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做为一名记者,珍妮amp;#8226;迪amp;#8226;乔瓦尼曾去过世界上最艰苦的地方,从那里带回了波斯尼亚,塞拉利昂和叙利亚的报导。她的故事充满着人类的巨大纠纷,并探讨一个令人难以置信,震惊的转变:一个熟悉的城市街道变成了被炸毁的战场的过程。 Article/201308/250479Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng has held talks with the Malaysian Prime Minister#39;s Special Envoy to China, Ong Ka Ting in Beijing.中国外交副部长谢航生已经在北京与马来西亚总理特使—Ong Ka Ting 进行了会谈。Xie urged Malaysia to continue all search efforts and step up coordination with China. He expressed hope that Malaysia would listen to and respond to Chinese families#39; questions and appeals, and keep them updated on any progress. Ong Ka Ting apologized to Chinese families and promised that Malaysia would make every effort to find the plane and to comfort families.谢部长敦促马方继续进行全面搜索工作并与中方建立协同机制。他表示,希望马方就中国家属的问题和诉求进行认真听取并做出回应并确保他们及时获得最新消息。Ong Ka Ting 向中国家庭致歉并表示马方会尽全力搜寻失联飞机并抚慰家属。 Article/201403/279789And that#39;s why he said,I#39;m gonna call my new method the intercepting way or the interceptingfist.;这也就是为什么他说,我要把我的新方法叫做截道或者是截拳Come on. Touch me. Any way you can.To reach me, you must move to me.Your attack offers me an opportunity to intercept you.来,碰我一下,随便怎么碰。要够到我,你一定先要靠近我。你的出击让我有机会截住你And they said,;What do you call that?;He says,;We call that jeet kune do.;然后他们问这是什么拳法,他说这叫做截拳道。In Cantonese, jeet kune do.Then it was Dan who says, ;Acronym would be JKD.;And Bruce Lee said,;I like that.;这是广东话,截拳道。然后丹说可以缩写成截拳道。然后布鲁斯说,这个我喜欢。- The way of the intercepting fist. - Intercepting fist?It sounds Chinese but it#39;s very much an American martial art.截断出拳的方法 -截断出拳。听起来有点中国化,但这算是美式武术。Was how can I most efficiently directly end a moment of combat?旨在研究如何最有效最直接地终止战斗的某一瞬间The philosophy Bruce Lee had was:the simpler the better,the most effective, the direct line.李小龙的哲学就是越简单越好,直线出击最有效。The other stuff was Hollywood.It can be taught.Do you understand?But it cannot really be standardised.And that#39;s not to say that it can#39;t be passed on.But it was very personal to him.其他说法都是好莱坞编的,截拳道是可以教授的,你明白吗?但它没有标准化的方法并不意味着它不能传授。但这对他个人有着特殊意义。All the wanna bes, all the imposters who put up jeet kune do signs on their and they have no idea what jeet kune do is.school building,They think it#39;s a style.在学校门口挂着截拳道名号想学没学成的招摇撞骗的那些人,完全不知道截拳道是什么含义。他们以为是一个流派。I don#39;t know if he#39;d be do jo-busting in his days,but that would upset Bruce.我不知道他那个时候有没有打假,但这种事确实然布鲁斯很头疼。 Article/201311/265941He just got the deal done and that was an incredible achievement.他们就这么成交了 这是一项惊人的成就That in pure business terms is deal-making,用纯商业术语来说 这是真正的交易which is a recognisable feature of your great tycoon.这也是这位商业大亨公认的长项In its first week, the iTunes store sold more than 1 million tracks.第一周内 iTunes商店就售出了超过一百万首歌曲It was so successful by the end of the first year,一年之后 iTunes商店就获得了巨大成功the leverage had shifted from the owner of the content to Apple.以至于苹果的利润比版权所有人还高Some artists believe Apple now wields too much power through iTunes,一些艺术家认为 苹果通过iTunes得到了太大的权力putting profits before musicians.将利益摆在了音乐人前头..whose works it bleeds like a digital vampire for its enormous commission,苹果就像一个数码吸血鬼 向这些作品榨取巨额回扣that it decides, you know, we#39;ll take 30%.从中抽取高达三成的利润It#39;s a bit of a pity that everyone#39;s online these days.有点遗憾 现在人人都上网But you can#39;t blame them. It#39;s just the modern world, innit?不过也没办法啊 现代社会就是这样 不是吗?But what a business it is.不管怎么说 这算盘打得真好IPods give Apple power over the music industry through the connection to iTunes,iPod与iTunes的连接让苹果在音乐产业也有了一席之地and, in turn, the appeal of iTunes boosts sales of iPods.而iTunes的吸引力也促进了iPod的销售If I can fulfil all your needs, then I#39;ll get all your money,如果我能满足你所有的需求 那我就能赚走你所有的钱and that#39;s Steve#39;s approach.史蒂夫的理念就是这样的He wanted to give people the devices they would use to consume and audio,他想给人们提供能播放音频和视频的设备then he wanted to give them and audio to consume.随后他又想自己来提供这些音频和视频He#39;s created the future of entertainment.他已然创造了界的未来Jobs was usually very guarded about his private life,史蒂夫通常不会向外界透露他的私人生活but in 2005 he chose a very public stage, a speech to graduating students,但在2005年 他在一场对毕业生的演讲中to reveal he had been battling serious illness.向公众透露自己曾身患重病 /201308/253673What this new Lydian method of minting did, was to move the responsibility for checking the purity and weight of the coins from the businessman to the ruler-a switch that made the city of Sardis an easy, swift, and extremely attractive place to do business in.吕底亚新的铸造模式让检查纯度与重量的工作从商人手中转到管理者手中,使得萨迪斯的商业运作更加快捷灵活,也更具贸易吸引力。No wonder that Croesus and his kingdom became enormously wealthy.随之而来的便是巨大的财富。It was thanks to that wealth that Croesus was able to build one of the Seven Wonders of the World-the great Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.借由这笔财富,克罗伊斯在以弗所修建了宏伟的阿尔忒弥斯神庙。重修后的神庙成为古代世界七大奇迹之一。Because people could trust Croesus#39;s coins, they used them far beyond the boundaries of Lydia itself, giving him a new kind of influence-financial power.由于人们信任克罗伊斯的货币,它的使用范围超出了吕底亚的国界,给国王带来了一种全新的政治影响力一经济实力。Trust is of course a key component of any coinage-you#39;ve got to be able to rely on the stated value of the coin, and on the guarantee that it implies.信任当然是一切货币 流通的关键。你必须接受货币上标注的价值,也要接受它的信誉度。It was Croesus who gave the world its first reliable currency-the gold standard starts here.克罗伊斯创造了世界上第一种值得信任的货币。金本位也始于此。But did Croesus#39;s money bring him happiness?但财富是否给克罗伊斯带来了快乐?We#39;re told that he was warned by a wise Athenian statesman that no man, however rich and powerful, could be considered happy until he knew his end. Everything would depend on whether he died happy.据我们了解,这位睿智的雅典政治家曾告诫他,不论拥有多少财富或权力,一个人只有在临终时才能明了自己一生快乐与否。能否幸福地去世才是一生的关键。Lydia was powerful and prosperous, but it was threatened from the east by the rapidly expanding power of the Persians.吕底亚国力强大,经济发达,但东边迅速扩张的波斯对他们仍是一种威胁。Croesus responded to this threat by seeking advice from the famed Oracle at Delphi.为此克罗伊斯前往德尔斐著名的阿波罗神庙寻求神谕。 Article/201409/326414

Summer camp is a great American tradition. Packing appropriately for the adventure will help ensure it is an experience your camper will remember fondly.夏令营是美国的一项传统。恰当地打包可以确保这次旅行成为难忘而愉快的回忆。You Will Need你需要Camp packing list打包明细Preferred luggage需要的行李Permanent marker永久性标识Favorite items from home最喜欢的物品Stamped stationery文具Emergency phone numbers紧急电话号码Disposable camera一次性照相机Duffel bag (optional)防水行李袋Steps步骤Step 1 Get camper involved1.让所有露营者参与Get your camper involved in packing for summer camp so they are aware of what items they will have with them.让所有露营者参与为夏令营打包,这样他们就会了解要携带什么物品。Step 2 Use the camp list2.使用营地清单Use the packing list provided by the camp as your guide. It will likely include comfortable clothing, wet-weather gear, toiletries, needed medication, bedding, socks, underwear, and any gear needed for camping or special trips.使用营地提供的打包清单。其中可能包括舒适的衣物,雨衣,化妆品,需要的药物,寝具,袜子,内衣,以及露营或特殊旅行所需的其他物品。Pack items in a large duffel bag rather than a hard-shell suitcase for easy handling under diverse conditions campers may encounter during transit.用大的行李袋来打包物品,而不是用硬壳的手提箱,以便露营者在旅途中遭遇的任何情况下都方便携带。Step 3 Label items3.贴标签Label all items according to camp rules. If labeling guidance is not provided, use a permanent marking pen to label clothing and other belongings.根据营地规定对所有物品贴上标签。如果没有标签,可以使用永久性的记号笔为衣和其他物品做标识。Avoid packing expensive clothing, shoes, or electronics, which could be lost, stolen, or damaged.不要打包昂贵的衣物,鞋子或电子设备,否则可能会造成丢失,被盗或损坏。Step 4 Pack the extras4.打包其他物品Pack the extras for summer camp to keep campers connected to home, including favorite stuffed toys, family photos, emergency phone numbers, and stamped stationery.打包其他物品,让你有一种家的感觉,例如最喜欢的填充玩具,全家福,紧急电话号码和文具。Step 5 Double check5.再次检查Double-check that you have packed everything on the required list. Add a disposable camera so your camper can share their great camping trip moments when they return home.再次检查一下是否打包了清单上的所有物品。再打包一个一次性照相机,这样露营者们回到家之后就可以分享这次难忘的旅程。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/234097

Let#39;s bring in our current affairs commentator Einar Tangen to size up China#39;s trade picture for 2014.时事员艾那·唐根来评估2014年中国的贸易情况。China has become the world#39;s largest trade in goods nation. But the commerce minister still stresses that China is not a ;strong; trading nation. Comment on this and what it means for China#39;s trade structure.中国已经成为世界上最大的贸易国。但是商业部长依然强调道,中国还不是一个强大的贸易国家。请就此进行点评,这对中国的贸易结构意味着什么?Talk about the potential trade picture this year. Need to pick up some slack to achieve trade targets?请就今年中国的贸易情况进行分析。是否需要采取一些宽松政策来达到贸易目标吗?Downside risks to Chinese trade in 2014?2014年中国贸易是否存在下行风险? Article/201403/279409

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