国安理会一致同意对朝鲜核试验进行惩罚性制裁。 /201210/203670

How To Travel Alone on HowcastDon’t let the lack of a traveling companion stop you from seeing the world. Sometimes it’s more fun to explore on your own.别让缺少旅行伴侣妨碍你看世界。有时候自己去探索更有意思。Step 1: Plan aheadResearch your travel destination. Though spontaneity is one of the joys of solo travel, knowing a bit about where you’re going is key when you don’t have someone along to help figure out things like transportation. Pick a place that’s not too remote or couples-oriented.第一步: 提前计划搜索你的旅游目的地。虽然随其自然也是旅行的乐趣,但是知道你要前往的目的地的信息业很重要,尤其是当你没有人告诉你例如交通这样的事。选择一个不太遥远的地方或是东方往返旅行。TiP:Less developed countries tend to be good places to meet other solo travelers.小贴士:欠发达的国家是能遇到其他独自旅行者的好地方。Step 2: Get a roomConsider your hotel options. Less lavish accommodations are more likely to attract other single travelers who, like you, don’t have someone to split the cost of a room. On the other hand, you may feel safer in a higher-end hotel. Whatever you decide, make sure to reserve a room for your first night in town, when you’re apt to be jet-lagged and disoriented.第二步:预定房间考虑选择旅馆。不太奢侈的住所更容易吸引像你一样没人分担房费的旅行者。另一方面来说,在好的旅馆你会感觉到安全。无论你选择哪个,一定要在你到达小镇的第一晚,你预定好房间,那时你容易颠倒时差而且容易迷路。Step 3: Travel lightPack only as much as you can easily carry by yourself — preferably in one carry-on bag to minimize the risk of lost luggage. Leave expensive jewelry at home.第三步:轻装旅行只选些能随身携带的物品——最好能装在便携袋中来捡来丢失行李的风险。将贵重的首饰留在家里。Step 4: Stay in touchLeave your itinerary — or at least a general idea of where you’ll be — with a few loved ones. Take a copy of your passport with you, and leave them a copy as well as your credit cards numbers. E-mail yourself numbers to call if your cards are lost or stolen. If you’re traveling abroad, make sure your cell phone has international service.第四步:保持联系把留下你的旅行线路或是大体去的位置告诉你的朋友。带护照的复印件,把信用卡号也复印下。将你的卡号发到手机上,以防信用卡丢失或是被偷。如果你去国外旅行,要确保你的手机有国际务。Step 5: Blend inBlend in with your surroundings. If you’re in a foreign country, memorize a few key phrases and dress according to local fashion. Consider buying a few items that will help you look like a native.第五步:入地随俗入地随俗。如果你在国外,要记住一些重要的语言并按当地的习惯穿衣。可以买一些小物品,它们会让你看上去更像当地人。Step 6: Take a tourTake a walking tour, a cooking class, or some other activity; they’re great ways to meet other travelers. Consult a newspaper about local events, or ask your hotel to help you make arrangements.第六步:开始旅行开始徒步旅行,或参加厨艺培训或其他活动。这些都是能遇到旅行者的好途径。可以参阅当地的报纸或是让旅馆来帮你安排。Step 7: Eat outDon’t be shy about going to restaurants by yourself and chatting with other diners and waitstaff; a great way to do that is by eating at the bar. Having breakfast at your hotel and snacking at outdoor cafes are also conducive to making friends while munching.第七步:不要因为害羞而不去餐馆并和其他进残忍或是务员聊天。去酒吧吃饭也是种好途径。在旅馆吃早饭和在室外小餐馆吃小吃也是交朋友的好朋友。Tip:Though it’s tempting to hide behind a book or scribble in a journal, you’re more approachable if you forgo those things.小贴士:虽然看书或是写旅行日志看起来很诱人,但是如果你不做这些事你会感觉更自然。Step 8: Stay safeStay safe. Write notes and directions on index cards before you leave your hotel; if you must take out a map, do it discreetly. Avoid isolated areas and don’t tell strangers you’re traveling alone. Above all, trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, get out of the situation.第八步:注意安全注意安全。在离开旅馆前要在索引卡片晌写下便条和你去的方位。如果你需要拿出地图来查看,要谨慎。不要去荒无人烟的区域,不要告诉别人你是在独自旅行。总之,要凭你的直觉。如果感觉不对景,要尽快脱身。 Article/201009/114902

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