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江苏省苏北人民医院祛疤痕价格无锡市中医医院激光点痣价格江苏人民医院祛疤手术价格 5. Find Places to Eat 5.找地方吃饭A: There certainly are a lot of places to eat around here.A:这里肯定有很多吃饭的地方。B: Yes, there are. Where shall we go tonight?B:是的,肯定有。今晚我们去哪里?A: Why dont we ask our new neighbors for a recommendation?A:我们为什么不让我们的新邻居给我们推荐呢?B: Thats a great idea. They seem very friendly.B:这是一个好主意。他们看起来很友好。A: Yes, and they have lived here for a long time.A:是的,他们已经在这里住了很长一段时间。B: There she is. Let me ask her.B:那就是她。让我问问她。A: What did she say, honey?A:她说了什么,亲爱的?B: She recommended a couple of places. What are you craving?B:她推荐了好几个地方。你最想吃什么?A: How about a nice steak?A:很好的牛排怎么样?B: Good. She said there was a good steak house about a mile away.B:好。她说在大约一英里远的地方有一个很好的牛排馆。A: Excellent. Did you ask her if it was expensive.A:太好了。你问她那里贵不贵了吗。B: Yes, I did. She said it was very reasonable. Lets go. B:是的,我问了。她说那里物价非常合理。走吧。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/433788南京鼓楼区妇幼人民中医院口腔美容中心

南京东南大学附属中大医院口腔科Todd: So, were here... first of all, how about everybody introduce themselves.托德:我们……每个人先做下自我介绍吧。Fred: OK. Im Fred from Canada and its a pleasure to be here.弗雷德:好。我是弗雷德,来自加拿大,我很高兴来到这里。Katia: Hello. I am Katerina. Im from Mexico and Im also very glad to be here.卡蒂亚:大家好。我是卡特琳娜,来自墨西哥,来到这里我也很高兴。Todd: Thanks guys. And then, Im Todd. Im from the U.S. Now for the listeners, we all live really close to each other and we live in a neighborhood, where I guess, all of our houses are probably within two or three minutes of each other.托德:谢谢你们。我是托德,来自美国。现在和听众朋友说明一下,我们几个人住的很近,我们住在一个社区,我想我们几个人的家也就相隔两三分钟的距离。Katia: Very close.卡蒂亚:非常近。Todd: So, we thought we would talk about the neighborhood, and the first topic would be the stray cats.托德:我们来谈谈我们的社区吧,第一个话题是流浪猫。Katia: Which are also are neighbors.卡蒂亚:其实它们也算是我们的邻居。Todd: Right. First of all, how many stray cats do you think there are in the neighborhood?托德:对。第一个问题,你们认为我们的社区里有多少流浪猫?Katia: At least at night, you see them all together, especially in one corner, and I see at least about six cats, at least, all together.卡蒂亚:晚上的时候流浪猫会聚在一个小角落里,我至少看到过6只。Fred: I would say much more than that.弗雷德:我认为要比6只多的多。Todd: Yeah, I would too actually. How many do you think?托德:好,我也觉得比6只多。你认为有多少只流浪猫?Fred: I would go for maybe twenty of those around the neighborhood.弗雷德:我想社区周围大概有20只流浪猫。Katia: But this is just one corner.卡蒂亚:我说的只是社区的一个角落。Fred: OK, just one corner, so multiplied by four or five corners, yeah, twenty, twenty-five cats.弗雷德:好,只是一个角落,假设有四或五个角落,这样一加倍的话,大概有20或25只流浪猫。Todd: OK, so then, what do you guys think about the cats? Like should something be done about the cats? Should the people feed the cats?托德:好,你们怎么看流浪猫?我们是不是应该做些什么事?是不是应该有人去喂这些流浪猫?Katia: I think especially for a lot of the elderly people that live here, I think for them its very nice to have the cats around and they feed them and I think as long as they dont go into the trash, I think its OK, but for me, I havent seen any trash, and I dont think it would be a problem.卡蒂亚:生活在这里的老人非常好,他们会经常和流浪猫在一起,也会喂它们,我认为只要流浪猫不去翻垃圾,就没什么问题,我并没有看到有垃圾,所以我觉得这并不是问题。Todd: Well, you know, they break into my house. I dont know if they break into yours, but theyre amazing. If I dont lock the windows, the sliding glass doors they pull the door open with their paw and they come in and they look through my trash and then they leave.托德:流浪猫闯进了我的家。我不知道流浪猫是不是也闯入过你们的家,不过它们真是太令人不可思议了。如果我没有锁上窗户,它们会用它们的爪子把滑动玻璃门打开,进到屋里去翻我家的垃圾,然后离开。Fred: Those are very clever cats.弗雷德:那些都是非常聪明的猫。Todd: Yeah, I thought it was a raccoon. I thought I had a raccoon, and I went to talk to my landlady, and shes like, ;No, thats just the cats.;托德:对,我认为那是只浣熊。我认为有只浣熊进了我的家,我和房东太太说时,她说,“不是,那只是猫。”Katia: I think you were just not feeding them.卡蒂亚:我想是因为你没有喂它们。Todd: Well, yeah, I guess thats it. Like, theyre so hungry that they break into peoples houses for food.托德:嗯,我想也是。它们太饿了,所以它们闯进人们的家寻找食物。Katia: OK, I dont have that problem. I live on the third floor.卡蒂亚:我并没有遇到这样的问题。我住在三楼。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,是吗?Katia: So, maybe thats why.卡蒂亚:所以这就是原因。Todd: Right.托德:好吧。Fred: I dont have that problem either, although I do live in a house similar to yours, Todd, where we live on the first floor and there is a lot of stray cats around the neighborhood but Ive never had any problems of them breaking into the house.弗雷德:我也没有遇到个这样的问题,不过我和托德住的房子很像,我们都住在一楼,社区里有很多流浪猫,不过我并没有遇到过流浪猫闯入家里的事情。Todd: Yeah, I dont know. Theyre pretty amazing. Like, I did not even know that cats could break into a house, but they can.托德:我也不知道为什么。这些猫真是太神奇了。我以前都不知道猫会闯入家里,不过它们确实可以做到。Katia: Very smart cats.卡蒂亚:非常聪明的猫。Todd: Yeah. Or very hungry cats, as you said.托德:对,或者像你所说,是非常饿的猫。Katia: Or friendly cats. They want to visit.卡蒂亚:或者说是友好的猫。它们想去你家拜访。Todd: Yeah, right.托德:好。 译文属 /201602/427632苏大附二院光子嫩肤手术多少钱 南医大二附院治疗疤痕多少钱

泰兴市人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱You play golf, dont you?你打高尔夫吧,是不是?Yep. Twenty years, on golf courses all over the world.是啊!20年了,世界各地的球场都去过了。Well, my handicap is fourteen, but I still dream of shooting in the 70s someday.嗯,我的差点是14,但我还足梦想有一天能有70杆以下的成绩。My boss is disgusted with the way I play. Any tips?我老板很讨厌我的打球方式,有什么诀窍吗?Well, its all a question of mindset. What do you think your strengths are?哦,这全是心态的问题。你认为你有什么优势?Well, Im pretty good on the range and the practice tee, but when I get on the course, it all goes to pieces.嗯,我在练习场打得很好,开球也不错,但开始比赛时,这些都消失殆尽了。Well, thats a pretty common problem.嗯,这是个很常见的问题。Are your early holes better than your finishing holes?你前几洞的成绩是不足比后几洞的成绩好?Hm, yes, actually they are.哦……,没错,正是如此。Well, my advice is this: when youre on the greens, choose the line of putt carefully and stroke the ball.嗯,我的建议是这样的:当你在果岭时谨慎挑选一个路径,然后击球。When youre playing a shot, select your club carefully, feel your tempo, and try to get a smooth backswing.轮到你打球时,谨慎挑选球杆,感受身体的律动,做好球杆向后拉的挥击动作。Well, thanks! Can I get you a drink?嗯,谢谢!要我拿杯饮料给你吗? /201607/455997 Language Points1. I cant offer you coffee because were out.2. Come on! Speak out!3. The fire has gone out.4. Now, youre out.5. This is the only way out of this mess.6. He was out for 2 hours. /201601/420693南京军区总医院口腔科南京市中医院打瘦腿针价格



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