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Fangshan Drum Dance方山鼓戏Fangshan drum dance also called ;Sparrow Skipping;,this folk dance originated in Fangshan, Jiangning District, Nanjing City. The dance imitates the movements of a sparrow, such as sping its wings, pecking at grains,sitting on eggs and so on. The number of instruments has increased to 12 drums, 12 gongs and 10 cymbals. Colored flags accompany the Fangshan Drum Dance,making the scene more majestic.方山鼓戏也被称为“麻雀跳”,这种民间舞蹈起源于方山,江宁地区,南京市。舞蹈模仿麻雀的动作,如展开翅膀,啄食谷物,坐在蛋上等。鼓的数量已增至12种,12种锣和10种钹。旗与方山鼓戏一起,使得场景更加雄伟壮观。 /201612/482286。

A man in the U.S. managed to cast off his drug habit after he found something even more alluring: Chinese web novels.最近美国一男子成功戒掉了毒瘾,原因是因为他找到了更让他上瘾的东西:中国网络小说。The books#39; unique content and imaginative plots rejuvenated the troubled man#39;s life, media reported.据媒体报道,网络小说里独一无二的内容和富有想象力的剧情让他重获新生。Kevin Cazad, a software programmer, resorted to drugs to alleviate his pain after breaking up with his girlfriend. Severe drug addiction caused him physical and mental pain, even threatening his life at times.凯文·卡扎德是一名软件工程师,自从和女友分手之后他便一直用毒品来麻痹自己。严重的毒瘾给他带来了身体和心灵上的双重痛苦,甚至多次威胁到了他的生命。But things changed in 2014, when Cazad first came across online Chinese literature.但是2014年事情出现了转机,当时凯文第一次邂逅了中国网络文学。;In the past, whenever I went home, all my attention was on drugs. But when I go home now, the only thing that occupies my mind is Chinese web novels. Like drugs, they can also become an addiction, but the difference is that they can#39;t harm your health,; Cazad told the Southern Weekly during an interview, adding that he used to finish five volumes of a popular Chinese web novel named ;Coiling Dragon; in a single day.凯文在一次采访中对《南方周末》表示:“以前不管什么时候回家,我的注意力都会集中在毒品上。但是现在,回家之后我脑子里想的唯一一件事就是中国网络小说。它们就跟毒品一样会让人上瘾,但是区别在于它们不会损害你的健康。”他还表示,自己之前甚至在一天的时间内就看完了五部《盘龙》。Cazad#39;s story shocked the author of the book, who told the Southern Weekly that he never expected so much enthusiasm from a foreign er.凯文的故事让这本书的作者都感到震惊,后者向《南方周末》表示,他从没想到过一位外国读者会如此痴迷他的作品。;Many ers have written letters to me, saying that my web novel reshaped their understanding of life. Some even attribute their achievements to inspiration they got from my books. It was like, are you guys kidding me?; laughed the writer, who goes under the alias ;I eat tomatoes.;该书的作者“我吃西红柿”大笑着说道:“许多读者给我写了信,说我的小说重塑了他们对生活的理解。有些人甚至把他们取得的成就归功于从我书中得到的灵感。你是在逗我吗?” /201703/500937。

2-Year-Old Son And His Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes Using Cardboard Boxes2岁萌娃和爸爸妈妈用纸板箱cosplay各种大片,已萌化Sometimes what you need to get creative is just a pile of cardboard boxes and a baby, who needs to be entertained. This is exactly what inspired Leon Mackie and Lilly Lang to recreate their favorite film scenes after moving into their new home.有时一堆纸板箱和需要玩耍的婴儿就可激起你的创意。这着实启发了搬入新家的利昂 麦凯和莉莉重新演绎了自己喜爱的电影场景。A young couple with a baby on their hands recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, and got left with a lot of spare cardboard boxes. The boxes were a perfect source of inspiration for some astonishing things that were about to happen. Lilly and Leon are passionate cinephiles, so they didn’t take long to come up with an idea to bring most memorable moments from their favorite films back to life, except this time starring their 2-year-old son.最近,一对带着婴儿的年轻夫妇从墨尔本搬到了澳大利亚的首都悉尼,在那里留下了许多备用的纸箱。这些盒子是一些令人惊讶的事情的完美来源。莉莉和利昂是热情的影迷,所以他们并没有花很长的时间想出一个他们最喜欢的电影中的难忘的时刻,并将这段场景带到生活中去,除了这次的主演是他们两岁的儿子。The beautiful initiative to have a quality family time became an inspirational project titled Cardboard Box Office and a source for quite a successful weblog. The adorable couple and the little one have aly re-enacted such movie classics as Alien (Bubbalien), Jurassic Park (Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa-Rassic Park), Castaway (Castababy), and Jaws (“You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Baby…”).为想拥有一个高效的的家庭活动时间激起了一个叫做纸板盒办公室的项目,同时这样的家庭活动也是写好客的成功之源。可爱的夫妇和他们的孩子已经重新演绎了这样的电影经典,如《异形》(Bubbalien),侏罗纪公园(Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa-Rassic Park),《荒岛余生》(Castababy)和《大白鲨》(我现在所面对的困境是不能克的,所以我需要一艘大船;)。Leon and Lilly update their collection every week, so be sure to stay tuned!利昂和莉莉每周更新他们的收藏,所以一定要继续关注!#1 Game Of Thrones:# 1权力的游戏#2 Mad Max:疯狂麦克斯#3 Breaking Bad:《绝命毒师》#4 E.t. : The Extra Terrestrial:外星人E.T.#5 Lord Of The Rings:指环王#6 Batman:蝙蝠侠#7 Forrest Gump:《阿甘正传》#8 Beetlejuice:甲壳虫汁#9 The Revenant:荒野猎人#10 Home Alone:小鬼当家 /201703/496028。