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打扫时间您要我什么时间来给您打扫房间呢,先生?A: When would you like me to do your room, sir? 您要我什么时间来给您打扫房间呢,先生?B: You can do it now if you like.I was just about to go down my breakfast when you come.如果你愿意,现在就可以打扫我正准备下去吃早饭呢同类问句:what time would be convenient, sir?先生,请问几点钟比较方便?Would it be convenient if I return at 9:30? 我9点半再来,方便吗?When would you like those done you? 您希望什么时候把这些给您做了?打扫卫生间能稍微打扫一下卫生间吗?A:Good evening. How about tidying up a bit in the bathroom? Were just showered, and it quite a mess. 晚上好,能稍微打扫一下卫生间吗?我们刚洗完澡,我们里面乱七八糟B: Right away. III place some fresh towels in there, and Ill dean the toilet bowl, wash basin and tub. 马上就去我会把坐厕、洗面盆、浴缸都清理干净,再放几条新毛巾同类问句:Sure. Could you tidy up the bathroom first? Ive just taken a bath, and it quite a mess.当然可以啦你能不能先整理一下浴室呢?我刚刚沐浴过,里面很乱Certainly, madam.好的,女士Great! But how about tidying up a bit in the bathroom? Ive just showered, and it quite a mess.好极了,可是请稍微打扫一下浴室,我刚刚淋浴过,里面有点乱Right away. Ill place some fresh towels in there. (After a few minutes) Would you like me to draw the curtains? 马上就去,我放几条新毛巾(几分钟后)您要我拉上窗帘吗? 318The Republican presidential race has been all about the economy. With sluggish economic growth and millions of Americans still out of work, the candidates for the nomination have been trying to portray themselves as the best person to fix it.共和党总统候选人之争一向都是围绕经济话题展开。在经济增长乏力、数百万美国人依然面临失业的情况下,候选人努力将自身描绘成解决这一问题的最佳人选。But social issues ; which have energised Republican politics for decades ; returned dramatically to the fore during the past week, with controversies involving contraception and abortion, religious freedom and same-sex marriage filling the airwaves.但最近,数十年来为共和党的政治活动源源不断地注入活力的社会问题,重新被推到了风口浪尖,有关节育与堕胎、宗教自由以及同性婚姻的辩论,充斥着媒体的各个角萀?;For a substantial portion of the Republican base, this is the central issue,; says Bill Galston, a respected political analyst at the Brookings Institution. ;They are concerned about what they see as the cultural decay of America.;;对偏向共和党的很大一部分选民来说,这才是中心问题;备受尊敬的布鲁金斯学Brookings Institution)政治问题分析师比bull;盖尔斯顿(Bill Galston)指出;他们认为美国的文化正在衰败,并为此感到担心;The spotlight on social issues will probably benefit Rick Santorum, who won a clean sweep in the nomination contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri on Tuesday night.对社会问题的关注,或许将令里bull;桑托勒姆(Rick Santorum)从中受益。近日,在科罗拉多州、明尼苏达州和密苏里州的总统候选人提名之争中,桑托勒姆大获全胜。A social conservative with hardline views ; he opposes abortion in all cases, including rape and incest ; he has focused his campaign efforts on Christian conservatives. He has been unapologetic about putting social issues front and centre, even in a time of economic strife.作为一名立场强硬的社会保守;;他反对一切情况下的堕胎行为,包括因强奸和乱伦而导致的堕胎;;桑托勒姆将竞选重点放到了信仰基督教的保守派选民身上。他没有辩解为何要将社会问题置于重中之重,即便是在经济领域矛盾重重的情况下。But Mr Santorum, a Catholic with seven children, played down the role the contraception issue played in his victories. ;I dont think it was a big issue at all,; he told Fox News yesterday morning. ;Our numbers were doing much better before this controversy came up.;不过,有着7个孩子的天主教徒桑托勒姆却认为,节育问题在帮助他获胜的过程中所起的作用其实没那么大;我完全不认为这是一个重要的问题;他向福克斯新Fox News)表示;这一争议出现前,我们的持率要高得多;Still, analysts say the issues played to Mr Santorums strengths with his partys conservative base.尽管如此,分析人士表示,鉴于共和党所拥有的保守派选民基础,这些问题还是强化了桑托勒姆的优势。Social issues have garnered new attention since the Obama administration ordered last week that employers ; including Catholic hospitals and universities ; must provide health insurance for contraception, including the morning-after pill.奥巴马政府近日要求,各用人单;;包括天主教医院和大学;;必须为节育提供医疗保险(包括紧急避药),此后,社会问题再次受到选民们的关注。This comes after a decision, later reversed, by the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, a service that provides contraception and abortions, after being put under pressure.此前,由于受到压力,苏珊bull;Gbull;科门(Susan G. Komen)乳腺癌基金会决定将资金从提供节育和堕胎务的计划生育联盟(Planned Parenthood)中撤出。不过后来,该基金会取消了这一计划。It also coincides with a federal court ruling declaring Californias voter-supported ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.与此同时,一家联邦法院作出裁决:同性恋婚姻禁令虽得到加州选民的持,但却违反了宪法。来 /201202/171160About Clothes对衣的评价If you like you can try it on. The fitting room is in the cornner.如果您想试穿的话,试衣间就在拐角那里OK.What do you think of it?好了,你觉得怎么样呢?I think it fits you.It flatters your figure.我看它很适合您把您的身材显苗条了I think so. But can I try another one? l dont like the color.我也这么认为我可以再试试其他的吗?我不喜欢这个颜色 0

Children tickets儿童票Good morning.ld like to buy tickets to Paris.早上好我想买去巴黎的机票How many of you?你们几个人呢?Four.Two adults and two children.ls there any discount?个,个大人个小孩是不是有折扣呢?Yes.Babies under six months are free of charge.We ofter 50% discount to children under 7.How old are your children?有的 6个月以下的婴儿免费,7岁以下的儿童半价您的孩子多大了?One is months and the other is years old.一个个月大,另一个6岁了Altogether you have to pay 0.你们一共付800美元 36737第一句:What’s there to do in the central part of Taiwan?台湾中部有什么好玩的地方?A: What’s there to do in the central part of Taiwan?台湾中部有什么好玩的地方?B: You can embark on many of the hiking trips while you are at the Sun Moon Lake.在日月潭可以参加远足活动第二句:What other activities are available on the Lake?日月潭还有什么其他的水上活动?A: What other activities are available on the Lake?曰月潭还有什么其他的水上活动? B: You can go fishing there and enjoy a more personalized fishing experience.你可以在那儿垂钓,享受更加个性化的垂钓之乐其他表达法:While on this trip, youll be able to pay a visit to a God on an island who is said to have powers matchmaking.在这趟旅行中,你可以参拜岛上的月下老人亭,据说月下老人具有促成姻缘的法力 533

The impact of the superstorm Sandy was felt directly on the presidential election on Thursday when the popular mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, threw his support behind Barack Obama, citing Republican challenger Mitt Romneys failure to back climate change measures.飓风桑迪的影响直接影响了周四的总统大选当受欢迎的纽约市长迈克#8226;布隆伯格持奥巴马,指出了共和党竞选对手米#8226;罗姆尼在持气候变化措施上的失败。Bloomberg combined his endorsement of Obama with a devastating attack on Romney for reversing his positions not only on climate change but on immigration, guns, abortion rights and healthcare.布隆伯格持奥巴马,毁灭性的攻击罗姆尼不仅把他的位置从气候变化而且从移民问题、、堕胎权和医疗保健上转移。His endorsement came as Obama received plaudits for his handling of the storm that has devastated New Jersey and New York and also hit Connecticut and West Virginia.奥巴马因其对摧毁新泽西和纽约也重创了康涅狄格和西弗吉尼亚州的飓风的处理而受到赞扬,他的认可也随之而来。The mayor, writing about the damage caused to New York by Sandy, praised Obama for having made some progress towards tackling climate change. He noted that Romney, too, had supported climate change moves in the past but has since backed away from them.这位市长写下了关于桑迪对纽约造成的损害,赞扬了奥巴马应对气候变化作出的成效。他提到罗姆尼过去也一直持气候变化举措但现在已然放弃了他们。In a powerful passage that can only hurt Romney, Bloomberg went on to write: ;I believe Mitt Romney is a good and decent man, and he would bring valuable business experience to the Oval Office. He understands that America was built on the promise of equal opportunity, not equal results.在一篇只会损害到罗姆尼的强大文章里,布隆伯格接着写道:“我相信罗姆尼是一个体面的好人,他会给白宫带来有价值的商业经验。他知道美国是建立在平等机会的承诺之上,而不是平等的结果。;In the past he has also taken sensible positions on immigration, illegal guns, abortion rights and healthcare. But he has reversed course on all of them, and is even running against the healthcare model he signed into law in Massachusetts.;“过去他也在移民问题、非法、堕胎权利和医疗保健上采取了明智的立场。但是他已经全部改变了路线,甚至反对他在马萨诸塞州签署的医疗模型的法律。”Obama said he was honoured to have Bloombergs endorsement. ;I deeply respect him for his leadership in business, philanthropy and government, and [I] appreciate the extraordinary job hes doing right now, leading New York City through these difficult days,; the president said.奥巴马说他很荣幸有布隆伯格的持。“我十分尊重他在商业、慈善和政府方面的领导力,[我]感谢他现在在做的非凡的工作,领导纽约市度过这段艰难的日子,”总统说;Mayor Bloomberg and I agree on the most important issues of our time that the key to a strong economy is investing in the skills and education of our people, that immigration reform is essential to an open and dynamic democracy, and that climate change is a threat to our childrens future.“布隆伯格市长和我在我们时代的最重要的问题上保持着一致意见,繁荣经济的关键是投资我们人民的技能和教育,移民改革对一个开放、生动的民主至关重要,气候变化则威胁到我们孩子的未来。;Just as importantly, we agree that whether we are Democrats,Republicans, or independents, there is only one way to solve these challenges and move forward as a nation together.;“同样重要的是,我们同意不论我们是民主党人还是共和党人或无党派人士,只有一种方法来解决这些挑战,以及作为一个国家一起前进。”Bloombergs support comes after New Jersey governor Chris Christie praised Obama for his handling of Sandy. Although Christie is a Republican and a prominent supporter of Romney, he went out of his way this week to repeatedly praise Obamas leadership in responding to the crisis.布隆伯格的持是在新泽西州州长克里斯#8226;克里斯蒂称赞奥巴马对桑迪的处理之后。虽然克里斯蒂是一个共和党且是罗姆尼的坚定持者,这个星期他以自己的方式站出来一再称赞奥巴马在应对危机方面的领导力。Bloomberg is an independent who had originally been a Democrat before switching to the Republicans in 2001. He won the mayorship as a Republican but fell out with the party in 2007.布隆伯格是一个独立人士,他原本是民主党人2001年转向共和党。他赢得了市长选举作为共和党人但在2007年就脱离该党。He concluded: ;Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan both found success while their parties were out of power in Congress and President Obama can, too. If he listens to people on both sides of the aisle, and builds the trust of moderates, he can fulfil the hope he inspired four years ago and lead our country toward a better future for my children and yours. And thats why I will be voting for him.;他总结“当他们的政党在国会失去权力时总统比尔#8226;克林顿和罗纳#8226;里根都获得了成功——奥巴马总统也可以。如果他倾听两方的人的意见,构建温和派的信任,他可以实现他四年前燃起的希望,为你我的孩子领导我们的国家走向一个更好的未来。这就是为什么我要投票给他。”The Economist, which has a wide ership in the US, said in an editorial it had backed Obama four years ago and was doing so again. It regretted that Romney was too far removed from the centre.《经济学人》,它在美国拥有广泛的读者,在一篇社论中表示四年前它已经持了奥巴马,并将再次这样做。它为罗姆尼太远离中心而遗憾。Fellow Republicans downplayed the significance of Bloombergs endorsement. ;Its not surprising to me. Bloomberg is a very liberal political figure,; said George Pataki, the former Republican governor of New York.共和党人淡化了布隆伯格的持。“这对我来说并不奇怪。布隆伯格是一个非常自由的政治人物,”乔#8226;帕塔基,前共和党纽约州长说。来 /201211/207140A newly-wed couple on a four-month honeymoon were hit by six natural disasters, including the Australian floods, Christchurch earthquake and Japanese tsunami. 一对瑞典的新婚夫妇竟然在四个月的蜜月期里经历了六场自然灾难,其中包括了澳大利亚洪灾、新西兰克莱斯特彻奇地震以及日本海啸。Stefan and Erika Svanstrom left Stockholm, Sweden, on December 6 and were immediately stranded in Munich, Germany, due to one of Europe's worst snowstorms. Stefan Svanstrom和Erika Svanstrom夫妇于去2日离开了瑞典首都斯德哥尔,很快他们就因为欧洲地区严重的暴风雪灾害而被困在了德国慕尼黑。Travelling with their baby daughter, they flew on to Cairns in Australia which was then struck by one of the most ferocious cyclones in the nation's history.之后,夫妇两个带着他们的宝贝女儿继续飞往澳大利亚凯恩斯,可是随后当地就遭遇了龙卷风。那是澳大利亚历史上最猛烈的龙卷风之一。来 /201104/131274

Cancel Reservation 取消预约Good afternoon. May I help you?下午好,我能帮您忙吗?I have booked a table 3 this evening. I would like to cancel it.我预订了一张今晚的3人桌,我想取消预订May I have your name,please?能告诉我您的名字吗?Sure.Brown and we have reserved a table next to the door.当然,布朗,我们预订了张靠门的座位Yes,I see. We will cancel your order.我知道了,我们会取消您的预约 5前台报到我带您去前台报到A:Let me show you to the front desk. Follow me, please. 我带您去前台报到,请跟我来B: Good! Thanks. 好的,谢谢同类问句:Ill show you to the front desk. This way, please.我带您到柜台,请跟我来I see, thanks.好的,谢谢帮忙提行李让我帮你提行李A:(Opening the trunk, taking out the baggage and looking at the name on the baggage tcigs) Im the doorman, Mr. Short. Let me help you with your baggage. (打开汽车尾部的行李箱,取出了行李,看了一下贴在行李上的标签)我是门童,肖特先生,让我帮你提行李B:It so kind of you.你真是太好了同类问句:May I help you with your luggage, sir?先生,我帮您提行李,好吗?Let me help you with your luggage.让我来帮您提行李吧You are welcome. And please let me carry the bags you. Follow me this way, please. 别客气,请让我帮你提行李请跟我这边走 31

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