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武汉/江岸区治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好武汉/治疗前列腺炎的专科医院American Elec. Reliability Corp. explains why the nuclear plant shut down in Florida. A: As far as we know, Turkey Point is going through the normal procedures a safe and controlled shutdown. That's what always happens with nuclear plants when they go offline unexpectedly. So the operators there are doing everything they can to helping that plant down safely. B: And any idea at this point as to what caused these power outages, what caused the transmissions to go down? A: The inmation we have was that there was a short-circuit in a substation in South Florida and the protective systems that are designed to contain the problem to that substation did not work correctly, so the problem sp very rapidly, and that's why it became a widesp outage. But the … B: So what's supposed to happen when something like that goes down? A: Well, what's supposed to happen is the protective equipments are supposed to limit it to that problem. Just like in your home, if you have a short-circuit in your wall, only that circuit breaker should trip and not your whole house go without power. In this case, the circuit breaker apparently didn't work and that's why it sp to a much larger area. B: And we are talking, especially when it comes to Florida power and light between 600, 000 and 800, 000 people affected. And Don was talking a little bit earlier, and it does make sense that even though this may not have worked exactly how it was supposed to, the fact that these power plants did shut down is a good thing. A: Absolutely. That's what they're designed to do. Whether it's a nuclear plant, a coal plant or a gas fired plant they all are supposed to shut down in order to protect themselves, so they are not damaged and that they can be started back up again and continue to supply power. B: So what happens now? Do they go back to the source of the problem, and you have to fix it at that point bee you can bring all the other plants online? A: Usually you can bypass the initial cause of the problem and get everybody back online and the companies in Florida, Tampa Electric, Florida Power and Light, and Progress, are all in the processes of doing that now getting their customers back on. B: And Stan, from what you are hearing this was just simply a technical glitch? We spoke with our Homeland Securities correspondent, Jeanne Meserve. She said at this point she has not heard anything dealing with terrorism. So I have to ask you, have you heard anything to that extent on your end? A: No, we have not. All the inmation that we have is consistent with what Jeanne has. This appears to be a technical problem, no indication whatsoever of any kind of terrorist activity. B: Well, that is good news. And quickly as we wait this comeback online, we've got a number of different estimates somewhere between hours and then others are saying between two and four. What do you expect? A: It depends where you are talking about in the State of Florida. Areas like Tampa and on the east coast, the central east coast that will be coming back on much more quickly. The areas in southern Florida will take a little bit longer. So it's gonna depend a bit on location. 66武汉/龟头炎的治疗费用是多少 cardboard纸板,creation作品,bet确信Translation not FoundI returned from Russia after living there nearly two years. My sister decided to surprise me by creating “welcome home” signs in Russian. She went to a website that offered translations, and printed the translated phrase onto cardboards. When I got off the plane, I saw my whole family, excitedly waving colored cardboards. My sister gave me a big hug, and pointed proudly to her creations. “Isn’t that great?” she said, “Bet you didn’t think I knew any Russian.”I admitted that I was indeed surprised—the signs actually said, “Translation not found.”译文没有找到我在俄国住了将近两年以后回国我打算给我一个惊喜,用俄文做一个“欢迎归来”的标语她到一个提供翻译的网站,并且把翻译出来的文字打印在纸板上我一下飞机就看到我们全家兴高采烈地挥舞着色的硬纸板我给了我一个热烈的拥抱,并且自豪地指着她的作品说:“是不是很棒?我猜你一定没想到我懂俄语”我承认我确实大吃一惊这标语实际上说的是:“译文没有找到”1.cardboard卡纸板还可以作形容词,意思是“不坚实的;不真实的;老一套的”:The story has too many cardboard charactors..get off下飞机除此之外,get off还有很多其他含义,比如“下班”:What time do you get off(work)? 你什么时候下班?“入睡”:I just couldn’t get off(to sleep) last night.昨晚我怎么也睡不着“改变话题”:Let’s get off the topic.我们别再谈这个话题了吧3.creation作品Language is the most important mental creation of men.语言是人类头脑中最重要的产物creation还有“时装”的意思:The designer’s latest creation is a backless evening dress.时装设计师设计的最新式装是一种露背女晚礼.bet确信I bet you were wrong about that.我敢说那件事你错了这和文中的bet是一个意思而bet还有“打赌”的意思:I bet him he could not outrun me.我跟他打赌他跑不过我5.admit承认还可以作不及物动词,有“通往”的意思:This door admits to the dining room.这扇门通餐厅“容许”:Circumstances do not admit of this.情况不容许如此6.indeed确实(用来加强语气)She was a very beautiful girl indeed.她确实是个非常美丽的姑娘 8Susan Boyle's team deny breakdown rumours Reports in the press that Susan Boyle had broken down during her visit to the ed States have been firmly denied by her team. She's gonna from being a complete unknown it's one of the most famous singers on the planet in just a fewshort months. But Susan Boyle spokesman says despite spectulation, her meteoric rise to fame is not taking its toll on her health. Insiders from Susan Boyle camp say reports she broke down after her huge permance on N's Today Show in America are simply not true. And it's been confirmed they are now taking legal action. Her publicist says the fatigue shoot after she came off stage showing her tearful was actually her reaction to being given a huge patch work quilt made especially by over 0 of her fans from countries. The 8-year-old Scottish singer was apparently overwhelmed by the support. Susan has had some issues in the past dealing with the pressures of fame. She was checked into the private clinic the night after the Britain's Got Talent Final in May this year, suffering from exhaustion.Susan Boyle came second to dance group Diversities. Since then she recorded her debute album "I dreamed a dream”, which has become the biggest advanced CD seller in history. 969武汉/阿波罗男子医院有泌尿专科

武汉/大学中南医院阳痿早泄价格Meet The World's Oldest Dog, At 5 Years Old Sky's Lisa Dowd meets the world's oldest dog, who still enjoys a good walk despite being 5 canine years old.Well. Otto is always being told us that he looks half of his age, but yes, he is 5 years young. Here are the owners. He is in human years, twenty years and eight months old. He is actually pretty sprightly but, ah, he's been tired now. He has been running around us a bit earlier on. Lynn and Peter are his owners. So, Lynn, just tell me a little bit about how you found out that he was actually the oldest dog in the world.Oh we found out by a cutting in the newspaper by Chanel who lived in America. She passed away at the age of 1. So I said to Peter Otto can’t be far off that, let's inquire and find out. So Peter did of skimming around in newspapers moreover, and he has been now classed as the world’s oldest dog.And Peter looks like he might like a little play around. Do you want to have a little play with him? Bless him.Yeah popping down us, that’s brilliant. Tell us about Otto and the secret to its longevity, Lynn. Oh, anything I can put it down to is lots, lots of good food, plenty of love and affection, and is regularly checkup with the vets, which keeps him going.I’ve seen him running around. He is very sprightly, isn't it? It’s not too bad his age. But yeah, yes, he likes a good play, but then by half an hour after that, he is out of sight the rest of the day, then bless him. But he is still doing well his age. 98武汉/切割包皮价格 武汉/男人为什么会得龟头炎

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