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武汉/蔡甸区看泌尿科怎么样武汉/前列腺炎的自我疗法Tesla received more than 115,000 pre-orders for its next electric vehicle, the Model 3, the day before it even unveiled a prototype of the car, the company said on Thursday. 特斯拉(Tesla)周四表示,甚至在该公司发布其新款电动汽车Model 3原型的前一天,它就已收到逾11.5万份对这款车的预购订单。 Elon Musk, chief executive, announced the flood of interest from potential buyers at an event in Los Angeles where he took the wraps off the car. Although deliveries are not due to start until late next year, Mr Musk has targeted sales of 500,000 by 2020, a figure that would fulfil his ambition of creating the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle. 特斯拉首席执行官埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)在洛杉矶为这款车揭幕的活动中宣布,潜在买家表现出了如潮水般的购买兴趣。尽管这款车要到明年底才开始交货,但马斯克已把到2020年时的销量目标定为50万辆,这一数字将助他实现打造全球首款大众市场电动汽车的雄心。 Tesla began taking pre-orders in its 215 stores around the world on Thursday morning, causing lines 200-300 people long in some North American locations. 周四上午,特斯拉开始在全球215家门店接受预订,北美的部分门店前排了两三百人的长队。 Analysts at Credit Suisse had estimated that 20,000 people put down deposits in Tesla stores, a level of interest they described as “really astounding” for a vehicle the buyers hadn’t seen. 瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)的分析师们估计,有2万人在特斯拉门店交了定金。他们表示,对于一款买家还未亲眼见到的汽车来说,这样的购买兴趣“着实令人震惊”。 Unveiling the first prototypes of the car, designed as a starter luxury vehicle and priced at ,000 for the base model, Mr Musk confirmed that Tesla expected to hit its production target of late 2017 for the vehicle. 在发布这款车的首批原型时,马斯克实,特斯拉预计会在2017年底实现这款车的生产目标。Model 3是一款入门级豪车,其基本型定价为3.5万美元。 The new car will have a range of at least 215 miles on a single charge, he said, describing that figure as a minimum that the company expected to exceed. 他表示这款车充电一次至少可行驶215英里,并称这一数字只是续航里程下限,该公司预计实际续航里程会超过这一数字。 He revealed that even the base model would accelerate from 0-60mph in less than six seconds, come with the sensors needed to turn it into an autonomous vehicle, and have free access to the company’s network of supercharging stations. 他还披露,即使是基本型,也能在6秒内将车速从零加速至60英里每小时,另外这款车还配备了变身为自动驾驶汽车所需的各种传感器,并能免费使用特斯拉的超级充电站网络。 Tesla’s shares had fallen back 54 per cent since last summer, before rebounding by more than 50 per cent in the six-week run-up to Thursday’s unveiling. 去年夏天以来,特斯拉的股价先是回落了54%,接着又在本周四发布会之前的六周里反弹了逾50%。 /201604/435731武汉/男性科医院好 The struggling Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry made a sharp detour from its history on Tuesday with the announcement that it was discontinuing the last phone to have the company’s iconic physical keyboard and trackpad.周二,艰难挣扎的加拿大智能手机制造商黑莓(BlackBerry)大幅度改变一贯路线,宣布停止生产最后一款拥有该公司标志性实体键盘和触控板的手机。“Sometimes it can be very tough to let go,” Ralph Pini, BlackBerry’s chief operating officer and general manager for devices, wrote in a corporate blog post announcing the end of the BlackBerry Classic. “For BlackBerry, and more importantly for our customers, the hardest part in letting go is accepting that change makes way for new and better experiences.”“有时放弃很难,”黑莓的首席运营官兼电子设备总经理拉尔夫·皮尼(Ralph Pini)在公司客上宣布黑莓经典(BlackBerry Classic)停产的帖子中写道,“对黑莓来说,更重要的是对我们的顾客来说,放弃最难的一点是接受变化将带来更新更好的体验。”The Classic was introduced in late 2014 by BlackBerry to win back users who prefer plastic keys and trackpads to the touch screens that dominate the operation of its newer models, even ones with keyboards.经典款是黑莓2014年底推出的,目的是重新赢得那些偏爱塑料按键和触控板,而不喜欢触摸屏的用户。在黑莓较新的机型上,主要的操作已经在使用触摸屏,甚至包括仍然有实体键盘的机型。Because the company does not break out sales of individual models, it is impossible to judge the Classic’s reception. But BlackBerry’s phone business is generally unprofitable and declining.因为该公司不公布每款手机单独的销量,所以无法判断经典款的受欢迎程度。不过,黑莓的手机业务总体来说没有利润,销量下滑。Late last month, BlackBerry announced a quarterly loss of 0 million. That was about three times the company’s loss in the previous quarter and largely reflected write-downs in the value of its phone business.上月下旬,黑莓宣布在第一个财务季度亏损6.7亿美元,大约是上一财季亏损额的三倍,这在很大程度上反映出该公司手机业务的贬值。The Classic ran the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which the company had hoped would again make it a vibrant force in smartphones. But it has since turned its attention to phones based on Google’s Android software.经典款使用的是黑莓10操作系统,公司曾希望该系统能再次让它成为智能手机市场上的强手。不过后来,公司的注意力又转向了使用谷歌Android系统的手机。Mr. Pini’s post made no mention of the fate of the other BlackBerry 10 models, which still appeared on the company’s website Tuesday evening.皮尼的客帖子没有提及其他基于黑莓10系统的机型的命运。周二晚上,它们依然出现在该公司的网站上。He did acknowledge, however, that some customers may still refuse to give up on the traditional BlackBerry shape regardless of the company’s plans.不过他承认,不管该公司有什么计划,有些顾客可能会依然拒绝放弃传统的黑莓造型。Die-hards were encouraged by Mr. Pini to see if their carriers still had Classics available. He added that BlackBerry had some remaining stock on sale online.皮尼鼓励死忠粉去看看他们的运营商是否仍供应经典款。他还补充说,黑莓还有些库存经典款在网上销售。 /201607/453080武汉/哪个医院做包皮好

武汉/早泻治疗需要多少钱武汉/阿波罗医院可以治疗男科吗 A Chinese home-appliance maker is looking to clinch its second big overseas takeover in two months with an offer for Kuka that values the German automation group at 4.6bn.一家中国家用电器制造商正寻求敲定其两个月内第二笔大型海外收购交易——对库卡(Kuka)提出收购要约,对这家德国自动化企业估值46亿欧元。Midea said yesterday that it had offered 115 a share for Kuka, which makes industrial robots used by Audi, BMW and Boeing. The offer is a 60 per cent premium on Kuka’s undisturbed price on February 3, before Midea said that it had raised its stake to 10 per cent.美的(Midea)昨日表示,对库卡的要约报价为每股115欧元。库卡制造的工业机器人被奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)和波音(Boeing)所使用。该报价较库卡2月3日(美的称增持其股份至10%之前)未受影响时的股价有60%的溢价。That stake has risen to 13 per cent, and Midea was obliged under German law to make an offer for the rest of the shares because it planned to increase its stake beyond 30 per cent. Kuka said it would review the offer and consider public opinion. A person familiar with the offer said that Midea was “well aware” that Berlin would be wary about a Chinese company taking over a company connected to industrial data.美的持股已经升至13%。由于美的计划增持股份至30%以上,根据德国法律,它不得不对库卡剩余股份发出收购要约。库卡称,将研究该要约,并考虑公众意见。一名熟悉该要约的人士称,美的“很清楚”柏林方面会对中国企业收购与工业数据相关的德国企业抱有戒心。Midea has committed to Kuka’s independence, including its listing and Augsburg headquarters, and keeping the top shareholders in the company. It would not attempt a takeover if its offer was rejected, it added. Midea also ruled out seeking a domination agreement, required in Germany when a buyer seeks to integrate a target and control its cash flow.美的承诺保持库卡的独立性,包括上市状态及奥格斯堡(Augsburg)总部,并且保留该公司的大股东。美的补充称,如果其要约被拒绝,它不会企图发起收购。美的也排除了寻求控制协议的可能。在德国,如果买家寻求整合目标并控制其现金流,需要达成控制协议。Till Reuter, Kuka chief executive, said this month the South China group had “a very interesting operation”. Kuka had been in contact about automating more than 100 logistics centres, he said, but the relationship was “arm’s length”.库卡的首席执行官蒂尔#8226;罗伊特(Till Reuter)本月表示,总部位于中国华南地区的美的拥有“非常有意思的业务”。罗伊特称,此前库卡与美的就100多个物流中心的自动化进行洽谈,但是两家公司的关系是保持一定距离的。 /201605/444653武汉/哪个医院皮肤科好

孝感前列腺炎哪家医院最好Prophet, a global brand and marketing consultancy, recently released a report on the most favored brands of Chinese consumers.全球品牌和营销咨询公司丰于日前发布了一个关于中国消费者最喜爱的品牌的报告。Data showed that Alipay ranks first and WeChat ranks second among the top 10 brands in the Chinese market. In electronics, Chinese local brand Vivo comes in 17th, leaving Microsoft and Apple behind.数据显示,在中国市场十大品牌中,付宝排名第一,微信排名第二。在电子行业,中国的本土品牌Vivo超越微软和苹果,位列第17。Based on Prophet#39;s analysis, Alipay has completely reformed the idea of electronic financing. Alipay#39;s market share is up to 70 percent of the national electronic payments market.基于丰的分析,付宝彻底改革了电子融资的理念。其市场份额高达全国电子付市场的70%。Its active users have reached 450 million, and the company#39;s average daily transaction volume has reached 175 million RMB.付宝的活跃用户已经达到4.5亿,公司日均交易额已达1.75亿元人民币。Moreover, Prophet attributed the success of Vivo to its focus on China#39;s high-end market, rather than the low-end and low-profit part of the market, as its competitors emphasize.此外,丰将Vivo的成功归功于其对中国高端市场的关注,而不是竞争对手强调的市场的低端和低利润部分。Samsung ranks 45th on the list, though its ranking may have been influenced by the recent incidents of explosions.三星在该榜单上排名第45位,虽然它的排名可能是受到最近的爆炸事件影响。Prophet interviewed nearly 10,000 Chinese consumers and selected the top 50 brands among 279 brands in 24 industries around the world.丰此次采访了近万名中国消费者,并选择了世界上24个行业的279个品牌中的前50个品牌。The criteria it used include customer obsession, pragmatism, inspiration and innovation. This is the first time that Prophet has reported on the Chinese market.其使用的标准包括客户至上的理念、实用主义、灵感和创新。这是丰关于中国市场的第一次报道。 /201611/480503 武汉/哪家男科医院治疗早泄比较好湖北省汉口看前列腺炎好吗



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