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is a consequence of ultraviolet light, of latitude and climate.这只不过是紫外线 纬度和气候造成的。There really is no such thing as race.实际上并没有什么;种族;。Were one species, each of us much much more alike than we are different.我们都是一个物种 相似性要远大于差异性。We all came from Africa.我们都来自非洲。Thank you.谢谢。Were are all made of the same stardust.我们都由相同的星尘组成。Were all live and die on the same planet.我们都在同一颗行星上生老病死。this pale blue dot in the vastness of space.地球也不过是无尽宇宙中的一个淡蓝色小点。Along with all the stuff about making new great discoveries and changing the world.除了让你们从事新的伟大发现和改变世界以外。Id like to give you some advice.我还想给你们一些实际建议。I mean, this is your commencement for crying out loud.毕竟这是你们的毕业典礼。just some plain old advice, like.一些老掉牙的建议 例如。if you smell fresh paint, dont walk under the latter.闻到刚刷油漆的味道时 不要从梯子下走过。Wear shoes in a thumbtack factory.在图钉工厂中走动时务必穿鞋。And dont try to smoke in the rain.不要试图在雨中吸烟。In fact, dont try to smoke at all.实际上 任何时候都不要抽烟。And let me say congratulations, UMass Lowell, its always smoke free.我要恭喜马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校 这里从来就是无烟区。Now so heres what I think is an unusual piece of advice.下面这条建议我认为很不寻常。But if youre going to get a bucket of water thrown in your face.如果有一桶水被泼到了你脸上。untuck your shirt.将扎好的衬衣抽出来。and you wouldnt think it would make that much difference.也许你并不觉得这样做有什么不同。A cotton shirt like this one is hydrophilic.像这样的棉衬衣是吸水的。Water is going to stick to it, true enough.水会被它吸附 没错。but a shirttail, even a water-loving shirttail.但是衬衣下摆 哪怕是吸水的衬衣下摆。 201510/406267We brought it on air in November .我们在年11月的时候播出了这个节目。But no, this was far more attractive.但其实,这节目火了起来。This is the five biggest TV channels in Norway on a normal Friday,and if you look at NRK2 over here,look what happened when they put on the Bergen Railway show: 这张图是挪威平常周五当天五大电视频道的收视状况,看到NRK2没?看到他们播出卑尔根线路秀后发生了什么?1.2 million Norwegians watched part of this program.120万挪威人看了这个节目!And another funny thing:另外有意思的是,When the host on our main channel,after they have got news for you,she said, And on our second channel,the train has now nearly reached Myrdal station. 我们主频道的一位主播,在播完他们有好消息之后讲了这么句话,接下来呢,在我们的副频道, 那列火车快要进Myrdal站台啦。Thousands of people just jumped on the train on our second channel like this.好几千人转到了那个频道跳上列车,收视率就成这样了。This was also a huge success in terms of social media.从社交媒体的角度来讲,这个节目也取得了成功:It was so nice to see all the thousands of Facebook and Twitter users discussing the same view,talking to each other as if they were on the same train together.看到这么多的脸书推特用户在议论同一个节目,真的是太赞了!他们就好像一起搭着那班列车一样, 有一搭没一搭地聊了起来。And especially, I like this one. Its a 76-year-old man.我特别喜欢这一条,来自一位76岁的先生:Hes watched all the program,and at the end station, he rises up to pick up what he thinks is his luggage,and his head hit the curtain rod,and he realized he is in his own living room. 他收看了全部内容,列车抵达终点站的时候,他站起来想拿他的行李,殊不知他的脑袋却撞到了窗帘架,这才想起来他这是在自己家呢。So thats strong and living TV.所以说,这个电视节目生命力强大,Four hundred and thirty-six minute by minute on a Friday night,and during that first night,the first Twitter message came: Why be a chicken? 周五晚上的436分钟,分分钟都精。在节目播出的第一晚,第一条推特的内容就是:干嘛这么没胆量?Why stop at 436 when you can expand that to 8,040, minute by minute,and do the iconic journey in Norway,the coastal ship journey Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes,almost 3,000 kilometers, covering most of our coast. 干嘛436分钟就结束了?明明可以延长到8040分钟,记录这8040分钟里的每一分每一秒,拍那个挪威的标志之旅,海达路德游轮之旅,从卑尔根去到Kirkenes的海岸之旅,大概行程3000公里不到,涵盖咱们大部分的海岸线。It has 120-year-old, very interesting history,and literally takes part in life and death along the coast. 这条航线已经120年了,见了很多有意思的事情,可以这么说,这条航线就是那些海岸生命历程的一部分。So just a week after the Bergen Railway,we called the Hurtigruten company and we started planning for our next show. 于是就在卑尔根线路秀播出一周之后,我们联系了海达路德游轮公司,讨论计划我们的下一档节目。We wanted to do something different.这一次我们想要更特别的元素。The Bergen Railway was a recorded program.之前的卑尔根线路秀是一个录制节目,So when we sat in our editing room,we watched this picture its all…l Station,we saw this journalist.我们在我们的编辑室里,看着这个画面:在all站,有这么个记者,We had called him, we had spoken to him,and when we left the station,he took this picture of us and he waved to the camera,and we thought,what if more people knew that we were on board that train? 我们之前联系过他,在我们离开这一站的时候,他就给我们拍了这张照片,还对着镜头挥了挥手。我们就寻思着:假如有更多的人也知道我们在那列火车上录制节目呢?Would more people show up?是不是有更多的人会在镜头前露面?What would it look like?这么拍效果好不好?So we decided our next project, it should be live.接着我们就决定我们的下一个节目要现场直播,We wanted this picture of us on the fjord and on the screen at the same time.我们想让身处峡湾的自己同时出现在电视画面里。So this is not the first time NRK had been on board a ship.其实NRK并不是第一次在一艘船上拍摄节目,This is back in 1964,when the technical managers have suits and ties and NRK rolled all its equipment on board a ship, NRK and 200 meters out of the shore, transmitting the signal back,and in the machine room, they talked to the machine guy,and on the deck, they have splendid entertainment. 早在1964年,当时的技术经理西装笔挺,团队带着他们的装备上了一艘船,在离岸200米的距离传输回电视信号。拍摄内容包括了跟机械工的访谈,还有在甲板上精无比的表演。So being on a ship, its not the first time.所以说,这个构思并不是没有先例。But five and a half days in a row, and live, we wanted some help.但我们要实现五天六夜连续的现场直播, 我们还是得需要一些协助。And we asked our viewers out there, what do you want to see?我们问了当时在场的围观群众,你们想要看到什么?What do you want us to film? How do you want this to look?想要我们拍什么,想让这个片子制成什么效果?Do you want us to make a website? What do you want on it?做一个网页?那你们想要在上面放什么内容?And we got some answers from you out there,and it helped us a very lot to build the program.我们得到了包括你们在内的诸多人提的建议,这些建议帮我们完成了这个节目的制作。So in June 2011,23 of us went on board the Hurtigruten coastal ship and we set off.在2011年6月,我们一行23个成员登上了海达路德游轮开始了我们的行程。I have some really strong memories from that week, and its all about people.那个礼拜真的让我记忆犹新,尤其是我所遇到的人们。201506/381865Hi, everybody. This weekend, our hearts are with the people of San Bernardino – another American community shattered by unspeakable violence. We salute the first responders – the police, the SWAT teams, the EMTs – who responded so quickly, with such courage, and saved lives. We pray for the injured as they fight to recover from their wounds.Most of all, we stand with 14 families whose hearts are broken. Were learning more about their loved ones – the men and women, the beautiful lives that were lost. They were doing what so many of us do this time of year – enjoying the holidays. Celebrating with each other. Rejoicing in the bonds of friendship and community that bind us together as Americans. Their deaths are an absolute tragedy, not just for San Bernardino, but for our country.Were also learning more about the killers. And were working to get a full picture of their motives – why they committed these revolting acts. Its important to let the investigators do their job. We need to know all the facts. And at my direction, federal law enforcement is helping in every way that they can. Were going to get to the bottom of this.It is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. And if so, it would underscore a threat weve been focused on for years – the danger of people succumbing to violent extremist ideologies. We know that ISIL and other terrorist groups are actively encouraging people – around the world and in our country – to commit terrible acts of violence, often times as lone wolf actors. And even as we work to prevent attacks, all of us – government, law enforcement, communities, faith leaders – need to work together to prevent people from falling victim to these hateful ideologies.More broadly, this tragedy reminds us of our obligation to do everything in our power, together, to keep our communities safe. We know that the killers in San Bernardino used military-style assault weapons – weapons of war – to kill as many people as they could. Its another tragic reminder that here in America its way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun.For example, right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If youre too dangerous to board a plane, youre too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun. And so Im calling on Congress to close this loophole now. We may not be able to prevent every tragedy, but – at a bare minimum – we shouldnt be making it so easy for potential terrorists or criminals to get their hands on a gun that they could use against Americans.Today in San Bernardino, investigators are searching for answers. Across our country, our law enforcement professionals are tireless. Theyre working around the clock – as always – to protect our communities. As President, my highest priority is the security and safety of the American people. This is work that should unite us all – as Americans – so that were doing everything in our power to defend our country. Thats how we can honor the lives we lost in San Bernardino. Thats how we can send a message to all those who would try to hurt us. We are Americans. We will uphold our values – a free and open society. We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized.201512/415188

In front of millions of people each of them think they are an expert on what are good baseball plaers 有几百万人评价他们的一举一动 他们中的每一个人都认为 他们是成为优秀棒球运动员方面的专家 They had statistics attached to every move they made on their job 他们做的每一件事都有数据统计 And yet they were misvalued because the wider world was blind to their luck 但他们却被错估了 因为这个世界忽视了他们的运气成分 So I think you have to ask if a professional athlete paid millions of dollars a year can be misvalued who cant be? 所以你不得不问 如果一个百万美元身价的 职业球员可以被错估 那谁不会被错估呢? If the supposedly pure meritocracy of professional sports cant distinguish between lucky and good, who can? 如果完全奉行精英主义的职业体坛 无法区分好运和优异 谁又能够区分呢? The Moneyball story has practical implications 《点球成金》这个故事具有实际意义 If you use better data, you can find better values there are always market inefficiencies to exploit, and so on 如果你使用更好的数据 你可以找到更好的价值 总会存在价值有待挖掘的市场低效配置 等等 But it has a broader and less practical message dont be deceived by lifes outcomes 但它有一个更广泛而不那么实际的信息 不要被生活的结果蒙骗 Lifes outcomes, while not entirely random have a huge amount of luck baked into them 生活的结果 虽不是完全随机的 却掺杂了很多运气成分在其中 Above all, recognize that if you have had success you have also had luck, and with luck comes obligation 最重要的 是要认识到 如果你获得成功 你也同时曾获得好运 而运气带来义务 You owe a debt, and not just to your Gods 你欠了一笔债 不只是欠你的神 You owe a debt to the unlucky 你也欠那些没你那么好运的人的债 I make this point because—along with this speech it is something that will be easy for you to forget 我特别提出这一点 是因为和这个演讲一样 这将是你很容易遗忘的东西 I now live in Berkeley, California 我现在住在加州伯克利 A few years ago, just a few blocks from my home a pair of researchers in the Cal psychology department staged an experiment 几年前 就在离我家几个街区远的地方 加大心理系的 几个研究人员搞了一个实验 They began by grabbing students like you to use like lab rats 他们像抓小白鼠一样 找来了一批学生 Then they broke the students into teams, segregated by sex 然后他们给学生分组 按性别分开 Three men, or three women, per team 每组三个男生 或者三个女生 Then they put these teams of three into a room and arbitrarily assigned one member of the team to be the leader 然后他们让这样的小组进到房间里 然后随机选取三人中的一个作为组长 Then they gave them some complicated moral problem to solve say what should be done about academic cheating or how to regulate drinking on campus 然后他们让他们处理各种复杂的道德问题 比如说应该如何对待学术造假 或者如何控制校园酗酒问题 201508/393017

很多12左右的孩子都喜欢玩游戏,而12岁的Thomas Suarez则自学成才创造游戏。在成功地开发了Bustin Jieber(一款类似于“打地鼠”的游戏)等手机应用之后,他现在开始帮助其他的孩子成为应用开发人员。201506/379717Now, Im an ethnobotanist. 我是名民族植物学家。Thats a scientist who works in the rainforest to document how people use local plants. 我在热带雨林工作,记录人们如何使用当地植物。Ive been doing this for a long time,and I want to tell you,these people know these forests and these medicinal treasures better than we do and better than we ever will.我做这项工作很久了,我可以告诉大家,这些人对当地森林和里面医药珍宝的了的比我们多得多,永远多得多。But also, these cultures, these indigenous cultures,are disappearing much faster than the forests themselves. 但是,这些文化,这些土著文化,消失得比森林还快。And the greatest and most endangered species in the Amazon Rainforest is not the jaguar,its not the harpy eagle,its the isolated and uncontacted tribes. 在亚马逊热带雨林中,最伟大而最濒危的物种不是美洲豹,也不是美洲角雕,而是与世隔绝的人类部落。Now four years ago, I injured my foot in a climbing accident and I went to the doctor. 四年前,我在爬山时伤了脚,我去看医生。She gave me heat, she gave me cold, aspirin, narcotic painkillers, anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots. 她给我进行热疗,进行冰疗,用阿司匹林,用麻醉止痛剂,抗炎药,注射可的松。It didnt work. 没有疗效。Several months later, I was in the northeast Amazon, walked into a village, and the shaman said, Youre limping. 几个月后,我在亚马逊东北部,我走进一个村落,萨满说,你跛了。And Ill never forget this as long as I live. 这一幕我一生都不会忘记。He looked me in the face and he said, Take off your shoe and give me your machete.他看着我的脸,对我说,脱鞋,把你的砍刀给我。He walked over to a palm tree and carved off a fern, threw it in the fire, applied it to my foot, threw it in a pot of water, and had me drink the tea. 他走向一棵棕榈树,切下来一片蕨,扔到火里,然后敷在我脚上,然后又扔进了一壶水中,让我把那个当茶喝了。The pain disappeared for seven months. 整整七个月,我再也没疼过。When it came back, I went to see the shaman again. 复发后,我又去见萨满。He gave me the same treatment,and Ive been cured for three years now.他对我进行同样的疗法,现在我已经痊愈三年了。Who would you rather be treated by? 你想让谁给你治病?Now, make no mistake a Western medicine is the most successful system of healing ever devised, but theres plenty of holes in it. 别误会西医是人类发明的最成功的医疗体系,但它也有缺陷。Wheres the cure for breast cancer? 乳腺癌的疗法在哪里?Wheres the cure for schizophrenia? 神经分裂症的疗法在哪里?Wheres the cure for acid reflux? 胃酸倒流的疗法在哪里?Wheres the cure for insomnia? 失眠症的疗法在哪里?The fact is that these people can sometimes, sometimes, sometimes cure things we cannot. 事实是,这些土著人在有些时候,能治疗我们治不了的病。Here you see a medicine man in the northeast Amazon treating leishmaniasis, a really nasty protozoal disease that afflicts 12 million people around the world. 这是一位亚马逊东北部的药师在治疗利什曼病。利什曼病是一种非常恶心的原虫疾病,全世界超过一千两百万人受其困扰。Western treatment are injections of antimony. 西医的疗法是进行锑注射。Theyre painful, theyre expensive, and theyre probably not good for your heart; its a heavy metal.这种疗法让人很痛苦,也很昂贵,而且这种疗法对病人的心脏也可能有副作用。锑是重金属。This man cures it with three plants from the Amazon Rainforest. 这名药师能用三种亚马逊雨林的草药来进行治疗。This is the magic frog. 这个是魔蛙。My colleague, the late great Loren McIntyre, discoverer of the source lake of the Amazon, Laguna McIntyre in the Peruvian Andes, was lost on the Peru-Brazil border about 30 years ago. 我已故的同事洛伦?麦金太尔,他发现了亚马逊的河源湖,秘鲁安第斯的麦金太尔湖,他30年前在秘鲁巴西边境迷路了。201502/358809

Thank you, good morning谢谢你们 早上好Since I was a basketball player in high school我原来在高中是篮球运动员Ive always wanted to perform at the Garden, and here I am我总想在花园球场一展身手 今天我做到了President Joseph E. Aoun约瑟夫?E?奥恩校长Distinguished faculty members and administrators尊敬的各位教职员工和行政人员Members of the Class of 20132013届的全体毕业生们Ladies and gentlemen女士们 先生们Its truly a great privilege for me to be here today with all of you今天在这里与在座各位欢聚一堂是一个莫大的荣幸especially the members of the Class of 2013 and your families and friends特别是2013届毕业生以及你们的家人和朋友You should be very proud你们应该感到非常自豪This is a day for memories, a day to savor这是难以忘怀的一天 值得体味的一天A day, also, to join in honoring those who two weeks ago这一天我们也要对那些在两周前responded so courageously in the face of tragedy--勇敢面对悲剧的人们including Northeastern students and staff包括东北大学的学生和员工致敬who provided critical care and support to victims of the attack他们为爆炸受害者提供了重要的关爱和持Its an honor to stand before you此时此刻 我站在各位面前just at the moment when you are leaving this great University正值你们即将离开这所伟大的学府and about to step into your life即将踏入你们的人生the script of which is yet to be written人生脚本还是一张白纸之际 我深感荣幸Throughout my years in the academy, Ive loved commencements在我投身学术界的岁月里 我曾很喜欢毕业典礼Its one of the rare moments in our modern culture when ritual因为它代表着我们现代文化中那些罕见的时刻 当仪式tradition and even a bit of pageantry brighten our lives传统和一点点排场照亮了我们的人生But Im sure many of you are out there today但是我敢肯定 你们中许多人concerned about what the future will bring对于未来将会带来什么有点担心and I just want to say to you我只是想对你们说that not only is your future uncertain不仅仅是你们的未来不确定but the overwhelming likelihood is that its far more uncertain than you know而最大的可能性是 它远比你所知的更不确定And you know what, thats a good thing你们知道吗 这是一件好事201501/356991在帮助有语言障碍的自闭症儿童的工作中,阿吉特·纳拉亚南勾画出一种用图片来思考语言的方法,将文字和概念用“地图”联系在一起。这个想法现在成就了一个应用,它帮助有语言缺陷的人们交流,而在这背后的大构想,一个叫做“Free Speech”的语言概念,拥有激动人心的潜力。201505/375915

And, Im not quite that old while Ill look it in some days虽然我还没那么老 但是多些日子就会的But I also am glad to be here because of the record of this great university另外一个让我很高兴来到这里的原因是这所优秀大学的纪录And I wanna try to talk about not only Howards leadership in preparing people for science, engineering, technology and mathematics careers我想说的不只是霍华德大学在帮助人们为科学 工程 技术 数学事业做好准备这方面的领导力Not only the record of the medical school in addressing the health disparities不只是关注医疗不公问题的医学院的纪录And I have to say this, for the rest of my family, the phenomenal success you have in producing women surgeons which Im impressed with我还要说 代表我的家人你们在培养女性外科医生方面所取得的非凡成就让我印象深刻But more importantly for me, is the national leadership Howard has shown across all these disciplines and all the ones I didnt mention in service但对我来说更重要的还是霍华德大学在所有这些方面以及我没有提到的方面的公共务上表现出的全国领导力I thank you for the community service you have done here while youre at Howard我感谢你们在霍华德大学期间所做的社会务工作I thank you for your interest in doing this around the world我感谢你们对于在全世界范围内务的兴趣I have pulled from my records我查了我的资料The number of commitments involving Howard University students or faculty made through the Clinton Global Initiative Network...有霍华德学生及教工通过克林顿全球行动网络参与的项目的数量There were ten, ten different commitments达到了十项 十个不同的项目The most recent of which is that Howard is one of thirteen medical schools commited to totally retrain the healthcare workforce in Rwanda最近的一项是 包括霍华德在内的十三所医学院致力于彻底重新培训卢旺达医疗人员的项目And why this is important is Rwanda was devastated as we all know by its genocide这对卢旺达来说很重要 因为我们都知道它曾被大屠杀所毁201507/383568I was one of the only kids in college who had a reason上大学时,我是唯一一个需要to go to the P.O. box at the end of the day,在一天结束的时候去开邮箱的人,and that was mainly because my mother has never believed主要是因为我妈妈从不信赖in email, in Facebook, in texting or cell phones in general.电子邮件、社交网站、短信,甚至电话。And so while other kids were BBM-ing their parents,于是,别人在和父母转短信的时候I was literally waiting by the mailbox我却等在邮箱旁边to get a letter from home to see how the weekend had gone,等待家书,了解家人怎么度过周末的,which was a little frustrating when Grandma was in the hospital,这在祖母住院的期间真让我有些抓狂,but I was just looking for some sort of scribble,我只能通过母亲手写的some unkempt cursive from my mother.有点潦草的只言片语来了解情况。And so when I moved to New York City after college所以在我大学毕业后,来到了纽约,and got completely sucker-punched in the face by depression,当时正经历人生的低谷,无法自拔,I did the only thing I could think of at the time.我做了唯一能想到的一件事。I wrote those same kinds of letters that my mother had written me就像妈妈给我手写家书一样for strangers, and tucked them all throughout the city,我也给遍布全城的陌生人写信。dozens and dozens of them. I left them everywhere,十多封十多封地写,我把它们留在城市的各个角落,in cafes and in libraries, at the U.N., everywhere.咖啡馆、图书馆,甚至联合国总部,到处都有。I blogged about those letters and the days我也在客中提过这些信件,when they were necessary, and I posed有时出于需要,我也会a kind of crazy promise to the Internet:在客上作疯狂的保:that if you asked me for a hand-written letter,如果你想我给你亲手写封信,I would write you one, no questions asked.我会给你写一封,不问任何问题。Overnight, my inbox morphed into this harbor of heartbreak --一夜之间,我的邮箱成了寄托心碎故事的港湾---a single mother in Sacramento, a girl being bullied住在萨克拉门托(美国加州首府)的单身妈妈、来自堪萨斯乡下的in rural Kansas, all asking me, a 22-year-old girl被欺负的女孩,都来问我这么一个22岁的who barely even knew her own coffee order,她们素未谋面,连点咖啡时都犹豫不决的女生,to write them a love letter and give them a reason给她们写一封情书,to wait by the mailbox.好让她们也有个理由守候在邮箱旁。Well, today I fuel a global organization今天我推行着一个国际组织,that is fueled by those trips to the mailbox,通过这些发往邮箱的信件,fueled by the ways in which we can harness social media通过这样的方式我们放慢新兴社交媒体的脚步,like never before to write and mail strangers letters在陌生人最需要的时候,when they need them most, but most of all,给他们写信寄信,但最重要的是fueled by crates of mail like this one, my trusty mail crate,通过这些邮箱,像我的这个可靠邮箱,filled with the scriptings of ordinary people,里面装满普通人的字迹,strangers writing letters to other strangers not because给素未谋面的陌生人写信不是因为theyre ever going to meet and laugh over a cup of coffee,他们会见面,一起喝咖啡聊聊天,but because they have found one another by way of letter-writing.而是因为通过写信而找到彼此。But, you know, the thing that always gets me你们知道吗,这些信件最常让我触动的地方是about these letters is that most of them have been written大多数的信件都是由by people that have never known themselves loved on a piece of paper.这些从来不知道情书为何物的人写来的。They could not tell you about the ink of their own love letters.他们压根不知道什么是手写情书。Theyre the ones from my generation,他们是我这一代的人,the ones of us that have grown up into a world在我们这一代成长的世界,where everything is paperless, and where some一切都是无纸化的,of our best conversations have happened upon a screen.而我们一些最好的对话都发生在屏幕里。We have learned to diary our pain onto Facebook,我们学会把伤心事记录在社交网站Facebook上,and we speak swiftly in 140 characters or less.我们的话精简在140个字符或以内。But what if its not about efficiency this time?但如果说写信无关效率呢?I was on the subway yesterday with this mail crate,我昨天提着这个邮箱坐地铁,which is a conversation starter, let me tell you.我跟你们说,它真是个搭讪利器。If you ever need one, just carry one of these.如果你想和别人搭讪,你就带一个邮箱在身边。And a man just stared at me, and he was like,有个男人看着我,像是说,;Well, why dont you use the Internet?;“你怎么不用网络呢?”And I thought, ;Well, sir, I am not a strategist,我想,“先生,我不是军事家,nor am I specialist. I am merely a storyteller.;我也不是专家。我只是个说故事的人。”And so I could tell you about a woman我可以告诉你们一个女人的故事,whose husband has just come home from Afghanistan,她的丈夫刚从阿富汗归来,and she is having a hard time unearthing this thing called conversation,她不知道该如何开展对话,and so she tucks love letters throughout the house所以她就把这些情书藏到屋子的各个角落,as a way to say, ;Come back to me.作为一种方式,说“回到我身边。Find me when you can.;随时来找我谈谈吧。”Or a girl who decides that she is going to leave love letters或是一个女孩的故事,她决定把情信around her campus in Dubuque, Iowa, only to find放在她所在位于爱荷华州迪比克的校园各处,her efforts ripple-effected the next day when she walks out第二天发现她的心思引起了涟漪效应onto the quad and finds love letters hanging她走进广场的时候发现树上挂有情信from the trees, tucked in the bushes and the benches.灌木丛中,长凳上也塞有情信。Or the man who decides that he is going to take his life,还有一个男子,他决定结束生命,uses Facebook as a way to say goodbye他在Facebook上面告别to friends and family.亲朋好友。Well, tonight he sleeps safely with a stack of letters而今他安然睡在一堆信件上面just like this one tucked beneath his pillow,就像说这样一封信塞在他的枕头下面,scripted by strangers who were there for him when.这些信是陌生人写的,他们在他最需要的时候持他。These are the kinds of stories that convinced me这些故事让我相信that letter-writing will never again need to flip back her hair这些手写信件永远都不需要挠首弄姿and talk about efficiency, because she is an art form now,讲究时效,因为她现在就是一种艺术形式,all the parts of her, the signing, the scripting, the mailing,她所有的一切,署名,手写体,邮寄,the doodles in the margins.页边的涂画都是艺术。The mere fact that somebody would even just sit down,事实上仅仅是有人会真的坐下来,pull out a piece of paper and think about someone摊开一张纸,花一天时间想念一个人,the whole way through, with an intention that is so much注意力是如此的集中harder to unearth when the browser is up and the iPhone甚至不知道浏览器开了,苹果手机在响,is pinging and weve got six conversations rolling in at once,有六个对话框在同时滚动,that is an art form就说明写信是一种艺术形式,that does not fall down to the Goliath of ;get faster,;不管我们加入了多少社交网络,no matter how many social networks we might join.写信不会是一种“更快速”的方式。We still clutch close these letters to our chest,我们依然会把这些信紧握胸前,to the words that speak louder than loud,大声说出想说的话,when we turn pages into palettes to say the things在信纸上尽情抒发that we have needed to say,我们需要说的话,the words that we have needed to write, to sisters写出我们需要写的文字,给们,and brothers and even to strangers, for far too long.兄弟们,甚至陌生人们,抒写情怀。Thank you.谢谢。201505/377196I was called down to the ward to see him.我被叫到病房去看他。His is the little hand.他的小手可以说是骨瘦如柴。I was called down to the ward to see him一名呼吸内科医生by a respiratory physician.将我叫到他的诊室。He said, ;Look, theres a guy down here.他对我说:“那有个病人”Hes got pneumonia,他得的是肺炎,and he looks like he needs intensive care.看样子他需要入你们的ICU病房。His daughters here and she wants everything possible他的女儿在这,to be done.;她希望你们能尽一切办法……Which is a familiar phrase to us.这是我们常听到的一句话。So I go down to the ward and see Jim,所以,我去病房去看Jim Smith.and his skin his translucent like this.他的皮肤半透明成了这个样子。You can see his bones through the skin.透过他的皮肤,你们以看到他的骨头。Hes very, very thin,他可是说是瘦骨嶙峋。and he is, indeed, very sick with pneumonia,他的肺炎已是相当严重了and hes too sick to talk to me,病得连和我们讲话的力气都没有了so I talk to his daughter Kathleen, and I say to her,所以,我问他的女儿Kathleen:;Did you and Jim ever talk about;你有没有和他谈过;what you would want done你会怎么处理这个事,if he ended up in this kind of situation?;如果他到了这种地步?And she looked at me and said, ;No, of course not!;她看了看我,然后说:”没有,当然没有“I thought, ;Okay. Take this steady.;好吧,我当时想,慢慢做她的工作吧。And I got talking to her, and after a while, she said to me,我和她谈了很久,然后,她对我说:;You know, we always thought thered be time.;你知道的,我们也知道,迟早会有那一天的。Jim was 94.当时已经94岁了。And I realized that something wasnt happening here.这件事让我觉得,我们可以为这类病人做些事。There wasnt this dialogue going on要不是有这件事that I imagined was happening.我也想象不到我们会不会去做这件事。So a group of us started doing survey work,所以,我们有一个小组开始做一些调查工作,and we looked at four and a half thousand nursing home我们走访了residents in Newcastle, in the Newcastle area,Newcastle地区的4500个在养老院生活的老人,and discovered that only one in a hundred of them我们发现,他们当中只有1%的人had a plan about what to do when their hearts stopped beating.对他们生理死亡后的事有计划。One in a hundred.仅仅1%。And only one in 500 of them had plan about what to do只有500分之1的老人if they became seriously ill.会对他们病重时有应对计划。And I realized, of course, this dialogue这个对话使我意识到,is definitely not occurring in the public at large.我们生活中的很多人肯定也会对我们的身后事没有计划的。Now, I work in acute care.现在,我在ICU里工作。This is John Hunter Hospital.我的医院叫“John Hunter”医院。And I thought, surely, we do better than that.而过去我一直认为,我们做得比较好。So a colleague of mine from nursing called Lisa Shaw and I所以,我和我的同事Lisa Shaw,她来自养老院,went through hundreds and hundreds of sets of notes我们一起在医疗档案室in the medical records department翻看了成千上万本病历,looking at whether there was any sign at all我们想确认是否有that anybody had had any conversation about任何人曾经what might happen to them if the treatment they were就如果他们的治疗失败receiving was unsuccessful to the point that they would die.而导致他们死亡而作出任何安排的谈话。And we didnt find a single record of any preference可是,我们找不到关于他们的自我选择,about goals, treatments or outcomes from any目标、治疗或者最终结果这方面的东西of the sets of notes initiated by a doctor or by a patient.医生记录或病人自己写的都没有。So we started to realize我这才意识到that we had a problem,我们出了问题,and the problem is more serious because of this.而正因为这一点,这个问题变得更严重。What we know is that obviously we are all going to die,我们大家都知道的是很明显,我们都会死去,but how we die is actually really important,但我们以何种方式死去更重要,obviously not just to us, but also to how that很明显,这不仅对我们重要,features in the lives of all the people who live on afterwards.这对那些活着的人也很重要。How we die lives on in the minds of everybody其实我们会怎样死去,who survives us, and这在抢救我们的人的心中是心里有数的,the stress created in families by dying is enormous,而死亡给一个家庭带来的压力是巨大的,and in fact you get seven times as much stress by dying事实上,死在ICU所带来的压力in intensive care as by dying just about anywhere else,是死在其它地方所带来的压力的7倍,so dying in intensive care is not your top option所以,选择在ICU结束自己的生活并不是一个明智的决定if youve got a choice.如果你有得选择的话。201507/387765

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