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南京大学医院做祛疤手术价格江苏省红十字儿童医院去痘价格Few consumers had even heard of Huawei in 2011, the year in which its board decided to focus on breaking into the smartphone market in a big way.2011年那会儿,还没有多少消费者听说过华为(Huawei),就在这一年,华为董事会决定集中精力,大举进军智能手机市场。The company’s portfolio of cheap, low-tech devices had led many to mark the group down as just another “me-too” Chinese white-label manufacturer. But six years on, Huawei has achieved its ambition. As well as now being one of the world’s leading suppliers of telecoms equipment, ranking alongside Sweden’s Ericsson, it has also become the third-biggest vendor of smartphones by market share, according to research company Gartner.华为推出了一系列低价、低技术含量的手机产品,让许多人以为该集团不过是又一家跟风的中国“白标”制造商。但6年过去,华为实现了自己的雄心壮志。根据研究公司Gartner的数据,华为现在不仅是全球领先的电信设备供应商,与瑞典爱立信(Ericsson)齐名,还成为按市场份额计全球第三大的智能手机供应商。The Chinese company has aspirations to be number one as it moves to make more expensive devices aimed at western markets. In 2011, it shipped 1m handsets. Last year, this figure rose to more than 139m.这家中国企业渴望成为第一,它已在针对西方市场制造价位更高的设备。2011年华为手机发货量为100万部,去年这一数字超过了1.39亿。“Smartphones are becoming some kind of commodity [at the middle and lower end] but technology is evolving,” says Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business since 2011.华为消费者业务首席执行官余承东(Richard Yu)表示:“智能手机正成为某类商品(就中低档来说),但技术还在发展。”他自2011年起开始担任这一职务。The P9, launched last year, was Huawei’s first premium handset to break the sales mark of 10m units. The smartphone, which includes an advanced camera developed in partnership with Leica, was launched with the price of £480 for the most basic model.去年推出的P9是华为首款突破1000万部销量的高端手机。这款智能手机配备了与徕卡(Leica)合作开发的高级摄像头,发售时基本款定价为480英镑。However, Mr Yu says that smartphone sales are not the limit of Huawei’s ambitions, as the company looks to move into artificial intelligence and the realm of everyday connected devices, known as the internet of things.但余承东表示,华为所追求的并不限于卖智能手机,该公司还希望进军人工智能和日常连接设备——即物联网——领域。While smartphones will stay a core part of the business, Huawei is investing more in services that the phones can deliver as a means to drive future sales.华为仍将把智能手机作为一块核心业务,但目前已在加大投资研发能够在手机上提供的务,以此作为推动未来销售增长的手段。The goal is to create new uses for smartphones, for instance by building applications around virtual and augmented reality — either with the addition of goggles that immerse the user in a virtual world, or by imposing virtual dressing on real-world views.其目标是开创智能手机的新用途,例如开发虚拟现实、增强现实应用——或是通过眼镜使用户沉浸在虚拟世界,或是将虚拟装覆盖在真实世界影像上。Mr Yu says Huawei is investing in VR, which he predicts will become integrated within smartphones.余承东说华为正在投资虚拟现实,他预测该技术将被整合到智能手机上。Even more important, he says, will be artificial intelligence linked to smartphones.他说,更重要的是将人工智能与智能手机联系起来。Huawei has plans to rival the big western technology groups such as Apple and Amazon in creating voice-controlled search and response assistants. Mr Yu says that Huawei is investing “huge money” in research and development in this field. Future virtual assistants will adapt themselves to a user’s preferences, their actions and reactions based on data received from smartphones that are packed full of sensors.华为已有开发语音控制搜索及应答助理的计划,希望与苹果(Apple)、亚马逊(Amazon)等西方科技巨头一较高下。余承东表示华为在该领域的研发上投入了“巨资”。未来的虚拟助理将能够调整自身去适应用户的偏好,它们的动作和反应基于装有传感器的智能手机所接收的数据。Customers will no longer touch a screen to access services, they will just talk to their device. “There will be a smart and natural interaction with human beings,” Mr Yu says. “Huawei is working more and more on AI and VR. The smartphone becomes my personal assistant.届时用户将不再需要以触屏方式来使用各项务,他们只需与自己的设备交谈。余承东说:“设备与人之间将进行聪明、自然的互动。华为越来越多地致力于人工智能和虚拟现实。智能手机已经成了我的个人助理。”“Behind the smartphone are big data and AI processing,” he adds. “The phone in the future is like a robot.”他说:“智能手机的背后是大数据和人工智能处理。未来的手机就像一个机器人。”One reason for this strategic shift is that its phone sales are being challenged by low-cost rivals in Shenzhen, where Huawei has its headquarters. Some analysts also warn that the smartphone market is becoming saturated.这一战略性转变的原因之一是,华为在手机销售方面日益受到深圳低成本竞争对手的挑战,深圳是华为总部所在地。一些分析师还警告说智能手机市场正日趋饱和。For now, however, Huawei is the top-selling smartphone maker in China, according to research company Counterpoint. Overseas shipments account for nearly 50 per cent of its total handset sales.不过根据研究公司Counterpoint的数据,目前华为是中国销量第一的智能手机制造商,海外发货量占其手机总销量的近一半。Mr Yu adds that there are still ways to boost sales by improving the design of smartphones, not least by upgrading their digital cameras further.余承东表示,还是有办法来扩大手机销售,比如通过改进智能手机的设计,尤其是进一步升级手机的数码摄像头。He says that work is also being done to improve battery life, a frequent demand of device users across many brands.他表示华为也在致力于延长电池寿命,这是许多品牌设备用户的常见要求。Huawei has experimented with wearables. Its Huawei Watch 2, which uses the Android operating system, has online connectivity and acts as a fitness monitor, was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.华为已试水可穿戴设备领域,华为Watch 2搭载安卓(Android)操作系统,可以连网,还能当做健身监测器,该设备于本周在巴塞罗马世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布。The company still faces some hurdles on its way to the top sales spot, however. Its name is still not as well known as those at the pricier end of the market. Mr Yu also says the company needs more time to build penetration in the US, where it is “behind” compared to other parts of the world.不过,在迈向全球销售榜首的道路上,华为依然面临一些障碍。它仍不如市场上那些高端品牌知名。余承东还表示华为需要更多时间扩大在美国的渗透,与全球其他地区的情况相比,华为在该市场“落在后面”。 /201703/495288泾县医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 Samsung has unveiled a radical 9.1-inch stretchable display.日前,三星推出了一款9.1英寸全新可伸缩的手机屏幕。A flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen which could stretch in both direction by as much as 12 millimetres might spell out a new era in phone screen technology, the report says.报道称,这款柔性OLED屏幕两侧均可拉伸最多12毫米,开创了手机屏幕技术的新纪元。Samsung says the stretchy screen will be useful for everything from wearables to in-car displays, and could also lead to a new generation of wearable devices that can be knocked or dropped and simply move back into place.据三星方面表示,这款可伸缩屏幕可以应用到包括可穿戴设备和车载屏幕等许多领域,使用此种屏幕制造的可穿戴设备能够抗震抗摔,甚至变形之后也能复原。#39;When the screen is pressed from above, the screen is dented like a rubber balloon, then returns to its original flat shape,#39; the firm said.该公司表示:“从上往下按的时候,这块屏幕会像橡皮气球一样向下凹陷,手指拿开之后又会恢复原状。”The Korean manufacturer revealed the panel at the Society for Information Display 2017 event in the LA Convention Centre, insiders say.据业内人表示,三星在近日于洛杉矶会展中心举行的2017SID大会上发布了该产品。#39;While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed - whether curved, bended or rolled - in both sides, above and below#39;, Samsung told Korea Herald.三星向《韩国先驱报》透露称:“目前的柔性OLED屏幕只能往一个方向变形,而这款可伸缩屏幕却可以在上下两个方向上变形--不管你是把它弯曲还是打卷。”Samsung is also exhibiting a 5.09-inch OLED with #39;glassless#39; stereoscopic 3D, and a new 1.96-inch 4K LCD whose ridiculously high 2,250 pixels per inch density could be ideal for virtual reality.此外,三星还将展示一款5.09英寸“无玻璃”立体3D OLED屏幕以及一款新型1.96英寸4K LCD屏幕,后者的像素密度达到了惊人的每英寸2250,是理想的VR显示器。 /201706/512208铜陵治黄褐斑多少钱

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常州市第三人民医院隆胸多少钱Chinese search giant Baidu has unveiled an AI digital assistant.中国搜索引擎巨头百度于日前发布了一款人工智能数字助理。Xiaoyu Zaijia - or Little Fish - responds to voice commands using a combination of pictures, text and speech. Unlike many rival AIs it is dependant on a touchscreen.和许多同行竞争对手依赖触屏不同,这款小鱼在家机器人能结合图像、文字和语言回应声音指令。It can answer questions, find local services, play music, make calls and control smart home devices.它具备回答问题、寻找本地务、播放音乐、视频通话和控制智能家居设备等功能。Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng said that artificial intelligence is ;the new electricity;.百度首席技术官吴恩达表示,人工智能是一项“新的电子革命”。;AI has been growing steadily;, he told the B at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. ;Those of us on the inside feel the acceleration now but we have been feeling it for the last decade.;在举办的2017国际消费类电子展上,吴恩达向B透露:“人工智能技术一直在稳步增长。我们这些人的内心现在就能感受到过去10年来的那种快速发展。”;Just as 100 years ago the electrification of our society transformed industry after industry, I think AI tech has now reached that stage.;“正如100年前社会电气化为各行各业带来了变革一样,我认为人工智能技术现在也到了这个阶段。”Existing digital assistants such as the Amazon#39;s Alexa and Google Assistant are not screen-dependant but can be used by voice alone. Apple#39;s Siri, however, continues to rely on a display to provide some of its information.当前市场上的一些数字助理,比如亚马逊的Alexa和谷歌助理并不带有摄像头,只能用声音对话。不过,苹果的Siri仍是依靠显示器提供一些信息。Little Fish will launch initially in China in March 2017 and currently only recognises Chinese languages. Baidu has not yet set a price.小鱼在家机器人预计最早将于今年3月在中国推出,目前只能识别中文。百度方面尚未确定其售价。 /201701/489595 Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has carried out the world#39;s first field test of fifth-generation cellular network (5G) technology using a 3.5 GHz band, which is expected to become the global 5G standard.中国电信巨头华为已经进行了全世界第一场5G蜂窝网络技术测试,使用的是有望成为全球5G标准的3.5GHz频段技术。Huawei also tested the connection between instrument and chip manufacturers, Thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,华为还进行了仪表和芯片企业之间的对接测试。Huawei#39;s announcement comes after Qualcomm, an American competitor, successfully tested its 5G connection.在华为的公告之前,该公司的美国竞争者高通也宣布成功测试了5G连接。The latter#39;s connection is based on New Radio (NR) work in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an international mobile telecommunications standards organization.后者的连接技术是基于“第三代合作伙伴计划(3GPP)”(一个国际移动通信标准化组织)的新广播技术。According to 3GPP#39;s official website, the standards for 5G technology will be set this year.据3GPP官网的信息显示,该5G技术标准将于今年制定。Global telecom giants including Qualcomm, Huawei and Ericsson have all been carrying out research and tests of the new technology, competing for a leading role in setting those standards.高通、华为、爱立信等全球电信巨头都在对这项新技术进行研究和测试,争取在制定这些标准方面处于领先地位。;The international community has reached a consensus that a unified 5G standard should be established. Currently, all the telecom giants have offered their technological patents to 3GPP, hoping that their standards will be the ones adopted,; an anonymous expert told Thepaper.cn, adding that the competition to set the 5G standards could affect national interests.一位不愿透露姓名的专家向澎湃新闻透露:“国际社会已经达成共识,要建立一个统一的5G标准。目前所有的电信巨头都已经向3GPP提供了他们的技术专利,希望自己的标准将会被采用。”这名专家还表示,建立5G标准的竞争可能会影响到国家利益。Chinese companies have gained ground in the 5G battle, where the U.S. and EU have long been leaders.美国和欧盟曾长期在5G领域处于领先地位,而现在中国企业已经在5G争夺战中取得了一些成果。During the No.87 RAN1 meeting held by 3GPP in 2016, the polar code, created by Chinese companies, was defined by participants from around the world as the control channel encoding scheme for the application of 5G in eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) scenarios.在2016年3GPP举行的第87次会议期间,中国企业创造的极化码被世界各地与会者们确定为5G eMBB(增强移动宽带)场景的控制信道编码方案。 /201703/495997南京韩辰医院祛疤手术多少钱皖东人民医院美容整形科



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