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吉尔吉斯斯坦临时政府正计划审判被罢免的总统巴基耶夫、他的某些家人和前政府官员。这个月早些时候发生的暴力行动推翻了巴基耶夫政府,导致 八十多名抗议者死亡。Kyrgyzstan's interim government is planning to put on trial the deposed president, some members of his family and former officials following the violence earlier this month that toppled the Bakiyev administration and left more than 80 protesters dead.The leaders of the self-appointed provisional government are vowing to bring members of the former administration to justice. The deputy interim leader in charge of security, Azimbek Beknazarov, says arrest warrants have been issued for family members and allies of the ousted president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Beknazarov says the former president himself will face trial for the April 7 killings in the capital, as well as for other crimes, such as abuse of power. Interim government officials say they are investigating 200 crimes allgedly committed by members of the previous government. Bakiyev, facing strong pressure from the government which replaced him as well as the international community, fled the country after negotiations involving diplomats. The Kyrgyz interim government says, with Bakiyev's depature, it now hopes wanted former high-ranking government officials will turn themselves in voluntarily.They are accused of corruption and, in some cases, human rights violations. Hundreds of loyalists to the former president are continuing to demonstrate in his southern stronghold. Reports from Jalal-Abad say protesters scuffled with the interim interior minister and broke into a regional government office Saturday.The self-appointed provisional government here in the capital says Bakiyev faxed, from Kazakhstan, his resignation as president and it will seek his extradition for trial from wherever he tries to take refuge. While the interim leadership attempts to take full authority in this mountainous and impoverished country of 5.3 million people, it is promising to quickly restore democracy. Officials say they plan to unveil a draft of a new constitution in days and hold nationwide elections within six months.201004/101762UN: Global Foreign Direct Investment Continues to Slide联合国贸发会称全球外国直接投资急剧下滑The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, reports that global foreign direct investment fell drastically last year and that it is expected to continue to slide this year, with significant recovery not forecast until 2011. But the UNCTAD World Investment Report says developing countries are doing better in attracting foreign direct investment, or FDI, than the developed countries.联合国贸易和发展会议说,全球外国直接投资(FDI)去年急剧下滑。预计,这个趋势将在今年继续,而且在2011年前不会有显著改善。不过,联合国贸发会年世界投资报告同时指出,发展中国家在吸引外国直接投资方面表现好过发达国家。The report estimates that foreign direct investment inflows will fall from .7 trillion in 2008 to less than .2 trillion this year. But it is expected to pick up slowly next year and gather momentum in 2011, approaching .8 trillion.联合国贸发会年世界投资报告估计,全球外国直接投资流入将从2008年的1万7千亿美元降至今年的1万2千亿美元。但是,外国直接投资将在明年缓慢回升,并将在2011年进一步加速,达到1万8千亿美元。UNCTAD says the crisis has changed, what it calls, the "FDI landscape". It says the large decline in FDI inflows to developed countries has resulted in a surge of foreign investments in developing and transition economies.联合国贸发会说,经济和金融危机改变了全球外国直接投资布局。报告说,流入发达国家外国直接投资的大幅度削减导致发展中国家和过渡经济体接受的外国直接投资急剧上升。Nevertheless, the report says the ed States remains the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment, followed by France, China, the ed Kingdom and the Russian Federation. In previous years, cross border mergers and acquisitions were a major source of growth of FDI. These too, says the report, have declined considerably as financial markets seized up in the second half of 2008.过去几年里,跨境并购是外国直接投资增长的主要来源。但是联合国贸发会的报告说,由于金融市场2008年下半年陷于冻结,跨境并购也出现显著下降。The report notes a general absence in projectionist policies despite the global economic recession. But UNCTAD Secretary-General, Supachai Panitchpakdi says governments have pursued trade policies favorable to domestically-produced goods and services.报告说,全球经济陷入困境并未导致普遍的贸易保护主义政策。不过,联合国贸发会秘书长素帕猜表示,一些国家的政府的确寻求了偏向本国商品和务的贸易政策。"There are examples of the so-called 'covert protectionism,' which includes something like, as you can see, you know buy local, hire local, invest local, lend local, do anything local," he said. "So some of this economic nationalism trend favoring products with high domestic content with regard to government procurement. And you can see this is greatly linked to the stimulus measures, particularly in areas of public infrastructure projects." 他说:“有一些所谓‘隐性保护主义’的案例。这包括购买本国货、雇用本地人、向本土企业发放贷款,以及类似的政策。这种经济民族主义倾向还包括在政府采购方面向国产成分高的产品倾斜。这种情况主要和经济刺激计划有关,尤其是在公共基础设施建设方面。”The UNCTAD report also focuses on agriculture, including the crucial issues of fighting hunger, promoting food security and fostering sustainable agricultural development as a pre-requisite for economic growth. 联合国贸发会的报告还谈到农业问题。其中涉及的关键问题包括对抗饥饿、促进食品安全、以及把可持续农业发展作为经济增长的必要先决条件。The report says foreign direct investment can play a major role in helping developing countries enhance their agricultural sectors.报告说,外国直接投资可以在帮助发展中国家强化农业部门方面发挥重要作用。Supachai Panitchpakdi says investment funds from private sources could help spark a green revolution in Africa.素帕猜说,私营部门的投资可以在非洲引发一场绿色革命。"FDI by itself would not be able to do all this," said Supachai. "But I am sure it would help to give impetus to the government policies, to support government policies in areas that technology would be needed, to help create employment that would instill the sense of belief in the farming sector that could give the livelihood to the people and therefore people would remain involved in farming activities." “仅凭外国直接投资本身并不能实现这个目标。但是我相信,投资可以推动政府决策,持政府在技术领域的政策,帮助创造就业,从而增强人们对农业部门的信心。因为农业和人们的福祉息息相关,所以他们应该继续参与农业活动。”The UNCTAD Secretary-General says the green revolution in Asia during the 1960s was triggered when fertilizer, seeds and farming technology became ily available. He says Africa could achieve similar results if it invests private money into the technologies needed to increase food production in an environmentally sustainable way.素帕猜说,上个世纪60年代,化肥、种子、和农业技术的突破促成了亚洲的绿色革命。他说,如果非洲将私人投资引入可持续的粮食增产技术开发,那么非洲也可能实现类似的目标。09/84463The number of foreign-born players in America's professional National Basketball Association has tripled in the past two decades. One of the veterans - San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker - and a rookie - Washington Wizards' Hamady Ndiaye - talk about their respective experiences as foreigners in the NBA. 在美国国家篮球协会的职业篮球队中,国外出生的球员人数,过去20年来增加了两倍。圣安东尼奥马刺队的托尼#8226;帕克和华盛顿奇才队的新球员哈马迪#8226;恩迪亚耶谈到他们作为外籍球员的感受。For NBA fans, Tony Parker is a household name, a 10-year veteran on one of the best teams in the league. Hamady Ndiaye is a little-known rookie on a team that loses far more often than it wins. What these two players have in common is they both grew up outside of the ed States.对NBA球迷来说,托尼#8226;帕克是一个耳熟能详的名字。他已经为NBA最佳球队之一效力10年了。哈马迪#8226;恩迪亚耶还是一名鲜为人知的新进球员,他隶属的球队输球场次远超过赢球。而两人的共同点是他们都来自美国以外。Parker is fortunate to be playing for one of the National Basketball Association's best teams, the San Antonio Spurs.帕克很幸运,能加入NBA最好的球队之一圣安东尼奥马刺队。The Spurs have won four NBA titles in the past 12 seasons and have high hopes for another one. Two-thirds of the way through the season they have the best record in the league, having won 84 percent of their games with a 46-9 mark through February 17.马刺队在过去12个赛季中,赢得四次NBA总冠军,在本赛季中夺标希望又很高。在已经过去的三分之二赛程中,马刺队的表现最好,到2月17日为止,赢46场,输9场,胜率为百分之84。They recently scored a lopsided win over the struggling Washington Wizards in the nation's capital. Although he scored the most points for the Spurs, Parker still credited the team.最近,在首都华盛顿的一场比赛中,马刺队以压倒优势战胜了苦苦挣扎的华盛顿奇才队。虽然帕克在这场比赛中得分最多,他还是把胜利归功于全队球员。"It was a great team win," said Parker. "The team played great, everybody contributed; so it was a great win."他说:“那是一场了不起的胜利。整个球队都很棒,每个人都做出了贡献。因此赢得漂亮。”201103/127454

Central banks target credit crunchZeb Bham of Corporate FX on a federal interest rate cut and central banks' decision to help end credit woesA: What do you make of this decision by the, by the central banks to, to club together to ensure that, the credit market doesn’t freeze up ? B: I think Wednesday’s report that they were working together to auction off the, er… extra funds, er… over a 3-month period was sort of er…seen as a bit of er… a bit of positive for the markets and we saw most of the stock markets rally. But since then, the markets had digested that information and realized that this injection isn’t really going to er…alleviate the problems that we’ve seen in the credit crunch.A: It was like the interests rate cut, wasn’t it? Really, the day before, where from the Fed, it was an interests rate cut which everyone wanted, everyone said we were gonna get, but it didn’t go quite far enough. It was the same with…with what the central banks did, we are talking about a lot of money in you and me terms, something like 49 billion dollars, but it’s in banking terms, it’s a relatively small amount, isn’t it?B: Yeah, it indeed. It is a relatively small amount, and because it’s for such a short period of time. That’s the reason why the markets have taken this negative impact. I mean in Asia, we’ve seen the… the stock markets over there, react pretty badly, and the Asian Central Bankers haven’t really followed suit with what the Europeans and the Americans are doing, but the fears are still there that if the credit crunch continues, they could see their exports being crippled.A: And what do you make of the… the interests rate cut by the Fed earlier in the week, a quarter of a percentage point, er.. it was what everyone wanted, as I said, but the reaction was more sort of “Come on guys, what planet are you living on there in the…in the Fed, you know, living in the same world as the rest of us?”B: Exactly, I think it was mu(ch), came out much in lie, er… however, the rhetoric after meeting suggested that they are sort of …paving way for further rate cuts despite the inflation being pretty high, we saw both RPI and PPI coming out stronger than expected, em… and also we got CPI this afternoon, if we see this hotter than expected, it’s aly expected to come out at 4.1%, even if you strip out food and oil from there, it's still expected to come out at 2.3 which is above the Fed's two percent target.A: It’s interesting to hear you talk about inflation, and the Fed obviously sounded a lot of caution about inflation, and yet we had a survey out earlier this week which said that most of the American public thinks that the economy is aly in recession.B: Exactly, em… I think the, the word rather than recession is stagflation. We have, we are having problems with inflation at the moment, and the Fed with the difficult position of trying to control that, while it's at the same time, trying to prevent the er… American economy going into recession, and that’s where we see the rate cuts coming into play, the question now is whether the rate cuts are going to fuel inflation, or whether they are going to control er…growth as the U.S. is expecting.A: And what’s your gut feeling about the CPI today with Bridge Rick and ...?B: I think CPI’s gonna come out slightly hotter than expected, em… mostly due to higher fuel and energy cost, and the RPI and PPI gave us that direction as well. If we see it come out hotter, I think the Fed are gonna have to make another difficult rate decision about whether they are going to raise rates in January, and the …interesting to know the interests rate futures market is still predicting, 100% chance that the Fed are going to raise rate in January.Notes: PPI:roducer Price Index 生产价格指数RPI:Retail Price Index 零售价格指数CPI:Comsumer Price Index 消费者价格指数02/62421

Reports that a large convoy of Moammar Gadhafi's supporters has fled Libya for Niger have angered many in the Libyan capital. Citizens want to see their former leader and those around him facing justice at home.有关卡扎菲持者的一大批车队已离开利比亚逃往尼日尔的报导激怒了利比亚首都的许多人。利比亚人想要看到他们的前领导人及其周围的人在国内接受司法审判。A convoy of some 200 armored vehicles is said to have crossed into Niger from southern Libya late Monday, possibly via Algeria. As the reports sp, so, too, did speculation that some of the Gadhafi loyalists may be headed on to Burkina Faso, which has offered safe haven to the ousted leader.据报导,一个由大约200辆装甲车组成的车队9月5日(星期一)晚上已从利比亚南部进入尼日尔境内,有可能是经过阿尔及利亚。随着这一报导的流传,社会上也流传着一种揣测,认为一些效忠卡扎菲的人可能朝布基纳法索的方向走了,布基纳法索主动提出让被推翻的卡扎菲去该国避难。Burkina Faso has straddled the line on events in Libya, recognizing the National Transitional Council, but also willing to flout its obligation to the International Criminal Court, which has issued an arrest warrant for Gadhafi on war crimes. 布基纳法索在利比亚的问题上采取了骑墙的做法,它一方面承认利比亚全国过渡委员会,一方面违背它对国际刑事法庭的责任,国际刑事法庭以战争罪的指控发出逮捕卡扎菲的命令。Jalal al Galal, a spokesman for the provisional authorities, says the NTC wants Gadhafi to stay in Libya.利比亚全国过渡委员会发言人加拉尔说,他们想让卡扎菲留在利比亚。"The NTC has made it very clear all along that they requested from all the neighboring countries not to aid and abet criminals on the escape. We don't know the content of the convoy. It could be gold. It could be money. It could be members of his family. We hope that it is not members of his family and we hope it is not him," he said.他说:“全国过渡委员会一直明确表示,他们要求所有邻国不要当在逃犯的帮凶。我们并不知道这个车队里运载的是什么。它也可能运载的是黄金,也可能是钱,还可能是卡扎菲的家人。我们希望车上没有他的家人,也希望没有卡扎菲本人。”201109/152908

'Vuvuzela' voted word of the World Cup"Vuvuzela" has been voted the word of the World Cup by global linguists who said Monday the tournament will be best remembered for the name of South Africa's deafening trumpet."Long after individual matches and goals are forgotten, this will be remembered as the Vuvuzela World Cup," said Jurga Zilinskiene, managing director of London-based firm Today Translations."Vuvuzela" was chosen by 75 percent of more than 320 linguists from over 60 countries, who were asked to choose the word with the biggest impact on the tournament."Thanks to the World Cup, vuvuzela has the entered the shared language of the world and joined the ranks of words that need no translation," said Zilinskiene.The tuneless plastic horn blown by fans was a top World Cup newsmaker and has been snapped up abroad. Experts have warned it can damage hearing.The much-debated official Jabulani ball, mascot Zakumi and the Bafana Bafana national South African team each won four percent of the votes.Vocabulary:snap up: 抢购mascot: an animal, a toy, etc. that people believe will bring them good luck, or that represents an organization, etc. (吉祥物)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108982

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