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It looks like an Artex paint finish so beloved by suburban households in the 1970s. But this amazing images is actually a swirling star trail above Mount Everest in the Himalayas.   这看起来很像是一副极具柒零年代风情的抽纱风格油画。但其实这却是在喜马拉雅山珠穆朗玛峰上所拍摄到的“斗转星移” Photographer Anton Jankovoy spent months camping at the foot of the world's highest peak patiently waiting for the right weather conditions.   摄影师安东·简科夫在珠峰山脚驻扎数月,只为等待最适宜拍摄的天气情况  The 23-year-old was so determined not to leave until he had accomplished his mission that he even began meditating to overcome the freezing temperatures. After three years dedicated to the project, Mr Jankovoy finally caught a series of stunning star trails.   这位23岁的小伙子信心坚决,在完成拍摄任务之前绝不轻言离开,这这期间,他甚至通过打坐来抵御严寒的气候经过了三年的简直不下,简科终于拍摄出了这组令人惊叹的星迹照片  Landmark peaks including the Annapurna South and the Hiunchuli can be seen in the spectacular images which took hours to capture and expose.   照片中高高耸立的是安娜普纳峰和休楚里峰,这需要花费数小时进行拍摄于曝光 /201103/127448。

The indirect airticket(1)中转机票(1)Speed Airlines.Reservation.May I help you?速度航空公司预订部我能帮您忙吗?Yes.Do you have any night to Paris on th?I want one leaving in the afternoon.是的你们有号去巴黎的航班吗?我想乘坐那天下午的班机Yes.Fight DP336 leaves at :.Is that all right?是的,DP336航班1 5点分离港,这个怎么样呢?Is it a direct flight?是直达航班吗?No,Sir.It has an hour layover in London.不是,先生,它将在伦敦停留1小时Well,I dont think I want it.嗯,我不想坐这个航班 393589。

87:Say a little prayer第87单元:感恩祷告Some of us said ;grace;bee a meal when we were young.Some of us still do.小时候,我们有些人会在饭前做“感恩祷告”有些人到现在还是这么做It a good idea,offering thanks the food in front of us.这个点子不错,可民让我们感谢眼前的食物You might close your eyes and ask help in appreciating the good food bee you and knowing when youve had enough.你可以闭上眼睛,由衷感谢神赐予你桌上的美食并懂得何时该停止进食 3698。

Part Conversations第二部分 会话练习1.Making a collect call1.打对方付费电话Overseas operator.接线员吗?I would like to make a collect call to Taipei, Taiwan, please.我想打对方付费电话给台湾台北Your name, please.您的姓名?Tim Chen.蒂姆·陈What the number, please.请报电话号码The area code is , and the number is 367-9960.区号是,电话号码是367-9960The line is connected. Please go ahead.已经接通了,请讲.Finding a pay phone.寻找公共电话Excuse me. Do you know where I can find a pay phone?不好意思,请问哪里有公共电话?There is one around the corner.转角就有一个Can I make an international call from that pay phone?那个公共电话可以打国际电话吗?Yes, but you have to get a phone card first.可以,不过你要先买电话卡Where can I get a phone card?电话卡要去哪里买?You can get one in the grocery store over there.那边的那家杂货店有卖Oh, I see it. Thank you.喔,我看到了,谢谢 7。

Next Up for MicroHoo: An Antitrust Battle?摘要:看来,微软(Microsoft)和雅Yahoo)已经让对方相信,把双方的搜索和广告业务结合起来是好事一桩。不过,它们是否能让反垄断监管机构相信这桩交易对市场有好处呢?So, Microsoft and Yahoo have convinced each other that search and advertising between the companies is a good thing. But will they be able to convince antitrust regulators that the deal's good for the marketplace? Possibly, but it won't happen without some considerable scrutiny by federal antitrust regulators and lawmakers.Under the partnership deal, Microsoft's technology will power Yahoo's search engine, while Yahoo will sell ads on behalf of both companies.Shortly after the deal was announced, the two companies went on a full-court press, sending out separate letters to major ad agencies and advertisers. One was entitled 'Benefits to Consumers, Customers and the Internet.'But it's just the opening gambit in what could be a long chess match. In the few hours after the deal was announced, Sen. Herb Kohl (D., Wis.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Committee, said it warrants 'careful scrutiny' since it would combine 'industry giants and direct competitors in Internet advertising and search markets.' He promised the deal would be 'closely reviewed' by his committee.A Federal Trade Commission spokesman declined to comment. A Justice Department spokeswoman said the agency is 'aware of' the deal but declined to comment further.Consumer groups weren't as reticent, saying the deal could lead to less choice for consumers and more tracking of their online activities. 'There are questions that must be answered regarding the collection and sharing of consumer data by the two companies,' said Jeff Chester, founder of the Center for Digital Democracy, a Washington nonprofit focused on privacy issues.The companies are confident that the deal will be approved, Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith said in a joint interview. They argued that the deal shouldn't be seen as reducing the number of players in Internet search from three to two but rather as helping both companies better compete in online advertising with Google.The combination is 'really the only way to ensure' that there is 'going to be a competitive long-term alternative to Google in paid search,' Callahan said. /08/79943。

Part Navigation第部分 航行1.You are entering fairway.1.你船正进入航道.We are in sight..我们处于互见状态3.You are passing fishing area.3.你船正通过渔区.You are in middle of fairway..你船在航道中间5.You are approaching starboard limit of fairway.5.你船正接近航道右侧边缘6.you are approaching port limit of fairway.6.你船正接近航道左侧边缘7.Your position is Buoy No.3 distance 3 cables to port side of reference line.7.你船的位置在3号浮,距左侧参照线3链8.your posiion is Buoy No distance cables to starboard of reference line.8.你船的位置在号浮,距右侧参照线链9.Your position is 00 meters from intersection of reference line.9.你船的位置距参照线交点00米.You are getting close to vessel ahead..你船正接近前方船只.Vessel on opposite course is passing your port side..对驶船正从你船左舷驶过.Vessel on opposite course is passing yopur starboard side..对驶船正从你船右舷驶过.MV Tian Jiang is kilometers ahead of us on your port vow..“天河”船在你左舷船头公里处.MV Tian He is kilometers ahead of me on the starboard vow..“天河”船在你右舷船头公里处.MV Tian Huai on ahead of us on opposite course..“天河”船与你船对遇.We are in close quarters situation..我们两船正处于紧迫局面.Vessel is entering fairway at fairway buoy No...船在航道号浮标处进入航道18.Vessel is leaving fairway at Buoy No.6.18.船在6号浮标处进入航道19.Buoy No.3 is 500 meters ahead.19.3号浮标在前方500米.Vessel ahead of you is not under command..你船前方船只失控1.You are not complying with TSS.1.你违反了分道通航制.I am standing on vessel..我船是直航船3.clearance required bee entering the fairway.3.进入航道之前需要清空.Do not enter traffic lane..不要进入航道5.Procced to emergency anchorage.5.驶向应急锚地6.Vessels are advised to keep clear of fishing area.6.船舶被告知远离渔区7.You may enter traffic lane. Trafffic clearance granted.7.你船可以进入航道航道已让清.Tide with you..你船顺流9.Tide against you.9.你船逆流30.It is dangerous to anchor in your present position.30.你现在的位置抛锚是十分危险的31.Large vessel leaving fairway. Keep clear of fairway approach.31.大船离开航道,远离航道入口3.Nets with buoys in this area. Navigate with caution.3.在该地区有带浮标式渔网,谨慎航行33.Collision is in position 0 dgrees 3 miles from green lighthouse.33.碰撞在0度,距绿灯塔3海里处.Keep clear of lane..远离航道35.Your present course is too close to outbound vessel.36.你船现在的航向离出海港太近36.Do not overtake.36.不要追越37.Do not cross fairway.37.不要穿越航道38.You must wait MV to cross ahead of you.38.你船必须等“长生”船从你船首方向横向穿越39.You are proceeding at dangerous speed.39.你船正以危险的速度开航0.Advise you to stop engines.0.建议你船停车1.MV does not agree to be overtaken.1.航船同意被追越.What is your present course?.你现在的航向?3.My present course is 3 degrees.3.航向3度.Advise you to to port side..建议你航向左转向 36500。

The World Expo that begins May 1 promises to be nothing less than a coming-out party for Shanghai, China's commercial and financial capital. Following the lead of Beijing for the Olympics, Shanghai, which has aly changed so much in the past three decades, has staged a spare-no-expense makeover.Early this month, the Expo site was a huge muddy field filled with workers, cranes, piles of building materials and heaps of construction debris. It was difficult to imagine that everything would be completed in time. China says 192 countries will come to this city of 19 million to participate in the six-month festival, drawing an estimated 70 million attendees. (The 12-month 1964-65 New York World's Fair drew more than 50 million.)Still, tour packagers so far report very modest interest from Americans and Europeans, with rooms for the fair period easy to find even at the best hotels. 'People just don't know about the Expo, even many Chinese citizens,' says Terrence Ou, president of the Beijing-based Great Wall Adventure tour agency.'If it were a different city hosting it, if it were of modest size, I might say' that any lack of enthusiasm was warranted, says Jose Villarreal, a San Antonio lawyer who is the U.S. commissioner general -- a sort of ambassador -- to the World Expo. 'The fact that it will be the biggest Expo ever, that so many Americans have always wanted to see China, that Shanghai is such a dynamic place -- all this makes it a reason to come.'The massive million U.S. pavilion at the Expo almost created a major diplomatic rift between the two countries. A congressional mandate from the 1990s forbids government funding for an Expo, and only a last-minute fund-raising effort by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton salvaged U.S. participation.Construction, which began only last July, has been 'a horrific process because of our late start,' says Mr. Villarreal, who nevertheless promises an on-time debut. Keeping with the Expo's theme of 'better city, better life,' the U.S. pavilion will feature a high-tech show on a 70-foot-high screen telling the story of a child who moves a community to create an oasis on a dilapidated plot of land. Mr. Villarreal calls it '4-D. When it thunders you'll feel the vibration. When it rains you'll feel the mist.'It's clear why the absence of a U.S. pavilion would have been such a slap in the face. China is footing the bill for 17 pavilions, many of which will house multiple countries, and building 42 others that it will rent to countries at a substantial loss. Only 42 nations, including the U.S., are financing their own pavilions.Other countries are vying for attention with spectacle (Saudi Arabia's hanging garden, on the top deck of a suspended boat) and culture (Denmark will send the original 'Little Mermaid' statue from Copenhagen Harbor and France will ship works by Millet, Van Gogh and Rodin).Expo organizers promise 20,000 events around Shanghai, ranging from the Philadelphia Orchestra to the Cameroon National Song and Dance Troupe. Kids can see magic shows, puppet shows and shadow plays.The Expo site stretches for a couple of miles along the Huangpu River in a formerly rundown industrial area, across the water from central Shanghai. While some of the pavilions are nearly finished, others are skeletons of steel beams. Incongruously, the trees had aly been planted by late February, a necessity if they're going to grow leaves in the springtime. Two giant red-and-gold banners in Chinese, 'Please be reassured; we will finish the task in time,' and (directed to workers), 'Hard work for 30 days and we will finish it.''The infrastructure and all the buildings built by China will be finished totally on time, I know that,' says Wu Siegfried Zhiqiang, an architecture professor and dean serving as the Expo's chief planner. The challenge, he says, lies with the 42 countries building their own pavilions.No visitors are allowed in the buildings because of the construction work, but the exteriors range from breathtakingly innovative to dull, big boxes, albeit colorfully painted. China has again produced two beautiful buildings, a flying-saucer-shaped cultural center for performances and a China pavilion of horizontal and vertical red beams, with the dimensions of the building widening the higher up it goes. The theme inside will be China's urban development.The conventional-looking U.S. pavilion won't produce any gasps, but that's not true of some of the other nations'. The British pavilion, displaying an encapsulated seed bank, centers on a building resembling a giant porcupine, made from 60,000 acrylic rods that quiver when they catch the wind, making the building look blurry. The modular slabs of the Italian pavilion, constructed of a material called transparent cement, will change appearance during the day as the material reflects the light. The walls of the Spanish pavilion, jutting out at all angles, are covered with wicker.Switzerland will offer visitors a cable-car ride onto a flowering meadow on the roof of its pavilion, while the Indian pavilion will be modeled after a 2,200-year-old Buddhist stupa and display the wisdom of the ancients.Across the river, the landmark buildings of the waterfront Bund, dating back to the late 19th century as the center of foreign-owned businesses, have been elegantly restored and now house a variety of expensive boutiques and restaurants. The former British Consulate, built in 1873, will open for the Expo as an art center. The city is completely rebuilding the waterfront promenade. (Unfortunately, the wild building boom of the past 20 years, carpeting Shanghai with skyscrapers, destroyed much of the city's architectural heritage.) The Bund's iconic but deteriorating Peace Hotel is about to reopen after months of restoration. A new addition to the Bund, designed to look like a restored old building, is the elegant 235-room Peninsula Hotel.There will be another way for Americans to stay: Shanghai residents who register with the city's tourism authority can legally take paying guests into their apartments, although the nightly charges and the procedure for making reservations haven't yet been set. Translators will be stationed at big apartment complexes. By Nov. 1, the events and crowds will all be over. Ironically, for an Expo that promotes the buildings' energy-saving features and emphasizes the concept of sustainability, almost the entire set of exhibits will be thrown away. The rules of the Paris-based Bureau of International Expositions, which govern World Expos, require that all of the pavilions be torn down. An Expo spokeswoman says that only five buildings will survive, including the cultural center. Mr. Villarreal shudders at the thought that the American pavilion, built with so much anguish, will eight months from now be reduced to a pile of debris. 'I hope we can disassemble the building and move it,' he says. /201003/99342。