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Little pig, little pig, let us in! Its the police! Move!小猪、小猪,让我们进去!我们是警察!行动!The third little pig is now being taken into custody,猪小弟目前遭到收押,so the spotlight has once again shone on the gray area of homeowners rights to protect their properties.社会焦点再次关注在屋主保护自身财产权利的模糊地带。;This isnt right. The three little pigs are the victims.;“这样不对。三只小猪才是受害者。”;The wolf blew down two houses. He got what he deserved.;“大野狼吹倒两栋房子。他罪有应得。”;The pigs went too far.;“小猪们做得太超过了。”;You have every right to defend your property.;“你绝对有权捍卫自己的财产。”;Keep your chinny chin chins up, fellas.;“不要低头,兄弟们。”Boiling someone alive hardly constitutes reasonable force.活生生煮死人不可能构成正当武力。;Is killing an intruder ever justified?;“杀害侵入者能否被合理化?”;If someone tried to blow my house down, Id do the same.;“如果有人试着要吹倒我的房子,我也会做一样的事。”I knew the wolf. Theres no way he couldve blown down those houses—he had asthma!我认识大野狼。他不可能有办法吹倒那些房子--他有气喘耶!The wolf had asthma, so whats the truth about the pigs houses being blown down? Inside job?大野狼患有气喘,那么小猪房子被吹倒的真相是什么?自己搞的鬼?Theres no reason why those two houses, one made from straw, the other from wood, shouldve collapsed没道理一间用稻草、另一间用木头盖的两间房子会倒塌not even a healthy wolfs huff and puff could bring them down!就连一只身强体壮的大野狼都不可能把它们吹倒!The three little pigs have confessed to conspiring to commit insurance fraud,三只小猪已经承认密谋犯下保险诈欺案,framing the wolf in an attempt to cover their tracks.且为了掩饰自己的罪行而陷害大野狼。Their motive was financial as they struggled to keep up with their mortgage repayments.他们的动机源自财务,因为他们难以按时偿还房贷。Guilty. ;I can empathize.;有罪。“我能感同身受。”;Im behind on my payments too.;“我也迟缴贷款了。”;How could this have happened?;“这种事怎么会发生?”;Ive lost everything.;“我失去一切。”We want change! We want change! We want change! Come on!我们要求改变!我们要求改变!我们要求改变!冲啊!201705/508716TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461824

President William McKinley is re-elected to a second term and Aspiring trust buster Theodore Roosevelt is installed as Vice President.让威廉·麦金莱再次当选总统 同时让托拉斯反对者西奥多·罗斯福坐上副总统的位子A clever play to silence his influence.这可是压制他影响力的一招妙棋With McKinley in office for another four years, John Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan have the freedom to expand their empires to unprecedented heights.麦金莱再当上四年总统 约翰·洛克菲勒和J·P·根就可以无拘无束地扩大自己的帝国使之达到前所未有的高度In September of 1901 President McKinley travels to Buffalo to give a speech heralding Americas prosperity.1901年九月 总统麦金莱旅行到水牛城发表演讲 以昭示美国的繁荣But that prosperity hasnt reached everyone.但这种繁荣并没有惠及所有人Many are still struggling to survive and theyre fed up with McKinleys close relationship with big business.许多人还在为生存而挣扎 他们受够了麦金莱与大企业的密切关系Leon Czolgosz is a former factory worker who recently lost his job at a company J.P. Morgan took over during the creation of U.S. Steel.利昂·乔尔戈什曾经是一名工人 J·P·根创建美国钢铁 接手一家公司时让他丢了工作As Czolgosz struggled, he took refuge in the growing anarchist movement.落魄的利昂·乔尔戈什从日益活跃的无政府主义运动中寻求慰藉He became convinced that the Government is helping the rich exploit the poor and hes determined to put an end to it.他确信 政府正在帮助富人剥削穷人 他下决心要结束这种现象201607/453034

21 activists were arrested on Saturday for blocking freight trains in Washington that transport oil and coal in the Northwest. 周六,华盛顿的21名活动分子因阻碍货运火车在西北地区运输石油和煤炭而被捕。The Fossil Fuel Resistance Network blocked the tracks for about three hours before police arrested 21 people who refused to leave. 化石燃料阻碍网络封锁轨道约3个小时,直至警方逮捕21名拒绝离开者。This was the groups first protest. 这是该组织的第一次抗议。About 100 demonstrators participated in the event altogether, some holding signs that said, ;I stand against oil trains.; 大约100名示威者参加了这一事件,一些人拿着标语说:“我抵抗石油列车。”Five freight trains were delayed due to the protest, but they were able to move eventually.由于抗议,五列货运火车晚点了,但最终恢复了运行。译文属。 /201606/450163

  We have a new favorite game around here were gonna play.在这里我们会玩一个最新受我们欢迎的游戏Its called Five Second Rule, and Kevin is gonna say, like, a category,叫做五秒规则 凯文会说 像 一个范畴and we have to say five things--uh, three things in five seconds.然后我们要说五件事情--嗯 三件事情在五秒之内说完Okay. And then as soon as we say it, then you hit that, and Ill go first好的 然后就我们说完 然后你就按铃就像我这样做的just so you see--it goes very, very quickly.就像你看到的是很快 非常快的I need to warm up anyway, so thats great.我需要先热身 这真是太棒了All right. Ready? Ellen, three things you do in front of a fire.好的 准备好了吗?艾伦 在火炉前你会做的三件事You toast marshmallows, you kiss and you have hot cocoa. Nice.烤棉花糖 亲吻还有热可可 很好Oh, that was good. No. Cheating. Cheater. Three people you want to kiss under the mistletoe.哦 那太棒了 不可以 作弊 骗子 你想在槲寄生下亲吻的三个人My boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Gosling again. Ooh. Three people. Ding!我的男朋友 瑞恩·高斯林以及瑞恩·高斯林 喔 三个人 叮!All right. All right. Thats all right. Ellen.可以 可以 那个可以 艾伦Dont give her a point for that! Oh, come on! We all love Ryan!她这样不能给她分!噢 拜托!我们都爱瑞恩I know, but hes not three people. Okay, Ellen. All right.我知道 但是他不是三个人 好的 艾伦 好吧Im competitive. Yeah. Three things you can pinch. Your cheek, your butt, a baby. Nice.我求胜心切 是的 三件你可以捏东西 脸颊 屁股 婴儿 棒I thought you were gonna say ;nipple.; Okay. Beth, besides your nipple, three--我以为你会说“奶头” 好的 贝丝 除了你的奶头 三--Three things you wouldnt want an ant to bite.你不希望蚂蚁咬到的三个部位Oh, um, your toe, your wrist, and your, mm, uh--Ooh. Eye.噢 嗯 脚趾 手腕 还有 嗯 诶--噢 眼睛After the clock. You sure wouldnt want it to bite your eye.超时了 你一定不会希望咬到你的眼睛I kept thinking dirty cause of ;nipple,; and then I couldnt say anything cause its daytime.因为“奶头”这个词一直让我想歪 而且因为现在是白天 所以我啥也不能说Well, we just wouldve bleeped you. All right. All right.嗯 你要是说了我们就消音嘛 好吧 好的Ellen, three things you do on a nude beach.艾伦 你在裸体沙滩上会做的三件事You put sunscreen on, you cover yourself with a towel, and then you run.涂防晒霜 用毛巾盖住自己 然后开始跑Oh, with zero seconds. Oh. Beth, three things you bring on a first date.噢 零秒钟 噢 贝丝 你会在约会那天做的三件事Lipstick, breath mint, condom. Oh, boy.口红 清新的薄荷糖 避套 噢 天哪Well, weve learned a lot about you today.好的 我们今天了解很多关于你的事情201707/516006


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  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470035A few years ago, my mom developed rheumatoid arthritis.几年前,我母亲得了类风湿性关节炎。Her wrists, knees and toes swelled up, causing crippling, chronic pain.她肿起的手腕,膝盖和脚趾,让她长久以来痛苦不堪。She had to file for disability. She stopped attending our local mosque.她不得不去申请残障。她不再去我们当地的清真寺参加活动。Some mornings it was too painful for her to brush her teeth.有些早晨她甚至疼得无法刷牙。I wanted to help. But I didnt know how. Im not a doctor.我想帮助她,但却感到束手无策。我并不是医生。So, what I am is a historian of medicine. So I started to research the history of chronic pain.我只是一个医药历史学者。于是我开始研究慢性疼痛的历史。Turns out, UCLA has an entire history of pain collection in their archives.我发现加州大学洛杉矶分校的档案里收藏了关于疼痛的完整历史记录。And I found a story -- a fantastic story -- of a man who saved -- rescued -- millions of people from pain; people like my mom.从中我找到了一则奇妙的故事--关于一个男人如何将数百万人从疼痛中拯救出来的故事;那些和我母亲一样的人。Yet, I had never heard of him. There were no biographies of him, no Hollywood movies.然而,我从来没有听说过他。没有关于他的传记或好莱坞电影。His name was John J. Bonica.But when our story begins, he was better known as Johnny ;Bull; Walker.他名叫约翰·J·尼卡,不过在这个故事刚开始的时候,他常常被人称作约翰尼·“斗牛士”·沃克。It was a summer day in 1941. The circus had just arrived in the tiny town of Brookfield, New York.那是1941年的一个夏日。一个马戏团刚刚来到纽约的布鲁克菲尔德镇上。Spectators flocked to see the wire-walkers, the tramp clowns -- if they were lucky, the human cannonball.观众蜂拥而至来看走钢丝表演和小丑--如果运气够好,还能看到人体炮弹。They also came to see the strongman, Johnny ;Bull; Walker, a brawny bully whod pin you for a dollar.他们还想见见大力士约翰尼·“斗牛士”·沃克,只花1块钱,就可以跟他一较高下。You know, on that particular day, a voice rang out over the circus P.A. system.可在那一天,马戏团的广播中传来了一个声音。They needed a doctor urgently, in the live animal tent. Something had gone wrong with the lion tamer.他们在动物蓬急需一名医生。驯兽师出事了。The climax of his act had gone wrong, and his head was stuck inside the lions mouth.他在表演进行到最精的时候发生了意外,他的头卡在了狮子嘴里。He was running out of air; the crowd watched in horror as he struggled and then passed out.他快要窒息了;观众惊恐地看着他。他挣扎了一阵,昏了过去。When the lion finally did relax its jaws, the lion tamer just slumped to the ground, motionless.当狮子终于张开嘴巴的时候,驯兽师瘫倒在地上,一动不动。When he came to a few minutes later, he saw a familiar figure hunched over him. It was Bull Walker.几分钟后,当他醒来,他看到了一张熟悉的面孔。那是“斗牛士”沃克。The strongman had given the lion tamer mouth-to-mouth, and saved his life.这位大力士通过人工呼吸挽救了驯兽师的生命。Now, the strongman hadnt told anyone, but he was actually a third-year medical student.大力士从没有跟任何人提起过,他其实是医学院的三年级学生。He toured with the circus during summers to pay tuition, but kept it a secret to protect his persona.他通过暑假跟着马戏团巡游来赚钱付学费,却为了维护角色形象而绝口不提此事。He was supposed to be a brute, a villain -- not a nerdy do-gooder.他想让大家认为自己是一位土霸,恶棍--而不是勤奋好学的书呆子。His medical colleagues didnt know his secret, either.他在医学院的同事也不知道他的秘密。As he put it, ;If you were an athlete, you were a dumb dodo.;正如他所说,“如果你是个运动员,理所应当就是个笨蛋。”So he didnt tell them about the circus, or about how he wrestled professionally on evenings and weekends.因此他没有透露任何关于马戏团以及在傍晚和周末参加职业摔跤的事情。He used a pseudonym like Bull Walker, or later, the Masked Marvel.他用艺名“斗牛士”沃克,后来还用过“蒙面奇侠”。He even kept it a secret that same year, when he was crowned the Light Heavyweight Champion of the world.即便在他得到世界摔跤轻重量级冠军的那一年,他仍然保守着这个秘密。Over the years, John J. Bonica lived these parallel lives.约翰·J·尼卡过了数年这样的双面生活。He was a wrestler; he was a doctor. He was a heel; he was a hero. He inflicted pain, and he treated it.他是摔跤手;也是医生。他是混蛋,也是英雄。他给别人带来痛苦,也能治疗疼痛。And he didnt know it at the time, but over the next five decades,他当时还不知道,在未来的五十年里,hed draw on these dueling identities to forge a whole new way to think about pain.他会利用这两个不同的角色来创造一个对待疼痛的全新观念。Itd change modern medicine so much so, that decades later,这种观念将为现代医学带来巨大的改变, 多年后,Time magazine would call him pain reliefs founding father. But that all happened later.时代杂志会称其为“止痛之父”。但那都是后话了。In 1942, Bonica graduated medical school and married Emma, his sweetheart, whom he had met at one of his matches years before.1942年,尼卡从医学院毕业,迎娶了艾玛,他们几年前在他的一场比赛中相识。He still wrestled in secret -- he had to. His internship at New Yorks St. Vincents Hospital paid nothing.他仍然偷偷地从事职业摔跤--他别无选择。因为他在纽约圣文森特医院实习期间没有任何收入。With his championship belt, he wrestled in big-ticket venues, like Madison Square Garden, against big-time opponents,带着他的冠军金腰带,他不断参加大型的摔跤比赛,像在麦迪逊广场花园,面对的都是大牌对手,like Everett ;The Blonde Bear; Marshall, or three-time world champion, Angelo Savoldi.比如埃弗里特·“金发熊”·马歇尔,或是荣获三次世界冠军的安杰洛·萨沃尔迪。The matches took a toll on his body; he tore hip joints, fractured ribs.摔跤比赛严重地影响了他的身体状况;他损伤过腰关节,断过肋骨。One night, The Terrible Turks big toe scratched a scar like Capones down the side of his face.一天晚上,“凶悍土耳其人”的大脚指在他脸上划出了一道像卡彭一样的伤疤。The next morning at work, he had to wear a surgical mask to hide it.第二天早晨去上班时,他只能带着医用口罩来遮掩伤势。Twice Bonica showed up to the O.R. with one eye so bruised, he couldnt see out of it.有两次,尼卡出现在护士室的时候,一只眼睛是青肿的,完全看不见东西。But worst of all were his mangled cauliflower ears.然而最糟糕的还是他那破损的菜花耳。He said they felt like two baseballs on the sides of his head. Pain just kept accumulating in his life.他说感觉就像头旁边挂了两个棒球。生活中的疼痛始终有增无减。Next, he watched his wife go into labor at his hospital. She heaved and pushed, clearly in anguish.接着,他看着老婆在自己的医院分娩。她挣扎着,明显承受着巨大的痛苦。Her obstetrician called out to the intern on duty to give her a few drops of ether to ease her pain.产科医生叫来了值班的实习生,要给她几滴醚来缓解疼痛。But the intern was a young guy, just three weeks on the job -- he was jittery, and in applying the ether, irritated Emmas throat.但那位实习生很年轻,才实习了三个星期--他战战兢兢地进行麻醉时,不小心刺激到了艾玛的喉咙。She vomited and choked, and started to turn blue.她开始呕吐,呼吸困难,面色开始发青。Bonica, who was watching all this, pushed the intern out of the way, cleared her airway, and saved his wife and his unborn daughter.在一旁看着的尼卡把实习生推开,清理了她的呼吸道,拯救了自己的妻子和未出生女儿的命。At that moment, he decided to devote his life to anesthesiology.从那一刻起,他决定致力于麻醉科。Later, hed even go on to help develop the epidural, for delivering mothers.后来,他甚至为帮助分娩的母亲而发明了硬膜外麻醉术。But before he could focus on obstetrics, Bonica had to report for basic training.但在他可以完全转行妇产科之前,尼卡必须完成他的基本培训。Right around D-Day, Bonica showed up to Madigan Army Medical Center, near Tacoma.在诺曼底登陆日前后,尼卡出现在了塔科马附近的马迪根陆军医疗中心。At 7,700 beds, it was one of the largest army hospitals in America.那是美国最大的军事医院之一,有7700张病床。Bonica was in charge of all pain control there. He was only 27.那里所有的止痛工作都由尼卡负责。他当时只有二十七岁。Treating so many patients, Bonica started noticing cases that contradicted everything he had learned.接触过大量病人以后,尼卡开始注意到,一些案例完全有悖于之前所学的知识。Pain was supposed to be a kind of alarm bell -- in a good way -- a bodys way of signaling an injury, like a broken arm.疼痛本应该是一种有益的警钟,是身体在受伤的情况下发出信号的一种方式,例如骨折的时候。But in some cases, like after a patient had a leg amputated, that patient might still complain of pain in that nonexistent leg.但在某些案例里,比如一个病人刚做了腿部截肢后,可能还会感觉到本不该存在的腿部疼痛。But if the injury had been treated, why would the alarm bell keep ringing?如果伤口已经被处理过了,怎么还会警钟长鸣呢?There were other cases in which there was no evidence of an injury whatsoever, and yet, still the patient hurt.有些案例里没有任何受伤的迹象,但是,这些病人仍然很痛苦。Bonica tracked down all the specialists at his hospital -- surgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists, others.尼卡跟踪观察了医院里的所有医生--外科医生、神经科医生、精神病医生等等。And he tried to get their opinions on his patients.他想问一下这些医生对他的病人的看法。It took too long, so he started organizing group meetings over lunch.为了节省时间,他开始在午餐时间组织会议。It would be like a tag team of specialists going up against the patients pain.其间很多专业人士会一起讨论病人的疼痛症状。No one had ever focused on pain this way before. After that, he hit the books.之前从来没有人如此重视过疼痛。在这之后,他开始查阅资料。He every medical textbook he could get his hands on, carefully noting every mention of the word ;pain.;他读了所有能拿到的医学资料,仔细标记了所有提到“疼痛”二字的地方。Out of the 14,000 pages he , the word ;pain; was on 17 and a half of them. Seventeen and a half.在他读过的14000页内容中,“疼痛”只在十七页半中出现。十七页半。For the most basic, most common, most frustrating part of being a patient.这是作为一个病人最基本、最常见却也最令人无奈的地方。Bonica was shocked -- Im ing him, he said, ;What the hell kind of conclusion can you come to there?尼卡被震惊了--他的原话是这么说的,他说,“就这点信息,你能得出什么结论呢?The most important thing from the patients perspective, they dont talk about.;在病人眼中最重要的事情,他们(医生)从来不在乎。”So over the next eight years, Bonica would talk about it.在接下来的八年里,尼卡对此重视起来。Hed write about it; hed write those missing pages.他写了关于疼痛的书;他要补全那些缺失的内容。He wrote what would later be known as the Bible of Pain.他写了后来被人誉为“疼痛圣经”的书。In it he proposed new strategies, new treatments using nerve-block injections.在书中他提出的了新的方法,用神经抑制注射来缓解疼痛。He proposed a new institution, the Pain Clinic, based on those lunchtime meetings.他提倡建立一个新的机构,“疼痛诊所”,这个想法来源于之前的午餐会议。But the most important thing about his book was that it was kind of an emotional alarm bell for medicine.但是关于这本书最重要的事情是,它是一个医学警钟。A desperate plea to doctors to take pain seriously in patients lives. He recast the very purpose of medicine.一个希望医生能够更加关注病人疼痛症状的迫切意愿。他重新定义了医学的宗旨。The goal wasnt to make patients better; it was to make patients feel better.目标并不仅仅是让病人康复,而是减少病人在这个过程中遭受的痛苦。He pushed his pain agenda for decades, before it finally took hold in the mid-70s.他几十年来一直在推行自己的疼痛计划,直到70年代中期。Hundreds of pain clinics sprung up all over the world.那时候,已有几疼痛诊所在世界各地开放。But as they did -- a tragic twist. Bonicas years of wrestling caught up to him.但是,一个悲伤的转折出现了,尼卡数年摔跤生涯的后果显露出来了。He had been out of the ring for over 20 years, but those 1,500 professional bouts had left a mark on his body.他已经20多年不摔跤了,但1500名职业摔交手还是在他身上留下了难以磨灭印记。Still in his mid-50s, he suffered severe osteoarthritis.50多岁的时候,他就备受骨关节炎的折磨。Over the next 20 years hed have 22 surgeries, including four spine operations, and hip replacement after hip replacement.在接下来的20多年里,他经历了22个手术,包括4个脊椎手术,一次又一次的髋骨替换。He could barely raise his arm, turn his neck. He needed aluminum crutches to walk.他几乎不能抬起手臂或者转头。他需要铝架来帮助他行走。His friends and former students became his doctors.他的朋友和校友成了他的医生。One recalled that he probably had more nerve-block injections than anyone else on the planet.一个医生说,他也许经历过比这个星球上任何其他人都要多的神经抑制注射。Aly a workaholic, he worked even more -- 15- to 18-hour days.他已经是一个工作狂了,却还要变本加厉--每天工作15-18个小时。Healing others became more than just his job, it was his own most effective form of relief.治愈别人对他来说不仅仅是工作,对他自己来说也是一种解脱。;If I wasnt as busy as I am,; he told a reporter at the time, ;I would be a completely disabled guy.;他曾跟一位记者这么说,“如果我没有这么忙,我可能早就是个残废了。”On a business trip to Florida in the early 1980s, Bonica got a former student to drive him to the Hyde Park area in Tampa.1980年初,在去弗罗里达出差的路上,尼卡让一位校友把他送到坦帕的海德公园。They drove past palm trees and pulled up to an old mansion, with giant silver howitzer cannons hidden in the garage.他们穿过许多棕榈树,在一所老别墅前停下,车库里藏着巨大的银色榴弹加农炮。The house belonged to the Zacchini family, who were something like American circus royalty.这房子属于萨奇尼家族,一个类似美国皇家马戏团的家族。Decades earlier, Bonica had watched them, clad in silver jumpsuits and goggles, doing the act they pioneered -- the Human Cannonball.几十年前,尼卡曾见过他们穿着银色的表演和护目镜,进行着他们的拿手表演:人肉炮弹。But now they were like him: retired.但是他们现在跟他一样:退休了。That generation is all dead now, including Bonica, so theres no way to know exactly what they said that day.那一代人已经逝去了,包括尼卡,所以没有人知道当时他们说了些什么。But still, I love imagining it. The strongman and the human cannonballs reunited, showing off old scars, and new ones.但是我依然忍不住要去想象。“大力士”和“人肉炮弹”重聚了,展示彼此的旧伤新疤。Maybe Bonica gave them medical advice. Maybe he told them what he later said in an oral history,也许尼卡会给他们医疗建议。也许他会把之后在口述历史中的内容告诉他们,which is that his time in the circus and wrestling deeply molded his life.那段在马戏团摔跤的时光造就了他现在的人生。Bonica saw pain close up. He felt it. He lived it.尼卡近距离接触过疼痛。感受着、伴随着他一生的疼痛。And it made it impossible for him to ignore in others.而这使他无法无视别人的痛苦。Out of that empathy, he spun a whole new field, played a major role in getting medicine to acknowledge pain in and of itself.出于那种同情,他推动了一个新的领域,为研制针对缓解疼痛的药物做出了巨大贡献。In that same oral history, Bonica claimed that pain is the most complex human experience.在同一段口述历史中,尼卡认为,疼痛是人类最复杂的经历。That it involves your past life, your current life, your interactions, your family.它包含了你过去的生活、你现在的生活、你的社会关系、你的家人。That was definitely true for Bonica. But it was also true for my mom.这一点对尼卡而言毋庸置疑。 但同样也适用于我的母亲。Its easy for doctors to see my mom as a kind of professional patient, a woman who just spends her days in waiting rooms.医生们可以轻而易举地把我妈妈当成老病号来看待,她整天整天地呆在诊所的等候室。Sometimes I get stuck seeing her that same way.有时候我也不禁会这样想。But as I saw Bonicas pain -- a testament to his fully lived life -- I started to remember all the things that my moms pain holds.但当我看到尼卡的痛苦--作为他传奇一生的见--我想起了我母亲所遭受的一切痛苦。Before they got swollen and arthritic, my moms fingers clacked away in the hospital H.R. department where she worked.在她的手指患上关节炎、肿到无法工作之前,她一直在医院的人力资源部忙碌着。They folded samosas for our entire mosque.她用一双手为整个清真寺折过印度咖喱角。When I was a kid, they cut my hair, wiped my nose, tied my shoes. Thank you.当我还是孩子的时候,这双手为我剪过头发、为我擦过鼻子,还帮我系过鞋带。谢谢大家。201706/514453The hearts of most palms around the world are edible.世界上大部分棕榈树的芯是可以吃的You just need to cut away the tough outer leaves.只需除去外层坚硬的树叶There you go. Look. You get the nice, soft middle bits of this.看这个 中间这个白嫩的 一小块Its quite a delicacy.A lot of places around the world.这种美味 遍布世界各地Tastes good, you know.A bit bitter.But really good carbohydrate.很好吃 有点苦涩 但却是很好的碳水化合物And the great thing is,palms like this just grow all over the jungle.最妙的是 像这样的棕榈树在丛林里随处可见So that means youve always got a good staple food that you can feed off.这就意味着你随时可以吃到 一顿美味大餐Carbohydrate gives you slow-release energy,just what you need for jungle survival.碳水化合物提供的缓释能量 足够你在丛林中存活Theres a bit of a clearing.You can actually see out over the jungle canopy here.这儿有一小块空地 这里终于能透过丛林树冠见到天日了You can see tree, for example, around the ridgeline.Very distinct marker to see.比如你能看到山脊上的那棵树 就是显而易见的地标Yeah, when you get a chance to look out like this, youve got to use it.你得充分利用 途中的这些资源Thats what indigenous people would do in the jungle.土著人就是用他们分辨方向的Theyd find points like that tree and use it to help them navigate through the jungle.他们会找类似那棵树这样的标志 然后据此走出丛林The thing is, once you get back into it,back into the heart of it,it just goes crazy again.事实上 一旦你重新回到这儿 回到丛林中心地带 会再次遇到疯狂的境地It feels often overpowering,claustrophobic.总是感觉 势不可挡 成困兽之斗201609/466444

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201605/431372I think maybe the game ended.我想比赛可能结束了。Wow, I think youre right! Wow! Wow, wow, wow!哇,我想你是对的!哇!哇哇哇!Googles AlphaGo computer software beat its human opponent on Wednesday in the first of a historic five-game match between human and computer at the ancient Chinese board game of Go. The software took on South Korean Go champion Lee Sedol, who has won 18 world championships since becoming a professional Go player at the age of 12. The contest was reminiscent of the 1997 chess match, in which IBMs Deep Blue supercomputer beat then world chess champion Garry Kasparov.Google 的 AlphaGo 电脑软件在星期三击败人类对手,赢得人类和电脑在古老中国桌游“围棋”历史性五战对抗赛首场的胜利。AlphaGo 软件对上南韩围棋冠军李世石,他自十二岁成为职业棋手后得过十八次世界冠军。这次比赛令人想到 1997 年的西洋棋对抗,那场比赛中IBM的超级电脑“深蓝”打败当时的世界西洋棋棋王Garry Kasparov。Since then, the really big remaining, sort of, Holy Grail, if you like, has been Go. In chess, the number of possible moves is about 20 for the average position, and Go is about 200.自那时起,真正剩下的伟大,如果你要这样说的话,有点像是圣杯,就是围棋了。在西洋棋中,平均位置的可能下法大概是二十种,而围棋却是有大概两百种。Both human and computer made some mistakes throughout the game, which lasted over three hours. Sedol said, ;A mistake I made at the very beginning lasted until the very last.;人类和电脑在整场比赛中都有一些失误,比赛整整持续超过三小时。李世石说:“我在比赛最初犯下的一个错误持续影响到最后。”We have an estimate of how strong a program is. Of course you never know when you play a human player, they do all sorts of very interesting, creative things that your programs not necessarily do. So theres always an unknown.我们对程式的能力有一个预估。当然你在和人类选手对抗时永远猜不透,人类会做出各种非常有趣、富创意的事情,那是你的程式不见得做得出来的。所以总是有未知数。The victory is considered a breakthrough for artificial intelligence, showing the program, developed by Google DeepMind, has mastered one of the most creative and complex games ever devised. This is not the first time that the software has won at Go. In January, AlphaGo was pitched against European champion Fan Hui in a closed-door match. AlphaGo won all five rounds. The remaining four matches will be played by Tuesday.这场胜利被视为人工智慧的突破,显示出由 Google DeepMind 研发的程式已经掌握了史上最具巧思且复杂的游戏之一。这并非 AlphaGo 第一次在围棋比赛获胜。一月时,AlphaGo 和欧洲围棋冠军樊麾在一场闭门比赛中对弈。AlphaGo 五场全胜。剩下的四场对战会在周二前进行。201605/446657

  It was the middle of summer and well past closing time in the downtown Berkeley bar那是盛夏中的一天,在伯克利市中心的一间酒吧里,where my friend Polly and I worked together as bartenders.我和我的朋友polly在那里当侍应,那会儿酒吧早就打烊了。Usually at the end of our shift we had a drink -- but not that night.通常,在交接班后我们都会喝上一杯,但那晚我们却没有喝。;Im pregnant. Not sure what Im going to do yet,; I told Polly.“我怀了。我还不知道要怎么办,”我告诉polly。Without hesitation, she replied, ;Ive had an abortion.;她毫无迟疑地回答我,“我做过人流。”Before Polly, no one had ever told me that shed had an abortion.在polly之前,从未有人告诉过我她曾经做过人流。Id graduated from college just a few months earlier and I was in a new relationship when I found out that I was pregnant.那会儿我刚从大学毕业没几个月,而当我发现自己怀时,我正处于一段新的恋爱关系中。When I thought about my choices, I honestly did not know how to decide, what criteria I should use.当我在思考要如何抉择时,我真的不知如何是好,该采用怎样的标准。How would I know what the right decision was? I worried that I would regret an abortion later.我怎么知道什么才是正确的决定?我担心如果我选择人流,将来也许会后悔。Coming of age on the beaches of Southern California, I grew up in the middle of our nations abortion wars.我在南加州的海滩上度过了童年,成长在全国性反堕胎浪潮的高峰期。I was born in a trailer on the third anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Our community was surfing Christians.我出生在罗伊诉韦德案胜利三周年之际。我们生活的社区都是基督教徒。We cared about God, the less fortunate, and the ocean. Everyone was pro-life.我们关心上帝,贫困人群,还有海洋环境。每个人都是反堕胎合法化的拥护者。As a kid, the idea of abortion made me so sad that I knew if I ever got pregnant I could never have one.作为一个孩子,堕胎的想法让我非常难过,所以我知道即便怀了,我也永远不会去堕胎。And then I did. It was a step towards the unknown.但我却真的这样做了。这使我向未知走近了一步。But Polly had given me a very special gift:但polly给了我一个特别的礼物:the knowledge that I wasnt alone and the realization that abortion was something that we can talk about. Abortion is common.让我懂得我并不是独自一人,让我意识到堕胎是一个我们可以共同讨论的问题。堕胎,是很正常的事情。According to the Guttmacher Institute, one in three women in America will have an abortion in their lifetime.根据Guttmacher机构的调查,美国有三分之一的女性会在她们的人生中经历堕胎。But for the last few decades, the dialogue around abortion in the ed States但在过去的几十年,在美国,关于堕胎的争论has left little room for anything beyond pro-life and pro-choice. Its political and polarizing.并没有给反对和持堕胎合法化人群以更多的空间。这是政治化、两极化的。But as much as abortion is hotly debated, its still rare for us,尽管堕胎的辩论处于白热化,但我们在生活中仍然很少提及,whether as fellow women or even just as fellow people, to talk with one another about the abortions that we have.无论是对于女性,还是普通大众,我们都很少相互谈及堕胎的话题。There is a gap. Between what happens in politics and what happens in real life, and in that gap, a battlefield mentality.这中间出现了脱节。在政治和真实生活之间,脱节的地方正上演着一场精神上的战争。An ;are you with us or against us?; stance takes root. This isnt just about abortion.一个“你们到底持还是反对我们”的立场已经深入人心。There are so many important issues that we cant talk about.这并不仅仅只是关于堕胎。And so finding ways to shift the conflict to a place of conversation is the work of my life.我们还有太多重要的话题无法谈论。所以寻找把冲突转化为对话的途径就成了我此生的追求。There are two main ways to get started. One way is to listen closely. And the other way is to share stories.我们可以以两种方式开始。第一种,就是认真倾听。另一种,就是分享故事。So, 15 years ago, I cofounded an organization called Exhale to start listening to people who have had abortions.所以在15年前,我与人合作创办了叫Exhale的组织,来倾听那些经历过堕胎的人们的故事。The first thing we did was create a talk-line, where women and men could call to get emotional support.我们做的第一件事,就是开启一条谈话热线,让女人和男人们可以打进来寻求精神持。Free of judgment and politics, believe it or not, nothing like our sevice had ever existed.无关批判和政治,实话实说,以前从来没有过一个像我们这样的组织。We needed a new framework that could hold all the experiences that we were hearing on our talk-line.我们需要形成一个新的框架去处理在热线上听到的所有故事。The feminist who regrets her abortion. The Catholic who is grateful for hers.后悔堕胎的女权主义者。对堕胎的决定感到庆幸的天主教徒。The personal experiences that werent fitting neatly into one box or the other.个人经历本来就无法被清晰地划分为某一类。We didnt think it was right to ask women to pick a side.我们认为让女人只选择一边是不对的。We wanted to show them that the whole world was on their side, as they were going through this deeply personal experience.我们想让她们知道,当她们步入这段深刻的个人经历,这个世界是站在她们那一边的。So we invented ;pro-voice.;所以我们创造了“持你的声音”。Beyond abortion, pro-voice works on hard issues that weve struggled with globally for years,除了堕胎,“持你的声音”也致力于全球范围内持续多年的许多棘手的问题,issues like immigration, religious tolerance, violence against women.比如移民,宗教包容,针对女性的暴力。It also works on deeply personal topics that might only matter to you and your immediate family and friends.它也致力于解决那些可能只涉及你个人,你的家人和朋友的问题。They have a terminal illness, their mother just died, they have a child with special needs and they cant talk about it.他们有人患了癌症晚期,有人的母亲刚去世,有人的孩子有特殊需求,但他们无法开口。Listening and storytelling are the hallmarks of pro-voice practice. Listening and storytelling.倾听与分享故事是“持你的声音”的标签。倾听,分享故事。That sounds pretty nice. Sounds maybe, easy? We could all do that. Its not easy. Its very hard.听上去真好。听上去也许,很简单?我们都能做到。但其实这并不简单,甚至非常困难。Pro-voice is hard because we are talking about things everyones fighting about or the things that no one wants to talk about.运作“持你的声音”难度很大,因为我们谈论的是大家都在抗争的问题,或没人愿意谈及的话题。I wish I could tell you that when you decide to be pro-voice,我希望能够告诉你们的是,当你决定加入“持你的声音”,that youll find beautiful moments of breakthrough and gardens full of flowers,你会发现突破自我的美妙时刻和满是鲜花的花园,where listening and storytelling creates wonderful ;a-ha; moments.倾听和分享故事时会有灵感一现的时刻。I wish I could tell you that there would be a feminist welcoming party for you,我希望能够告诉你们,会有一个女权主义者的欢迎派对等着你,or that theres a long-lost sisterhood of people who are just y to have your back when you get slammed.或者有一个久违了的会准备好在你遭受打击时在背后持你。But it can be vulnerable and exhausting to tell our own stories when it feels like nobody cares.但当讲述自己的故事却感到没人真正关心你的时候,我们会变得很脆弱和心力交瘁。And if we truly listen to one another, we will hear things that demand that we shift our own perceptions.而且,当我们真正在倾听别人的时候,我们会听到需要我们转变看法的事情。There is no perfect time and there is no perfect place to start a difficult conversation.从来没有完美的时间和完美的地点去开始一场艰难的对话。Theres never a time when everyone will be on the same page, share the same lens, or know the same history.从来没有哪一个时刻,所有人都能站在同一战线,分享同一视角,或了解同一段历史。So, lets talk about listening and how to be a good listener.那么,现在我们来讲讲倾听,和如何成为一个优秀的倾听者。Theres lots of ways to be a good listener and Im going to give you just a couple.有很多种方式可以成为良好的倾听者,我只打算分享其中的几种。One is to ask open-ended questions. You can ask yourself or someone that you know,一种方法是开放式提问。你可以问你自己或你认识的人;How are you feeling?; ;What was that like?; ;What do you hope for, now?;“你觉得怎么样?”“那是一个什么样的过程?”“你现在期待的是什么?”Another way to be a good listener is to use reflective language.另一种成为优秀倾听者的方法是使用反射性语言。If someone is talking about their own personal experience, use the words that they use.当有人谈论他们自己的个人经历时,用他们用过的词。If someone is talking about an abortion and they say the word ;baby,; you can say ;baby.;如果有人谈起堕胎并说了“婴儿”,你也可以说“婴儿”。If they say ;fetus,; you can say ;fetus.;如果她们说“胎儿”,你也可以说“胎儿”。If someone describes themselves as gender queer to you, you can say ;gender queer.;如果有人形容自己是“性取向怪癖者”,你也可以说“性取向怪癖者”。If someone kind of looks like a he, but they say theyre a she -- its cool. Call that person a she.如果有人看起来像个男人,但说自己是女人,也无妨,就称他为女人好了。When we reflect the language of the person who is sharing their own story,当我们重复故事分享者说过的语言,we are conveying that we are interested in understanding who they are and what theyre going through.我们传达出的是我们有兴趣了解他们是谁,和他们正经历着什么。The same way that we hope people are interested in knowing us.我们也希望人们能同样想要了解我们。So, Ill never forget being in one of the Exhale counselor meetings,我永远也不会忘记在一次Exhale顾问大会中,listening to a volunteer talk about how she was getting a lot of calls from Christian women who were talking about God.一个志愿者讲述了她接到了许多电话,都是来自想要大谈特谈上帝的女基督徒。Now, some of our volunteers are religious, but this particular one was not.事实上我们的很多志愿者都有宗教信仰,但这一位却没有。At first, it felt a little weird for her to talk to callers about God. So, she decided to get comfortable.一开始,接电话的志愿者对上帝这个话题感到很诡异。所以,她决定先让自己感到舒。And she stood in front of her mirror at home, and she said the word ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.; ;God.;于是她站在家中的镜子前,说了“上帝”这个词。“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”、“上帝”。Over and over and over again until the word no longer felt strange coming out her mouth.一遍又一遍,直到这个词从她口中说出来不再变得奇怪。Saying the word God did not turn this volunteer into a Christian, but it did make her a much better listener of Christian women.讲出“上帝”这个词并不会把这名志愿者变成一个基督徒,但却会让她成为女性基督教徒更好的倾听者。So, another way to be pro-voice is to share stories,那么,还有一种持别人声音的方法就是分享故事,and one risk that you take on, when you share your story with someone else,当你向别人分享故事时,这当中有一个风险,is that given the same set of circumstances as you they might actually make a different decision.就是当别人处于和你同样的处境时,他们也许会做出不同的决定。For example, if youre telling a story about your abortion, realize that she might have had the baby.举个例子。当你谈论你的堕胎经历时,会意识到她当初可能选择把孩子生下来了。She might have placed for adoption. She might have told her parents and her partner -- or not.她也许让别人去收养这个孩子。她也许告诉了父母或伴侣,也可能没有。She might have felt relief and confidence, even though you felt sad and lost. This is okay.她也许感到释怀或自信,即使你觉得悲伤和迷茫。这都没关系。Empathy gets created the moment we imagine ourselves in someone elses shoes.当我们想象自己正经历着别人的处境,同情心就会油然而生。It doesnt mean we all have to end up in the same place. Its not agreement, its not sameness that pro-voice is after.这并不意味着我们都要最后达成一致。这不是一个协议,“持你的声音“并不推崇千篇一律。It creates a culture and a society that values what make us special and unique.它创造了一个认可我们独特性和唯一性的文化和社会。It values what makes us human, our flaws and our imperfections.它在乎是什么让我们成为人,以及我们的错误和不完美。And this way of thinking allows us to see our differences with respect, instead of fear.这种思维方式让我们能带着尊重去看待我们之间的不同,而不是恐惧。And it generates the empathy that we need to overcome all the ways that we try to hurt one another.而且它激发了我们所需的同情心,击败了我们尝试伤害他人的举动。Stigma, shame, prejudice, discrimination, oppression.耻辱,羞愧,偏见,歧视,压抑。Pro-voice is contagious, and the more its practiced the more it sps.“持你的声音”富有感染性,参与的人越多,就传播得越广。So, last year I was pregnant again. This time I was looking forward to the birth of my son.去年,我又一次怀了。这一次,我非常期待我儿子的出生。And while pregnant, I had never been asked how I was feeling so much in all my life.而在我怀期间,我从没被问过那么多次“你觉得怎样”。And however I replied, whether I was feeling wonderful and excited or scared and totally freaked out,而无论我如何回答,无论我感觉棒级了,兴奋极了,还是恐慌到快要崩溃了,there was always someone there giving me a ;been there; response. It was awesome.总会有人对我说“我会陪着你”。这感觉真太好了。It was a welcome, yet dramatic departure from what I experience when I talk about my mixed feelings of my abortion.这让我在经历过堕胎的复杂感受后,人生又迎来了新的起点,迎接我的是充满问候和惊喜的未来。Pro-voice is about the real stories of real people making an impact on the way abortion“持你的声音”关心的都是真人真事,他们造成的影响使得堕胎这个话题,and so many other politicized and stigmatized issues are understood and discussed.以及其他很多被政治化的,被玷污的话题都得以被理解和讨论。From sexuality and mental health to poverty and incarceration.从性和心理健康,到贫困和监禁。Far beyond definition as single right or wrong decisions, our experiences can exist on a spectrum.与其用单一的对或错的决定来定义,我们的经历更应该存在于某一个范畴内。Pro-voice focuses that conversation on human experience and it makes support and respect possible for all. Thank you.“持你的声音”关注那些关于人类体验的对话,而且它让持和尊重对所有人都成为了可能。谢谢大家。201706/514258


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481047

  On the highest summits of our planet, nothing can live permanently.在地球上最高的地方,没有什么生物能在此永久生存The highest peak of all, Mount Everest.世界上最高的山峰Five and a half miles above sea level and still rising. The roof of our world.海拔5.5英里的世界屋脊--珠穆朗玛峰仍在不断升高Of those humans whove tried to climb it, 1 in 10 have lost their lives.在试图登顶珠峰的人中,有1/10失去了生命Those that succeed can stand for only a few moments on its summit.而成功的人们也只能在峰顶短暂逗留The Nepalese call it, ;A mountain so high no bird can fly above it.;尼泊尔人称之为“一座高得连鸟也飞不上去的山峰”But each year, over 50,000 demoiselle cranes set out on one of the most challenging migrations on Earth.可是,5万多只蓑羽鹤每年都会进行一场地球上最具挑战性的迁徙To reach their over-wintering grounds in India, they must cross the Himalayas.要想到达印度境内的越冬场所,它们必须跨越喜马拉雅山脉By late morning, ferocious winds are roaring past the peaks.晌午时分,群山间狂风大作The cranes must gain height to avoid the building storm.鹤群必须提升高度,躲避正在形成的风暴Theyve hit serious turbulence. They must turn back or risk death.它们遇上了一股强力气旋。它们只好掉头返回,否则就会送命。201704/505516

  Henry had grown up with the Charter,signed by his father king John in 1215,亨利在《大宪章》的影响下成长 这是由他父亲约翰王于1215年签署通过的which put real limits on the power of the king.该法律是用来限制英国国王权力A bit of a blow for a king who wanted absolute authority.这对渴望绝对权力的统治者如当头棒喝Kings could no longer ignore the complaints of their subjects.国王再也不能无视子民们的怨言They could be forced to submit to a council of the barons.他们必须向男爵理事会述政That council thought of itself as the voice of the community of the realm,该理事会自诩为 王国的发言机构and even now began to be called ;parliament;.时至今日 他们被称作 议会Its role would be to hold the king to his contract.它的作用就是保国王规行矩步Since Henry had become king as a boy of nine,hed had no choice but to swallow this bitter pill.由于亨利即位时只有九岁 他无从选择 有苦只能往肚里咽However, as he grew older, Henry burned with frustration然而 随着年龄的增长 亨利越发沮丧and became determined to get free of its shackles to restore the unchallenged authority of the crown.终于下定决心要挣脱束缚 复辟君主至高无上的权利Knowing that this couldnt happen without a fight,Henry accepted a compromise position for many years,亨利深知此举必将引发政治斗争 因此多年来 他一直妥协忍让that the king was not free to govern through pure royal will.保国王不会凭个人意愿 独断政事But Henry III was also a Plantagenet,and plantagenets dreamed dangerous dreams但亨利三世也是金雀花家族的一员 金雀花家族历来野心勃勃 expensive dreams of campaigns far abroad which no one in York or Canterbury could quite see the points of.不惜代价地想扩张领土 而约克家族或坎特伯雷家族 始终无法明白他们这样做意义何在When Plantagenets thought they might get unwelcome advice,they stopped listening - until, that is, they were made to.金雀花王朝一旦遇到逆耳的建议 就拒绝听取 直到 非听不可的地步 /201610/470528

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