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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201612/481043Harry Potter is a global phenomenon.哈利·波特是一股全球效应。And J.K. Rowling is now in demand all over the world.J.K ·罗琳现在成为了全世界青睐的对象。It#39;s clearly a story with a happy ending.显然这是一个大团圆的结局。Here she is with her husband, Neil on a private jet her publisher has hired for them.她现在和丈夫尼尔一起在一架出版商给他们租的私人飞机里。He#39;s a doctor.他是一位医生。They married in 2001 and have two children, David and Mackenzie.他们于2001年结婚,育有两个孩子,戴维和麦肯齐。I wondered what their marriage was like and if there were tensions.我不知道他们的婚姻如何,是否会有压力。What is J.K. Rowling like to live with?和J.K ·罗琳生活是怎么样的?Jo, uh... Tell the truth. Yeah. I only tell the truth.乔…… 说实话。好啊,我就说实话。Jo detaches... When she#39;s very stressed she#39;ll detach herself and only trust one person and that#39;s herself.乔很有压力的时候就会孤立自己,她会自我封闭,仅仅相信一个人,那就是她自己。So everyone else gets blocked out and she becomes more and more stressed and less and less able to accept any help.所以每个人都被她排除在外,然后她变得越来越有压力,越来越不愿接受任何帮助。So that#39;s presumably quite stressful for you.那么对你来说可能压力很大。Oh, it is stressful.是挺有压力的。Basically the barriers go up. And it#39;s not just me, but it#39;s everyone else around her.基本来说她会自筑屏障,不只是对我,而是对她身边的每个人。Only one person is trusted, and she#39;s gotta do everything herself despite the fact that you know, it#39;s not possible to do everything herself.她只相信自己,她一个人承担所有,然而事实上,你知道,她自己一个人不可能做完所有的事。But Jo#39;s singlemindedness has led to the most anticipated book launch in history.但乔专心的结果育出了史上最被期待的书籍。 Article/201511/410796Aquariuses have high standards, but anyone with the right drive can meet them.水瓶座的标准很高,但是方法的当的人可以达到他们的标准。You Will Need你需要Creativity创造力Knowledge of art and music音乐和艺术知识Good social skills良好的社交技巧Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan a memorable first date1.策划难忘的初次约会Plan a memorable first date. Aquariuses don’t like the burden of making plans themselves, so they’ll be impressed with a person who comes up with a creative date idea, especially if it’s something that appeals to their intellect.策划值得回忆的初次约会。水瓶座不喜欢耗费精力自己制定计划,所以,如果有人提出有创意的约会方式,他们会对这个人印象深刻,尤其是如果是吸引他们的才智的想法。Aquariuses are interested in the arts, so planning a date around the debut of a promising new artist or a night of experimental theater is a good start.水瓶座对艺术感兴趣,所以计划一次围绕某位新艺术家首次登台演出或者实验剧场之夜的约会是一个不错的开始。STEP 2 Lean to the left2.富有同情心Lean to the left. Aquariuses are humanitarians who feel great compassion for the less fortunate.富有同情心。水瓶座都是人道主义者,对于不幸的人总是抱着深深的同情心。STEP 3 Keep up with current events3.关心时事Keep up with current events. If you know who Britney Spears is, but can’t name the current President of France, you don’t stand a chance with an Aquarius.关心时事。如果你知道谁是Britney Spears,却不知道法国现任总统的名字,那你就没有机会和水瓶座发展恋情。STEP 4 Join a book club4.加入读书俱乐部Join a book club and familiarize yourself with the New York Times’ bestseller list. Aquariuses pride themselves on being well-.加入读书俱乐部,熟悉纽约时报最畅销图书列表。水瓶座以学多识而沾沾自喜。STEP 5 Treat with respect5.尊重Always treat an Aquarius with respect; they want to be valued for their mind (though they also expect lavish appreciation of their body).总是尊重水瓶座。他们想要因为自己的思想而被重视,尽管他们也喜欢人们大肆赞扬他们的外表。STEP 6 Allow them privacy6.给他们隐私空间Allow them their space and privacy. It’s the only way to one day be invited to join their club.留给他们一些空间和隐私。这是你有一天被邀请进入他/她的领地的唯一方法。Famous Aquariuses include Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Mozart, and Charles Lindbergh. And the other guy from the band Wham!水瓶座名人包括奥普拉·温弗瑞,詹妮弗·安妮斯顿,莫扎特和查尔斯·林德伯格。还有威猛乐队中的一人。 Article/201501/352176

I#39;m walking with the gods-I#39;m in the gallery that#39;s got objects from the time when Britain was part of the Roman Empire,around 1,700 years ago.我正穿梭于众神当中,大英物馆中有一个展厅专门陈列约1700年前不列颠处于罗马帝国统治时期的文物,其中有一系列神像:Here is Mars, there#39;s Bacchus with his wine cup, Pan piping on a silver dish... and now I#39;ve arrived at what looks like another pagan god, this time in mosaic.一个小型战神马尔斯,一个端着酒杯的酒神巴克科斯,一个在银盘上吹笛子的潘神,还有一个看起来也像是某个异教神的马赛克图案。It#39;s a shoulder-length portrait.这是一幅齐肩人像,He#39;s roughly life-size, clean shaven, has fair hair swept back, and he#39;s wearing a tunic and a robe tightly wrapped around his shoulders.大小相当于真人,画中人的胡子剃得很干净,金色的头发往后拢着,穿着束胸外衣,长袍紧裹肩头。But which god is this?但这是哪路神明?There#39;s a clue, because this is a man with a monogram.有一个线索,因为有个字母能够揭示他的身份。Behind his head are the two Greek letters chi and rho and that tells me at once who he is, because they#39;re the first two letters of the word Christos, and this is in fact Christ.在他头部后方还有两个希腊字母chi和rho,这让我们立刻了解了这名男子的身份:这是希腊文“christes”的首字母,而我们所看到的正是耶稣最早的图像之一。It#39;s one of the earliest images we have of him anywhere, and it#39;s an astonishing survival-made not for a church in the eastern Mediterranean or in Imperial Rome, but for the floor of a villa in Dorset, somewhere around the year 350.它并非东地中海或罗马帝国的某座教堂的物品,而是公元350年前后多塞特某座别墅的地板装饰,能留存至今极为不易。 Article/201506/380981

Russia says it has stepped up airstrikes against ISIL militants after the Kremlin accepted that it was a bomb that brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt last month killing all 224 people on board.俄罗斯表示,克林姆林宫确定上个月造成224人遇难的客机坠毁事件系炸弹引起,已加强对ISIL武装分子的打击。President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian Defence Ministry’s command centre on Tuesday evening and told his military to cooperate with France.星期二晚上,总统普京弗访问俄罗斯国防指挥中心,并告诉军方与法国合作。Very soon a French navy fleet, headed by an aircraft carrier, will arrive in your area of operation. You need to establish a direct contact with the French and work with them as allies.不久由航母领航的法国海军舰队将到达行动区域。你们需要与法国建立直接联系,并与他们成为盟友。Putin has vowed to hunt down those responsible for the bombing of its airliner over Sinai.Until Tuesday Russia had played down the assertion from other Western countries that the plane was destroyed by an explosion.普金誓言追捕西奈客机爆炸事件负责人。直至周二俄罗斯对西方国家认为飞机是被炸毁的主张轻描淡写。But at a news conference in Sharm-al-Sheik, the Egyptian government was still hesitating to say there was anything wrong with its security procedures.但在Sharm-al-Sheik新闻发布会上,埃及政府还在不愿承认安全程序有什么不对。When we discover that there was a security lapse we’ll take the necessary measures. However up until now there is no evidence there was any lapse in travel procedures or security inspections.当我们发现安全失效,我们将采取必要措施。然而,到现在为止还没有据表明旅行程序或安全检查有任何错误。But Egypt did say it would work with Russia to combat terrorism and increase international cooperation on the issue. As far as its own investigation is concerned it said it still had not reached a conclusion.但埃及表示将与俄罗斯合作打击恐怖主义,并在这一问题上加大国际合作。就其本身调查而言还没有得出结论。译文属。 /201511/410631UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a place plus of worship that was opened to the public 502 years ago. 我是502年前向大众开放供其参拜的地方。I#39;m considered one of the greatest achievements in art, as he painted my frescos, Michelangelo wrote a poem about how difficult it was for him. 我被认为是艺术最大的成就之一。在米开朗琪罗为我画壁画的时候,他因为这件事太难了还写了首诗。Do you know it? 你知道是什么吗?I#39;m the Sistine Chapel, as he painted part of this masterpiece, Michelangelo wrote, ;I#39;m not in the right place, I#39;m not a painter.;我就是西斯廷教堂,米开朗琪罗在创造这一杰作时曾写下:“我不该在这儿。我不是一个画家。“AZUZ: Michelangelo#39;s incredible achievement has been incredibly enduring.米开朗琪罗这巧夺天工的成就流芳百世。Not only for its timeless depictions of scenes from the Bible, but that it stayed in place and stayed vivid since 1512. 其持久不仅体现在他所描绘的来自圣经的场景,并且还在原处,从1512年到现在依旧栩栩如生。It was restored once from the 1980s to the 1990s, and it#39;s seeing some enlightening changes now, because age alone isn#39;t the only threat to the Renaissance monument.它在20世纪80~90年代重修过,现在它发生了一些有启发性的变化,因为时间对这个文艺复兴的纪念碑不是唯一的威胁。 /201411/341126

A scan was looking at the density of my liver by passing vibrations through it.探测器正在通过振动查看我的内脏The harder the liver had become by alcohol the less vibrations would pass through.硬化越严重 反馈的振动就越多The important figure is this one重要的参数是这个the stiffness value and thats well within the normal range这个刚度值在正常的范围内so I would say thats a normal liver stiffness.所以结果是正常的-That#39;s reassuring to you and me. -Immensely.-那让我们都放心了 -的确是But there was a catch.但还有个问题Apparently unless I had advanced liver disease no test would pick this up显然 检查只能查出很严重的内科疾病and by the time you feel the symptoms of liver damage要是已经出现症状 肝脏已严重受损you have a one-in-three chance of immediate death!三个这样的人中 一个会立即死去Without opening me up所以我并不愿意the best predictor of my liver was something I didnt want to think about.乐观地估计我的健康状态We come down to history我们再从你的饮酒习惯being the most important investigation of a patients alcohol来看一下你的情况whether theres alcohol playing a role in damaging the liver.看看你的肝脏是否收到酒精损坏It#39;s quite interesting how your drinking habits虽然你的饮酒习惯have changed over your lifetime.已经改变了不少However you are drinking excessively但是你的饮酒量and well outside the recommended limits for a male.还是远超过成年人的推荐值重点解释:1.pass through穿过; 透过; 流过例句:The waterway is wide for many ships to pass through.这条河很宽,足以使很多船通过。2.think about考虑;回想例句:The time is approaching when we must think about buying a new house.我们要想一想买新房子的事了,时机即将来临。3.play a role in在 ... 中起作用; 扮演角色例句:He was invited to play a role in this TV play.他被邀请在这个电视剧里扮演一个角色。 Article/201507/387117英语非常道 第26期:2012贺岁大片 Article/201510/396102栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。 Article/201511/400317

Behold the bounty of earth.这些是来自地球的东西This is the cube of Rubik.这是一个魔方This simple puzzle was actually considered unsolvable by the humans.这个简单的东西,人类竟然认为是无解的。Did they not have brains?他们没有大脑吗?Mmm…simple ones.恩...他们的大脑比较简单Now, this was apparently a 21st century torture device.这是二十一世纪的刑具How long would they keep them strapped in there?他们要在里面呆多久?Sometimes hours at a time. Pretty gruesome.通常以小时计算。相当可怕。And over here we have their alphabet. It was called ;emoji;.现在我们来看看他们的语言文字。这个叫emojiA few symbols could express the vast extent of their emotion.这几个符号可以表达他们很多的情感。Uh… they had Chia pets, just like we do.额...他们也会像我们一样,有一些宠物。And this is the white and gold dress that caused a civil war. This is Scott Baio.而这件白金色衣曾引发一场内部战争。这是斯科特·拜奥But most amazing of all are the Avocados From Mexico.但最令人吃惊的是来自墨西哥的AvocadosThey#39;re always in season so you can enjoy them all year long.它们四季都有,所以你一整年都可以吃到。Anybody wanna feed Scott Baio? It#39;s included in the price of admission. No?有人想要喂一下斯科特·拜奥吗?不用另外付费。没有吗?I mean, he double dipped. He...he#39;ll regenerate.他竟然蘸了两次酱。他会重生吧。No. He won#39;t. He was a Quadmogger. Avocados From Mexico.不,他不会。他只是一条鱼。墨西哥的Avocados。 Article/201703/496305

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