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2017年10月22日 18:16:04 | 作者:久久活动 | 来源:新华社
Where#39;s the pencil sharpener?卷笔刀在哪里?Which one?哪一个。Any one. I need to sharpen this pencil.随便一个。我需要削一下这个铅笔。I think there#39;s one on the dining room table.我记得餐厅桌子上有一个。I aly looked there.我已经在那找过了。Did you look in the desk drawer?你在书桌抽屉里找过吗?Yes, I looked there, too.是的,我也在那找过了。Don#39;t we have about five sharpeners?我们不是有五个卷笔刀吗?Yes, but they seem to have legs.是的,但他们似乎长了腿。Tomorrow I#39;m going to buy an electric sharpener.明天我要买一个电动卷笔刀。Get one with the rubber suction cups on the bottom.买一个底部带有橡胶吸盘的。Yes. That way it will stay where I put it.是的。这样它将待在我把它放在的地方。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411718十二届全国人大常委会第十六次会议今天表决通过了刑法修正案(九),对我国现行刑法作出修改,以解决当前司法实践中出现的一些新情况、新问题,更好地适应预防和惩治犯罪的需要。修正案共五十二条,自今年11月1日起施行。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道China#39;s top legislature has adopted an amendment to the Criminal Law removing the death penalty for nine crimes and limiting the ability of those convicted of corruption from continually seeking reduced sentences.中国最高立法机关通过了刑法修正案(九),取消九个死刑罪名,限制一直寻求减刑的贪污犯的能力。【讲解】death penalty是死刑;reduced sentences是减刑。周六,人大常委会(Standing Committee of the National People#39;s Congress)通过了刑法修正案(九),将于11月1日起实施(take effect)。被取消的死刑罪名为:走私武器(smuggling weapons)、弹药罪(ammunition),走私核材料罪(nuclear materials),走私假币罪(counterfeit currency),伪造货币罪(counterfeiting money),集资诈骗罪(fraudently raising funds),组织卖淫罪,强迫卖淫罪(arranging for or forcing another person to engage in prostitution),阻碍执行军事职务罪(obstructing military personnel from performing their duties),战时造谣惑众罪(fabricating rumors to mislead others during wartime)。据了解,我国现有适用死刑的罪名(crimes subject to capital punishment)55个,取消这9个后尚有46个。另外,对犯贪污、受贿罪,被判处死刑缓期执行(reprieve)的,人民法院根据犯罪情节等情况可以同时决定在其死刑缓期执行二年期满依法减为无期徒刑(life imprisonment)后,终身监禁,不得减刑(commutation)、假释(parole)。同时,刑法取消了取消嫖宿幼女罪。对这类行为可以适用刑法(Criminal Law)第二百三十六条关于奸淫幼女的以强奸(rape)论、从重处罚(heavier punishment)的规定,不再作出专门规定。 /201508/396463今日短语all over结束了例句:Glad it#39;s all over.事情结束了,好得很。 /201508/393465

今日短语:hold off拖延例句:I think we should hold off on buying a car until we#39;re sure that you pass your driver#39;s test.我想我们该晚点买车,直到我们确定你拿到驾照再说。 /201701/481559

今日短语cold-blooded冷血的例句:Reptiles are cold-blooded, so they like to warm themselves in the sun.爬虫类动物是冷血的,所以它们喜欢在阳光下让自己保持暖和。 /201512/413453

每日一句口语:Looking back on life,the most painful, not failure, but not what you want to experience everything. 回首人生,最痛的,不是失败,而是没有经历自己想要经历的一切。 /201507/385219

The name Genghis Khan probably makes many people think of conquering warriors on horseback leaving burning cities and piles of dead bodies behind them. While there is no doubt that Genghis Khan was the leader of a highly efficient killing machine, there was much more to him than military skill. He was also a talented politician with excellent diplomatic abilities. In the 1160s, the tribes of the Central Asian steppes were almost constantly at war with one another. In the middle of the chaos, one of the tribal leaders had a son named Temujin. When the boy was nine years old, his father was poisoned by enemies. The tribe then abandoned the family, leaving them to survive by eating rats and insects. Despite his difficult childhood, Temujin grew up strong enough to claim his hereditary position as tribal leader. He became adept at forming alliances, as well as fighting battles. By 1206, all the Mongol tribes were y to recognize him as supreme leader. They gave him the title Genghis Khan, which means "emperor of all emperors." Having united the tribes of Central Asia, Genghis Khan turned his attention elsewhere. His ambition was world conquest, and he advanced at an astonishing rate. He invaded northern China and captured Peking, but was unable to subdue the whole country. Instead, he turned westwards. By the time of his death in 1227, he had created an empire that stretched from the Pacific coast to the Caspian Sea. The Mongols were superb horsemen who won their victories with a technique of pretending to retreat, then launching a surprise attack. Their discipline and organization made them extremely effective fighters. They were expert archers and could maintain total control of their horses while keeping both hands free for fighting. Genghis Khan's armies were divided into tightly organized units which were directed by an efficient signaling system using black flags. Their favorite tactic in open battle involved provoking an attack, and scattering as the enemy came forward. The Mongols would harass the enemy from the sides until the latter were exhausted, then close in for the kill. After capturing a city, Mongol armies would test the sincerity of the inhabitants' surrender. They would pretend to go away, leaving behind a small number of representatives. If these were killed, the Mongols would return to murder the entire population. They seldom took prisoners. Despite his ruthless methods, Genghis Khan was not an impulsive killer. He avoided battle if diplomacy would work, and he was skilled at using spies to help achieve his aims. He also maintained the tradition of choosing leaders in a mass meeting, and people under his rule were able to advance by ability rather than noble birth. For the citizens of modern-day Mongolia, Genghis Khan is a folk hero and a symbol of their emerging democracy. A main street in the capital of Ulan Bator has been named after him, and his image is on a banknote. He even has a brand of vodka named after him, not an unusual memorial for one of history's greatest conquerors. Perhaps Genghis Khan would appreciate this more than his traditional reputation as a ruthless killer. Article/200802/26618

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