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Bruce had a vast library of motivational books and wrote motivational thoughts every day and had a little diary that ha kept every hey.布鲁斯藏有大量让人心潮澎湃的书,他本人每天也会写一些激励性的话语并每天记日记。Always they would say you#39;ve got to have the plan and work the plan and write down your goals, which he did.人们常说要胸怀计划,并按计划行事,要时常记录人生目标,而他正是这么做的。You know, his famous paper he wrote,1969 was a very difficult time for him.他写过一篇很有名的文章叫1969年于他而言着实难熬。A lot of things were going through his life.As I recall, money was short.他的人生在这一年历经坎坷,我记得他那时生活拮据。Bruce was very traditionalist and very ashamed that I had to go to work.This was not in his way of thinking.布鲁斯观念保守并耻于让我外出工作,因为这有违他的观念。He contemplated maybe going back to Hong Kong at that time period.And then in the summer of 69 these horrific murders happened.那时他想到了回归香港,然后在69年夏天,那宗骇人听闻的凶杀案发生了。We have a weird homicide.When the Manson murders happened it was horrible, it was horrifying.The scene described by one investigator as reminiscent of a weird religious rite.凶手思维怪异,曼森凶杀案发生时我们惶恐至极。一名调查者说凶杀场景,像一个诡异的宗教仪式。Bruce was a very good friend of Jay Sebring and of Sharon Tate.Five persons, including actress Sharon Tate were found dead at the home of Miss Tate and her husband screen director Roman Polanski.布鲁斯是杰伊·西布林和莎伦·塔特的挚友,包括女演员莎伦·塔特在内的五人,在塔特和她的导演丈夫罗曼·波兰斯基的家中不幸身亡My father worked with Sharon Tate the summer before the murders on the film The Wrecking Crew.凶杀案前的那个夏天,我父亲曾在电影《营救组》中与莎伦·塔特共事。Miss Tate was eight months pregnant.Among the other victims were Hollywood hair stylist Jay Sebring...那时塔特还怀有8个月的身,受害者还包括好莱坞发型师杰伊·西布林。 Article/201312/266917Today in History: Saturday, March 30, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月30日,星期六On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously injured outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by John W. Hinckley Jr.1981年3月30日,里根总统在华盛顿一酒店外被约翰W.欣克利杀并受重伤。1822 Florida became a U.S. Territory.1822年,佛罗里达成为美国领土。1867 Secretary of State William H. Seward reached agreement with Russia to purchase Alaska for .2 million, a deal roundly ridiculed as ;Seward#39;s Folly.;1867年,国务卿威廉H.苏华德与俄罗斯达成协议愿意以720万美元购买阿拉斯加,交易彻底被嘲讽为“苏华德的愚蠢行为”。1870 The 15th amendment to the Constitution, giving black men the right to vote, was declared in effect.1870年,给予黑人选举权利的美国第15次宪法修正案宣布生效。1870 Texas was mitted to the Union.1870年,德克萨斯州重新加入联盟。1945 The Soviet Union invaded Austria during World War II.1945年,二战期间苏联入侵奥地利。1964 The TV game show ;Jeopardy!; premiered on N.1964年,电视游戏节目《Jeopardy ! 》首次在N上演。1995 Pope John Paul II issued an encyclical condemning abortion and euthanasia as crimes that no human laws could legitimize.1995年,教皇约翰·保罗二世教皇发布通谕谴责堕胎和安乐死并将其视为犯罪,称人类的法律不能将其合法化。1999 A jury in Portland, Ore., ordered Philip Morris to pay million to the family of a man who died of lung cancer after smoking Marlboros for four decades.1999年,俄勒冈州波特兰评审员命令菲利普莫里斯公司向一名抽了四十年万宝路香烟后死于肺癌的男子家庭赔付8100万美元。2002 Britain#39;s Queen Mother Elizabeth died at age 101.2002年,英国女王伊丽莎白的母亲去世,享年101岁。2006 American reporter Jill Carroll, a freelancer for The Christian Science Monitor, was released after 82 days as a hostage in Iraq.2006年,基督教科学箴言报的美国自由记者吉尔卡罗尔在伊拉克被关押82天后释放。2009 President Barack Obama asserted unprecedented government control over the auto industry, rejecting GM and Chrysler#39;s restructuring plans and engineering the ouster of GM#39;s chief executive, Rick Wagoner.2009年,美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马声称政府将史无前例的控制汽车行业,拒绝通用和克莱斯勒的重组计划并策划罢免通用汽车首席执行官里克·瓦格纳。本节目属 /201303/232858

Your profile picture is the online equivalent of your first impression, so you want it to be not just good, but great. Learn how to select the most flattering picture you can.你发布的资料照片相当于在互联网上的第一印象,所以,你肯定想做到最好。学习如何选择最漂亮,最能给你加分的照片。You Will Need你需要Pictures of yourself自己的很多照片Camera相机Critical eye批判性的眼光Interesting backgrounds (optional)有趣的背景(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Show yourself1.展示自己Use a current picture of yourself. Don#39;t post anything that is more than 2 years old.使用现在的照片。超过两年的照片就不要考虑了。As general rule, you should post a well-lit picture that shows your face, but photos that don#39;t show a face can work, as long as they are intriguing enough to make people want to know more about you.作为总体原则,应该选择光线比较好的能够清楚看到面部的照片,但是不显示正面的照片也可以,只要能够有足够的吸引力,让别人想进一步了解你就可以了。Step 2 Make it snappy2.朝气蓬勃Use a candid snapshot in which you look relaxed and flirty, instead of a formal portrait or yearbook picture.用抓拍的看上去比较放松,比较调皮的照片,而不是正式的照片或件照。Cellphone camera shots have been shown to result in just as many new contacts as regular photos.手机摄像头拍照已经逐渐和常规的照片发挥同样的作用。Step 3 Think about background3.考虑背景Ask yourself what the photo#39;s background says about you. A beautiful outdoor location, or an exotic background are appealing,while a bathroom or a bar background may not place you in the best possible light.思考一下照片的背景表达的意义。漂亮的户外景点或异国风味的背景比较有吸引力,而浴室或酒吧的背景不能提供最好的光线效果。Step 4 Bare your assets4.展示自己的天赋Don#39;t be afraid to let your best assets show. As long as you keep it subtle and classy, it never hurts to show #39;em what you#39;ve got.不要害怕展示你的最佳优点。只要看上去微妙而漂亮,向别人展示自己的优点永远不会有坏处。Step 5 Look approachable5.平易近人Make your facial expression friendly and approachable. If you#39;re a woman, look directly at the camera with an easy smile or a ;come-hither; expression.面部表情友好而平易近人。如果你是女性,面带轻松的微笑或有吸引力的表情直接看向相机镜头。You don#39;t have to smile in every photo. Play around with other facial expressions.你不需要每张照片都微笑,也可以尝试其他面部表情。Step 6 Be interesting6.有趣Show something interesting in your photo, such as a bookshelf or a pet. A sexy photo may get you lots of contacts, but it won#39;t start a conversation.照片中展示一些有趣的物品,比如书架或宠物。性感的照片或许会吸引很多人的注意,但是不会有好的开始。Step 7 Avoid common mistakes7.避免常见错误Avoid common mistakes, like wearing too much or too little makeup, appearing intoxicated, making upside-down peace signs, or posing with your ex. Your dance card will be full before you know it.避免常见的错误,例如化妆太浓或太淡,看上去喝醉酒,或手持倒转的和平标志,或者与前任在一起。不知不觉就会有很多人请求认识你。According to a survey by British research agency YouGov, 62 percent of singles over 55 were looking for love online, compared to 21 percent of singles aged 18 to 24.根据英国YouGov研究机构进行的一项调查,62%的55岁以上单身人士在网上寻找真爱,而只有21%的18岁至24岁单身人士选择互联网。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/277904

If delivering bad news is a struggle, these tips will ease the stress.如果传递坏消息让你犹豫不决,下面的建议可以帮你缓解压力。You Will Need你需要A private location清静的地点Tissues纸巾A friend or family member (optional)家人或朋友(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Rehearse the bad news1.预演坏消息Practice saying the bad news and focus on words or phrases to use and ones to avoid.提前练习一下怎样说出这个坏消息,集中在选择什么样的语言可以使用,什么样的应该避免。STEP 2 Meet in private2.私下见面Meet somewhere private where you can talk quietly without interruption, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or windowless office.在比较清静的地方见面,这样你可以不受干扰地说出这个消息,比如卧室,浴室或者没有窗子的办公室。Bring a friend or family member along for comfort if you do not know the person you are talking to very well.如果你不是很了解对方,可以带对方的一个朋友或家人一起安慰他。STEP 3 Find out what they know3.了解他们知道什么Find out what the person knows to avoid repeating information and prolonging an uncomfortable situation.了解一下哪些消息是他们已经知道的,避免消息重复,延长不舒的情景。STEP 4 Get to the point4.开门见山Get right to the point and don#39;t ramble or make small talk. This delays the inevitable and can increase tension.开门见山,不要拐弯抹角,不要闲聊。这会延长并增加不必要的紧张感。Be as clear as possible when delivering bad news. Avoid using metaphors or euphemisms.传递坏消息时尽量清晰。避免模棱两可。STEP 5 Comfort the person5.安慰对方Comfort the person with a touch when appropriate, but be aware of social or cultural conventions that may make the situation worse.合适的情况下,拍一下对方的背安慰一下,但是要了解社会或文化准则,以免让情况更加糟糕。STEP 6 Answer questions6.回答问题Make time to answer questions and allow the person to grieve if necessary. Offer a tissue.留点时间来回答对方的问题,如果必要的话可以让对方发泄一下悲伤的情绪。奉上纸巾。Positive thinking can lower stress, increase a person#39;s life span, boost their immune system, and reduce their risk of a heart attack.积极的思考可以缓解压力,延长寿命,增强免疫系统,降低心脏病的风险。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/304139

A happier alternative to the cycle of weight loss and gain is to achieve a weight you and your doctor can both live with.保持体重更加健康的选择是获得你和医生都认可的体重。You Will Need你需要A calculator计算器Your doctor你的医生Common sense常识Healthy eating and physical activity habits健康的饮食和体育活动习惯Steps步骤Never change your diet or attempt to do any exercise or exercise plan without first consulting your physician.在改变饮食习惯或者试图进行任何锻炼或锻炼计划之前一定要先咨询医生。Step 1 Calculate your body mass index1.计算身体质量指数BMICalculate your body mass index (BMI) by multiplying your weight in pounds by 705, and then dividing the product by your height in inches squared.计算你的身体质量指数(BMI),计算公式是:体重(单位:磅)*705/身高(单位:英寸)的平方Step 2 Evaluate your BMI score2.评估BMI得分Compare your BMI: a BMI between 19 and 25 is in the normal range. If your BMI is between 25 and 29, you are considered overweight and if your BMI is over 29, you are considered obese.对比你的BMI:如果BMI介于19和25之间是正常范围。如果BMI介于25和29之间,你的体重超重。如果BMI超过29,说明你已经达到肥胖的水平。Step 3 Decide your ideal weight3.理想的体重Decide your ideal weight and determine how much weight you would like to gain or lose, using the BMI, common sense, and your doctor’s advice.通过你的BMI,常识和医生的建议来决定你理想的体重是多少,你应该增加或减少多少重量。Avoid dieting unless you are seriously overweight or have medical reason for losing weight (such as having high blood pressure or being at high risk of heart disease).除非你非常肥胖,或者出于健康问题(例如高血压或心脏病风险高)必须减肥,不要试图节食。Step 4 Develop healthy eating and physical activity habits4.培养健康的饮食和体育运动习惯Develop healthy eating and physical activity habits to maintain a stable weight when you have achieved your ideal weight.当你达到理想的体重之后,培养健康的饮食和体育活动习惯,保持稳定的体重。Two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.三分之二的美国成年人超重或肥胖。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/230346

In the wake of the war,随着战争而来的there was a great impetus to grow and provide more food.是种植并产出更多食物的巨大动力Hey, little hen, when, when, when小母鸡 你几时Will you lay me an egg for my tea...?下蛋为我换茶吃Industrialisation had transformed our ability to manufacture goods,工业化进程革新了我们的生产力and the same application of technology was now being同时 相同的科技现也应用于applied to food production to feed the masses.食物生产以飨众人By the time Horizon hit the airwaves,到地平线栏目上线时this process was well underway.这一工程已在顺利进行了More and more farmers were experiencing the shock of the new.越来越多的农民体验到了新科技的震撼Over the last decade,在过去十年间scientists and experts from agricultural firms have persuaded来自农业公司的科学家和专家说了more and more farmers to take a more drastic course,越来越多的农民采取更激进的做法to take up what#39;s become known as factory farming.从事工厂化农场经营More and more, chickens are being produced越来越多的鸡被量身定制地培育tailor-made to fit in with the needs of the factory farmer.以满足工厂化农场主的需要One big firm brings out a new model every two or three years.一家大公司每两到三年开发一种新的模式Where can the chicken go from here?这些鸡将何去何从 Article/201306/242606

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