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奥巴马当选演讲-相当震撼(中文字幕)200811/56376I hope soon to send to the Senate a treaty respecting the North Atlantic security plan.我希望关于北大西洋安全计划的条约不久将呈送参议院。In addition, we will provide military advice and equipment to free nations which will cooperate with us in the maintenance of peace and security.此外,我们还将向在维护和平与安全时同我们进行合作的自由国家,提供军事顾问和军事装备。Fourth, we must embark on a bold new program for making the benefits of our scientific advances第四,我们必须着手拟定一项大胆的新计划,使不发达地区的进步与发展能受益and industrial progress available for the improvement and growth of underdeveloped areas.于我们的先进的科学和发达的工业。More than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching misery. Their food is inadequate.全世界半数以上的人口正濒临悲惨的境地,他们食不果腹、They are victims of disease. Their economic life is primitive and stagnant.疾患加身。他们的经济生活原始落后,滞缀不振。Their poverty is a handicap and a threat both to them and to more prosperous areas.无论对于他们自己还是对于比较繁荣的地区来说,他们的贫困既是一种阻碍又是一种威胁。For the first time in history, humanity possesses the knowledge and the skill to relieve the suffering of these people.人类有史以来第一次掌握了能解除这些人苦难的知识和技术。The ed States is pre-eminent among nations in the development of industrial and scientific techniques.合众国在工业和科学技术发展方面居各国之首。The material resources which we can afford to use for the assistance of other peoples are limited.尽管我们用来援助其他国家人民的物质资源是有限的,But our imponderable resources in technical knowledge are constantly growing and are inexhaustible.但我们在技术知识方面的资源却是无法估量的,是不断增长和用之不竭的。I believe that we should make available to peace-loving peoples the benefits of our store of technical knowledge我们应该使他们受惠于我们丰富的技术知识。in order to help them realize their aspirations for a better life.为了帮助各爱好和平民族实现他们对美好生活的愿望,And, in cooperation with other nations, we should foster capital investment in areas needing development.同时,我们还应该和其他国家合作,持对急待开发的地区进行投资。Our aim should be to help the free peoples of the world, through their own efforts, to produce more food,我们的目标应该是帮助世界上各个自由民族通过他们自己的努力,生产更多的食物,more clothing, more materials for housing, and more mechanical power to lighten their burdens.更多的衣物,更多的建筑材料,以及更多的机器来减轻他们的负担。We invite other countries to pool their technological resources in this undertaking. Their contributions will be warmly welcomed.我们吁请其他国象汇集他们的技术力量以进行这项工作。我们热烈欢迎他们作出贡献。This should be a cooperative enterprise in which all nations work together through the ed Nations and its specialized agencies wherever practicable.这应该是一种合作事业,所有国家通过联合国及其专门机构在任何可行的方面为此共同工作。It must be a worldwide effort for the achievement of peace, plenty, and freedom.这必须是在世界范围内为实现和平、繁荣和自由而作出的努力。02/440692President Bush Pardons "Pumpkin and Pecan" in National Thanksgiving Turkey Ceremony THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, all. Please be seated. Welcome to the Rose Garden for the pardoning of the National Thanksgiving Turkey. This is a tradition that dates back to the presidency of Harry Truman. Just to be safe, I will be pardoning a second bird -- (laughter) -- in the unlikely event the main act chickens out. (Laughter.) Turkeys are not only the ones on edge this morning -- you see, it turns out the Rose Garden is Barney's turf. (Laughter.) So the press corps is a little nervous, as well. (Laughter.) I appreciate the representatives of the National Turkey Federation who have joined us: President Joel Brandenberger; Chairman Paul Hill; Paul's wife, Mary June. Today's birds were hatched on the Hill family farm in Ellsworth, Iowa. Paul's son, Nathan, and daughter-in-law, Betsy, along with grandsons Collin and Connor, did a fabulous job of raising the guests of honor. I also welcome the children here from Cloverly Elementary School. And after I make my brief remarks, you will be welcome to come up and pet our feathered friends. This is an election year, so it is fitting that the names of these two birds were chosen through the democratic process. After a long, drawn out election season, when the people finally spoke, the name of the ticket sent here to the White House was Pumpkin and Pecan. (Laughter and applause.) Pumpkin is right there. (Laughter.) Pecan is in an undisclosed location. (Laughter.) Pumpkin and Pecan have an exciting trip ahead of them: Later today, they will fly to Disneyland aboard "Turkey One." (Laughter.) Pumpkin will be the honorary Grand Marshal of Disneyland's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Together these birds will gobble the rest of their days in "The Happiest Place on Earth." I just hope they stay humble there. (Laughter.) This is my final Thanksgiving as the President. Over the past eight years, I have been given many reasons to be thankful. I'm thankful to our men and women in uniform and I am incredibly proud to have been their Commander-in-Chief. (Applause.) I am thankful for the armies of compassion volunteers who feed the hungry and shelter the poor. I am thankful for the teachers and nurses and pastors police officers and firefighters, and others who serve their neighbors and better their communities. I'm thankful for the wonderful and supporting family that I have been blessed with. I'm grateful to Laura for her love. I'm grateful for two Thanksgiving miracles who were blessed -- who we were blessed with 27 years ago: Barbara and Jenna. I'm thankful for the fact that my mother is doing well. (Applause.) And this year we're looking forward to having another place at our Thanksgiving table with a son-in-law, and I'm thankful for Henry. Most of all, I thank the American people for the tremendous privilege of serving as the President. In recent weeks, I've talked a lot about sprinting to the finish. Yet I've assured these turkeys they will not be trotting to their finish. (Laughter.) That's because in keeping with a longstanding tradition, Pumpkin and Pecan are hereby granted a full and unconditional -- unconditional presidential pardon. I wish all Americans a happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you. (Applause.) 参考中文翻译:布什总统:谢谢大家。请坐。欢迎大家来到玫瑰园参加传统的赦免感恩节火鸡的活动。这个传统可以追溯到Harry Truman总统时期。为了安全起见,我将要赦免第二种鸟——鸡——将他们释放。今天早上在场的不只是火鸡——你可以看到。玫瑰园里布满了Barney的草地。所以记者团也有点紧张。非常感激今天参加此活动的代表们,他们是……………………………………………………………………同样欢迎来自Cloverly小学的孩子们。在我的简短的讲话之后,你们就可以去抚摸那些长满羽毛的朋友了。今年是大选之年,所以这两种鸟的选名也是按照民主党的程序进行的。经过一个漫长的选举之后,人们终于确定了这两只鸟的名字并且送到白宫,他们的名字是Pumpkin 和 Pecan。Pumpkin就在这里。Pecan在一个秘密的地方。Pumpkin和Pecan将要进行一个激动人心的旅行:今天晚些时候,他们将飞向迪斯尼登上“火鸡一号”。Pumpkin将成为迪斯尼乐园感恩节仪仗队的大元帅。剩下的时间他们将要一起畅游“地球上最快乐的地方”。我希望他们在这里能谦虚一点。这是我作为总统度过的最后一个感恩节。在过去的8年里,我有很多需要感恩的理由。我感谢我们身穿制的军人,作为你们的领导我感到骄傲。我感谢那些救济会的志愿者们,他们赡养饥寒交迫的人们。我要感谢教师,护士,牧师,警察和消防员,还有那些为邻居务,使社区变得更美好的人。我要感谢一直持我的家庭。我感谢Laura对我的爱。我要感谢我的两个奇迹——和我一起度过了27年的Barbara和Jenna。我感谢我的妈妈身体健康。今年我们的感恩节餐桌上将会多出一个位置——我的女婿,我感谢Henry。最主要的,我要感谢美国人民最我作为总统的持。在最近的几周里,我说了很多短距离冲向终点之类的话。但是我确信这些火鸡不会冲向终点。因为为了这个悠久的传统,Pumpkin和Pecan受到总统完全的,无条件的赦免。祝愿所有美国人民感恩节快乐!愿上帝保佑你们!200811/57321

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTAT THE VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS CONVENTION THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Please, be seated. Thank you so much. Commander Gardner, thank you for your introduction and for your lifetime of service. I was proud to welcome Glen and your executive director, Bob Wallace, to the Oval Office just before the 4th of July, and I look forwarding to working with your next commander, Tommy Tradewell.I want to also acknowledge Jean Gardner and Sharon Tradewell, as well as Dixie Hild and Jan Title and all the spouses and family of the Ladies Auxiliary. America honors your service as well.Also Governor Jan Brewer is here, of Arizona; and Mayor Phil Gordon, our host here in Phoenix. I want to acknowledge President -- Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr., President of the Navajo Nation. And this wasn't on my original card, but this is just an extraordinary story and you may have aly heard from her, but I just want to publicly acknowledge and thank Ms. Helen Denton the secretary to Dwight Eisenhower -- (applause) -- who typed up the orders for the Normandy invasion and is here today, and what an extraordinary story that is. (Applause.)Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I am honored and humbled to stand before you as Commander-in-Chief of the finest military the world has ever known. (Applause.) And we're joined by some of those who make it the finest force in world -- from Luke Air Force Base, members of the 56th Fighter Wing. (Applause.)Whether you wear the uniform today, or wore it decades ago, you remind us of a fundamental truth. It's not the powerful weapons that make our military the strongest in the world. It's not the sophisticated systems that make us the most advanced. The true strength of our military lies in the spirit and skill of our men and women in uniform. And you know this. (Applause.)You know this because it's the story of your lives. When fascism seemed unstoppable and our harbor was bombed, you battled across rocky Pacific islands and stormed the beaches of Europe, marching across a continent -- my own grandfather and uncle among your ranks -- liberating millions and turning enemies into allies.When communism cast its shadow across so much of the globe, you stood vigilant in a long Cold War -- from an airlift in Berlin to the mountains of Korea to the jungles of Vietnam. When that Cold War ended and old hatreds emerged anew, you turned back aggression from Kuwait to Kosovo.And long after you took off the uniform, you've continued to serve: supporting our troops and their families when they go to war and welcoming them when they come home; working to give our veterans the care they deserve; and when America's heroes are laid to rest, giving every one of them that final fitting tribute of a grateful nation. We can never say it enough: For your service in war and in peace, thank you VFW. Thank you. (Applause.)Today, the story of your service is carried on by a new generation -- dedicated, courageous men and women who I have the privilege to lead and meet every day.They're the young sailors, the midshipmen at the Naval Academy, who raised their right hand at graduation and committed themselves to a life of service. They're the soldiers I met in Baghdad who have done their duty, year after year, on a second, third or fourth tour. They're the Marines of Camp Lejeune, preparing to deploy and now serving in Afghanistan to protect Americans here at home. They're the airmen, like those here today, who provide the close air support that saves the lives of our troops on the ground. They're the wounded warriors -- at Landstuhl and Walter Reed and Bethesda and across America -- for whom the battle is not to fight, but simply to speak, to stand, to walk once more. They're the families that my wife Michelle has met at bases across the country. The spouses back home doing the parenting of two, the children who wonder when mom and dad may be coming home; the parents who watch their sons and daughters go off to war; and the families who lay a loved one to rest -- and the pain that lasts a lifetime.To all those who have served America -- our forces, your families, our veterans -- you have done your duty. You have fulfilled your responsibilities. And now a grateful nation must fulfill ours. And that is what I want to talk about today.First, we have a solemn responsibility to always lead our men and women in uniform wisely. And that starts with a vision of American leadership that recognizes that military power alone cannot be the first or only answer to the threats facing our nation.In recent years, our troops have succeeded in every mission America has given them, from toppling the Taliban to deposing a dictator in Iraq to battling brutal insurgencies. At the same time, forces trained for war have been called upon to perform a whole host of missions. Like mayors, they've run local governments and delivered water and electricity. Like aid workers, they've mentored farmers and built new schools. Like diplomats, they've negotiated agreements with tribal sheikhs and local leaders.But let us never forget we are a country of more than 300 million Americans. Less than 1 percent wears the uniform. And that 1 percent -- our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen -- have borne the overwhelming burden of our security. In fact, perhaps never in American history have so few protected so many.So the responsibility for our security must not be theirs alone. That is why I have made it a priority to enlist all elements of our national power in defense of our national security -- our diplomacy and development, our economic might and our moral example, because one of the best ways to lead our troops wisely is to prevent the conflicts that cost American blood and treasure tomorrow.As President, my greatest responsibility is the security and safety of the American people. As I've said before, that is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, it's the last thing that I think about when I go to sleep at night. And I will not hesitate to use force to protect the American people or our vital interests. (Applause.)But as we protect America, our men and women in uniform must always be treated as what they are: America's most precious resource. As Commander-in-Chief, I have a solemn responsibility for their safety. And there is nothing more sobering than signing a letter of condolence to the family of servicemen or women who have given their lives for our country.And that's why I have made this pledge to our armed forces: I will only send you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary. And when I do, it will be based on good intelligence and guided by a sound strategy. I will give you a clear mission, defined goals, and the equipment and support you need to get the job done. That's my commitment to you. (Applause.)Which brings me to our second responsibility to our armed forces -- giving them the resources and equipment and strategies to meet their missions. We need to keep our military the best-trained, the best-led, the best-equipped fighting force in the world. And that's why, even with our current economic challenges, my budget increases defense spending.We will ensure that we have the force structure to meet today's missions. And that's why we've increased the size of the Army and the Marine Corps two years ahead of schedule and have approved another temporary increase in the Army. And we've halted personnel reductions in the Navy and Air Force. And this will give our troops more time home between deployments, which means less stress on families and more training for the next mission. (Applause.) And it will help us put an end, once and for all, to stop-loss for those who've done their duty. (Applause.)We will equip our forces with the assets and technologies they need to fight and win. So my budget funds more of the Army helicopters, crews, and pilots urgently needed in Afghanistan; the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance that gives our troops the advantage; the special operations forces that can deploy on a moment's notice; and for all those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, including our National Guard and Reserve, more of the protective gear and armored vehicles that save lives. (Applause.)As we fight in two wars, we will plan responsibly, budget honestly, and speak candidly about the costs and consequences of our actions. And that's why I've made sure my budget includes the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.In Iraq, after more than six years, we took an important step forward in June. We transferred control of all cities and towns to Iraq's security forces. The transition to full Iraqi responsibility for their own security is now underway. This progress is a testament to all those who have served in Iraq, both uniformed and civilian. And our nation owes these Americans -- and all who have given their lives -- a profound debt of gratitude. (Applause.)Now, as Iraqis take control of their destiny, they will be tested and targeted. Those who seek to sow sectarian division will attempt more senseless bombings and more killing of innocents. This we know.But as we move forward, the Iraqi people must know that the ed States will keep its commitments. And the American people must know that we will move forward with our strategy. We will begin removing our combat brigades from Iraq later this year. We will remove all our combat brigades by the end of next August. And we will remove all our troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. And for America, the Iraq war will end.By moving forward in Iraq, we're able to refocus on the war against al Qaeda and its extremist allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. That's why I announced a new, comprehensive strategy in March -- a strategy that recognizes that al Qaeda and its allies had moved their base from the remote, tribal areas -- to the remote, tribal areas of Pakistan. This strategy acknowledges that military power alone will not win this war -- that we also need diplomacy and development and good governance. And our new strategy has a clear mission and defined goals: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies.08/81639

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, President Obama met with the Taoiseach of Ireland Brian Cowen this morning. The President thanked the Taoiseach for Ireland’s assistance on important international issues and said that the U.S. and Ireland will be working together to address world hunger.Download Video: mp4 (258MB) | mp3 (8MB) 201003/99067

Before announcing that Bill Daley will take over as chief of staff, the President had some very heartfelt kind words for Pete Rouse, who has been serving as interim chief of staff these past months. "Thanks in no small part to his efforts, a period that everybody thought would be one of retrenchment was one of great progress for the country," said the President, and the fact that Rouse has agreed to stay on as Counselor to the President was met by a standing ovation led by the Vice President.Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (71MB) | mp3 (7MB) 201101/122788

Watch a behind-the-scenes with President Obama and students from the film Waiting for Superman. Yesterday, the children, their families and others that worked on the movie met with President Obama in the Oval Office and watched him depart in helicopter Marine One from the South Lawn of the White House.Download Video: mp4 (12MB) 201010/115681

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