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How do I prevent muscle loss after I stop weight training?如果我停止举重锻炼,应该怎样防止肌肉消失呢?The amount of muscle that you had gained during the time you were weight lifting or doing resistance training certainly will diminish over time if you stop doing that same activity. It needs that stimulus and also actually needs the breakdown of the muscle so that it can then be repaired the next night that you sleep and be built back up again with the aid of proper nutrition. If you do not stimulate the muscle to break it down so it will be re-built, gradually, over time, it will reduce in size, strength and performance. What#39;s interesting is that the neurological pathways you developed during the resistance training will still exist. They may be dormant to some extent but the initial pathways that you created and enhanced are still there, and that#39;s why you#39;ve heard the term muscle memory. It comes back even quicker the second time.如果停止举重或负重训练,在此期间积累起来的肌肉可能会随着时间的流逝逐渐消失。肌肉需要刺激,需要分解,你睡觉的第二天晚上在营养的帮助下会得到修补。如果你不刺激肌肉进行分解以促进肌肉的重新塑造,久而久之,肌肉的大小,力量和表现就会缩减。有趣的是,你在负重训练中锻炼出的神经通道还存在。神经反射可能在一定程度上会蛰伏,但是在训练中创造和增强的最初通道依然存在,这就是你听说的肌肉记忆。第二次锻炼的时候恢复的会更快。Thanks for watching How To Prevent Muscle Loss After You Stop Weight Training.感谢收看“停止锻炼后怎样防止肌肉消失”视频节目。 Article/201212/213324Louis#39; mistress Madame De Montespan路易的情妇德·蒙特斯潘夫人was aly married,已为人妇but that didn#39;t stop herspendingmost of her time with the King.但她并未因此疏远国王And he made sure she got the VIP treatment.路易也确保她受到最高待遇She had a suite of 20 rooms她拥有一栋20居室的套房whereas the Queen had to make do with 11.而皇后的套房仅有11个房间They were gorgeouslyappointed,这些房间陈设精美and he spent a lot of time in them.国王常常待在那里They included a bathroom - most unusual for the time,套房里有当时最特别的浴室in which apparently he and Madame De Montespan而国王显然在那里与蒙特斯潘夫人spent many happy hours.度过无数美妙时光Despite her elevated status,尽管蒙特斯潘夫人地位尊贵Montespan found it hard to share Louis,她难以与他人共享路易even with his own wife.即使是王后I don#39;t think she was really jealous of the Queen我想她其实并不嫉妒王后because after all she had everything因为 她很清楚of Louis#39; real love, and she knew it.自己毕竟已集万千宠爱于一身But I think she made scenes about the other mistresses,但随着时间流逝when they came along as the years passed.她常与国王的其他情妇争论不休And I think there are some men - possibly Louis among them -有些男人 包括路易who rather like it if a woman is jealous and shows signs of caring.喜欢女人吃醋并表现出关怀You know, she certainlycomplainedlike mad即使路易对他们之间if she felt he was straying并不正当的关系若即若离from what was in fact an illegitimate relationship.她也会发疯似的抱怨 Article/201203/176020法语单词“跑酷”意味着“移动的艺术”。这种艺术当前正在在河南省的年轻人中兴起。Parkour is a physical discipline that focuses on quickly navigating around, over and through obstacles. Born in France, the sport is now flowering in central China#39;s Henan province, where a group of young people are brought together by their passion for Parkour.The French word ;Parkour; means the ;art of moving.; And it#39;s an art these young people in Henan province are mastering with gusto.Parkour can be practiced pretty much anywhere, but these young people, like most practitioners of the sport, chose urban settings like the park because they provide plenty of structures to work with.Xiao An, Parkour enthusiast, said, ;At first I thought it was cool, and I liked the challenge. That#39;s why I#39;ve been in the group for 3 years now;Ban Wei, Parkour enthusiast, said, ;Parkour allows us to meet a lot of interesting people and become a team, and we’ve learned a lot from each other in the process.;The team now has more than a dozen members - drawn from a body of students as well as workers. If all goes according to plan, the sport will soon be one people all over China know and love. Article/201205/181989Turning back the clock doesn#39;t have to mean turning to expensive potion. Botox can freeze your face, but it can#39;t freeze time. If the fountain of youth were easy to find, we#39;d all be wrinkle-free, mentally sharp, and as active as ever well into our golden years. The reality, however, is that short of discovering a time machine, most of us have no clue how to keep the aging process from hitting us hard.让时光倒流并不一定意味着购买昂贵的乳液。肉毒杆菌可以冻龄,却不能冻时。如果青春之泉很容易被找到,那我们都会像黄金时代一样不长皱纹、思维敏捷、十分活跃。然而,现实却缺少时光机,我们大多数人都不知道该如何不被衰老困扰。The good news? There are plenty of virtually effortless ways to not only halt the aging process, but turn back time. We#39;ve rounded up some easiest ways to Benjamin Button yourself - no expensive interventions necessary.好消息?很多几乎毫不费力的方法不仅能阻止衰老过程,而且还能让你逆生长。我们归纳了一些最简单的方法,能让你返老还童--而且不用花很多钱。1. START YOUR DAY WITH AN OMELET1. 早餐从一个鸡蛋饼开始Start your day with a filling, high-protein omelet and enjoy younger-looking skin in no time. Eggs are a great way to load your diet with antioxidants of lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants, which have been linked to increased collagen production, helping you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that can age you.早餐从让你感到满足的高蛋白鸡蛋饼开始吧,不用多久,你的皮肤就会更年轻。鸡蛋是在饮食中加入叶黄素和玉米黄质抗氧化剂的好方法,这两种抗氧化剂与胶原蛋白形成量增加相关,有助于淡化使人变老的细纹。2. SNACK ON SOME KIWI2. 吃点猕猴桃Swapping out those refined sugar-laden treats in favor of kiwi can make your mind healthier in an instant. Kiwi packs tons of vitamins C, E, and folate, the combination of which has been linked to reduced Alzheimer#39;s risk by the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.把精炼的含糖零食换成猕猴桃吧,这样你的大脑能更健康,效果立竿见影。猕猴桃含有大量的维生素C、维生素E,两种维生素相加能减少患老年痴呆的风险,巴尔的莫纵向老化研究表明。3. USE SPINACH IN YOUR SALAD3. 在沙拉中加入菠菜Ditching that wimpy lettuce in favor of dark greens, like spinach, can reset your mental and physical clocks. Research published in Alzheimer#39;samp;Dementia reveals that leafy greens are an easy way to reduce your risk of Alzheimer#39;s disease, keeping your brain healthy and young.把无用的生菜换成深绿色的蔬菜吧,比如菠菜,这样可以重置你的身心时钟。在《阿尔茨海默症与痴呆症》杂志上发表的研究揭示:绿叶蔬菜是降低患阿尔茨海默症风险的简单方法,能保持大脑健康、年轻。4. ADD SOME INTERVAL TRAINING TO YOUR ROUTINE4. 日常生活中,间歇性地进行锻炼Eager to look and feel 10 years younger? Try adding some interval training to your routine. Research published in Cell Metabolism reveals that interval training works is uniquely effective at influencing the production of proteins that fuel your energy metabolism.特别想看上去再年轻10岁?那就试着在日常生活中间歇性地锻炼吧。《细胞新陈代谢》杂志刊登的研究表明:间歇锻炼在影响蛋白质分泌的过程中特别有效,蛋白质给予身体能量进行新陈代谢。5. ADD SOME GARLIC TO YOUR RECIPES5. 做菜时放些大蒜Make your recipes more flavorful and fight aging in the process by adding some garlic to your meals. Garlic is a good source of zinc, a deficiency in which research published in Pathobiology of Agingamp;Age-related Diseases can accelerate the aging process and increase inflammation throughout the body.想不想让饭菜既可口又抗衰老?那就在做菜时放些大蒜吧。大蒜是锌元素的良好来源,发表在《老化病理学及与年龄相关的疾病》(Pathobiology of Agingamp;Age-related Diseases)杂志上的研究表明:锌元素缺乏会加速老化过程、加重全身炎症。译文属 /201706/515466

g~8^)zVuxhzdq!m[9IjOQ(PJ+C0,z9ab]CBS(d[C.D#oCgkh|eDHundreds of miles to the south, a small plant is creating another economic boom. Cotton. But this one will eventually tear the nation apart.向南数百英里,一种小型作物正在创造另一种经济腾飞--棉花,然而这种作物也导致了后来的国家分裂HZaD]6jp.^oJGVO_7。Cotton is native to tropical regions, making the Southern states of the US a perfect breeding ground.棉花原产于热带地区,因此美国南部各州成为了理想的种植区yhz](gFSOa。The valued part is the soft fiber which grows tightly around the shrub#39;s sticky seeds.棉花有价值的部分是紧密地长在这种灌木黏性种子周围的柔软纤维W]YSg4V3+UxW。There are 30 species worldwide. Growing it is no problem, but processing the fiber before it can be spun into cloth is labor-intensive. Especially, separating the seeds.全世界有30个棉花品种,引进种植不成问题但是加工这些纤维并使之能纺织成布料则需要大量劳动力,特别是在除去棉籽时Efn5lJ2~wb[。For years, it could only be done by hand. One pound took an entire day.多年来,只能通过手工来完成仅分离一磅棉花就需要一整天的劳动dLVQbl@NX-si66。A simple patent filed on March 4, 1794, changes all that. The cotton gin. It automates the process and deeply divides the country.1794年3月4日,一项简单的发明改变了这一切--轧棉机,它实现了加工过程自动化,也加深了国家的分裂y1U|bWXQ8。The cotton gin transformed not only America, but the world.轧棉机不仅改变了美国,也改变了世界.mU*sZ*cpJk@9rMa~。The concept of mass production using a machine just exploded everywhere.利用机器进行大规模生产的理念从此开始在各地流行zZiixFq*c。One man can now process 50 times more cotton. Output skyrockets all over the South.一个工人现在能加工比从前多50倍的棉花,整个南方的棉产量因此突飞猛进yKScR2MDGeW-Vr%%t。In 1830, America is producing half the world#39;s cotton. By 1850, it#39;s nearly 3/4.1830年,美国棉产量占世界总产量的一半,到1850这一比例接近四分之三+.MU5wzPb%pkZd3|Gx。Called white gold, cotton supports a new lavish lifest yle in the South.被喻为;白色黄金;的棉花给南方带来了一种新式的奢华生活#cWf,j|TO)huw7w_。By 1850, there are more millionaires per capita in Natchez, Mississippi, than anywhere else on Earth.到1850年,密西西比州的纳奇兹市的人均百万富翁数量,比全世界任何一个地方都要多7~wvFoZlv*9Xo)[el(。The richest man in town owns 40,000 acres, nearly three times the size of Manhattan Island.城里最富有的人拥有4万英亩田地,几乎是曼哈顿岛的3倍大4(0W|g+6e07P*tLA。The South is thriving on the backs of human s owning other humans. It#39;s called slavery.南方的迅速繁荣离不开一种人剥削人的制度,也就是奴隶制2oXE.(uj@lrGvs3L。The North is implicated in the South#39;s success. The industrial North is profiting from Southern cotton, but turns a blind eye to slavery.北方也受到了南方繁荣的影响,工业发达的北方从南方的棉花中获益,而对奴隶制却视而不见4wyqFg3luu。Many of them slave owners themselves, the Founding Fathers assumed slavery would soon disappear.开国元勋中的许多人自己就是奴隶主,他们以为奴隶制会很快消失d#.fMbDc~C(fduZ+bX。Slavery has aly been abolished for 20 years in Britain and is outlawed across most of Europe. But with the cotton explosion, slavery becomes critical to the Southern economy.奴隶制在英国已经被废除了20年,而且在欧洲的大多数地区属于违法,但由于棉产量的剧增奴隶制变得对南方经济极其重要H(F50]7m-w!Bd*J[。H^qufCb,6[gFAKF_6+OQj;noAH#!7dtyud5jTmY.rq#p[Ly[Z /201210/202568

How to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable on HowcastIf you spend a lot of time in your office, it’s natural you’d want it to be as comfortable as possible. Consider several ways to brighten things up to sustain your output and energy.如果你要长时间呆在办公室, 想办公空间尽可能地舒适是情理之中的事。考虑下面的几种方法让办公空间亮丽起来以便保持你的工作和精力。Step 1: Eliminate clutterRid your desk and shelves of clutter that can stress, distract, or overwhelm. Organize to focus better.第一步:消除混乱清理好桌面以及令人压抑或分神甚至压到人的架子。要整理好以便你更好地集中精力。Step 2: Find good lightFind visual and lighting elements that make you feel good and that reflect the mood you want. Use natural light whenever possible to limit eye strain and elevate your mood.第二步:合理采光找到让你感觉舒适的视觉和光线元素,并让采光达到你想要的氛围。尽可能利用自然光来缓解眼疲劳,并让心情好起来。Step 3: Avoid painArrange the chair, desk, and computer screen to avoid neck, wrist, and head pain. Make enough space around the desk to allow more range of movement. Pick cabinets that won’t require you to strain to reach the shelves.第三步:避免疼痛椅子,桌子和计算机屏幕的安排要避免使脖子,手腕和头感到疼痛,桌子周围要留有足够的空间来让身体活动。选用那些不费力就能够到架子的陈列柜。Tip:Consider investing in an ergonomic chair which can reduce back and neck pain.小贴士:可以考虑买个能减少背痛和脖子疼的人体工学椅子。Step 4: Decorate for youDecorate your desk and walls with family photos, wall hangings, and attractive plants so that it bears your imprint. Make your workspace comfortably yours.第四步:装饰用家庭照片,壁毯和其他有漂亮的植物来装饰桌子和墙壁,这样能显示你个人的印记,让办公空间成为你自己的舒适的空间。Step 5: Add musicAdd a CD player if music helps improve your concentration and productivity, or listen to music through your computer.第五步:放些音乐如果音乐能提高你的注意力和工作效率可以添置一个CD播放机,或是用电脑来听音乐。Step 6: Spray aromasUse scented oils or sprays. Studies have found that lemon and lavender scents produce the most positive, calming results. Pretty soon, you’ll feel more comfortable at the office than at home.第六步:喷洒些香气使用芳香油或芳香喷雾剂。研究表明柠檬和薰衣草的香气能产生最积极的,让人镇定的效果。如此一来,很快,你在办公室会比在家感觉很舒适。 Article/201101/124729

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