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Is this legit? 这合理吗?There#39;s a vaccine for the Ebola virus. 有疫苗是针对埃拉病毒的。Not legit. There is no known cure or vaccine for Ebola. 不对。目前埃拉病毒既没得治也没有疫苗。Avoiding close contact with Ebola patients is crucial.关键是要避免与携带埃拉得的患者亲密接触。One unique thing about Ebola is that unlike some other viruses, people don#39;t tend to sp it, until they actually get sick with it. 埃拉病毒最独特的一点是,不同于其他病毒,人们只有在真的因此生病后才会开始传播病毒。So, it#39;s only when they are feverish that they are contagious. 因此,只有当他们有发热症状后才会有传染性。Once they are, it sps very easily and kills more than half of those who get it. 一旦有传染性了,它就很容易散播,并且患病的一大半都会致死。It#39;s never infected humans in the U.S., but for scientists researching and trying to stop Ebola#39;s sp in Guinea, taking extreme precautions is just part of the job.并没有美国的人感染这种病毒,但对于研究并致力于阻止埃拉病毒在几内亚传播的科学家来说,做好极致的预防措施仅仅是工作的一部分。 /201404/289482

This calf is no more than a few weeks old幼鲸不过几周大and as he begins to tire,当他疲倦时his mother supports him close to the surface, so that he can breathe.他的母亲就帮他浮到海面上以便进行呼吸These shallow equatorial waters make good nurseries -这些赤道浅水区是很好的育儿所they#39;re warm and calm and there are few predators.海水温暖平静掠食者也很少The playful calf is now drinking 600 litres of milk a day,调皮的幼鲸每天要喝600升奶but its mother is starving.但它的母亲饿的要死There#39;s nothing for her to eat in these crystal clear waters.这片明净的水域并无可食之物To find food, she will have to lead her calf...为了找寻食物她得带着孩子进行 on an epic 4,000-mile journey长达4000英里的宏伟长征to richer feeding grounds at the southern extremes of our planet.到达地球最南端的富饶进食场所This is the longest migration by any marine mammal,这是海洋哺乳动物做过的最长的旅程and it depends entirely on a healthy ocean all along the way.完全依赖一路上健康的海洋 Article/201409/329275

Tired of not knowing where your food comes from? Follow these steps to grow your own delicious, organic produce.厌倦了辨别食品来源?遵循以下简单的步骤,自己种植美味的有机农产品。You Will Need你需要Farmland农田Natural pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides天然杀虫剂,肥料和杀菌剂Crop rotation作物轮作Cover crops肥田作物A green thumb园艺技能Steps步骤Step 1 Learn the basics1.学习基本技巧Understand the basics. In organic farming, the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers is prohibited. Instead, farmers use natural methods to create and maintain healthy soil, control weeds, reduce pests, and manage diseases.掌握基本技巧。在有机农业中,禁止使用合成杀虫剂或肥料。农民使用天然的方法来改良和维持土壤,控制杂草,减少害虫,管理疾病。Any organization selling more than ,000 of organic produce a year must be certified by the USDA. 每年销售超过5,000美元的有机农产品的任何机构都必须通过美国农业部的认。Step 2 Make a crop rotation plan2.制定轮作计划Develop a crop rotation plan. Maximize soil efficiency and reduce pests and diseases by planting different crops in a particular location from year to year. 制定作物轮作计划。每年在特定的位置种植不同的作物,实现土壤效率最大化,减少虫害和病害。Step 3 Use compost and fertilizers3.使用堆肥和有机肥料Recycle plant waste, manure, and other organic materials in a compost pile for use as fertilizer. Seed meal and mineral powders like rock phosphate and greensand can also be used to keep soil fertile and at the right pH. 回收植物废料,粪便和其他有机物质,制作堆肥,用作肥料。粗粉和矿物质粉末,例如磷钙土和绿砂都可以用于保持土壤肥沃,酸碱平衡。Step 4 Manage soil and weeds4.管理土壤和杂草Use beneficial plants called cover crops in the same field or garden as the main crop to keep the soil in good condition naturally, draw pests away, and smother weeds. For more thorough weed control, pick them by hand or use natural herbicides like corn gluten meal.在同一片农田或花园中种植有益的肥田作物来保持土壤良好状况,驱赶害虫,抑制杂草。为了更彻底地控制杂草,用手将他们拔掉,或者使用天然除草剂,例如玉米麸质。Step 5 Reduce pests5.减少害虫Reduce pests without using chemicals by trimming away dying material, and housing plants in row covers or in a greenhouse. 不用化学物质也可以减少害虫。可以修剪掉坏死的植株,覆盖或者在温室中种植。You can also encourage beneficial organisms like birds and insects that prey on pests to live in your field or garden.也可以让一些有益的鸟类或昆虫来捕杀农田或花园中的害虫。Step 6 Manage disease6.疾病管理Manage disease by removing diseased or dying plants. Use organic fungicides or cultivate good bacteria to combat harmful bacteria. At harvest time, enjoy the fruits -- and vegetables -- of your labor! 切除患病或病死植株来管理疾病。使用有机杀菌剂或培养有益细菌来抵抗有害细菌。在收获季节,尽情享受自己辛勤劳动换来的果实和蔬菜吧!Almost 70 percent of U.S. shoppers bought at least one organic product over a three-month period. 接近70%的美国购物者每三个月至少购买一次有机农产品。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237530

经济学家能从语言学家那里学到什么?行为经济学家基思·陈(Keith Chen)介绍了他的研究中发现的奇妙关联:没有区分将来时态的语言——“明天下雨”而不是“下明天的雨”——跟储蓄比例有很强的相关性。 Article/201407/310179

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