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A film about a man who spends his life trading blood cash, based on a novel by one of China most celebrated writers, has finally begun shooting nearly years after it was first announced. But it wont be a Chinese film.一部讲述一个男人卖血换钱的人生故事的电影终于开拍该片根据中国知名作家的小说改编,最初宣布拍片计划已经是年前的事了然而本片将不是一部中国影片Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, based on the 1995 novel of the same name by best-selling Chinese writer Yu Hua, began in the year 00 as a collaboration between Korean producer Ahn Dong-Kyu and iconoclastic Chinese director Jiang Wen.电影《许三观卖血记(Chronicle of a Blood Merchant)根据中国畅销作家余华1995年同名小说改编早在00年,韩国制作人安东圭(Ahn Dong-Kyu)就有意与中国导演姜文合作拍摄这部电影The novel, published in 1995, tells a story of Xu Sanguan, a farmer who discovers selling blood as a shortcut to providing a better life his family and becomes expert in gaming the system to squeeze every last yuan out of his veins. The story is mainly set in the 1950s and 1960s, when China weathered a terrible famine only to then be plunged into the turbulence of the Cultural Revolution.小说《许三观卖血记于1995年出版,主人公农民许三观发现卖血能让家人更快过上好日子,渐渐成了卖血“专业户”,竭尽性命拿血换钱故事时间设定在上世纪50至60年代,当时中国在经历了严重的 荒之后,又陷入了文化大革命的动荡之中Mr. Ahn, now the film co-executive producer, told China Real Time that he flew to Beijing to meet with Mr. Yu after he the novel Korean translation in 1999. He said he met Jiang Wen on Mr. Yu recommendation, and both decided to work together to make the novel a film.现担任该片联席执行制片人的安东圭对“中国实时报栏目”(China Real Time)说,在1999年阅读了韩文版《许三观卖血记后,他飞往北京与余华见面他说他在余华的推荐之下与姜文见面,两人决定合作将小说拍成电影But Jiang Wen became officially unable to direct films due to a 7-year ban imposed on him not getting permission from the Chinese government the film he took to Cannes, said Mr. Ahn, referring to Mr. Jiang Devils on the Doorstep, a film about Japanese soldiers invading a Chinese village during World War II that won him the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 00.但安东圭说,当时姜文因未经政府批准携片参加戛纳国际电影节(Cannes Film Festival)而被官方禁止拍片长达七年之久安东圭指的是姜文的《鬼子来了(Devils on the Doorstep),这部讲述二战期间日本军人进攻中国村庄的电影获得了00年戛纳国际电影节评委会大奖A spokesman Mr. Jiang declined to comment. Now back in the good graces of China film censors, the director is currently preparing a Gone with The Bullets, a 3D follow-up on satirical hit Let the Bullets Fly that is expected to hit Chinese theaters in December.姜文的发言人拒绝对此置评如今重获中国电影审查部门青睐的姜文目前正在筹备3D电影《一步之遥(Gone with The Bullets)该片是其年热门电影《让子弹飞(Let the Bullets Fly)的续集,预计将于月在中国上映Mr. Ahn said he later made inquiries unofficially to some Chinese regulators producing the film in China, but was rebuffed. He decided to make it a pure Korean production instead, shifting the story to Korea after the Korean War. ince Korea also experienced liberation, war and division, I found similarities in the sentiments of Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, he said.安东圭说,后来他曾非正式地向一些中国监管机构打听在中国拍电影的情况,但遭到拒绝于是,他决定拍一部纯韩版电影,将故事背景改在朝鲜半岛安东圭说,由于朝鲜半岛也经历了解放、战争和分裂,他捕捉到了一些与《许三观卖血记类似的情结Mr. Ahn has tapped Ha Jung-woo, a Korean actor turned director, to helm the film and assembled cast of Korean film stars. The film, which bag shooting in June, is expected to be released by early next year.安东圭指定由演员转型做导演的河正宇(Ha Jung-woo)执导该片并为影片挑选强大的韩国影星阵容这部电影已在6月开机,预计明年年初上映Contacted by China Real Time, Mr. Yu seemed lukewarm about the film journey across the Yellow Sea . The Koreans are making it into a commercial film with huge investment, said Mr. Yu, adding that he was unaware it had started shooting. I dont have any expectations it at all, he added, saying he believed the story would be made into a Chinese film sooner or later.在接受“中国实时报”采访时,余华似乎对这部在黄海对岸的朝鲜半岛拍摄的电影感觉冷淡余华说,韩国人把这个故事变成了一部投资巨大的商业电影,而且他对于电影的开机毫不知情他补充说,他对这部影片没有任何期望,他相信这部小说将迟早会被拍成中国电影It not the first run-in with China film censors Mr. Yu, whose novels are larded with biting critiques of Chinese society. To Live, a film directed by famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou and based on Mr. Yu novel of the same name, was banned in China after a triumphant showing at Cannes in 199.对于余华来说,这并不是他所经历的第一次中国电影审查,他的小说大都夹杂着对中国社会的尖锐批评199年,根据余华同名小说改编并由中国著名导演张艺谋拍摄的电影《活着,在戛纳电影节上获奖之后在国内遭遇禁播News that Chronicle of a Blood Merchant is finally being made into a film has met with ambivalence in the Chinese film commy, where excitement at the prospect of seeing the story on the big screen has been tempered by frustration that it had to be made abroad. It a good news but also a sad, because China cannot make this film, Han Kaichen, a Chinese film producer, wrote on his verified Weibo .在经历多重曲折后,《许三观卖血记终于将被拍成电影在大银幕上映令人激动不已中国电影制片人韩凯臣在经认的微账户中写道:这是一个好消息,但不能由中国人自己来拍摄,这多少有些遗憾I hope the adaption wins the Palm dOr at Cannes and the Best eign Language Film at the Oscars, film critic Bi Chenggong wrote on his own Weibo feed. It would be a slap to the face of this country censorship system.影评人毕成功在微上写道,我希望该片能斩获戛纳金棕榈奖和奥斯卡最佳外语片奖这将是给予中国审查制度的最大羞辱Despite the sensitivities surrounding the project, Mr. Ahn hopes this film can be released in China. This film that I am making has nothing that will violate the current Chinese censorship rules, he said, describing the movie as a story about a generation past that had to overcome hardships. Isnt China living in an era where it possible to look back at its hard past as just a memory?尽管敏感因素很多,安东圭仍希望这部电影能在中国上映他把电影描述为一个上一代人在绝境中奋力克困难的故事他说,我拍这部电影没有违反中国当前的审查规则中国现在不是处于一个可以回顾以往艰苦岁月的时代吗? 3881

CCTV Spring Festival Gala May Remain the style of “Zero Advertising”年CCTV春晚将保持零广告插播形式Feng Xiaogang, a well-known Chinese film director, replaced Ha Wen to be the chief director of Chinese Central Television Spring Festival Gala. It is learned that the CCTV Spring Festival Gala may remain ;Zero Advertising;.冯小刚,以为著名的中国电影导演,取代哈文成为年央视春晚总导演据说今年春晚将仍保持零广告插播形式Feng Xiaogang participation makes people look ward to watching this brand new Spring Festival Gala. The public is curious about whether Feng Xiaogang, recognized as a director who can turn product placements into amazing box office, will keep the style of ;Zero Advertising;, which Ha Wen maintained in the previous galas.冯小刚的加入让很多人对新春晚的期待大增人们好奇的是总会把广告植入转化成奇异的票房收入的总导演冯小刚会否保持哈文在之前晚会中使用的“零广告”形式Ha Wen, who directed both and CCTV Spring Festival Galas, brought a new style of ;Zero Advertising; to the Spring Festival Gala. Back to three years ago, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala got its highest advertising revenue of about RMB 0.65 billion Yuan. After that, CCTV faced a storm of criticism and decided to carry out a plan of ;Zero Advertising; in the following CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Although it was not Ha Wen who first proposed the style of ;Zero Advertising;, it was she who best implemented the style. In and , Ha Wen clearly announced that CCTV Spring Festival Galas would not have any product placements. According to some media, the previous three CCTV Spring Festival Galas, which had no advertising, provided the public with ;pure; galas while making CCTV lose about RMB 1.75 billion Yuan.哈文,曾指导了和央视春晚,创造了“零广告”的春晚新形式回到三年前,年央视春晚创造了广告植入收入最高的记录,约6.5亿元在那之后,央视受到暴风一样的批评指责从而决定在接下来的年春晚发起“零广告”计划虽然不是哈文最先提出的“零广告”提案,但她却是落实的最好的那一个在年和年的春晚上,哈文明确宣布春晚不会有任何广告植入据一些媒体报道,之前三次“零广告”春晚虽然给大家带来了“纯净”的晚会却为央视带来了.5亿元损失According to the Peninsula Morning Post, CCTV Advertisement Department has recently held an inside meeting with its VIP advertisers, preparing the upcoming ;Prime-time Advertising Auction;. The department has aly promoted an advertising package CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which is only designed the advertising bee the Spring Festival Gala. The source emphasized that pre-advertising could not be understood as the advertising the Spring Festival Gala. ;Pre-advertising is bee the Spring Festival Gala. Every TV station has pre-advertising. We cannot associate pre-advertising with product placements in the Spring Festival Gala,; said the source. No product placement space has been promoted yet so far. There is reason to believe that CCTV Spring Festival Gala may remain the style of ;Zero Advertising;.据半岛晨报报道,央视广告部最近同它的VIP广告商们进行了内部会议,为即将到来的“黄金时段广告招标”做准备广告部已经筹划要加入一组在年央视春晚开始前播放的广告他们强调事先广告不会被理解为春晚广告“事先广告是在春晚开始前播放的广告每家电视台都有我们不能将实现广告同春晚广告植入联系到一起”直到目前为止还没有广告植入空间这是我们让我们相信年春晚将仍保持“零广告”形式的原因 63

Beer and fried chicken-this seemingly unorthodox combo has been the most sought after late-night snack recently in Yang Xiaoqian’s dormitory on the campus of Central China Normal University.炸鸡和啤酒,这个看似怪异的搭配,最近竟成了华中师范大学学生杨晓青(音译)宿舍里最受追捧的夜宵“All of a sudden, on the tables of many dorms and in Weibo and Weixin (or WeChat) updates, the combo went viral,” says Yang, 19, a Chinese literature major at the university in Wuhan, Hubei province.“突然间,宿舍的桌上、微和微信上,这种吃法一下子火了”华中师范大学中文系学生、19岁的杨晓青这样说道Thanks to a South Korean drama currently on air, Man From the Stars, this new mix-and-match junk food trend has become popular among young audiences, despite its unhealthy nature.因为正在热播的韩剧《来自星星的你的关系,这一垃圾食品的全新混搭组合尽管有害健康,但还是受到年轻观众的追捧Indeed, South Korean TV dramas, or K-drama short, have been a major ce in the South Korean pop-culture wave that has captured the hearts of young Chinese audiences.的确,韩国电视剧(简称:韩剧),已成为推动韩国流行文化潮流的主力军,成功虏获了中国年轻观众的心According to iQiyi, a website that features Man From the Stars, by Feb , the number of views the TV drama hit a whopping 370 million in China, where the drama claimed four out of five hot topics spots on TV and on Sina Weibo on the same day.来自播放《来自星星的你的视频网站爱奇艺的数据显示,截止到月日,该剧在国内的累计播放量达到3.7亿次,与此同时,电视和新浪微上五分之四的热点话题都被该剧占据Yan Feng, professor of Chinese literature at Fudan University, in an interview with Shanghai Morning Post, believes the new wave of South Korean drama is trying to attract a wider audience.复旦大学中文系教授严峰在接受《新闻晨报采访时表示,新一轮的韩剧风潮正在吸引更多的观众群体“It is interesting to explore what elements of those dramas appeal to audiences. It’s obviously more than just pretty faces and cool poses,” says Yan.严峰表示,“探寻这些韩剧走红的因素是个有趣的过程显然,韩剧的背后不仅仅是俊男美女和帅气造型”Echoed by audiences, culture critics, academics and insiders of the industry, youth fantasy, creative storylines, cultural proximity, and well-organized production all add up to K-drama’s recipe success, along with, of course, those handsome and cute faces dressed in the latest fashion trends.从观众、文化家、学者以及业内人士的口中我们可以了解到,青春幻想、创意剧情、文化相似以及制作精良都是韩剧的成功秘诀,当然,更少不了衣着时尚光鲜的俊男美女Pretty faces and fashion俊男美女与时尚的组合“Everyone fancies a perfect partner, handsome or beautiful,” says Zhou Ying, professor of TV production at Chongqing Technology and Business University. “The South Korean TV industry is feeding this need.” After Lee Min-ho entered the spotlight his hit show The Inheritors and appeared on CCTV’s annual Spring Festival gala, he became the most famous South Korean in China. Only weeks later, Kim Soo-hyun, lead actor in Man From the Stars, swept the country.来自重庆工商大学影视制作专业的周颖(音译)教授说:“每个人都幻想着完美的另一半,希望TA是俊男或美女韩国电视产业正是满足人们的这一需求”韩星李敏镐因热门剧集《继承者们而大放异后,又现身央视春晚的舞台如今他已成为中国最知名的韩星而仅仅几周之后,《来自星星的你主演金秀贤再次风靡中国“It reinces the fantasy among young people with faces designed viewers across the spectrum: the next door girl; the rebellious, sophisticated woman; the mature gentleman; little-brother faces. You name it,” says Zhou. “Idol making keeps updating the fantasies among fans and it intentionally caters to each generation’s tastes.”“剧中的人物满足了不同观众群的审美需求,从而进一步迎合年轻人心中的浪漫情节:邻家女孩;精干熟女;成熟绅士;正太面孔,总有一款适合你”,周颖说“偶像制造不断刷新着粉丝们的幻想,同时也刻意迎合着每一代人的喜好”Apart from pretty faces, fashion is another highlight of the series. Each time actors from the series wear a new set of outfits, similar clothes experience a sales spike online, according to Xiao Yi, a Taobao store owner based in Beijing.除了俊俏的面孔外,时尚是该剧的另一个亮点演员每次出场都如同“换装秀”来自北京的淘宝店主肖逸(音译)表示,同款衣在网上十分热销Zhou says that besides economic gains South Korean appliances, make-up, food and fashion items, those pretty faces are re-constructing South Korea’s national image.周颖认为,一方面韩剧带动了韩国家电、化妆品、食品和时尚用品的热销;另一方面,俊男美女们也重塑了韩国的国民形象“South Korea is imagined in accordance with those depictions in TV dramas, which is good national branding,” says Zhou.“人们会根据电视剧里的描写来设想韩国,这是很好的国家品牌宣传”周颖说Creative narrations创造性的剧情With love triangles, incurable diseases, and Cinderella tales, storylines in South Korean dramas may seem a bit commonplace. The Man From the Stars challenges this norm by integrating aliens and time travel into these existing narrations.三角恋、绝症、灰姑娘,这些韩剧剧情似乎显得太过老套了而《来自星星的你将外星人和穿越融入到剧情当中,颠覆了韩剧剧情的定式Peng Sanyuan, a Beijing-based screenwriter, says a focus on detail is a key factor in the success of these dramas.来自北京的剧作家彭三源表示,专注细节是这些剧集成功的关键因素“In order to accurately target audiences and find emotional resonance with them, more and more female writers are emerging in the industry,” says Peng about her experience of exchanging ideas with South Korean colleagues.彭三源谈起自己曾与韩国同事交流想法:“为准确定位观众,找到与观众的情感共鸣,电视编剧行业不断涌现出女性作家的身影”Ma Ke, from Sohu.com, compares K-drama and Japanese drama. “Dramatic twists are more frequent in K-dramas, while urban love stories, a common theme, are often innovated by, example, adding an alien,” says Ma. “That gives a sense of freshness to people who just want to know how everything is sorted out in such an impossible plot.”来自搜狐网的马可(音译)对韩剧和日剧进行了一番比较“峰回路转的剧情在韩剧中更常见,而都市爱情故事这个‘老生常谈’要想出新的话,就可能会加入外星人等元素,”马可说“这给人一种新鲜感,观众仅仅是想知道在如此不可思议的情境下剧情是如何发展的”According to both experts, South Korean writers somehow make sense of these plots, no matter how unlikely it seems.以上两位专业人士都认为,韩国编剧总是有办法让这些看似离谱的剧情变得合情合理 76593

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