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深圳激光祛痣深圳光明新胎记褐青色痣太田痣鲜红斑痣多少钱Superheroes always acquire their powers at a price, usually having to endure pain and torture. The Flash, example, falls into a nine-month coma bee getting superhuman speed. But the price Daredevil pays is even bigger.超级英雄拥有非比寻常的能力,却也往往为此付出了代价他们不得不忍受痛苦、备受折磨比如,闪电侠在获得极速超能力前昏迷了整整九个月,而超胆侠付出的比这还要多The blind hero has become a hit on the small screen recently with self-titled drama series “Daredevil”, which premiered on Netflix on April and has surpassed House of Cards in popularity.月日,超胆侠同名电视剧在Netflix上一经播出,就大获成功、火热程度力压《纸牌屋As a child, an accident abnormally heightens Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) senses. He navigates the world by way of a sort of mystical sonar, listening in on people heartbeats to tell if theyre lying and using his gift to augment his balance and agility to superhuman levels. The consequence is he can never see again.(电视剧的主人公)马修·默多克(查理·考克斯 饰)因为儿时的一场意外,感官变得异常灵敏他能通过神秘的声纳成像洞悉世界,听心跳即可判断对方是否撒谎,他还拥有超乎常人的平衡力和敏捷度而拥有这一切的结果就是他永久地失明了However, he still tries to save the day.但是,他仍然在努力地拯救世界During the day, Murdock runs a law firm with close friend Franklin Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson). As a lawyer, he has to face the cruel reality that even the law cant sometimes right every wrong.白天,默多克和好友弗吉·尼尔森(埃尔登·汉森 饰)经营着一家律师事务所身为律师,他不得不面对有时法律也无法伸张正义的残酷现实At night he becomes Daredevil, wearing a red, horned and armored suit to fight crime and avenge his father, who was murdered after refusing to take a loss in a fixed boxing match.但是,每当夜晚来临,他就会戴上带角头盔、穿上红色制、全副武装,变身超胆侠,惩恶扬善、为父报仇他的父亲因为拒绝在拳击比赛中假输而惨遭杀害But among his other caped and super-suited counterparts, Daredevil abilities pale in comparison.但是与其他斗篷加身、装备超群的超级英雄相比,超胆侠的能力变得相形见绌Unlike Batman, who has a personal arsenal of advanced fighting equipment, and Spiderman, who can slingshot himself onto roofs and over walls, Daredevil relies mostly on hand-to-hand combat to survive. And sadly enough, in almost every episode of the show, we watch as he is badly battered by his opponents bee narrowly securing a victory.蝙蝠侠的“私人军火库”里满是先进武器;蜘蛛侠可以用蛛丝飞檐走壁;而超胆侠大多时候却是赤膊上阵更虐心的是,几乎在每一集我们都会看到超胆侠被对手打得遍体鳞伤,最后勉强获胜“He not super strong. He not invulnerable. In every aspect, he a man that just pushed himself to the limits, he just has senses that are better than a normal human,” Steven S. DeKnight, the show executive producer, told entertainment magazine Paste. “He is human.”正如《超胆侠的执行制作人蒂文·S·迪奈特在接受杂志Paste采访时所言:“他(超胆侠)并非强大无比、刀不入;说到底,他只是在努力超越自己的极限,拥有比常人更强的感官能力罢了他依旧是个普通人”But it this vulnerability that brought the show its loyal following.但是,超胆侠的脆弱却为这部剧带来了一大批忠实的粉丝“It dark and gripping, smart and sure-footed, and takes itself and its audience seriously while avoiding pretentious brooding,” wrote Jack Hamilton of Slate.com. “So far Daredevil is the best superhero television show Ive ever seen.”来自Slate.com的杰克·汉密尔顿就写道:“这部剧神秘又扣人心弦,充满智慧、节奏稳健;无论是对待自己还是观众都非常认真,从不故作深沉《超胆侠是迄今为止我看过的最好的一部超级英雄电视剧” 37深圳大鹏新区人民医院去眼袋多少钱 After he plumbed the direst depths of Gotham City in his “Dark Knight” trilogy and traversed multiple levels of consciousness in “Inception,” it seems the only place the filmmaker Christopher Nolan could go next was outer space. In his latest feature, “Interstellar,” an intrepid shuttle team slips the surly bonds of earth to search wormholes, black holes and planets beyond our galaxy; at the same time, the film is closely concerned with the pale blue dot the crew came from, which is rapidly becoming inhospitable to human life.在《黑暗骑士(Dark Knight)三部曲中探索过哥谭市最险恶的深渊,又在《盗梦空间(Inception)中跨越意识的多重层次之后,导演克里斯托弗·诺兰(Christopher Nolan)接下来能去的地方似乎只有外层空间了他的最新影片《星际穿越(Interstellar)讲的是一勇敢的太空队脱离了地球束缚,去寻找虫洞、黑洞以及我们的星系之外的行星,与此同时,影片也密切关注着这群人的家乡,那个宇宙中淡蓝色的小点,它正在迅速变得不适宜人类居住The starry cast features the newly minted Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey (“Dallas Buyers Club,” “True Detective”) as Cooper, a farmer and pilot tasked with ensuring humanity’s future; Anne Hathaway (an Oscar winner “Les Misérables” and a co-star of Mr. Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”) as Brand, a fellow explorer; and Jessica Chastain (an Oscar nominee “Zero Dark Thirty” and “The Help”) as Murph, Cooper’s earthbound astrophysicist daughter. Audiences can see exactly how these celestial bodies align when Paramount Pictures opens “Interstellar” (which cost a reported Since Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, the fashion ient both actors has gone up exponentially.   自汤姆·克鲁斯和凯蒂·赫尔姆斯喜结连理之后,这对时尚潮人的时尚指数亦是成倍增长 76 million) in Imax and other film mats on Nov. 5, and in wider release on Nov. 7.演员阵容群星荟萃,最新获得奥斯卡奖,在《达拉斯买家俱乐部(Dallas Buyers Club)和《真探(True Detective)中出演主角的马修·麦康纳(Matthew McConaughey)饰演库珀(Cooper),这个农夫兼飞行员的身上担负着人类的未来;凭《悲惨世界(Les Misérables)赢得奥斯卡奖,并在诺兰的《黑暗骑士崛起(The Dark Knight Rises)中饰演角色的安妮·海瑟薇(Anne Hathaway)饰演团队中的探险者布兰德(Brand);因《猎杀本·拉登(Zero Dark Thirty)和《相助(The Help)获得奥斯卡提名的杰西卡·查斯坦(Jessica Chastain)饰演墨菲(Murph),库珀的女儿,这是一位讲求实际的天体物理学家据报道,影片耗资1.6亿美元,由派拉蒙电影公司以Imax和其他格式推出,月5日首映,月7日大规模上映,观众们可以在片头看到这些明星们排成一队Ms. Chastain, Ms. Hathaway and Mr. McConaughey gathered recently to discuss the pathways that led them to “Interstellar” and the universes to which it introduced them. Together, they carried themselves less like a crew of seasoned, seen-it-all veterans than three guileless novices still acclimating to their mission and to one another. They kidded around, swapped notes on Mr. Nolan and their interpretations of the film, and apologized profusely their lack of Ph.D.s.查斯坦、海瑟薇和麦康纳最近聚在一起讨论了他们加盟《星际穿越的经历,以及这部影片向他们所展示的宇宙他们在一起,似乎不像是一群见多识广、成熟老练的资深影星,更像是三个诚实的新手,仍然要适应自己的的任务,也要适应彼此他们开着玩笑,交换对诺兰的意见和对电影的解读,为自己没有哲学士学位而诚恳道歉These are excerpts from that conversation.下面的对话经过节选Q. Did any of you grow up dreaming of someday becoming an astronaut?问:你们小时候曾经梦想过有朝一日成为宇航员吗?MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY I did not. I was very much, what’s happening on the ground was going to be enough. Until I made “Contact” [the 1997 movie about the search extraterrestrial life]. That made me actually wonder: “O.K., it’s not just what’s happening here, east, west, in front of us. You can look up. What’s the new frontier to the north?”马修·麦康纳:没有地面上发生的事就已经足够了我拍《超时空接触(Contact,1997年的影片,讲述寻找外星生命的故事)的时候就想:“好吧,这不是在东方,在西方,在我们面前发生的事你可以抬头看,北方的新边疆在哪儿?”JESSICA CHASTAIN I loved Princess Leia as a kid. I loved that she was so badass and took control. But I have no interest in being one of those people on the spaceships they’re advertising that go to the moon. No thank you. I’ll be one of those people that stays on Earth, eating corn.杰西卡·查斯坦:我小时候喜欢蕾娅公主(Princess Leia)我喜欢她的无法无天、对大局的掌控但我没想过成为广告里能登上月球的宇宙飞船上的一员不,谢谢,我喜欢留在地球上吃玉米花ANNE HATHAWAY When I was in fifth grade, my older brother asked me how I was doing in school, and I said I did just get a 5 on a math test. Later, I said I wanted to be an astronaut, and he said, ‘Well, you’re going to have to raise your math scores if you want to do that.’ Later in life, I discovered I do love science, and I do love physics. But I was really happy that in this film, I could still be bad at math and be an astronaut.安妮·海瑟薇:我上五年级的时候,哥哥问我在学校里做什么,我说我数学测验只得了5分后来我又说我想当宇航员,他说:“这个,那你可得提高数学成绩才行”后来,我发现我确实喜欢科学,我也喜欢物理但我很高兴,在这部影片里,我虽然学不好数学,但是也能当宇航员How were each of you approached by Christopher Nolan this film?问:你们是怎么被克里斯托弗·诺兰找来拍这部片子的?CHASTAIN I was in Northern Ireland, shooting a Strindberg adaptation [Liv Ullmann’s “Miss Julie”]. It was cold and rainy and miserable, and I got a call that Chris was interested in me. They flew someone from L.A. to Dublin, who then drove to Enniskillen and handed me a script. Bright red, headache-inducing pages.查斯坦:我当时在北爱尔兰,拍根据斯特林堡(Strindberg)的原著改编的电影(丽芙·乌曼[Liv Ullmann]导演的《朱莉[Miss Julie])那天很冷,下着雨,气氛惨淡,我接到克里斯的电话,让我很感兴趣他们派人坐飞机从洛杉矶来到都柏林,然后开车到恩尼斯基伦来给我送剧本纸页是鲜红色的,让人头疼HATHAWAY I went into the Nolans’ library and it. Kind of knew what I had just , but wasn’t entirely sure. Chris had invited me over a three-hour ing block, so I just went back to the beginning and it again.海瑟薇:我到诺兰兄弟的图书室去看了剧本我觉得能看懂自己读到的东西,但是不完全确定克里斯邀请我来参加三个小时的剧本朗读会,所以我又回到开头读了一遍McCONAUGHEY You it twice in three hours? It took me five and a half hours. [Laughter.] I was in New Orleans working on “True Detective,” and my agent said, “Christopher Nolan’s got a new project coming out, and he’s thinking of you — and some other people.” I went to Chris’s house, sat down about three hours. Basically talked about being fathers, talked about our kids. We laughed a lot and said goodbye. I remember walking back to the car going: “I know what that was. But what was that?” It was not specific at all.麦康纳:你在三个小时里读了两遍?我花了五个半小时(笑)我当时在新奥尔良拍《真探,我的经纪人说,“克里斯托弗·诺兰有个新项目,他想到了你——还有其他人”我去了诺兰的家,在那儿呆了大概三个钟头,主要是聊当爸爸的事情,聊我们的孩子我们大笑,告别我记得走进车子的时候说:“我知道这个是什么,但那个又是什么?”根本没有什么特别的What ultimately won you over?问:最后是什么让你们下了决心呢?McCONAUGHEY It had the things that I had loved about Chris’s earlier films. That epic scope and size, which I think you get from him better than any director I know of. But also, this one seemed more intimate. It was a very human and a very simple question of a parent and a child, a father and a daughter. The most extreme circumstance of, “What would you do if ...?”麦康纳:主要是因为我喜欢克里斯早期的电影那种史诗般的空间和广度,我觉得他比我知道的任何导演做得都好但也是因为这部片子看上去更个人化它是一个关于父母与孩子、关于父亲与女儿的问题,非常人性化,非常简单是那种“如果换了你会怎样……”的极端环境As a director, Mr. Nolan has to contend with costly set designs and elaborate special effects. How does he work with his actors?问:作为导演,诺兰得应付昂贵的场景设计和复杂的特效他和演员又是怎么合作的呢?CHASTAIN He allows room everyone’s process. In the scenes I did with Casey Affleck, Casey likes to improvise, and Chris was completely open to that. When I’d be working with Michael Caine, you went right by the lines. But you feel like Chris is the captain of the film. He knows what his movie is, and he’s going to help everyone find their own way there.查斯坦:他为每个人的发展留出空间在一场我和卡西·阿弗莱克(Casey Affleck)拍的戏里,卡西想即兴发挥,克里斯对此保持完全开放的心态我和迈克尔·凯恩(Michael Caine)合作的时候,就得完全部就班但你能感觉到克里斯是这部影片的领袖他知道自己的电影是什么样,他会帮助每个人在片中找到自己的方式HATHAWAY On my camera test [“The Dark Knight Rises”], I was wearing the [Catwoman] suit the first time, in front of everybody, and hadn’t quite gotten into the shape that I wanted, and just had a million things going on in my head, none of them terribly helpful. Chris came up to me and goes, “I just wanted to ask you, what’s your process like?” I had come off a few years of not unpleasant but not totally satisfying film experiences, and I’d gotten that you’re allowed to have a process. I just said: “You know, I’m not totally in touch with it. Can I get back to you?” I knew I was safe.海瑟薇:(给《黑暗骑士崛起)试镜的时候,我第一次当着大家穿那身(猫女的)戏,它不像我想的那么合适,我脑子里顿时涌起了一百万个念头,没有一个是有帮助的克里斯走到我身边说,“我想问你,你的流程是什么样的?”好几年以来,我拍片的经历虽然并不算是不愉快,但也不是完全满意,我都忘了你还可以有流程我说:“你知道,我穿着不太合适,能还给你吗?”我知道自己安全了McCONAUGHEY My favorite times with Chris would be when we’d move to a new set — we’re going into a wormhole, now we’ve got a black hole — to sit down and go over the rules of this world. What’s gravity now? What’s time? It’s 3 years per hour? Thirty percent more gravity? And sometimes he’d say: “I don’t know about that. I’ve got to give myself some time to get bored, and that’s when I’ll figure these things out.”麦康纳:我和诺兰合作最开心的时刻之一,就是我们进入到一个新场景——我们已经进入一个黑洞,又要进入一个虫洞——坐下来讨论这个世界的规则重力怎么样?时间呢?一小时相当于3年?重力增加30%?有时候他会说:“我不懂这个,我要花时间让自己烦一下,把这些东西想出来”Jessica, the space your character inhabits is, let’s say, discrete from Anne’s and Matthew’s. Did you get to interact with them on set?问:杰西卡,这么说吧,你的角色所居住的空间是和安妮的空间与马修的空间分离的那你在片场和他们互动吗?CHASTAIN The week when we were prepping the film, I was tagging next to Anne. I’m a little awkward sometimes.查斯坦:我们为影片做准备的那个星期,我被安排在安妮旁边有时候我有点笨手笨脚HATHAWAY You were not! You were charming as can be. You taught us all how to make a poached egg.海瑟薇:才不呢!你很迷人你教我们怎么做水煮蛋CHASTAIN I’d just finished cooking school. And that’s not nerdy? Come on.查斯坦:我刚上完烹饪学校这难道不呆子气吗?得了HATHAWAY I went home and tried it. I couldn’t make the whirlpool roll enough.海瑟薇:我回家试了我没法让蛋液充分转起来What did you gain from working with the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who was an executive producer on this movie?问:理论物理学家基普·索恩(Kip Thorne)是这部片子的执行制片人,和他一起工作你们学到了什么?McCONAUGHEY How great was it to see he had a sense of humor? He was just kind and dear. Nothing mathematical or stereotypically scientist about him.麦康纳:他有幽默感,真是太棒了他善良又可亲,一点也不像人们心目中那种数学家或者科学家的刻板印象HATHAWAY I was afraid he was going to make me feel dumb. But he doesn’t do that. His approach to it is always, “And....”海瑟薇:我担心他会让我觉得沉闷但他一点也不他总是说:“还有……”McCONAUGHEY That’s what I found about astrophysics. Everything you ask him, he goes, “Well, it’s not this or this. It’s both.” I was like, “Well, where’s the end?” He’s like: “That’s the point. There is no end. No answer you have in astrophysics should ever not lead to another question.” I was like, “You’ve got great job security.”麦康纳:我发现天体物理学就是这样的我问他的每件事,他总是说:“这个,不是这样或者那样,而是两者兼有”我说:“那么,最后结果呢?”他说:“这就对了,没有结果在天体物理学里,所有都会引出下一个问题”我说:“那你肯定不会失业的”“Interstellar” imagines a not-far-off future where science and engineering are not highly valued, and humanity has lost its pioneering spirit. Do those ideas have relevance outside the film?问:《星际穿越想象一个不久的将来,科学技术不再受到高度评价,人类失去了探索精神这些看法和电影之外的现实有关联吗?McCONAUGHEY Those parts of the film are very relevant today. If you’re looking at NASA, literally. This film challenges mankind, but at the same time has faith in it. It says: “Yes, there’s something outside there. Call it extraterrestrial, call it God, call it the Prime Mover, whatever.” But it loops right back and says: “Guess who’s responsible getting there, if we’re going to get there? You.”麦康纳:影片的这些部分和如今有着密切的关系这么说,如果你关注NASA的话这部影片对人类做出了挑战,但也对人类怀有信念它说:“是的,外面有些什么东西,不管叫它外星人还是上帝还是原动力”但它转了一个圈,又回来说:“你猜如果我们能到那里去,责任应该由谁来承担?是你”CHASTAIN We’ve aly done terrible things to the planet, and there’s no backtracking. Of course, I think space exploration is important, but I also wish that we would stop sticking our heads in the sand about what we’re doing to this planet. As great as those other planets were that you guys looked at, I really like this one. I’m more interested in doing what I can to make sure we can stay.查斯坦:我们对这个星球做了可怕的事情,这是不可逆的当然,我觉得星际探险很重要,但我也希望我们不要再忽视我们对这个星球所做的事情它和你们注视的那些星球一样伟大,我真的很喜欢它我更关心自己能够做些什么,好让我们能继续留在这里Did the experience of “Interstellar” make you think about what it means to be a parent or a child?问:拍《星际穿越的时候让你们想到了做父母或者做子女时的什么经历吗?McCONAUGHEY My largest reason, instinctually, why I wanted to do this was my son Levi. He got really into spaceships. “There’s the moon. We’ve been on the moon.” He’s like, “How?” Going back and having to explain things, even the basics of the solar system, kindled up a new imagination me.麦康纳:从本能出发,我拍这部片子最大的原因就是为了儿子利维(Levi)他真的很迷恋太空船“那是月亮,我们登过月”他说:“怎么登的?”回头去解释这些东西,甚至还有太阳系的基础知识,这为我点燃了新的想象CHASTAIN Chris is surrounded by his family. It really opened up my character in an unexpected way, when I saw Chris’s daughter on set. I had my own personal issues with father-daughter relationships that I could easily draw towards, but the production — the [code] name of it was “Flora’s Letter.” And when I was on set and I asked this sweet little girl, who was kind of shy, what her name was, she said, “Flora.” I realized, it was a letter to his daughter.查斯坦:克里斯被他的家庭围绕着我在片场见到了克里斯的女儿,这真的以意想不到的方式启发了我的角色在父女关系这方面,我有我自己感兴趣的个人问题但是这部片子,它的别名又叫《弗洛拉的信(Flora’s Letter)我在片场问这个有点害羞的可爱小女孩,她叫什么名字,她说:“弗洛拉”我明白了,这是他写给女儿的信Does it feel like science fiction is, a moment, moving away from alien invasions, toward humanistic stories of exploration and technology?问:是不是科幻电影片刻之间变得不再是关于外星人入侵,而是变成了人类探索与科技的故事?McCONAUGHEY Chris sort of trumped the stereotypical science-fiction film. It’s usually about doom, the end: If they come get us, we are gone. Chris has his wonderful, witty British cynicism, but he’s an absolute optimist. He’s challenging mankind. He’s saying the unknown — the ghost out there — whatever they are, they’re good, and maybe we can use them to get to the next place. He’s taking it a step further, in a life-affirming way.麦康纳:克里斯超出了那种刻板印象的科幻电影那种电影通常是关于宿命的,结尾是:如果他们来打我们,我们就完蛋了克里斯有他精、聪明的英国式愤世嫉俗,但他是个彻头彻尾的乐观主义者他在挑战人类他说,未知——就是世界之外的幽灵——不管它们是什么,它们是好的,我们或许能够利用它们进入下一个阶段他用肯定生命的方式更进一步Could any of you now operate a telescope if called upon to do so?问:如果有必要的话,你们会操作太空望远镜了吗?CHASTAIN They gave us telescopes. Did you get one?查斯坦:他们给了我们太空望远镜,你们有吗?HATHAWAY I did. I can’t make it work.海瑟薇:我有我还不会用CHASTAIN I can’t make it work either. It’s sitting on my windowsill. Someday, I’ve got to get this thing going. It just looks like a pervy New York telescope.查斯坦:我也不会用它就放在我的窗台上有一天我会用上它的它就像一个有点变态的纽约望远镜 6It’s annoying enough to write your idol and never get reply. So how would you feel if your admiring letter was ignored and thrown away like a piece of trash?给偶像写信,结果却犹如石沉大海毫无音信,这已经很让人恼火了若是那封饱含仰慕之情的信件不仅被无视,还被当做垃圾一样扔掉时,你会作何感想呢?That’s exactly what happened to millions of US country-pop singer Taylor Swift’s fans. They must have felt disappointed when they in the news that hundreds of unopened fan letters had been found in a trash bin in Nashville two weeks ago. The letters had been sent from all over the world, according to WKRN.com, the local news service in Nashville, Tennessee in the US.美国乡村摇滚歌手泰勒?斯威夫特成千上万的歌迷们就遭遇了这一幕两周前,在纳什维尔的一处垃圾桶里发现了几百封尚未开启的歌迷来信,想必泰勒?斯威夫的歌迷们看到这则新闻时一定倍感失望据美国田纳西州纳什维尔当地的新闻网站WKRN.com报道称,这些信件来自世界各地Taylor’s management team was quick to respond, saying that the letters had been thrown out by mistake.事后,泰勒的管理团队马上回应称这些信件是被误扔的“Taylor gets thousands of fan letters every day and they are delivered to her management office,” Swift’s spokeswoman Paula Erickson said in a statement. “After the letters are opened and , they are recycled.”“泰勒每天都会收到成千上万封歌迷来信,而这些信都被运往她团队的办公室,”泰勒的发言人保拉?埃里克森在声明中表示“这些信在开封、阅读后才被回收”Every fan secretly hopes that his or her letter will be personally and replied to. But dealing with piles of fan mail is a big burden most celebrities. Many of them, aware that their fans’ support is vital to their careers, hire others to and reply to fan letters them.所有歌迷都默默期盼着自己的信能被偶像读到、并亲自回信但对大多数明星来说,处理堆积成山的歌迷来信实在负担颇重很多明星清楚粉丝的持对自己的演艺事业至关重要,便雇人来替自己阅读并回复这些粉丝来信Sylvia Taylor has been running a fan-mail-answering service in Calinia since 1987. She told the B that she and her six staff members process up to ,000 items of mail a month on behalf of 6 celebrities. Typically, correspondence is acknowledged by a photo with a printed autograph.自1987年起,西尔维娅泰勒在美国加州开办了一家专门提供给粉丝回信务的公司她在接受B采访时表示,自己和手下6名员工每个月要为6位名人处理大概000封粉丝信件通常会回寄一张印有明星签名的照片作为对歌迷的答谢The relationship between the fan and the celebrity often exists only in the mind of the mer, says Lynn Zuberbis, an expert in the psychology of fandom at the UK’s West Chester University. It stems from a deeply-rooted human need commy and belonging.英国西彻斯特大学粉丝心理学专家林恩?祖比斯表示,明星与粉丝之间的情感通常只是粉丝们的“一厢情愿”罢了这源于人们群体感和归属感的本性“It’s not about the autograph. It’s about the moment of connection,” Zuberbis told the B.“这与亲笔签名无关,而是为了享有与明星沟通的瞬间”祖比斯在接受B采访时说道When a celebrity replies to a fan’s letter in person, it can be a powerful experience the fan. Writing on The Telegraph’s online blog, Nigel Farndale is nostalgic an era when celebrities took fan letters seriously.能够收到明星亲笔回信,对粉丝而言是个非常印象深刻的经历奈杰尔?方达尔在英国电讯报网站的客中写道,他十分怀念那个明星重视粉丝来信的时代Bill Wyman, the mer bassist of the Rolling Stones, example, used to write around a dozen letters a day in the 1960s. It passed the time when they were stuck on tour buses or waiting around hotels bee a concert.上世纪60年代,滚石乐队的前贝斯手比尔?怀曼曾每天回十几封信有时身在旅途巴士上,或者在演唱会前在酒店周围,他们通过这种方式来打发时间Replying to fans is a good long-term investment because it buys their loyalty, Farndale said. He wrote a letter to UK actor Stephen Fry when he was 19. To his surprise, Fry wrote back with a long and witty letter.方达尔说,给粉丝回信是一项不错的长线投资,因为这样可以换来他们的忠实追随他曾在19岁时写信给英国演员斯蒂芬?弗雷令他倍感惊喜的是,弗雷回复给他一封幽默风趣的长信“Whenever I see Stephen Fry being criticized in the press being pompous, or whatever,” Farndale says: “I always feel protective toward him.”方达尔说:“每当我看到媒体批评弗雷自负或其他什么,我总是会站在他那一边” 353深圳腋臭医院哪家好

深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院祛黄褐斑She made quite an impact with her eponymous fashion range and as Victoria Beckham prepares to turn 0 in April, Glamour magazine have celebrated some of her finest designs.维多利亚·贝克汉姆受人追捧,她创立的个人品牌同样也很受欢迎如今维多利亚将在四月迎来她的0岁生日,Glamour 杂志专门为她独设一个版面,用来刊登她的一些完美的设计作品The publication has put together a fun rainbow montage of 0 A-listers who have worn 0 of Victoria stunning dress designs.杂志特意策划了大片,0位明星大腕身穿维多利亚设计的裙子列队上镜,其队形以虹的变换颜色排列Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian are just some of the famous names who feature on the page.碧昂斯,凯莉·罗兰,詹妮弗·洛佩兹,卡梅隆·迪亚兹,奥普拉·温弗瑞和金·卡戴珊……刊登在杂志专页上的明星可不止这些哦Supermodel Naomi Campbell recently told You magazine that she a huge fan of the mer Spice Girl work.超级名模娜奥米·坎贝尔最近告诉You杂志,她是维多利亚设计的忠实粉丝I love Victoria Beckham dresses - I have many of them, as well as her jeans. I admire her work and she a great mother and good friend.“我超级喜欢维多利亚·贝克汉姆设计的裙子和牛仔裤,我有很多她设计的装我喜欢她的设计,她实在是太有才了,而且还是位好妈妈,我的好朋友”And Cheryl Cole also said: I think that what she has done is brilliant. Id love to do what she is doing.谢丽尔·科尔也评价说:“我觉得维多利亚的设计实在是太棒了,我超爱她这份工作”An interest in fashion clearly runs in the family, as Victoria eldest son, -yer-old Brooklyn, has made his modelling debut.显然维多利亚对时尚的爱好和天赋也影响了家人她的大儿子,岁的布鲁克林,也迈出了进军时尚界的第一步The teenager appears on the cover of Man About Town magazine in a black and white photo shoot which evokes the old Hollywood images of a young James Dean.这位少年为时尚杂志《Man About Town拍摄了封面照片,黑白照片让人联想起年轻时的詹姆斯·迪恩他好莱坞旧照 596深圳伊斯佑医院丰胸多少钱 深圳医院哪里割眼袋比较好

深圳市中医医院激光去胎记多少钱The fifth season finale of “Downton Abbey” tugged at many heartstrings, and we’re not talking about Lord Grantham’s mistaken case of angina. (Stop ing here if you wish to avoid spoilers.)《唐顿庄园第五季的最终集动人心弦,我们不是说格兰瑟姆伯爵被弄错的心绞痛(如果你担心剧透,就不要再往下看了)In one fell swoop, the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) abandoned any thought of rekindling a past infatuation with the Russian Prince Kuragin, and Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton) closed the door on her engagement to Lord Merton. Love bloomed in the servants’ quarters, where the stately Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) at long last proposed to the kindly Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan).老伯爵遗孀(玛吉·史密斯[Maggie Smith]饰),突然放弃了和俄罗斯克拉更王子爱火重燃的念头,伊莎贝尔·克劳利(Isobel Crawley,佩妮洛普·威尔顿[Penelope Wilton]饰)拒绝与默登爵爷订婚恋爱之花在仆人们当中盛开,庄严的卡森先生(Mr.Carson,吉姆·卡特[Jim Carter]饰)终于向和蔼的休斯女士(Mrs. Hughes,菲利斯·罗根[Phyllis Logan]饰)求婚These turns of fate, seen on Sunday’s installment of this PBS “Masterpiece” period drama, are only the latest to have been flung at the noble Crawleys and their household staff by Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer of “Downton Abbey.”PBS台每周日的“杰作”栏目都要播放《唐顿庄园这部时代剧,这些命运的转折便是剧中高贵的克劳利一家及仆人们最新的经历,该剧由朱利安·费罗斯(Julian Fellowes)担任主创和编剧Speaking by telephone from his home in Dorset, England, Mr. Fellowes discussed the developments of the past season and what the future might hold “Downton” and its characters. Here are edited excerpts from the conversation.费罗斯在英格兰多赛特家中接受了电话采访,谈起第五季剧情的发展,以及《唐顿庄园和剧中角色的未来下面是经过编辑和缩写的对话Q. The season finale brought resolutions to many of the show’s potential romantic pairings. How do you decide who gets a happy ending and who doesn’t?问:这一季的最后一集给剧中很多潜在的浪漫关系带来了最终结果谁能得到幸福,谁不能,你是怎么决定的?A. Happiness is quite a difficult concept when you have an ongoing drama. What you can’t do is have everything go right. Then you’re just left with a couple saying, “Did you have a good day, darling?” “Terrific, why don’t you sit down while I get dinner?”答:剧还在继续拍,所以幸福是一个很难说的东西你不能把一切都安排得那么好然后让一对情侣说,“亲爱的,你今天过得好吗?”“好极了,我吃饭的时候你就不能坐下来吗?”Q. So we shouldn’t assume it will all go smoothly Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson?问:所以休斯夫人和卡森先生之间也不可能一帆风顺了?A. Well, you know, “Downton” is a bumpy path. [laughs]答:这个,你知道,《唐顿庄园是一条坎坷的道路(笑)Q. Were there larger points you were trying to make with these couplings?问:通过这些情侣,你想表达的重点是什么?A. With Violet, what she enjoyed from seeing Kuragin again was that sense of being loved, of being a desirable woman. It reminded her of her great passion him when she was young, but also the nearness that she came to making a great mistake that would’ve wrecked everything. Isobel and Lord Merton, they’re very well suited, but when people are in love with each other and the children of one of them are being impossible, very often they do not understand how important this is going to be to their relationship in the coming years.答:对于维奥莱特来说,她与克拉更重逢时,内心更享受那种被爱的感觉,感觉自己是个妩媚动人的女人这让她想起自己年轻时对他的热情,但也让她想起,她差点犯下能毁掉一切的大错至于伊莎贝尔和默顿爵爷来说,他们俩非常般配,但当两人相爱,而他们某人的一个孩子却不能接受时,他们通常不能理解这对他们在未来几年里的关系有多么重要Q. After several tumultuous seasons, there’s still no closure Anna and Bates. Why do you torment them in particular?问:经历了动荡的几季,安娜和贝茨之间仍然没有结果你为什么要这么折磨他们A. I think in life there are people who are unlucky — the b always falls with the butter side down. Edith is an example of that. Bates and Anna have that, with a key difference, which is that they have a very strong love with each other. Anna is one of the most admirable characters in the series. She’s come from a tough childhood, we know now, and yet she hasn’t allowed it to distort her. We live in this great excuse generation, where nothing’s ever your own fault and everything’s always because someone was terrible to you. I think that our lives are the result of our own choices, and when I see that in action I really admire it.答:我想生活中总有那种特别不幸的人,他们喝凉水都塞牙伊迪丝就是一个例子贝茨和安娜也是,他们虽然深爱对方,但有着重要的分歧安娜是剧中最可爱的角色之一我们现在知道,她有非常艰苦的童年,但她并没有而变得性格扭曲我们是给自己找借口的一代人,一切都不是你的错,一切都是因为别人对你不好但我觉得我们的生活是由于我们自己选择的结果,当我看到这种例子,我真的格外敬仰Q. Is Tom Branson, who decided to move to Boston, gone from the series good?问:汤姆·布伦森(Tom Branson)要搬到波士顿去了,他会永远告别剧集吗?A. Oh, no, I never answer those questions. [laughs]答:不,不,我从来不回答这种问题(笑)Q. It can sometimes feel, week to week, that there are not many plot developments on “Downton Abbey,” and then there’s a tidal wave of them in the finale. Is this a deliberate strategy on your part?问:有时候,周复一周,人们会觉得《唐顿庄园里面情节的发展不太充分,然后最终集就掀起了惊风骇浪这是你故意采取的策略吗?A. It’s a reluctance on my part to allow a real — or realish — narrative to develop into a soap opera. A soap opera has many, many incidents. People are being shot and stabbed and knifed. They’re dying in childbirth, having abortions, having their houses broken into, being attacked by vandals. We do, on “Downton,” have extreme cases, but not very many of them. And we have a lot of reaction to them, because that seems to me truer to life. That’s what I would like to tell myself, anyway.答:我不太愿意在肥皂剧里采取真实或者仿真的叙事方式肥皂剧里会发生很多很多意外有人被打了,有人被刀子捅了人物死于生孩子、做流产、房子被抢劫、被流氓攻击在《唐顿庄园里确实发生了极端的事情,但并不算太多我们对此很保守,因为这对我来说是更忠于生活不管怎么说,我是这么告诉我自己的Q. This season, we saw Lady Rose’s Jewish suitor and his family contend with anti-Semitism. Was that plot inspired by real history?问:这一季,罗斯夫人的犹太求婚者和他的家人与反犹主义坐蔸正,这个情节是受现实历史启发吗?A. There was, here, at that time, a kind of universal, upper-class assumption of superiority. People didn’t mind if you came to their house or you shot their pheasants, you ate their dinners or went to their daughter’s dances. But, my God, they didn’t want you to marry her. I felt it as a Catholic when I was young. One of my first girlfriends was from a fairly senior Jewish family. They were a very nice family — I’m still friendly, actually, with the girl and her brother. But her parents wanted a Jewish husband. And it’s a very strange feeling when you realize that people don’t like you because of what you are.答:当时的上层社会有一种普遍存在的傲慢情绪人们不在乎你到他们的家里去、打他们领地里的野鸡,在他们家里吃晚餐或者参加他们女儿的舞会但是,天哪,他们不希望你娶他们的女儿我是个天主教徒,年轻时也感受到了这一点我的早期女友里,有一个人是来自很高贵的犹太家族他们是很好的一家人——其实我到现在和那个女孩以及她的兄弟还是朋友但她的父母想要个犹太女婿当你意识到人们是因为你的出身才不喜欢你,那种感觉的确很奇怪Q. Would Lady Cora — who we learned also has Jewish ancestry — have been able to avoid this?问:科拉夫人也有犹太血统,她能幸免于此吗?A. There were Jews who came over in the 19th century, who did incredibly well and joined the upper classes. I talked, when I was doing this story, to quite a lot of Jewish historians. I have one particular friend who said that wasn’t that unusual. If you were happy the children to be Episcopalian, then the marriage was fine. To a certain extent, that drawing-room anti-Semitism, if you can use the phrase, went on through the 1930s. But a lot of them, including relations of mine, were shocked out of it by the revelations at the end of the war [World War II]. Mind you, I would love to say to you it’s faded away. But I’m horrified by the rise of anti-Semitism that we’re witnessing today.答:19世纪,有些犹太人挺过来了,他们做得非常好,进入了上层阶级当我写这个故事的时候和很多犹太历史学家谈过我有个朋友,说这种情况其实不是那么少见如果你希望自己的孩子成为新教徒,那么通婚就不算什么在某种特定程度上,上流社会和反犹主义(如果可以用这个词)在世纪30年代一直盛行但其中很多人,包括我的亲戚们因为受到“二战”的启示,摆脱了这种想法告诉你吧,我本来很想说,这种思潮已经过去了但如今又看到反犹主义的崛起,我感觉很恐怖Q. Are you approaching your N drama, “The Gilded Age,” differently an American audience?问:对于你在N台的剧集《镀金时代(The Gilded Age),你有没有做什么调整来适应美国观众?A. I’m going to do the pilot this year. I’ve got a list of potential advisers, and I am a big, big fan of Edith Wharton and Henry James and that period of history after the Civil War — the Vanderbilts and the Whitneys and all of those people. As adapting what I write American audiences, American audiences have enjoyed “Downton.” I try and make TV shows that I’m going to want to watch. And when I’m ing it, I’m saying to myself: “Is this boring? Are you still enjoying this scene? Shouldn’t it be over by now?” [laughs] I can’t imagine my departing from that principle very far.答:我今年就要写试播集了有一大串人可能会给我做顾问,而且我非常非常喜欢伊迪丝·沃顿(Edith Wharton)和亨利·詹姆斯(Henry James),还有南北战争之后的历史——范德比尔特家族(Vanderbilts)和惠特尼家族(Whitneys)等等关于为美国观众的改变么,美国观众已经很喜欢《唐顿庄园了我努力写出我自己想看的电视剧集读剧本的时候,我对自己说:“这会不会乏味,你还喜欢看这一幕吗?是不是该结束了?”(笑),我不能想象自己会偏离这个原则太多Q. Are you starting to think about how “Downton Abbey” might end?问:你有没有开始考虑《唐顿庄园该结束了?A. It’s not really my decision. I don’t own “Downton Abbey” now. N Universal [which owns Carnival Films] owns “Downton Abbey.” So I could walk away, but I wouldn’t walk away. It’s too much my baby. It won’t go on ever — I’m not a believer in that. But I can’t immediately now tell you where the end will be.答:这其实不由我决定现在《唐顿庄园不归我所有它属于N环球(旗下拥有嘉年华电影公司) 所以我可以离开,但我不会离开它太像我的孩子当然它不会永远持续下去——我可不信但我现在不能马上告诉你它会在什么地方结束Q. So the idea of continuing with these characters into post-World War II Britain ... ?问:所以还会拍这些人物在“二战”后的英国……?A. me, that would be a different series. Maybe people would say, “Oh my God, that’s baby George, grown up!” But I don’t think it would be continuous, with Michelle Dockery with her hair covered with talcum powder.答:要我说,这应该是另一部剧集或许人们会说:“天哪,小乔治长大了!”但我不觉得让米歇尔·道克瑞(Michelle Dockery)染白头发有什么连贯性可言 36999 <牛人_句子>深圳宝安医院祛除腋臭多少钱深圳市蛇口人民医院激光去红血丝多少钱



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