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江苏南京玻尿酸唇珠南京市仪征医院激光去烫伤的疤价格江苏省大学医院激光除皱手术价格 A shiny new telescope is crowding out NASAs other science missions一个引人瞩目的望远镜把其他科研项目挤出NASA的预算THE Hubble space telescope, an orbiting observatory launched in 1990 by NASA, Americas space agency,哈勃望远镜是于1990年由美国航空航天局发射的一个轨道运行天文台。has been one of that agencys most successful missions since the Apollo moon shots in the 1960s and 1970s.它已成为美国航空局自20世纪6、70年代阿波罗号发射后最重大的成就之一。It has produced a string of scientific achievements:它也产生了一系列科学成果:confirming that most galaxies have a black hole in the middle;实了大多数星系中间都有一个黑洞;providing a front-row seat for the collision, in 1994, of a comet with the planet Jupiter;为1994年彗星和木星碰撞的观测提供最清晰的视角;and helping to uncover the strange fact that the expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating.有助于发现宇宙趋于加速膨胀的奇特现象。But beyond the science, it has also been a public-relations hit.在科学领域之外,它也同样是一个公众讨论的热点。Its beautiful images have introduced a generation to the wonders of astronomy. rather than visible light,哈勃望远镜所提供的美妙图片已经将一代又一代人引入天文学奇观中去。So in 2002, when the agency considered plans for a successor that would study the universe in infra-red,所以在2002年,代理机构考虑一个将用红外线代替可见光研究宇宙的继任者的计划。would be y to fly in 2010 and would cost just 2.5 billion, saying yes was easy.这个继任者计划在2010年起飞,而且只花25亿美元,因此当时很容易就通过了。Nine years later, NASA is regretting that decision.但是9年以后,NASA真的很后悔当初的决定。The James Webb space telescope, as the new machine is called,这台名为JWST的新机器仍然还在工作间,is still in the workshop, and its launch date has been set back repeatedly.并且它的发射日期一再被推演,Its cost has gone up to 8.8 billion, a figure that, if history is any guide, could rise still further.按照以往的经验推测,这笔预算还会继续增加。Which would be embarrassing at the best of times, but with public-spending cuts looming and NASAs budget flat for the foreseeable future, it is causing real strains.在这最佳时期将会是尴尬的。但是随着公共花费削减正隐隐约约呈现并且对NASA未来的预期并不景气,它正造成真的担忧。In July, irritated by the JWSTs rising costs, the House of Representatives tried to cut 1.9 billion from NASAs budget for next year, in an attempt to have the project cancelled.7月,受到JWST不断上升的花费的影响,美国众议院试图从NASA下半年的预算中减少19亿美元,让这个项目取消。On November 1st, after lobbying from the telescopes defenders, the Senate passed a bill that restored the telescopes funding.在9月1日,在望远镜保护人的游说下,众议院通过了恢复望远镜基金的议案。But it is not just politicians that are restive.但是焦躁不安的不仅仅是政治家,Astronomers have long worried that the ballooning costs of the telescope would affect NASAs other science projects.天文学家也一直担心不断增加德望远镜开会影响美国航空航天局其他科研项目。Officially, the space agency will say only that other missions will be delayed,尽管航天局发布消息说其他项目将仅仅被推迟,but there are fears that some could be cut completely.但是仍然存在一些项目被完全终止的可怕结果。One potential sacrifice is WFIRST, an infra-red space telescope intended for launch in 2020.其中最有可能被牺牲的项目是计划在2020年推出的红外线太红望远镜。This is designed to probe the nature of dark energy,该望远镜为了探究宇宙暗能量的本质而设计,which is thought to be responsible for the quickening expansion of the universe that Hubble helped bring to the worlds attention.而暗能量被认为是加快宇宙膨胀的主要原因。A string of other, smaller projects could suffer as well.哈勃望远镜在探究暗能量中的作用引起了世界的关注。接下来一系列的其他小项目也将遇到相同的困境。The telescopes advocates say junking it now would be a false economy.望远镜的拥护者认为现在放弃它也是假省钱。Most of the hardware has aly been built, so canceling it, they argue, would mean throwing all that away.大多数的硬件已经开发完成,因此,他们认为取消他它将意味着前功尽弃。And they play on fears that America is in danger of losing its pre-eminence in high-budget big science,随着今年早些时候,世界上第二给力的粒子加速器,伊利诺斯州的一万亿电子伏加速器的关闭,following the closure earlier this year of the Illinois-based Tevatron, the second-most-powerful particle accelerator in the world.他们担忧美国正面临着失去它在以高预算为撑的尖端科技领域领先地位的威胁。The JWST, if it does eventually fly, would surely do some spectacular science.如果JWST最后可以升空的话,将要成为科学界的壮举。The size of its mirror—25 square metres, as against Hubbles 4.5,它的反射镜有25平米—远远超过了哈勃4.5平米的面积,and the location of its orbit far from the reflected light of Earth will allow it to study some of the earliest events in the universe,而且它的运行轨道离地球的反射光更远,可以让人们看清早期宇宙发生的事情,including the formation of the first galaxies.包括第一个星系的形成。It will also help with the search for extrasolar planets.它也能对寻找太阳系外的行星提供帮助。Hubble, of course, was also late—and around 2 billion over budget.当然,哈勃望远镜也是出现较晚的,并且超出预算达20亿美元。It was lampooned after its launch when a wonky mirror meant that its images were blurred almost to the point of uselessness, and a mission by the Space Shuttle to fix the problem cost hundreds of millions of dollars.在它发射之后因为一个镜片晃动造成像模糊而被讽刺是毫无用处的,并且一个用航天飞机来完成这样一个修理任务要花费上亿美元,Given its subsequent record, few now begrudge the cost.但是据它随后传回的数据来看,很少有人会吝啬这笔钱。With all that in mind, NASA will press on with the JWST, at least for now.鉴于这一切,就目前而言,美国航空航天局会对JWST的研发施压。All that remains for Americas astronomers to do is pray that their favourite mission is not one of those delayed,对于美国航天员来说,他们所能做的就是祈祷他们热衷的任务没有被拖延,or even cancelled, to keep the new telescope on track.点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕或者取消将来让望远镜走上正轨。 /201306/244749江苏南京注射除皱好不好

南京市六合区做双眼皮修复手术费用What are you doing outside, Don? Its about to rain.你在干嘛呢?马上下雨啦!Im setting out bottles.我在放瓶子。I can see that. But why?我看得出来!有什么用呢?For my new business venture. Bottled rainwater!做新的投资啊。瓶装雨水!As in living plastic bottles out in the rain and then selling themas health drinks?就像这样子把生活塑料瓶放在雨中装雨水,然后再把它们当健康饮用水卖了?Exactly! What could be more pure and fresher than what straight from the heavens!一点不差!还有什么水比从天上直接降下来的水更纯净更新鲜呢!Maybe water from the a mountain stream!或许山泉水可以!You see any mount stream around here?那你在附近有看到山泉吗?Fine. But rainwater isnt exactly pure, Don.好吧,是没有。但是雨水绝不是那么纯净的。Its got a lot chemicals.雨水中有许多化学物质。Like what?比如说?Well, even without industrial pollution, atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolved into clouds makesrainwater at least slightly acidic.Oh!嗯…即使是没有工业污染,空气中的二氧化碳被云层吸收也会使雨水呈弱酸性。噢!But here in Indiana, a rain is almost ten times more acidic than natural rainwater.但是,我们印第安纳州雨水的酸性比天然雨水要高出整整十倍!Why?Well, a lot of power plants and other factories that burn coal to make energy in this Midwesternstate.这又是为什么啊?在这个中西部城市,有许多的发电厂和其他的工厂都是靠烧煤来产能的。Burning coal releases sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which make rain moreacidic.煤燃烧时会产生硫和氧化氮,挥发到大气中,使这里的雨水呈较强的酸性。That does sound good! What would happen if you drag a rainwater?这个听起来确实很有道理!那如果人喝了这些酸性的雨水又会怎么样呢?Nothing! The acid content isnt high enough to harm humans, and it doesnt affect the taste ofthe water, either.那倒没事。雨水的酸含量不高,不会对人体造成什么伤害,也不会影响水的味道。But acid rain can damage lakes, streams, and harm trees at high elevations.但是,酸雨会影响湖泊,溪流,以及高海拔地区的树木植被。Also,acid rain accelerates the decay of buildings, statues, and sculptures.同时,酸雨还会加快建筑物,雕像,雕塑等的腐蚀。 201406/307158南京激光点痣需要多少钱 常州三院祛除腋臭多少钱

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