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淮安妇幼保健人民中心医院韩式三点双眼皮价格南京市六合区哪里割双眼皮好If you got the bus to work this morning rather than walking, don#39;t feel guilty. A study suggests those who commute by bus or train are healthier than those who walk.如果你今早不是走路而是坐公交上班的,不用觉得内疚。一项调查显示,乘坐公交和火车通勤的人比走路上班的人更健康。It isn#39;t clear why but it may be that when the walk to the bus or train station is factored in, those who take public transport are actually getting more exercise.具体原因还不清楚,不过有可能是因为如果把走到公交或火车车站的路程也算在内,乘坐公共交通工具的人实际得到的锻炼更多。The counterintuitive finding comes from a study of 6,000 Japanese adults who underwent a battery of health tests and provided information on their commute.一项针对6000名日本成年人的研究得出了这一有违直觉的结论,这6000人参与了一系列健康测试并提供了有关自己通勤的各项信息。Those who took the bus or train were deemed to be the fittest – they were the slimmest, had the best blood pressure and were the least likely to have diabetes.那些乘坐公交或火车通勤的人被认为是最健康的——他们最苗条、血压状况最好并且最不容易得糖尿病。Importantly, those who took public transport were 40 per cent less likely to be diabetic overall and 26 per cent less likely to be diabetic than the walkers. Those who walked or cycled were next healthiest, while those who drove to work were in the worst shape, the American Heart Association#39;s Scientific Sessions meeting in Florida heard.重要的是,坐公共交通通勤的人得糖尿病的概率比总体数据要低40%,比走路上班的人低26%。走路或骑车的上班族是第二健康的,自己开车上班的人身体最差。这一研究发现在佛罗里达举办的美国心脏协会科学会议(American Heart Association#39;s Scientific Sessions)上发表。A spokesman for the association said: #39;While it#39;s aly established that a physically active lifestyle helps reduce the likelihood of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, it is unclear whether these risk factors for heart disease and stroke are affected by how you get to work.该协会的发言人说:“尽管人们已经认可积极锻炼的生活方式有助于降低患糖尿病、高血压和肥胖症的可能性,但目前还不清楚这些引起心脏病和中风的风险因素是否受到上班的方式的影响。”Study author Dr Hisako Tsuji, of the Moriguchi City Health Examination Centre in Osaka, said it was impossible to tell if taking public transport improves health or if bus and train passengers are simply healthier to begin with.研究报告的作者、大阪(Osaka)守口市健康检测中心(Moriguchi City Health Examination Centre)的辻久子(Hisako Tsuji)士说,本来想断定乘坐公共交通工具是否有利于健康或者公交和火车的乘客是否比其他人要健康是不可能的。However, Japanese city-dwellers tend to only walk or bike to work if the journey will take under 20 minutes or so.然而,日本城市居民在走路路程在20分钟以内的情况下,一般都会选择步行或者骑自行车上班。As a result, when travel to and from station is taking into account, bus and train passengers may be walking and cycling further than those who walk or bike their entire journey.因此,如果计入往返站点的路程,那些乘坐公交或火车的人走路或骑车的距离可能比全程都走路的人要长。Dr Tsuji said: #39;Active modes of commuting to work may be important physical activity in countries where lifestyles have become sedentary.辻久子士说:“在人们习惯久坐不动的生活方式的国家,活跃的通勤工作模式可能成为重要的身体活动。”#39;People should consider taking public transportation instead of a car, as a part of daily, regular exercise.“人们应考虑乘坐公共交通工具而不是自己驾车,作为日常规律锻炼的一种形式。”#39;It may be useful for healthcare providers to ask patients about how they commute.#39;“对医疗务提供者来说,询问病人他们的通勤方式也许能提供有用的信息。”Dr Jorge Plutzky, of the American Heart Association, cautioned against ing too much into the results. But he added that the study throws up the idea that #39;activity, even when modest and integrated into one#39;s lifestyle like how you get to work, and the walking before and after you#39;re getting there, could matter#39;.美国心脏协会的乔治·普卢茨基(Jorge Plutzky)士提醒人们不要对研究结果作太多解读。但他补充道,这项研究提出了新的理念,那就是“即使是不太剧烈、融入个人生活方式之中的运动,比如上班的方式以及上下班途中的步行,也会起作用。” /201511/409535芜湖去蝴蝶斑多少钱 Donald Trump blasts companies like Ford and Apple for manufacturing products outside the ed States. He even threatened to stop eating Oreo cookies after he learned some production was moving to Mexico.近日,唐纳德·特朗普向福特、苹果等公司“开炮”,指责其生产工厂设于美国境外。此前,他甚至宣称要抵制奥利奥饼干,因为卡夫公司(即奥利奥生产商)将部分工厂迁往墨西哥。But Trump does the same thing. Many of his products are made outside the ed States. Most Donald J. Trump ties are made in China. Some Donald J. Trump suits are also made in China.不过,特朗普随即遭到“打脸”。原来,其公司旗下产品也大多在美国境外生产。特朗普名下的领带与西,多半产自中国。Donald J. Trump signature men#39;s dress shirts are made in China, Bangladesh or ;imported,; meaning they were made abroad.另外,其名下的礼衬衫也产自中国、孟加拉国等国。换句话说,全是“洋货”。And it#39;s not just Donald#39;s products. Harvard professor and trade expert Robert Lawrence analyzed over 800 items in the Ivanka Trump fashion line. There are shoes, dresses, purses and scarves. All are ;imported.;正所谓,有其父,必有其女。唐纳德之女伊万卡亦有同名时尚品牌。不过,哈佛大学教授、外贸专家罗伯特·劳伦斯称,取样分析的800余件伊万卡产品皆为“进口货”,鞋子、裙子、钱包、围巾,“无一幸免”。The top five countries that America imports clothing from are China (by far the leader), India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Mexico.目前,向美国出口装最多的五大国家分别是(名次由高至低):中国、印度、越南、巴基斯坦和墨西哥。;In a recent debate Marco Rubio mentioned ties. But the ties made in China are just the tip of the iceberg,; says Lawrence, who served on President Bill Clinton#39;s Council of Economic Advisers.劳伦斯在比尔·克林顿执政期间,曾任总统经济顾问。他表示:“马尔科·卢比奥在近期辩论中提到了领带问题。其实,领带只占中国对美国出口商品的冰山一角。”Lawrence found that none of Ivanka Trump#39;s clothing line appears to be made exclusively in the ed States and 354 items are listed as made in China.劳伦斯进而指出,伊万卡·特朗普名下的装产品都不是正宗的美国货,其中354件产自中国。Trump doesn#39;t dispute this.特朗普对此并未否认。;I talk about my ties in speeches. I#39;m open. I say my ties many times are made in China,; Trump told CNN#39;s Jake Tapper in July.去年七月,他在接受CNN主播杰克·塔珀采访时表示:“我演讲时好几次都提到过领带,也没什么好隐瞒的。没错,我的领带就是中国产的。”;It#39;s very hard to have apparel made in this country,; Trump said.“让美国成为制衣大国不太现实,”特朗普说。The issue is getting renewed scrutiny as Trump becomes the clear Republican front runner for president and has made trade a key 2016 campaign theme.不过,作为当下最热门的共和党总统参选人,这个问题近来又成为大家关注的焦点,毕竟,贸易问题是他竞选活动的重中之重。;I want to see the day in the not too distant future where Apple makes it phones in this country,; Trump said recently at a campaign stop in Portland, Maine.近期,特朗普在缅因州波特兰的一场竞选演讲中称:“我希望在不远的将来,人们能够用上美国产的苹果手机。”Trump says he will ;make the greatest trade deals we#39;ve ever made in our country.;他还表示,自己会“为美国争取有史以来最大的外贸利益。”He wants to put a tax on Chinese and Mexican goods like clothing coming into the ed States to level the playing field and bring back middle class jobs. He#39;s said the tax could be as high as 35 or 45%.他表示,会对从中国和墨西哥进口的装等商品增收关税,以促进贸易平衡,为中产阶级提供更多工作。此关税力度预计高达35%或45%。Economists warn this would ignite a trade war and could cause a recession. China and Mexico and possibly other nations would respond by putting taxes on U.S. goods and services. It would also make a lot of everyday items more expensive for Americans.然而,经济学家警告称,此举或会引发贸易大战,甚至导致经济衰退。中墨两国,乃至其他国家也会对美国商品加征关税作为回击。而美国民众则将面临日常用品大幅提价的窘境。Even just a 25% tariff would likely cause the two-piece Trump suit to jump in price from about 0 to 8.比如,若对原价150美元的特朗普西两件套征收25%的关税,意味着顾客要多付38美元。;The realist in me says: is he really going to do those things if he gets in office?; mulls Bob Doll, chief stock strategist at Nuveen Asset Management.努文资产管理公司首席股票策略师鲍勃·多尔坦言:“我心中理智的声音一直在问自己:特朗普若入主白宫,真的会照着性子办事吗?” /201603/430596江苏南京毛孔收缩手术

扬州去眼袋手术多少钱If you’re at all like me, you’ve eaten a lot of junk food late at night. One explanation for those late-night slices of pizza or burgers has to do with alcohol, which has a disinhibiting effect that makes us crave fat and salt. But an increasing body of research suggests that exhaustion, too, plays a role — that the “sleep munchies” are real, at least in cases when people didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  是不是有小伙伴和我一样,晚上很晚的时候还要吃很多垃圾食品呢。有一个解释就是那些我们晚上吃的披萨和汉堡都含有酒精,而酒精则可以使我们更加渴望脂肪和盐。但是越来越多的研究表明,疲惫也会使人养成睡前吃东西的习惯,尤其是那些前一晚没有充足睡眠的人。  A new study in the journal in which participants were put on normal sleep or sleep-restricted schedules while their calories were carefully monitored. Allison reports:The new study, based on blood samples, documents a novel finding: The daily rhythm of a particular endocannabinoid is altered by a lack of sleep.  《睡眠》期刊中记录了一项实验,参与者分别被分到正常睡眠组和限制性睡眠组,并且详细监测了他们体内的卡路里。阿里森说这一基于血液试样的研究明了一个新的发现:人体内的花生四烯酸甘油的含量会因缺乏睡眠而改变。  And these changes “could be driving intake for more palatable foods,” Erin Hanlon, a neuroscientistat the University of Chicago Medical Center, told us.  “而这些变化就是驱使人对美食向往的元凶。”芝加哥医疗中心大学的神经系统科学家艾瑞森·汉龙告诉我们。  “We found that sleep restriction boosts a signal that may increase the hedonic aspect of food intake,” says Hanlon. In other words, being sleep deprived may produce a stronger desire to eat.  汉龙说,缺乏睡眠会促使人们增加对美味食物的享受。换言之,睡眠不好会让人更加想吃东西。  We’re still a long way from understanding the connections between sleeplessness, stress, and, well, gluttony. But knowing that the “sleep munchies” are probably a real thing with an explainable physical cause can only help those of us trying to improve our droopy-eyed eating habits.  或许我们尚未研究清楚睡眠、压力以及暴饮暴食之间的关系。但了解睡前饥饿感的原因至少可以帮助我们改善睡眼惺忪还得吃东西的习惯。 /201603/433453和县人民医院隆鼻多少钱 A recent op-ed in The New York Times titled ;The Futility of Couples Therapy; has sparked a lot of conversation. Maybe that#39;s because we all know a couple who have tried therapy, or maybe we#39;ve even been that couple.纽约时报最近一个名为“徒劳的夫妻治疗”的专栏引发了广泛讨论。也许是因为我们都认识一对接受过治疗的夫妻,或者甚至我们自己就是这样的夫妻之一。We also know that while some unions are strengthened through some time on a therapist#39;s couch, others fail. The author of the op-ed, Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje, was in the former category: Her marriage survived. And yet, the very title of the article suggests that the years she and her husband spent in therapy don#39;t deserve credit for the fact that she and her husband are still together. 我们也知道尽管通过一段时间的治疗一些夫妻关系加强了,也有另一些失败了。专栏的作家Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje属于前者,她的婚姻被挽救了。但是她的文章却写道,她和她丈夫花在治疗上的时间并不值得赞扬,因为他们还依旧在一起。Fletcher Stoeltje isn#39;t the only one with mixed feelings. There have been numerous other articles debating the efficacy of couples therapy, including this one from 2012, and this one from 2005, which states that 25 percent of couples were worse off two years post-therapy than they were when they started, and that 38 percent of couples had divorced four years post-therapy.并不是只有Fletcher Stoeltje有着复杂的感情,有很多其他的文章争论着夫妻治疗的有效性。这篇2012年的写道25%的夫妻在治疗两年后情况变得更加糟糕,另一篇2005年的写道38%的夫妻在治疗四年后离婚。What exactly is going on?One thing we know: Marriage itself is declining.到底发生了什么呢?我们可以确定的是:婚姻关系本身就在减弱。It#39;s not yet known if marital therapy is becoming less common, but marriage itself certainly is. The rate of marriage has steadily decreased since the 1960s. Because of this, there has possibly been less therapy specifically for married couples and more of ;a broad range; of therapy for couples in longer-term relationships.我们并不知道婚姻治疗是不是越来越少,但婚姻本身确实如此。从20世纪60年代开始结婚率正在缓慢下降,因此或许针对已婚夫妇的治疗已经减少了,而针对伴侣长期关系的更加范围广泛的治疗却增加了。Whether or not the relationship can be saved, an individual going through a tough time needs support, and therapy can provide that.无论双方关系能否被挽救,一个人面对难熬的时期是需要持和帮助的,而治疗可以提供这种帮助。Therapy is not a guarantee that your relationship can be saved, but if you both have an equal interest in making progress, and you can afford it, then it#39;s certainly worth a try. At the very least, if you#39;re the interested party, going to see a therapist can potentially help you through whatever transition is happening in your relationship.治疗并不是保关系被挽救的良药,但如果双方都愿意进一步维系且可以承担这种治疗,那么的确值得尝试。至少如果你感兴趣,去看治疗师可以从潜意识里帮助你度过双方关系的转型期。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201511/410173泰州耳部整形多少钱

江苏南京五点定位双眼皮Do you jump out of bed every morning with a spring in your step? Or is it your partner who is first to it with a seize the day mentality that you just cannot stand? Well, research now suggests that when it comes to waking up on the wrong side of the bed, it is all about which side of the bed you have slept on.早晨你从床上一跃而起?还是你的伴侣奉行“珍惜大好时光”的理念而你却不能忍受呢?嗯,现在研究表明,是否醒来在床的错误一边,它取决于你睡觉时的那一边。A study by sleep experts at Sealy UK found that those who kip on the right hand side of the mattress are far more pessimistic than those who doze on the left.英国西利的睡眠专家研究发现,那些睡在床右边的人远比左边的悲观。They are also more likely to hate work, which adds to a seven per cent rise in grumpiness every morning. Sleeping on the left hand side of the bed has proven to be ten per cent more likely to give you a positive outlook on life, providing an eight per cent surge in how likely it is going to be that you will love your job.他们看起来更可能讨厌工作,这使得每天早上增加了7%的暴躁情绪。睡在床的左手边被明有10%的可能会给你一个积极的人生观,其中8%的增加使你可能会爱上你的工作。Neil Robinson, Sealy#39;s top snooze analyst, said: #39;While the margins are small, the research certainly highlights an interesting trend - could it be possible that the left side of bed is the ;right; side?Neil Robinson, 西利顶级睡眠分析师,说:“虽然睡两边的区别不大,研究当然强调了一个有趣的趋势,这可能因为床的左边是“正确”的一面?For many co-habiting couples this may prove problematic - with each side of the bed a fiercely guarded territory, changing from right to left may not be that easy. #39;In probing the sleeping patterns of 1,000 adults, the research found loners who prefer their own company prefer sleeping on the right while those with a large circle of friends plump for the left.“对于许多未婚同居夫妇,这可能明是有问题的- 在床每一边极力守护的地盘,从右到左改变可不是那么容易的。”在探索1000成人的睡眠模式中,研究发现,孤独的人喜欢自己的同伴睡在右边,而那些朋友圈较广的人喜欢睡在左边。It also found that some couples never have to cross that bridge - as one in three head to separate beds every night.它还发现,一些夫妇表示没有必要越过分界线,因为每晚床都会被一分为三。Nearly 50 per cent who do tend to usually share a duvet head for the spare room to escape their other half#39;s snoring and a quarter to get away from their restlessness.One in ten are pushed out by their child or pet.近50%的人会经常使用羽绒被来分割空余的空间,以隔离自己的另一半打鼾,四分之一的人是为了摆脱自身的焦躁不安。十分之一的人则是被他们的孩子或宠物占据。 /201511/412150 苏州大学附属第二医院绣眉多少钱皖东人民医院修眉手术多少钱



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