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南京哪家激光去胎田痣医院好镇江市第一人民医院口腔美容中心Business Thomson Reuters Screen test商业 汤姆森路透 荧屏上的考验The information company, in danger of losing its top spot, gets a new boss为了防止失去榜首,新上司上位。IN SEVEN years as head of Reuters, Tom Glocer brought the British-based news agency from the verge of bankruptcy to a state of rude health.汤姆?葛洛瑟在路透社高层工作了7年。在这7年间,他把路透社,这家总部设在英国濒临破产的新闻社重新走上了正轨。But he has done less well as chief executive of Thomson Reuters, the company created when Thomson, a Canadian purveyor of professional information for lawyers, accountants and others, bought Reuters in 2008.汤姆森是加拿大一家为律师,会计等提供信息务的公司,在2008年收购了路透社。汤姆森路透信息公司也随之成立。然而在收购之后,公司首席执行官汤姆?葛洛瑟的表现却不甚理想。Bloomberg, the firms American rival, has almost wiped out its once-clear lead (see chart).彭,路透在北美的竞争对手,缩小与路透社曾经的巨大差距,现已与路透的市场份额非常接近。(见图表)On December 1st Mr Glocer said he would step down at the end of the year. His replacement, James Smith, the chief operating officer, is a former Thomson man.葛洛瑟说他会在今年年底辞职。他的继任者詹姆?史密斯,新的首席执行官,曾经也是汤姆森的员工。The revenues of the professional division of Thomson Reuters grew by 10% in the year to the third quarter, but those of the markets division—which provides financial data and services, and accounts for more than half of total sales—managed only 1%.汤姆森路透其专业部(1)今年三季度收入增长率为10%。市场部负责提供金融数据务,占据公司总销售额超过一半,然而其增长率仅为1%。Last year that division launched a new information platform, Eikon, to compete with the terminals offered by Bloomberg, but just 8,000 customers have taken it up.去年,市场部发布了一个新的信息平台Eikon,以此与彭的终端产品竞争,可是使用平台顾客只有8,000人。The company has 400,000 financial-data subscribers in all.公司金融数据订购者的人数为400,000。Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg are the big fish in the professional-publishing pond, at least eight times larger than their nearest competitor.汤姆?葛洛瑟和彭都是专业出版界的巨头。即使是最接近的同类竞争者,汤姆?葛洛瑟和彭的规模至少也是他们的八倍多。Bloomberg, besides expanding its terminals business, which has over 300,000 customers (at about ,000 a pop), is pushing into government-related news and data.彭的顾客数量为300,000,除了继续扩展他的终端业务,彭也正在进军与政府相关的新闻和数据。In 2010 it launched Bloomberg Government, which competes with Congressional Quarterly, a sister company of The Economist.2010年,彭发布了;彭 政府;。它的竞争对手将是经济学人的兄弟企业;国会季刊;。In September it made its biggest purchase ever, spending 0m on BNA, a legal- and tax-information firm.在九月,彭将花费9.9亿美元完成它最大一次的收购,被收购的公司是BNA,一家有关法律税收的企业。So what happened to Mr Glocers winning streak?那么葛洛瑟如何延续他的连胜态势?His allies say his departure was always just a matter of time: once a firm buys another, it completes the takeover by putting its own people in charge.其助手认为他的离开只是个时间问题:一旦企业收购一家公司,企业就会让自己的人员来取代之前的公司员工。The Thomson family still owns 55% of the company, and some think the generous price Mr Glocer secured from Thomson for Reuters made him all the more vulnerable.汤姆森家族一共拥有路透的55%。与此同时,葛洛瑟从汤姆森那里获得慷慨的报价,一些人还认为这也会使他备受诟病。But he might have stayed longer were it not for a mix of bad luck and overconfidence.葛洛瑟也可以选择继续高职就位。然而如果是这样,这对自命不凡的葛洛瑟来说,厄运也就将至。Eikon, intended to replace Reuters grab bag of services with a single offering, was designed to be more user-friendly than Bloombergs devices,Eikon,意在取代提公司唯一的综合务供商—路透社,原计划设计成比彭更加用户友好的平台。but it was launched hastily and with flaws.但是Eikon发布仓促,平台也有一定的缺点。With hindsight, a more gradual upgrade might have been more prudent.不过有事后之名,因而选择逐渐升级Eikon会比较稳妥。This summer, under pressure from the Thomson family, Mr Glocer fired Devin Wenig, a close ally he had put in charge of creating Eikon, and took it over himself—tying his prospects even more closely to Eikons.今年夏天,葛洛瑟在汤姆森家族的压力下,解雇了他之前任命的负责创始Eikon的德温?维尼希。德温?维尼希也是葛洛瑟的一位心腹。葛洛瑟将亲自运营Eikon,把自己的未来前途和Eikon结合的更紧密。Perhaps Mr Smith can do better.也许史密斯会做的更好。He will almost certainly have a freer hand, and some upgrades to Eikon are planned for next year.他肯定会给让路透拥有更大自由空间。他也着手对于Eikon明年进行升级。But these are still stormy seas.然而排在他面前的仍有许多困难。According to Claudio Aspesi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, an investment bank, it took most professional-publishing firms three to four years to recover from the 2001 recession.克劳迪奥-埃斯皮西 ,投资Sanford C. Bernstein的一个分析师,说在2001年出版业萧条期间,Sanford C. Bernstein挽救了许多出版业企业。This time, Bernstein predicts, revenue growth at Thomson Reuters will not reach pre-crash levels until at least 2015.这次,Bernstein预测,汤姆森路透的收入增长直至2015年才能保有防冲击水平。One area of potential growth, though, is trading services.交易务是潜在的增长点。Changes in financial regulation in America and Europe will force a lot of trading in derivatives from the murky world of private ;over-the-counter; deals onto exchanges, where contracts will be standardised and prices ed.在美国和欧洲的金融法令的变化也使得金融衍生品的交易从;单方面;的销售扩展成互相交易。This presents both Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg with an opportunity to gather and sell data on these markets and perhaps to capture a share of the trade by linking banks and their clients through their own electronic trading platforms.在这些法令下,合同交更加规范并且要引报价。这也给汤姆森路透和彭机会来收集市场上的数据并进行销售。之后他们也有可能通过自身的电子商务平台连接与客户,从而在交易中占有一定份额。The market for these derivatives is gigantic.金融衍生品的市场无疑是巨大的。A competitive edge there could make a big difference to both companies fortunes.对于两家公司来说,拥有竞争优势会让他们公司的财富状况截然不同。 /201212/211789江苏南京祛痘多少钱 The team began the precarious task of shifting a femur, the single heaviest bone in the dinosaurs body.刘易斯团队开始着手转移股骨,这是项不稳定的任务,因为股骨是恐龙身体里最重的骨骼。Try to keep in a line, because if we go on the side, its just gonna be really difficult. That one should go that way.尽量保持在同一条直线,因为如果我们从旁边移动,将会十分困难。那个应该移到那边。Because the fossil is so delicate, its been cased in plaster and reinforced with steel bars.因为化石十分脆弱,所以被包在石膏里,并用钢条加固。When youre handling bones that are heavy and fragile, that is definitely not an easy process. If, you know, you dont have the right people, the bones can break.如果你来处理这些笨重易碎的骨化石,你会发现那绝对不是一个容易的过程。稍有差池,这些骨头就会断掉。It will take many more months of work to excavate the entire skeleton and get it back to LA for analysis.挖掘整个骨架并把它运回洛杉矶进行分析还需数月的工作。Good, good.很好,很好。But to build an exhibition, you dont have to spend months in the desert digging out bones. There are other places to find fossils.为了举办展览,你没必要花数月时间在沙漠里挖掘。在其它地方也能找到恐龙化石。There are plenty of paleontologists working out in the field and excavating new fossils, naming new species every year, but there are also scientists here combing through existing collections in dusty storerooms, hoping to make new discoveries from bones that were found decades if not centuries ago.每年有许多古生物学家在荒地里挖掘新化石,并给它们命名,但也有科学家在满是灰尘的储藏室梳理已经收集到的化石,希望能从几十年甚至几百年前发现的骨化石中找到新线索。 Ive come to the natural history museum in Oxford, and Im here to meet Darren Nash. Hes a paleontologist who looks for new dinosaurs in the backrooms of museums. There are always a huge number of specimens behind the scenes, either because theyre incomplete, unglamorous, or unidentified.我去过牛津大学的自然历史物馆,我来这里会见达伦·纳什。他是一名古生物学家,他在物馆的暗室里寻找新恐龙。要么是因为不完整,太过平常,要么是因为身份不明,幕后总是积压着大量的化石标本。原文译文属!201209/198436江苏人民医院胎记价格

江苏南京美胸整形医院苏州核工业总医院做双眼皮手术价格 Scientists studying emotions have found that basic emotions like amusement, anger, fear, and sadness are common among all cultures. And people from different cultures, whether theyrsquo;re modern Americans or pre modern aborigines, recognize sound cues like laughter to signify specific emotions. In other words, all people, everywhere around the world, laugh when theyrsquo;re amused. And cry when theyrsquo;re sad. And make scared sounds when theyrsquo;re scared. Even some non human animals, like chimps, have a type of laughter. So we may not all find the same things funny or scary or sad. But we all feel and express these emotions.研究情绪的科学家们发现在所有文化普通存在着四种基本情绪,比如:,愤怒,恐惧和悲伤。来自不同文化背景的人,无论他们是现代美国人或前现代原住民,识别诸如笑声这样的声音提示来表示特殊的情绪。换句话说,全世界各地的人,他们被逗乐时会笑。伤心时会哭。害怕时会发出令人惊恐的声音。甚至一些非人类的动物,如黑猩猩,有某种类型的笑声。因此,看待同样的事情,不是所有人都肝胆有趣,吓人或是悲桑。但我们都能感觉并表达这些情绪。166633江苏南京纹眼线报价

南京什么医院去眼袋比较好Abortion and Breast Cancer流产和乳腺癌When it comes to certain hot topics, claims about what science has or hasnt proven tend to be thrown around more in the service of one position or another than anything else.当谈到某些热点问题时,有关科学已实的或未实的那些断言,往往更多的围绕着它务于哪个岗位而进行。Somebody may tell you that global warming is absolutely real, for example, and then someone else says it absolutely isnt. Often its hard to know what the real scoop is.比如,也许有人会告诉你全球变暖是真的在发生,然后另一些人又会说绝对不可能。通常我们很难弄清楚实情是什么。Take abortion, for example. Now, we here at Moment of Science arent taking a position on abortion one way or another. What we can do, though, is set the record straight on a particular notion that has been floating around recently: namely, the idea that having an abortion increases a womans risk for breast cancer. Is this true?用“流产”举个例子吧。现在,我们“科学一刻”关于“流产”没有任何立场。然而,我们能做的就是弄清最近流传的一观念的真相,即流产会增加女性患乳腺癌风险。真的吗?No, it isnt. This is the latest word from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, where in February of 2003 a meeting of researchers, clinicians, and epidemiologists was convened at the behest of Congress to answer this and other questions.不,不是真的。这个观点来自马里兰州贝塞斯达国家癌症研究所。2003年2月,为了解决该疑问,国会召集了研究员,临床医生和流行病学家在此召开了会议。Some initial studies had suggested a link, but more comprehensive studies disagreed. Congress wanted to set the record straight. The NCI looked at all the data and announced: no link.一些最初的研究表明两者有关联。但是更全面的研究否认了这一观点。国会想弄清真相。国家癌症研究所研究了所有数据后宣布:没有联系。However, they also announced, having a baby reduces a womans risk of breast cancer. Why is that? It isnt yet known, but the data strongly support a link there—young women who have full term pregnancies are at lower risk.然而,他们也宣称,生孩子会减少女性患乳腺癌的风险。为什么呢?虽然还不是很清楚,但数据大力持这种关联——有足月妊娠的年轻女性换乳腺癌的风险较低。So lets say it again. Having an abortion doesnt increase your cancer risk, but having a baby does decrease it. People on either side of a controversial topic like this probably would like the facts to be a little simpler, but then, mother nature isnt taking sides.所以让我们再说一遍吧。流产并不会增加患乳腺癌的风险,但生孩子却会降低风险。像这种有争议的话题,任何一方的人可能都希望事实变得简单些。但大自然并不偏向某一方。 /201210/204152 Business.商业。Advertising on mobile phones.手机广告。Attack of the covert commercials.广告的偷袭。Digital ads are popping up in irritating places.数字广告总是防不胜防。EVERYONE hates digital ads. Yet the ads pay for the free apps that people love to download. Small wonder that crafty firms are slipping them into unexpected places. And that is why, on July 12th, Americas Department of Commerce will hold a public meeting in Washington, DC, to discuss this and other aspects of mobile privacy.没人喜欢数字广告,但为人们喜欢下载的那些免费软件买单的却是数字广告。狡猾的公司将广告植入在意料之外的地方已经不足为奇了。所以这就是美国商务部将于7月12日在华盛顿特区召开公开会议,商讨移动设备在这些等方面的隐私问题的原因了。As smartphones and tablets capture ever more eyeballs, digital-ad firms such as AdMob, for which Google paid 0m in 2010, are hot. Not all have flourished: on July 2nd Microsoft took a .2 billion accounting charge, most of which reflected a writedown of the value of aQuantive, which it bought in 2007 for .3 billion. But the sector is now prominent enough to attract scrutiny.智能手机和平板电脑吸引了越来越多公众的眼球,这时像是谷歌在2010年花了7.5亿收购的移动广告(AdMob)就很受欢迎。但并不是所有的(广告公司)都有所收获:在7月2日,微软有一笔62亿的财务出,其中大部分反映了aQuantive公司的贬值,而该公司则是微软在2007年用63亿收购的。但该行业突显的市场规模足以到了吸引监管的地步。Lookout, a mobile-security company, has analysed Googles Android ecosystem and spotlighted ten ad providers, including Moolah Media (which did not respond to requests for comment) and LeadBolt, that use one or more monetisation strategies it considers ;aggressive;. These include making ads appear outside apps (for instance, in the notification bar usually reserved for a persons text messages); altering mobile desktops and browsers so that, among other things, new icons appear that display ads when they are clicked on; and gaining access to personal information without giving a clear warning.Lookout,一个移动设备安全性检验的公司,分析了谷歌安卓的生态系统并特别报道了十家卓越的广告供应商,包括Moolah Media(但其并未对此作出回应)和LeadBolt在内,声称他们运用了不止一种被认为;具有侵略性的;盈利策略。这些策略包括在室外应用务(例如在保留私人信件的通知栏上)上打广告;改变手机桌面的浏览器——这样当使用者点击其他程序的时候,新图标就会出现;不提供明确警示的情况下获取个人信息。Such practices can confuse and unnerve phone owners, says John Hering, Lookouts boss. The firm reckons apps using the networks on its list have aly been downloaded at least 80m times in the Google Play app marketplace alone. They are common in apps that let people customise their phones with digital wallpaper and other stuff, and in simple games (see chart).约翰·海林,Lookout的总裁说,这些策略会让手机用户困惑并在失去了使用手机的勇气。这家公司表明,在这个分析列表上,运用网络的应用仅仅在安卓电子市场就被下载了八千万次。人们根据自己对手机壁纸、应用和小游戏的不同需求对手机量体裁衣,这种现象已经非常普遍了Richard Harris, the boss of Moonbeam Development, an American firm with about 200 published apps, says his company started using LeadBolt about a year ago. At first it went well, but when ads were pushed into peoples notification bars and onto phones desktops, users grew angry. Mr Harris says the company even received death threats.理查德·哈里斯,Moonbeam Development,一家发行了大约两百种不同应用的美国公司的总裁声称,他们公司在一年前就已经开始接受LeadBolt了。一开始进展还很顺利,但当广告被植入公告栏和手机桌面后,用户就很生气。哈里斯先生说他的公司甚至收到过死亡恐吓信。Dale Carr, the boss of LeadBolt, which is headquartered in Australia, says his company takes privacy seriously, and that it does not dictate to developers which ad units to choose from the range it offers. He also says LeadBolt lets people opt out of receiving ads sent to notification bars and desktops, though they need to go to its website to do so.戴尔·凯尔,LeadBolt的总裁。他的公司总部设在澳大利亚,他说公司对于隐私问题是严肃对待的,他们不会唆使开发者针对不同的用户开发不同广告。他同时表明LeadBolt给予用户是否接收发往公告栏或桌面广告的权利,尽管用户需要到公司的官网上进行选择。LeadBolt is working with academics and officials in Australia to define a self-regulatory framework for mobile advertising. But next weeks discussions in America are crucial to any firm with a global reach. These will be a test of the Obama administrations commitment to protecting privacy, says Jeff Chester of the Centre for Digital Democracy. He speculates that the government is counting on Google and Apple to twist arms in the ad world. Apple aly has a reputation for cracking down on apps that use controversial ad formats, so it could be a willing ally.LeadBolt与澳大利亚的学者和官员联姻,来制定一种自我约束的移动设备广告的规章制度。但是下周美国的公开讨论对全球范围内任一家广告公司都非常重要。这将是对奥巴马管理集团在保护个人隐私方面的考验,数字民主中心的杰夫·切斯特表明。他推测,政府将指望谷歌和苹果在世界范围内扭转乾坤。苹果在处理使用受争议的广告的格式方面颇负盛名,所以它将是政府的好盟友。;Mobile is the wild West,; says Ran Avidan, the co-founder of Startapp, a mobile-ad network based in Israel that is also on Lookouts list. Startapp is striving to make its own policies clearer, but Mr Avidan is worried that governments may end up dictating rules for the industry.Ran Avida,Startapp的联合创始人表明,;移动设备就像是西大荒(蛮荒的美国西部);,基于以色列网络的移动广告同样也在Lookout的名单上。Startapp正致力于让自己公司内部政策更加清楚,Avidan先生担心的是政府可能最终将垄断这个行业的行规制定权。To avoid that, mobile-ad firms will have to act fast. App privacy policies should spell out what information ad networks are collecting and why. Firms should adopt an opt-in approach to the collection of personal data, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses. And they should avoid collecting things such as unique phone identification numbers in ways that can be traced back to specific individuals. If they can stick to such principles, it would be a great advert for self-regulation.为了避免这样的事情发生,移动广告公司将加快行动。应用务隐私政策需要讲清楚的是网络需要收集哪些广告信息和为什么要收集。公司要采取双向确认的方式收集用户的个人信息,例如手机号码和电子邮件地址等等。并且这些公司需要避免收集那些像是特殊的可以用某些方法追溯回明确个人的身份号码之类的信息。如果这些公司可以坚持这些原则,那么他们的行为就是自我约束最好的招牌。 /201208/197351南京军区总医院激光脱毛多少钱东南大学附属中大医院激光祛痘多少钱



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