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Day 33 第33天Requiem Requiem 安魂曲Robert Louis Stevenson 罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森Under the wide and starry sky, Dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die, 在宽广高朗的星空下, 挖一个墓坑让我躺下 我生也欢乐死也欢洽,And I laid me down with a will. This be the verse you grave me 躺下的时候有个遗愿几行诗句请替我刻上:Here he lies where he longed to be; Home is the sailor, home from the sea, 他躺在他想望的地方——出海的水手已返故乡,And the hunter home from the hill. 上山的猎人已回家园 8。

  • I really blew it last night. I finally asked my neighbor, Fatima, out on a date and she walked out on me in the middle of it.昨晚我真的是搞砸了,我终于能邀请到我的邻居Fatima和我一起约会,但是中途她就离开了我I didnrsquo;t blame her. I wanted to make a good impression on her, but I felt I was floundering a half an hour into the date. I decided to liven things up a bit with a few drinks. I got carried away and got stinking drunk. What an idiot! I had to call her to apologize.我不怪她我想给她留下个好印象,但是约会开始半个小时了,我还是笨手笨脚的我想喝点酒助兴下我有点激动,喝得烂醉如泥我真是个白痴,我必须给她打电话道歉Fatima: Hello.你好Rob: Uh, hi, Fatima. This is Rob calling.Fatima你好,我是RobFatima: Oh.哦Rob: Please donrsquo;t hang up. I need to apologize my atrocious behavior last night. I was a real jerk and Irsquo;m really, really sorry.请不要挂电话,我得为我昨晚的龌龊行为道歉,我真是个混球,我真的、真的很抱歉Fatima: I appreciate the apology. Thanks, but I have to go now.我理解但是,我现在必须得出去Rob: Hold on one second, please! I want to explain. I thought I was boring you at the beginning of the date and thatrsquo;s why I started in on the drinks. Irsquo;m not normally a lush, really! I was nervous and worried that things werenrsquo;t going well, and I thought a couple of drinks would loosen me up.稍等下我想解释下我原以为在约会开始时我让你过得很没意思,那就是我喝酒的原因平常我并不是一个酒鬼,真的!我很紧张,而且很担心约会进展得不顺利,我本以为喝点酒能让我放松下来Fatima: Okay, I understand that, but that doesnrsquo;t excuse the groping.[qh]好吧,我理解你喝酒的原因,但是那不是;触摸;的借口Rob: Groping? What groping?触摸?什么样的触摸?Fatima: You donrsquo;t remember? You insisted on a goodnight kiss.你不记得了?你坚持要我给你个告别的亲吻Rob: I did? Itrsquo;s all a blur. I donrsquo;t remember anything after you called me a creep.我真那么做了?我记不清了我不记得;你叫我卑鄙小人;后的任何事情Fatima: You tried to kiss me and I walked out. Can you blame me?你试图要吻我,我走了出去你怪我吗?Rob: No, I canrsquo;t. I deserved much worse. After that, I can also understand why yoursquo;d never want to speak to me again. Is there any way I can make it up to you?不,我不会的我理应得到更糟糕的报应那次约会后,我明白了你为什么从不想和我说话还有我能补偿你的方式吗?Fatima: I really donrsquo;t know...我真的不知道;;Rob: I promise not to have a drop of alcohol.我发誓再也不沾酒了Fatima: Irsquo;ll have to think about it.我必须得想想Rob: And Irsquo;ll have both of my hands tied behind my back the entire time.我会将手一直绑在背后Fatima: Maybe. Let me sleep on it.也许吧把问题留在第二天解决At least it wasnrsquo;t a ;no.; Therersquo;s a glimmer of hope a second chance!至少不是;没有;,还有一点希望再给你次机会。
  • Dan:Hello.丹:哈罗Marcia:Hi, Dan. What the status on the project? Were still on schedule, right?玛西亚:嗨,丹目前项目有何进展?还在照预定时间进行吗?Dan:Uh, well, Ive been meaning to call you about that. Weve had a slight delay.丹:额,但是,我一直想打电话反映我们稍微延迟了一点Marcia:What do you mean by “slight”? Are you saying that you wont be able to meet the deadline?玛西亚:你说“稍微”是什么意思?你是指到截止日期时完成不了任务?Dan:Not exactly. Im only asking that you grant us a short extension.丹:不完全这样我只请求你将期限延长一点Marcia:How short?玛西亚:延长多久?Dan:A week or two, tops. We hit a minor snag, but we should have everything up and running in no time.丹:一个星期,最多两个星期我们遇到一个小问题,但我们会立即让项目重新运行起来Marcia:If the project has come to a grinding halt, then it doesnt sound like a minor snag. Were running on a tight schedule and we dont have a lot of time to spare.玛西亚:如果项目突然半路停止,那就不是小问题了我们的时间安排本来就很紧密,实在没有多少空闲的时间Dan:I know that all too well.丹:这情况我也十分了解Marcia:Good, then I dont have to spell it out you.玛西亚:好吧,那么不用我告诉你怎么做了吧Dan:No, you dont. My head is on the chopping block and the clock is ticking.丹:不,不用时间紧迫,感觉马上要上断头台,而时钟还在滴答作响原文译文属! 196983。
  • In a car 5。
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