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5. I want to have a week leave to prepare for my wedding.我打算休一周假,筹办婚事。还能这样说:I get some wedding issues to deal with, so I need to take off one week.I need one week to arrange my wedding affairs.应用:diamond wedding 钻石婚(结婚六十周年或七十五周年纪念);golden wedding 金婚(结婚五十周年纪念)silver wedding 银婚(结婚二十五周年纪念)tin wedding 锡婚(结婚十周年纪念)6. I got the OK for leave from my boss.老板批了我的假。还能这样说:The boss approved my leave.My boss permitted my asking for leave.谚语:Although the sun shine, leave not your cloak at home.未雨绸缪。7. I would like to schedule my holidays for this year.我要安排一下我今年的假期。还能这样说:I want to arrange holidays for this year.Holidays should be scheduled in this year.应用:class schedule 功课表,课表;schedule of terms and conditions 税率表,收费率表8. I have to tell you I wont be in today.我不得不告诉你我今天不能来上班了。还能这样说:I have to tell you that I cant go to work today.I have to inform you that I should take a day off today.谚语:None so deaf as those that wont hear.置若罔闻。 /201410/3387991.Im up to my neck in work.我忙坏了。

  5. We havent decided yet, maybe you could recommend something to us.我们还没有想好,或许你可以给我们推荐一些。还能这样说:We dont know what to order. Could you recommend some to us?We are not sure what to order. What would you recommend for the main course?6. Id like to try some Chinese food.我想尝尝中国菜。还能这样说:Maybe Chinese food is good.I need some Chinese food.谚语:More die by food than famine.饥饿而死的少,饱食而死的多。7. What do you want for appetizer?要点什么样的开胃菜呢?还能这样说:What would you like for your appetizer?What do you want as starter?8. What else would you like to order?你还要点别的吗?还能这样说:Will there be anything else?Is there anything else youd like?应用:nothing else than 只不过;仅有;something else again 另外一回事;另当别论 /201404/283726

  嘉宾:Debbie Mason话题:Woman and Parking女人开车行不行单词拼写: 1、Unveiled:shown 2、Unpalatable:not delicious 3、Devastated:completely ruined 4、Patronising:treating someone as a child 5、Perception:viewpoint 重点俚语: 1、Parallel parking:parking along a road 2、Very tight parking space:a very small space 3、Incredibly patronizing:特别过分地关照问题: 1、What proportion of women failed their driving tests last year because of parking? 2、The first caller, Sarah, says she has poor perceptions of – what? 3. How long has it been since Kerry, the last caller, passed her driving test (despite the fact that she couldn’t park)? : 1、1/3 proportion of women failed their driving tests last year because of parking. 2、The first caller, Sarah, says she has poor perceptions of depth and distance, so she asks her husband to park her car . 3、It has been 20 years since Kerry, the last caller, passed her driving test (despite the fact that she couldn’t park). /201312/263953。

  29 Girls can never have enough shoes第29章 女孩子们的鞋总是不够穿David : How many pairs of shoes do you have?你有多少双鞋 ?You :I have four pairs of summer shoes. I have one, two, three......I have five pairs of slippers.我有四双夏天穿的鞋子。我还有一、二、三 ,我一共有五双拖鞋。David : You have more pairs of slippers than you have shoes?你的拖鞋比鞋还多。You :Not exactly. The slippers are for winter. I have four pairs of shoes I wear in the summer but for the winter I have about three pairs of shoes: two pairs of boots and one pair of everyday shoes.不。我的拖鞋是冬天才穿的。夏天我有四双鞋,但冬天我只有三双鞋:两双靴子和一双普通的鞋子。David : Oh, I see.噢,是这样啊。You :No, wait. I must have more than three because I also have hiking shoes. I have two pairs of winter sports shoes. That means I have more than four pairs of winter shoes. I guess for every season, I wear more than four pairs of shoes. Even that doesn’t seem like enough.不,不止三双,我还有一双郊游鞋,两双冬天穿的运动鞋。那意味着我冬天不止有四双鞋。我想,每个季节,我的鞋子都不止四双,但即使那样也不够。David : It is never enough for women. I have two pairs of dress shoes and two pairs of sport shoes.鞋子对女人来说永远都不够。我有两双皮鞋和两双运动鞋。You :You can never have too many. I like wearing different shoes every day. I think when I go home, I will wear different slippers every day, too. That should lift my spirits. Every day brings something new and I like a change of scene.永远都不够。我喜欢每天穿不同的鞋。我觉得我回家的时候,每天也要穿不一样的拖鞋。那可以让我心情愉快。每天都有新气象,我喜欢变化。 /201209/200110

  Would you like to go shopping with me this weekend?这个周末想跟我去逛街吗? /201303/227702


  Textpectation——短信期待。Hello, everyone!这里是“小强英语”。不知道你有没有这种经历:某天,你给一个很在意的人发了短信,之后你就频繁地看手机,盼望收到他的回复,不由自主地变得焦躁起来。你的这种状态,可以用一个新词来表示,那就是textpectation,短信期待。这是一个合成词,将text和expectation合在了一起。我们来看一下例句:I just texted her for a date – but now the textpectation is killing me.我刚发了信息,说要和她约会。但现在正在苦逼的短信期待中。好了,我们今天学习了新词textpectation,短信期待。虽然这种情况下人一般比较崩溃,但还是希望大家记住那句老话:宁静以致远。大家淡定淡定。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。 与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。 /201404/284288

  Finn: Ahh, this is the life. Sun shining, birds singing - beautiful day here in the park, eh Feifei?芬:啊,这才是生活。阳光明媚,小鸟歌唱—公园里美丽的一天,是吧菲菲?Feifei: Ah yes, fantastic. Just one thing, Finn. Im a bit thirsty.菲菲:啊是的,太美妙了。只有一件事,芬。我有一点渴。Finn: Yes I could do with a drink.芬:是啊,我赞同喝一杯。Feifei: An orange juice would be magnificent.菲菲:一瓶橘子汁会很棒的。Finn: No, no, no. On a day like today the ideal thing would be… an ice-cold beer, or maybe six…Ah – here we are. A six-pack! Look.芬:不,不,不。像今天这样的日子最理想的是...一瓶冰凉的啤酒,或者六个...啊,我们到了。一个六瓶装的!看。Feifei: Finn, I dont really want to see your six-pack.菲菲:芬,我不想看你的六块腹肌。Finn: What?芬:什么?Feifei: Actually, you dont have a six-pack. You have a beer belly!菲菲:事实上,你没有六块腹肌。你有啤酒肚!Finn: Oh, I get it! Very good, Feifei. In English the phrase six-pack originally refers to a way of selling cans of beer – buying six cans joined together with plastic holders.芬:哦,我明白了!很好,菲菲。在英语里,六块装原始含义是一种卖罐装啤酒的方式,用塑料包装在一起的六罐。Feifei: And now, as a slang expression, it can also describe the shape of stomach muscles... on people who are very fit you can see six round muscles – which looks like a six pack of drink. Unfortunately, not on you Finn.菲菲:而现在,作为一种俚语表达,它可以用来形容腹肌的形状,那些你能看到六块肌肉的人,看起来像六罐的饮料。不幸的是,你没有芬。Finn: What are you saying?芬:你在说什么?Feifei: Anyone can see you dont have a six-pack. You have a one-pack – one huge beer belly!菲菲:任何人都能看出来你没有六块腹肌。你有一块腹肌,一块巨大的啤酒肚!Finn: Well, I think that phrase is easy enough to understand.芬:我认为这个短语很容易理解。Feifei: Too many six-packs of beer, Im afraid!菲菲:恐怕太多六罐装得啤酒了!Ive been going to the gym for a month now. I need to get my six-pack y before I go to the beach this summer!我坚持去体育馆一个月了。我需要在这个夏天去海滩之前把我的六块腹肌练好。I used to have a six-pack when I was a teenager, but it seems to have got lost under all this fat.当我还是个运动员的时候我有六块腹肌,但是它们现在似乎都消失在脂肪下了。Feifei: So Finn, how about you leave that six-pack of beer and swap it for... a healthy fruit smoothie!菲菲:所以,芬,不如你放下那个六罐装的啤酒,用一个健康的水果冰沙代替!Finn: Nice idea, and I can see a fruit smoothie seller over there! Ill go and buy two. See you in a bit.芬:好主意,而且我能看见一个水果冰沙摊在那边!我会去买两个。待会儿见。Feifei: Thanks Finn. While hes over there let me remind everyone if you want to learn more phrases like six-pack and beer belly, check out bbclearningenglish.com. And do some exercise! Bye.菲菲:谢谢你芬。趁他在那里,让我提醒大家如果你想要更多的像六块腹肌和啤酒肚这样的词组,登陆bbclearningenglish.com做一些练习!再见。Finn: Dont tell Feifei!芬:不要告诉菲菲! /201401/273780。

  经典句型:I want to have a picture taken near the river. 我想要在河边拍照。A:I want to have a picture taken near the river. 甲:我想要在河边拍照。B:All right.I will take a picture for you. 乙:好的,我给你拍。A:Thank you. 甲:谢谢。经典句型:Could you please take a picture for us? 你能帮我们合影吗?A:Could you please take a picture for us?甲:你能帮我们合影吗?B:Certainly. How can I use this camera?乙:当然可以。我怎么用这个相机?A:Just push this button.甲:按这个按钮就可以。B:OK. Get y! Say “cheese;!乙:好的。准备好!说“cheese; !A:Cheese!甲:Cheese!句型讲解:photo和picture的区别:photo只表示照片,而picture除了表示照片之外还有画,图画,图像,美景、描述、相似物、化身等含义。 /201411/340848

  1. pig out 狼吞虎咽、大吃特吃Would you like to pig out with us tonight?今晚想不想跟我们一起去胡吃海喝一顿? /201409/327720


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