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马鞍山去斑多少钱丹阳市做激光去毛多少钱南京冰点无痛脱毛 江苏南京磨骨的价格

南京中西医结合医院抽脂价格It was just past lunchtime in Jerusalem’s industrial Talpiot neighbourhood. Traffic sat at an uncomfortable standstill, and the thick smog of diesel truck fuel fogged the landscape. 这里是耶路撒冷 Talpiot 工业区,午餐时间刚过。交通堵塞令人不快,柴油卡车释放的浓雾让周围的一切变得模糊。In a warehouse across the roundabout of snaked traffic, Itai Gutman’s overnight shift had spilled into afternoon at Herzl Brewery, a local ale distillery that was, until recently, relatively unknown, except by microbrew aficionados.迂回穿过蠕动的车流,来到一处仓库,伊泰#8226;古特曼(Itai Gutman)在赫茨尔啤酒厂(Herzl Brewery)通宵工作已经进入次日下午。直到最近,除了啤酒爱好者外,这家本地啤酒厂还并不怎么出名。The young Jerusalemite started creating his own unique beers in small batches some 10 years ago, a process he said grew from “necessity” during his mandatory military service when funds were low and beer was a luxury. “Brewing was a simple choice to get access to the product,” he explained.大约 10 年前,这位耶路撒冷年轻人开始小批量自己酿造这种独特的啤酒,据他说,他这样做源自自己兵役时,经济紧张,啤酒价格昂贵,而啤酒又是“必备品”,“自己酿酒是得到啤酒最简单的办法。”Today, beer is not just a profession for Gutman – it’s a labour of love.今天,酿造啤酒不仅是古特曼的职业,而且是他所钟爱的事业。Tall and softly spoken, deep under-eye shadows hint of his tireless dedication. On his right forearm is a large tattoo of what may be the oldest known recipe for creating fermented ale. The original cuneiform – a system of writing developed by the ancient Sumerians around 3500-3000 – is believed to describe the protocol for turning grain into ale.他个子高高的,轻言细语,黑眼圈很重,神情坚毅。他的右臂上有一大块纹身,这些也许是制作发酵啤酒的古老配方。据信,这些古代苏美尔人在公元前约 3500-3000 年创造的原始楔形文字描述了将粮食酿造成啤酒的方法。The inked symbols and markings on Gutman’s forearm were found near the Euphrates River in ancient Mesopotamia – where modern-day Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Iran and Turkey share borders – an area that is widely known as the cradle of civilization.古特曼前臂所纹的符号和标记是在古代美索不达米亚平原(Mesopotamia)的幼发拉底河(Euphrates River)发现的,那里是现在的伊拉克、叙利亚、科威特和土耳其的交界处,这个地区是广为人知的文明摇篮。Just last year, fragments of ancient pottery from this period were discovered during a construction project in Tel Aviv. According to archaeologist Diego Barkan, who directed the excavation, the large ceramic basins were used to make ale.就在去年,在特拉维夫一处建筑工地上还发现了出自这个时期的古陶器碎片。指挥此次发掘工作的考古学家迭戈#8226;巴坎(Diego Barkan)认为,这个古代大陶瓷盆原来就是酿造啤酒用的。Early inhabitants made their beer from a mixture of grains and water that was baked and left to ferment in the sun. Fruit concentrates may have been added to the mix for flavour, before the liquid was filtered into special vessels and y to drink.早期居民把粮食和水的混合物烘焙后放在阳光下发酵,由此酿造啤酒。为了调味,他们可能会在其中加入浓缩果汁,液体经过滤装入容器,就得到能马上喝的啤酒。At that time, beer was a basic commodity – like b – to be consumed and enjoyed by the entire population, regardless of status or age. Since there was always a risk of contamination with water, fermented beer and wine were much safer to drink.当时,啤酒是像面包一样的基本商品,无论社会地位和年龄为何,人人都会享用。由于水总会有被污染的风险,因此发酵啤酒和葡萄酒就成为安全得多的饮品。“Beer brewing is the oldest occupation in the world – aside from the other one,” Gutman joked. “This is what I do, this is the tradition I took on to continue.”古特曼表示,“除葡萄酒酿造外,啤酒酿造是世界上最为古老的职业。这就是我现在所从事的工作,它是我要继承下去的传统。”Following this tradition has led Gutman to create what might be the closest thing to the very first man-made ale, using a genetically modified strain of wheat that dates back to the beginning of human agricultural cultivation, around 10,000 years ago.正是遵循这种传统,才让古特曼得以利用转基因小麦酿造出啤酒,它也许是与最早的人造啤酒最接近的东西,这还要追溯到约 1 万年前人类开始农业种植之时。 /201606/451521苏大附二院疤痕多少钱 苏大附二院激光去掉雀斑多少钱

苏州第一人民医院激光脱毛价格5.Chaya5.驱虫苋Chaya – a native Mexican shrub – is also called the spinach tree because its cooked leaves taste similar to spinach. Cooked chaya actually beats spinach when it comes to nutrient content. It#39;s a better source of protein, calcium, and iron, for example . It#39;s actually pretty rare to run across chaya at all in most parts of the world. There are people growing it in Florida, Texas, and parts of Mexico, but cooking with it has become uncommon. That doesn#39;t mean you can#39;t safely cook chaya! Like with cassava and bitter almonds, hydrogen cyanide is the danger when eating raw chaya. And like these other foods, sufficient cooking renders the leaves safe to eat. You can season it just as you would any leafy green vegetable. To cook chaya, just boil the leaves for 20 minutes on the stove, and make sure that you don#39;t inhale the cooking fumes or steam, and that the pan you#39;re using isn#39;t aluminum; chaya plus aluminum equals explosive diarrhea .驱虫苋是一种原产墨西哥的灌木,因为它的叶子煮熟后吃起来味道很像菠菜,所以也有人叫它树菠菜。但实际上,煮熟的驱虫苋营养成分完胜菠菜,含有丰富的蛋白质、钙、铁等物质。事实上,全球范围内种植驱虫苋的地区相当稀少。在佛罗里达、德克萨斯、墨西哥部分地区有人种植驱虫苋,但很少有人食用。不过那并不意味着你不能安全地烹饪食用驱虫苋! 和木薯、苦杏仁一样,生吃驱虫苋的危险性来自其所含有的氢氰酸,但充分煮熟后的叶子可以放心食用,可以和吃其他绿叶蔬菜一样加点调味料来调味。烹饪驱虫苋,只要把它的叶子放到炉子里加水煮20分钟,确保你没有吸入烹饪时的蒸汽,且你的锅不能是铝制锅。要知道,驱虫苋+铝疯狂拉稀。4.Castor Beans4.蓖麻子People ingest castor oil to relieve constipation, to induce labor, and for other naturopathic purposes, but you should never eat whole raw castor beans. Castor bean plants are beautiful. They have vibrant, red leaves and they produce red and yellow flowers. They#39;re also extremely toxic to both people and animals. Like red kidney beans, castor beans contain high concentrations of a particularly harmful lectin. The lectin in castor beans is called ricin. Yep, the ricin in castor beans is the same poison that Jesse helped Walter White cook up in ;Breaking Bad.; It#39;s actually very easy to distill ricin from castor beans, and a terrorist tried to poison President Obama and U.S. Senator Roger Wicker with envelopes of the stuff in 2013. Even cooking castor beans isn#39;t enough to destroy ricin. In fact, you make the poison using the mash leftover from processing castor beans for their oil. Castor oil is the only castor bean product that#39;s safe to eat; since ricin is water soluble, it doesn#39;t end up in processed castor oil, as long as the processing was done properly .人们摄取蓖麻油是为了润肠通便、引产,还可用于其他自然疗法,但你决不能吃完全未经处理的蓖麻子。 蓖麻是一种非常漂亮的植物,叶子鲜红,花朵呈红色和黄色。对于人类和动物来说,蓖麻子的毒性非常大。跟红芸豆一样,蓖麻子也富含一种高浓度的有害植物凝集素,这种在蓖麻子中的凝集素被称为蓖麻毒蛋白。 没错,蓖麻子中的蓖麻毒素与《绝命毒师》里杰西协助沃尔特·怀特研制毒品时所用的毒素相同。实际上,从蓖麻子中提取毒素非常容易。因此,2013年,一名恐怖分子试图用含该毒素的信件来毒害美国总统奥巴马和参议员罗杰·威克。 即便烹饪蓖麻子,也不能将蓖麻毒蛋白分解掉。事实上,你可以在加工蓖麻子获取原油的过程中,利用剩余的碎料制造出毒品,而蓖麻油是唯一可以安全食用的蓖麻产品。因为蓖麻毒素可溶于水,因此只要处理恰当,蓖麻油里就不会含有蓖麻毒素。3.Olives3.橄榄Unprocessed olives won#39;t make you sick or kill you, but chances are you won#39;t want to eat one. Olives right off of the tree contain a high concentration of a compound called oleuropein, which gives them a bitter taste. Brining olives breaks down the oleuropein, yielding the delicious olives that we all know and love. What#39;s interesting about raw olives is that while they don#39;t taste good, there#39;s some evidence that oleuropein has potential health benefits, and olives are the only known food-based source of the compound. You can actually buy oleuropein supplements, and some research suggests that it#39;s an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that could protect heart and brain health. There are a few different ways to prepare olives so that they#39;re palatable. Soaking in fresh water will remove some of the bitterness, but brining them for a few weeks or even a few months in salty water or packing them in salt are preferred. Different olives require different brining times, so this is sort of a ;taste it and see; process. Prepared olives still contain some oleuropein, but not enough to taste off-putting .未加工过的橄榄虽然不会使你作呕或丧命,但只要你试过就不想再吃。从树上掉落的橄榄富含一种高浓度化合物,叫做橄榄苦苷,这种物质会使橄榄尝起来有苦味。于是人们就用盐水浸泡橄榄从而分解其中的橄榄苦苷,使其成为我们平常所喜爱的美味。 有趣的是,即使生橄榄不好吃,但仍有据表明橄榄苦苷对于健康有潜在的好处,而且橄榄是该化合物唯一一种已知的食物来源。实际上,你可以购买橄榄苦苷保健品,且有研究表明,这是一种抗氧化物质和消炎药,可以保护心脏和大脑的健康。 这里介绍几种处理橄榄的方法,可以使它变得美味可口。虽然将橄榄浸泡在淡盐水中可以减少一些苦涩,但更推荐用浓盐水浸泡几个星期甚至是几个月,或者用盐来腌制橄榄。不同种类的橄榄需要浸泡的时间不同,因此这是个“尝一尝,看一看”的过程。处理过的橄榄还是会有些橄榄苦苷,但并不影响食用。2.Wild Mushrooms2.野生蘑菇There are two main reasons to cook wild mushrooms rather than serving them up raw. Raw wild mushrooms can be tough to digest, so cooking helps you avoid gastrointestinal distress, but also many are actually toxic and potentially deadly when raw. Cooking breaks down the harmful compounds, leaving you with a bowlful of mushroomy goodness. While many raw foods can be hard to digest, wild mushrooms are especially difficult. Mushrooms#39; cell walls are different from the cell walls of fruits and veggies, and cooking breaks those down, so our bodies can handle processing the tough fungal cells. Breaking down those cell walls with cooking also helps you get more of their nutritional value. One caveat: There are a very few wild mushrooms that you can eat raw, but you#39;d better be an expert in identifying them. Mycologist David Campbell says that you can eat witch#39;s butters and toothed jellies raw. He also describes eating a raw wild mushroom called the coccoli, which he marinates in lemon juice to make a mushroom ceviche. Different wild mushrooms need to be cooked differently. Some toxins break down when you expose them to heat. Others need to be boiled away . Campbell#39;s lemon marinade is actually a sort of ;chemical cooking; that works on certain mushrooms, but not others. Your best bet with wild mushrooms is to do your research to make sure that you cook them safely, and only buy wild mushrooms from trusted, reliable purveyors. It#39;s literally a life-and-death issue.将野生蘑菇烹调处理而不是生吃的原因有两个。生的野生蘑菇十分粗糙难以消化,为避免肠胃不适需要把它们煮熟,而且很多未加工的野生蘑菇含有有毒的、潜在的致命成分。烹调可以分解这些有毒成分,只给你留下蘑菇的营养。 许多生的食物难以消化,而野生蘑菇的消化则尤其困难。蘑菇的细胞壁与水果和蔬菜的细胞壁不同,只有通过烹调才能使其分解,使我们的身体可以处理这些顽固的真菌细胞。与此同时,通过烹调分解细胞壁也有助于你获得更多的营养。 但请注意:只有少数的野生蘑菇可以生吃,你最好像专家一样能专业地鉴定它们,真菌学家戴维·坎贝尔介绍了一些可以生吃的野生蘑菇,例如科科利,可将其浸泡在柠檬汁中用来制作酸橘汁腌鱼。 不同的野生蘑菇需要不同的烹调方式。一些有毒成分会在高温下分解,有一些则需要煮沸化解。坎贝尔的柠檬汁腌制实际上是一种化学烹调,只对某些蘑菇有效,对其他的种类则不起作用。你最好认真研究野生蘑菇,以确保能安全地食用它们,并且只能从可信的、可靠的经销商那里购买野生蘑菇。这可是一个生死攸关的大问题。1.Pork1.猪肉While the danger associated with eating uncooked or undercooked pork has decreased since the #39;70s and #39;80s, you still shouldn#39;t eat your pork raw or rare. Pigs are raised a lot differently than they used to be, but there#39;s still a risk that you#39;ll contract one of two nasty parasites from eating pork: trichinosis or pork tapeworm. You#39;ve probably heard of trichinosis before. It#39;s a parasite that takes up residence in your small intestine after you eat infected meat, and pigs aren#39;t the only animals that can harbor it. Raw bear, cougar, wolf, fox and walrus are also potential carriers. So next time you prepare a walrus steak, cook it to well done. The first signs of trichinosis are stomach issues like nausea and vomiting. In the week after infection, the parasites reproduce, and their babies enter your bloodstream. When this happens, you can show symptoms from muscle pain to pink eye. Very severe cases can lead to death, though it#39;s rare. Trichinosis cases have gone down drastically as the pork industry has made systemic safety changes and awareness of proper cooking has increased; the CDC now only receives about 20 reports of trichinosis per year. Pork tapeworm is actually worse than trichinosis. An infected person can range from having no symptoms at all to having seizures. In fact, pork tapeworm is one of the top causes of seizures worldwide. The good news is that it#39;s not hard to cook pork safely. All you need are patience and a meat thermometer. Cook ground pork until there is no pink flesh inside at all and the meat reaches an inner temperature of 160 F (71 C), though large cuts of pork may still be slightly pink and cooked to just 145 F (63 C). There is one place where people eat raw pork semi-regularly and manage to live, though. In parts of Germany there#39;s a minced raw pork dish called mett that#39;s a cultural staple. Germany did report 52 cases of trichinosis in the 1999 due to people eating raw pork, though, so take that into consideration when you see mett on the . Traditionally, chefs form the raw, ground pork into the shape of a hedgehog, using raw onion slices for the ;spines; . This list might make you feel like you#39;re taking your life into your hands every time you pick up your fork, but with proper cooking, even these foods are safe to eat. Bon appetit!虽然从上世纪七八十年代以来,食用未煮熟和未煮过的猪肉的危险就有所下降,但是你仍然不应食用生的或半熟的猪肉。猪的饲养方式与过去相比大不相同,但仍存在较大的风险,因为你可能感染两种令人讨厌的寄生虫:旋毛虫或猪肉绦虫。 以前你可能听说过旋毛虫,它是一种寄生虫,在你吃了受感染的肉之后它会停留在小肠里,而猪并不是它唯一的寄主。未经加工的熊、美洲狮、狼、狐狸和海象的肉都有可能携带旋毛虫。所以下一次你准备做海象肉排的时候,要把它煮熟煮透。 旋毛虫病最初的症状是胃部不适,如:恶心,呕吐。感染一个星期之后,寄生虫开始繁殖,然后它们的后代会进入你的血液。当这种情况发生时,你的症状表现为肌肉疼痛,眼睛呈粉红色。严重可能会致死,不过这非常罕见。由于猪肉工业已经取得了系统的安全变化,且在深入人心的正确烹调理念的指导下,旋毛虫病的发病率已经明显下降。现在疾病预防控制中心每年接收到的旋毛虫病报告大约只有20 例。 猪肉绦虫病实际上比旋毛虫病更加严重。被感染者可能没有任何症状,也可能会发作癫痫。实际上,猪肉绦虫是全球癫痫发作的主要原因之一。 好消息是如今烹调猪肉并不是一件难事。你所需要的只是耐心和一个肉类温度计,烹调碎猪肉时,只要猪肉内部不再呈现粉红色且肉内温度达到160华氏度(71摄氏度),猪肉就算煮熟,而切成大块的猪肉即使还有轻微的粉红色并且烹调温度只达到145华氏度(63摄氏度),也算是煮熟了。 但现如今还有一个地方的人半定期地吃生猪肉。在德国的部分地区,有一道食品叫做Mett,其实就是切碎的生猪肉。德国在1999年报告了52例由于吃生猪肉而导致的旋毛虫病。因此,当你在菜单上看到这种食物时最好还是三思而后行。一般来说,厨师会将生的碎猪肉做成刺猬的形状,并用生的洋葱片做成“刺”。 这张清单可能会让你觉得,仿佛每一次拿起刀叉时,你的生命就掌握在自己的手中,但是只要通过正确的烹调,上述这些食物也能安全食用。祝你有个好胃口!审稿:橘子 橘子 校对:王玲 前十网 /201606/451587 As the new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson is not only in charge of relations with other countries around the world but his department#39;s cat Palmerston.当上英国新外长的鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊不仅肩负与世界其他国家搞好关系的重任,还要负责自己部门的捕鼠官帕默斯顿。But while Mr Johnson has for the time being decided not to run for Number 10 Downing Street, his mouser decided to make a dash for power before being shown the door by security.然而,鲍里斯本人虽然暂时决定放弃竞选首相,他的捕鼠官倒是想向权力宝座发起冲击。当然随后就被警卫请出门外了。Palmerston was adopted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office earlier this year from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home to keep the mice at bay around the Whitehall building.来自巴特西猫之家的帕默斯顿在今年早些时候被外交与联邦事务部收养,以控制白厅大楼里的鼠患。And while out wandering this afternoon, Palmerston took the opportunity to try and sneak past the famous door of Number 10 and into the new home of Prime Minister Theresa May.今天下午在外闲晃时,他瞅准机会,试图溜进唐宁街10号那扇著名的大门,进入首相特雷莎#8226;梅的新家。But the black and white cat was spotted by a security guard who quickly grabbed him and unceremoniously dumped him outside on the pavement.但警卫发现了这只黑白猫,于是迅速把他逮住且毫不客气地丢在了外头的人行道上。Palmerston then came face to face with arch enemy Larry, the Downing Street cat, and the pair had a small stand-off before he wandered back home.然后,帕默斯顿就与号称唐宁街首席捕鼠官的死敌拉里狭路相逢了。在他晃悠回家之前,两只喵还小小对峙了一会儿。However, the encounter is not the first time Palmerston and Larry have squared up in the corridors of power.但这次相遇并不是帕默斯顿和拉里首次在权力的走廊上摆开架势。Last month, the pair were caught brawling and screeching at each other in Downing Street in a vicious fight.上个月,有人发现这对死敌在唐宁街上恶斗,冲对方又吵又叫。The brawl saw Larry sustain an injured paw but after licking his wounds he was soon back on the prowl in Downing Street.拉里在这场斗争中伤了一只爪,但疗伤之后又很快重新游荡在唐宁街。Larry arrived at Number 10 in 2011, also from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, and former Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the cat#39;s arrival at the time, and said he would make a #39;great addition#39; to the Number 10 team.拉里在2011年来到首相府,也是收养自巴特西猫之家。那时,前首相卡梅伦欢迎了他的进驻,说他会成为首相团队的“一员大将”。Theresa May has confirmed that Larry will be staying in Downing Street now she is Prime Minister.如今,新首相特雷莎已经实拉里会继续留在唐宁街。Meanwhile Palmerston was adopted by the Foreign Office in April after they too needed to a cat to keep mice and rats at bay.同时,外交部在四月收养了帕默斯顿,他们也需要一只喵来对付鼠患。He was named after the former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister Lord Palmerston.他的名字取自担任过外交大臣和首相的19世纪著名政治家帕默斯顿爵士。 /201607/456970江苏省南京韩辰整形医院治疗痘坑多少钱常州治疗祛斑价格



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