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深圳市第一人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱深圳减肥中心Women Steer More Charitable Giving摘要:女性掌管着美国一半以上的财富,同时正将越来越多的钱投入慈善事业。Women control more than half of the nation's wealth, and are channeling more of that money into philanthropy.As affluent women take charge of family or business giving decisions, they are directing more donations toward historically underfunded causes. Some are joining forces to make their philanthropic dollars go farther.Last week, 100 wealthy women, including Jennifer Buffett, daughter-in-law of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, and Walt Disney Co. scion Abby Disney, said they would each give million or more to grant-making organizations focused on women and girls.As part of an initiative called Women Moving Millions, launched by sisters Helen Lakelly Hunt and Swanee Hunt in partnership with the San Francisco-based Women's Funding Network, more than 6 million have been pledged to benefit 43 organizations world-wide.A sizable group of women are 'waking up to the fact that we have the voice, power and money to bring to the table,' says Ms. Buffett, who heads the NoVo Foundation along with her husband, Peter.Propelled by a hefty 2006 pledge from Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. class B shares, the foundation focuses on causes that empower young women and girls. Peter and Jennifer Buffett are co-chairmen of the foundation's board, but Ms. Buffett oversees policy and program development and serves as NoVo's president.The economic clout is aly there: Women control almost 60% of the nation's wealth and 80% of purchases, while occupying about half of the managerial and professional jobs in the U.S., according to research from OppenheimerFunds Distributor Inc.The key for affluent women now is to recognize that ability, influence and access and do something with it, says Andrea Pactor, the associate director of the Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.Women are more likely than men to be donors to charity and give more than their male counterparts, particularly at the highest income range, she says. /200905/71292深圳宝安山根鼻小柱鼻基底鼻中隔哪家便宜价格 Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it. - Macbeth Act I Scene V看似纯真的花朵,花下却藏着毒蛇。——《麦克白》 /201104/132592深圳自体脂肪移植隆胸哪家医院好

深圳市妇幼保健院激光祛斑手术多少钱A man goes to church and starts talking to God.He says: ;God, what is a million dollars to you?; and God says: ;A penny;.Then the man says: ;God, what is a million years to you?; and God says: ;a second;.Then the man says: ;God, can I have a penny?; and God says ;In a second;一男子进入教堂和上帝对话。他问:“主啊, 一百万美元对你意味着多少?”上帝回答:“一便士。”男子又问:“那一百万年呢?”上帝说:“一秒钟。”最后男子请求道:“上帝,我能得到一便士吗?”上帝回答:“过一秒钟。”福田区中医院去痣多少钱 Would you describe yourself as ordinary, artistic, idiotic, or maybe something else? 你觉得自己是个普通青年、文艺青年、二逼青年还是别的什么青年? Over the past few days, the creation of a new word, which is a combination of three individual words, to describe Chinese youth has created a major buzz on the country#39;s leading social network websites. 近几天,一个用来描述中国青年的新词在国内主要社交网站上炸开了锅,该词其实由三个独立的词语组成。 ;Pu-wen-er;, which combines the abbreviations for putong (ordinary), wenyi (artistic) and erbi (idiotic), has become the hot new expression to describe China#39;s ordinary, artistic and idiotic youth. ;普文二;一词由普通、文艺和二逼这三个词组合而成,是近日网络上火爆的一个新兴说法,指的是中国那些普通、文艺而又二逼的青年人。 The three words, which allow three items to be humorously grouped together under the same category, has become hugely popular, as tens of thousands of young people rushed to tag themselves on the Internet. 这个词儿很诙谐地将三种青年归类到同一个标签下,广受欢迎。成千上万的年轻人纷纷在网络上给自己贴上标签。 It all started around Oct. 24 when a netizen named ;Daxian; launched a campaign on Douban.com to compare the differences between three kinds of young people. In just a few days, the campaign attracted tens of thousands of composite photos and phrases posted by netizens as they sought to interpret modern life through the younger generation#39;s eyes. 这一切都始于10月24日,网友;大仙;在豆瓣网发起活动来比较这三类青年的区别。短短几天,活动就吸引了十几万人参与,网友们用五花八门的合成图和段子诠释着当下青年们的现实生活。 The composite photos usually consisted of three images of a young person in his or her ordinary, artistic and idiotic forms, representing his or her ordinary characteristics, cultural sensibility and funny or socially awkward deeds respectively. 这些合成图通常包含一个青年的三种形象:普通、文艺和二逼,分别指代此人的普通属性、文艺范儿及;犯二;表现。 Netizens also posted composite photos of celebrities, animals, plants, cartoon characters and game characters with three apparent pu-wen-er statuses on social network websites. 网友们还在社交网站上贴出一些名人、动物、植物、卡通人物及游戏角色的合成图,来戏谑他们经典的三种;普文二;状态。 Similar to the photos, the phrases also attempt to describe the rosy, romantic mood of artistic youth and the humorous or extremely frank attitude of idiotic youth. 与图片类似,网上的一些段子也用以描述文艺青年的小资、浪漫情结以及二逼青年搞笑、过于直白而没心没肺的生活态度。 词汇点津:artistic 艺术的,风雅的,有美感的idiotic 白痴的,愚蠢的abbreviations 缩写 tag 尾随,紧随 /201111/161249深圳哪里有祛疤的整形医院

深圳中医院整形美容科什么是信任?享有务式公寓第一品牌的Oakwood亚太公司的50周年庆时以此为主题举办了面向亚洲业余摄影爱好者的摄影大赛。Trust is a smile.信任就是一个微笑。 /201102/126761 Albatrosses are easily caught, but captured birds are usually released, because of a superstition commonly held by sailors that killing an albatross brings bad luck. The superstition forms the theme of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In the poem Coleridge describes how the crew of a ship are punished by horrible sufferings and death after one of them kills an albatross.信天翁很容易捕获,但捕获后通常要放走,因为迷信的水手们认为杀死信天翁会带来厄运。英国诗人柯尔律治以此为主题写下他那首名诗《老水手的谣曲》(《古舟子咏》)诗里讲了一个可怕的故事。由于老水手杀死了一只信天翁,船滞留海上,水手们受尽折磨,悲惨地死去。 /200906/74007福田妇幼保健院口腔科深圳南山区人民医院祛眼袋多少钱



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