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2017年12月18日 03:40:15 | 作者:同城养生 | 来源:新华社
每日一句口语:Take time to enjoy the simple things in life. 慢慢享受生活中的简单。【知识点讲解】enjoy v.享受;喜欢例句:Now that I am free, I can enjoy music for a while.既然有空,我可以享受一下音乐。 /201610/469740roll in the alsles 乐不可【讲解】roll做动词,用在口语中,有笑不可抑之意,aisles是名词,意思是“通道,走进”,但在俚中,aisles体现不出原来的意思。roll in the aisles可直译为“使……捧腹大笑”。【对话】A:What#39;s up? Why are they rolling in the aistes?A:出什么事了?他们为什么捧腹大笑?B:I told them a joke just now.B:我刚才给他们讲了个笑话。A:Don#39;t you know we are having a class now? Aren#39;t you ashamed of your behavior?A:你不知道我们在上课吗?你不为你的行为感到羞耻吗? /201507/384316I love my computer.我喜欢电脑。Computers are so cool.电脑太酷了。I love to go online.我喜欢上网。The Internet is amazing.因特网很棒。You can travel all over the world.你可以游遍整个世界。I know. I went to China yesterday.我知道。我昨天去了中国。What did you do?你做了什么?I stood on the Great Wall and looked all around.我站在长城上四处望。What was it like?感觉怎么样?It was like the real thing.就像真的一样。It was like being there?就像真的在那里一样吗?Yes, I felt like I was actually there.是的,我觉得我真的在那里。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/400312

《绝望主妇》原句:I just wanted to say goodbye to Mary Alice’s house before somebody else moved in.单词词组讲解Say goodbye to somebody/sth 对什么说再见Move in: 搬进来发音讲解(连读和吞音)Wanted to连读Moved in 连读最后翻译:我只是想在有人搬进来之前和Mary Alice的房子说再见。喜欢我的节目,也可以关注我的微信公众号:小紫美语 /201706/514151

今日短语:pay attention to关心,注意例句:I never seem to be able to pay attention to our teacher.我似乎向来就没法去注意我们的老师。 /201705/501588

THE HAPPY FAMILYReally, the largest green leaf in this country is a dock-leaf; if one holds itbefore one, it is like a whole apron, and if one holds it over one's head inrainy weather, it is almost as good as an umbrella, for it is so immenselylarge. The burdock never grows alone, but where there grows one there alwaysgrow several: it is a great delight, and all this delightfulness is snails'food. The great white snails which persons of quality in former times madefricassees of, ate, and said, "Hem, hem! how delicious!" for they thought ittasted so delicate--lived on dock-leaves, and therefore burdock seeds weresown.Now, there was an old manor-house, where they no longer ate snails, they werequite extinct; but the burdocks were not extinct, they grew and grew all overthe walks and all the beds; they could not get the mastery over them--it was awhole forest of burdocks. Here and there stood an apple and a plum-tree, orelse one never would have thought that it was a garden; all was burdocks, andthere lived the two last venerable old snails.They themselves knew not how old they were, but they could remember very wellthat there had been many more; that they were of a family from foreign lands,and that for them and theirs the whole forest was planted. They had never beenoutside it, but they knew that there was still something more in the world,which was called the manor-house, and that there they were boiled, and thenthey became black, and were then placed on a silver dish; but what happenedfurther they knew not; or, in fact, what it was to be boiled, and to lie on asilver dish, they could not possibly imagine; but it was said to bedelightful, and particularly genteel. Neither the chafers, the toads, nor theearth-worms, whom they asked about it could give them any information--none ofthem had been boiled or laid on a silver dish.The old white snails were the first persons of distinction in the world, thatthey knew; the forest was planted for their sake, and the manor-house wasthere that they might be boiled and laid on a silver dish.Now they lived a very lonely and happy life; and as they had no childrenthemselves, they had adopted a little common snail, which they brought up astheir own; but the little one would not grow, for he was of a common family;but the old ones, especially Dame Mother Snail, thought they could observe howhe increased in size, and she begged father, if he could not see it, that hewould at least feel the little snail's shell; and then he felt it, and foundthe good dame was right.One day there was a heavy storm of rain."Hear how it beats like a drum on the dock-leaves!" said Father Snail."There are also rain-drops!" said Mother Snail. "And now the rain pours rightdown the stalk! You will see that it will be wet here! I am very happy tothink that we have our good house, and the little one has his also! There ismore done for us than for all other creatures, sure enough; but can you notsee that we are folks of quality in the world? We are provided with a housefrom our birth, and the burdock forest is planted for our sakes! I should liketo know how far it extends, and what there is outside!""There is nothing at all," said Father Snail. "No place can be better thanours, and I have nothing to wish for!""Yes," said the dame. "I would willingly go to the manorhouse, be boiled, andlaid on a silver dish; all our forefathers have been treated so; there issomething extraordinary in it, you may be sure!""The manor-house has most likely fallen to ruin!" said Father Snail. "Or theburdocks have grown up over it, so that they cannot come out. There need not,however, be any haste about that; but you are always in such a tremendoushurry, and the little one is beginning to be the same. Has he not beencreeping up that stalk these three days? It gives me a headache when I look upto him!""You must not scold him," said Mother Snail. "He creeps so carefully; he willafford us much pleasure--and we have nothing but him to live for! But haveyou not thought of it? Where shall we get a wife for him? Do you not thinkthat there are some of our species at a great distance in the interior of theburdock forest?""Black snails, I dare say, there are enough of," said the old one. "Blacksnails without a house--but they are so common, and so conceited. But we mightgive the ants a commission to look out for us; they run to and fro as if theyhad something to do, and they certainly know of a wife for our little snail!""I know one, sure enough--the most charming one!" said one of the ants. "But Iam afraid we shall hardly succeed, for she is a queen!""That is nothing!" said the old folks. "Has she a house?""She has a palace!" said the ant. "The finest ant's palace, with seven hundredpassages!""I thank you!" said Mother Snail. "Our son shall not go into an ant-hill; ifyou know nothing better than that, we shall give the commission to the whitegnats. They fly far and wide, in rain and sunshine; they know the whole foresthere, both within and without.""We have a wife for him," said the gnats. "At a hundred human paces from herethere sits a little snail in her house, on a gooseberry bush; she is quitelonely, and old enough to be married. It is only a hundred human paces!""Well, then, let her come to him!" said the old ones. "He has a whole forestof burdocks, she has only a bush!"And so they went and fetched little Miss Snail. It was a whole week before shearrived; but therein was just the very best of it, for one could thus see thatshe was of the same species.And then the marriage was celebrated. Six earth-worms shone as well as theycould. In other respects the whole went off very quietly, for the old folkscould not bear noise and merriment; but old Dame Snail made a brilliantspeech. Father Snail could not speak, he was too much affected; and so theygave them as a dowry and inheritance, the whole forest of burdocks, andsaid--what they had always said--that it was the best in the world; and ifthey lived honestly and decently, and increased and multiplied, they and theirchildren would once in the course of time come to the manor-house, be boiledblack, and laid on silver dishes. After this speech was made, the old onescrept into their shells, and never more came out. They slept; the young couplegoverned in the forest, and had a numerous progeny, but they were neverboiled, and never came on the silver dishes; so from this they concluded thatthe manor-house had fallen to ruins, and that all the men in the world wereextinct; and as no one contradicted them, so, of course it was so. And therain beat on the dock-leaves to make drum-music for their sake, and the sunshone in order to give the burdock forest a color for their sakes; and theywere very happy, and the whole family was happy; for they, indeed were so. Article/200710/18309

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