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盐田区人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱深圳第二人民医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱76. It's supposed to... 应该······ 用法透视 该句表示"按道理讲应该......",可用来表达猜想或命令(相当于should)等含义。 持范例 1. He is supposed to arrive on the 5 o'clock train. 他应该乘五点的火车到达。 2. Summer is supposed to come during May. 夏天应该在五月来临。 3. It was supposed to be y last week. 这件事上星期就该做好的。 会话记忆 A: Hey, how was the show? 嗨,那场演出怎么样? B: Not great. It's a kind of boring. 不怎么样。有点乏味。 A: Really? I heard it was supposed to be great. 是吗?我听说它应该很棒的。 B: Yes, me too. But I'm disappointed. 我也这么听说。但我很失望 /200705/13511深圳打美白针多少钱 「美国习惯用语」第十四讲Sweeten the potThe cards are stacked against you打麻将是中国人发明的。像棋一般人总是认为是俄国人的游戏,虽然它实际上是古代波斯人创造的。美国人最普遍的纸牌游戏就是扑克,扑克牌游戏就像牛仔裤一样具有美国特色。那末,扑克牌游戏是怎么玩的呢?很简单,每次游戏开始,在发牌前,每个参加玩扑克的人都在牌桌中间放同等数目的钱。发牌以后,每个人再下赌注。发牌前每个人拿出来的钱和发牌后下的赌注都归游戏的获胜者。由于扑克牌游戏在美国人当中十分普遍,因此有许多牌桌上的语言逐渐就成了日常用语。例如:Sweeten the pot。Sweeten the pot 在牌桌上的意思是把赌注的总数加得高一些,这样可以对玩游戏的人更有吸引力。可是,这个词汇已经变成一个日常用语了。它的意思是:为了使一个提议更有吸引力而在原有的条件基础上再增加一些对对方有利的条件。我们来举个例子看看:例句-1: ;Miss Smith didnt want the job until the company sweentened the pot by offering her a higher salary and the use of a company car.;这句话的意思是:“施密斯本来不想要那份工作的。后来,那家公司提高了给她的工资,还给她一辆公司的汽车用。这样,她才接受了那个工作。”下面一个例子是关于房地产生意的:例句-2: ;Theyve built so many new office buildings here that they have trouble renting out all the space. So some landlords sweeten the pot; they offer a company six months free rent if it signs a three-year lease.“这句话翻译到中文的意思就是:“他们在这儿盖了那末多的办公楼,现在都租不出去。所以,有的房产主就设法增加一些吸引人的条件。他们对一个公司说,要是这个公司和他们签订一个三年的租房合同,他们就可以免交半年房租。”另外一个来自玩扑克牌游戏的词汇是:The cards are stacked against you。The cards are stacked against you。这句话是说,你处于很不利的情况下,成功的机会很少。下面的例子是说一个人受了骗:例句-3: ;Last night I got into a poker game with these men I met in the hotel bar. And I lost a thousand dollars before I realized the cards were stacked against me. All I could do was pick up the money I had left and walk away.;这人说:“昨晚上,我和几个在旅馆酒吧间里碰到的人一起玩扑克游戏。直到我输了一千多美元后,我才忽然省悟到我想要赢他们恐怕是不可能的。我只好拿起剩下的钱就走了。”下面我们要举的一个例子是说,有的时候形势就是对你不利,但是毫无办法。例句-4: ;I really wanted to try out for the basketball team when I was in college. But the cards were stacked against me: Im only five feet six inches tall and everybody else was six-two or even taller.;这个人说:“当我上大学的时候,我真想参加篮球队。可是,那不可能,因为我身高只有一米六多,而其他人都至少有一米八。”今天我们讲的两个习惯用语都是来自玩扑克牌游戏时用的词汇。第一个是:Sweeten the pot。它的意思是:为了使一个提议更有吸引力而在原有的条件基础上再增加一些对对方有利的条件。另外一个是:The cards are stacked against you。这句话是说,你处于很不利的情况下,成功的机会很少。 /200601/2969深圳假体丰胸哪家医院好

深圳祛晒斑价格【中文这样说】我想去海边。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style I want to go to the sea.American Style I want to go to the beach. /200604/6379深圳市伊斯佑整形医院治疗青春痘多少钱 EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso’s Speech At China National School of Administration欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐在国家行政学院的演讲Since its beginnings, the EU has actively supported China’s opening up and reform policy. 欧盟自成立以来始终积极持中国的改革和开放政策。We have opened European markets and our companies helped your economic revitalization and employment in China, as well as by transferring technology and know-how through our investments. 我们开放了欧洲市场,我们的公司通过转让技术和投资促进了中国的经济振兴与就业。We have an active and vibrant European business community in China.许多欧盟工商业正活跃在中国并发展良好。We have developed cooperation in all fields: from scientific research to education, from energy to the environment, from transportation to tourism, and in many other areas. 从科学研究到教育,从能源到环境,从交通到旅游,以及在许多其他领域,我们都进行了合作。We have supported China’s accession to the WTO and have welcomed China’s increasingly important role in various international organizations. 我们持中国加入世界贸易组织并欢迎中国在许多国际组织内发挥重要作用。In other words, we have demonstrated through our policies and actions, our interest in and support for your stability, prosperity and success. 换句话说,我们已经通过政策和行动表明了对中国稳定、繁荣和成功的兴趣和持。We will continue to engage in China’s development, just as we wish for China itself to become more and more engaged in global affairs, in a way that reflects China’s growing global position.我们将继续参与中国的发展,同时我们希望中国能够更多地参与全球事务,这样才能反映出中国日益提升的国际地位。201611/479292深圳哪家医院脱毛好

深圳市福田医院胎记多少钱Like if I say, ;Think about a church steeple;比如说,“请想象一下教堂的石柱”most people get this sort of generalized generic one.大多数人想到的是一个标准Now, maybe thats not true in this room,也许这个房间里的人的会很不一样but its going to be true in a lot of different places.但对于大多数的地方来说,这都是适用的I see only specific pictures.而我只是注意到某一类的图像They flash up into my memory, just like Google for pictures.它们会飞进我的记忆,就像用谷歌搜索图片一样快And in the movie, theyve got a great scene in there形成电影,里面的画面还相当精where the word ;shoe; is said, and a whole bunch of 50s and 60s shoes pop into my imagination.比如当提到“鞋子”这个词的时候,我大脑就马上会呈现出一大堆五六十年代的鞋子OK, there is my childhood church, thats specific. Theres some more, Fort Collins.看,这是我孩子时代的教堂,在我的记忆里是如此的精确的。还有更多,比如柯林斯户城OK, how about famous ones?好,那些更为著名的建筑呢?And they just kind of come up, kind of like this.它们会旋即跳到我的脑海,有点像是这个样子Just really quickly, like Google for pictures.非常快,像是谷歌图片搜索And they come up one at a time,每次是出现一张图片and then I think, ;OK, well maybe we can have it snow, or we can have a thunderstorm,;我还会想,也许还可以是下雪或者是雷暴and I can hold it there and turn them into s.还可以将其定格,变成影片Now, visual thinking was a tremendous asset in my work designing cattle-handling facilities.对于我来说,视觉思考是一个巨大的财富,在设计牛群栅栏方面非常有帮助And Ive worked really hard on improving how cattle are treated at the slaughter plant.我也进行了大量的努力去改善牛只在屠宰场的境况Im not going to go into any gucky slaughter slides.这里就不展示那些充满血腥的屠宰幻灯片了Ive got that stuff up on YouTube if you want to look at it.在YouTube上面有,要看你们可以自己去看But, one of the things that I was able to do in my design work在我的设计工作中is I could actually test run a piece of equipment in my mind,我可以直接在脑海里测试某一个方案,看它是否可行just like a virtual reality computer system.跟虚拟的计算机系统差不多And this is an aerial view of a recreation of one of my projects that was used in the movie.这个是空中的视图,这是在电影里看到的一个基于我的项目的再创作That was like just so super cool.那真的是非常妙And there were a lot of kind of Asperger types and autism types working out there on the movie set too.在电影里还有很多其他的Asperger和各种自闭症的类型,电影里都展现出来了But one of the things that really worries me is:但最为使得我担心的是Wheres the younger version of those kids going today?我们今天把这样的孩子带到怎样的方向Theyre not ending up in Silicon Valley, where they belong.他们现在不是被带到硅谷那样的地方——那里才是属于他们的世界Now, one of the things I learned very early on because I wasnt that social,因为我不甚擅长社交,我很早就学会的一件事就是is I had to sell my work, and not myself.我要学会推销我的书,而不是我自己And the way I sold livestock jobs is I showed off my drawings, I showed off pictures of things.我要获得牲畜监护的工作,我要把我的画画给他们看,他们需要看到这些图像的东西Another thing that helped me as a little kid is, boy, in the 50s, you were taught manners.另外我一直为之受用的是,在我小的时候,我的父母告诉我们,你不能You were taught you cant pull the merchandise off the shelves in the store and throw it around.从商店的货架上拿东西,然后又到处乱放Now, when kids get to be in third or fourth grade,当我见到三四年级的学生时you might see that this kids going to be a visual thinker, drawing in perspective.我可以看出这些孩子会成为视觉思考者,因为他们懂得透视的画法Now, I want to emphasize that not every autistic kid is going to be a visual thinker.好,我还想强调一点,并非每一个自闭症的孩子都是视觉思考者Now, I had this brain scan done several years ago,我几年前完成了这份脑电波的视图and I used to joke around about having a gigantic Internet trunk line going deep into my visual cortex.我曾跟别人开玩笑说,在我的视觉皮层上有一条很深的互联网沟壑This is tensor imaging.这是张量成像And my great big internet trunk line is twice as big as the controls.从图上可以看到,我的大脑上的互联网沟壑是控制组的两倍大小The red lines there are me, and the blue lines are the sex and age-matched control.红色的代表我, 蓝色的是跟我同一性别和年龄的对比测试结果And there I got a gigantic one, and the control over there, the blue one, has got a really small one.我的是巨大的,相比之下,对照组的蓝色区域则相当小And some of the research now is showing is that people on the spectrum actually think with primary visual cortex.现在有的研究显示,这一圈的人通常都是用她们的主视觉皮层来思考Now, the thing is, the visual thinkers just one kind of mind.但事实上,视觉思考者仅仅是其中一种的心智模式201604/437995 VOA流行美语 75: BEATS ME / IN A BIND李华今天在紧张地准备历史课的考试。她在和Michael的谈话中会学到两个常用语:beats me和to be in a bind.M: Hey, Li Hua. What are you doing?L: 我在准备历史课的考试。Michael, 你知道美国总统罗斯福和斯大林第一次见面是在什么时候?M: Beats me. I don't know much about that period of history.L: 哎哟,你不知道我也不会打你呀,你为什么要说:Beats me? Beat不就是打人的意思吗?M: No, I don't mean you would beat me. The expression "beats me" means that I have no idea what the answer is.L: 噢,在这里,beat不是打人的意思。Beats me就是我不知道!M: Right. If I ask you a question like how many miles away the sun is, you might say, "I don't know - beats me."L: 这你倒是说对了,我还真不知道地球和太阳之间距离多少英里。Beats me! 你知道尼加拉瓜的第五任总统是谁吗?M: Okay, that really beats me. You don't really need to know the answer to that question for your history test, do you?L: 傻瓜,我当然不需要知道这个,我是在跟你开玩笑,我学的历史是二次大战期间的美国和欧洲,和尼加拉瓜根本就没关系。M: Okay. By the way, what time is your history exam?L: 哟,beats me! 我把考试的日程忘在同学家里了!M: You left the schedule at your classmate's home? What's wrong with you?L: Beats me! 我也不知道我怎么会忘在他家里的。不过,没关系,我还有足够时间来准备。M: You had better go and check the exam time. If the exam is tomorrow, you're really going to be in trouble.L: 行,行,行。我去查,要是明天就考试的话,那我可真是麻烦了。******M: Hey, Li Hua, did you find someone to help you with that history question?L: 没有人知道罗斯福和斯大林第一次见面是什么时候。我也找不到这方面的材料。而且,考试是星期二,不是星期三。我这下可真麻烦了。M: Wow, it sounds like you're really in a bind.L: 你说什么?我在什么东西里?什么是a bind?M: To be in a bind -- B I N D -- means that you are in a very difficult situation. Your exam is tomorrow and you can't find the material you need to study. Therefore, you are in a bind.L: 噢,to be in a bind就是处境很难。唉,我真是处境艰难。Michael,我这次考试可能要不及格了。你能不能帮我摆脱这个困境呢?也就是 to get out of this bind I'm in.M: Of course, I'm always willing to help a friend out of a bind. You can study your notes, and I can look up any questions you have in your text book. Will that help?L: 我复习我的笔记,然后你帮我查课文里的问题。这是个好主意,这样我可以省好多时间。Michael, 谢谢你,谢谢你。哎,还有什么情况下我们可以用to be in a bind?M: Well, if I have to pay my rent, but I don't have any money, then I'm in a bind.L: 你付房租的时候到了,可是你又没有钱,那可真是in a bind。我来举个例子。要是我在找工作,有个公司要和我面谈,可是我早就和朋友约好那天要一块儿吃饭,我可以说:I'm in a bind吗?M: Yes, you would be in a bind. But you're going to be in an even worse bind if we don't start studying for your exam soon.L: 你说得对,要是我们再不动手开始准备考试的话,那我就会处境更困难了-- in an even worse bind。好吧,那赶快念书吧!I don't want to be in a bind anymore!今天李华学到了一个用得非常普遍的说法:beats me, 意思是"不知道"。李华还学到了另一个常用语:to be in a bind, 意思是"处境困难"。 /200602/3150深圳市第三人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱广东省深圳脉冲光祛斑毛面假体麦格假体价格



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