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After using the start of its annual I/O developer conference to unveil new Android products for the car and the wrist, Google turned its attention to the living room.谷歌(Google)继在年度I/O开发者大会开场时发布新款Android汽车和可穿戴设备后,现在又将注意力转向了人们的客厅。Part of a string of new product announcements from Google on Wednesday, the company revealed Android TV software, which will run on smart TVs and stream movies, television and games. Users will be able to control the Android operating system and stream content using their smartphone, or they can use an Android Wear smart watch – one of the products Google announced earlier in the day.上周三,谷歌发布了一系列新产品,其中包括能在智能电视和流媒体电影、电视和游戏上运行的Android电视软件。用户能用智能手机或Android Wear智能手表,控制Android操作系统,传输内容。Android Wear也是谷歌当天发布的一款新品。Available this fall, Android TV also weaves in the search power of Google as well as voice recognition, meaning users will be able to ask questions out loud to their smartphone or wearable device in order to search for information or content they can stream to a smart TV, or through other devices.将于今年秋季上市的Android电视还加入了谷歌的搜索功能以及语音识别,意味着用户将能用语音向智能手机或便携设备提问,从而搜索能传输到智能电视或其它设备上的信息或内容。This was one announcement that swerved from expectations leading up to the conference, as manypreliminary reports suggested Google would be releasing a television set-top box to challenge competitors in that market such as Apple TV and Amazon’s new Fire TV. Other reports successfully predicted Google’s entry into the wearable devices market with the release of its Android Wear technology, as well as the search giant’s commitment to health and fitness tracking through its Google Fit platform.Android电视的发布有些出人意料。此前,许多初期报告称,谷歌将推出电视机顶盒产品,以挑战苹果(Apple)电视和亚马逊(Amazon)新款Fire电视等竞争产品。另一些报告成功预测了谷歌发布Android Wear进军可穿戴设备市场、推出Google Fit平台聚焦健康和健身跟踪的动向。The company said Wednesday that Google Fit will allow Android users to track their fitness goals using health sensors while also allowing various apps and devices to sync and share data with the platform. The product is a challenge to the similar health and fitness tracking software Apple announced at its own developer conference earlier this month, the Apple Health Kit and the Health app.谷歌上周三表示,通过Google Fit,Android用户能利用健康传感器跟踪自身健身目标;同时,Google Fit平台还能与多款应用和设备同步和共享数据。本月早些时候,苹果在自己的开发者大会上发布了类似的健康和健身跟踪软件——Apple Health Kit以及 Health应用。显然,Google Fit将叫板苹果的产品。 /201407/308983

The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York April 22, 2014. Employees and signage have been themed green to mark Earth Day.2014年4月22日,位于纽约第五大道的苹果旗舰店把苹果标志上面的叶子换成了绿色。为响应地球日,员工饰和公司标志都采用了绿色为主的主题。Apple Inc will unveil the next incarnation of its popular iPhone series in August, one month earlier than industry watchers were generally expecting, Taiwanese media reported on Friday citing unidentified supply-chain sources.周五台湾媒体引用未知供应链提供的消息称,苹果公司将在8月发布下一代手机产品iPhone 6,比行业观察人士的普遍预期提前了一个月。A 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, the Economic Daily News reported without specifying which markets would receive the phone first.《经济日报》称,4.7英寸版iPhone 6将于8月份在零售店上架销售,但并未披露该版本手机将首先登陆哪些市场。A 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, the newspaper said, as the iPhone 5 series was previously.5.5英寸或5.6英寸机型则将在9月份发布,和之前iPhone 5的发布进程一致。People involved in the supply chain had earlier confirmed to Reuters that there will be a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch version.供应链知情人士此前向路透社确认称,iPhone 6将分为4.7英寸和5.5英寸两种版本。Together, the Economic Daily News said 80 million iPhone 6 handsets would be produced this year.同时,《经济日报》称,今年iphone6的总产量将达到8000万部。Industry watchers have said increasing the iPhone#39;s screen size from 4 inches would help Apple regain market share from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, who they say have responded to consumer desire for more screen size.行业观察人士已表示,增大目前仅仅4英寸的iPhone屏幕尺寸,有助于苹果夺回被三星电子等对手侵蚀的市场份额。三星等智能机制造商此前已经满足了消费者对于更大屏幕尺寸的需求。Representatives for Apple could not be reached for comment.苹果官方代表并没有对此作出任何。Representatives for Taiwanese iPhone contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd and smartphone camera lens maker Largan Precision Co Ltd, both mentioned in the Economic Daily News report, had no comment.经济日报中提到的台湾苹果合作生产商代表鸿海精密有限公司和智能手机摄像头生产商大立光电股份有限公司均未做任何回应。 /201405/297342

More than a few skeptical voices were raised in 1994 when BMW bought the failed assets of British Motor Corporation. BMW left the Brits mostly alone until 2000, disposing of Rover and Land Rover when that strategy failed.1994年,当宝马(BMW)从英国汽车公司(British Motor Corporation)买下罗孚集团(Rover)这块烫手山芋的时候,对这笔交易的质疑声此起彼伏。此后6年,宝马基本上任由罗孚自行发展,直到2000年这个战略被明是失败的,宝马才将罗孚集团拆分,将罗孚和路虎(Land Rover)两个品牌转手卖出。BMW decided to hang on to MINI and fix it.但是,宝马选择继续保有MINI这个品牌,并且让它重获生机。Since 2000, BMW has infused a healthy dose of engineering and manufacturing in the brand, creating vehicles with the taut feel and performance that made Bimmers famous. The trick was doing so while preserving MINI’s distinctive English personality – no mean feat given the car’s deep connection to BMW labs and studios in Germany.自从2000年以来,宝马向MINI注入了大量工艺和生产技术,生产了一批格调与性能兼备的精品小车,使MINI品牌名声大噪。要保留MINI独特的英伦范儿可绝不是一件容易的事,毕竟MINI与宝马在德国的实验室和设计室有着极深的联系。In early September, BMW celebrated its three-millionth MINI at the main factory in Oxford, U.K., and introduced its latest variant, a four-door hardtop (which it calls a “five door”) with a roomier rear seat. Given the sales numbers so far, BMW has increased its recognition for the ability to manage multiple brands efficiently and profitably.今年9月初,宝马隆重庆祝第300万辆MINI车在英国牛津工厂下线,并且推出了一款最新版的四门硬顶车型(宝马自家称其为“五门”),这款车型有着比较宽敞的后排空间。从目前的销量数字来看,宝马已经愈发认识到有效管理多个品牌并且多点盈利的重要性。Of the three million, two million have been exported from England. Many Britons view with relief the decision finally to sell to BMW, following years of bailouts and subsidies for British automakers that weren’t competitive. MINI exports have been a major boost to the economy and a source of pride for the country.这300万辆车中有200万辆是从英国出口的。由于当年英国政府连年对没有竞争力的本国汽车厂商进行救助和补贴,给经济带来了不小的压力,因而许多英国人对MINI最终卖给宝马都感到很欣慰。MINI的出口给英国经济带来了强劲的推动力,同时也成了英国的骄傲。“The MINI is a British icon and is a major part of a thriving automotive industry spearheading the growing British economy,” said Baroness Susan Kramer, Minister of Transport. “This government is working to create the right environment for car manufacturers like BMW to continue innovating and developing British-made cars with worldwide appeal.”英国运输大臣苏珊o克雷默指出:“MINI是英国的一个符号,蒸蒸日上的汽车产业已经成为推动英国经济不断增长的排头兵,而MINI正是其中一个非常重要的部分。本届政府正在努力为宝马等汽车厂商创建理想的环境,鼓励它们继续创新,开发具有全球吸引力的英国国产汽车。”Harald Kruger, board member for manufacturing, said BMW has invested ?1.75 billion pounds (.9 billion) in its British operations since 2000 and another ?750 million from 2012 through 2015. The German automaker also owns Rolls-Royce and assembles the luxury automobile in a plant located in Goodwood, England, most of the heavy and mechanical parts shipped there from the continent.宝马集团负责生产的董事哈拉德o克鲁格表示,自从2000年以来,宝马已经在英国投资了17.5亿英镑(折合29亿美金),并计划在2012到2015年间追加投资7.5亿英镑。另外宝马旗下豪车品牌劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的主要组装地正是在英国的古德伍德工厂,劳斯莱斯的大多数机械部件都是从欧洲大陆运到那里进行组装的。With worldwide MINI sales running at about 300,000 annually, the 175,000-unit capacity at Oxford has been supplemented by contract manufacturing in Austria by MSF Graz and in the Netherlands by VDL Nedcar.随着MINI的全球销量达到每年30万辆,牛津工厂每年17.5万辆的产量已经不能满足市场需求,其余部分只能承包给奥地利MSF Graz公司和荷兰VDL Nedcar公司的工厂生产。Reviewers have been positive on the newest variant, giving the car credit for peppy acceleration and taut handling from its front-wheel-drive configuration. The back seat, while not overly spacious, is a vast improvement over the much smaller space in previous, two-door models.评测人士对这款最新的MINI车型的评价普遍比较正面,认为它的加速能力不错,作为一款前驱轿车,操控性也令人满意。后排空间虽然不是特别大,但是比起之前的两门版车型已经有了很大的改观。Reviewers also noted that MINI costs considerably more than like-size competitors from Honda and Ford, starting at ,300 for the basic version and rising in price to nearly ,000 with all possible options and enhancements.评测人士还指出,MINI的售价要显著高于本田(Honda)和福特(Ford)等竞争对手的同级车型。它的最低配起价就达到22,300美元,顶配售价甚至高达近4万美元。Writing for Car and Driver, Csaba Csere gave the new model high marks for “visual creativity,” noting that “this MINI is essentially a BMW under its skin.”《人车志》杂志(Car and Driver)撰稿人恰巴o西尔给这款新车型打了很高的“视觉创意”分数,指出“这款MINI骨子里是一台宝马。”In other words, a MINI buyer gets a lot of BMW technology and engineering without paying as much as a BMW costs. This multi-pronged approach to the automotive market has paid off handsomely, helping to deliver superior financial results. BMW’s shares have outpaced major industrial averages, not to mention competitive automakers.换句话说,MINI的车主获得了很多宝马的技术和工艺,但其售价不像宝马那样高。这种多管齐下的战略取得了很好的效果,也为宝马公司带来了丰厚的财务业绩。宝马股价增幅超过了工业平均水平,更不用提其它的汽车业竞争对手了。MINI may seem like a quirky little automotive fashion statement that makes people smile. It makes investors, not to mention BMW’s founding Quandt family, smile even more.MINI可能看起来是个令人忍俊不禁的英伦时尚小憨豆,但它令宝马的投资者们笑得更开心,更不用说宝马的创始人匡特家族了。 /201409/331987A shortage of female workers in science and engineering has long posed an image problem for Silicon Valley. Now a one-time congressional candidate is trying to make a difference, starting with a summer training program in New York City.缺少理工科女性是硅谷长时间以来的一个问题。现在,一名国会候选人试图在纽约开设暑期培训课程改变这一现状。A new organization called Girls who Codeis starting an eight-week program in July for 20 high-school-age girls, who will learn how to build websites and mobile apps and start their own companies. There will also be workshops on topics such a financial literacy, computer science and robotics. The group said it has financial backing from companies including Google, eBay, General Electric and Twitter.一个名为;编程女生;的新组织将在七月份为20个高中年纪的女孩子开设八个星期的课程,在这个课程中,这些女孩子将会学会怎么建立网站和移动应用,甚至开设自己的公司。课程中也包含财务知识、计算机科学和机器人技术。该组织表示已经得到了一些公司的经济援助,包括谷歌、易趣、通用电气和推特。Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and a former deputy public advocate in New York City, said the seeds for the program were planted during her unsuccessful 2010 run for U.S. Congress, when she was struck by tech inequalities.润丝曼·萨贾尼是;编程女生;的创立人,也是纽约公共宣传的正式代理人。她说,该计划的萌芽是在2010年,她在美国国会上竞选失败,失败原因是科学界男女比例的不平衡。;Women are going to be left behind,; Saujani said. ;Technology has the potential to create income inequity and we need to do something about it.;;女性就要落在后面了。;萨贾尼说。;技术是造成收入不平衡的潜在力量,为此我们要做点什么才行。;Cries of ;where are all the women?; reverberate from Wall Street to politics and beyond, but the dearth of women is particularly stark in technology fields, where talent is held up as the quality that trumps historic barriers of sex, race or class. Despite many programs aimed at encouraging women in tech fields, fewer than 20% of undergraduate degrees in engineering or computing and information sciences were awarded to women in 2009, according to the National Center for Women amp; Information Technology.;女性在哪里?;的呼喊声从华尔街蔓延到政坛甚至更远,但技术领域的女性缺乏问题尤其严重。对于人才的高要求阻碍了女性的发展,这一点比过去的性别障碍、种族、阶级障碍等都要更为严重。尽管很多奖项的目的在于鼓励科技界的女性,但根据国家女性和信息技术中心的资料显示,2009年工程学士学位和计算机和信息科学学士学位的女性获得者还不到总人数的20%。Girls Who Code and other initiatives aimed at drawing more women to tech fields say the key is to get girls interested in science, engineering and computing when they are very young, and support them to pursue education in technology.;编程女生;和其他方案的目的都在于吸引更多女性进入技术领域,而吸引的关键是让女性在小时候就对科学、工程和计算机产生兴趣,还要持他们接受科技教育。;If we want there to be more women who pursue careers in engineering and computer science and feel welcome in these fields, we have to work on ways to increase the number of women studying engineering - it#39;s that simple,; wrote Sara Haider, a Twitter engineer, in a blog post Tuesday.;如果要更多女性从事工程和计算机技术工作,使她们在科技领域受到欢迎,就必须想办法增加学习工程技术的女性数量——就这么简单。;推特的工程师萨拉·海德周二在她的客这样写道。Girls Who Code has the advantage of a high-profile founder, Saujani, the onetime hedge-fund attorney and former campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Saujani drew a spotlight during her campaign, which had the backing of tech and Wall Street luminaries such as Morgan Stanley#39;s then-chairman John Mack and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.编程女生创始人是知名的萨贾尼,她曾是对冲基金代理人和希拉里的前任选举活动筹款人。萨贾尼当时在希拉里的选举时掀起过高潮,得到了科技界和华尔街杰出人物的持,比如当时根史坦利投资公司的董事长约翰·马克和推特的联合创始人杰克·多西。Saujani and Kristen Titus, executive director of Girls Who Code, said they focused on drawing participants from less affluent families. Saujani said she went to New York City public housing developments and asked tenants to identify girls who are excited about computers. Saujani said 70% of New York City public school students have had no access to computers in school.萨贾尼和;编程女生;的执行董事克里斯汀·提图斯表示他们着重于吸引平民家庭的孩子过来参与计划。萨贾尼说,她到过纽约的公共住宅区,从居民口中打探对计算机感兴趣的女孩子。萨贾尼说,纽约70%公立学校的学生无法在学校使用计算机。In addition to the eight weeks of workshops, participants in Girls Who Code also will be paired with female mentors in engineering roles at AppNexus, an advertising technology firm in New York, and other women entrepreneurs in New York City.除了这八周的课程,;编程女生;的参与者还会跟纽约广告科技公司AppNexus的女性工程师和其他纽约的女企业家一起学习。Girls Who Code said it hopes to expand the program to other cities next year.;编程女生;表示,希望明年能把这个计划拓展到其他城市。 /201207/191294

The estimated cost of an MBA for a single student who lives off campus at Stanford University is slightly more than 2,000. Add to that tidy sum the opportunity costs of quitting a job at Google that paid about ,000 a year, and your all-in cost for the Master of the Universe degree comes to a formidable, if not mind-numbing, number: nearly 0,000.在校外居住的学生就读斯坦福大学(Stanford University)MBA的成本,大约超过212,000美元。再加上从谷歌(Google)辞职所产生的每年约75,000美元的机会成本,攻读这种被戏称为“宇宙之王”的学位的总成本累计接近390,000美元,这样一笔庞大的费用,恐怕会令许多人目瞪口呆。That’s the kind of hole Amanda Bradford dug for herself when she graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business just three months ago. So what is she doing with that world-class education?三个月前刚刚从斯坦福大学商学院毕业的阿曼达o布拉德福德,便为自己挖了这样一个大坑。那么,她接受如此顶级的教育是要做什么?She is launching an app on iTunes. Not just any app, mind you. It’s yet another dating app, a Tinder-like application for super picky people who want to meet other super picky people. In a world cluttered with the likes of OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk, there are more than 200 entries listed under dating apps on iTunes alone.她正在iTunes上发布一款应用程序。注意,这可不是一款普通的应用。这是一款约会应用,类似于交友应用Tinder,专为超级挑剔的人找到同样挑剔的约会对象。如今同类产品多如牛毛,比如OkCupid、Coffee Meets Bagal、Hinge、Plenty of Fish和Zoosk等,仅iTunes上便有200多款约会应用。Do we really need another app for people who can’t get dates on their own? And does it really take an MBA from Stanford to launch an app company?在这样的情况下,我们真的有必要为那些靠自己无法找到约会对象的人再推出一款新应用吗?成立一家手机应用公司,真的需要有MBA学位吗?Probably not. But none of that seems to have deterred 29-year-old Bradford, whose resume at least makes her prime dating material on what she is calling The League. Among other things, the app allows would-be daters to see the educational and work backgrounds of The League’s members, hooking them into the LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages of users.可能并不需要。但这并没有让29岁的布拉德福德打消念头。至少,在这款被她称为The League的应用上,布拉德福德的履历可以让她成为优质约会对象。这款应用允许想要约会的人查看The League会员的教育和工作背景,诱导他们进入用户的LinkedIn个人资料和Facebook页面。A glimpse of Bradford’s CV would lead most to wonder why she would waste her time with an app in a highly crowded field. After all, she graduated in 2007 from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in information systems, a somewhat rare young woman with a STEM credential. Bradford then landed a job as a sales engineer and later account executive at salesforce.com. After a three-year stint there, she moved to one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley: Google, first as a “pre-sales engineer” and finally in a business development role, working with Google product and engineering teams. Bradford even spent nine months at Sequoia Capital, the high-flying Silicon Valley venture capital firm, as an investor.布拉德福德的简历会让大多数人产生一个疑问——她为什么浪费时间,在一个高度饱和的领域里开发一款应用?毕竟,她在2007年毕业于卡耐基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon),取得了信息系统专业的学位,而能取得STEM(科学、技术、工程与数学)学位的女性可谓凤毛麟角。毕业后,布拉德福德成为一名销售工程师,后来在企业云计算公司salesforce.com担任客户经理。在这家公司工作三年之后,她又前往硅谷最热门的公司之一:谷歌,最初担任“售前工程师”,后来进入业务开发部门,与谷歌的产品和工程设计团队共事。布拉德福德甚至还在硅谷著名的风险投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)做了9个月的投资者。You’d think someone with that kind of resume, topped by a Stanford MBA no less, would think up a more substantive business than a dating app. Last year, a record 18% of Stanford MBAs founded companies, but few of those startups were created to do launch an app.你肯定会想,有如此了不起的履历,再加上毫不逊色的斯坦福大学MBA学位,一个人应该想出更实质性的业务,而不是一款约会应用。去年,斯坦福大学MBA学生创立公司的比例达到创纪录的18%,但几乎没有几家初创公司是专门开发一款手机应用的。Nonetheless, the path to app-dom was clear when Bradford and her first-year classmates downloaded Tinder and became increasingly intrigued–and appalled–by what they saw.然而,布拉德福德与一年级同学当初下载Tinder的时候,便已经明确了进入手机应用行业的目标。因为这款应用让她们越来越着迷,越来越震惊。“We would send each other the most horrifying Tinder pictures we’d seen that day, guys doing asinine things, half-naked people,” Bradford says in an interview at her San Francisco office. And though she and her friends would laugh about the awful material on the dating app, she was struck toward the end of 2013 by something else: just about everyone she knew was using it.布拉德福德在位于旧金山的办公室接受采访时说道:“我们会在彼此之间发送当天看到的最恐怖的Tinder图片,男孩子们做的蠢事,以及人们半裸的照片。”虽然她和闺蜜们时常嘲笑这款约会应用里糟糕的约会对象,但在2013年底,另外一件事却令布拉德福德感到震惊:几乎所有人都在用它。“What I saw was a huge consumer behavior shift in my demographic,” Bradford says. “Guys and girls in my network who I’d never seen on a dating app … all of a sudden had this Tinder app installed on their phones. It was kind of this fun thing that everyone in my generation was doing.”布拉德福德说道:“我发现同龄消费者的行为发生了巨大的转变。我交往的男孩和女孩以前从来不会选择约会应用……但突然之间,所有人都在手机上安装了Tinder。我的同龄人都在使用这款软件,这是一件有趣的事。”But she saw problems with Tinder. There was the sleaze factor. There were millions of users, making it hard to sort out who might be compatible. Also, dating apps had a stigma, “this reputation for a one night stand, or a hookup,” she says. Furthermore, getting on such an app made a user’s search for love—or whatever—public. Many successful people didn’t want their personal and professional brands potentially tainted by association with a dating app.不过,她也看到了Tinder的问题所在。这款应用上存在一些不端行为。Tinder有数以百万计的用户,筛选出一位能够共处的约会对象并不容易。此外,约会应用都有一个污点,“通常都以一夜情或约炮著称,”她说道。此外,使用这种应用会让一个人寻找爱情或其他任何对象的过程公开化。许多成功人士不希望与约会应用有任何关系,以免自己的个人和职业品牌受到影响。“There was this kind of mismatch: the more successful you were, the less likely you were to be on a dating app,” Bradford says.布拉德福德说道:“现在有一种不匹配的现象:一个人越成功,就越不可能使用约会应用。”The light switch was thrown. Instead of creating another app for the masses to clutter with offensive comments and tasteless photos, she would create an alternative to be populated by “a high caliber community” of smart, well-educated, successful people.于是她产生了灵感。她没有选择为大众开发另外一款充斥着无礼言论和粗俗照片的手机应用,而是要创建一款面向“高素质人才社区”的约会应用,这些人都受过良好教育,是精明的成功人士。With The League, most new membership will come via referrals, and the app will use an algorithm to evaluate applicants’ educational and professional qualifications. The app will have privacy settings to regulate who sees a member’s profile, barring, for example, colleagues. “You don’t have to worry about being the talk of the water cooler at work,” Bradford says.The League的大多数新会员将来自老会员推荐,该应用会通过一种算法对申请者的教育与职业等级进行评估。这款应用还将提供隐私设置,限制会员资料的访问权限,比如禁止同事查看。布拉德福德说道:“你不必担心会成为公司同事闲聊时的话题。”While many people, no doubt, have wished for a better dating app or thought about creating one, Bradford’s position at Stanford put her in a spot to do something about it. “The Stanford ecosystem is very, very supportive,” she says. “I’ve never been to a more entrepreneurial place. Half my classes were on entrepreneurship, and launching a company, and how to start a company—it’s in the water there. I went to a ton of people for advice, from faculty, to speakers on campus, to alums, to people on campus who had done startups.”肯定有许多人希望有一款更优秀的约会应用,或考虑自己创建一款这样的应用,而斯坦福大学为布拉德福德提供了先天的优势,让她能够把这个想法付诸实施。她说道:“斯坦福大学非常持我。我从来没有见过创业氛围如此浓厚的地方。我有一半同学正在研究创业或者正在创建公司,想知道如何创业——在斯坦福你会身临其境。我向许多人征求意见,包括老师、演讲嘉宾、校友以及曾经创业的同学。”She applied successfully to get into the Stanford Venture Studio, a facility in which graduate students from all disciplines can test and develop business ideas, take part in group sessions, get advice from successful entrepreneurs and alumni, and practice pitching.她成功加入了斯坦福创业工作室(Stanford Venture Studio)。来自不同学科的研究生都可以在这个工作室测试和开发商业创意,参与小组座谈会,向成功的创业者和校友取经,练习推销技能等。Bradford refined her idea by pitching it to BASES, the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students. And she sought constant feedback from her girlfriends, who were members of her target market of smart, up-and-coming young people. Her Stanford friends, she says, were “very instrumental in shaping the product and feature set.”布拉德福德通过向斯坦福大学创业学生商业协会(Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students,BASES)推销,对自己的创意进行不断完善。她还可以从闺蜜们那里得到持续的反馈,她们都是聪明进取的年轻人,也是这款应用的目标群体。她说道,她在斯坦福大学的朋友“在产品成形和功能设置方面给我带来了很大启发。”During a Stanford independent study course, Bradford built the app’s wireframes, essentially blueprints. She created the technical specifications. But when she outsourced prototype development to India, she ran into difficulties, as she found no effective way to create the prototype without working side-by-side with other developers.在斯坦福大学的独立研究课程期间,布拉德福德构建出手机应用的线框原型,并开发出应用的技术规格。但在将原型开发外包给印度时,她却遇到了麻烦,因为如果不能与其他开发者并肩工作,很难创建应用的原型。Ultimately, she joined forces with Derrick Staten, who received a BA in International Relations from Stanford, but has expertise in mobile operating systems and experience in venture capital.最终,她选择与德里克o斯塔恩合作。斯塔恩获得了斯坦福大学国际关系专业文学学士学位,并拥有手机操作系统开发的专业知识,以及为风投工作的经验。Now, the two are putting the final touches on the app and continue to gather would-be members onto a waiting list. They hope to launch within weeks, first in San Francisco and eventually in up to 10 major U.S. cities.现在,两人正在对应用进行最后修正,并继续收集潜在会员信息。他们希望在数周内上线,首先在旧金山,然后推广到美国10个主要城市。Will it be worth her big investment in a Stanford MBA? Who knows. But she’s aly getting plenty of publicity. Sex, after all, sells. And sex among elites may sell even better.布拉德福德为斯坦福大学MBA付出了巨额成本,换来的结果就是一款新的手机约会应用,这是否值得?目前还没有人知道。但她现在已经得到了许多人的关注。毕竟,与性爱相关的产品总可以大卖。而能够解决精英性爱问题的产品似乎更有市场。 /201410/332279SAN FRANCISCO — When Apple wants to make a big splash, it returns to its history.旧金山——当苹果(Apple)希望掀起一层巨浪时,它选择回归自己的历史。Thirty years ago at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, a roomy auditorium in Cupertino, Calif., Steven P. Jobs introduced the original Macintosh. On Tuesday, Apple will return to the center to unveil a set of long-anticipated products: two iPhones with larger screens and a wearable computer that the media has nicknamed the iWatch.三十年前,在加州库珀蒂诺弗林特表演艺术中心(Flint Center for the Performing Arts)的一间宽敞的礼堂里,史蒂芬·P·乔布斯(Steven P. Jobs)向人们介绍了初代麦金塔电脑(Macintosh)。下周二,苹果将回到这个中心,推出人们期待已久的一系列产品:两款屏幕更大的iPhone,以及一款可穿戴电脑,媒体给它取了个绰号叫“iWatch”。The so-called smartwatch will be the first brand-new product unveiled under Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, who took the helm three years ago, shortly before Mr. Jobs’s death.这款所谓的智能手表将是首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)领导下的苹果推出的第一款全新产品,库克是三年前乔布斯去世后不久接掌公司的。It is expected to come in two sizes and combine functions like health and fitness monitoring with mobile computing tasks like displaying maps. It will have a flexible screen and, like the new phones, will support technology that allows people to pay for things wirelessly.预计这款产品会包括两种尺寸,将健康和体能监测等功能和地图显示等移动计算任务结合在一起。它将有一块可弯曲的屏幕,并和新款手机一样,将持让人可以无线付购物的技术。“I believe it’s going to be historic,” said Tim Bajarin, a consumer technology analyst for Creative Strategies who attended the original Mac event in 1984. He added, “The design of this product is all Tim’s fingerprints.”Apple, which is highly secretive, has not officially commented on any of the new products. But multiple employees of Apple and its partners who were briefed on the products shared some details on the condition that they not be identified.“我相信那将是一个历史性的时刻,”创意策略公司(Creative Strategies)的消费科技分析师、参加过1984年Mac初代发布会的本·巴加林(Ben Bajarin)说。他还说,“这个产品的设计处处显露蒂姆的影响。”行事极其隐秘的苹果没有公开过以上的任何一款新产品。但是多位苹果雇员和对产品情况有了解的合作伙伴分享了一些细节,条件是在本文中不透露身份。With its first wearable computer, Apple will enter a growing market for fitness-tracking gadgets and smartwatches from Fitbit, Nike and Samsung Electronics. And with the two larger phones, Apple will fight back against Samsung, whose big-screen Galaxy smartphones have wrested sales away over the last few years.随着该公司第一款可穿戴电脑的推出,苹果将进入一个正在成长的健康跟踪设备和智能手表市场,已经存在于该市场的有Fitbit、耐克(Nike)和三星电子(Samsung Electronics)。而凭借两款屏幕更大的手机,苹果将对三星发起反击,后者的大屏Galaxy智能手机在过去几年里抢走了不少销量。While the iPhones are expected to be released in the coming weeks, the watch is unlikely to be in stores until next year, several of the people with knowledge of the products said. The price of the new devices is not yet publicly known.多位了解产品的人说,iPhone有望在未来几周内发布,不过手表可能要到明年才能上架出售。新设备的价格尚未公布。Some said the smartwatch was one of Apple’s most ambitious projects to date.有人说智能手表是苹果迄今为止最具雄心的项目之一。The company put an enormous amount of time and money into designing the wearable device’s sensors so that they can track movements and vital signs, like heart rate and footsteps, much more accurately than existing fitness devices, two employees said.两位公司雇员说,公司花了大量的时间和金钱用于设计可穿戴设备的传感器,在追踪运动和心率、步伐等生命体征时,要比现有的健康设备准确得多。It has a flexible display panel that is protected by synthetic sapphire, which is tougher than glass, they said. The device’s circuit board, which includes its sensors and chips, was described as tiny, about the size of a postage stamp.他们说手表有一块可弯曲的显示板,使用比玻璃更坚硬的合成蓝宝石进行保护。包含传感器和芯片在内的设备电路板据他们形容是极其微小的,大概是一张邮票的大小。For replenishing the battery, the smartwatch will rely on a wireless charging method. Apple had at one point tested solar charging for the watch, but that experiment failed.为了让电量保持充沛,智能手表将依赖一种无线充电手段。苹果一度测试过太阳能充电,但实验失败了。For software, the watch will take advantage of HealthKit, a set of tools for storing health data that Apple introduced in June. The device will also rely heavily on Handoff, a new software feature that allows users to push content between their Apple devices.软件方面,手表将利用苹果在六月推出的HealthKit,一套用于存储健康数据的工具。设备将非常依赖Handoff,这种新软件特性让用户可以在自己的苹果设备之间推送内容。The bigger iPhones, which have been widely written about over the last year, will come in two screen sizes, one measuring 4.7 diagonal inches and the other 5.5 diagonal inches. The larger version will cost more. Unlike the older iPhones, which have somewhat sharp edges, the new ones have softer, rounded edges similar to those of the latest iPads.过去一年里,屏幕加大的iPhone得到了广泛的关注,它将包括两种屏幕尺寸,分别为4.7寸和5.5寸。更大的那款售价会更高。和以往iPhone相对尖锐的边缘相比,新款会采用更柔和的、圆角的边缘,和最新的几款iPad类似。To deal with concerns that a bigger phone will make typing with one hand difficult (the current iPhone has a four-inch screen), some changes to the design of the iPhones’ user interface will allow people to type or use apps with just one hand; there will be a one-handed mode that can be switched on and off, two employees said.有人担心更大的手机屏幕会增加单手打字的难度(目前的iPhone是4寸屏),为此苹果将对iPhone的用户界面设计做出改动,让用户可以用一只手打字或使用应用;两位雇员还说,将会有一个可以开关的单手模式。The wearable device and the smartphones will include hardware and software that support a technology called near-field communication, or NFC, which allows devices to exchange information wirelessly over very short distances. It could make paying for things with a phone less of a hassle.可穿戴设备和智能手机的硬件和软件将持一种叫做近场通讯(即NFC)的技术,设备通过这种技术可以在很短的距离内无线交换信息。这样一来用户在用手机做付时可以省却一些麻烦。Apple has teamed up with American Express, MasterCard and Visa to support the payment system, said several people involved in the partnerships. With the deal, these people said, iPhone owners will be able to use their devices as a sort of digital wallet, improving their ability to pay for items at select partner merchants without handing over cash or a credit card.多位参与合作事宜的人说,苹果已经和美国运通(American Express)、万事达(MasterCard)和Visa联手,持其付系统。这些人说,根据协议,iPhone用户将可以把设备当作某种数码钱包来使用,在一些特定合作商户那里进行付的过程将得到改进,不需要取出现金或信用卡。Along with these partnerships, the abundance of new NFC-enabled iPhones could jump-start mobile payment, which has so far failed to gain traction among American consumers. Google, for instance, released a digital wallet in 2011 that has achieved little success. And Isis — a mobile wallet backed by three major American phone carriers, which was renamed Softcard this week — never caught on either.在建立这些合作关系的同时,配备了NFC技术的新款iPhone还将以其丰富的功能推动移动付的发展,迄今为止,这种付手段没能得到美国消费者的垂青。例如Google在2011年推出了一款数码钱包,几乎没收到什么成效。而由三大美国手机运营商资助的移动钱包务Isis同样无功而返,本周这款产品已经改名为Softcard。Some analysts think Apple’s entrance into the world of mobile payment will make all the difference.一些分析人士认为,苹果进军移动付,将给这个领域带来天翻地覆的变化。“Apple owns the hardware and the software here, unlike Google,” said Josh Beck, an analyst with Pacific Crest Securities. “Not to mention Apple has this huge cache of customer credit cards, and an affluent customer base.”“苹果和Google不一样,它有这个领域的硬件和软件,”太平洋券(Pacific Crest Securities)分析师乔什·贝克(Josh Beck)说。“更不用说它还掌握着大量消费者信用卡信息,以及一个颇为富裕的消费者群体。”Representatives of American Express, Apple, MasterCard and Visa declined to comment.美国运通、苹果、万事达和Visa公司的代表均拒绝置评。 /201409/326881From Georgia to New Jersey, states have attacked Tesla’s direct sales model, in some cases banning sales of the company’s electric vehicles entirely. Through it all, founder Elon Musk has stayed committed to the dogma that franchising would destroy its business model.从乔治亚州到新泽西州,美国的不少州都打击了特斯拉的直销模式,有些州甚至完全禁止特斯拉(Tesla)电动汽车的销售。但尽管如此,特斯拉的创始人埃隆#8226;马斯克仍然坚持认为,开放特许经营将损害特斯拉的业务模式。Soon, that may change.但是这种情况可能很快就会发生变化。In an interview with Autoline Daily last month, Musk implied that the company might be easing up on the anti-franchising policy. The industry publication es him saying, as the company grows, “we may need a hybrid system, with a combination of our own stores and some dealer franchises.”马斯克上个月在接受《汽车日报》(Autoline Daily)采访时暗示,特斯拉或许会放松其一贯反对特许经营的政策。该刊物引述马斯克的话称,随着公司的发展,“我们可能需要一个混合型体系,其中既有我们自己的门店,也有一些特许经营的经销商。”Coming from the CEO of the company that has referred to the direct sales model as “vital, ” this is a big deal. Tesla has faced off against auto dealers associations across the country who have argued that the company’s direct sales model violates state laws. Since every state has slightly different laws to deal with auto franchises, every time a new state takes up the cause, the issue can seem more convoluted.这番话出自于一位视直销为“命根子”的CEO之口,可谓是一件大事。之前全美各地的汽车经销商协会都指责特斯拉的直销模式违反了各州法律。由于美国各州有关汽车业特许经营权的法律稍有不同,每次有新的州参与进来,问题都会变得更复杂一些。In October, Michigan became the fifth sate to ban direct sales of Tesla vehicles, as all new-car dealers are required to provide a franchise agreement. Auto dealers in states including Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Missouri have argued that Tesla’s direct sales model undercuts the franchise model and threatens consumers’ ability to utilize dealers as advocates separate from manufacturers. As Tesla is forced to tangle with more and more state, it looks like Musk may have to temper his dedication to direct sales.今年10月,密歇根成为第5个禁止特斯拉电动汽车直销的州,理由是该州所有的新车经销商都要递交特许经营协议。乔治亚州、纽约州、宾西法尼亚州、俄亥俄州和密苏里州等地的汽车经销商也纷纷指责特斯拉的直销模式对特许经营模式造成了损害。随着特斯拉要应对的州越来越多,马斯克似乎也只得稍稍放松他对直销的执著。“I think eventually they will have to [franchise], ” says Lou Chronowski, a Chicago-based attorney with Dykema who has worked on automotive and franchise industry cases. “I think that the powers of the dealers and the dealer bodies are so strong, they can keep them at bay for a while, but eventually, they will need to have franchise dealers.”位于芝加哥的Dykema律师事务所的律师卢#8226;克鲁诺瓦斯基曾经接手过一些汽车业和特许经营行业的案例,他表示:“我认为最终他们必须走(特许经营)这条路。我觉得经销商的力量和经销商网络是很强大的,他们可以一时令他们没有办法,但最终他们还是需要特许经营经销商的。”Chronowski says that dealers are worried that Tesla and other potential entrants in the auto industry using a direct sales model could provide major competition, with the ability to sell cars at lower prices than the competition. Plus, some dealers would like the opportunity to own a Tesla franchise themselves.克鲁诺瓦斯基表示,广大经销商们担心,特斯拉和其他可能杀入汽车行业的“黑马”,会凭借直销模式造成极为激烈的竞争,因为直销模式下的汽车售价能够显著低于竞品。此外,有些经销商自己也乐于拥有一家特斯拉的经销门店。“I think that this has always been just a timing issue. I think the reality is that Tesla did it the way they had to do it, being in the startup mode, ” he says. “They really couldn’t start a dealer network and then start selling cars. There just isn’t enough money in the world to do that.”克鲁诺瓦斯基说:“我认为这就是个时间问题。我认为特斯拉以往的做法是因为他们不得不这样做,因为它一直处于创业模式。所以他们不可能一开始就通过建立一个经销商网络来卖车,因为他们没有足够的资金。”A Tesla spokesperson emphatically denies any franchising rumors (“There are no plans to franchise in any capacity”), but says the car maker may be open to a different, “hybrid” model.特斯拉公司的一位发言人坚决否认了任何有关特许经营的传闻(“目前没有任何特许经营计划”),不过同时他也表示,特斯拉可能会推行一种所谓的“混合型”模式。 /201411/343920

Facebook网络公司被控限制其使用者来源:Times Onlime 编辑:VickiFacebook网络公司是否希望垄断网络市场?成立不久的网络公司Power.com近日将Facebook告上法庭,称其限制使用者转载自己的资料。Vachani先生认为Facebook公司这样做无异于电话公司锁定自己用户的电话号码并收取高中端费用。当然这种比较有点言重,毕竟用户可以在Facebook上与自己的朋友聊天,而且Facebook暂时并没有向自己的用户收费。Facebook accused of restricting its usersIs Facebook monopolising(垄断) the social networking market? That is the claim levelled in a lawsuit(诉讼) filed on Friday by Power.com, a fledgling (幼鸟,无经验的)website that lets users interact on multiple social networks. Users of Facebook put work into developing their profiles(简介,概况). They upload pictures, put in their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and connect with friends who have done the same. For those with hundreds of friends, Facebook becomes a rich personal directory(人名地址簿).But once that information is on Facebook, it is impossible to get it off. Users cannot export their own photos, or even a contact list of their friends, much less move that information to another site.The lawsuit, filed in the US district court of northern California, is a response to a suit Facebook filed against Power.com in December. Power.com alleges(宣称) that Facebook restricts users and stifles (遏制)competition, and is in violation of California’s unfair competition laws and US antitrust(反垄断) laws.“They’re blocking users from accessing their data freely,” said Steve Vachani, Power.com chief executive. “And they are blocking companies that are trying to innovate around their service.”Facebook sued Power.com for “scraping” data off its site and storing the user names and passwords of users who tried to access their Facebook accounts through Power.com, in violation of Facebook’s terms of service.At issue is “data portability(数据可携带性)”, the ability for users to take their information from one website to another freely. Facebook has been criticised for flouting(藐视) this freedom, and preventing users from interacting with the broader web.But while Facebook does not allow users to export their contacts to other sites, it has begun to work with groups that advocate(主张) open standards.It has joined the Data Portability Project, which promotes open information standards, and is on the board of the OpenID Foundation, which is working towards a universal login system.Through a new service, Facebook Connect, it allows users to log in and interact on more than 10,000 other sites.“They’re doing everything they can to be open while remaining closed,” said Marc Canter, chief executive of Broadband Mechanics and an expert on data portability.On Friday, Facebook said Power.com’s charges were baseless(毫无根据的). “We have made numerous attempts to work with Power.com but, after making commitments to comply with our policies, they continued to put Facebook user data at risk,” it said.“The claims asserted by Power.com in its countersuit are without merit and we will fight them aggressively.”Power.com, which was founded in Brazil, has funding from venture capitalist firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. After it launched to a positive reception last year, traffic to the site fell off a cliff. Just 14,000 people in the US visited Power.com last month, according to analytics(分析学) firm Compete.Facebook’s restrictive data portability standards might be inconvenient to some. But proving that these practices are illegal could be very difficult. There are no good legal precedents(引用单元) to call upon, and Facebook’s terms of service, which all users tacitly agree to when using the site, essentially grant Facebook licence to restrict outside access to user data.“What Facebook is doing is not necessarily illegal,” said Mr Canter. But the issue of data portability was an important one, and he hoped Power.com would pursue the case because that would provide a forum to air issues of data portability and privacy.“They will have to go the long haul(持久), and it will be a multi-year case,” he said. “Otherwise it just looks like a publicity stunt(作秀).”Mr Vachani said Facebook’s restrictions on users’ data were comparable to wireless phone companies(无线电话公司) locking customers’ mobile phones and charging high termination fees. But that analogy(类比) goes only so far. Facebook does not charge its users any fees, and through Facebook Connect it is enabling people to interact with their Facebook friends on other sites.“A less contentious(引起争论的) but more analogous(可比拟的) comparison would be e-mail,” said Chris Saad, head of communications for the Data Portability Project(数据可移植性项目). “E-mail used to be a bunch of locked-in services; you couldn’t e-mail from one service to another. But the web wouldn’t have taken off if they didn’t start talking to one another.”The same is now true for companies such as Facebook as they work to develop the “social web”, an online world where a user’s friends can be with them everywhere they go online.“Ultimately, for social networking to be fully ingrained (牢固的)in the internet, no one company is going to own it,” Mr Saad said. “It’s going to be an inexorable(不可变更的) march towards openness.”Keke View:Facebook是一个社会化网络站点。它于2004年2月4日上线。  Facebook的创始人是Mark Zuckerberg,毕业于Phillips Exeter Academy,并继承了Exeter的传统进入了哈佛大学。最初,网站的注册仅限于哈佛学院(译者注:哈佛大学的本科生部)的学生。在之 后的两个月内,注册扩展到波士顿地区的其他高校(波士顿学院 Boston College、波士顿大学 Boston University、麻省理工学院 MIT、特福茨大学 Tufts)以及罗切斯特大学 Rochester、斯坦福 Stanford、纽约大学 NYU、西北大学和所有的长春藤名校。第二年,很多其他学校也被加入进来。最终,在全球范围内有一个大学后缀电子邮箱的人(如 .edu, .ac.uk等)都可以注册。之后,在Facebook中也可以建立起高中和公司的社会化网络。而从2006年9月11日起,任何用户输入有效电子邮件地址和自己的年龄段,即可加入。用户可以选择加入一个或多个网络,比如中学的、公司的、或地区的。 /200907/77410Mobile anonymous sharing app Whisper today confirmed that it has raised million in its third round of venture capital funding.知名匿名信息分享应用Whisper今天确认,第三轮风投融资成功募资3600万美元。China#39;s Tencent, Shasta Ventures and Thrive Capital came aboard as new investors, while return backers included Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.腾讯公司(Tencent)、沙斯塔创投(Shasta Ventures)和兴盛资本(Thrive Capital)为新加入的投资者,而早期投资者如红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和光速创投(Lightspeed Venture Partners)则再一次为Whisper提供融资。Whisper also announced its third product update, which includes enhanced search and category functions.Whisper同时还宣布对产品进行第三次升级,包括优化搜索功能,分类也更加优化。The company previously had raised million since being founded in early 2013. Newer rival Secret has raised over million from such firms as Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures.自2013年年初创立以来,这家公司已经获得过2400万美元投资。而它刚冒头的对手“秘密”(Secret)则已获得凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins)和谷歌创投(Google Ventures)等公司超过1100万美元的投资。 /201405/299849

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