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Not being in a relationship can be just as fulfilling as being happily paired up -- if you know how to embrace the advantages.做个单身汉也可以像快乐地成双成对一样满足——如果你知道怎样利用单身的优势的话。You Will Need你需要Self-sufficiency自给自足Gratitude感激之情Hobbies and interests爱好和兴趣Courage勇气Strong social network强大的社会关系网Step 1 Be self-sufficient1.自给自足Be self-sufficient both financially and emotionally. You dont need to depend on anyone else for your well-being and happiness.无论是在经济上还是在情感上,做到自给自足。你的幸福和快乐不需要依靠其他任何人。Step 2 Relish your freedom2.珍惜自由Make a list of all the advantages of being single, like complete freedom to come and go as you please, take career risks, and spend your money as you wish.列举出单身的所有优势,例如来去完全自由,随心所欲,职业方面可以冒险,花钱也可以按照自己的意愿。Step 3 Do what you like3.做喜欢的事情Pursue interests you enjoy; dont only sign up for activities in the hopes of hooking up.追求自己的兴趣所在;不要仅仅为了勾搭异性而报名参加活动。Step 4 Overcome your fears4.克恐惧Embrace the pleasures and possibilities that come with doing things alone, like eating out on the spur of the moment and traveling spontaneously.拥抱自由自在的快乐和单身一人的一切可能性,例如突然决定外出吃饭,或者率性而起去旅行。Eating at the bar is a good way to dip your feet into dining solo.在酒吧独坐是独自一人享受晚餐的好方法。Step 5 Dont put things on hold5.不要搁置Dont put dreams on hold because youve always believed they should be done with a mate. You can achieve them on your own,too.不要把自己的梦想搁置,认为这些应该和和另一半一起做。你完全可以自己完成。Step 6 Work on your relationships6.维护关系Work on maintaining good relationships with family members, and develop friendships with people of all ages. Being alone doesnt have to mean being lonely if you have a strong social network.致力于维护和家人以及各年龄段朋友的关系。如果你有着强大的社交关系网,单身并不意味着孤独。Thirty-three percent of unmarried Americans polled said ;the freedom to spend my time as I choose; is the best part of being single.接受民意调查的33%的未婚美国人表示,“自由地配时间”是单身生活最好的优势。201411/341605

ANNOUNCER: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the last Thursday in November. 人们通常在十一月的最后一个星期四庆祝感恩节。Not true. Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday in November, which is usually the last one. But not always.不对。感恩节是在十一月的第四个星期四,通常是最后一个周四。但并不总是。AZUZ: When that fourth November Thursday rolls around, you can also count on the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. 当十一月的第四个星期四到来的时候,你可以指望梅西百货感恩节游行。Millions of folks show up in New York or watch on TV to see the parade and its giant balloons. 数百万民众会走上纽约街头或在电视上看游行和游行里巨大的气球。Macys hosted the Thanksgiving event for nearly 90 years. 梅西百货主持感恩节游行已经要90年了。What the retail giant hasnt done, is open its doors on Thanksgiving. 这个零售巨头还没做的是在感恩节当天开门营业。Holiday shoppers have had to wait until midnight to get in. 假日购物者们不得不等到午夜才能进去。But for the first time in the companys 155 year history, thats changing. 该公司155年来第一次做出了改变。Macys said, this Thanksgiving its stores will open at 8 P.M. 梅西百货表示,今年的感恩节商店会在晚上八点开门。 /201310/262065

Katy Perry Has Fun With College Football Fans With ESPN AppearancePop singer shows up on ;College GameDay; and declares her love for quarterback Trevor Knight.Welcome back now to Katy Perry having some fun with college football fans. The pop superstar making an appearance on ESPN over the weekend, declaring her love for one teams star quarterback, and its now going viral, of course.“Im picking this one based on looks. Trevor Knight, do you hear me?”Katy Perry wearing her heart on her fuzzy pink sleeve on ESPNs ;College Game Day” Saturday, making a not-so-settled pass for University of Oklahoma QB Trevor Knight.“Trevor knight, call me!”The pop star’s confessed crush on the Sooner soon going viral.“I still love you, Trevor Knight, call me! I love you!”Unfortunately for Perry, it turns out her Knight in shining under-armor is not a free agent. The web lighting up with pics of the 21-year-old and his girlfriend of more than a year – fellow Sooner Kate Williams.The chemical engineering major appears to have Knight smitten, tweeting in August: “Trevor Knight deep cleaned my apartment and brought me flowers. Hes perfect.”Knight has yet to address Perry’s advances, but the California girl doesnt appear to be too heart-broken.“Are you y?”Here she is taking in her very first college football game over the weekend, cheering on the sidelines for ole miss and then partying like a college student, even crowd surfing at this bar. And while Trevors days of playing the field may be over, there is a dark horse now entering the race. Knights older brother, Tyler, who is single, posting this picture Sunday with a sign that s “call me”.That’s great.Well played, Tyler, well played. Although when you hold up a cardboard sign, I think it has lots of connotations. We got Tim Tebow here. Tim, if I recall, there were rumors swirling a couple of years ago that you and Katy Perry had a thing. You had to come out and deny it, right?I dont know about that, but I will say, Tyler, good for you. Go after if you want it, Tyler.You know what? That was deftly played. You just completely avoided the question and wailed for Tyler. Well done. Well done.I tried.Yes, you have a future in media, and much more from you ahead, right?Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. /201410/335961

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