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2017年10月23日 12:16:43 | 作者:虎扑城市 | 来源:新华社
Bravo电视台的特别节目“美国讽刺”中的明星瑞伍思用符号讲述了一个短小精悍、苦乐参半的童话故事。201505/375913I live in Washington, D.C.,but I grew up in Sindhekela, a village in Orissa, in India. 我住在华盛顿特区但我是在新河克拉,印度奥里萨邦的一个小村庄长大。My father was a government worker.我父亲是个政府雇员,My mother could not or write, but she would say to me, A king is worshipped only in his own kingdom. A poet is respected everywhere.我母亲不会读书写字,但她跟我说:国王只有在自己的王国里才被膜拜,而诗人走到哪儿都受到尊敬。So I wanted to be a poet when I grew up.所以我就想长大后成为一名诗人。But I almost didnt go to college until an aunt offered financial help.但是我差点没上成大学,直到一位姨妈出钱帮我。I went to study in Sambalpur,the largest town in the region,where, aly in college, I saw a television for the first time. 我去了萨姆巴尔普尔,当地最大的城镇读书。在那儿上大学的时候,我才第一次看到电视。I had dreams of going to the ed States for higher studies.那时我梦想去美国接受高等教育。When the opportunity came,I crossed two oceans, with borrowed money for airfare and only a 20 bill in my pocket.后来机会来了,我借钱买了机票,横跨两个大洋,兜里装了二十元美金就来了。In the U.S., I worked in a research center,part-time, while taking graduate classes in economics.在美国,我一边在一家研究中心兼职,一边上经济学的研究生课程。And with the little I earned, I would finance myself and then I would send money home to my brother and my father.虽然挣得不多,我还是一边供自己上学,一边寄钱回家给我父亲和我兄弟。My story is not unique.我这样的绝不是唯一的。There are millions of people who migrate each year.每年有成百上千万的人移民。With the help of the family, they cross oceans,通过家人的帮助,他们跨越大洋,they cross deserts, they cross rivers, they cross mountains.沙漠,河流,或者山脉。They risk their lives to realize a dream,and that dream is as simple as having a decent job somewhere so they can send money home and help the family,which has helped them before. 他们冒着生命危险去实现一个梦想。他们的梦想很简单,就是能有一份不错的工作, 让他们能寄钱回家,帮助他们的家人,那些曾帮助过他们的人。There are 232 million international migrants in the world.世界上有两亿三千二百万国际移民。These are people who live in a country other than their country of birth.他们生活在一个不同于他们出生地的国度。If there was a country made up of only international migrants,that would be larger, in population,than Brazil. 如果有一个国家全部由国际移民组成,它的人口将超过巴西,That would be larger, in its size of the economy, than France.它的经济实力将超过法国。Some 180 million of them, from poor countries,send money home regularly.其中一亿八千万的移民来自贫穷的国家,他们按时寄钱回家。Those sums of money are called remittances.这些钱叫做移民汇款。Here is a fact that might surprise you:这样一个事实可能会让你大吃一惊:413 billion dollars, 413 billion dollars was the amount of remittances sent last year by migrants to developing countries.4310亿美元,去年一共有4310亿美元由移民们寄到发展中国家。Migrants from developing countries,money sent to developing countries a 413 billion dollars. 来自发展中国家的移民,寄到发展中国家的钱,4310亿美元。Thats a remarkable number because that is three times the size of the total of development aid money.这个数字相当惊人,它等于所有发展资助资金总和的三倍。And yet, you and I,my colleagues in Washington,we endlessly debate and discuss about development aid,while we ignore remittances as small change. 但是,你,我,我在华盛顿的同事们,我们不停地争辩,讨论发展资助,却把移民汇款当作小钱忽略了。True, people send 200 dollars per month,on average. But, repeated month after month,by millions of people,these sums of money add up to rivers of foreign currency. 确实,人们平均每月寄两百美元。但是,月复一月,成百上千万的人在寄,这些钱汇聚成一条条外币形成的河流。So India, last year, received 72 billion dollars, larger than its IT exports.印度去年收到了720亿美元,超过它的IT出口额。In Egypt remittances are three times the size of revenues from the Suez Canal.埃及收到的移民汇款达到苏伊士运河上贸易额的三倍。In Tajikistan, remittances are 42 percent of GDP.塔吉克斯坦,移民汇款占GDP的42%。201505/376968

I can remember a game coming out of the basketball court; we were down five to ten points. And I go off about 25 points, we come back to win the game. As we walked out the floor and Tex looked me and said ;you know, there is I in team.; I said ;there is not I in team, but there is I in win.; I think he got my message. I will do anything to win. You know, that means we play team format to win. That means I will have to do whatever I have to do. Youve got to win, no matter how you look at it. Then you had all your media message ;Scoring champion cant win a NBA title. You are not as good as Magic Johnson, you are not as good as Larry Bird. You are good, but you are not as good as those guys.; I have to listen to all this. And that put so much wood on that fire. It kept me each everyday trying to get better as a basketball player. I am not saying they were wrong. I may look at them from a different perspective. But at the same time as a basketball player, I am trying to become the best I can. You know, for someone like me who achieves a lot in this kind of my career, you look for any kind of messages that people may say or do to get you motivated to play the game basketball to the highest level. Because thats what I feel when I assail at my best.我记得有一场比赛,球队落后了5分还是10分,然后我拿了25分并且球队获胜。比赛结束后,特克斯看着我说:“team中没有I。”我回答说:“嗯,team中的确没有I,但是win里有I。”我想他明白了我的话,为了胜利我可以付出一切,为了胜利,我们注重整体协作。这就意味着我必须完成自己的任务。我们必须赢,无论别人如何评价。之后我听到很多媒体的言论:“得分王不可能拿冠军,你不如“魔术师”约翰逊和拉里· 伯格一样出色,你很出色,但是你就是不如他们。”这一切我都要接受,这一切使我斗志昂扬,每天我都会为了成为更出色的球员而努力。我没有说他们说的是错的,只是我从不同的角度来看待他们的话。同时作为一名篮球运动员,我努力成为最好的自己。像我这种在职业生涯中取得了一些成绩的人,往往会寻求人们所说所作的一切,对你的评价、对你的指责,以此为动力,向最高水平进发。我想这就是我全力以赴时的感受。201404/289318

Your Eminence Cardinal O’Malley, Father President Leahy, Father Monan, Father Devino, members of the faculty, my fellow recipients of honorary degrees, parents, siblings, and the distinguished class of 2014: Congratulations to everybody here today.You know I thought I had a lot to worry about as I was listening to the introduction, between Afghanistan and Iran and so forth. But now I’m worried about where Challenger is. (Laughter.) I will leave here knowing that Boston College liberates eagles. (Laughter.)It’s a great honor to be with you. You all might remember from English class that the great American novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote that you can’t go home again. Or maybe you know that e because it’s the same thing that your parents are telling you now. (Laughter.)Well, Wolfe had obviously never been to Boston College. It is nice to be off an airplane, but my friends, it is great to be home. I am really happy to be here. (Applause and cheers.)I know that many of you stayed up all night so you could see your last sunrise at . (Cheers.) Some of you thought it would never come, graduation that is. I’ve got news for you: Some of your parents and professors didn’t think so either. (Laughter.)Now, I notice a lot of you are wearing shades. It won’t work, folks. I’ll still hear you snoring. (Laughter.)I was on the campus of one of your rivals yesterday in New Haven. And while I let them know that they could be proud of their title in men’s hockey last year, I also had to put it in perspective: Yale is still four titles behind . (Cheers and applause.)There are many things actually that Yale and Boston College have in common, but one is probably the most powerful: mutual dislike of Harvard. (Laughter.) Although to be fair, hundreds of schools don’t like Harvard very much.As Secretary of State, I track many factions and rivalries around the world. versus Notre Dame is at the top of my list. Of course, there’s also Alec Baldwin versus the NYPD. (Laughter.) Beyonce’s sister versus Jay Z. (Laughter and cheers.) And then there’s the rivalry: Red Sox and Yankees. (Cheering and applause.) We absolutely loved the last ten years: Yankees – one World Series, and Red Sox – three. That’s my kind of rivalry, folks. (Cheers.)Now reminds us today that though rivalries can be overcome, here today you have honored a Holy Cross alumnus, the great Bob Cousy, who, as you heard earlier in his degree presentation, won 117 games at Boston when he was coaching here. Eighty-five years old and the Celtics could have used him this year. (Laughter.)So we have with us today a great legend, but most importantly an amazing person, an amazing player, and three other extraordinary builders of community, all of whom I am very honored to share degrees with today. Their lives and their selfless service are testimony to the fact that Boston College is an amazing place.Over the past years, you have all been blessed to experience a special quality that has always defined : the welcoming spirit of this community. That has been a distinguishing characteristic of Boston College since its first days, when it opened its doors to Irish immigrants and Catholics who were barred from other schools.When I came here more than 40 years ago, I want you to know that I felt that welcome firsthand. I had, as you heard, served in war, and when I came home, I worked to end it. It was a turbulent time – for our country, for me personally. It was a time of division and disillusionment.But because of one thoughtful man of conscience, one member of the Boston College community, I found a home right here.Many of you today might not even recognize the name of Father Robert Drinan. He was the dean of the Law School and he was running for Congress when I first visited him on the campus.And what impressed me most about Father Drinan – whether on Chestnut Hill or Capitol Hill – was that he made no apologies for his deep and abiding Catholic commitment to the weak, the helpless, the downtrodden.“If a person is really a Christian,” Father Drinan would say, “they will be in anguish over global hunger, injustice, over the denial of educational opportunity.”In fact, it was Father Drinan who encouraged me to study law at , even when it wasn’t the obvious path. I had come to law school from a different background than my classmates. I’d served in the Navy, just turned 30, and had a young family.And because of where I’d been and what I’d seen, I came to Boston College with a set of nagging questions. I had confronted my own mortality head-on during the war, where faith was as much a part of my daily life as the battle itself. In fact, I wore my rosary around my neck hoping for protection.201503/367058

A couple of years ago when I was attending the TED Conference in Long Beach,I met Harriet. 几年前我参加在长滩TED会议的时候,我遇到了哈里特。Wed actually met online before not the way youre thinking.实际上我们以前在网上遇到过,不是像你们想的那样。We were actually introduced because we both knew Linda Avey,one of the founders of the first online personal genomic companies. 我们认识是因为我们都认识琳达埃维,首家私营基因公司创始人之一。And because we shared our genetic information with Linda,she could see that Harriet and I shared a very rare type of mitochondrial DNA Haplotype K1a1b1a-K1a1b1a which meant that we were distantly related.并且因为我们和琳达分享我们的基因信息,她知道哈里特和我都有一种很稀有的线粒体DNA-单模标本-这意味着我们是远亲。We actually share the same genealogy with Ozzie the iceman.实际上,我们都和冰人奥兹有亲缘关系。So Ozzie, Harriet and me.没错,奥兹,哈里特和我。And being the current day, of course, we started our own Facebook group.当然,如今我们有了自己的脸书网群组。Youre all welcome to join.欢迎你们加入。And when I met Harriet in person the next year at the TED Conference,shed gone online and ordered our own happy Haplotype T-shirts.当我在第二年TED会议遇见哈里特的时候,她在线订购了我们自己快乐的单模标本T恤衫。Now why am I telling you this story,and what does this have to do with the future of health? 为什么我要告诉你们这个故事,这和未来健康有什么关系呢?Well the way I met Harriet is actually an example of how leveraging cross-disciplinary,exponentially-growing technologies is affecting our future of health and wellness,from low-cost gene analysis to the ability to do powerful bio-informatics to the connection of the Internet and social networking.实际上,我遇见哈里特的经过是一个很好的例子关于怎样利用学科交叉,指数增长的技术来影响我们将来的健康和保健事业,从低成本的基因分析到做强大生物信息学的能力到互联网和社会网络间的联系。What Id like to talk about today is understanding these exponential technologies.我今天想谈的是理解这些指数增长的技术。We often think linearly.我们经常线性思考。But if you think about it, if you have a lily pad and it just divided every single day two, four, eight, 16-2,4,8,16,in 15 days you have 32,000.但是如果想像一下,如果你有一个睡莲叶子,它每天分裂一次,15天以后会有32000个叶子。What do you think you have in a month? Were at a billion.你认为1个月以后有多少?我们会有10亿。So if we start to think exponentially,we can see how this is starting to affect all the technologies around us. 如果我们开始指数思考,我们会看到这会怎样影响到我们周围的技术。And many of these technologies-speaking as a physician and innovator we can really start to leverage to impact the future of our own health and of health care,and to address many of the major challenges that we have in health care today,ranging from the really exponential costs to the aging population,the way we really dont use information very well today,the fragmentation of care and often the very difficult course of adoption of innovation. 许多技术-像一位物理学家和革新者所说的,我们能真正开始去利用它们,影响我们的未来健康和卫生保健,和谈论如今许多卫生保健面临的主要困难从巨额投入到高龄人群,我们没有真正很好地使用信息的现状,保健不均衡和常常面对困难棘手的经历,例如采用革新的历程。And one of the major things we can do weve talked a bit about here today is moving the curve to the left.今天我们谈到主要的事情之一是把曲线向左移。We spend most of our money on the last 20 percent of life.我们在生命的最后20%时间里花费了大部分的钱。What if we could spend and incentivize positions in the health care system and our own self to move the curve to the left and improve our health,leveraging technology as well?如果我们能够投资和激励岗位在健康保健系统和我们自身来向左移动这条曲线从而改善我们的健康,利用技术,会怎么样呢?Now my favorite technology, example of exponential technology,we all have in our pocket. 我最喜爱的技术,指数技术的例子,在我们所有人的口袋里。So if you think about it, these are really dramatically improving.因此如果你想一下,你会发现这些技术真的显著提高了。I mean this is the iPhone 4.我指的是iPhone 4.Imagine what the iPhone 8 will be able to do.想像iPhone 8将能做什么。Now, Ive gained some insight into this.现在,我有了一些见解。Ive been the track share for the medicine portion of a new institution called Singularity University based in Silicon Valley.我追踪观察新成立的奇点大学的医学院,它座落在硅谷。And we bring together every summer about 100 very talented students from around the world.每个夏天我们召集世界各地100名非常有天赋的学生。And we look at these exponential technologies from medicine, biotech,artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, space,and address how can we cross-train and leverage these to impact major unmet goals. 我们研究这些指数技术从医学,生物技术,人工智能,机器人技术,纳米技术,太空技术,来发现如何能多项培训并利用这些技术去影响重大未实现的目标。We also have seven-day executive programs.我们也有一个7天执行方案。And coming up next month is actually Future Med,a program to help cross-train and leverage technologies into medicine. 接下来几个月的方案是未来医学,一个帮助多项培训和把技术应用到医学的项目。Now I mentioned the phone.现在我来说电话。These mobile phones have over 20,000 different mobile apps available to the point where theres one out of the U.K.这些手机有超过20000个不同的应用程序,从这点上说,有一个与众不同,where you can pee on a little chip connected to your iPhone and check yourself for an STD.那就是你可以通过在你的iPhone相连的一小块芯片上小便来自查是否有性传染病。I dont know if Id try that yet, but thats available.我不知道我是否会这样做,但是它确实可用。There are all other sorts of applications,merging your phone and diagnostics, for example,measuring your blood glucose on your iPhone and sending that,potentially, to your physician so they can better understand and you can better understand your blood sugars as a diabetic. 还有很多种应用,把你的电话和诊断联系在一起,例如,用你的iPhone测量你的血糖并可能把数据发给你的医生,使得他们和你都能更好得了解,你作为一个糖尿病人的血糖。So lets see now how exponential technologies are taking health care.现在让我们看看指数技术怎样进行健康保健。Lets start with faster.让我们从速度开始。Well its no secret that computers, through Moores law,are speeding up faster and faster. 我们都知道,根据尔定律,计算机,运算速度越来越快。We have the ability to do more powerful things with them.因此我们能够做更强大的事情。Theyre really approaching, in many cases surpassing,the ability of the human mind.他们正在接近,在很多情况超越,人类思维的能力。But where I think computational speed is most applicable is in that of imaging.但是我认为计算速度最适用的地方是在于成像技术。The ability now to look inside the body in real time with very high resolution is really becoming incredible.这种技术能即时的观察身体内部用非常高的分辨率,真的很神奇。And were layering multiple technologies-PET scans, CT scans and molecular diagnostics to find and to seek things at different levels.我们正在综合多种技术--PET扫描,CT扫描和分子诊断来发现和寻找不同层面的东西。Here youre going to see the very highest resolution MRI scan done today,reconstructed of Marc Hodosh, the curator of TEDMED. 今天在这里你们将会看到非常高分辨率的MRI扫描,它是由TEDMED的主持者马克霍道什重建的。201504/369643

Your Majesties,Your Royal Highnesses,Ladies and Gentlemen, The great economist John Maynard Keynes once wrote: “If economists could manage to get themselves thought of as humble, competent people on a level with dentists, that would be splendid.” 83 years and much research later, we would perhaps aspire to be compared with “meteorologists” or “doctors”, whose scientific accomplishments have been truly outstanding and yet have to face challenges that are rather down-to-earth. Our failure to foresee or prevent the financial crisis is a sore reminder of the dangers of hubris. True enough, we had worked on most of its ingredients. But like a virus that keeps mutating, new dangers emerged when we thought we had understood and avoided the existing ones. The need to be humble applies also to the field that was rewarded by the Prize. Recognizing that industries are different from each other and evolve rapidly, researchers in industrial organization have patiently built a body of knowledge that has helped regulators to better understand market power and the effects of policy interventions, and helped firms to formulate their strategies. They have thereby contributed to making this world a better world, the economist’s first mission. Yet, there is so much we still have to learn, and the world changes faster than our understanding can keep up. Humility is not easy to preserve when receiving such a prestigious award. Albert Camus in his acceptance speech wondered how he, rich only in his doubts and his work still in progress, could cope with being at the center of a glaring light. His answer was that he could not live without his art. The great French scientist Henri Poincaré described the unmatched pleasure of discovery: “Thought is only a flash in the middle of a long night. But this flash means everything.” Wisdom therefore encourages me to return as soon as possible to my lab, to the colleagues to whom I am indebted for the Prize, in short to the wonderful life of a researcher. But I shall be profoundly and permanently grateful to the Committee for the immense honor it has bestowed upon me, and to the Nobel Foundation and Sweden for their astounding mission of drawing attention to Science year after year.201506/382752

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