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Since it was launched in 2013, the anonymous application Yik Yak has sp across college campuses. Messages are sorted by geographic location and only posts within a mile and a half radius appear.So its perfect for saying what you want, about whom you want without anyone knowing its you, and that is posing problems and challenges for schools around the country.Director of Social Media at the University of Michigan Nikki Sunstrum says Yik Yak isnt the only anonymous app growing in popularity. She says most are text based and allow a freedom of speech you dont have on other networks.Sunstrum recently returned from the South by Southwest conference where she was able to talk to the co-founders of Yik Yak.She says they see the application as news and geography based first, and anonymity second. But Sunstrum says this view of the app is much different than how she has seen it used.;We see people spitting out anything they want with little consequences,; Sunstrum says.Michigan State University recently saw a shooting threat that was administered via Yik Yak. And Eastern Michigan University faculty members have expressed concern about Yik Yak creating an unsafe working environment when anonymous comments are posted about them even as they are teaching.Sunstrum says U of Ms social media office keeps track of apps such as Yik Yak have a sense of what is happening at the school. ;Were being proactive,; she says.With Yik Yaks rapid increase in popularity, Sunstrum says the co-founders are still working to address concerns, including changes to prevent threats, and reminders about using vulgar language.Users have a say in what gains popularity on the application, and if a message receives five votes against it the post is deleted.;What we see on campus is the community supports each other and thats probably why we havent had many large scale incidents,; Sunstrum says.201503/365899I just did that to freak you out.Im sorry.我就是想吓唬你们 抱歉了Welcome to tonights show.I think we have a great show this evening.Well see.欢迎来观看今晚的节目 今晚的节目真棒啊 走着瞧吧Whats that terrible tone?Oh,Im sorry.什么口气啊 抱歉了Youre supposed to back me all the way out here.we will,well have a great show.你应该绝对挺我的 说真的 节目肯定很棒A lot of fun stuff.Excellent show tonight.Oh,yeah.很多好玩的东西 今晚节目很棒 好耶That was a waste of time.What if I started doing that up top?Thats my new thing.真是浪费时间 如果我一开场就那么做呢 这是我的新表演Lots to talk about.Big,big day for Angelina Jolie today.很多话题可谈 今天是安吉丽娜·朱莉的大日子Did you hear the news?Ok,thats what Im here for.A woman over here went no,please tell me.大家听说了吗 好吧 所以我来给你们说了 那边有个女士 没有呀 说吧Today,Angelina jolie met with pope Francis at the Vatican.Thats cool.今天 安吉丽娜·朱莉在梵蒂冈觐见了弗兰西斯教皇 多酷啊After she left,Pope Francis was overheard saying damn!He said that,his eyes came out.她走之后 有人听到教皇说“美得冒泡啊” 他真这么说 眼睛都瞪出来了His pope hat spun around and came back down.Came back down again.Fun.教皇去嘚瑟了一圈 然后才回来 然后又回来了 好好玩Its true,Angelina Jolie met with Pope Francis.Long story short,she adopted him.真事哦 安吉丽娜·朱莉觐见了教皇 长话短说 她领养了他Yeah,true.she had everything but a pope.Now shes all set.真的哦 她什么样的孩子都有了 就差教皇了 这下全了201609/468183

You dont want to lose the whole world, right? - No.你不想失去全世界吧 -当然不But actually, you dont want to gain the whole world.但说真的 你并不想赢得全世界吧I love making babies. - I do, too.Julia. Julia.Sorry.Crazy.我喜欢造人 -我也是 茱莉亚 茱莉亚 抱歉 真是疯了I am not putting my money on the virgin.我可不太看好那位处女And ;The Bachelor; aird tonight at 8, sponsored by ;regret;.今晚8点将播放由;后悔;赞助播出的;单身汉;When we come back,Jennifer Aniston is gonna be sitting right in that chair.广告之后 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿会坐在那张椅子上My first guest is one of the biggest star in Hollywood,And she is absolutely brilliant in a new movie ;Cake;.今天第一位嘉宾是好莱坞最大牌的明星之一 而她将在新电影;蛋糕;中大放光Please welcome my friend Jennifer Aniston.Hi, lady.Now I cant see you anymore.欢迎我的朋友 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿 你好 亲爱的 现在我完全看不见你了You just blended in with the chair.I disappeared.你已经和椅子融为一体了 我消失了I just dont even know how where. Just the head right there.我甚至找不到你了 只剩下个头了Just the head. --- Just the beautiful head right there.只剩下个头了 -只剩下个美丽的脑袋Hi, Jenifer. --Hi Cuty.So today is Monday.你好 詹妮弗 -你好 亲爱的 今天是周一呀 /201512/416453

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