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2017年10月22日 03:15:54

Chinese applicants applying tourist visas to Thailand will continue to be exempt from visa fees, according to Minister Counsellor of the Royal Thai Embassy Wasin Dhamavasi.据泰国大使馆公使瓦辛#879;达玛瓦西表示,中国申请者在申请泰国旅游签时将继续免除签费用The Thai cabinet announced its policy to extend the tourist visa fee exemption a six-month period from March 1 to Aug 31, , passport holders from countries, including China.泰国内阁近日公布了一项政策,包括中国在内的个国家的护照持有者享受的免除旅游签费用措施将从今年3月1日延长6个月至8月31日Previously, Thailand announced a three-month exemption from the tourist visa fee from Dec 1, to Feb , , aiming to attract more eign tourists to Thailand, especially Chinese tourists.此前,泰国宣布了为期3个月的免旅游签费政策,期限为年月1日至年月日,旨在吸引更多外国游客赴泰,特别是中国游客According to official statistics from the Thai embassy, more than 600,000 Chinese residents submitted applications travel visas to Thailand through the Thai embassy and the consulates general in China from December to January .泰国大使馆的官方数据显示,年月至年1月期间,逾60万中国居民通过泰国驻华大使馆和各总领事馆提交了赴泰旅游签申请In the run up to Spring Festival, a daily average of ,000 Chinese citizens applied tourist visas at the Thai embassy in Beijing. After the festival, the number decreased to ,000 daily.在春节期间,平均每天会有000名中国公民在泰国驻北京大使馆申请旅游签节后,这一数字降到了每天000人In , Thailand welcomed almost 9m Chinese tourists, more than from any other country. This year, the country expects to attract more than m Chinese tourists.年,泰国接待了近900万中国游客,比其他任何国家的游客都多今年,该国希望吸引逾千万中国游客 5669南京解放军117医院祛痘价格Even penguins celebrate Christmas.就连企鹅也要庆祝圣诞节了!Animal carers in a Japanese park kitted out their birds in some adorable Santa outfits.在日本一家公园内,动物照护者给他们的企鹅穿上了可爱的圣诞老人装They waddled through the gardens in their red and green robes, complete with white frills.它们穿着红绿色的衣,配上白色的褶边摇摇摆摆地穿过公园One intrepid penguin, however, got a bit distracted by some rustling in a nearby bush and broke away from the group to inspect.然而,一只胆大的企鹅被周围灌木丛的沙沙声给扰乱了,它离开队伍四处张望The has attracted more than 0,000 likes on Facebook from amazed penguin fans.这一视频在脸书上获得到了吃惊的企鹅爱好者们万多个赞But others have questioned the cruel treatment of the birds.但是还有些人对这一“残忍”对待鸟类的行为发出了质疑One user wrote: This is not cute, poor things havent got a choice here, ditch the jackets and let them be natural cute penguins.一名用户写道:“这并不可爱,它们没有选择权,脱掉这身外套,让它们成为自然可爱的企鹅”Another viewer added: Disgusting...these are or should be wild birds not toys!另一位视频观看者补充道:“太恶心了它们是野生鸟类,不应该是玩具” 8江苏南京市韩辰医院修眉手术多少钱199镇江第一人民医院做双眼皮多少钱

南京面部提拉术多少钱常州市第一人民医院玻尿酸价格Parents who upload undesirable pictures of their kids to social media could be sued by their sons or daughters, according to France privacy laws.根据法国的因司法规定,凡是将自己孩子的私密照片上传到社交网络上的家长,将有可能被他们的儿子或女儿以此起诉Mothers and fathers face up to a year in prison and a fine of around ,000 if convicted of posting details of their children private lives without their permission, the Daily Mail reported.根据每日邮报报道,如果未经子女同意就将孩子们的生活隐私细节发布这一事件得到实,那么父亲和母亲将会面临大约5万欧元的罚款或者最高1年的监禁;In a few years, children could easily take their parents to court publishing photos of them when they were younger,; Internet law and ethics expert Eric Delcroix told Le Figaro newspaper.网络法律与伦理专家艾瑞克·德尔克里克告诉费加罗报:“由于父母在孩子很小的时候曾将照片公布于众,几年后,孩子们可以轻而易举地以此为由,将父母告上法庭”Aside from the risk of pedophiles getting hold of them, the potential embarassment is seen as a main reason them to later take their parents to court.除了增加照片落入娈童犯手中的风险,网晒孩子私照还可能使孩子尴尬,而这被认为是孩子成年后将父母告上法庭的一个主要原因;Children at certain stages do not wish to be photographed or still less those photos to be made public,; he said.艾瑞克表示:“在某些阶段,孩子不希望被拍摄,更别说让那些照片被公开了”In February, the French Gendarmerie, a branch of the French Armed ces, posted a message on Facebook that (translated): ;Please stop posting pictures of your kids on Facebook.;在月份的时候,作为法国军队的一个分,法国宪兵队在脸书上发布了这样一条消息:“请不要在脸书上发布你孩子的照片了!”Y: Arent the Rocky Mountains beautiful, Patrick? 多么壮观的洛基山脉!啊!Im so glad you agreed to go skiing with me.P: Uhhh..Yeah, the Rocky Mountains are beautiful, Yang Chen. But I guess when you asked me to go skiing with you, I didnt realize you meant to go ski jumping.Y: Of course, we are going ski jumping. 高台滑雪多刺激啊Say, Patrick, 你脸色发绿. Are you feeling okay?P: Actually, Yang Chen, I look green because Im afraid of heights. And right now Im feeling a little sick.Y: 你有恐高症啊!Well, think about it this way, once you slide down the take-off ramp and make your jump─you will be at the bottom.P: I have to ski down there?Y: Yup. There only one way to learn, Patrick. Here let me give you a little push.P: No, Yang Chen, wait. Dont push me.Y: 跳啊,多么篮的天,快点儿跳跳下去你就会融入蓝天P: I have no idea what you are talking about, it sounds like some kind of cheesy Japanese movie.Y. All Im saying is ;Jump;!P: .Nooooooooooooooo agrave; agrave;.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. (Thudding sound)Y: (Calling down the ramp). Are you OK, Patrick?P: (Weakly, calling back) Yeah, Im okay. Im glad Im still alive.Y: Good, it my turn next. 该我跳了You better get out of my way.P: (Calling up) Okay, Im out of the way. It all clear. You can jump now, Yang Chen.Y: Okay! Here I go! Yeeeeee-haaaawwwww! (Sound of sliding down a ramp, landing).P: Wow, Yang Chen. That was a great jump! And a perfect landing, too.Y: I love ski jumping!Here I go again. Yeeeeee-haaaawwwww! 30栖霞区妇幼保健人民中心医院激光去掉雀斑价格The Shanghai Tower may be the world second tallest building. But when it comes to speed, it second to none.上海中心大厦是目前世界上第二高的建筑物,但是说到电梯速度,上海中心大厦就无人能及了The , feet-tall skyscraper has installed a ground-breaking Mitsubishi elevator that travels at an incredible .5 meters per second -- faster than Usain Bolt can run, but slightly slower than a cheetah.这栋英尺高的天大楼里安装了一部颇具开创性的三菱电梯,这部电梯的速度能达到令人咋舌的.5米秒,超过了尤塞恩·尔特,略低于猎豹的速度Visitors are whisked up to the building viewing tower by the lightning fast elevator, from where they have unrivaled views of the Bund.这部快如闪电的电梯能带着游客从楼底疾速攀升,到达楼顶的观景塔,在这里,上海外滩的美景可以一览无余The Shanghai Tower is not alone in its need speed. In the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, home to 8.5 million, Hitachi this summer unveiled its fastest elevator in Guangzhou tallest tower, the CTF, which stands at 1,739 feet tall.不仅仅只有上海中心大厦对速度有所要求今年夏天,在广州这座人口达85万的中国南方城市,日立公司在广州最高楼--39英尺高的广州CTF塔楼推出了该公司最快的电梯Its lift zooms from floors zero to 95 in an incredible 5 seconds -- or meters per second (65 fts).该电梯从地面快速升到95楼只需要短短5秒---也就是说,它的速度是米秒(65英尺秒)The CTF Tower isnt just the tallest skyscraper in Guangzhou -- it the tallest terracotta building in the world.广州CTF塔楼并不仅仅是广州第一高楼--它还是世上第一高的陶土建筑;We wanted it to be fast, but the current speed was not anticipated,; says David Ho, head of design at New World Development, who was involved in the development of the CTF Tower. ;But the fastest title will be gone soon.;新世界发展有限公司的设计总监、参与广州CTF塔楼建设工作的福思·巴格莱表示:“我们想要很快的电梯,虽然目前的速度尚未达到我们的预期,但是,相信不久之后,最快的称号必将易主”泰州改脸型的费用

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