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There was a small boy living on a farm, he needed to get up bee sunrise every morning to start his chores and out again later to do the evening ones.During sunrise he would take a break and climb up on the fence. So in the distance he could see the house with golden windows. He thought, how great it would be to live there! And his mind would wander to imagine the modern equipment and appliances that might exist in the house. He then promised to himself, “ some day I will go there and see this wonderful place.”Then,one morning his father told him to stay at home and his father would do the chores. Knowing that this was the chance, he packed the sandwich and headed acrossed the fields towards the house with the golden windows.As the afternoon went on, he begin to realize how he misjudged the distance and something else was very wrong. As he approached the house, he saw no golden windows but instead a place in bad need of painting surrounded by a broked-down fence.He went to the tattered screen door and knocked. A small boy very close to his age opened the door. He asked him if he had seen the house with the golden windows. The boy said, “sure, I know!” And invited him to sit on the porch. As he sat there, he looked back from where he just came, where the sunset turned the windows on his home to gold. 791Room The FutureAt the age of ty-five,my usually well-ordered life became fraught with changes.After twenty-two years of working a major financial institution,a downsizing initiative and a major bank merger resulted in the elimination of over one hundred jobs,mine being one of them.My once secure future became a fallacy.However,I was one of the lucky ones.I was not a single parent,nor dependent solely on my income,but just like the other ex-bankers,I had become a disposable employee,and a statistician.My mantra has always been,“change is good,change is progress,”but when it affected my livelihood,I had to revise it to,“accept change and make the most of it.”From the beginning,I chose to look at this occurrence not as a mistune,but as a welcome opporty.I refused to become depressed or bitter;instead,I eagerly anticipated doing something new and different.Having a positive attitude made all the difference in the way I perceived the future.First,I decided to return to college and graduate,several decades later than I should have.Doing this at my age took more than a little courage.Not being a graduate had never held me back in my career with the bank,but now it was a personal goal I longed to achieve.With a little trepidation and a lot of determination,I registered evening classes,and became an adult student.Oral presentations were often required one class.I remember thinking that if I had known this beehand,I would have taken something else to achieve my required accreditation.By nature,I am a rather reticent individual,and speaking in front of people terrified me.As I stood in front of the other adults with whom I shared a common goal,my knees were visibly knocking,and my heartbeat almost audible.Somehow,I found my voice and squeaked out my presentation.The next time it was easier,and soon,I was starting to enjoy it a little.Later in the year,I even voluntarily interviewed a local reporter an English assignment,much to the amazement of my teacher.My confidence level soared.Suddenly I felt like I could accomplish anything.During this time,I realized that no matter what life throws our way,personal growth never stops.It comes from within,and needs only to be challenged in order to surface.It is entirely possible to step out of one's comt zone to learn something new. My experience of going back to school ended up being far more valuable than just acquiring a diploma.The second thing I did to improve my inner self was to reevaluate my life.It used to be filled with endless,and sometimes meaningless,events.Now,instead of working towards materialistic things and personal glorification,my heart and life are firmly entwined around people I care .Yes,having a fulfilling career is important,but it is no longer my reason being.When I rejoin the “rat race”,it will be on my terms,as nurturing my soul is my first priority.Having simplified my life,I am enjoying living now,instead of just existing to make a living.Is there life after banking?You bet there is.The loss of my job was responsible some positive changes in my life.Revisiting the past made room the future.As I contemplate the meaning of my mantra,“change is good,change is progress”,I realize that I have accepted the change,and am making the most of it.And,I have only just begun.The best is yet to come.口语中最常用到的50个成语(3) -01-7 19:: 来源: 1. It's not my pigeon.[字面意思] 不是我的鸽子[解释] 不关我的事不是我的责任跟我没关系那家公司倒闭了?幸好我没买它的股票,倒就倒了吧,It's not my pigeon.. Keep your chin up.[字面意思] 抬起下巴颏[解释] 这是对处在困境中的人说的一句话是对别人的鼓励和关心,要他勇敢地面对困难,不要因为受到挫折而灰心丧气你的女朋友又找到新的男朋友了?没关系,Keep your chin up!3. Let bygones be bygones.[字面意思] 让过去的就过去吧[解释] 忘掉过去不愉快的事情我们俩有过不和的时候,但希望以后我们还是朋友昨天我跟你吵架了,今天我对你说:I am sorry we had a row last night. Let's become friends again and let bygones be bygones.. Like father, like son.[字面意思] 儿子像父亲[解释] 有其父、必有其子也可以说Like mother, like daughter.5. Little leaks sink the ship.[字面意思] 小漏洞会使一条船沉没[解释] 千里长堤,溃于蚁穴不能轻视出现的小问题,时间长了可能会引起大麻烦6. Love begets love.[字面意思] 爱可以带来更多的爱[解释] 情生情,爱生爱你不爱他,他就不会爱你希望你多给他些爱,这样他会更爱你,我们都应该记住:Love begets love. (Like begets like的意思是"有其因必有其果")7. Love is blind.[字面意思] 爱情是盲目的[解释] 情人眼里出西施究竟他为什么爱上了她?我是不理解,但谁也说不清爱情就是这样,正像人们常说的一样,Love is blind. 典出罗马神话,爱神丘比特Cupid用布蒙着眼睛,生有双翅,持弓箭,"爱情之箭"会盲目地射出. Love me, love my dog.[字面意思] 如果爱我,也应该爱我的[解释] 你要是爱我,那也应该爱我所爱的一切相当于汉语的"爱屋及乌"我离了婚,还带着两个孩子你说你爱我但两个孩子不能离开我,我认的就是Love me, love my dog这个理9. Mark my words![字面意思] 记下我说的话[解释] 给别人提出建议或警告,要别人你的意见办事我说的没错,相信我的话我知道这匹马能赢,你该把赌注下在这儿You will regret it if you don't put your money on this horse. Mark my words!30. Marriage is a lottery.[字面意思] 找对象是碰运气[解释] 婚姻要碰运气;婚姻就像买票很难说好女子就一定能找到好丈夫,或好男子就一定能碰上好妻子有不少人认为Marriage is a lottery. 常用 口语 意思 解释Everyday English每日会话:Vibes 音乐 -01-7 19::36 来源: Bobby: Kelly, can you turn the vibes up a little? Kelly: Sure, but it's aly pretty loud. Bobby: That's OK. I love to have loud music on when I am doing the housework. Kelly: Is that so you don't get so bored while you are washing and scrubbing? Bobby: That's absolutely right. Kelly: I hate chores as well, so maybe I will follow your example and get into some music. Bobby: You will find that the time just flies when you are listening to music while you work. Kelly: I should take some CDs to work with me then. Bobby: I don't think the boss or your colleagues would like loud music when they were trying to work! Kelly: Good point! I will leave the music at home. 鲍比:凯莉,你能把音乐放大声点吗? 凯莉:没问题,不过已经很大声了 鲍比:没事做家务的时候我喜欢把音乐放得很大声 凯莉:这么做是让你在洗洗刷刷的时候不那么无聊? 鲍比:对极了 凯莉:我也讨厌家务劳动,所以也许我应该像你那样听一些音乐 鲍比:你会发现一边劳动一边听音乐时间过得就是快 凯莉:那我应该带一些CD去工作 鲍比:我觉得你的老板或同事在工作的时候不喜欢听喧闹的音乐! 凯莉:有道理!我要把音乐留在家里------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Vibes: music 音乐 The nightclub played such great vibes that everyone was up and dancing all night long. 夜总会放的音乐棒极了,把每个人都调动了起来,跳了一夜舞 ) Housework: jobs to keep your home clean and tidy, chores 家务劳动:使家里保持干净整洁的工作,家务杂事 My mother hated the housework so much that she made my sister and I do it all. 我妈妈很讨厌家务劳动,她让我()和我做所有的事情 3) Bachelor: a guy who has not married 单身汉:还没结婚的男士 Some days I think that I will be a bachelor all of my life - I cannot find the right girl me. 有时候我觉得我要打一辈子光棍-我找不到适合我的女孩子 ) Stereo: music system usually including CD player, radio and speakers 立体声音响器材:音乐系统,通常包括CD播放器、收音机和喇叭 My father loved his stereo so much that he would never let me touch it. 我爸爸太爱他的立体声音响器材了,他永远都不会让我去碰它 Dialogue(对话) Jessie: Do you think that music can teach you something? Tina: What do you mean? Jessie: Can you learn lessons from the words of songs? Tina: I think so. Some songs have really nice lyrics that make you feel good. Jessie: I don't mean that. I mean do some songs have a strong message that you can use in your own life? Tina: I definitely think that some songs can help you in your life. Jessie: Do you know any examples? Tina: Easy. Where is your stereo? I have just the song you. 杰西:你认为音乐能教你东西吗? 蒂娜:你指的是什么? 杰西:你能从歌曲的歌词里学到东西吗? 蒂娜:我觉得可以有些歌曲的歌词就是棒,让你感觉很好 杰西:我不是这个意思我是指是不是有些歌曲里包涵有很棒的信息,让你可以在生活中使用? 蒂娜:我的确认为有些歌曲对生活有帮助 杰西:你可以举一些例子吗? 蒂娜:(这)容易,你的立体声音响设备在哪儿?我正好有一首好歌送给你 音乐 每日 nbsp thatWindflowers——Seals and CroftsWindflowers,Windflowers,My father told me not to go near them.He said feared them alwaysAnd he told me that they carried him away.Windflowers,Beautiful windflowers,I couldn't wait to touch them, to smell themI held them closely,Now I can not break away.The sweet bouquet disappears,Like the vapor in the desert,So take a warning sonWindflowers,Ancient windflowers,Their beauty captures every young dreamer,who lingers near them,But ancient windflowers, I love you. 738

Gerrymander:重划选区 -01-7 00::7 来源: 今天谈的gerrymander沿用了刚讲过的混合组词法,即gerrymander(改划选区,又名"蜥蜴脚尾"现象)--Elbridge Gerry+salamander,在这个混合词组中Elbridge Gerry(杰里)曾任美国副总统(18-18),而salamander则是一种极其丑陋的虫子,形似蜥蜴二者不幸结合,生成了一个极不光的政治词汇Gerrymander被发明之前,该词的使作俑者杰里时任马萨诸塞州州长,为了能让他所在的民主党在议会选举中获胜,杰里使用packing(集中选票)和cracking(分散选票)两种手法重新改划选区"集中选票"指把持共和党的选民纳入原属该党候选人票仓的铁票选区,使共和党浪费掉很多选票;而"分散选票"则是把持共和党的同性质的选民分割成若干不同的选区,票数分散无法产生应有的当选人这种伎俩后被肖像大师Gilbert Stuart(吉尔伯特·斯图尔特)以漫画形式再现了改划选区后的行政区图,并把这种salamander(看似蜥蜴)形状的选区分布起名为"Gerrymander",而此种不光的选举操作行为也被成为"蜥蜴脚尾"现象举个例子,用英语解释一下什么是gerrymander:There are two principal strategies behind gerrymandering: maximizing the effective votes of supporters, and minimizing the effective votes of opponents("蜥蜴脚尾"现象的两种主要策略是:最大限度增加本党有效选票的同时,使对手的有效选票达到最小化) 选票 选区 现象 共和党

8Bacteria 8 Bacteria Bacteria are extremely small living things. While we measure our own sizes in inches or centimeters, bacterial size is measured in microns. One micron is a thousandth of a millimeter a pinhead is about a millimeter across. Rod-shaped bacteria are usually from two to four microns long, while rounded ones are generally one micron in diameter. Thus if you enlarged a rounded bacterium a thousand times, it would be just about the size of a pinhead. An adult human magnified by the same amount would be over a mile(1.6 kilometer) tall. Even with an ordinary microscope, you must look closely to see bacteria. Using a magnification of 0 times, one finds that bacteria are barely visible as tiny rods or dots. One cannot make out anything of their structure. Using special stains, one can see that some bacteria have attached to them wavy-looking “hairs” called flagella. Others have only one flagellum. The flagella rotate, pushing the bacteria through the water. Many bacteria lack flagella and cannot move about by their own power, while others can glide along over surfaces by some little-understood mechanism. From the bacteria point of view, the world is a very different place from what it is to humans. To a bacterium water is as thick as molasses is to us. Bacteria are so small that they are influenced by the movements of the chemical molecules around them. Bacteria under the microscope, even those with no flagella, often bounce about in the water. This is because they collide with the watery molecules and are pushed this way and that. Molecules move so rapidly that within a tenth of a second the molecules around a bacteria have all been replaced by new ones; even bacteria without flagella are thus constantly exposed to a changing environment.细菌细菌是极其微小的生物体我们用英寸或厘米来测量自己的大小,而测量细菌却要用微米一微米等于千分之一毫米针头直径大约一毫米棒状细菌通常有~微米长,而圆形细菌的直径一般只有1微米,即使你把一个圆形细菌放大00倍,它也不过一个针头那么大可是如果把一个成年人放大00倍,就会变成1英里(或1.6公里)多高用一般的显微镜观察细菌时,你必须仔细观察才能看见它们使用0倍的显微镜时,你会发现细菌不过是隐约可见的小细棒或小点点,而它们的结构你却根本看不出来使用特殊的着色剂后,你会发现有的细菌上长着不少波状的"毛发"即鞭毛,而有的细菌只有一根鞭毛鞭毛的旋转可以推动细菌在水中行进不少细菌没有鞭毛,因而不能自己行进还有些细菌却能通过某些鲜为人知的机制沿物体表面滑动我们所熟知的世界在细菌眼中完全是另一个样子对于细菌来说,水就同糖浆之于人类一样稠密细菌是如此的微小,周围化学分子的一举一动都会对它们产生影响在显微镜下,细菌,甚至包括那些没有鞭毛的细菌,经常在水中跳来跳去这是因为它们与水分子相撞后,被弹向各个方向分子移动很迅速,仅0.1秒之隔,一个细菌周围的分子就会完全更新,即使是没有鞭毛的细菌也暴露在一个不断变化的环境中 681

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