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Winter came suddenly that year那年冬天突降 /201705/509713

Almost half (48 per cent) of people in the UK have O blood. But according to an analysis of studies involving 1.3million people, those who have A, B and AB blood have a slightly higher risk of heart disease and stroke.英国有近一半(48%)的人是O型血。但根据对130万人的研究分析,A、B、AB型血的人患心脏疾病和中风的风险要更高。Scientists think it could be because of higher levels of a blood-clotting protein in those blood groups.科学家认为,这可能是因为这些血型中凝血蛋白水平较高。Study author Tessa Kole, of the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, said blood group should be considered in the future as part of risk assessment in preventing cardiovascular disease.荷兰格罗宁根大学医学中心的研究人员泰莎·科莱表示,将来应考虑将血型视为预防心血管疾病风险评估的一部分。Of those with blood group O, 14 in 1,000 people suffered a heart attack. For non-O blood groups, the figure was 15.在1000名O型血的人中,14人有心脏病发作史。而对于非O型血的人,该数字为15。Charities say the most important thing to avoid heart disease is to eat healthily, stop smoking and take exercise.慈善机构称,避免心脏病最重要的是要健康饮食、戒烟以及锻炼身体。Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, told the B: ;Most of a person#39;s risk estimation is determined by age, genetics (family history and ethnicity) and other modifiable risk factors including diet, weight, level of physical activity, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.英国心脏基金会副医学主任麦克·纳普顿士向B透露:“大多数人患心脏病的风险,是由年龄,遗传因素(家族史和种族)以及其他可变的风险因素决定的,包括饮食,体重,身体活动水平,吸烟,血压,胆固醇和糖尿病。” /201705/508114

This man won the battle to wear horns on his head in state ID photo大叔最终拍到了“戴犄角”的身份头像Phelan MoonSong doesn#39;t see any problem with wearing horns on his head.Phelan MoonSong觉得自己头上戴犄角再正常不过。;I consider them part of my religious wear,; he told InsideEdition.com Thursday.“它们是我的宗教配饰,”他周四告诉InsideEdition网站。But the state of Maine had some problems with the protuberances and told MoonSong, who is a pagan priest, that the horns would have to go for the official photo on his state identification card.但缅因州对这对犄角却有点意见。相关人士告诉作为异教徒牧师的MoonSong,想戴犄角就要把州身份上也换上戴犄角的照片。The retired tech employee politely explained his religion, and he was given an envelope addressed to the secretary of state, and told to appeal the decision and explain his beliefs, he said.这位退休的老技工礼貌地解释了自己的宗教。负责人也给他一个收件人为“州秘书处”的信封,让他对此上诉并解释自己的信仰。Which he dutifully did in the middle of August. ;I waited,; he said. ;I was patient.;他在八月中旬也真的这么做了。“我等着他们回复,我很耐心,”他说。Last month, he picked up the phone and called the secretary#39;s office, only to be told his appeal had been rejected.上月,他又给秘书处打了电话,结果被告知他的上诉被驳回。He really needed that ID because ;in today#39;s world, without a photo ID, you can#39;t really do much.; He can#39;t drive because of health difficulties, so the state identification card would be his only official document with a photo attached.他真心需要这身份,因为“在今天,没有身份,几乎什么都做不了。”他身体不好不能开车,所以州身份就成了他唯一有头像的身份明了。He recently changed his name to reflect his paganism, which was why he was applying for a new ID card, and having his photo taken.最近他为自己的信仰改了名字,所以需要重新拍照、更换州身份。Despite being turned down, he didn#39;t give up.此次虽然被拒,但他决不放弃。He contacted the Maine Civil Liberties Union. He went back to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and again asked for his photo to be taken. This time, the clerk took his picture and sent him on his way.他联系了缅因民权联盟。随后又到机动车辆局,再次要求他们给他拍戴犄角的照片。这一次,工作人员顺着他心意给他拍了照。His new card arrived last week.上周,他终于收到了自己的新身份。He#39;s not sure why his last visit to the BMV went fine. He#39;s just glad to have a government-issued photo ID.他不清楚为什么这次机动车辆局给拍了照,但新身份让他感到很开心。He doesn#39;t wear his horns 100 percent of the time, he said. But he does tie them on his head when he goes out in public.其实除了在公共场合,平时他也不怎么戴犄角。;A lot of people stare, especially children,; he said. His horns act as his ;spiritual antennae,; he explained.“公共场合有很多人盯着我看,尤其是小孩,”他说,“但这对犄角对我来说,是宗教灵魂的触角”。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201612/485216

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